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       The preceding numbers are my filing system  numbers for the transcriptions.

* = a first name; or a surname used as a first name e.g. *123 Ronald Jones PARKES
dec. = deceased
otp = of this parish
p = written in the patronymic style                
Wits. = Witnesses (ie to a marriage)                                                         
(x) made his/her mark

A+B+C etc. = separate indexes within the transcription
BT = Bishop's Transcript
DB =Domesday Book
MIs = Monumental Inscriptions (ie from tombstones)
NLW = National Library of Wales
OE = Old English
OFr = Old French
ON = Old Norse
OW = Old Welsh

E.W. 355 Ruabon St. Mary's Churchyard MIs: 1) E.W. died 16 Feb 1834 aged 45
                                                                   2) Harry K.
                                                                       W.W. 1833
                                                                       E.W. 1834

M.W. 355
Ruabon St. Mary's Churchyard MIs: H.J. 1813 aged 69
                                                                    A.E. 1831
                                                                    M.W. 1840 aged 37

W.W. 355 Ruabon St. Mary's Churchyard MIs: 1) Harry K.
                                                                        W.W. 1833
                                                                        E.W. 1834
                                                                    2) W.W. 1820 aged 51

W....  6 Isycoed: 17 Jun 1750 bap/o Mary W------- (illegible) d/o Joseph (possibly WAINWRIGHT)
        48 Worthenbury:  2 Dec 1809 bur/o Eliz d/o Thos
4 Abergele: 18 Dec 1796 mar. by Lic. of William FOULKES ba. & Anne JONES sp., both otp
                                                                     Wits: William WILLIAMS, Ann W---------?
       167 Gresford: 18 Sep 1769 mar. by Banns of Edwd SAMUEL of Hallawel & Eleanor WILLIAMS (x) otp
                                                                        Wits: Edward EVANS, Henry ?W--------
                            29 Dec 1784 mar. by Banns of John FENNAH otp & Elizabeth WYNNE (x) otp
                                                                         Wits: Edward EVANS, W---, W.A.H.
       253 Llanfawr: 24 Jan 1785 mar/o Ellis WILLIAMS & Margaret JONES, witnesses David W--------, Robert EVANS
       274 Betws yn Rhos: 20 Jul 1754 mar. by Lic. of Edward LLOYD (x) wd. otp & Dorothy JONES (x) sp. otp
                                                                             Wits: Daniel JONES, W....... (x)
       317 Wrexham - Dissenters' Burial Ground MIs, Rhosddu Road, MIs:
                                                   Margaret W---------- d. 26 Oct 1837 aged 14 months
Ruabon St. Mary's Churchyard MIs: In the same grave:
                                                                  ---- Edward -------- Coed Chri ---------- husband of Anne PARRY
                                                                                d. 5 Mar  ----- aged 68
                                                                  Watkin DAVIES d. 29 -------- 1802
                                                                  Catherine W--------d. 16 Apr 1803 aged 4
        441A Hope: 18 Jul 1836 mar by Lic of John JONES ba of Henllan &  Elizabeth JONES sp otp
                                                               Wits: Thomas W....., Frances JONES, Edward ROGERS
        517B Llanasa: 12 May 1734 bap/o Elizabeth W.... d/o Robert
        530 Chirk: 7 Jun 1625 mar/o William W...... & Elizabeth JONES
        560p Llangollen:  -- --- 1608 mar/o ..vid ap John & Gwen vch W........
                                 13 Mar 1655/56 bap/o ........ Jevan           & Govenna vch W.......
                                 1617 Warden: John ap W........

W... M... 311 Hawarden: 16 Oct 1760 bur/o ----- THORT'N s/o Ed. & M.W. (base)

W......S  455C Llanrwst: 6 Mar 1764 John W-----S & David THOMAS wits at mar by Lic of
                                                       Ellis ABRAHAM of Llanrhychwyn & Ellin ROBERTS sp otp


WA... 219 Penley: 20 Sep 1767 bap/o Anne WA---------- d/o Samuel otp



Wabourne (Holt), Norfolk
     WABEY 63 Holt: 13 Apr 1762 Samuel, wit. at marriage of Thomas PARRY of Gresford  by Lic
                                                                                      & Mary JONES otp


WAAS 571B Cerrigydrudion: 29 Mar 1815 bur/o Gwen, aged 36, Folly Bach Garn
     WASS 478B Llantysilio
     WASSON *478B Llantysilio


wad 'woad' (Saxon)


Waddesdon, Buckinghamshire
    WADESON  75 Marchwiel: 22 Sep 1789 bur. of Maria of Wrexham.
                      568 Brymbo  16 Jan 1897 bur/o Ada, aged 2 mo., Vron
    WAIDSON *361 Llangollen: George Waidson STAFFORD
Misc: North Wales 1835 Montgomery: Grocer/dealer in sundries/linen & woollen draper: John Waidson, Broad st
                                                         Welchpool: Bookseller/stationer/printer: John Waidson, High st
                                                                          Maltster: John Waidson, High st
                                                                         Gullet John Waidson, High st
     WATSON possibly see also

WADDINGTON 291 Llysfaen: 6 Feb 1897 Bur. of Mary Ellen aged 2 mths of 1 Eirias Terrace
                       302 Hawarden: 22 Jun. 1721 Marriage of Tho. and Elizabeth EVANS
                       391 Colwyn: 16 Nov 1900 mar. by Banns of Robert Thomas HUGHES (quarryman) ba/23 of Llanfairfechan
                                                                                                           s/o Hugh (quarryman)
                                                                            & Ellen WADDINGTON (x) wid/25 of Colwyn d/o John EVANS (quarryman)


Wade, Suffolk (Reaney & Wilson)
     WADDU 304C Wrexham: 30 Oct 1741 bur/o Jane w/o George (skinner)
     WADDY 304A Wrexham: 15 Jul 1730 bap/o Jane (b 2) d/o George (skinner), Wrexham Abbot
                        C Wrexham: 18 May 1737 bur/o Jane d/o George (skinner)
     WADE  38 Wrexham: Eliz, John, Jos;
                 40 Hawarden: Anne, John, Joseph Elllis;
                138 Wrexham: 23 Feb 1792 bur/o Joseph (poor), of Wrexham Abbot
                198 Mold: 6 Nov 1742 bap/o Margaret d/o Nicholas (engineer) & Margaret
                298 Hawarden: 30 May 1798 bap/o Samuel s/o John (lab) & Hannah (DALE) of Hawarden
                300 Mold: 18 Oct 1848 bap/o Nicholas (aged 2 years & 11 mo) and Charlotte (aged 6 & three-quarters)
                                                             children of Nicholas (engineer) & Margaret of Mold
                358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Ann;
                370 Wrexham: Ann, Daniel Edward, Fred James Speake, Hannah, James Thornas, John Thomas;
                434B Bangor-on-Dee: James;
WADE contd
                445 Wrexham
               *478B Llantysilio
                493 Llantysilio
                Misc: Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                             William, Weaver, Lawn Darwin, Co. Lancaster   1841
                         Shropshire 1828/9 Shrewsbury: Rev. C. G. WADE, Hanwood
     WADEY 565A Esclusham: Maud, William;
WADY 83 Ruthin: Anne Nevet, John Rodney, Mary Anne;
     WAYDE 461A Mold
     WEAD 392 Gresford: 27 Nov 1722 mar. by Banns of James WEAD & Elinor WEANRIGHT, both otp
                                    14 Aug 1726 bap/o James s/o James
     WEADE 151 Hanmer: 4 Feb 1765 mar. by Banns of John WEAVER (x) & Anne WEADE (x), both otp
                                                                                 Wits: Joseph BECKETT, Thomas JENKIN

WADE-SMITH  478B Llantysilio


Wadham, in Knowstone, Devonshire
WADHAM 369 Llangollen: Annie, Beatrice, Benjamin Thomas, Emily;

The Wadlands, Shropshire

Kendall Wadley, Worcestershire

WADLEY (Common in Gloucestershire - Addison)
(13.05.22  ONS  waddell@one-name.org)
     WADDELL 234 Minera: 15 Mar 1891 bap/o Lilly Isabella /o -------- & Margaret Jane (single woman), Hafod
                      249 Minera: 15 May 1893 mar. by Banns of
                                                            Samuel ROGERS (x) (engine driver) wdr/47 of Wern s/o Robert (miner) 
                                                            & Mary ROGERS (x) sp/47 of Wern Cottage d/o John (lab)
                                                            Wits: Elias ROBERTS, Margaret Jane WADDELL
                      440C Hawarden: 1 Oct 1908 mar by Lic of
                                                   Edward Kirsopp WADDELL ba/37 of Sealand s/o William WADDELL (farm bailiff)
                                                   & Margaret SOWDEN sp/37 of Sealand d/o Jonathan SOWDEN (lab)
                      Misc: Leicestershire1835 Loughborough: Carrier to Ibstock, --- WADDELL from the Golden Fleece, ev. Thjursday
                               Warwickshire 1835 Birmingham: Coach &/or gig builder: John Stovin WADDELL, Sheep St & 112 New St
Hotel: 'Hen & Chickens' (family & posting), Wm WADDELL, New Street
                                                                               Stage coach proprieter: Thos WADDELL, Moseley St & New St
                               Worcestershire 1835 Bewdley: Chymist &/or Druggist: Joseph WADDELL, Load Street  
     WADDILOVE Misc  Lancashire 1828/29 Leigh: Butcher: James WADDILOVE, Market St
                                  Nottinghamshire 1828/29 Worksop: Plumber &/or glazier: John WADDILOVE, Park St
     WADDLE Misc: South Wales 1835 Llanelly: Iron Founder &/or Engineer: Hugh WADDLE
     WADELY Misc: Worcestershire 1835 Worcester: Boot & shoe makers: William & William jun. WADELY, Leech Street
     WADLER Misc: Lancashire 1828/29 Liverpool: Plumber &/o painter &/or glazier: Thos WADLER, Uppeer Frederick St.    
     WADLEY Misc: Gloucestershire 1830 Bristol: Infirmnary, Marlborough St: Matron: Mrs Mary WADLEY                                                  
     Wadlow 'watch/look-out hill' OE; place (Wadloo) in Cambridgeshire & lost place in Toddington, Bedfordshire - Cottle
     WADLOW  *314 Rhosllanerchrugog: 23 Aug 1902 bap/o Edward Wadlow EDWARDS
                                                                                    s/o William (baker) & Mary Eva, School St., Rhos
                      416 Ruabon: 18 Feb 1901 mar. by Banns]
                                         William EDWARDS (grocer) ba/21 otp (High Street, Johnstown) s/o Edward EDWARDS (contractor)
                                         & Eva Mary WADLOW sp/22 of The Grove, Rodington, Shrewsburyd/o Edmund WADLOW (farmer)


Wadworth, South Yorkshire
     WADSWORTH 363 Wrexham: Frances, Frederick William, Winifred;
                            407 Wrexham: Harold, Mabel;
                            438A Broughton: Elizabeth;
                           *580 Bagillt: 3 Jan 1911 bap/o George Wadsworth HUGHES
                                                                                           s/o John (sea man) & Mary, otp (Penybont)
Misc: Gresford MIs: Grave List 1920? Row 36 No. 5  1 in.
     WADWORTH 358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Albert James, Alice, Marion;
                          407 Wrexham: Frederick William;
     WAGWORTH 383 Ruthin: 24 Apr 1689 bur/o Katherine;
WARDSWORTH 167 Gresford: Mary;
     WOODSWORTH 158 Holywell: John, Jonathon, Mary;
                              *580 Bagillt: 15 Aug 1909 bap/o John Woodsworth HUGHES (b 19 Jul)
                                                          s/o John (mate in merchant service) & Mary Elizabeth, otp (Pentre)
WOODWORTH  10 Overton: 19 Aug 1799 mar by Banns of
                                                         Thomas STUBBS (sig. STUBS) & Sarah WOODWORTH both otp
                                                         Wits: Richard JENKINS, Roderick WARD
                              53 Wrexham:
                             *79+79 Gresford:
                             104 Henllan: 26 Jun 1809 bur/o Joseph JONES (WOODWORTH) (d 22) aged 4 mths
                                                                     base s/o Adam WOODWORTH (farmer) of Llanferres & Mary JONES, Llan
                             162 Overton:
                             167C Gresford: Thomas;
                             302 Hawarden:
                            *310 Gresford: 31 Jul 1757 bur/o Hugh JONES s/o John Woodworth, Chester
                             349A Ysceifiog: Richard;
                             356 Ruabon: Hannah;
                            *374 Wrexham: 17 Mar 1841 bap/o Walter Woodworth? MITCHELE
                                                                                               s/o Edward (shoemaker) & Mary, Sevenbridge Lane
                             435 Gresford:  Ellin, Thomas;
                             438A Broughton: Annie;
                             445 Wrexham
                             525 Whitford

     WORDSWORTH  18 Hawarden: 13 Feb 1811 bap/o Thomas HUGHES (b 20 Dec 1810)
                                                                         s/o Edward (lab) & Hannah (WORDSWORTH) Aston
                                75 Marchwiel:
                               304A Wrexham: Dorothy, Jonathan, Mary;
                               357 Holywell St. James Churchyard MIs: John;
                               445 Wrexham
                               485 Holywell


Waen nr Bodfari, nr Llandyrnog and nr Nantglyn, Denbighshire; Powys;


Wag, Highlands
     WAG 405 Wrexham: George, Maria, Thomas;
WAGAR 158 Holywell: Benjamin, Joseph;
     WAGCOTE 158 Holywell: John, Margt;
     WAGER 552D Wrexham: 4 Mar 1703/04 bur/o John (collier), Bersham
     WAGET 189 Holywell: 28 Jun 1793 bap/o Barbara d/o John & Margt
                                      28Feb 1796 bap/o Mary d/o John & Mary

                  248 Llanfwrog: 4 Oct 1764 bap/o Thomas s/o Thomas & Mary
     WAGG 380 Wrexham: 31 Jul 1903 bap/o John (b 6 Dec 1903?) s/o George (carter) & Ann Maria, 22 Brook Street
                404 Wrexham: Charles Samuel;
                405 Wrexham: Ann Maria, Anne Maria, Charles, George, Maria, Mary Ann(e);
                407 Wrexham: Charles;
WAG contd
     WAGGED 420B Halkyn: 2 Feb 1727/28 bur/o Giles
                     517A Llanasa: 7 Jan 1726/27 mar/o William WAGGED & Winifred BOSTOCK both otp
     WAGGET 276A Llanasa: 18 Oct 1797 bap/o Hugh s/o ................. & Jane
                          B Llanasa: 31 Mar 1792 mar. by Banns of
                                                             John WAGGET (x) ba. of Gwaenyscor & Margaret WILLIAMS (x) sp. otp
                                                             Wits: Edward WILLIAMS (x), John BARKER
                         C Llanasa: 22 May 1796 bur/o Catherine d/o Jane, Kelston
                    321B Llanasa: 3 Feb 1782 bur/o Mary, Gronant
                    517B Llanasa:  7 Jan 1740/41 bap/o Thomas s/o William & Elizabeth, Trelogan
                                         20 May 1743 bap/o Jane d/o William & Elizabeth, Picton
     WAGGOT 449 Trelawnyd
     WAIGER 552B Wrexham: Robert, Simon;
     WAKE  47 Worthenbury: 7 Apr 1782 bap/o Jane d/o Jno & Anne, Threapwood
                405 Wrexham: Emma, Margaret Ellen, Robert;
     WAKED 233 Llanfwrog:
17 Dec 1764 mar. by Banns of Andrew MORRIS (x) ba. & Jane WAKED (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                     Wits: Peter MATTHEWS (x), Edward CLUB
WEAGER 379 Wrexham: 24 Jan 1900 bap/o Elizabeth (b 30 Dec 1899) d/o George (gardener) & Ann, Erddig Lodge
                     380 Wrexham: 11 Dec 1904 bap/o Leonard (b 5 Nov) s/o George (carter) & Anne, Crescent Buildings


WAGNER 223 St. Asaph: 30 Jul 1812 mar. by Lic. of Alfred HEMANS ba. & Felicia Dorothea BROWNE sp., both otp
                                                                              Wits: Peter Marsden WAGNER, P. J. FOULKES
                                                Felicia Dorothea HEMANS  was the author of the poem 'Casabianca' which includes
                                                the famous lines:    The boy stood on the burning deck
                                                                              Whence all but he had fled'


429B Ysceifiog: 20 Jun 1725 bur/o Edward;
    WAGSTAF 420A Halkyn: 1 Oct 1737 mar/o Anthony WAGSTAF & Margaret JONES, both otp
                           B Halkyn: 25 Dec 1738 bur/o Joseph, infant
    WAGSTAFF  62 Flint: 31 Aug 1755 mar by Lic. of John ELLIS & Jane HUGHES both otp
                                                                              Wits: Josiah WAGSTAFF, John HUGHES
                                       5 Jan 1807 mar by Banns of William WAGSTAFF (x) ba & Mary WEEDS (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                 Wits: J CHURCH, Benjamin PHILLIPS (x)
                       118 Mold: Rob;
                       331 Ysceifiog: Mary;
                       379 Wrexham: Charles, Frances, Mary Elizabeth, Stanley, Thomas, Thomas Henry;
                       380 Wrexham: 24 Feb 1904 bap/o Sidney (b 25 Jan) s/o Thomas Henry (butcher) & Mary Elizabeth, 8 Talbot Rd
                       404 Wrexham: Frances, Sidney, Stanley;
                       405 Wrexham: Henry, Mary Elizabeth, Thomas Henry;
                       461A Mold
                       493 Llantysilio
                       564B Brynford: John, Thomas;
     WAGSTAFFE  40 Hawarden: Mary;
                          349 Ysceifiog: 22 Dec 1750 mar/o Hugh HUGHES of Halkin & Elisabeth WAGSTAFFE otp
                          380 Wrexham: 16 Aug 1905 bap/o Frank (b 26 Jul) s/o Thomas Henry (butcher) & Mary Elizabeth, 8 Talbot Road
                          382 Llanynys: 10 Mar 1670 bap/o Robert s/o John & Mary;
                         *559A Rhosymedre: 18 Aug 1909 bap/o Sarah Wagstaffe MOULT -/o William (gas manager) & Louisa, Gas Works, Cefn
      WAYSTAFF 371 Llangollen: 2 Apr 1873 mar. by Lic. of
                                               John Charles BEST (Commander Royal Navy) ba/full of Vivod s/o Samuel (clerk in Holy Orders)
                                             & Mary WAYSTAFF sp/full of Plas-yn-Vivod d/o William (Gentleman)
429A Ysceifiog: Anne, Edd, Elizabeth, Mary, Rob, Robert, Robt;

WAGWOOD 143 Llanrwst: 3 Sep 1769  bap/o John s/o Thomas & Mary



Wainhouse Corner, Cornwall
WAINHOUSE 175 LLandyrnog: 29 Sep 1772 mar. by Lic. of William WAINHOUSE wdr. (groom, diocese of Sarum) of Steeple Siton, Wiltshire
                                                                                       &  Sarah MADOCKS otp (Fron lw)
                                                                                       Wits: Judith HUGHES, Roberts FOULKES


     MAINWRIGHT 163B Ruabon:
     WAENWRIGHT 117 Mold:
                             340 Mold:
     WAINDWRIGHT 310 Gresford:
     WAINRIGHT  6 Isycoed: 26 May 1798 bap/o James CALROW (WAINRIGHT)                      
                                                                 s/o James WAINRIGHT & Hannah CALROW, Dutton y Brain
8 Overton (Baptisms & Burials1755-1782) Vol 3 (2)
Alice, Anne, Elisabeth, Jno, John, Martha, Mary, Sarah, Thomas;
                        10 Overton (Marriages 1754-1837) Vol 4
                                       : Eleanor, Jane, John, Thomas, Thos;
                       167B Gresford: Samuell;
                       174 Holt:
                       348 Wrexham:
                       479 Overton
     WAINRIGHTE 304A Wrexham: Henry;
     WAINWHRIGHT 553 Gresford: Samuel;
     WAINWRIGHT  6 Isycoed (Baptisms1749-1813 Marriages 1750-1837 Burials1750-1813)
                                            Anne, Charles, Elisabeth, Elizabeth, Jane, Jno, John, Joseph, Lydia, Mary, Sarah,
                                            Thomas, William;
                            8 Overton (Baptisms & Burials1755-1782) Vol 3 (2)
                                           Alice, Ann, Anne, Eleanor, Elisabeth, Elizabeth, Elizh, Elizth, Jane, Jno, John,
                                           Lydia, Margaret, Margret, Martha, Mary, Thomas, Thos;
10 Overton (Marriages 1754-1837) Vol 4
: Alice, Eleonor, Elizabeth, Esther, Hester, Jane, Sarah;
                           16 Hawarden (Marriages & Burials 1811-1820) Vol 18
                                              Anne, Catharine, Edward, Edwd, Elizabeth, George, Jane, Jno, John, Margaret,
                                              Mary, Peter, Sam'l, Sarah, Susannah, Thomas, Thos, Timothy, William, Wm;
                           18 Hawarden
(Baptisms 1811-1820) Vol 17
                                               Ann(e), Cath, Edward, Eliz, Elizabeth, Ellis, Esther, George, Hannah, Jane,
                                               Janet, Jennett, Job, John, Joseph, Margaret, Mary, Peter, Sarah, Susanna,
                                               Thomas, Timothy, Wm;
                           22 Hawarden (Marriages & Burials 1821-1830) Vol 20
                                                Anne, Catharine, Catherine, Charles, David, Edward, Edwd, Elizabeth, Esther,
                                                Hannah, Job, John, Margt, Mary, Peter, Sam'l, Samuel, Sarah, William;
                          *24 Hawarden: Peter Wainwright NEWTON
                           24 Hawarden: Anne, Eliza, Ellen, Esther, John, Margaret, Mary, Sarah, Thomas;
                           27 Llanarmon yn Ial: Geo., John, Mary;
                           30 Wrexham: William;
                           31 Hawarden: Anne, Catharine, Edward, Elizabeth, Ellen, Esther, George, Hannah, Janet,
                                               John, Joseph, Margaret, Maria, Mary, Peter, Samuel, Sarah, Tamur, Thomas;
                           32 Hawarden: Anne, Catherine, Ellen, Esther, John, Mary, Peter, Sarah, Thomas, Thos;
                           38 Wrexham: Elizth, Jos, Joseph, Susannah;
                           40 Hawarden: Eliza, Elizabeth, Ellen, Mary, Peter, Thomas;
46 Worthenbury:
                           53 Wrexham: Eliz;
                           63 Holt:
                           76 Mold:
                           79 Gresford:
                           81 Hope:
                          117 Mold:
                          118 Mold: Jane;
                          124 Mold:
                          132 Hanmer:
                          133 Holt:
                          137 Northop:
                          138 Wrexham:
                          142 Llangwm:
                          151 Hanmer: 20 Dec 1779 mar. by Banns of John EDGE (x) otp & Hannah WAINRIGHT (x) of Worthenbury
                                                                                          Wits: John ROBUTS, Mary POOLE
                          161 Mold: Anne, Barbara, Edward, Esther, Mary, Thomas;
                          162 Overton;
                          167A Gresford: Dorothy, Hannah, Timothy, William;
                               B Gresford: Thos., Willm;
                               C Gresford: Dorothy, Elizabeth, Isabel, Samuel, Thomas, William;
                               D Gresford: Samuel, Thos., Timothy;
                          187 St. George;
                          198 Mold:
                          201 Wrexham:
                          231 Hope:
                          266 Marchwiel:
                          268 Wrexham:
                          293 Hawarden:
                          294 Mold: Barbara, Edward, Frances, John, Maria, Martha, Mary, Sarah, Thomas;
                          295 Mold:
                          298 Hawarden:
                          299 Mold: Barbara, Edward, Joseph, Mary, Thomas;

                          302 Hawarden:
                          303 Hawarden:
                          304A Wrexham:Eliz;
                               B Wrexham: Thos;
                               C Wrexham: Henry;
                          305 Hawarden:
                          310 Gresford:
                          311 Hawarden: Alice, Ann(e), Charles, Dorothy, Edwd., Eliz. Geo., Isabella, Jemima, Jn, John, Margt.,
                                                Martha, Mary, Pet'r, Peter, Sam'l, Sar., Sarah, T., Thomas, Tim., Timo., Timothy, William;
                          313 Hawarden:
                          319 Hawarden:
                          347 Hawarden:
                          348 Wrexham:
                          351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: John, Mary;
                          353 Pentrobin:
                          363 Wrexham: Mary, William;
                          364 Wrexham: George;
                          370 Wrexham: Ann Frances, John, Mary;
                          374 Wrexham: 28 Nov 1845 bap/o Sarah Jane BEALE
                                                                  d/o John (druggist) & Jane WAINWRIGHT (alias BEALE), Wrexham Regis
                                                20 Dec 1848 bap/o Mary Elizabeth BEALE
                                                                  d/o John (druggist) & Jane WAINWRIGHT alias BEALE, Wrexham Regis
                          375 Wrexham: 12 Jul 1874 bap/o Thomas s/o William (lab) & Mary, Kings Mills
                          384 Wrexham: 4 Jun 1867 bur/o John, aged 44, Fairfield
                          387 Hawarden:  8 Mar 1687 bur/o --- ch/o Jo:
                                                27 Dec 1691 bur/o --- d/o John of Pentrobin
                          389 Hawarden: 21 Apr 1600 mar/o Richard WAINWRIGHT & Katherine ARTHURES
                                                23 Sep 1604 mar/o Edward DUCKWORTH & Christian WAINWRIGHT
                                                10 May 1610 mar/o Thomas WAINWRIGHT & Jane LLOYED
                         404 Wrexham: Dora, Mary;
                         405 Wrexham: Emma, Evelyn, Rupert, Thomas, Violet;
                         407 Wrexham: Albert, Evelyn, Mary Ellen, William;
                         412 Wrexham: 13 Mar 1854 bur/o Ann, aged 76, Union
                         413 Mold: 29 May 1816 mar. by Banns of Edward LEWIS wdr & Anne WAINWRIGHT (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                      Wits: Edward WAINWRIGHT, Ann BALL (x), P PIERCE
                                        28 Dec 1817 mar. by Banns of
                                                           Samuel WAINWRIGHT ba. of Hawarden & Margaret JONES (x) sp.
                                                           Wits: John JONES (x), Elizabeth EDWARDS (x), Thom. EDWARDS
                         414 Mold: 4 Apr 1836 mar. by Banns of John PRICE wdr & Elizabeth WAINWRIGHT sp., both otp
                                                                                   Wits: Edward HUGHES, Ann JONES
                         416 Ruabon: 14 Nov 1901 mar. by Banns
                                                               Joseph WAINWRIGHT (bricklayer) ba/27 of Overton s/o James WAINWRIGHT (lab)
                                                               & Sarah Anna GRIFFITHS sp/22 otp (Rhosmadoc) d/o Thomas GRIFFITHS (dec. lab)
                         418 Wrexham: William;
                         438A Broughton: Alice Jane, Anne, Benjamin, Edwin, Job, Mary Ann, Robert, Sarah, Susannah, Thomas, Timothy, William;
                              B Broughton: Edward, James, Mary, Peter, Robert, Thomas, William;
                        *440C Hawarden
                         440A,B,C Hawarden
                         441B Hope: Edward, Elizabeth Ann, Emma, John, Peter, Thomas;
                         445 Wrexham
                         466 Hawarden
                         467 Holywell
                         474A,B Gresford
                         479 Overton:
                         482 Hawarden
                         483 Hawarden
                         484 Hawarden
                         486 Bistre
                         488 Hope
                         533A Overton
                              B Overton
                         535 Buckley:
                         550 Gresford: Martha, Mary, Robert, Thomas, William;
                         551B Hawarden
                         553 Gresford: Ann, Catherine, Charles, Edward, Eliz'th, Elizabeth, Ellen, Hannah, Harriet,
                                             James Walton, John, Mary, Samuel, Sarah, Thomas, Timothy;
                         561B Marchwiel:  6 Apr 1847 mar/o Edward RANDLES (farmer) ba of Llay, Psh of Gresford
                                                                                             s/o Thomas RANDLES (farmer)
                                                                         & Mary WAINWRIGHT sp otp (Sontley)
                                                                                                   d/o Thomas WAINWRIGHT (farmer)
                               C Mrchwiel: Charles, Mary, Thomas, William;
                         567 Brymbo 14 Sep 1864 bur/o Arthur, aged 6 wks, Moss, Broughton
                         572 Broughton (Baptisms 1824-1867) Vol 1
                                               Anne, Elizabeth, Jane, Job, Martha, Robert, Roger, Sarah, Thomas.

                                               16 Feb 1830 bap/o John THOMAS (WAINWRIGHT) (b 9) illeg. s/o
                                                                         Roger WAINWRIGHT (servant) & Elizabeth THOMAS, otp

                                               28 Mar 1846 bap/o Harriet JONES (b  6Mar)
                                                                     d/o Evan (gamekeeper) & Ellen (WAINWRIGHT), Manor
                                               20 Feb 1848 bap/o Frances JONES (b 29 Jan)
                                                                     d/o Evan (gamekeeper) & Ellen (WAINWRIGHT) Manor
                                                9 Mar 1851 bap/o Ellen JONES (b 7 Feb)
                                                                     d/o Evan (gamekeeper) & Ellen (WAINWRIGHT) Manor
                         573 Broughton (Baptisms 1868-1909)
                                                Arthur Walton, Benjamin, Catherine, Catherine Ann, Edwin, James, John,
                                                Katherine, Martha, Mary, Mary Ann, Nellie, Robert, Sarah Ann,
                                                Thomas, Thomas George, William;
                         574 Buckley:  2 Jul 1876 bap/o Christiana d/o Ellis (collier) & Elizabeth, Pentre
                                              6 Jan 1877 bap/o William s/o Isaac (collier) & Elizabeth, Pentre
                         575 Hope: 20 Jan 1833 bap/o Thomas HUGHES (WAINWRIGHT) illeg s/o
                                                 Thomas WAINWRIGHT (farmer) of Rosset
                                                 & Anne HUGHES (farmers daut.), Hawarden
                                        24 Oct 1834 bap/o Ellin d/o Peter (lab) & Mary, Higher Kinnerton
                                        23 Jul 1837 bap/o Peter s/o Peter (lab) & Mary, Higher Kinnertton
                                        12 Jul 1840 bap/o Emma d/o Thomas (publican) & Rebecca, Caergwrle
                                        25 Feb 1846 bap/o Thomas s/o John (farmer) & Harriet, Moorside
                                        13 May 1849 bap/o Thomas s/o Thomas (blacksmith) & Emma, Hope Owen
                         577 Overton (Baptisms 1813-1839) Vol 6
                                           Charles, Edward, Emma, Frances, George, Hannah, James, John, Martha,
                                           Mary, Rose Anna, Sarah.
                         582 Bistre (Baptisms 1842-1883) Vol 1
                                         Alfred, Alfred James, Anne, Barbara, Edward, Edwin, Emma, Isabella, James, Martha,
                                         Mary, Sarah, Thomas.
584 Buckley (Baptisms 1822-1850) Vol 1
                                            Ann, Anne, Barbara, Charles, Edward, Elizabeth, Ellen, Esther, Hannah, Ithell, Janet,
                                            Jannet, Job, John, Marg't, Margaret, Mary, Mary Sophia, Peter, Sam'l, Sarah, Susannah,
                                            Tho's, Thomas, Will'm, William.
                         585 Gwersyllt: 13 Oct 1854 bap/o Thomas s/o John (farmer) & Mary, Stansty
                                               28 Aug 1864 bap/o Arthur s/o John (shop keeper) & Mary, Broughton
 587 Overton (Baptisms 1839-1868) Vol 7
                                           Elizabeth, George, Isaac, James, John, Martha, Mary, Samuel, William.
                         589 Gwersyllt: 15 Dec 1885 bur/o William, aged 56, Lodge, Brymbo
                         Misc: North Wales 1835 Wrexham: Shopkeeper/dealer in sundries: George Wainwright, Yorke st
                                    1841 Census Wrexham Town: Vicarage Hill: George     baker  55    born in County
                                                                                                     Ann                   48    born in County
                                    1881 Census Saltney, Cheshire/Flintshire
Gresford MIs: Catherine, Dorothy, Elizabeth, Harriet, James, John, Mary, Samuel, Sarah,
                                               Thomas, Wm;
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): Ellen, Sp, Sealand   1840
     WAINWRIGT 553 Gresford: Frederick;
     WAINWRITE 310 Gresford:
     WAINWRWRIGHT 8 Overton: 9 Aug 1760 bur/o John s/o Thomas
     WAITEWRIGHT 380 Wrexham: 30 Apr 1905 bap/o Percy Lewis (b 25 Feb) s/o Percy (tanner) & Henrietta, 55 Bertie Road
     WAYNERIGHT 445 Wrexham
     WAYNWRIGHT 117 Mold:
                             313 Hawarden:
     WEAINWRIGHT 440A Hawarden
     WEANRIGHT  85 Mold:
                         392 Gresford: ---, Anne, Catherin, Dorothy, Elinor, Elizabeth, Hannah, James, Jonathan, Martha, Mary,
                                             Samuell, Thomas, William;
     WEANWRIGHT 10 Overton: 24 Sep 1781 mar by Banns of
                                          John WEANWRIGHT (WAINRIGHT) & Mary GREEN both otp
                                          Wits: Francis DOWNING, Willm WARD
     WEINRIGHT 310 Gresford:
     WENARY 85 Mold:
     WENERIGHT 392 Gresford: 6 Apr 1738 mar/o James WENERIGHT & Catherin PARSONAGE, both otp
     WENEWRIGHT 310 Gresford:
     WENRIGHT 85 Mold:
                      310 Gresford:
     WENRITE 413 Mold: 30 Sep 1819 mar. by Banns of
                                                       William CONNAH (x) ba. & Catherine WILLIAMS (x) sp., both otp
                                                       Wits: Thomas ALLIS (x), Margaret HALBOT (x), Edward WENRITE (x)
     WENWRIGHT 310 Gresford:
     WENWRIGT 310 Gresford:
     WHAINWRIGHT 10 Overton: 14 Dec 1822 mar by Banns of
                                                          Edward ROBERTS & Mary WHAINWRIGHT both otp
                                                          Wits: Thomas ROBERTS, Hester WAINWRIGHT
     WHEENRIGHT 10 Overton: 27 Dec 1756 Alice WHEENRIGHT & Thomas PEIRCE wits at mar by Banns of
                                                              Thomas WAINRIGHT (serving man) & Elisabeth DAVIES sp both otp
     WINRIGHT 6 Isycoed: 15 Aug 1784 bap/o George s/o William & Sarah
                                      23 Sep 1787  bap/o Elisebeth d/o William & Sarah
     WINWRIGHT  18 Hawarden: 3 Oct 1813 bap/o William HOBBAT (WINWRIGHT) (b 26 Sep)
                                                                base s/o Wm WAINWRIGHT (lab) & Ann HOBBAT sp., Broughton
                           489 Marchwiel


Wakefield, Northamptonshire; West Riding of Yorkshire;
     WACKFORD 44 Denbigh: William;
     WAKEFIELD *123 Ruabon:
                          124 Mold:
                          267 Ruthin:
                          298 Hawarden:
                          330 Whitford:
                          345 Rhosllanerchrugog:
                          354 Rhosllanerchrugog: Arthur;
                          384 Wrexham: 26(sic) Aug 1867 bur/o Alfred Clement, aged 34, Salusbury Park
                          393 Wrexham: 23 Jun 1883 bur/o Ann, aged 56, Bridge St.
                          406 Wrexham: Ann, Richard;
                          412 Wrexham: 26 Dec 1857 bur/o John, aged 22, Rhosnesney
                                                17 Dec 1858 bur/o Richard, aged 28, Acton
                          425A Hanmer: 21 Sep 1640 mar/o John BROMFIELD & Mary WAKEFIELD
                         *474B Gresford
                          483 Hawarden:
                          550 Gresford: George, Sarah, Thomas;
                          553 Gresford: Hannah, Sarah;
Gresford MIs: Clement Wakefield JONES
                                   Shropshire 1828/9 Ludlow: Surgeon: Richard Wakefield, Corve st
     WAKEFORD 123 Ruabon:
                        *315 Ruabon:
                        *356 Ruabon: Anne Wakeford WHALLEY

Wakeham 'watch-valley' (Latin)
                (Aveton Gifford), Devon; (Terwick), Sussex; a hamlet on the Isle of Portland, Dorset;
     WAKEMAN 108 Minera Chapel: Jane;
                        Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Drayton: Carriers to Whitchurch: Wakeman & Robins (from Stone)
                                                                                                               call at Whitchurch every Thursday
                                                            Whitchurch: Conveyance by water, to London & all parts of the Kingdom,
                                                                                           Wakeman & Robins, Saturday.

Wakeley, Hertfordshire
     WAKLEY 534  
Walkley, South Yorkshire; West Riding of Yorkshire;
     WALKLER 157 Hanmer:
     WALKLEY 305 Hawarden:
387 Hawarden: 2 May 1695 mar/o John WALKLEY, & Anne WOODFIN of Bannell   
                      406 Wrexham: Frederick;       
                      460 Mold
                      501 Northop
     WALKLY 303 Hawarden:

     WAKELAM Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Shiffnall: Cooper: Joseph Wakelam, High st


Walcot, Lincolnshire; Northamptonshire; Oxfordshire; Shropshire; Wiltshire; Warwickshire;
WALCOT Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Cleobury Mortimer: Rev. Chas. Walcot, Hopton wafers
     Walcote, Leicestershire;
     Walcott, Norfolk; Worcestershire;
     WALCOTT *391 Colwyn: 8 Aug 1905 bur/o Henry Walcott SHAND aged 49 of Eirias Farm, Colwyn
     Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Ludlow: Mrs. --- Walcott, Mill st
                                                                      Rev. J. Walcott, Bittesley

WALDEGRAVE *4 Hawarden: Waldegrave Umfreville BREWSTER

WALDEMAR *370 Wrexham: Daniel Waldemar JONES


Walderton, West Sussex


Waldron, East Sussex
     Walden, North Riding of Yorkshire
     WALDEN *132 Hanmer:
                      565B Esclusham: Frederick, Thomas;
     WALDRON  51 Holywell:
                      268 Wrexham:
                      364 Wrexham: Mary;
                     *493 Llantysilio


Wales, Sheffield, Yorkshire
     WAILES 353 Pentrobin:
     WALES *565B Esclusham: Margaret Elizabeth Wales PARKES sp/27 of Wharf Cottage

Walford, Dorset; Herefordshire; Shropshire; Staffordshire; Walford Hall, Warwickshire;
360 Llangollen: George, Rose Agnes;
                 432 Llangollen: 7 May 1895 bur/o Florence, aged 15 months, Westbourne Terrace
                 573 Broughton: 7 May 1871 bap/o Charlles Frederick MORGAN (b 19 Mar 1870)
                                                       s/o John Walter (engineer) & Sabina (WALFORD), Mainwaring's Farm
*584 Buckley (Baptisms 1822-1850) Vol 1
                                     Vicar 1839-1840  Henry Walford BELLAIRS M.A.       
                *588 Gwersyllt: 8 Jun 1913 bap/o George Walford WILLIAMS (b 9 May)
                                                                        s/o William John (steel smelter) & Mary Harriet, Summerhill            
                 Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Drayton: Ladies' boarding school: Walford & Boyd, Shropshire st
                                                     Shiffnall: Tailor: John Walford, Market place
                                                     Wem:  Miss Ann Walford, High st
                                                                Miss Beatrice Walford, High st
                                                                Mrs. Thos. Walford, High st
                                                                Richard Walford, gent., High st
                                                                Attorney: John Walford, Mill st
                                                     Whitchurch: Bookseller/stationer/printer: Joseph Walford, High st
                                                                        Red Cow  Mary Walford, Pepper alley
     WALFULE 6 Isycoed: 6 May 1781 bap/o Elebath d/o John & Mary
     WALLFORD 438A Broughton: Mary;
     WELFORD 438A Broughton: Frances Merrill Lincoln WELFORD;
                      573 Broughton: 1 Apr 1906 bap/o George Edward WELFORD (b 9 Jan)
                                  s/o Hilton Thirkeld (engineer) & Frances Merrill Lincoln, The Beeches, Saltney


Walke Fold, Lancashire

Walker, Tyne & Wear
     WAKER 435 Gresford: John, Richard, Thomas, Will;     
                  459 Mold
                  552D Wrexham: 24 Jun 1708 bur/o Jane, wid.,  -----   p
     WALKAR 435 Gresford: ---,  Elin, George, John, Mary, Robert, Thomas, William;
     de WALKER *123 Ruabon:
                          198 Mold:
     WALKER 10 Overton: 19 Jun 1811 mar by Lic of
                                               Richard WALKER of Fulmer (S. Buckinghamshire) & Mary FLETCHER otp
                                              Wits: Francis Richard PRICE, Harriet WYNNE FLETCHER
                                     19 Jul 1828 mar by Lic of
                                               Henry TARLETON, Esq. of Penley & Eleanor Amelia FLETCHER otp
                                               Wits: Thomas BOYCOTT RUDGE, M E WA;LKER
                    11 Bangor on Dee (Baptisms 1797-1812) Vol 4
                                 : Geo, Geor, George Bennison, Mary, Mary Ann, Thomas Wilson;
                    16 Hawarden: 3 Jul 1816 bur/o Anne, aged 40, w/o John (blacksmith), otp
                    18 Hawarden
(Baptisms 1811-1820) Vol 17
                                    Ann, Elizabeth, John, Sarah;
                    22 Hawarden: 14 Aug 1826 John WALKER & Anne ROWLANDS wits at mar by Banns of
                                                William JONES (collier) wdr & Elizabeth DAVIES wid both of Ewloe
                    24 Hawarden: Elizabeth;
                    30 Wrexham:
Church Warden 1757-1758 Henry;
                                         Ellinor, John, Josaph, Joseph, Sarah, Thomas, William;
                    31 Hawarden: Elizabeth;
                    36 Ruabon: Eliz, Joseph;
                    37 Worthenbury: Martha, Mary;
                    38 Wrexham: Anne, Daniel, Danl, John, Joseph, Mary;
                    39 Halkyn: Elizabeth, Joseph, Peter, Sarah;
                    42 Holywell:  1 Mar 1816 bur/o Phillis, aged 26, otp
                                       14 Aug 1822 bur/o Mary, aged 23, Dudley, Worcestershire   
                    45 Denbigh: Margaret, Samuel;
WALKER contd

                  *49 Holywell:
                  *51 Holywell:
                  *53+53 Wrexham:
                   56 Rhddlan:
                   61 Ruabon:
                   63 Holt:
                   68 Ruabon:
                   83 Ruthin: John, Mary, William;
                  107 Llanrhydd:
                  108 Minera Chapel: Elizabeth, Mary;
                 *110 Ysbyty Ifan:
                  112 Halkyn:
                  117 Mold:
WALKER contd
                 *123 Ruabon:
                  124 Mold:
                  136 Cilcain:
                  138 Wrexham:
                  163 Ruabon:
                  167A Gresford: Elizabeth;
                       B Gresford: Samuel;
                  171 Bangor-on-Dee:
                  176 Tremeirchion:
                  188 Halkyn:
                  191 Ruabon:
WALKER contd
                  209 Llangedwyn:
                  227 Ruthin:
                  243 Hanmer:
                  249 Minera: Edward, Harriet, John, Joseph, Peter, Samuel;
                  250 St. Asaph Notitae:
                  267 Ruthin:
                  268 Wrexham:
                  269 Dyserth:
WALKER contd
                  273 Trelawnyd:
                  283 Llanrhos:
                  292 Rhosymedre:
                  293 Hawarden:
                  294 Mold: 30 Aug 1829 bap/o Elizabeth d/o John THELWALL & Mary WALKER (servant of Broncoed)
                  297 Chirk:
                  298 Hawarden:
                 *299 Mold: John Walker JONES
                  299 Mold: Ann, James;
WALKER contd
                  304A Wrexham: Catherine, Elisabeth, Eliz, Henry, John, Joseph, Mary, Sam, Sarah;
                       B Wrexham: Martha, Saml;
                       C Wrexham: Cath, Jane, John, Margt, Mary, Saml;
                  306 Holywell:
                  307 Ruabon:
                  310 Gresford:
                  314 Rhosllanerchrugog: 6 Jul 1871 bap/o Meredith s/o John (lab) & Hannah, Rhos
                  315 Ruabon:
                  329 Meliden:
                  330 Whitford:
                  331 Ysceifiog: Katharine;
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Annie, John;
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Ivy Jane, Phyllis Gwendoline, Wilfred Leighton;
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Frank Gilbert;
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Ethel, Fanny, James, John;
WALKER contd
                  341 Ruabon:
                  345 Rhosllanerchrugog:
                  346 Hawarden:
                  347 Hawarden:
                  348 Wrexham:
                  349A Ysceifiog: James;
                  351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs:
                                                  Agnes, Amelia, Isabella, Jessie Crawford, Mary Jane, Peter, Robert, William Carlaw;
                  353 Pentrobin:
                 *357 Holywell St. James Churchyard MIs: Henry Walker RATCLIFF, Joseph Walker RATCLIFFE
                  357 Holywell St. James Churchyard MIs: Elizabeth;
                  358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Jack, Margaret Ann, Mary Elizabeth;
                  359 Rhosymedre: Harriet, Henry, James, Joseph, Thomas;
WALKER contd
                 *360 Llangollen: Ernest Henry WALKER
                  360 Llangollen: Edward Joseph, Mary Jane, Ralph;
                 *363 Wrexham: Hamilton Walker CRAWFORD
                  363 Wrexham: Jane, Jessie, Lucy Robinson, Sarah Freeman, Thomas, Thomas Berties;
                 *364 Wrexham: John Walker SCOTT
                  364 Wrexham: John, Joseph, Mary;
WALKER contd
                  366 Wrexham: Annabella, Edward, Elizabeth, Louisa, Mary, Robert;
                  380 Wrexham: 22 Jul 1906 bap/o William (b 19 Jun) margin note: Ruthin Road
                                                                        s/o Joseph (lab) & Mary, 2 Fern Cottages, Napier St.
                  370 Wrexham: Edward, Edward Charles, Elizabeth, Ellen, James, Joseph, Mary, Robert, Sarah, William;
                  373 Wrexham: Anne;
                  374 Wrexham: Alexander, Annabella, Edward, Elizabeth, George, John, Mary, Robert, Samuel, Sarah, Thomas;
                  375 Wrexham: Agnes, Alice, Alice Mary, Elizabeth Anne, George, James, Jane, Joseph Russell, Laura Louisa,
                                        Perel, Peter, Sarah Freeman, Thomas, William Lee;
                  377 Holywell: Ann, David, Jane, William;
                 *379 Wrexham: 12 Apr 1899 bap/o Edward Mann WOODWARD (b 1 Mar)
                                                      s/o Robert Walker (traveller) & Alice Lawson, 33 Lambpit St
                  379 Wrexham: 15 May 1901 bap/o Violet Grace (b 24 Apr) d/o William (lab) & Mary, 4 Poplar Square
WALKER contd
                 383 Ruthin: Dorothy, Margaret, Shonet, William;
                *384 Wrexham: 14 Feb 1873 bur/o Robert Walker BAMFORD, aged 20, Plas Darland
                 384 Wrexham: Agnes, Ann, William, William Carlan;
                 387 Hawarden: 22 nov 1681 bur/o Clement of Stafford County
                 391 Colwyn:15 Feb 1888 mar. by Banns of Hugh William GLADSTONE (tea merchant) ba/49 of Liverpool
                                                                                                                    s/o Hugh (ship owner)
                                                                            & Alice SUDLOW wid/30 of Colwyn d/o Samuel WALKER (no occupation)
                                   26 Dec 1897 bap/o Alice d/o Samuel (gent) & Elizabeth, Colwyn Bay
                 392 Gresford: ---, Anne, Edward, Edwd, Elin, Elizabeth, Jane, Margerett, Margt, Mary, Robert, Robt,
                                     Willi., William;
                 393 Wrexham: Elizabeth, Hannah, Peter;
                 399 Wrexham: 26 Oct 1823 bap/o James Craggson s/o Robert (paper maker) & Mary, Esclusham Below
WALKER contd

               *400 Wrexham: 17 Feb 1829 mar. by Banns (wcof) of
                                                          James EDISBURY of Holywell, Co. of Flint & Elizabeth Walker RATCLIFFE otp
                                                          Wits: Henry RATCLIFFE, Mary EDISBURY
                400 Wrexham: 10 Oct 1825 mar. by Banns (wcop) of
                                                         John FARMERY (x) (papermaker) ba. & Elizabeth WALKER (x) sp., both otp
                                                         Wits: William THOMAS (x), Anne THOMAS (x)
                                        4 Aug 1828 mar. by Banns (wcof) of
                                                        William THOMSON (miller) ba. & Anne WALKER sp., both otp
                                                        Wits: Charles EDWARDS, Martha EDWARDS
                401 Wrexham: John, Michael, Thomas;
                403 Holywell: Anne;

                405 Wrexham: Alice, Charlotte, Joseph, Lawrence, Lilly, Mabel, William;
                406 Wrexham: Agnes, Edward, Mary Jane;
                407 Wrexham: James Henry, Joseph Russell;
WALKER contd
                410 Wrexham: Anne, John;
                412 Wrexham: 10 Aug 1860 bur/o Robert (no age given), Union
                415B Northop: 28 Jul 1803 mar. by Banns of John THOMAS (x) ba. & Elizabeth GRIFFITH (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                 Wits: Robert EDWARDS, Anne WALKER (x)
                417 Wrexham: Elisabeth, Eliz'h, Henry, Sarah;
                419 Halkyn: 3 Jan 1630/31 bur/o Thomas (taylor)
                420A Halkyn: 10 Nov 1726 mar/o Francis CHORTON & Marg. WALKER
                                     21 Aug 1736 mar/o Richard ap PRITCHARD & Johanna WALKER
                                      3 Nov 1737 mar/o Thomas DUDDINGS & Mary WALKER, both otp
                                      9 Feb 1739/40 mar/o David WHITACRE & Ellin WALKER
                     B Halkyn: 19 Jun 1744 bur/o John, infant
                435 Gresford: Ales, Anne, Edward, John, Margarett, Mary, Richard, Tabitha, Thomas, William;
                436A Hope: Frances;
                     B Hope: Elen;
                437 Ruabon Henry, Mary, Sarah;
                438A Broughton: William;
                     B Broughton: Anne, John;
WALKER contd
               *440A,B Hawarden
                440C Hawarden
                442B  Bangor on Dee
                444 Ruabon
                445 Wrexham
                449 Trelawnyd
                454B Llanrhos
                465A Halkyn
WALKER contd
                474A,B Gresford
               *478B Llantysilio
                478B Llantysilio
                484 Hawarden
                486 Bistre
                487 Gwersyllt
                493 Llantysilio
                497B Llanuwchllyn
WALKER contd
                500A Holywell
                521 St Asaph
                522 Holywell
                533A Overton
                     B Overton
                552B Wrexham: Charles, Ed, Eliz, George, Peter, Robt, Samuell, Willm;
                     C Wrexham: 22 Apr 1717 mar/o William WALKER & Jane JONES, Wrexham Abbot
                     D Wrexham: William: Anne, Charles, Clarke, George, Robt, Willm;
                553 Gresford: Alice;
                555 Brymbo: Alice Anne, Davey, Edith, Edward, Emma, Florence, Harriet, Janette, John, Rebecca;
               *559A Rhosymedre: 30 Apr 1908 bap/o Dorothy Walker THOMPSON -/o Miles (engineer) & Nelly, Acrefair
WALKER contd
                561A Marchwiel: Albert Arthur, Arthur Aldersea, Bethia, Elsie, Ethel, Mabel, Percy;
                     B Marchwiel: 6 Nov 1888 mar by Banns of
                                                   Arthur Aldersea WALKER (schoolmaster) ba otp s/o James WALKER (accountant)
                                                   & Bethia CHEETHAM (dressmaker) sp otp
                     C Marchwiel: John, Margaret;
                563A Erbistock:  4 Jun 1893 bap/o Donald Betren Isidore s/o Thomas Ault (farmer) & Mary, otp (Manley Hall)
                     B Erbistock: 27 Apr 1910 mar by Banns of
                                                 William MORRIS (farmer) ba/32 otp (Rutters Farm) s/o Thomas MORRIS (farmer)
                                                  & Mary Revell WALKER sp/23 of Erbistock Hall d/o Alexander Green WALKER (contractor)
                     C Erbistock: 14 Jan 1901 bur/o Harriet, aged 72, Overton
                                        23 Oct 1902 bur/o Thomas, aged 68, otp
                565A Esclusham: 31 Mar 1949 bur/o Dapline, aged 14 mths (War Memorial Hospital),
                                                                                           127 Wynnstay Crescent, Rhostyllen
                567 Brymbo  24 Mar 1860 bur/o Robert, aged 3 yrs, Pentre Broughton
                                    11 Mar 1865 bur/o Elizabeth, aged 52 yrs, Moss, Broughton
                568 Brymbo  18 Dec 1896 bur/o Hannah, aged 62, Lodge
                572 Broughton: 14 Oct 1849 bap/o William RICHARDSON (b 4 Jan 1841)
                                                                      s/o William (railway lab) & Mary (WALKER), otp
               *575 Hope: 4 Mar 1837 bap/o Charles Edward BRAMWELL
                                                         s/o Wiliam Walker (Surgeon) & Elizabeth, Abermorddu
                575 Hope:19 Jul 1825 bap/o Caroline WALKER d/o Charles (machine maker) & Elizabeth, Cymmau
WALKER contd
                577 Overton 6 Dec 1813 bap/o Mary Ellen d/o Richard (Gent.) & Mary, Gwerrnhaelod
                580 Bagillt (Baptisms 1839-1911) Vol 1
                                Benjamin, Charles Isaac, Edith, Elizabeth, Hannah, John, Phoebe Margaret, Robert,
                                William Thomas.
                583 Chirk (Baptisms 1845-1879) Vol 8
                               Alfred, Edward, John Thomas, Martha, Mary Jane, Rose, Samuel, Thomas.
               *585 Gwersyllt: 29 Feb 1888 bap/o Lilian Walker WINFIELD d/o Charles Thomas (inn keeper) & Jane, Wheatsheaf
                585 Gwersyllt (Baptisms 1851-1888) Vol 1
                                     Elizabeth, Jane, Pierce William, Sarah Elizabeth, Thomas
 587 Overton (Baptisms 1839-1868) Vol 7
                                 Ann Maria, Edmund, Edward, Elizabeth, Ellen, Jane, John, Joseph, Kate, Thomas
                588 Gwersyllt (Baptisms 1888-1913) Vol 2

                                25 Feb 1912 bap/o William Henry Walker KAYE (b 20 Dec 1911)
                                                                  s/o Ben (electrician) & Ann, Union Jack, Summerhill

                                Georgina Margaret, Leonard Pierce, Martha Jane, Mary Catherine, Mary Cathrine, Pierce,
                                Pierce William, Ruby Dorothy.
                589 Gwersyllt (Burials 1851-1888) Vol 3
                                    Elizabeth, Margaret, Sarah Elizabeth
WALKER contd
                Misc: North Wales 1835 Dolgelly: Golden Lion (& posting house), Catherine Walker, Lion street
                                                      Holywell: Introduction ... In the early part of the eighteenth century, this place is
                                                                   described by Walker as a poor-looking village, its streets unpaved, the
                                                                   houses thatched with straw, and no market. .....
                                                      Rhyl: New Inn Robert Walker
                                                      Ruthin: Mrs --- Walker, Castle st
                            1841 Census Wrexham Town: Lambpit Street: Robert        60   Carrier   not born in County
                                                                                                Mary          55               not born in County
                                                                                                Joseph       25    M.S.    not born in County
                                                                                                William      15    Tailor    not born in County   
                                                                                                James       15   Plumbers ap.   born in County
                                                                                                Arabella     14                        born in County
WALKER (Misc) contd
1881 Census Saltney, Cheshire/Flintshire
Gresford MIs: Alice;
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                          Elizabeth Walker PARRY, Clawdd Newydd, Derwen   1843
                                                                          WALKER: Thomas, Aston   1648
                                                                                          Thomas, Gent, Rose Cottage, Gresford   1858
                                                                                          William, Builder, Birkenhead   1856
                            Shropshire 1828/9 Bridgnorth: Linen/woollen draper: Mary Walker, High st
                                                        Broseley: Maltster: Walker Blaize
                                                        Ellesmere: Rev. George Walker, St. John's hill
                                                        Ludlow: Charles Walker, esq., Ashford court
                                                        Wem: Rev. Richard Walker, Noble st
     WALKERS 392 Gresford: 3 Jun 1733 bur/o Jane d/o Robt., poor
     WALLKER 267 Ruthin:
     WALLKERS 348 Wrexham:


     WALKIN  *445 Wrexham
                   *580 Bagillt: 21 Apr 1880 bap/o Harriet Jane DAVIES d/o Walkin (lab) & Caroline, The Walk
     WALKING *308 Bodfari: 24 Jan 1767 bap/o Peter ROBERTS s/o ** Walking & Mary
                                                                            (** Watking in transcription index)

428 Ysceifiog:  4 Dec 1687 mar/o John WALKLATE, & Ales FFROST otp


East Wall, Shropshire
Wall, Cornwall; Northumberland; Shropshire; Staffordshire;
 WALE 404 Wrexham: William;
                431 Llangollen: 28 Mar 1843 bur/o Mary, aged 28, Pengwern
                449 Trelawnyd
           10 Overton:  1 Jan 1835 mar by Lic of
                                        William VAUGHAN of Royton of the Eleven Towns & Mary WALL otp
                                        Wits  Thomas VAUGHAN< ?Martha WALL
                              2 Mar 1835 mar by Lic of Robert WALL otp & Mary ROGERS of Mold
                                                                   Wits: Hardman ROGERS, Martha WALL
53 Wrexham:
           124 Mold:
           206 Hanmer:
          *227 Ruthin:
           266 Marchwiel:
           268 Wrexham:
           299 Mold: Anna Jane, George, Margaret;
           315 Ruabon:
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Ann, Joseph;
           340 Mold:
           341 Ruabon:
           356 Ruabon: Ann;
           357 Holywell St. James' Churchyard MIs: Mary, William M.;
           363 Wrexham: John, Mary Ann;
           375 Wrexham:  Daniel, Eliza, Elizabeth, Hannah, Henry, Isaac;
393 Wrexham: 18 Feb 1881 bur/o John, infant, 10 Mary Ann Square
WALL contd
           407 Wrexham: Daniel;
           435 Gresford:  ---, Thomas;
          *474B Gresford
           474B Gresford
           490 Chirk
           553 Gresford: Catharine Mary;
           577 Overton  11 Nov 1827 bap/o Jane & William d&s/o John  (farmer) & Mary, otp
                              31 Dec 1835 bap/o Jane d/o Robert (farmer) & Mary, otp

           Misc: North Wales 1835 Welchpool: Linen/woollen drapers & tailors: Wall & Son, Broad st
Gresford MIs: Catherine Mary;
                    Shropshire 1828/9 Bridgnorth: Maltster: Garner Wall, St. Mary's st
                                            Ellesmere: Maltster: George Wall, Talbot st
                                            Ludlow: Major Wall, The Moon
                                                        Tailor: Richard Wall, Brand lane
                                                        Wheelwright: Benjamin Wall, Upper Gaolford
                                            Shrewsbury: Milliner/dress maker: Elizabeth Wall, Cross hill
                                            Wellington: Baker/confectioner: Ann Wall, Walker st
                                                             Tailor/draper: John Wall, New st
                                            Wenlock: Maltster: Wm. Wall, Shinton st
WALL contd
     Walls, Shetland
     WALLS  66 Penley:
                  75 Marchwiel:
                 321B Llanasa: 14 Feb 1762 bur/o Ann, Gwespyr
                 330 Whitford:
                 408 Bangor-on-Dee: Matthew;
                 474B Gresford
     weall OEl = wall
     WEAL 431 Llangollen: 5 May 1842 bur/o Alfred, aged1, Pengwern
     WEALE 440B Hawarden: 3 Apr 1893 mar by Banns of
                                                     John WEALE (lab) ba/22 of Shotton s/o John WEALE (lab)
                                                     & Sarah HUGHES sp/22 of Shtton d/o John HUGHES (lab)


Wallasey, Wirral, Cheshire (Wallasey - island of the strangers/Welsh)


Wall End, Cumbria
     WALANT 195 Holywell: 28 Jan 1815 bap/o James JONES (WALANT)  base s/o Isaac WALANT (gardener) & Phobe JONES
     Wallands Park, East Sussex


WALLETT Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Broseley: Blacksmith: Thomas WALLETT, Coalport


Wallington, Berkshire
WALLINGTON  *438B Broughton: 20 Feb 1899 mar by  Lic of
                                                  Wallington THOMPSON (publican) wdr/42 of Newton-le-Willows s/o Henry THOMPSON (dec. -pper smi--)
                                                  & Elizabeth WOOD sp/36 of Saltney d/o James WOOD (--blican)
                       Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Shrewsbury: Carriers to London: Wallington & Wallis & Co., from their
                                                                              warehouse, Bridge place, every Monday, Wednesday
                                                                              and Friday


WALLIS-DAVIES 391 Colwyn: 18 Jun 1893 bap/o Lucinda Christine Charity d/o John (solicitor) & Marianne,
                                                                                                                            Alltwen, Sea Road, Abergele



Walmsley (village), Bolton Lancashire
     ?EOUNSL'K 79 Gresford: 11 Jun 1785 bur/o Edward s/o Edwd, Gresford
     ORMSLEY 101 Llanynys: 7 Mar 1741 bur/o Elizabeth d/o Ralph & Cath.
     OWNCELEY 101 Llanynys: 14 Aug 1743 bap/o Thomas s/o Ralph & Cath.
     WALMELEY 391 Colwyn: 17 Jun 1894 bap/o Mabel Pritchard (b 5 Dec) d/o Richard & Annie Eliz., Colwyn
Walmersley (township/village) Bury, Lancashire
     WALMERSLEY 482 Hawarden
     WALMESLEY 386 Ruabon: 17 Jul 1848 mar. by Banns of
                                                        William WALMESLEY (x) (quarryman) ba. of Rhosymedre s/o William (sawyer)
                                                      & Anne WILLIAMS sp. of Cefn d/o Thomas (smith)
                          491B Henllan
                          Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Wellington: Grocer/tea dealer & druggist: Wm. Walmesley, Market place
                                                                                 Ironmonger: William Walmesley, Market place
                                                               Wem: Linen & woollen drapers: Ireland & Walmesley, High st
                                                                         Surgeon: Thomas Walmesley, High st
     WALMESLY 437 Ruabon: Anne, Mary, Thomas;
     WALMISLEY 386 Ruabon: 11 May 1854 mar. by Lic. of
                                             Haratio WALMISLEY (clerk) ba/31 of Stratton Audley, County of Oxon
                                                                                                                           s/o Thomas Forbes (Esq.)
                                             & Alice Roper LAWTON sp/27 otp d/o William (Esq.)
Walmley (Birmingham), West Midlands
     WALMSELY *7 Llanferres: 5 Jul 1830 Rich. Walmsley LLOYD, Will HUGHES Jnr. & Emma LLOYD wits. at mar. by Lic. of
                                                            John HUGHES ba. of Lincolns Inn, Mdx & Dorothy LLOYD sp. otp
     WALMSLAY 248 Llanfwrog: 11 Sep 1758 bap/o Simon s/o Ralf & Catherine
     WALMSLEY *7 Llanferres: 5 Jul 1832 Rich. Walmsley LLOYD, Will HUGHES Jnr. & Emma LLOYD
                                                 wits at mar by Lic of
                                                       John HUGHES ba of Lincolns Inn, Middlesex & Dorothy LLOYD sp otp
  *22 Hawarden: 16 Oct 1821 mar. by Lic. of
                                                        Nicholas Walmsley BLUNDELL of Liverpool  (merchant)
                                                       & Susannah WILLETT sp. otp
                                                        Wits: Richard WILLETT, Margaret BLUNDELL, William BLUNDELL
                                                   3 Nov 1824 bur/o Susannah BLUNDELL (aged 32)
                                                                  w/o Nickolas Walmsley (merchant), Liverpool
                          97 Llanfwrog: 29 May 1781 bur/o Rhalph, Mwrog Street
                                                 15 Mar 1788 bur/o Catharine, Mwrog Street
                         218 Llangollen: 26 Sep 1820 bap/o Harriet Sarah d/o Richard (surgeon) & Harriet, Rhisgog
                         227 Ruthin: 23 Jun 1867 bur/o Emily, aged 11 years, Ruthin County Gaol
                                          16 Jan 1868 bur/o Mary Sophia, aged 13 years, Ruthin County Gaol
                                          19 Jun 1872 bur/o Irene, aged 2 years, Ruthin Gaol
                         233 Llanfwrog: 15 Dec 1755 Ralph WALMSLEY & Hugh ROBERTS wits. at mar. by Banns of
                                                                  Humphrey EDWARDS (x) ba. & Alce WILLIAMS (x) sp., both otp
                                                1 Jul 1782 mar. by Banns of John ROBERTS (x) ba. & Catherine WALMSLEY sp.
                                                                                         Wits: Robert SIMON, John ROBERTS
                         239 Llangar: 18 Apr 1766 at St. Michael's Chester (a copy) - mar. by Lic. of
                                            Hugh Hughes LLOYD, Esq., otp & Margaret WALMSLEY of St. Michael's
                                            Wits: Gwin LLOYD Esq., & Smith KELSALL, Esq.
                         246 Llanfwrog: 14 Jan 1755 bap/o Edward s/o Ralph & Cath.
                         298 Hawarden: 26 Aug 1792 bap/o Thomas RANDLES s/o Edward (lab) & Mary (WALMSLEY), Beestree
                        *315 Ruabon: 6 Apr 1890 bap/o Harry Walmsley JONES s/o William Richard (game-keeper) & Emily, Gronwyn
                         347 Hawarden: 7 Jan 1744 mar/o John WALMSLEY & Elizabeth JONES, both otp
                         374 Wrexham: 8 Oct 1848 bap/o Mary Julia EASTHOPE (WALMSLEY)   
                                                     said to be base d/o George WALMSLEY (gentleman) of Garthen Lodge
                                                                                         & Mary Ann EASTHOPE (single woman), of Eyton, Bangor
                         392 Gresford: 23 May 1721 bur/o Anne, Gwersylt
                         399 Wrexham: 25 Dec 1820 bap/o Anne d/o Edward (collier) & Maria, Brymbo
                         410 Wrexham: Elizabeth;
                         494 Chirk: 1 Dec 1748 mar by Lic of Joseph WALMSLEY of Atcham & Sarah BASNET (sojourner) otp
                         533A Gresford
                         555 Brymbo: Mary, William, William Henry;
                        *564C Brynford:  22 Apr 1884 bur/o Eliza Walmsley STEPHENSON, aqged 26, otp
                         584 Buckley: 19 Dec 1825 bap/o Margaret (b 17) d/o John (merch'ts clerk) & Marianne (BLACKEY), Ewloe
Misc: Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): William, Miller, Sarn  1842
                                  Shropshire 1828/9 Wem: Attorneys: Hassall & Walmsley, New st
                                                               Whitchurch: Linen/woollen drapers: Walmsley & Pearson, High st
     WALMSLY 302 Hawarden: 11 Jan 1726/27 bap/o Martha d/o Willm, Bretton
     WELLNY 372 Wrexham: 7 Nov 1815 Luke WELLNY? & Maria WILLIAMS (x) wits. at mar. by Banns of
                                                           John JONES wdr (shop keeper) & Anne JONES wid (x), both otp
     WHAMSLEY 351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs:
                                                No. 458 Thomas WHAMSLEY
                                                No. 459 William WHAMSLEY d. 22 Sep 1831 aged 57 years
     WHARMLY 439 Cilcain
     WHILMSLEY Misc: 1841 Census Wrexham Town: Vicarage Hill:     Thos.   25   Shoe m J   born in County
     WHOLMESLEY 585 Gwersyllt: 6 Jan 1867 bap/o John s/o Thomas (Charter Master) & Eliz'th, Summer Hill
     WHOLMSELY 234 Minera: 11 Mar 1849 bap/o William s/o John (collier) & Maria, Twenty Houses
     WHOLMSLEY 568 Brymbo    4 Apr 1892 bur/o William, aged 76, otp (Lodge)
                                               28 Jul 1892 bur/o Margaret, aged 75, Black Lane, Broughton
                                               27 Aug 1896 bur/o William, aged 65  yrs, Lodge
     WHOMBSLEY 401 Wrexham: Harriett;
     WHOMLSEY 401 Wrexham: Harriet;
     WHOMSLAY 585 Gwersyllt: 24 Mar 1867 bap/o John Henry s/o Thomas (collier) & Elizabeth, Summer Hill
     WHOMSLEY 364 Wrexham: 24 Nov 1847 bur/o Elizabeth, infant, Brymbo
                         366 Wrexham:  4 Apr 1833 bap/o William Robert s/o John (publican) & Elizabeth, Mount Street
                                                9 Mar 1834 bap/o Amelia d/o Edward (collier) & Maria, Broughton
                                               10 Oct 1834 bap/o Edwin Davies s/o John (publican) & Elizabeth, Mount Street
                         374 Wrexham:  1 Oct 1837 bap/o Elizabeth d/o John (publican) & Elizabeth, Mount Street
                                                8 Jul 1838 bap/o Elenor d/o Edward (tailor) & Jane, Beastmarket
                                                7 Feb 1840 bap/o Oliver s/o John (coachmaker) & Elizabeth, Broughton
                                               14 May 1843 bap/o Herbert s/o John (coachmaker) & Elizabeth, Wrexham Regis
                                                 8 Dec 1844 bap/o Mary d/o Edward (tailor) & Jane, Bersham
                                                20 Aug 1847 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Edward (tailor) & Jane, Bersham
                        393 Wrexham: 14 Oct 1880 bur/o Edward, aged 67, Rhostyllen

                       404 Wrexham: John;
                       410 Wrexham: Ann;
                       411 Wrexham: Eleanor, William;
                       412 Wrexham: 23 Sep 1856 bur/o Jane, aged 40, Esless
                                               3 Jan 1857 bur/o Mary, aged 12, Esless
                                               3 Jan 1857 bur/o Jane, infant, Esless
                       416 Ruabon: 18 Nov 1893 mar. by Banns
                                                             Charles EDWARDS (engine driver) ba/21 of Rhos s/o James EDWARDS (lab)
                                                             & Martha Elizabeth WHOMSLEY sp/22 of Rhos d/o William WHOMSLEY (collier)
                      *565A Esclusham: 20 Aug 1942 bur/o John Whomsley GRIFFITHS, aged 73 yrs
                                                                   (died at Groesnewydd Hospital, Wrexham)
                                                                   of 130 Ruabon Road, Rhostyllen
                        567 Brymbo  24 May 1848 bur/o Mary, aged 5 wks, Tai
                                           12 Aug 1850 bur/o William, aged 4 mo., The Tai
                                             2 Jan 1865 bur/o Simon, aged 73, otp (Pen yr rhos Row),   
                        568 Brymbo (Burials 1867-1898) Vol 4
                                           Edward, Maria, Mary, Olwen, Tedy, Titus;
                       Misc: North Wales 1835 Wrexham: Britannia John WHOMSLEY, Mount st
                                  1841 Census Wrexham Town:
                                                Salop Street: Evan MORRIS       50   Leather seller    Not born in County
                                                                    Jane MORRIS       30                           Not born in County
                                                                    Martha MORRIS    15                           Born in County
                                                                    Ann WHOMSLEY 20      Fem. S.          Born in County
                                                                    Benjamin JAMES 55        N.K.              Not born in County

                                                Mount Street: Samuel ROGERS     72     Breeches maker          Not born in County
                                                                     Frances ROGERS    65                                       Not born in County
                                                                     John ROGERS         35     Shoemaker                 Born in County
                                                                     Thomas ROGERS    23            -do-                     Born in County
                                                                     Willm. WHOMSLEY 30     Whitesmith                 Born in County

                                                Gas Works: Jno. WHOMSLEY          30     Coach smith & Gas M        Born in County
                                                                  Elizabeth WHOMSLEY   30                                             Born in County
                                                                  Willm. WHOMSLEY         8                                             Born in County
                                                                  Edwin WHOMSLEY         6                                              Born in County
                                                                  Elizabeth WHOMSLEY    3                                              Born in County
                                                                  Oliver WHOMSLEY         1                                              Born in County
     WHOMSLY 568 Brymbo  8 Oct 1873 bur/o Ann, aged 34, otp (Tai)
     WHORMLEY 567 Brymbo  14 Aug 1847 bur/o Thomas, aged 63, Broughton
     WHORMSLEY 554 Brymbo: Anne, Elizabeth, Maria, Mary, Mary Ann, Samuel, Thomas, William;

     WHOUMSLEY 410 Wrexham: William;
     WOLMSLEY  81 Hope:  3 Apr 1785 bap/o Thomas (b 27) s/o Thomas (lab) & Anne (FENNAH of Uwchymynydd Isaf), U.I.
                         234 Minera: 11 Dec 1825 bap/o Anne d/o Simon (collier) & Mary, Brymbo
                                            3 May 1835 bap/o Harriette d/o Simon (collier) & Mary, Brymbo
                         366 Wrexham: 20 Jul 1828 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Simon (collier) & Mary, Brymbo
                                               25 Dec 1829 bap/o Sarah d/o Edward (collier) & Maria, Broughton
408 Bangor-on-Dee: Elizabeth;
     WOMERSLEY 412 Wrexham: 5 May 1856 bur/o Thomas, aged 48, Lambpit St.
     WOMESLEY 555 Brymbo: Edward, Elizabeth, Esther;
     WOMSLEY 101 Llanynys: 29 Nov 1741 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Ralph & Cath.
                       346 Hawarden: 15 Jun 1624 bap/o Lawrence s/o Lawr. (corvicer), Chester
                       374 Wrexham: 17 Mar 1841 bap/o William s/o Edward (tailor) & Jane, Bersham
                       554 Brymbo: Elizabeth;
     WOOMSLEY 234 Minera: 4 Oct 1846 bap/o Ann WILLIAMS (WOOMSLEY)
                                                                      d/o John WOOMSLEY (collier) & Maria WILLIAMS, Minera
     WORAMLEY 439 Cilcain
     WORMESLEY 138 Wrexham: 11 Sep 1791 bap/o Elizabeth (b 28) d/o Thomas (lab) & Anne, Brymbo
                            399 Wrexham: 25 Dec 1822 bap/o Thomas s/o Edward (collier) & Maria, Brymbo
                            567 Brymbo   3 Aug 1841 bur/lo John, aged 15 yrs, otp
     WORMLSELY 101 Llanynys: 20 Oct 1745 bap/o Simon s/o Ralph & Catherine
     Wormsley, Herefordshire
     WORMSLEY  25 Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd: 25 Oct 1768 bap/o William s/o John & Mary
                                                               23 Dec 1770 bur/o William s/o John, Eyarth
                          38 Wrexham: 12 Jun 1788 bap/o Edwd (b 1 Jun) s/o Thos. & Anne, Broughton
                          53 Wrexham: 31 Jul 1803 bap/o Anne (b 27) d/o William (lab) & Eleanor, Brymbo
                                              27 Oct 1805 bap/o John (b 12) s/o William (lab) & Eleanor, Wrexham Regis
                                               5 Jun 1808 bap/o Thomas (b 7 Apr) s/o Thomas (lab) & Ellinor, Wrexham Regis
                          81 Hope: 27 Oct 1782 bap/o Anne (b 27) d/o Thomas (lab) & Anne (FENNAH), Rhanberfedd
                          82 Nerquis: 15 Feb 1763 John WORMSLEY & John JONES (x) wits. at mar. by Banns of
                                                              Evan JONES (x) & Elizabeth JONES (x), both otp
                         101 Llanynys: 23 Oct 1745 bur/o Simon s/o Ralph
                                                3 May 1747 bap/o Edward s/o Ralph (sawyer) & Catherine, Rhyd y Cilgwyn
                                              11 Oct 1747 bur/o Edward s/o Ralph (sawyer) & Catherine, Rhydcilgwyn
                                                6 Jan 1751 bap/o Catherine d/o Ralph (sayer) & Catherine, Rhyd y Eilwyn

                         153 Hope:  3 Feb 1779 bap/o Mary d/o Thos. & Anne, Uwchymynydd Isaf
                         201 Wrexham: 12 Mar 1803 mar. by Banns of William WORMSLEY (x) otp & Eleanor JONES (x)
                                                                                            Wits: William DAVIES (x), Richd MEESSON
                         215 Llantysilio: 29 Aug 1766 mar. by Banns of John WORMSLEY ba. & Mary JONES (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                             Wits: Edward JONES (Clark), Thomas ROBERTS
                         231 Hope: 31 Dec 1774 mar. by Banns of Thomas WORMSLEY (x) ba. of Mold & Anne FENNA (x) sp. otp
                                                                                      Wits: Edward JONES, John JONES
                         258 Llansanffraid Glyndyfrdwy:  6 Jun 1769 bap/o Mary d/o John & Mary, Hendreforfydd
                                                                       8 May 1771 bap/o Elizabeth d/o John & Mary, Ty Tan y Graig
                                                                      10 Jul 1774 bap/o William s/o John & Mary, Hendreforfydd
                                                                      13 Aug 1774 bur/o Elizabeth d/o John & Mary, Ty tan y Graig
                                                                      16 Aug 1774 bur/o William s/o John & Mary, Ty tan y Graig, Hendreforfydd
                                                                       3 Sep 1775 bap/o Elizabeth d/o John & Mary, Hendreforfydd
                                                                      19 Jan 1780 bap/o Jane d/o John & Mary, Hendreforfydd
                                                                      17 Jan 1781 bap/o Thomas s/o John & Mary, Hendreforfydd
                                                                       7 Nov 1783 bap/o Edward s/o John & Mary, Hendreforfydd
                                                                       3 Sep 1787 bap/o William s/o John & Mary, Hendreforfydd
                                                                      20 May 1789 bap/o David s/o John & Mary, Hendreforfydd
                                                                      21 May 1789 bur/o William s/o John & Mary
                                                                      14 Dec 1793 bur/o Mary, spinster
                                                                      20 Jun 1803 bur/o Edw'd;
                                                                      18 Apr 1807 bur/o Mary
                         319 Hawarden: 13 Mar 1776 bap/o Eliz. d/o Thomas (decd) & Jane, Hawarden
                         365 Wrexham: 8 Nov 1816 bap/o Samuel s/o William (lab) & Eleanor, Wrexham Regis
                         373 Wrexham: 20 Jul 1813 bur/o Thomas, aged 70, Broughton
                                               25 Dec 1822 bur/o Eleanor, aged 60, Bersham
                         456 Llansannan
Llanrhaeadr yng Nhginmeirch
                         483 Hawarden
                         554 Brymbo: Amelia, Ann, Edward, Elizabeth, Fanny, Harriet, John, Margaret, Maria, Mary, Sarah, Thomas, William;

                                             24 Jul 1853 bap/o Mary WORMSLEY (EVANS) -/o Thomas EVANS (collier) & Sarah WORMSLEY, Brymbo
                         555 Brymbo: Alick, Arthur, Edward, Elizabeth, Hannah, Hester, Jemima, John, John Thomas,
                                            Martha Elizabeth, Mary, William;
                         567 Brymbo  
23 May 1863 bur/o Elizabeth, aged 6 wks, otp
                                             28 Feb 1866 bur/o Thomas, aged 32 yrs, otp (Vron)
                         585 Gwersyllt: 11 Mar 1874 bap/o Mary Elizabeth  & John Thomas WORMSLEY (----)
                                                                                                         d&s/o ---- & Maria WORMSLEY sp., Summerhill
                                                 7 May 1879 bap/o Frances Amelia WORMSLEY (----)
                                                                                                  d/o Elizabeth WORMSLEY, Summerhill

     WORMSLY 153 Hope: 8 Dec 1775 bap/o Wm. s/o Thos. & Anne, Uwchymynydd Isaf
     WORSLEY possibly see also
     WOULMSLEY 366 Wrexham: 14 Sep 1828 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Edward (collier) & Maria, Brymbo
     WOUMSELEY 589 Gwersyllt:  7 Jan 1878 bur/o Samuel, aged 19 yrs, Windy Hill
     WRUSLEY 138 Wrexham: 22 Mar 1795 bap/o Simon (b 3) s/o Thomas (lab) & Anne, Brymbo

Isle of Walney, in the Irish Sea  at the western end of Morecambe Bay 

Walpole, Suffolk
WALPOLE 87 Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd:


Walsham, North/South Walsham, Norfolk; Walsham le Willows, Suffolk;
 WALLISON 449 Trelawnyd:
      WALLISTON  425B Hanmer: Gruffith;
      WALLSOME *363 Wrexham: William Wallsome MORROW
      WALLSON 522 Holywell

     GWALTER *173 Holt:
                       *419 Halkyn: 1 Jul 1627 bap/o -------- ANGILL s/o Gwalter
     QUALTERS 334 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Joseph Bartley, Maria, Sarah Alice;
     uualt (Old English) 'one who lives on high ground'
     VALTERS 571A Cerrigydrudion:  3 Apr 1881 bap/o Ann d/o Thomas (brewer) & Ann, King
                                                     5 Sep 1886 bap/o Robert s/o Thomas (brewer) & Ann, King
     WALLADER 377 Holywell: 1 Mar 1678/79 bap/o Anne d/o Richard;
     WALLATER 315 Ruabon:
     WALLATOR 315 Ruabon:
     WALLTER 348 Wrexham:
     WALLTERS 323 Denbigh:
                       499 Denbigh
WALLTOR 53 Wrexham:
     WALT *43 Cerrigydrudion: Walt. WYNNE
     WALTAR 108 Minera Chapel: Ann, Elinor, Elizabeth, George, John, William;
WALTER contd
     WALTE 133 Holt:
     WALTER   *5 Llangollen: 11 Jun 1722 bap/o Catherine EVANS (b 9 at Llangollen) d/o Walter & Catherine of Whitington
                    *10 Overton: 31 Dec 1781 mar by Banns of
                                                       Walter KYNERLEY  wdr of Elesmere & Elizabeth LLOYD sp otp
                                                       Wits: Elizh JONES, William EDGE
                    *12 Llangollen: 12 Sep 1802 bap/o Walter ROBERTS (b 9) s/o Cadwaladr & Anne, Llangollen Abbot
                     16 Hawarden: 25 Aug 1812 mar by Lic of
                                                Lewis WALTER (Officer of Excise) wdr & Mary HAMPTON sp, both otp
                                                Wits: George THOMAS, Charles ROWLAND
                     30 Wrexham: John, Thomas;
                    *45 Denbigh: Walter LELWAY
                    *46 Worthenbury:
                    *49 Holywell:

                    *52 Holywell: Walter FOTHERGILL
                     53 Wrexham:
                     56 Rhuddlan:
                    *58 Erbistock:
                    *61 Ruabon:
                    *68 Ruabon:
                    *73 Chirk:
                    108 Minera Chapel: Elizabeth, George, William;
                   *123 Ruabon:
                    138 Wrexham:
                   *147 Llanddoget:
WALTER contd
                    159 Holywell:
                   *173 Holt:
                    223 St. Asaph: 4 Apr 1802 mar. by Lic. of James OWENS & Maria HOWELL both otp
                                                                                 Wits: William HUGHES, Elizabeth WALTER?
                    267 Ruthin:
                  *277 Llandrillo yn Rhos:
                   292 Rhosymedre:
                   301 Mold:
                  *302 Hawarden:
                   307 Ruabon:
                  *315 Ruabon:
                   348 Wrexham:
                  *366 Wrexham: Catherine Walter TURNER
                   373 Wrexham: Elleanor, George;
WALTER contd
                   383 Ruthin: Charles, Elizabeth, Thomas;
                   392 Gresford: 1 Nov 1730 bap/o Robert s/o Edward, Hoseley
                   403 Holywell: Sara, Thomas;
                   407 Wrexham: Martha;
                   414 Mold: 16 Mar 1833 mar. by Banns of John HUGHES ba. of Llanferres & Jane EVANS (x) sp. otp
                                                                               Wits: William WALTER (x), Sarah JONES (x)
                   419p Halkyn: 13 Nov 1636 bap/o Mary WILDE d/o John & Mary Walter, wife
                                       17 Jun 1638 bap/o Peter WILDE s/o John & Mary Walter, wife
                   419 Halkyn: 9 Jan 1637/38 mar/o George PLATTS & Katherine WALTER, both otp
428 Ysceifiog: 26 Nov 1663 mar/o John PRICE (cooper) otp & Jane WALTER of Llanufydd
                   437 Ruabon: Henry, Sarah;
                   445 Wrexham
                   454A Llanrhos
                   459 Mold
WALTER contd
                  *516B Eglwys bach
Llansanffraid Glan Conway
                        C Llansanffraid Glan Conway
                   524 St George
                   549B Llanelian yn Rhos
                   550 Gresford: 11 Feb 1821 bap/o John WALTER (DAVIES) (b 28 Jan) base s/o John DAVIES (servant) & Ann WALTER (servant), Gwersyllt
                   Misc: North Wales 1835 Barmouth: Pilot: Thomas Walter
Shropshire 1828/9 Bishops Castle: Tailor: Walter Pugh
                                                         Bridgnorth: Blacksmith: Walter Phillips, Low town
                                                         Broseley: Auctioneer: Saml. Elliott Walter, Iron bridge
WALTER contd
    WALTERS  7 Llanferres: 31 Oct 1835 William WALTERS & Margaret GOODWINS wits at mar by Banns of
                                               Gabriel ROBERTS & Mary SIMON both otp
                      8 Overton: 27 Sep 1756 bur/o Thos
                      9 Efenechtyd (Baptisms, Marriages & Burials 1693-1812)
                                         Rector 1789 John WALTERS M..A.and Head-Master at Ruthin School  1785-1789
                                          1 Jul 1789  bur/o Rev. John WALTERS, Rector of Efenechtyd
                                         10 May 1791 bur/o Jane d/o Rev. J  WALTERS (Rector of this Psh)
                     16 Hawarden: 1 Jul 1812 bur/o Ann, aged 45, w/o Lewis (Officer of Excise), otp
                     44 Denbigh: Jane, John;
                     45 Denbigh: Anne, Edward, Jane, John, Margt, Robert;
                     53 Wrexham:
                     68 Ruabon:
                     83 Ruthin: Hannah, Jane, John;
                    124 Mold:
                    143 Llanrwst: 11 Oct 1778 bap/o Anne d/o James & Anne
                                         14 Jan 1781 bap/o Robert s/o James & Ann
                                         26 May 1783 bap/o John s/o James & Ann
                    157 Hanmer:
                    165 Ruabon:
                    175C Llandyrnog: Margaret;
                    201 Wrexham:
                    203 Denbigh:
                    219 Penley: Elizabeth, Sarah;
                    224 St. Asaph:
                    266 Marchwiel:
                    268 Wrexham:
                    292 Rhosymedre:
                    301 Mold:
                    306 Holywell:
                    307 Ruabon:
                    309 Denbigh:
                    314 Rhosllanerchrugog: Abel, Alfred William, Amelia Hannah, Benjamin Edward, Edward, Eliza,
                                                       Elizabth Jenkins, Ellen, Hannah, Martha;

                    323 Denbigh:
                    351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: Ann, Fanny;
                    352 Flint:
                    361 Llangollen: Herbert John Blanchard, John Heymner, Sophia;
                    366 Wrexham: Daniel, William, Mary;
                    378 Holywell: Alice, David, Margaret;
                    390 Bangor-on-Dee: Elizabeth, Ellis, Jane, Mary, Samll, Samuel;
                    393 Wrexham: 21 Jul 1876 bur/o Fanny, aged 47, Erddig Road
                    401 Wrexham: George;
                    402A Denbigh: Jane;
                         B Denbigh: Elizabeth;
                    403 Holywell: Anne;
                    407 Wrexham: James;
427 Ruabon: Edward;
                    431 Llangollen: Hannah;
                    434B Bangor-on-Dee: Ellis, Samuel;
                    455C Llanrwst:  2 Mar 1778 mar by Banns of
                                                       James WALTERS ba & Anne HUGHES sp both otp
                                                       Wits: John MORRIS, Ellis PRICE
                    479 Overton
                    487 Gwersyllt
                    491B Henllan
                    499 Denbigh
                    501 Northop
                    504A Llannefydd
                    509 Dyserth
                    524 St George
                    528 Llanrwst
                    540 Overton
                    541 Caerwys
                    547 Flint:
                    552D Wrexham: 14 Mar 1711/12 bur/o Anne d/o Thomas (butcher), Green
                                             19 May 1724 bur/o Alice, wife of Andrew, Wrexham Abbot
                                             31 Jul 1728 bur/o Andrew, Wrexham Abbot
                    553 Gresford: Ann;
569 Abergele (Marriages & Burials 1647-1708) Vol 2 (+ a patronymic index)
                              27 Oct 1696 bur/o Margaret, Bodoryn
                    Misc: Gresford MIs  ....;
                            Shropshire 1828/9 Bishops Castle: Cooper: John Walters
                                                                       Tailor & draper: Edward Walters
WALTER contd
     WALTTERS 323 Denbigh:
     WATER possibly see also
     WODER 403 Holywell: John;

WALTERSON *391 Colwyn: 18 Sep 1893 mar. by Lic. of Charles Thomas AVES (music teacher) ba/24 of Colwyn Bay
                                                                                                                        s/o Jas. Joseph (stationer)
                                                                      & Mgt. Ann LEATHLEY sp/19 of Colwyn d/o Rbt Walterson (stationer)

WALTHALL 174 Holt:

WALTHEW Misc: North Wales 1835 Holyhead: Surgeon: William Walthew, Market place
     WALTHO 360 Llangollen: Reuben, Thomas Andrew;   
                    381 Llangollen: Doris Helena, Elizabeth Ann(e), Muriel, Olive Annie, Thomas Andrew, Thomas Frederick;
                    432 Llangollen: Olive Annie;
     WEALTHY *158 Holywell: 4 Nov 1787 bap/o Wealthy WHITHNAL d/o Thos. & Wealthy
     WEALTY *158 Holywell: 30 Jan 1785 bap/o Thos. s/o Thos. & Wealty


Walton, Buckinghamshire; Cambridgeshire; Cheshire; Cumbria; Derbyshire; Gloucestershire; Leicestershire;
                   Merseyside; Powys; Shropshire; Somerset; Staffordshire; Suffolk; Warwickshire; West Yorkshire;
WALTON (possibly see WHARTON)
     WALLTON   6 Isycoe (Baptisms 1749-1813 Marriages 1750-1837 Burials 1750-1813)
                                     Catherine, Elisabeth, Elizabeth, Hannah, James, John, Margaret, Richard, Roger, Thomas;
                     173 Holt:
                     174 Holt:
                     323 Denbigh:
                     348 Wrexham: 1 Jun 1770 mar. by Banns of
                                                     James WARTON (x) (lab) of West Bromigich & Christian RANDLES (x) sp. otp
                                                     Wits: Richard WALLTON, John EDWARDS
                    *586 Llantysilio: 23 Sep 1883 bap/o John Walton SMITH s/o John James (traveller) & Phoebe Ellen, Ty'n y pistil
     Walston Strathclyde
     WALSTON 53 Wrexham: 2 Sep 1810 bur/o Charlotte c/o George, Wrexham Abbot
WALTON contd
6 Isycoe (Baptisms 1749-1813 Marriages 1750-1837 Burials 1750-1813)
Catherine, Elizabeth, Hannah, Harriet, James, Mary, Richard, Sarah;
                    21 Holt (Baptisms & Burials 1661-1700) Vol 1
                                ...,  Edward, Elizabeth, Hannah, James, John, Katherine, Mary, Richard, Robert,
                                Roger, William, Wm;
                    57 Ruabon: 8 May 1825 bap/o Eliza d/o William (forgeman) & Margaret, Newbridge
                    63 Holt:
                   *93 Abergele 22 Jan 1797 bap/o Elizabeth Walton JONES d/o Titus & Margaret, otp
                                       22 Jun 1811 bur/o Elizabeth, Abergele Town
                   133 Holt:
                   164 Cwm:
                   165 Ruabon: 13 Feb 1821 mar. by Banns (with consent of parents) of
                                                Thomas ROGERS  & Mary WALTON, both otp
                                                Wits: Thos. WALTON, Jane Sophia GRIFFITHS (x)
                                       7 Jun 1824 mar. by Banns of Wiliam WALTON & Margaret BOWERBANK, both otp
                                                                    Wits: John DAVIES, Alice BROWN
                   171 Bangor-on-Dee:
                   172 Holt:
                   173 Holt:
                   174 Holt:
WALTON contd
                   201 Wrexham: 15 Jun 1806 mar. by Banns of
                                                       Thomas GRIFFITHS (x) (collier) ba. otp & Elizabeth WALTON (x) sp. otp
                                                       Wits: John WYNNE (x) Richd MEESSON
                   218 Llangollen: 25 Nov 1827 bap/o John s/o Charles (cotton spinner) & Ann, Llangollen Fechan
                                          30 May 1830 bap/o Robert s/o Charles (spinner) & Ann, Trefor Uchaf
                                          26 Aug 1832 bap/o Mary d/o Charles (cotton spinner) & Ann, Trefor Uchaf
                   278 Chirk:
                   303 Hawarden:
                   304B Wrexham: 10 Aug 1747 mar. by Lic. of Joseph GREEN & Anne WALTON, both of Ruabon
                  *312 Abergele:
                  *315 Ruabon: 1 Dec 1889 bap/o Robert Walton ROBERTS s/o William (railway porter) & Mary, Afongoch
                  *324 Llysfaen:
                   338 Llangollen: 23 Oct 1825 mar. by Banns of
                                                          Charles Stanley WALTON (sig:Sstandley) ba. otp
                                                       & Ann WILLIAMS (x) sp. otp (with consent of parents)
                                                          Wits: John BIRBEGE, Jonas LEE
                   341 Ruabon: 27 Jul 1874 mar. by Banns of
                                                 Edward EDWARDS (collier) ba/22 of Rhosymedre s/o James (plate roller)
                                             & Jane Sophia WALTON sp/21 d/o Thomas (engineer)
WALTON contd
                  *351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs:
                                   1) Charlotte JONES d. 28 Dec 1858 aged ?2 years
                                       Sarah COOPER d. 12 Mar 1832 aged 42 years
                                   2) Samuel Henry COOPER (s/o William & Elizabeth COOPER) d. 16 Sep 1859 aged 2 yrs 4 mo.
                                       Benjamin Walton COOPER (s/o william & Elizabeth COOPER) d. 10 Mar 1865 aged 1 yr 11 mo.
                                       Mary ROWLAND (grandmother) d. 2 Jun 1862 aged 64 yrs.
                                   3) Thomas COOPER (of Rhostyllen, husband of Mary) d. 30 Nov. 1886 aged 64 years
                                       Mary COOPER (w/o Thomas) d. 24 Apr 1891 aged 75 years
                                   4) Samuel COOPER d. 6 Feb 1848 aged 42 years
                                   5) Fanny COOPER (d/o Willliam COOPER) d. 1 Aug 1868 aged 3 years
                                       John W. COOPER (s/o William COOPER) d. 17 May 1875 aged 22 years
                                       William COOPER (father) d. -- Aug 187? aged 54 years
                                       Charles Walton COOPER (s/o William COOPER) d. 17 Dec 18??
                   351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs:
                              Rev. John KENDALL (headmaster of Wrexham Grammer School) died Jan 21st. 1838 aged 64 years.
                              Sarah KENDALL (wife, nee WALTON) died  Dec. 1814.
WALTON contd
                  *363 Wrexham:  1 May 1881 bap/o Benjamin Walton COOPER
                                                                           s/o Richard Walton (rate collector) & Anne, 1 Holt St. Buildings
                                         29 May 1881 bap/o Earnest Arthur COOPER & Gertrude Edith COOPER
                                                                 s&d/o William Walton (slater & plasterer) & Sarah, 8? Heap Terrace, Erthig Road
                  *364 Wrexham: 18 Jun 1846 bur/o James Walton BRYAN aged 1, Wrexham Abbot
                   365 Wrexham: 30 May 1813 bap/o Charlotte d/o Lemuel (lab) & Anne, Brymbo
                   368 Abergele: Elizabeth, Fiti (masc.), John, Joseph;
                  *374 Wrexham: 28 Feb 1840 bap/o John Walton MORRELL s/o Thomas (painter) & Mary Elizabeth, Hope Street
                  *375 Wrexham:  9 Apr 1871 bap/o Thomas Walton COOPER s/o William (plasterer) & Sarah, Market St
                                         19 Jan 1874 bap/o Henry Walton BRYAN s/o Francis (shoe maker) & Jane, Salop Road
                   376 Pentrefoelas: 1 Dec 1838 bap/o Isabella d/o John (gamekeeper) & Elizabeth, Voelas
WALTON contd
                  *380 Wrexham: 15 Nov 1903 bap/o Elizabeth Annie BRYAN (b 7 Nov 1900) & Henry Walton BRYAN (b 2 Jan)
                                          c/o Henry Walton (lab) & Harriet (for the first child, & ----- for the second child), 30 James Street
                   386 Ruabon: 11 Sep 1852 mar. of Thomas WALTON (x) (engine driver) ba/25 of Cefn s/o Thomas (wheelwright)
                                                                  & Louisa JONES (x) sp/23 of Cefn d/o Samuel (collier)
                   388 Hawarden:  8 Jun 1633? mar. by Banns of William WALTON & Anne ROBERTS
                                           28 Jan 1633/34 bur/o William
                   389 Hawarden: 26 Aug 1630 mar/o Thomas VIGARS & Ann WALTON
WALTON contd
                  400 Wrexham: 14 Feb 1824 William WALTON (x) & James COWPER wits. at mar. by Banns (wcop) of
                                                          William JONES (wire drawer) ba. & Mary HUGHES (x) sp., both otp
                 *405 Wrexham: 1 Sep 1889 bap/o Earnest George MITCHELSON
                                                            s/o Robert Earnest (bookseller) & Margaret Walton, Clapham Common, London
                                       27 Mar 1893 bap/o Henry Walton BRYAN (b 18 Jul 1875)
                                                                                                s/o Francis (shoemaker) & Jane,  17 James St.
                  406 Wrexham: Elizabeth;
408 Bangor-on-Dee: Catherine, Richard;
               *411 Wrexham:  3 Jun 1840 bur/o John Walton MORRELL, infant, Abbot Street
                411 Wrexham: 25 Mar 1839 bur/o Mary, aged 33, Penybrynn
                417 Wrexham: John;
WALTON contd
                 435 Gresford: Margt;
                 442B Bangor on Dee
                 446 Chirk: Margaret, Thomas;
                 474B Gresford
                 506A,B Abergele
                 540 Overton
                 552B Wrexham: Mary, Richard, Robert;
                *553 Gresford:  24 May 1843 bur/o James Walton WAINWRIGHT, aged 7, of Rosset
                 559B Rhosymedre: 1 Sep 1902 mar by Banns of
                                                   Charles Seville WALTON (farm lab) ba/32 of Saddleworth, Yorkshire
                                                                                           s/o George WALTON (farmer)

                                                & Elizabeth RICHARDS sp/31 of Russell St., Cefn d/o Edward RICHARDS dec.
WALTON contd
                 561A Marchwiel: 22 Sep 1861 bap/o John Ainsworth s/o Joseph (sailor) & Sarah, Liverpool
                *573 Broughton: 21 Aug 1902 bap/o Arthur Walton WAINWRIGHT
                                                    s/o Edwin (fireman) & Katherine, 13 Ewart Street, Saltney Ferry
                 577 Overton  31 Aug 1828 bap/o Frederick (illeg child) s/o ----- & -------------, otp
                 585 Gwersyllt: 30 May 1869 bap/o Jane Sophia d/o Thomas (engineer) & Louisa, Moss
                 589 Gwersyllt: 16 Apr 1851 bur/o Sarah, aged 19 yrs, otp
                 Misc: Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                                          Adam, Gent, Aston   1643
                                                                                          James, Farmer, Dutton Diffaeth   1840
                                                                                          John, Husbandman, Aston   1710
                                                                                          Richard, Holt  1794
                                                                                          Thomas, Yeo, Isycoed   1849
                             Shropshire 1828/9 Broseley: Blacksmith: Richard Walton, Iron bridge
                                                        Shiffnall: Academy/school  Mrs --- Walton, Church st
                                                        Shrewsbury: John Walton, gent., Claremont hill
     WHALTON 589 Gwersyllt: 28 Jun 1876 bur/o Jane, aged 29 yrs, Summerhill (?see WHATTON under WHARTON)

Walworth, County Durham; London;
     WALLWARD 389 Hawarden: 3 May 1629 mar/o William WALLWARD & Ellin SHONE
     WALLWORK 411 Wrexham:  12 Dec 1834 bur/o Ann, aged 3, High Street
                         Misc: 1841 Census Wrexham Town (further details on request): Ann, Carroll, Eliza,
                                                            James, John, Mary, Richard, Robert, Simon, Thomas, William;
     WALLWORTH 342 Hawarden:
                           387 Hawarden: 14 Apr 1679 bur/o John s/o Robert of Hawarden
     WALWORK 411 Wrexham: 10 Aug 1835 bur/o James, infant, High Street
                        561A Marchwiel: 8 Feb 1860 bap/o John Thomas s/o William (plumber) & Ann, Street yr Hwch
     WALWORTH 342 Hawarden:
                         343 Hawarden:
                         346 Hawarden: Elizabeth, John, William, Willm;
                         387 Hawarden: 27 Jan 1668/69 bur/o William of Hawarden
                                                16 Jan 1669/70 bur/o Katherine w/o Robert of Aston
                                                10 Nov 1670 mar/o Richard DAKIN of Mannor & Alice WALWORTH of Hawarden
                                                 3 Jan 1670/71 bur/o Ellin of Hawarden
                         389 Hawarden: 19 Aug 1598 bur/o John
                                                12 Dec 1600 bur/o Willm
     WARLWORTH 38 Wrexham: Hezekiah;
     WOLLWORTH 343 Hawarden:


River Wampool


Wanborough, Surrey; Wiltshire;
     WINSBOROUGH 354 Rhosllanerchrugog: Annie, George;

WAND 249 Minera: 23 Jun 1869 mar/o
                                               Thomas WILLIAMS (miner) ba. of Bwlchgwyn s/o William (miner)
                                            & Anne Jane WHITEHEAD (sig. Anne Jane WILLIAMS) wid. of Bwlchgwn d/o John? (watchmaker)
                                                Wits: James PARRY, Margaret WHITEHEAD

Wandel, Strathclyde

Wandsworth (Surrey) Great London
OWNSWORTH 306 Holywell:
     OWNWORTH 500B Holywell
     WEMSWORTH 422 Hanmer: 27 Mar 1564 bap/o Elizabeth EGERTON (WEMSWORTH)
                                                                    base d/o Nicholas WEMSWORTH ba. & Catherin EGERTON wid.
     WONSWORTH 306 Holywell:
     WORNSWORTH 306 Holywell:


wann (Old English) = wan, pale

WANSEY *378 Holywell: 26 Mar 1715 bap/o Wansey FREERMAN s/o Henry;

      WANKLYN 441B  Hope: Louisa, William;

Wappenham, Northamptonshire

WAPPY *364 Wrexham: Thomas Cassa Wappy McDERMOT


Warburton (Altrincham/Greater Manchester), Cheshire
     WARBARTON 387 Hawarden: 2 May 1695 bur/o Elizabeth w/o John of Hawarden;
                           555 Brymbo: Mary, Sarah, William;
     WARBERTON 366 Wrexham: Anne, Eliza'th, Maria, Samuel, William;

                                  30 May 1828 bap/o Edwin WARBERTON (EDWARDS) base s/o Charles EDWARDS
                                                             (gentleman of Madeira Hill) & Maria WARBERTON (servant) of Pentrefelin

                           383 Ruthin: 8 May 1622 bur/o Susan;
                           399 Wrexham: 1 Oct 1824 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Samuel (lab) & Elizabeth, Pentre felin
408 Bangor-on-Dee: Elizabeth;
                           552C Wrexham: 3 Aug 1713 mar/o Thomas SWETNALL (Gent.) & (Mrs) Penelope WARBERTON, Chester
                           553 Gresford: Thomas, Elizabeth, George, William;
                           Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Ellesmere: Milliner/dressmaker: Elizth. Warberton, St. John' s hill
     WARBETON 162 Overton:
                          541 Caerwys
     WARBITON 445 Wrexham
     WARBOTTON 387 Hawarden:  1 Nov 1686 bur/o John of Mannor
     WARBURTON 6 Isycoed: 21 Jan 1824 mar by Banns of
                                                         Samuel WARBURTON (x) (maltster) & Elisabeth WILLIAMS (x)  wid both otp
                                                         Wits: Joshua GOODYER, William HOLMES
                              8 Overton: 7 Aug 1780 bap/o Jno s/o Jno & Margt
                             18 Hawarden: 3 Apr 1818 bap/o Mary (b 11 Mar) d/o Thomas (lab) & Anne (BELLIS) Mancot
                             31 Hawarden: Ellen, Ellin;
                             53 Wrexham:
                             79 Gresford:
                         124 Mold:
                         138A Wrexham:
                         158 Holywell: Mary, Robert, Thos;
                         167A Gresford: George;
                              C Gresford: George, Martha, Mary, Sarah;
                              D Gresford: Elizabeth, Martha;
                         216A Erbistock:
                         234 Minera: 28 Oct 1877 bap/o Rebeccah d/o Joseph (lab) & Rebecah, Talwrn
                         243 Hanmer:
                         249 Minera: 16 Sep 1881 mar. by Banns of
                                                              Edward HUGHES (miner) ba/25 of Smelt, Coedpoeth s/o Thomas (miner)
                                                            & Mary WARBURTON sp/27 of Plas Gwyn d/o Thomas (lab)
                                                               Wits: Robert W. GRIFFITHS, Mary Jane HUGHES
                         293 Hawarden:
                         303 Hawarden:
                         307 Ruabon:
                         310 Gresford:
                         314 Rhosllanerchrugog: 27 Nov 1871 bap/o John WARBURTON (WALSH)
                                                                                                     s/o John WALSH (dec.) & Hannah WARBURTON
                         342 Hawarden:
                         348 Wrexham:
                         351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: Ann, Mary, Samuel, William;
                         353 Pentrobin:
                         354 Rhosllanerchrugog: Leonard, Tho's S., William;
                         358 Holywell: Gwladys May, Joseph Henry;
                         359 Rhosymedre: George, Samuel, Sarah;
                        *360 Llangollen: Warburton Collingwood JARDINE
                         364 Wrexham: Charles, Dorothy, Elizabeth, George, Peter;
                         365 Wrexham: Dorothy, George, Mary, Peter, Samuel, William;
                         366 Wrexham: Abigel, Ann(e), Eliz'h, Elizabeth, Jane, Maria, Martha, Samuel, Thomas, William;
                                               8 Aug 1830 bap/o Charles WARBURTON (EDWARDS) s/o Charles EDWARDS (gent) of
                                                                                   Madeira Hill & Maria WARBURTON (servant) of Pentrefelin
                         370 Wrexham: Elizabeth, John Lloyd, Martha, Mary, Mary Ann, Rebecca, William;
                         372 Wrexham: Elizabeth, Samuel;
                         374 Wrexham: 18 May 1838 bap/o William s/o Peter (lab) & Sarah, Poor House
                         375 Wrexham: 20 Apr 1870 bap/o Frederick Henry s/o Frederick (collier) & Mary, Tuttle Street
                         378 Holywell: Anne;
                        *380 Wrexham: 21 Sep 1902 bap/o Gladys Warburton BEDDOES (b 25 Aug 1902)
                                                                                                            d/o ------ & Mary Hannah, Borras
                         384 Wrexham: Ann, Frederick Henry, Helen, Mary, Peter, Samuel;
                         386 Ruabon: 17 Jun 1846 mar. by Banns of
                                               Newton BARTON (x) (plumber & glazier) wdr. of Rhosllanerchrugog s/o William (plumber & glazier)
                                            & Maria WARBURTON (servant) sp. of Rhosllanerchrugog d/o George (maltster)

                         387 Hawarden: 23 Apr 1666 Marriage Bond in 100 in respect of the marriage of
                                                           Thomas PITCHFORDE, & Catherine SPOWSON of Aston
                                                   ( i ) Thomas PITCHFORDE of Aston (yeoman) & John WARBURTON of Hawarden (bricklayer)
                                                   ( ii ) Orlando FOGGE Rector of Hawarden

                                                21 Sep 1666 Marriage Bond in 100 in respect of the marriage of
                                                                 John WARBURTON , & Elizabeth HAREY of the Manor
                                                    ( i ) John WARBURTON of Hawarden (mason) & Alexander HAREY of Manor
                                                    ( ii ) Orlando FOGGE Rector of Hawarden
                       388 Hawarden: 13 Jun 1641 mar/o John WARBURTON & Alice MOORES
                                              18 May 1665 bur/o Alice w/o John of Hawarden
                       393 Wrexham:  4 Aug 1876 bur/o Emma, aged 22, W House
                                              17 Dec 1879 bur/o William, aged 54, Queen St.
                       400 Wrexham: 1 May 1826 mar. by Banns (wcop) of
                                              William WARBURTON (x) (lab) ba. & Abigail PADDINGS (x) sp., both otp
                                              Wits: John WARBURTON (x), Anne POWELL (x), J. COWPER
                       401 Wrexham: Eliz'th, James, Jane, John, Mary, Saray, Thomas;
                       404 Wrexham: Edwin;
                       406 Wrexham: John Lloyd;
                       410 Wrexham: Martha, Samuel;
                       411 Wrexham: Mary, Peter, Thomas, William;
                       412 Wrexham:  9 May 1855 bur/o Thomas, aged 75, Union
                                              15 May 1855 bur/o Maria, aged 27, Pentre Velin
                       418 Wrexham: Henry;
                       440A,B Hawarden
                       442B Bangor on Dee
                       443 Rhosllanerchrugog
                       449 Trelawnyd
                       453A,B Ysceifiog
                       466 Hawarden
                       474A,B Gresford
                       485 Holywell
                       486 Bistre
                       487 Gwersyllt
                       530 Chirk: 29 Dec 1642 mar/o George WARBURTON & Elizabeth MYDDELTON
                       533A Overton:
                       550 Gresford: Mary, Peter, William;
                       554 Brymbo: Caroline, Catherine Barnett, Frederick, George, Mary Ann, Peter, Samuel,
                                         Sarah Jane, William;
                       555 Brymbo: Albert, Caroline, Charles, Esther, George, Harriet, James, John, Martha, Mary,
                                          Mary Ann, Samuel, Sarah, William, William Henry;
                       562A Tallarn Green: 17 May 1874 bap/o Emma Ann -/o Samuel (lab) & Hannah, Willington
                                                      8 Aug 1875 bap/o Elizabeth -/o Samuel (lab) & Hannah, Willington
                                                     12 Sep 1877 bap/o William -/o Samuel (lab) & Hannah, Willington
                      *564A Brynford: 21 Mar 1898 bap/o Emma KERFOOT
                                                                     d/o John Warburton (sewing machine agent) & Elizabeth, otp
                                              25 Apr 1899 bap/o Robert Griffith s/o John Warburton (carter) & Elizabeth, otp
                       565B Esclusham: Samuel, William;
                       567 Brymbo (Burials 1838-1867)
                                          Edwin, Esther, Henry, James, Mary, Sarah Jane, William;
                       568 Brymbo (Burials 1867-1898)
                                          Charlotte, Esther, George, John;
                       575 Hope: 7 Jan 1857 bap/o Maria Ann d/o James (paper maker) & Mary, Cefn y Bedd
                                      19 Sep 1858 bap/o Mary Esther d/o James (paper maker) & Mary, Cefn y Bedd
                       578 Ysceifiog (Baptisms 1813-1910) Vol 8
                                            Benjamin, Catharine, Edwin, Henry, John, Joseph, Margaret,  Peter, Sarah.

                                             6 Oct 1825 bap/o Sarah WARBURTON (DAVIES) illeg d/o
                                                                  Peter DAVIES (miner) & Sarah WARBURTON, Pen ucha'r Plwyf
                                             6 Feb 1831 bap/o Joseph WARBURTON (JONES) illeg s/o
                                                                John JONES (miner) & Margaret WARBURTON, Penucha'r Plwy
                       579 Ysceifiog (Burials 1813-1910) Vol 10
                                            Benjamin, Edwin, John, Joseph, Robert, Sarah, Thomas, William.
                      *580 Bagillt: 10 Feb 1910 bap/o Benjamin Warburton JONES s/o Llewellyn (collier) & Sarah
                       585 Gwersyllt: Alice, Edith, Elizabeth, George, Harriet, James, Joseph, Mary, Mary Anne,
                                           Mary Jane, Rebecca, Sarah, William.
588 Gwersyllt (Baptisms 1888-1913) Vol 2
                                 Annie, Bertha, Caroline, Elsie May, Eveline, George, George Emmanuel, Mary Ann, Mary Jane.
                       589 Gwersyllt: 2 Nov 1865 bur/o thomas, aged 56, Moss
Misc: Gresford MIs:  George, William;
                                1841 Census Wrexham Town (further details on request): Charles, Dorothy, Edwin,
                                                Elizabeth, George, Jane, Maria, Peter, Saml., Sarah, Thos;
                                Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): Robert, Gent, Aston  1639
Shropshire 1828/9 Ellesmere: White Lion  Ann Warburton, Swine market st
     WARBUTTON  66D Penley:
                          138B Wrexham:
                          443 Rhosllanerchrugog
     WHARBURTON 438A Broughton: sARAH;
     WOBERTON 178 Ysceifiog:
     WOBURTON 178 Ysceifiog:
     WORBERTON 10 Overton: 1 Oct 1800 mar by Banns of Thomas ROBERTS & Margaret WORBURTON both otp
                                                                                       Wits: David WILLIAMS, Jane PEAKE, Roderick WARD


8 Overton (Baptisms & Burials1755-1782) Vol 3 (2)
Elizh, Elizth, John, Mary, Roderick, William, Willm, Wm;
10 Overton (Marriages 1754-1837) Vol 4
Ann, Elizabeth, Jno, John, Mary, Roderick, Rodk, William, Willim, Willm, Wm;
            21 Holt: 1 May 1681 bap/o Anne d/o Thomas (traveller)
            38 Wrexham: Anne, Catherine, John, Mary, Thos;
            42 Holywell: 7 May 1825 bur/o Daniel, aged 72 (a stranger died at Bagillt)
            45 Denbigh: John, William;
            49 Holywell:
53 Wrexham:
            75 Marchwiel:
            76 Mold:
            79 Gresford:
            81 Hope:
           112 Halkyn:
           119 Mold:
WARD contd
           124 Mold:
           127 Mold:
           138 Wrexham:
           151 Hanmer: 25 Aug 1775 mar. by Banns of Thomas PRICE & Elizabeth WARD, both otp
                                                                            Wits: John HEYLIN, Thomas JENKIN
           162 Overton:
           167 Gresford: Hannah;
           168 Hope:
           189 Holywell: 5 Apr 1793 bap/o Thos. ELLIS (WARD) base s/o Richd. WARD & Mary ELLIS
           191 Ruabon:
           194 Halkyn:
           198 Mold:
WARD contd
           201 Wrexham:
           231 Hope:
           243 Hanmer:
           245 Llanrhydd:
           251 Corwen:
           268 Wrexham:
           278 Chirk:
           279 Llandudno:
           294 Mold: Edward, Joseph, Sarah, William;
          *295+295 Mold:
           299 Mold: John, Joseph, Sarah;
WARD contd
           300 Mold:
           304A Wrexham: Eliz, Mary, William;
                C Wrexham: Mary, Robert, Wm;
           306 Holywell:
           307 Ruabon:
           315 Ruabon:
           320 Hope:
           330 Whitford:
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Robert Ward HEWITT
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Alfred George;
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Florence, John George;
WARD contd
           340 Mold:
           344 Mold:
           346 Hawarden:
           351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: Eleanor;
           353 Pentrobin:
           356 Ruabon: Mary;
           358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Phillip;
           360 Llangollen: James;
WARD contd
           362 Penycae: Amy, Edward, Elizabeth, George, Jane, Maggie, Mary Ellen, Peter, Sarah Anne;
           363 Wrexham: Elizabeth, Ellen Mabel, Henry, John Thomas, Louisa, Mary, Mary Ann, Thomas, Thomas Henry;
           371 Llangollen: 16 Jun 1866 mar. by Lic. of
                                                 Fred. Charles Steph. WARD (Government officer) wdr/42 otp s/o Fred. Charles (--- Gentleman?)
                                               & Anabella Ann PIKE sp/30 otp d/o George (Gentleman)
           373 Wrexham: Anne, Edward, James;
           379 Wrexham: 19 Aug 1900 bap/o George Baden (b 14 Jul 1899) s/o George (collier) & Sarah, 8 Wellington Road
          *381 Llangollen: 14 Sep 1898 bap/o John William Ward JONES s/o James Ward (lab) & Mary Elizabeth, 5 Brook Place
                                  19 Nov 1901 bap/o Alice May JONES (b 6 Aug) d/o James Ward (lab) & Mary Elizabeth, Penycoed
           384 Wrexham: 13 Oct 1864 bur/o Bridget, infant, Salop Rd
                                  12 Oct 1872 bur/o Margaret, aged 7, Mount St.
           387 Hawarden: 1 May 1677 bur/o Edward of Hawarden
WARD contd
           390 Bangor-on-Dee: 20 May 1676 bap/o Ralph s/o Ralph & ------, Worthenbury
          *391 Colwyn: 9 Sep 1904 mar. by Lic. of Arthur STEER (corn merchant) ba/28 of 3 Albert Rd, Colwyn
                                                                                                                                  s/o John (corn merchant)
                                                                & Mabel Ward EXLEY sp/26 of 3 Marine Terrace, Colwyn d/o James Henry (gent)
           391 Colwyn: Doris May, Ellen, George Ernest, Henry, James, John, Martha;
           393 Wrexham: Elizabeth, John Arthur, Louisa;
           400 Wrexham:  1 Aug 1829 mar. by Banns (wcof) of John JONES (tailor) & Jane WARD (x), both otp
                                                                                       Wits: Edward WARD, Mary EDWARDS (x)
                                 11 Jan 1830 mar. by Banns (wcof) of Thomas WARD wdr. & Anne WILLIAMS (x) wid., both otp
                                                                                       Wits: John OWENS ?, Catherine CREMAR (x)
WARD contd
          *405 Wrexham: 17 Apr 1892 (P) bap/o James Spencer LEIGH (b 19 Jan)
                                                                            s/o John Ward (boot maker) & Elizabeth Jane, 5 Bridge Street
           405 Wrexham: Arthur Edward, George, Sarah Ann;
           406 Wrexham: Edward;
           407 Wrexham: Florence, Henry;
           410 Wrexham: Jane;
           411 Wrexham: 28 Jul 1835 bur/o Ellen, aged 64, Bersham
           413 Mold: 25 Dec 1814 mar. by Banns of John WILLIAMS ba. & Mary BLACKWELL (x) sp., both otp
                                                                       Wits: Joseph WARD (x), Mary JONES (x), William JONES (x)
           414 Mold: Elizabeth, George, Jane, John;
           416 Ruabon: 30 Oct 1899 mar. by Banns
                                                 George WARD (gardener) ba/34 otp (Church St.) s/o George WARD (dec. publican)
                                                 & Mary Ann RALPHS sp/22 otp (2 Bryn Terr.) d/o John RALPHS (coachman)
           417 Wrexham: Thos;
           418 Wrexham: Anne;
WARD contd
           421 Hope: Ed, Edward, Eliz, Margaret, Margt, Mary;
          *431 Llangollen: 26 Mar 1859 bur/o Francis Ward HUMPHREYS, aged 5 weeks, Vron
           431 Llangollen: Thomas;
           434A Bangor-on-Dee: Christopher, Ralph;
           436B Hope: Anne, Edward, Margaret, Mary, Thomas;
           438A Broughton: Curate 1908 -1910 Herbert Ernest WARD
                B Broughton: Artemus Henry, George Thomas;
           440B Hawarden
           442B Bangor on Dee
           444 Ruabon
           445 Wrexham
           446 Chirk: Margaret, Thomas, Thomas Edward, Thos. Edwd;
WARD contd
           450 Llanycil
           459 Mold
           461B Mold
           467 Holywell
          *474B Gresford
           479 Overton
           482 Hawarden
           486 Bistre
           488 Hope


          *490 Chirk
           490 Chirk
           500B Holywell
           509 Dyserth
           514 Corwen
           517B Llanasa: 4 Jun 1759 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Francis & Elizabeth, Gwespyr
           534 Bagillt
           540 Overton
WARD contd
           552B Wrexham: Alice, Anne, Charles, John, Mary, Robert, Thomas;

                                  18 Apr 1704 bap/o William WARD (JONES) (b 14)
                                                                           s/o William JONES (lab) of Brymbo & Mary WARD
                                  26 Sep 1708  bap/o George SWIFT (WARD) (b 21)
                                                           s/o John WARD (yeoman) of Staffordshire & Margaret SWIFT
                C Wrexham: 24 Aug 1705 mar/o Edward WARD (yeoman)
                                                      & Elinor DAVIS, wid., Croys Ffoyl, Esclusham Below
                D Wrexham: Alice, Charles, Elinor, John, Robert, Thomas;
           553 Gresford: Sarah, William;
           555 Brymbo: Ann, Mary Elizabeth, Robert, Thomas Henry;
           557 Llansilin: Alice, Edward, Jane Elisabeth, John Alfred, Mary Emily, Sarah, Thomas Edward,
                              William, William Henry;
           565B Esclusham: Richard, William Henry;
           567 Brymbo  31 Oct 1866 bur/o Mary Elizabeth, aged 3 days, Cerney, Broughton
WARD contd
 577 Overton (Baptisms 1813-1839) Vol 6
                              Ann, Charloote, Charlote, Charlotte, Elizabeth, George, Harriett, Henry, John,
                              Martha, Roderick, William.
            580 Bagillt (Baptisms 1839-1911) Vol 1
                             Alfred, Annie, Edith, Edward, Emily, Hannah, Joseph, Margaret, Rachel, Richard,
                             Susannah, Thomas James, Walter.
            583 Chirk: 3 Dec 1848 bap/o Jane d/o Thomas (sawyer) & Mary, Chirk Green
            587 Overton:  8 May 1842 bap/o Mary Ann WARD (-----) d/o ---------- & Ann WARD, sp., Little Overton
                                27 Sep 1846 bap/o John WARD (----------) s/o ------- & Ann WARD, Little Overton
WARD contd
            Misc: North Wales 1835 Llangollen: T. W. Ward, Esq., Lodge, Black park
                                               Newtown & Kerry:Coal dealer/lime burner: Thomas WARD, Esq., Canal basin
                                               Ruabon: Coal proprietor: T. A. Ward, Cefn
                                               St. Asaph: Spade, shovel & scythe maker: Edward Ward Edwards
Gresford MIs: Francis Ward MAJOR
                     Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                                  Christian, Sp, Overton   1751
                                                                                  Cornelius, Merchant, Liverpool/Eyton  19 Dec 1816
                                                                                  Ralph, Yeo, Holywell  1726
                                                                                  Thomas, Yeo, Overton  1668
                                                                                  Timothy, Yeo, Upper Yale House  1784
                                                                                  William, Chapel Clerk, Overton   1734
WARD (Misc) contd
                    Shropshire 1828/9 Bridgnorth: Jabez Ward, M.D., Stonehead
                                                                 Rev. Henry Ward, Castle st
                                               Ellesmere: Milliner/dress maker: Elizabeth Ward, Mount pleasant
                                               Ludlow: Painter-house, sign, etc. & gilder: Jas. Ward, Tower st
                                               Newport: Cooper: George Ward, High st
                                                             Barley Mow  Geo. Ward, High st
                                               Oswestry: Coal owners: Ireland, Ward & Co., Llewynymain
                                               Shiffnall: Blacksmith: Edward Ward, Aston st
                                               Shrewsbury: Capt. Saml. Ward, Abbey foregate        
                                                                  Grocer etc., : Thomas Ward, High st
WARD contd
     WARDE  30 Wrexham: Ann, William;
                  171 Bangor-on-Dee:
                  346 Hawarden: Edith, Elizabeth, Robt;
                  369 Llangollen: Samuel, Sarah, Sarah Jane;
                  389 Hawarden: 19 Jun 1603 mar/o Robert WARDE & Mawde HUNTINGTON
                  392 Gresford: 10 Apr 1738 bap/o Ales base d/o Edward, Hope
                  418 Wrexham: William;
                  435 Gresford: Mary, Thomas;


Warden, Kent; Northumberland;
WARDEN *243 Hanmer:
                291 Llysfaen:
                383 Ruthin: 24 Dec 1619 bur/o Jane;
Ward End, West Midlands


Wardle, Cheshire: Greater Manchester;
     WADDLE 370 Wrexham: Elizabeth, Jane, Joseph;
                    405 Wrexham: Amelia, Elizabeth, John;
     WARDEL 407 Wrexham: Joseph;
     WARDELL  *289 Gwernaffield:
                        405 Wrexham: Amelia, Ellen, John;
                        406 Wrexham: William;
                        438A Broughton: Elizabeth, William;
                        Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Wellington: Wine/spirit merchant: Wm. Wardell, Market place
     WARDLE 31 Hawarden: Hannah;
                    39 Halkyn: Hannah;
                    82 Nerquis:
                   118 Mold: Francis;
                   119 Mold:
                   121 Mold:
                   167 Gresford: 12 Nov 1790 Marriage of Gwyllym Lloyd WARDLE, esq., (signed)
                                                                                   of Hartsheath, parish of Mold    by Licence
                                                                         & Ellen Elizabeth PARRY, spinster otp (signed)
                                                                            Wit: John PARRY, Eleonr WARRINGTON
WARDLE contd
                    293 Hawarden:
                    298 Hawarden:
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Ellen, Rosina, Thomas Anthony;
                    359 Rhosymedre: George, John;
                    363 Wrexham: Charlotte, Elisabeth, Joseph;
                    370 Wrexham: Elizabeth, Ellen, Emma, Hannah, John, Joseph;
                    375 Wrexham: Edward, Elizabeth, Joseph, Mary Ann, Rachel;
                    379 Wrexham: 13 May 1898 bap/o May (b 6 May) d/o John (hawker) & Amelia, 28 Market St
                                            6 Oct 1899 bap/o Edward (b 12 Sep) s/o John (hawker) & Amelia, 25 Market St
WARDLE contd
                    380 Wrexham: 23 Jan 1903 bap/o Emily (b 28 Dec 1902) d/o John (hawker) & Amelia, 25 Market Street
                                           18 Nov 1904 bap/o Joseph (b 31 Oct) s/o John (lab) & Amelia, 25 Market St
                    384 Wrexham:  1 Jul 1865 bur/o Elizabeth, infant, Market St.
                                          24 Jul 1867 bur/o Emma, infant, Henblas St.
                    393 Wrexham:17 Jun 1878 bur/o Rachel, aged 2, Beast Market
                                          17 Jan 1880 bur/o Mary Ann, aged 6, Beast Market
WARDLE contd
                    404 Wrexham: Edward, May;
                    405 Wrexham: Amelia, Elizabeth, Janie, John, Johnnie, Joseph, Levina, Lydia;
                    407 Wrexham: Vina;
                    461A,B Mold
                    574 Buckley: 12 Feb 1877 bap/o Mary Elizabeth d/o Daniel (sailor) & Anna, Pentre
                                        11 Jul 1883 bap/o Mary Ann
                                                     illeg..d/o Mary Ann WARDLE (wid. for 4 yrs) & -------, Pentre
Wardley, Leicestershire; West Sussex
     WARDLEY 420A Halkyn: 8 Jul 1749 mar/o Thomas HOOSON & Hannah WARDLEY
     WATEL 291 Llysfaen:


Wardlow, Derbyshire
     WARLOW 365 Wrexham: Ellen, John, Mary, William;


Ware, Hertfordshire
WARE 371 Llangollen: 21 Aug 1873 mar. by Lic. of
                                             William WARE (gamekeeper) wdr/26 of Rhydyfen, Corwen s/o William (warrener)
                                           & Margaret HUMPHREYS sp/21 otp d/o Richard (gardener)
          435 Gresford: Amy, Joane, John, Thomas;
          445 Wrexham
          453B Ysceifiog
          493 Llantysilio
          578 Ysceifiog (Baptisms 1813-1910) Vol 8
                              Anne, George, George Edward, Maria Jane, Mary Ann, Mary Anne, Mary Elizabeth,
          579 Ysceifiog (Burials 1813-1910) Vol 10
                       22 Jan 1866 bur/o Mary Elizabeth, aged 2 yrs, Afonwen
     WARR 434B Bangor-on-Dee: William;
                522 Holywell
     WEARE see also

Wareham, Dorset
     WAREM 219 Penley: 26 Apr 1812 bap/o Mary d/o James & Ann
     WAREHAM  58 Erbistock: 18 May 1712 bap/o Rice s/o Rice & Mary
                       197 Hanmer: 12 May 1822 bap/o William s/o James (flax dresser) & Hannah of Bronington
                       219 Penley: 20 Jan 1811 bqp/o Ann d/o James & Ann
                       281 Llangystennin: 8 Jul 1849 bap/o Richard s/o James (boilermaker) & Mary, Pen y Bont
                       374 Wrexham: 30 Aug 1844 bap/o William James JONES (WAREHAM)
                                                      base s/o James WAREHAM (lab) of Knutsford
                                                                   & Mary JONES (s. woman), Poorhouse
                       577 Overton 16 Jun 1814 bap/o James s/o James & Ann
     Warham, Herefordshire; (North Greenhoe), Norfolk;
     WARMAN   10 Overton: 30 Apr 1841 mar by Lic of
                                     James B. PONTON (sig. Bu..PONTON) & Mary WARMAN both otp
                                     Wits: Wm EDGE, Elizabeth HAWKINS
                      541 Caerwys: 20 Jun 1705 mar/o John DAVIES & Anne WARMAN
                                          14 Sep 1720 bur/o Mary
                                            2 Dec 1724 bur/o Edwd
     WARMON 541 Caerwys: 18 Apr 1699 bur/o Edward otp
                                           8 Jan 1709/10 bur/o Rose d/o Edward
     WARREN possibly see also
     Wereham, Norfolk
     WERNHAM *309 Denbigh: 4 Mar 1781 bap/o Thomas Wernham COCKSHED s/o William & Mary
     WHARAM 10 Overton: 21 Jul 1817 mar by Banns of
                                                             James WHARAM (x) & Hannah WILLIAMS (x) both otp
                                                             Wits: Fracis CROSS (x), Martha PEAKE (x)
     WHAREHAM 577 Overton 16 Jan 1820 bap/o Richard (b 10 Sep 1819) s/o James & Ann, Lightwood Green
     Wharram-le-Street, North Yorkshire
     WORMAN 541 Caerwys: 28 Nov 1675 bur/o Sarah d/o Edward
     WORUM 155 Caerwys: 13 May 1772 mar by Banns of
                                                   George WORUM (x) ba of Bodfary & Ellen JONES (x) sp otp
                                                   Wits: Elizabeth YOUD, Mary JONES
                   301 Mold: 31 Jan 1773 bap/o Hugh s/o George & Ellenor
                                  10 Dec 1774 bap/o Mary d/o George & Ellin


Warfield, Berkshire
    WHARFIELD 294 Mold: 31 Mar 1831 bap/o Elizth d/o Thomas (miner) & Ann of Adynment


     WARME 552D Wrexham: 2 Aug 1706 bur/o Thomas s/o Marmaduke, Beast Market
     WARMER *373 Wrexham: Vere Warmer HUSSEY


Warmingham (Sandbach), Cheshire
     WARMERSHAM 387 Hawarden: 6 Apr 1684 bur/o Margery SAUNERS (WARMERSHAM)
                                                                  base d/o Charles WARMERSHAM of Chester, and Anne SAUNDERS of Hawarden
     WARMICHAM 388 Hawarden: 14 Mar 1632/33 bur/o ----- (inf) d/o Wm
     WARMINGHAM   6 Isycoed: 25 Jul 1791 bap/o Sarah Hannah d/o John & Ann, Dutton y Brain (Bryn)
                            133 Holt:
                            435 Gresford: William;
                            Misc: Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                                                           Edward, Holt   1614
                                                                                                           Thomasin, Wid, Holt   1620
     WARMINGSHAM 435 Gresford: John, Judath;
     WARMISHAM 447B LLandyrnog

     WARNINGHAM 346 Hawarden: Anthony, John;
     WARVINCHAM 389 Hawarden: 4 Feb 1605/06 mar/o Humfrey JACKSON & Mary WARVINCHAM


Warmington, Northamptonshire; Warwickshire;
WARMINGTON 171 Bangor-on-Dee:


Warne (Marytavy), Devon
WARNE 234 Minera: 8 Sep 1872 bap/o Samuel Thomas Jarrett /o James (miner) & Margaret, Coedpoeth
                  249 Minera: 29 Oct 1877 mar. by Banns of
                                                      Thomas FORSYTH (mechanic) ba/27 of Williams Row, Coedpoeth s/o Thomas (engineer)
                                                    & Eliza WILLIAMS sp/24 of Williams Row, Coedpoeth d/o John (shepherd)
                                                       Wits: Samuel WARNE, Maria Elizth WARNE
     WARNER 290 Hanmer:
                    308 Bodfari: Margared, Owen Williams, Simon;
                   *362 Penycae: Edward Warner JONES
                   *369 Llangollen: William Warner ROBERTS
                   *374 Wrexham: 15 Aug 1837 bap/o William Warner Vere HUSSEY s/o William (coach maker) & Jane, Manchester
                    380 Wrexham: 14 Dec 1903 bap/o Albert (b 4 Sep 1894) s/o Ephraim (policeman) & -------, Boy's Home
                    386 Ruabon: 22 Aug1846 mar. by Banns of John WARNER (x) (lab) ba.of Rhosllanerchrugog s/o John (lab)
                                                                                & Harriet JONES (x) sp. of Rhosllanerchrugog d/o John (boiler maker)
                   *405 Wrexham: 9 Dec 1896 bap/o John Warner SMITH (b 11 Jun)
                                                                                               s/o Joseph Alfred (baker) & Sarah Ann, 5 Bury St.
                    *562C Tallarn Green: 23 Nov 1915 bur/o Henry, aged 66 years, The Sarn, Worthenbury
                                                   22 Dec 1936 bur/o Clara, aged 40 years, 1 Dark Lane, Woodhouses, Whit
                                                   11 Feb 1946 bur/o Francies Ann, aged 80 years, Lower Barns, Iscoed

Warren, Cheshire; Dyfed;
TWARING 283 Llanrhos: 5 Feb 1745/46 bap/o Harry s/o Harry & Eliz;
     WACING *425B Hanmer: 3 Jan 1629/30 bur/o John CROXTON s/o Wacing
     WAREHAM possibly see also
     WAREING 304B Wrexham: 14 Apr 1732 mar/o John WARELING (cutler) att Salop & Martha DODD (Mrs)
     Waren Mill, Northumberland
98 Llanrhaeadr ym Nghinmerch:
                                           27 Feb 1795 bap/o John s/o Thomas (coachman) & Elizabeth
                   111 Cerrigydrudion: 26 Oct 1738 bur/o Mary of Ty-tan-y-fynwent
                   184 Llanddulas: 5 Sep 1820 John & Jane WARING & William ROBERTS wits. at mar. by Lic. of
                                                                 John Samuel ROWLANDS ba. otp & Mary Vaughan WRIGHT sp. of Denbigh
                   227A Ruthin:  9 Apr 1836 bap/o Mary Ellen d/o John (Gent) & Jane, Clwyd Street
                                       2 Jul 1838 bap/o Catherine Jane d/o John (Gent) & Jane, Clwyd Street
                                      13 Aug 1840 bap/o Edward Anwyl s/o John (Gent) & Jane, Clwyd Street
                   245A Llanrhydd:  5 May 1819 bap/o Elizabeth d/o John (Esquire) & Jane, Llanrhydd House
                                            17 Apr 1822 bap/o William s/o John (Esquire) & Jane, Llanrhydd House
                                            20 Nov 1823 bap/o Sarah Anwyl d/o John (Esq.) & Jane, Llanrhydd Street
                   268 Wrexham: 22 Feb 1804 mar. by Lic. of
                                                       John aged 40 (s/o John LEWIS, mariner)
                                                    & Elizabeth wid. aged 42 (d/o John WARING, joiner) (sig: Elizabeth GWENNETH)
                                                        Wits: Elizabeth BEANS, John ORFORD
                                                                             (sig; Elizabeth GWENNET
                  *295 Mold: 26 Aug 1837 bap/o Sarah Waring Whittle d/o Mary EDWARDS, wid. of Mold (no father's name given)
                   297 Chirk:  7 Feb 1800 mar. by Lic. of James WARING (x) of Rhyddlan, Co. of Flint & Elizth EVANS (x) otp
                                                                          Wits: Edwd Aaron, Ann JONES
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Maureen WARING d. 15 Jul 2000 aged 60 years
                  *425B Hanmer: 1 Jan 1635/36 bur/o Katherin CROXTON w/o Waring
                   461B Mold
                  *478A Llantysilio
                   485 Holywell
                   487 Gwersyllt
                  *561A Marchwiel: 25 Dec 1866 bap/o Charles Waring EAVES s/o George (coachman at Bryn y Grog) & Jane, otp
                   589 Gwersyllt: 11 Mar 1885 bur/o Sarah, aged 36 yrs, Manchester
Misc: North Wales 1835 Welchpool: Butchers: William WARING, Berriew st
                                                                                       William WARING, jun.,  High st
                                                                        Nail maker: Samuel WARING, High st   
                                                       Wrexham: Surgeon: Edward Colkin WARING, Charles st    
                            1841 Census Wrexham Town: Yorke Street, Hope pole st:    Willm.   19   Druggists App.  born in County           
                            Shropshire 1828/9 Ludlow: Milliner/dress maker: Miss --- WARING, High st
                                                       Shrewsbury: Physician: Robert Waring DARWIN, F.R.S.

     WARREN    81 Hope: 21 Aug 1808 bap/o Mary Anne (b 3) d/o Geo. & Elizth (COX - City of Oxford), Cymmau Paper Mill
                      189 Holywell: 4 Oct 1812 bap/o David WARREN (ROBERTS) (b.2) base s/o David ROBERTS & Frances WARREN
                      195 Holywell: 6 Oct 1824 bap/o James WARREN (WILLIAMS) base s/o Thomas WILLIAMS & Frances WARREN
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: George Henry WARREN d. 4 Apr 1950 aged 56 years
                                                                                  Margaret w/o George d. 20 ov 1864 aged 69 years
                      353 Pentrobin (St. John the Baptist):
                                     5 Nov 1998 bur/o Betsy Katherine WARREN aged 91 years of 52 Penymynydd Road, Penyffordd
                     *361 Llangollen: 22 Aug 1866 bap/o Ernest Warren SHARRETT (b 2) s/o William (solicitor) & Sarah Jane, Regent St.
                                             26 May 1868 bap/o Locke Warren SHERRATT (b 6) s/o William (solicitor) & Sarah Jane
                     *362 Penycae: 11 Mar 1900 bap/o Warren Hector JONES
                                                                             s/o James Francis (brick maker) & Elizabeth, Hope Lea Terrace
WARREN contd
                     405 Wrexham: Annie, John, Robert Edward;
                     406 Wrexham: Margaret;
427 Ruabon: John;
                    *432 Llangollen: 5 Nov 1881 bur/o Frank Warren Wilton SHERRATT, aged 23
                                                                             of Lancaster Road, Hyde Park, London & of W.
                     441B Hope: John, Mary Edith;
                     445 Wrexham
                    *487 Gwersyllt
                     539 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant
                     551B Hawarden
                    *553 Gresford: 14 Jul 1882 bur/o Mary Warren EGERTON, aged 52 yrs, of Gresford Lodge
                    *555 Brymbo: 14 Apr 1879 bap/o Alfred Warren WILLIAMS
                                                                   -/o Frederick (machine clerk) & Mary Elizabeth, Coke Oven Cottages
                    *588 Gwersyllt: 28 Apr 1901 bap/o John Charles Warren GITTINS (b 31 Mar)
                                                                          s/o Charles Henry (fireman) & Mary Elizabeth, 6 Woodland Grove
                     Misc: North Wales 1835 Bangor: Rev. John Warren, Deanery
                                                                      Rev. John Warren, Jun., Deanery
                                                                      Ecclesiastical Court: Chancellor: Rev. John Warren, jun.
                                                                                                     Dean: Rev. John Warren
                                                                                                     Surrogate: Rev. John Warren
Gresford Church MIs: No. 544: In memory of Capt. Warren Kirkham GUEST-WILLIAMS
                                                                                                                       born 11 Nov 1886 died in Calcutta 10 Dec 1920.
                               Shropshire 1828/9 Drayton:Attorneys: Warren & Son, Shropshire st
                                                          Oswestry: Henry Warren, esq., Belle vue

     WARRIN 53 Wrexham: 6 Jan 1805 bap/o Sarah (b 27 Nov) d/o Thomas (horsley  ?ostler) & Elizabeth, Wrexham Regis
     WARRING 251 Corwen: 21 Feb 1801 bap/o William s/o Thos. & Elizabeth otp
     WEARIN 323 Denbigh: 13 Mar 1742/43 bap/o Robert JONES s/o Griffith JONES alias WEARIN & Margaret
     WERINE 252 Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog: 18 Nov 1633 bur/o Anne;
WARREN contd
     WERING  98 Llanrhaeadr ym Nghinmerch:
                                          15 Jan 1797 bap/o Ambrose s/o Robert & Elizabeth
                   189 Holywell: 31 May 1807 bap/o Thos. (b 26) s/o Wm. & Mary (CARNES)

WARREN-JAMES 379 Wrexham: Annie Christobel, Annie Chrystobel, Ethel Lilian, Ethel Mary, Fred'c Benjamin,
                                                 Frederick Benjamin;
                           404 Wrexham: 4 Apr 1899 bur/o Ethel Lilian WARREN JAMES, aged 9 months, The Croft, Market St.

     WORRENDER 487 Gwersyllt


Warrington, Buckinghamshire; Cheshire; Lancashire;
WARRINGTIN 38 Wrexham: George, Thornhill;
     WARRINGTON 10 Overton: 16 Jan 1768 mar by Lic of
                                                          George WARRINGTON of Wrexham & Mary STRUDWICK otp
                                                          Wits: Thomas BIRCH, Mary FLETCHER
                            24 Hawarden: George, John, Sarah;
                           *30 Wrexham: Philip Warrington GOODWARD
                            30 Wrexham: Anne, Revd. Geo., George, George Henry, Mary Elizabeth, Shadwick, Willliam;
                            31 Hawarden: Anne, Mary, Thomas;
                            38 Wrexham: Elizth, G., George, Hanmar, Harriet, Mary;
                           *79+79 Gresford:
                            81 Hope:
                           124 Mold:
                           153 Hope:
                           167A Gresford: Ann;
                                D Gresford: Dorothy, Eleonr;
                           201 Wrexham:
                           268 Wrexham:
                           281 Llangystennin:
                           310 Gresford:
                           311 Hawarden: Margaret, Nathaniel, Sylvester;
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Joseph Thomas;
                           347 Hawarden:
                           417 Wrexham: Eliz'h, George;
                           440A Hawarden
                           441 Hope: Vicar 1778-1830 George WARRINGTON
                           553 Gresford: Eleanor, George;
                           575 Hope: Vicar 1778-1830 George WARRINGTON
Misc: 1881 Census Saltney, Cheshire/Flintshire
                                           Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): George, Gent, Wrexham   1770

                                           Shropshire 1828/9 Ludlow: Maltster: Edward Warrington, Tower st
                                                                            Bell  Edw. Warrington, Tower st

Warse, Highlands
     GASS *360 Llangollen: William Gass SCOON
     WARSS 304A Wrexham: Mary;
     WASE Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Broseley: Attorney: John Wase, Madeley

Warsop, Nottinghamshire
     NORSHIP 206 Hanmer:
     WORSHIP  172 Holt:
                      173 Holt:
                      206 Hanmer:
                      435 Gresford: Elizabeth, John;


WARWICK   52 Holywell: Richard, Robert;
                 *391 Colwyn: 24 Nov 1902 mar. by Lic. of Leon HAYDON (manager of a boot shop) ba/29 of Myrtle Villa, Princess Road,
                                                                                                    Colwyn s/o Wm. (commercial traveller)
                                                                 & Eveline Warwick NEEDHAM sp/21 of Sheffield d/o Rowland (steel merchant)
                 *438A Broughton: 19 Aug 1889 bur/o William Warwick CROFTS, aged 6 mo., Kinnerton
                  446 Chirk: Joseph;
                  474B Gresford

WASBER 499 Denbigh:


Washbourne, Devon, Gloucestershire; Washburn, West Riding of Yorkshire;
     WASHBOURNE 393 Wrexham; 21 Jan 1884 bur/o Charles Henry, infant, Chapel St.

Washbrook, Suffolk
WASHBROOK 440C Hawarden

Washford, Somerset
     WASFORD 151 Hanmer: 26 Oct 1762 mar. by Banns of Thomas WOOLLAM (x) of Malpas & Mary DAVIES (x) otp
                                                                                       Wits: Thomas WASFORD, Martha JACKSON (x)

WASHINGTON *291 Llysfaen:
                       *314 Rhosllanerchrugog: 11 Mar 1866 bap/o Hannah LANCELOTTE
                                                                         d/o Thomas Washington (gardener) & Anne, Rhos Lodge
                        363 Wrexham: Joseph, Matthew, Sarah;
                       *366 Wrexham: Washington HUGHES
                       *370 Wrexham: Benjamin Washington LANCELOTTE
                        375 Wrexham: George, John Henry, Joseph, Robert Henry, Sarah;
                        393 Wrexham: 11 Feb 1876 bur/o John Henry, infant, Cutlers Entry
                                              23 Dec 1878 bur/o Robert Henry, infant, Priory St.
                        415 Northop: 3 Dec 1760 mar. by Banns of Thomas HARRIS of Neston CHE & Mary WASHINGTON (x) otp
                                                                                       Wits: John WASHINGTON, Charles JONES
                        452A,B Whitford
                        466 Hawarden
                        484 Hawarden
     WASHINTON 393 Wrexham: 3 Aug 1882 bur/o Matthew, aged 3, Chester St.

WASHINGTON LANCELOTTE 555 Brymbo: Ann, Frederick Charles, Thomas;


     VASTYN 424 Hanmer: 23 Nov 1602 bap/o Joan, Jane & John  (-----------) VASTYN base children of (father uncertain) & Joan VASTYN

WASTNIDGE from le Gatinais, formerly Gastinois, a district south of Paris and east of Orleans.
      MACHNIGEWOOD 552B Wrexham: 17 Apr 1703 bap/o John (b 30 Mar) s/o John (collier), Brymbo


Watendlath Beck (flows into Derwent Water)

Water, Devon; Lancashire;
     WALTER possibly see also
     Warter, Humberside
     WARTER  53 Wrexham:
                   195 Holywell: Jane, John Richard Meredith, Margaretta, Elizabeth Meredith;
                   351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: Christiana, John Richard Meredith, Joseph, Margaretta;
                   373 Wrexham: 15 Apr 1817 bur/o John Richard Meredith, aged 18, Pentre Bychan
                                           3 Dec 1822 bur/o Margaretta Elizabeth Meredith, aged 5 years & 9 mo., Felin Puleston
                   384 Wrexham: 20 Feb 1874 bur/o Joseph, aged 68, Bangor
                                         22 Aug 1874 bur/o John Richard Meredith, aged 53, Highgate, Middlesex
                  *393 Wrexham: 16 May 1879 bur/o Henry Warter MEREDITH, aged 79, Pentre Bychan
                   399 Wrexham: 29 Sep 1823 bap/o Mary Elizabeth d/o Joseph (Esqr) & Christiana, Pentrefelin
                   410 Wrexham: Margeretta;
                   424 Hanmer: 26 Dec 1619 bap/o Dorothy d/o Hughe
                                      12 Jan 1621/22 bap/o Elnor d/o Hughe
     WARTERS 411 Wrexham: 23 Nov 1833 bur/o Christiana, aged 35, Bangor
     WAT a diminutive form of Walter (but sometimes for Watkin
     WATCH 275 Gwaenysgor:
     WATER  79 Gresford:
                 *173 Holt:
                  264 Llangower:
                  348 Wrexham:
                  389 Wrexham: 29 Jan 1587/88 mar/o Rees ELIS & Ales WATER
                  436B Hope: Catherine;
                 *458 Mold
                 *459 Mold
569 Abergele (Marriages & Burials 1647-1708) Vol 2 (+ a patronymic index)
                            25 Apr 1697 bur/o Rose, Dolganner
WATER contd
     WATERS  40 Hawarden: Elizabeth Charlotte, Jane Mary, Mary, Thomas;
                     86 Derwen:
                    143 Llanrwst: 3 Oct 1779 bap/o David s/o James & Anne
                    169 Llanrhydd:
                    173 Holt:
                    191 Ruabon:
                    206 Hanmer:
                    219 Penley: Edward, Elizabeth;
                    247 Llanfwrog:
                    250 St. Asaph Notitae:
                    342 Hawarden:
                    383 Ruthin: 20 Dec 1722 mar/o Richard WILLIAMS of Denbigh & Mary WATERS otp
                                        5 Oct 1701 bur/o John;
                    388 Hawarden: 7 Mar 1641/42 bur/o Henry
                    392 Gresford: 5 Jul 1716 bur/o Ales, Gwersylt
                    397B Llansilin: 5 Jan 1678/79 mar/o John KYFFIN of Selattyn & Judith WATERS of Oswestry
                    402B Denbigh: Elizabeth;
                    419 Halkyn: 19 Dec 1622 bur/o Barbara
                                      25 Dec 1624 bap/o John s/o --------
                    425A Hanmer: 15 Apr 1623 mar/o Rondle BRADSHAW & Joanne WATERS
                    436B Hope: Edward;
                    442B Bangor on Dee
                    445 Wrexham
                    532 Llanrhaiadr yng Nghinmeirch
                    547 Flint
                    551B Hawarden
                    552B Wrexham: Alice, Andrew, Elizabeth;
                         C Wrexham: 23 Dec 1709 mar/o Thomas WATERS (butcher) & Elizabeth SHEFTON, Wrexham Abbot
                    554 Brymbo: Alexander, Emily, James, Jane;
                    563B Erbistock: 10 Nov 1858  mar by Banns of
                                                          John WINDSOR (lab) wdr/ofa otp s/o Benjamin WINDSOR (lab)
                                                       & Ann HIGLEY wid/ofa otp d/o Joseph WATERS (lab)
                    573 Broughton: 15 Nov 1875 bap/o Susannah Brayne BROWN (b 12 Nov)
                                                                             d/o Joseph William & Marianne (WATERS), Manor Farm
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): John, Hanmer   1679
WATER contd
     WATS  6 Isycoed: 7 Jul 1805 Bap. of Margret d/o Joseph & Hannah of Dutton Diffaeth
               10 Overton: 
 25 Aug 1823 mar by Banns of
                                                      Samuel GOSTAGE (sig. GOSTAG) & Margret WATS (sig. WATTS) both otp
                                                      Wits: Christian KREBS, Martha THOMAS

WATT  24 Hawarden: Mary;
               250 St. Asaph Notitae:
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Kieran Andrew;
               388 Hawarden: 3 Sep 1640 mar/o James WATT & Jane PORTER
               392 Gresford: 4 Nov 1723 mar. by Banns of Robert WILLIAMS & Anne WATT, both otp
               435 Gresford: ---, Anne, Ermin, Hennary, John, Mary, Puleston, Puliston, Robt;
               526A Llanfair Talhearn
    WATTE 435 Gresford: Anne, Hennary, John, Margaret;
     WATTER 138 Wrexham:
     WATTERS 44 Denbigh: John;
                      57 Ruabon: George, Grace, James;
                     384 Wrexham: 31 Jul 1865 bur/o Ann, aged 16, Erddig Road
                    402B Denbigh: Prudence;
                    435 Gresford: Thomas;
WATTERY Misc: North Wales 1835 Llanrwst: Captain Wattery, Tan lan
     WATTS   10 Overton: 29 Apr 1818 Margaret WATTS & Roger WILLIAMS wits. at mar by Banns
                                                        of  William MADLEY & Lydia WILD both otp
                                     25 Aug 1823 mar by Banns of
                                                      Samuel GOSTAGE (sig. GOSTAG) & Margret WATS (sig. WATTS) both otp
                                                      Wits: Christian KREBS, Martha THOMAS
                  123 Rubaon: 25 Nov 1831 Bap. of Phoebe d/o Francis (soldier) & Elizabeth of  Dinhinlle Uchaf
                  132 Hanmer: 14 Jul 1811 Bap. of Joseph s/o Joseph & Hannah
                  177 Whitford: 25 Jul 1779  Bap. of John s/o Wm. & Eliza. of Tre Lan
                                      30 Sep 1781 Bap. of Mary d/o Wm. & Eliza. of Tre Lan
                                      28 Aug 1785 Bap. of Willm s/o Wm. & Eliza. of Tre Lan
                                       4 Nov 1787  Bap. of Jane d/o Wm & Eliza of Tre Lan
                                      13 Feb 1791 Bap. of Elizth. d/o Wm (Pauper) & Elizth. of Tre Lan
                                      25 Apr 1791 Bap. of Mary d/o David & Elizth. of Tre Mostyn
                                      30 Dec 1792 Bap. of Wm s/o Dav'd & Eliza of  Tre Mostyn
                  227 Ruthin: 20 Oct 1863 Bur. of James of Clwyd Street
                  243 Hanmer: 16 May 1841 Bap. of William s/o Joseph (baker) & Elizabeth
                                        5 Jun 1842  Bap. of Edward s/o Joseph (baker) & Elizabeth
                                      25 Aug 1844 Bap. of Sophia d/o Joseph (grocer) & Elizabeth
                                      30 Aug 1846 Bap. of Philip Henry s/o Joseph (baker) & Elizabeth
                                      13 Jan 1850 Bap. of Walter s/o Joseph (baker) & Elizabeth
                  246 Llanfwrog: 28 Feb 1730 Bap. of Edward s/o William & Margaret of Mwrog St (died an infant)
                  247 Llanfwrog: 24 Mar 1730 Bur. of Edward (infant) s/o William of Mwrog St
                  267 Ruthin: 23 Sep 1724 Richard s/o William & Catharine
                                      9 Nov 1726 Catharine d/o William & Catharine
                                    27 May 1731 John s/o William & Catherine
                  296 Rhuddlan: 1 Jul 1778 Bap. of Margaret d/o Elias & Anne of Abercinsey
                  297 Chirk: 5 May 1792 Marriage of Robert DAVIES of Oswestry by Banns
                                                                     Mary WATTS of Chirk
                                                                     Wits: Mary DAVIES & Thos JONES (x)
                  304A Wrexham:  4 Oct 1747 Bap.of John (b. 22nd) s/o Joseph (miner) of Minera
                                           3 Dec 1748 Bap. of Anne (b. 28th) d/o Joseph (miner) of Minera
                                           6 Dec 1747 Bur. of John s/o Joseph (miner) of Minera
                        C Wrexham: John;
                  321 Llanasa: 18 Jan 1762 Bap. of Joseph s/o Joseph & Jane of Gwespyr
                                     24 Mar 1765 Bap. of James s/o Joseph & Jane of Gwespyr
                                     13 Mar 1768 Bap. of David s/o Joseph & Jane of Gwespyr
                  330 Whitford: 8 Apr 1744 Bap. of Job s/o David & Sara of Uwch Glan
                                     20 Oct 1776 Bap. of Joseph s/o William & Elizabeth of Whitford Garn
                  335 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: In loving memory of Hilda May, beloved wife of Albert Watts,
                                                       who died August 10th 1934, aged 31years. 'Resting in Peace'
                  360 Llangollen: 5 Sep 1877 Marriage by Banns of
                                                                 Nathan Owen JONES (bank cashier) bach aged 34 of Carnarvon
                                                                                s/o William JONES (joiner)
                                                                 Mary Ellen Louisa WATTS sp. aged 26
                                                                           d/o Samuel Hallwood WATTS (vets surgeon)   
                  369 Llangollen: Harold Stephen, Mabel Hallwood, Mildred Howard, Robert Leonard, Robert Samuel, Sarah Ellen;
                 *371 Llangollen: 1 Jun 1860 mar. by Lic. of
                                                           James GIFFEN (schoolmaster) ba/23 of Birkenhead s/o John (merchant)
                                                       & Agnes Watts HUTCHISON sp/23 of Llangollen Vechan d/o Alexander (seaman?)
                  381 Llangollen: 18 May 1890 bap/o Blanche Maria (b 10 Mar)
                                                                            d/o Robert Samuel (veterinary surgeon) & Sarah Ellen, Brook Terrace
                  383 Ruthin: 8 Aug 1732 bur/o John s/o William;
                  407 Wrexham: Joseph;
                  430 Llangollen: Samuel;
                  431 Llangollen: Samuel;
                  432 Llangollen: Hannah Maria, Robert Leonard;
                  435 Gresford: Edd, John, Mary;
                  451 Whitford
                  452A Whitford
                  481 Whitford
                  486 Bistre
                 *487 Gwersyllt
                  500B Holywell
                  517B Llanasa: Elizabeth, Jane, Joseph, Mary, William;
                       C Llanasa: -- Jun 1755 bur/o Mary d/o Joseph, Gwespyr
                  553 Gresford: Elizabeth;
                 *588 Gwersyllt: 2 Apr 1899 bap/o John James Watts PERKS s/o John (joiner) & Mary Elizabeth, Wheatsheaf
                  Misc: Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): Joseph of Hanmer, Grocer, Administration 1838
                           Shropshire 1828/9 Bridgnorth: Benjamin Watts, gent., Listley st
                                                      Ludlow: Milliner/dress maker: Mary Watts, Castle st

     WHATTER 307 Ruabon:
     WHOTTA 219 Penley: William;
     Wotter, Devon


     WATERSHAM 81 Hope:

Waterhouses, Durham; Staffordshire;
WATERHOUSE 441A Hope: Anne;
                            *452B Whitford
                             535 Buckley

WATERHUT *552B Wrexham: 10 Nov 1713 bap/o ?Waterhut DYERMAN (b 7) s/o (Mr) ------ (Dancing Master), Wrexham Abbot

Waterloo, Lancashire

     WODERMILL 102 Nantglyn:

Watermillock, Cumbria


Waterston, Dyfed
     WATERSON 227 Ruthin:

     WATWORTH 387 Hawarden: 22 Feb 1696/97 bur/o Elizabeth of Hawarden
     WATERWORTH 314 Rhosllanerchrugog: 1 Oct 1866 bap/o Clara & Fanny ds/o James (pitsinker) & Caroline, Ponkey
                              315 Ruabon:

Watford, Hertfordshire; Northamptonshire;
     WATFORD 474B Gresford


WILLIAMS WATKIN 31 Hawarden: George, Sarah, Thomas;

     WAITKIN 389 Hawarden: 28 Dec 1588 bur/o Anne
     WALTKIN 267 Ruthin:
     WAT. *44 Denbigh: Robert Wat. WYNNE
     WATCIN 209 Llangedwyn:
                   454B Llanrhos
     WATCKIN 329 Meliden:
     WATIES Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Shrewsbury: Rev. Waties Corbett, Longnor hill
     WATKEYS Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Ludlow: Boot/shoe maker: William Watkeys, High st
                                                                      China/glass & earthenware dealer: William Watkeys, Harp lane
     WATKIN *4 Llangollen: 3 Apr 1757 bap/o Watkin DAVIES (b 29) s/o David & Elizabeth, Hafod Gynfawr
                    *5 Llangollen: 10 Jun 1729 bap/o Watkin FOULKS (b 5) s/o Watkin & Elizabeth, Hafod Gynfawr
                     6 Isycoed: 31 Dec 1748 bap/o James s/o Roger & Margret
                     9 Efenechtyd: 5 Jun 1775 bur/o Margaret
                   10 Overton: 18 Jan 1830  Mar by Banns of Thomas SADLER & Mary WATKINS both otp
                                                                                  Wits: Edward WATKIN, Eliabveth CARTWRIGHT
                   *11 Bangor on Dee: 23 Dec 1801 bap/o William Watkin Edward WYNNE (b 23)
                                                                      s/o Will'm, Esq. & Elizabeth, Pickhill Hall
                   *17 Llanarmon yn Ial: 18 Mar 1738/39 bur/o Watkin CHENEY s/o (Mr) Thomas
                    17 Llanarmon yn Ial: 13 Aug 1701 bur/o Margaret, wid., pauper, Erryrys
                  *18 Hawarden: 27 Feb 1814 bap/o Watkin JONES (b 4) s/o John (tinker) & Ellen (RIGLEY) Ewloe
                    25 Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd: Anne, Charles, Edward, Edwd, Elizabeth, Griffith, John, Margaret, Maria, Mary, Thomas;
                    26 Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd: Charles, Edward, Frances, John, Margt, Mary;
                    29 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant:Edward,  Elizabeth, Jane, John, Richard, Susan, Thomas;
                   *30 Wrexham: Watkin Robert BARBER, Watkin ELLIS
                   *31 Hawarden: William Watkin LEE, Watkin WILLIAMS
                   *33 Llangwm: Robert Watkin WYNNE
                    33 Llangwm: Edwd, Gaynor;
                    34 Langwm: Robert;
                   *36 Ruabon: Thomas Watkin YOUDE
                   *38 Wrexham:
                   *39 Halkyn: Watkin DAVIES, Watkin WILLIAMS
                    39 Halkyn: Anne, Dorothy, John, Jonathan, Joseph, Margaret, Richard, Susanna;
WATKIN contd
                   *42 Holywell: 8 Jul 1823 bur/o Watkin RICHARDS, aged 2, otp
45 Denbigh: Wm;
                   *48 Worthenbury:  5 May 1779 bap/o Watkin Phillip PULESTON
                                                                                            s/o Rev. Phillip & Arabella, Pickhill, Parish of Bangor
                                              5 Jan 1799 bap/o Phillip PULESTON s/o John & Elizabeth
                   *49 Holywell:
                   *51 Holywell:
                   *53+53 Wrexham:
                    56*A+*D Rhuddlan:
                   *57 Ruabon: Watkin DAVIES, Watkin PRITCHARD, Watkin ROBERTS, Watkin WILLIAMS    
WATKIN contd    
                   *61 Ruabon:
                   *62 Flint: 20 Jun 1774 mar by Banns of John GRIFFITHS (x) ba & Mary WILLIAMS sp., both otp
                                                                            Wits: John JONES, Watkin WILLIAMS
                    63*A Holt:
                    65*A Llangar:
                   *67 Ruabon:
                   *68 Ruabon:
                   *73 Chirk:
                   *74 Flint:
                   76*A+A Mold:
                  *79 Gresford:
WATKIN contd
                    81*A+B Hope:
                   *83 Ruthin: 17 Apr 1770 bap/o Watkin WMS s/o Randle (butcher) & Anne
                                    12 Jun 1793 bap/o Watkin Wynne JONES s/o Morgan & Mary
                                    20 Oct 1801 mar. by Lic. of
                                                       Richard Watkin PRICE, Esq., ba. of Llanfair & Frances LLOYD sp. otp
                                                       Wits: John LLOYD, Margt. LLOYD
                   *86 Derwen:
                   *88 Llanelidan:
                   *97 Llanfwrog 10 Apr 1790 bur/o Watkin JONES s/o Morgan, Ruthin
                  *104 Henllan: 14 Mar 1806 bur/o Robert Watkin WYNNE, Esq.  (d 2) aged 51 of Plas Newydd
                                                                      s/o Robert, Esq. & Mary (ROBERTS)
                  *105 Llanddoget:
                   107*A Llanrhydd:
                   108 Minera Chapel: Edward, Elinor, Elizabeth;
WATKIN contd
                  *110+110 Ysbyty Ifan;
                   112 Halkyn:
                   116A+B+D LLansilin:
                  *117 Mold:
                   119 Mold:
                  *121 Mold:
                  *123 Ruabon:
                  *124 Mold:
                   133*A+*B Holt:
                  *137 Northop:
                   138*A+*B Wrexham:
WATKIN contd
                  *147 Llanddoget:
                   149 Ysbyty Ifan:
                  *154 Ysbyty Ifan:
                  *158 Holywell: 4 May 1781 bap/o John s/o Watkin & Enus
                   158 Holywell: Jane, Peter;
*161 Mold: Watkin EVANS, Watkin WILLIAMS
                  *162 Overton:
                   163*A Ruabon:
                   165*A+B Ruabon:
                  *167C Gresford: Watkin POOLE, Charles Watkin WILLIAMS WYNN
                   169*A+A+B Llanrhydd:
WATKIN contd
                  *171+171 Bangor-on-Dee:
                  *174 Holt:
                   176 Tremeirchion:
                   177 Whitford:
                   178 Ysceifiog:
                   181 Llanarmon D.C.: 29 Dec 1769 Bap. of Elizabeth ROGER (WATKIN) base d/o
                                                                                      Jno WATKIN and Sarah ROGER
                                                  17 Jun 1788 Bur. of Jane w/o David otp
                                                    9 Oct 1789 Marriage of David WATKIN (x) Wdr otp   by Banns
                                                                                      Margaret JONES (x) Wd otp
                                                                                       Wits: John ELLIS (x) & *Thomas LEWIS
                                                               *Thomas Lewis is probably the clerk to the parish as his name
                                                                occurs frequently.
6 Mar 1790 Bap. of David s/o David (pauper) & Margaret ot this parish
                                                   14 Jul 1791 Bur. of Sarah w/o Nathaniel of MaenGwynedd, Llanarmon
                   189 Holywell: Ann(e), Dorothy, John, Margaret;
WATKIN contd

                   191*C+*D Ruabon:
                  *193 Betws Gwerfyl Goch:
                  *198 Mold:
                  *199 Derwen:
                  *202 Bryneglwys:
                  *205 Llantysilio:
                  *208 Llanarmon Mynydd Mawr:
                   209C Llangedwyn:
                  *218 Llangollen:
                   226A Llanarmon yn Ial:
                  *231+231 Hope:
                   233 Llanfwrog: 15 Nov 1785 mar. by Lic. of Robert WILLIAMS otp & Elizabeth JONES of Llanfihangel
                                                                                 Wits: John JONES, Humphrey MAYSEMOR, Catherine WATKIN
                   239B+E Llangar:
WATKIN contd
                   241B Llangar:
                   242A Gwyddelwern:
                   249 Minera: 27 Oct 1900 mar. by Banns of
                                                        Arthur ABRAM (miner) ba/20 of Coedpoeth s/o Edwared (engine driver - deceased)
                                                       & Elizabeth Catherine WATKIN sp/23 of coedpoeth d/o Thomas (collier - deceased)
                                                         Wits: John Williams ELLIS, Sarah Jane TUDOR
                   250 St. Asaph Notitae 1680:
                   252 Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog:
                   253A Llanfawr: 28 Apr 1805 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Robert & Jane, Glanlleidiog
                                         23 Jun 1805 bap/o Evan s/o John & Margaret, Bala
                        B Llanfawr: 30 May 1788 mar. by Lic. of Robert WATKIN (Gent) otp & Jane JONES (x) otp
                        C Llanfawr: Rob.;
                        D Llanfawr: 2 Dec 1811 bur/o Mr. Robert, Llwyn Onn
                                         3 Apr 1812 bur/o Rev. Edward, Glanlleidiog
                   254 Llanfawr:
                   257 Llandrillo yn Edeirnion:
                  *259 Betws Gwerfyl Goch:
WATKIN contd
                   261 Llanderfel:
                   263 Llansilin:
                   267 Ruthin:
                   273 Trelawnyd:
                   275 Gwaenysgor:
                   276A Llanasa: Anne, Benjamin, John, Robert;
                        B Llanasa: Ben, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Joseph, Joshua;
                        C Llanasa: 23 Nov 1798 bur/o Elenor, Gronant
                   282 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant:
                   287 Llanycil:
WATKIN contd
                  *293 Hawarden:
                  *296 Rhuddlan:
                  *298 Hawarden:
                  *301 Mold:
                  *304 Wrexham:
                   306 Holywell: 
                   321A Llanasa: Benjamin, Edward, Elizabeth, John, Joseph, Margaret, Mary, Sara;
                        B Llanasa: Andrew, Benjamin, Edward, Elizabeth, John, Joseph;
                   329 Meliden:
                   330 Whitford:
                   341 Ruabon:
                   348 Wrexham:
                   349B Ysceifiog: John, Jon, Margaret;
WATKIN contd
                  *351 Wrexham Ruthin road Cemetery MIs: Ellis Watkin CUNLIFFE, Watkin SHONE
                   352 Flint:
                  *359 Rhosymedre: John Watkin WILLIAMS, Watkin WILLIAMS
                   359 Rhosymedre: John, Mary;
                  *360 Llangollen: Samuel William Watkin PRICE
                   360 Llangollen: Catherine Jane, John;
                  *361 Llangollen: Charles Watkin RICHARDS
                   361 Llangollen: Catharine, Catherine, Cathrine, John, John Robert, Robert;
                   363 Wrexham: Jane, John Thomas, Mary, Rowland;
                   366 Wrexham: Ann(e), Edward, Emma;
WATKIN contd
                   371 Llangollen: 25 Dec 1860 mar. by Banns of
                                                          Thomas WATKIN (well sinker) wdr/31 of Garth Trevor s/o Morgan WATKINS (sawyer)
                                                       & Elizabeth MORGAN wd/31 of Garth Trevor d/o John WILLLIAMS (butcher)
                                         14 May 1865 mar. of William WATKIN (joiner) ba/22 otp s/o Robert (joiner)
                                                                    & Emma EVANS sp/20 otp d/o John (joiner)
                                               (After Certificate of Marriage without Licence from the Superintendent Registrar)
                                           7 Apr 1873 mar. by Banns of
                                                             Robert TAYLOR (x) (collier) wdr/full of Garth, Trefor s/o Peter (collier)
                                                         & Mary EDWARDS (x) wid/full of Garth, Trefor d/o Nathaniel WATKIN (lab)
                   372 Wrexham: Evan;
                   374 Wrexham: 21 Jun 1837 bap/o Henry s/o John (collier) & Ann, Brymbo
                   378 Holywell: Edward, John, Thomas, Thos;
                   380 Wrexham: 29 Jan 1905 bap/o Harold Edward (b 28 Dec 1904) margin note: St. John's
                                                               s/o Joseph Edward (coachman) & Sarah Ann, Twmpath, Llwynon
WATKIN contd
                  *381 Llangollen: 23 Dec 1906 bap/o John David PRICE
                                                                    s/o Samuel William Watkin (bricklayer) & Nora Annie, 1 Ar non Terrace
                                          26 Jul 1908 bap/o Violet Annie PRICE
                                                                                d/o Samuel William Watkin (bricklayer) & Annie Norah, 1 John St.
                   381 Llangollen: Gwendolen Annie, Annie Elizabeth, Emma, Hilda Irene, John, Joseph Cecil, Joseph James, Laura,
                                          Mary Hazzard, Cyrus, Dorisie Mary Burroughs, William;
                   382 Llanynys: 12 Mar 1713/14 bur/o Blanch;
                   383 Ruthin: Blanch, Elizabeth, John, Katherine;
                   384 Wrexham: 12 Sep 1865 bur/o Ann, aged 3, Pentrefelyn
                   395 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant: 30 Jan 1756 bap/o John s/o Edward & Mary, Castellmarch
                                                                 27 Dec 1757 bap/o John s/o Thomas & Mary, Pennant
396 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant: 21 Nov 1755 bur/o Evan, Castell March
WATKIN contd
                   400 Wrexham; 22 Oct 1826 Edward WATKIN (x) & Anne WILLIAMS (x) wits. at mar. by Banns (wcop) of
                                                            Cadwaleder EVANS (x) (miner) wdr. & Mary JONES (x) sp., both otp
                   401 Wrexham: John;
                   407 Wrexham: Percy;
                  *410 Wrexham: 10 Jun 1825 bur/o Watkin Robert BARBER, Esq., aged 53, Chester Street
                                          24 Jul 1827 bur/o Watkin WILLIAMS, aged 62, Pentrefellen
                                          24 Jun 1829 bur/o Watkin SHONE, aged 65, abode - Bry.
                                          24 Dec 1829 bur/o Watkin ROGERS, aged 5 months, abode - Bry.
                   410 Wrexham: 19 Dec 1829 bur/o Elizabeth, aged 2 weeks, above - Bry.
                  *411 Wrexham: 20 Dec 1833 bur/o Watkin, aged 56, Brook Street
                   411 Wrexham: Ann, John;
                  *418 Wrexham: 17 Jun 1766 mar. by Banns of
                                                            Watkin PAYNIER/PAYNTER? (x) (miner) & Ellinor JONES (x) wid., both otp
                                                            Wits: Tho's EVES, John EDWARDS
                   440B,C Hawarden
                   449 Trelawnyd
WATKIN contd
                   450 Llanycil
                   451 Whitford
                   453A,B Ysceifiog
                   461B Mold
                   462 Bodfari
                  *466 Hawarden
                   468 Llandderfel
                   473A,B Llangower
                   474A Gresford
WATKIN contd
                   481 Whitford
                   485 Holywell
                   491A Henllan
                   500B Holywell
                   509 Dyserth
                   517C Llanasa: 20 Mar 1716/17 bur/o Jane, Trelogan
                   522 Holywell
Llansanffraid Glan Conway
                   525 Whitford
                   532 Llanrhaiadr yng Nghinmeirch
                   534 Bagillt
                   539 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant
                   544 Meliden
                   547 Flint
WATKIN contd
                   552B Wrexham: Robert, Will;
                   557 Llansilin: Edward, Evan, Griffith, John, Margaret, Rosa, Sinah Jane, Thomas;
                   558B Llandegla: 10 Dec 1870 mar by Banns of
                                             Thomas JONES (quarryman) ba/ofa of Tan Newyddion s/o Evan JONES (quarryman)
                                             & Anne WATKIN sp/ofa of Pentre Bwlch d/o John WATKIN (farmer)
                  *559B Rhosymedre: 24 Sep 1892 mar by Banns of
                                                    William WILLIAMS (collier) wdr/full of Cefn Mawr s/o Watkin WILLIAMS (collier)
                                                    & Jane HUGHES wid/full of Cefn Mawr d/o Hugh EVANS (lab)
                                                27 Dec 1813 mar by Banns of
                                                         Emmanuel WILLIAMS (platelayer) ba/23 of Ruabon
                                                                                              s/o John Watkin WILLIAMS (roadman)
                                                         & Margaret ROBERTS sp/25 otp (Rock Rd) d/o Robert ROBERTS (collier)
                   560p Llangollen: 30 Jan 1629/30 bap/o Agnes vch Edd ap Watkin
                   565B Esclusham: Joseph James, Willliam Cadwaladr;
                   567  Brymbo   25 Nov 1840 bur/o Ann, aged 34, otp
                                          9 Oct 1843 bur/o Susanna, aged 75, otp
                                         19 Dec 1846 bur/o Edward, aged 75, otp
                   576 Llansannan: 24 Aug 1834 bap/o Robert WATKIN s/o Robert (lab) & Anne, Llan
WATKIN contd
578 Ysceifiog (Baptisms 1813-1910) Vol 8
                                       Charlotte, Edward, Elizabeth, Isabella, John, Joseph, Mary, Peter, Phabe, Phebe, Robert.

14 Oct 1821 bap/o  Charlotte WATKIN (KENDRICK) illeg d/o
                                                      Edward KENDRICK (farmer) & Phabe WATKIN (servant) both of Garneddwen
                                       28 Mar 1835 bap/o John HUGHES (WATKIN) natural son of
                                                               Edward WATKIN (miner) & Phabe HUGHES, Village
579 Ysceifiog (Burials 1813-1910) Vol 10
                                         Arabella, Benjamin, Charlotte, Edward, Edwin, Elizabeth, Hannah, Jane, John,
                                         John Edward, Joseph, Judith, Mabella, Margaret Ann, Mary, Myfanwy, Phoebe,
                                         Robert, Sarah Alice, Thomas.
                   *583 Chirk: 17 Dec 1871 bap/o John Watkin ROWLEY (b 1 Oct)
                                                          s/o James (colliery manager) & Emma, Chirk Green
                    589 Gwersyllt: 20 Mar 1885 bur/o Rowland, aged 1 yr 9 mo., Rhosrobin
                                          13 Feb 1886 bur/o Benjamin, aged 10 weeks, Rhosrobin
WATKIN contd
                   Misc: Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): Samuel, Weaver, Dutton   1798
                             Pigot's Shropshire Directory 1828/9:
                                                         Newport: Tailor & clothes dealer: John Watkin, High st
                                                                       Wheelwright: Watkin Watkin, Water lane
                                                         Shrewsbury: Watkin Watkins, esq., Shotton
                                                         Wem: Blacksmiths: John Watkin, High st
                                                                                       Thomas Watkin, Dark lane
WATKIN contd
*308 Bodfari: 24 Jan 1767 bap/o Peter ROBERTS s/o Walking** & Mary (** Watking in transcription index)
     WATKINGES 459 Mold
     WATKINGS 459 Mold
     WATKINS  10 Overton:  20 Apr 1797 Ann WATKINS, Watkin WILLIAMS, Thos TOWSEY wits at mar by Banns of
                                                  John ROGERS & Elizabeth ROBERTS both otp
18 Jan 1830  Mar by Banns of Thomas SADLER & Mary WATKINS both otp
                                                                                  Wits: Edward WATKIN, Eliabveth CARTWRIGHT

                      26 Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd: Frances, Mary;
                      39 Halkyn: John, Margaret, Richard;
                      45 Denbigh: Mary, William;
52 Holywell: Anne, Sem;
                      53 Wrexham:
                      68 Ruabon:
                      83 Ruthin: Mary;
                    112 Halkyn:
                    157 Hanmer:
                    159 Holywell:
                    163 Ruabon:
                    169 Llanrhydd:
                    178 Ysceifiog:
                    191 Ruabon:
                    233 Llanfwrog: 5 Sep 1829 mar. by Banns of Edward EVANS ba. & Margaret EVANS (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                     Wits: John THOMAS, Mary WATKINS (x)
                    239 Llangar:
                    253    A Llanfawr: 4 Mar 1797 bap/o Jane d/o Robert (Gent) & Jane, Nantlleidiog
                                        6 May 1800 bap/o Magdalen & Mary tw.ds/o Robert (Gent) & Jane, Nantlleidiog
  B Llanfawr: 28 Apr 1807 mar. by Lic. of John WATKINS & Anne MORRIS (x) sp., both otp
                             C Llanfawr: John;
                    259 Betws Gwerfyl Goch:
                    273 Trelawnyd:
                    304B Wrexham: Ann;
                    306 Holywell:
                    315 Ruabon:
                    322 Llanfor:
                    340 Mold:
                    349B Ysceifiog: John, Mary;
                    359 Rhosymedre: David, Mary, Thomas;
                    361 Llangollen: Catharine, Jane, John;
                    366 Wrexham: Jane, Morgan;
                    371 Llangollen:
25 Dec 1860 mar. by Banns of
                                                                Thomas WATKIN (well sinker) wdr/31 of Garth Trevor s/o Morgan WATKINS (sawyer)
                                                             & Elizabeth MORGAN wd/31 of Garth Trevor d/o John WILLLIAMS (butcher)
                                          10 Mar 1862 mar. by Banns of Francis ROBERTS (miner) ba/21 of Cys. s/o William (miner)
                                                                                   & Ellen WATKINS sp/23 of Cys. d/o Edward (mine agent)
                    372 Wrexham: Elisabeth, Elizabeth, Frances;
                    373 Wrexham: Charles;
                    378 Holywell: John, Mary;
                    380 Wrexham: David, Florence Elizabeth, John Owen, Mary Ann, Thomas Owen;
                    382 Llanynys: 21 Jan 1635 bur/o Jane;
                    383 Ruthin: 16 Jun 1700 bur/o John (smith)
                    386 Ruabon: 23 Feb 1849 mar. by Banns of David WATKINS (x) (lab) ba. of Cefn s/o John (lab)
                                                                                & Mary RICHARDS (x) sp. of cefn d/o Edward (lab)
                                         3 Jun 1849 mar. by Banns of Thomas WATKINS (x) (mason) ba. otp s/o William (mason)
                                                                                & Ann EDWARDS (x) sp. otp d/o Thomas (lab)
                    391 Colwyn: Ethel May, Eva Ann, George Henry, John Godfrey, William Henry;
                    393 Wrexham: 23 Jan 1877 bur/o John, infant, Rhosddu
                                          27 Oct 1883 bur/o John, aged 50, Charles St.

                 *400 Wrexham: Watkins SHEFTON wit. at four marriages in 1830
                  400 Wrexham:  8 Jul 1827 mar. by Banns (wcop) of
                                                         Edward WATKINS (x) (collier) ba. & Anne BOSTOCK (x) sp., both otp
                                                         Wits: Edward HUGHES (x), Hannah HUGHES (x)
                                         3 May 1828 mar. by Banns (wcop) of
                                                           James SCOTT (paper maker) ba. & Sarah WATKINS (x) sp., both otp
                                                           Wits: John WILLIAMS, Mary WATKINS (x)
                  403 Holywell: Dd;
                  404 Wrexham: J. Owen;
                  405 Wrexham: David, Harold, Mary Maria;
                  406 Wrexham: Ann;

                  411 Wrexham: 10 Oct 1834 bur/o Amelia, aged 22, Brymbo
                  413 Mold: 5 Sep 1819 bur/o Sarah LEWIS, aged 29 of Bistre (Offic. Minister: John WATKINS)
                  416 Ruabon: 26 Jul 1887 mar. by Lic.
                                                       John TIBBETT (lab) ba/22 of Pentre Rhosmadoc s/o Joseph TIBBETT (lab)
                                                       & Mary Elizabeth WATKINS sp/26 of Llangedwyn d/o John WATKINS (lab)
                                     10 Apr 1902 mar. by Banns
                                         Charles Thomas WATKINS (packer) ba/28 of Battersea s/o William Edward WATKINS (dec. packer)
                                         & Annie JONES sp/26 otp d/o Edward JONES (glazier)
                                       8 Sep 1902 mar. by Banns
                                                         John WATKINS (lab) ba/26 of Ponkey s/o David WATKINS (farmer)
                                                         & Mary WILLIAMS sp/27 of Johnstown d/o Ellis WILLIAMS (dec. farmer)
                  431 Llangollen: Elizabeth;
                  433 Llangollen: Margaret;
                  449 Trelawnyd
                  450 Llanycil
                  453B Ysceifiog
                  456 Llansannan
                  460 Mold
                  469 Llandrillo yn Edeirnion
                  473A Llangower
                  474A Gresford
                  487 Gwersyllt
                  490 Chirk
                  492 Holywell
                  500B Holywell
                  502 Llandderfel
                  522 Holywell
                  533B Overton
                  534 Bagillt
                  538A Llangar
                       B Llangar
                       C Llangar
                       D Llangar
                  542A Eglwys bach
                  543B Llanfor
                  548 Llandrillo yn Edeirnion:
                  557 Llansilin: 18 Jan 1816 bap/o Maria -/o Thomas (lab) & Anne, Llanyblodwell
                 *558B Llandegla: 29 Mar 1910 mar by Banns of
                                                     James Ernest WILLIAMS (grocer) ba/29 of Harpton Villa, Tremont Rd, Llandrindod Wells
                                                                                         s/o John Watkins WILLIAMS (dec. farmer)
                                                     & Janet DAVIES sp/19 otp (Bryn Dwr) d/o William DAVIES (shoemaker)
                  568 Brymbo 21 Mar 1873 bur/o Ann, aged 70, Mount Pleasant, Broughton
578 Ysceifiog (Baptisms 1813-1910) Vol 8
                                      Balla, Benjamin, Charlotte, Edward, Hannah, John, Joseph, Margaret, Mary, Phabe,  Phoebe,
                                     Robert, Thomas.
579 Ysceifiog (Burials 1813-1910) Vol 10
                                       Benjamin, Charlotte, Edward, Gladys May, John, Sarah, Thomas.
                  585 Gwersyllt: 28 Apr 1877 bap/o George Clarence
                                                                           s/o George Stafford (boiler maker) & Elizabeth Mary Ann, Summerhill
                                          9 Oct 1887 bap/o Georgina Eliza WATKINS (-----)
                                                                            d/o ----- & Ellen WATKINS (single woman), Summerhill
                  588 Gwersyllt: 1 Jun 1905 bap/o Thomas (b 13 Apr) s/o John (collier) & Elizabeth, Rose Cottages, Bradley
                  589 Gwersyllt: 11 Jul 1877 bur/o George Clarence, aged 14 weeks, Summerhill
                  Misc: North Wales 1835 Carnarvon: Mrs --- Watkins, Llanfair
                                                      Llanfair: Dress/Straw Hat Maker: Margaret Watkins
                                                      Pwllheli: Crown and Anchor (and posting house), John Watkins, High st
                                                                     Maltster: John Watkins, High st
                                                                     Tanner: John Watkins, High st
Shropshire 1828/9 Shrewsbury: Watkin Watkins, esq., Shotton
                                                                            Ironmonger: James Watkins, Mardol
WATKIN contd
    WATKIS  306 Holywell:
                  415 Northop: 18 Oct 1757 mar. by Banns of John WATKIS (x) & Jane BARTLEY (x), both otp
                                                                                  Wits: Edward WILD (x), Charles JONES
                  426 Hanmer: Mary, Sarah;
                  492 Holywell
                  521 St Asaph
                  Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Shrewsbury: Price Watkis, esq., Abbey foregate
    WATKISS  22 Hawarden: 24 Jun 1830 bur/o Frances, infant d/o James (engine smith) & Ann, Mancot
                      24 Hawarden: Anne, Fanny, James, Jesse, William;
                      31 Hawarden: Ann(e), Elizabeth, Frances, James, Martha, Mary, Richard;
                      32 Hawarden: Anne, Fanny, James, William;
                      40 Hawarden: Elizabeth, Martha;
                      44 Denbigh: Richard;
                     132 Hanmer:
Misc:  Shropshire 1828/9 Wem: John Watkiss, High st
WATKIN contd
     WATKYN  *82 Nerquis:
                     252 Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog:
                    *296 Rhuddlan:
                    *315 Ruabon: 23 Apr 1876 bap/o Stanley Watkyn DAVIES (b 18 ---)
                                                                                         s/o Charles (goods-foreman at Ry station) & Sarah
                     363 Wrexham: Alfred, Mary, Percy;
     WATTCKIN 469 Llandrillo yn Edeirnion
     WATTKIN 383 Ruthin: 8 Dec 1732 mar/o John FRANSIS otp & Margaret WATTKIN otp
     WHATKISS 165 Ruabon:  

WATKINSON 40 Hawarden: Joseph, Margaret, Thomas;
                    *52 Holywell: Alice Watkinson BRADLEY
                    159 Holywell:
                    353 Pentrobin:
                   *393 Wrexham: 12 Jul 1884 bur/o Thomas Watkinson GRIGG, aged 36, 32 Cambridge Terrace
                    440A,C Hawarden


     WATLINS 538A Llangar
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): Humphrey, Yeo, Aston  1702


     WADDESDON possibly see also
     WATON 173 Holt: Roger;
     WATSON   6 Isycoed: 1670 Householder in Dutton Diffaeth: Richard Watson
                    10 Overton: 11 Jun 1791 mar by Lic of William WATSON & Ann CLAY both otp
                                                                            Wits: Edwd ROBERTS, Thos MARTIN, Rodk WARD
                    18 Hawarden
(Baptisms 1811-1820) Vol 17
                                                       Harriett (parent)
                   *24 Hawarden: Thomas Watson DAVIES
                    31 Hawarden:
                         15 Aug 1822 bap/o Emma Henrietta BOYDELL (born 10 Mar 1821)
                                                                                   d/o Samuel (fmr) & Harriet (WATSON), of Manor House
                         10 Oct 1825 bap/o Benjamin Peter PARRY (WATSON)
                                                          base s/o Joseph WATSON (Merchant Clerk) & Jane PARRY of Liverpool
Chester, St. Olave 2 Nov 1794 bap/o Joseph s/o John WATSON (stone cutter) & Julia, his wife
                                                     ( 76 Mold 25 Dec 1802 bap/o Jane PARRY (b 2 Dec) d/o James PARRY by Ruth his wife (d/o John JONES))
                                            (Lancashire 1828/29 Liverpool PH (Letters) Joseph Watson PARRY, Porter Street)
                                            (Details to Joan Borrowscale via Facebook/Clwyd FHS 27 Sept 2019))
 38 Wrexham: Eliz(th), John, Mary, Wm;
                    39 Halkyn: Anne, Elizabeth;
                    40 Hawarden: Elizabeth;
                    42 Holywell (Burials 1813-1828): Jane, Mary, Robert, Thomas (3);
                    45 Denbigh: Cornelius, Elin, Elizabeth, Ellis, John, Margaret, Robert;
WATSON contd
                   *49 Holywell:

                          15 Jul 1838 Joseph Watson s/o William GREGORY(shoe mkr) & Marianne of Manchester
                    49 Holywell:
                           4 Nov 1832 bap/o Mary d/o William (farmer) & Maria
                         11 Feb 1834 bap/o Thomas s/o William (tanner) & Maria
                         23 Oct 1835 bap/o Robert s/o William (barker) & Maria
                        27 May 1836 bap/o John Maxwell s/o John (victualler) & Rose (FISH) of Greenfield
                          15 Jul 1838 bap/o Joseph s/o William (tanner) & Maria
                          26 Jul 1840 bap/o Mary d/o William (tanner) & Maria
WATSON contd
                    51 Holywell:
                                 27 Feb 1830 bur/o Letitia aged 64
                                   2 Mar 1833 bur/o William aged 2
                                   6 Mar 1836 bur/o Robert aged 5 mths
                                 26 Jun 1836 bur/o Mary aged 3
                                 10 Jul 1836 bur/o Hannah aged 6
                                   9 Feb 1837 bur/o Joseph aged 64
                    52 Holywell:
                         11 Jun 1830 bap/o Hannah d/o Joseph (carrier) & Margt
WATSON contd
                    53 Wrexham:
                         11 Nov 1810 bap/o Gabriel (born 23 Sep) s/o Joseph (sawyer) & Ann of Wrexham Regis
                         14 Jun 1812 bap/o Mary (born 29 May) d/o Joseph & Ann of Wrexham Regis
                    59 Erbistock:
                          Ann(e), Charles, Frances, George, James Eyton, Jane Biddulph, John Wallon, Kenrick,
                          Mariana, Will'm, William, Wm;
                    62 Flint: 14 Aug 1783 mar by Lic. of John Barnes WATSON ba of Wem SAL & Charlotte SEAMAN sp otp
                                                                         Wits: Margaret SEAMAN, Crewe DAVIES
                                 11 Aug 1792 mar by Banns of Robert STENDER (x) ba of Halkin & Mary HUTCHFIELD sp otp
                                                                              Wits: Robert WATSON, Jno LEWIS
                    74 Flint: Alice, Charlotte, John Barnes, Louisa, Thomas Seaman, William Henry;
WATSON contd
                   116 Llansilin: Hannah, Jane, Robert, Robt., Sarah, Thomas, Thos.;
                   118 Mold: Arthur, Robert;
                  *124 Mold: John Watson REES
                   124 Mold:
                   138 Wrexham:
                           8 May 1789 bur/o Mary of Wrexham Abbot                         
                          17 Apr 1791 bap/o Joseph (born 6th) s/o Gabriel (braxier) & Sara of Wrexham Regis
                         19 May 1793 bur/o Mary of Wrexham Regis
                             7 Jul 1794 bap/o Frances d/o John (soldier) & Barbra of Wrexham Abbot
                          17 Jan 1795 bap/o Gabriel (born 16th) s/o Gabriel (tinman) & Sarah of Wrexham Regis
                          25 Dec 1798 bur/o Geo. of Wrexham Regis
WATSON contd
                   151 Hanmer: John, William, Wm;
                   152 Hanmer: Elizabeth, George, James, John, Lydia, Mary, Richard, Robert, Thomas, William;
                   156 Hanmer: Anne, Elizabeth, John, Martha, Mary, Wm.;
                   157 Hanmer: Elizabeth, Mary, William;
                   158 Holywell:
                          14 Nov 1774 bap/o Elizth d/o Joseph & Mary
                            3 Oct 1776 bap/o Elizth d/o Robt & Jane
                          25 Oct 1777 bap/o Thos. s/o Joseph & Mary
                           8 Mar 1780 bap/o Robt s/o Robt & Jane
                          18 Apr 1786 bap/o Cornelius s/o Robt & jane
                         16 May 1786 bap/o Mary d/o Joseph & Mary
                            1 Nov 1788 bap/o Mary d/o Joseph & ----
WATSON contd
                   159 Holywell: John, Mary;
                   162 Overton: Ann, Phillip(s), Sarah, Thomas, William, Willm;
                   167 Gresford: Martha;
                   172 Holt: Leonard;
                   173 Holt:
Abraham, Eusebius, John;
                   174 Holt: Lanord, Mary;
                  *189 Holywell: 17 Aug 1805 bap/o Mary Watson MILES (b 16) d/o James & Elizth
                   189 Holywell:

                           1 Sep 1793 bap/o Joseph s/o Joseph & Mary
                         20 Mar 1795 bap/o Edwd s/o Wm & Ann
                         14 Oct 1795 bap/o Margt d/o Joseph & Mary
                         28 Jan 1798 bap/o Tho. s/o Joseph & Mary
                           9 Mar 1800 bap/o Wm. s/o Joseph & Mary
                         19 Sep 1802 bap/o Mary d/o Joseph & Mary
                         30 Oct 1803 bap/o Mary DANIEL (born 15th) d/o Robert & Elizth (WATSON)
                         10 Mar 1805 bap/o Margt (born 3rd) d/o Joseph & Mary (HUGHES)
                         13 Jun 1806 bap/o Elizth DANIEL (born 7th) d/o Robt & elizth (WATSON)
                           5 Apr 1807 bap/o Wm. (born 1st) s/o Joseph 7 mary (HUGHES)
                        18 Sep 1808 bap/o Jane DANIEL (born 8th) d/o Robt. & Elizth (WATSON)
                        18 Jun 1809 bap/o Elizth (born 4th) d/o Joseph & Mary (HUGHES)
WATSON contd
                   191 Ruabon: Gabriel;
                   194 Halkyn:
                            30 Jul 1769 bur/o William
                             6 Apr 1771 bur/o Joseph
                            19 Jul 1772 bap/o Sarah d/o Joseph & Elizabeth
                             1 Apr 1773 bur/o Sarah d/o Joseph
                           21 Sep 1774 bur/o Elizabeth
                          15 Oct 1775 bap/o John s/o Robert & Jane
                            8 Jun 1777 bap/o Jane d/o Robet & Jane
                          15 Jul 1779 bur/o Alice
                          21 Aug 1779 bur/o Jane d/o Robert
                          19 Aor 1789 bur/o Catherine of Pentre
WATSON contd
                   195 Holywell:
                            3 Sep 1813 bap/o John WATSON (OLDFIELD) base s/o John OLDFIELD (shoe mkr) & Ellen WATSON
                           28 Oct 1825 bap/o Jane d/o Joseph (lab) & Margt
                   197 Hanmer: Ann, Richard, Robert, Thomas, William;
                   201 Wrexham:
                          11 Sep 1809 mar/o Joseph WATSON (x) (sawyer) ba. of Wrexham Regis   by Banns
                                                       Ann LEWIS (x) sp. of Wrexham Regis
                                                       Wits: Richd ROBERTS (x), Alice JONES (x)
                   207 Hanmer: Elizabeth, John, Lydia, Mary;
                   218 Llangollen:
                          31 Jan 1813 bap/o Martha d/o Edward (weaver) & Mary of Llangollen Abbot
                          18 Jan 1829 bap/o Catherine d/o James (cotton spinner) & Ann of Trefor Ichaf
                   219  Penley: John;
                   234 Minera: 29 Oct 1852 bap/o John s/o Thomas (miner) & Mary of Pen y Gelli
                   243 Hanmer: Ann, Edwin, George Harold, Jane, Margaret, Martha, Mary Anne, Mary, Richard,
                                       Robert, Robert Williams, Thomas, William;
                   267 Ruthin: 
                          Charles, Samuel;
WATSON contd
                   289 Gwernaffield:
                          23 Dec 1894 bap/o Maria Elizabeth (born 29th Oct) d/o Charles (gardener) & Frances of Tyddyn ?Daniel
                   292 Rhosymedre:
                          18 Feb 1864 bap/o Mary d/o Henry (commercial traveller) & Mary of Ruabon
                   293 Hawarden: Susanna;
                   304 Wrexham:
                          13 Sep 1745 mar/o John WATSON (Mr) & Anne WRIGHT (Mrs), St Peter, Chester  by Lic            
                          11 Oct 1746 bap/o Joseph s/o Joseph (miner) of Minera
                           29 Jul 1750 bap/o Robt & Wm (born 27th) ss/o Joseph (miner) of Minera
                   306 Holywell:
                          30 Dec 1764 bap/o Gabriel s/o Joseph & Mary
                              5 Jul 1767 bap/o Thomas s/o Joseph & Mary
                           26 Nov 1769 bap/o John s/o Robert & Jane
                           25 Feb 1770 bap/o Mary d/o Robert & Jane
                           18 Aug 1771 bap/o Joseph s/o Edward & Elenor
                           18 Aug 1771 bap/o Joseph s/o Robert & Jane
                           20 Nov 1772 bap/o Joseph. s/o Joseph. & Mary
WATSON contd
                  314 Rhosllanerchrugog:
                           3 Nov 1861 bap/o William s/o Joseph (collier) & Eliz'th
                          13 Nov 1864 bap/o Deborah d/o Joseph (collier) & Elizabeth
                          10 Feb 1867 bap/o Maria d/o Joseph (collier) & Elizabeth
                          15 Aug 1869 bap/o William s/o Joseph (collier) & Elizabeth
                   315 Ruabon:
                          17 Apr 1897 bap/o John (P.B.) s/o James (groom) & Harriet of Rhosmadoc
                   316 Flint: Allice, Robt;
                   324 LLysfaen: Eva, Henrietta Johnstone Pool, James, Lilly, Mary Gertrude, Thomas, William Henry;
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Sarah Watson JONES
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Catherine, Thomas;
                   351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: Charles, Fanny, John, Rebecca, Thomas Creswell;
                   356 Ruabon: Sarah Ann;
                   357 Holywell St. James Churchyard MIs: Maria, Mary, Robert, Willm;
                  *358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Margaretta Watson HUNT, Jane Watson ROBERTS
                   358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Betty;
WATSON contd
                  *364 Wrexham: Susanah Watson BARKER
                   364 Wrexham: Mary Cecilia;
                   365 Wrexham:
                            6 Mar 1814 bap/o George s/o Joseph (sawyer) & Anne of Wrexham Regis
                           21 Dec 1817 bap/o Joseph s/o Joseph (sawyer) & Ann of Hope Street
                   366 Wrexham: Mary, Sarah, William;
                   370 Wrexham: Eleanor, Eliza, Emily, Frances Kate, Hannah, John Lucas, Mary Aurelia, Robert Edmund John,
                          Robert George, William;
                   372 Wrexham:
                           15 Dec 1822 mar/o Gabriel WATSON (cooper) wdr. otp (with consent of parents)
                                                        Jane HUGHES (x) sp. otp
                                                        Wits: Philip DAVIES, Hannah PHILIPS (x)
WATSON contd
                   373 Wrexham: 
                             18 Feb 1820 bur/o Sarah aged 8 weeks of Hope Street
                               5 Sep 1821 bur/o Joseph aged 3 of Hope Street
                   374 Wrexham: 12 Jul 1837 bap/o Joseph s/o Gabriel (sawyer) & Elizabeth, Brook Street
                   375 Wrexham: 3 Apr 1870 bap/o John William s/o John Lucas (buglar in R Denbigh Militia) & Eliza, Brook St
                   376 Pentrefoelas: 16 Apr 1881 bap/o Elizabeth d/o James (blacksmith) & Mary, Rhydlydan
                  *379 Wrexham: 31 Jul 1897 bap/o Lucy WILLIAMS (b 26 Apr)
                                                                         d/o Ezekiel Watson (lab) & Charlotte Elizabeth, 9 Bury St
                   379 Wrexham:  9 Oct 1898 bap/o Winifred Frances (b 13 Aug)
                                                                                     d/o John William (bottler) & Mary Ann, 5 Villier's Street
                                         20 May 1900 bap/o John Lucas (b 29 Apr) s/o John William (bottler) & Mary Anne, 5 Villers St
                   383 Ruthin: Charles, Elizabeth;
                   384 Wrexham: 13 Mar 1867 bur/o George, aged 75, Union
                   386 Ruabon: 23 Nov 1850 mar. by Banns of William PUGH (x) (nailer) ba/27 of Gardden s/o Edward (nailer)
                                                                               & Martha WATSON sp/25 of Bodylltyn d/o Thomas (farmer)
WATSON contd
                  *391 Colwyn: 27 Feb 1889 mar. by Lic. of Charles Watson SYKES (wine merchant) ba/f of St. Pancras, London
                                                                                                                  s/o John (gent)
                                                                      & Emma Stuart DAVIES sp/f of Colwyn d/o Jenkin (Clerk in Holy Orders)
                   393 Wrexham: John Lucas, Joseph, Sarah;
                   399 Wrexham: Anne, Edward, Garbriel, Jane, Joseph, Sarah;
                   400 Wrexham: 25 Dec 1824 Gabriel WATSON, William HUGHES (x) & James COWPER
                                                                                       wits. at mar. by Banns (wcop) of
                                                             Robert HUGHES (x) (smith) ba. & Catherine HUGHES (x) sp., both otp
                                         21 Apr 1828 Gabriel WATSON & Margaret JONES (x) wits. at mar. by Banns (wcop) of
                                                            Walter ROGERS ba. & Elizabeth JONES (x) sp., both otp
                                         17 Aug 1830 Jane WATSON & Thomas EDWARDS wits. at mar. by Banns (wcof) of
                                                            David HUGHES (x) ba. & Mary COOK sp., both otp
                  *401 Wrexham: 31 Oct 1831 mar. by Banns (wcof) of Watson Thomas DAVIES wdr. & Sarah VOYCE, both otp
                                                                                               Wits: Evan M-----------, Elizabeth MORRIS (x)
WATSON contd
                   404 Wrexham: John Lucas;
                   407 Wrexham: James;
408 Bangor-on-Dee: Willliam;
                   410 Wrexham: Gabriel, Sarah;
                   411 Wrexham: 16 May 1834 bur/o Jane, aged 41, Brook Street
                   412 Wrexham: 14 Apr 1854 bur/o Rebecca, aged 89, King Street
                   415 Northop:  7 Feb 1761 mar. by Banns of William KENRICK (x) & Elizabeth WATSON (x), both otp
                                                                                  (No witnesses named in transcription)
                                      14 Feb 1779 mar. by Lic. of Edward JONES ba. of Holywell & Catherine WILLIAMS sp. otp
                                                                               Wits: John LLOYD, John WATSON
                   420A Halkyn: 10 Sep 1753 mar/o Thos. JONES & Eliz. WATSON
                        B Halkyn (burials): Arthur, Elizabeth, Jonet, Robt.
                   425A Hanmer: 11 Feb 1633/34 mar/o Henry WATSON & Elnor MATHEW
                         B Hanmer: Ales;
                   426 Hanmer: Elizabeth, Richard, William;
WATSON contd
                   430 Llangollen: Edw'd, Mary;
                   434A Bangor-on-Dee: Hannah;
                   438A Broughton: William;
                   441B Hope: John, Richard;
                   445 Wrexham
                   452A Whitford
                   455C Llanrwst: 13 May 1785 mar by Banns of
                                                                 Robert WATSON ba & Elizabeth EVANS sp both otp
                                                                 Wits: Henry EDWARDS, Robert THOMAS
                   462 Bodfari
                   465A Halkyn
                   467 Holywell
WATSON contd
                   474B Gresford
                   485 Holywell
                   487 Gwersyllt
                   492 Holywell
                   500B Holywell
                   534 Bagillt
                   535 Buckley
                   547 Flint
                   552B Wrexham: Samuel;
                        D Wrexham: 10 Mar 1704/05 bur/o Usebius s/o John (lead smelter), Pentre Velin Newydd
                                            18 Apr 1708 bur/o Richard, child of Robert, Erlas
                  *553 Gresford: 24 Aug 1896 bur/o Christiana Watson SYKES, aged 76 yrs, Croeshowel
                   553 Gresford: Frederick Marshall;
WATSON contd
                   571C Cerrigydrudion: 29 Apr 1905 bur/o James, aged 65 years, Tynrhyd
                   572 Broughton:  7 Feb 1825 bap/o William Henry BOYDELL (b 5 Feb )
                                                               s/o Samuel (Gentleman farmer) & Harriet (WATSON), Manor Hall
577 Overton (Baptisms 1813-1839) Vol 6
                                      Charles George, Edward John Barnes, George Barnet, John Barnet, Louisa Anne,
                                      Susan Elizabeth, Susanna Eliza, Susannah Eliza, Thomas Edwards.
580 Bagillt (Baptisms 1839-1911) Vol 1

                                   21 Jun 1900 bap/o Margaret Watson ROBERTS d/o Th omas (lab) & Jane
                                   28 Jun 1900 bap/o Rachel & Frances Margaret GARRATT
                                                                                 ds/o John Henry (collier) & Marian Watson
                                     9 mAR 1902 bap/o Horatio Watson LLOYD
                                                                             s/o Samuel (coal merchant) & Sarah Maria, otp (Gwalia House)
                                   14 Jan 1903 bap/o Emily Maud Watson GARRETT
                                                       d/o John Henry (collier) & Mariah Watson, otp (Whelstone Cottages)
                                   Edwin Charles, Ellen, Frederick, George, Heziah, Jane, Jane Eva, Keziah Mary,
                                   Mary Ellen, Mary Eva, Sarah Maria, Thomas, Thomas Howell.
WATSON contd
                   Misc: North Wales 1835 Flint: Captain --- Watson                                        
                                                       Mold: Hat manufacturer: James Watson, High st
                             1841 Census Wrexham Town: Hope Street: George   40   Cordwainer   born in County
1881 Census Saltney, Cheshire/Flintshire
                             Gresford MIs: Christiana Watson SYKES
                                                  Grave List 1920?  Row No. 27 No. 1 (Rackery)
WATSON (Misc) contd
                             Shropshire 1828/9 Ellesmere: Surgeons: James & Watson, High st
                                                        Shrewsbury: Attorney: Jno. Wm. Watson, Wyle cop
                                                                           Maltster: Richard Watson, Knucking st
                                                                           Milliner/dress maker: Elizabeth Watson, Swan hill
                                                        Whitchurch: Edw. Watson, esq., Territ hall
                                                                          Attorney: Williams Hill Watson (clerk to the commissioners
                                                                                          of taxes, & deputy lieutenant) St.Mary's st
                                                                          Surgeon: Gerard Watson, Doddington
                             Lancashire 1828/29 Directory: Liverpool: Public House (Letters): Joseph Watson PARRY, Porter street
     WATTSON 422 Hanmer: 16 Sep 1579 bap/o Joan d/o Gruffith  (bur same day)
     WATTSONE 422 Hanmer: 18 May 1578 bap/o Anne d/o Frannces & ---------, of Chircke

Watton (Bere Ferrers), Devon; Dorset; Hertfordshire; Humberside; Norfolk;
     WATHEN 456 Llansannan
                    511 Llansannan
     Watten, Highlands
     WATTEN 375 Wrexham: 31 Jan 1875 bap/o Alice Elizabeth d/o John (brick maker) & Alice, Offa Terrace
                    459 Mold
                    552B Wrexham: Mary, Rich;
     WATTON  30 Wrexham: James;
                    359: Catherine Jane, John;
                    375 Wrexham: 19 Mar 1873 bap/o Sarah Ann d/o John (brick maker) & Alice, Offa Terrace
                    440C Hawarden
                    585 Gwersyllt (Baptisms 1851-1888) Vol 1
                                         Alice, Annie Louise, Bertha, Flora, John, John Thomas.
                    Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Shrewsbury: Bookseller/stationer/printer: John Watton, St. John's hill
                                                                           Fire etc. Office Agent: Atlas  John Watton, St. John's hill
                                                                           Newspaper: Salop Chronicle (Friday), John Watton, St. John's hill


WAUGH traditiionally a Border surname, found both on the English and the Scottish sides, its derivation is the
              Old English wealh 'a foreigner'. The name is now found mainly in Glasgow and Edinburgh.
     WAUGH 582 Bistre: 11 Jan 1852 bap/o John s/o Joseph (collieer) & Jane


River Waveney

River Waver, Cumbria


Wawne, East Riding of Yorkshire
     WAWN 440B Hawarden


Waye, Devon; Dorset;  (River Wey)
WAYE (possibly see WEARE also)
     WAY 198 Mold: 20 Jan 1841 bap/o William s/o Joseph (collier) & Jane, Bistree
                             22 Apr 1843 bap/o Peter s/o Joseph (lab) & Jane, Bistree
              247 Llanfwrog: 19 Mar 1692/93 bur/o Anne d/o John
              291 Llysfaen: 9 Jan 1822 mar. by Lic. of Ralph FOGG, Esq., wdr of Stockport CHE
                                                                         & Emma Barbara PIERCE sp. otp (wcop)
                                                                          Wits: Eliza PIERCE, John WAY
              293 Hawarden: 17 Apr 1801 bap/o John s/o Joseph (collier) & Susannah (MUNNERLEY), Moor
              366 Wrexham: 8 Nov 1829 bap/o Joseph & William ss/o Joseph (papermaker) & Elizabeth, Bersham
              385 Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr: 22 Jul 1843 bur/o Elizabeth, aged 66, The Rectory
WAYE / WAY contd
              400 Wrexham: 8 Nov 1828 mar. by Banns (wcof) of
                                                      Joseph WAY (paper maker) wdr. & Elizabeth PRICE (x) sp., both otp
                                                      Wits: John PUTTENHURST? & Charlotte PRICE (x)
              410 Wrexham: 28 Aug 1830 bur/o Joseph, aged 11 months, Rhostyllen
              Misc: Gloucestershire 1830 Bristol: from list of Dyers/Calenderers etc.: John WAY, Quay st.
                       Oxfordshire 1830 Oxford: Grocers/tea dealers: Richardson & WAY, Corn market
                                                Thame: Gentry: Mrs Sarah WAY
                                                Woodstock: Rev. William WAY, Glympton park
                       South Wales 1835 Tenby: Hair dresser: John WAY
     WAYE 386 Ruabon: 9 Aug 1850 mar. by Banns of
                                             William WAYE (joiner) ba/20 of Penygardden s/o Joseph (paper manufacturer)
                                           & Mary BAYLEY sp/23 of Rhosllanerchrugog d/o Robert (lab)
     WAYSEY 518 Llangollen
     weg (Saxon) = way/road
     WEIGH 16 Hawarden
(Marriages & Burials 1811-1820) Vol 18
                             Edward, Elizabeth, Ellen, Esther, Mary, Ralph, Robert, Sydney, Thomas, William, Wm;
                   18 Hawarden: 25 Jan 1811 bap/o Jane JONES (b 23 Dec 1810) d/o Samuel (collier) & Sydney (WEIGH), Ewloe
                                       7 Apr 1811 bap/o John WILLIAMS (b 16 Mar) s/o William (lab) & Elizabeth (WEIGH)
                                      17 Nov 1811 bap/o Elizabeth (b 3) d/o William (collier) & Mary (MILLINGTON), Ewloe
                                      26 Mar 1813 bap/o Rebecca JONES (b 4) d/o Samuel (collier) & Sydney (WEIGH). Ewloe
                                      27 May 1814 bap/o William (b 5) s/o William (collier) & Mary (MILLINGTON), Ewloe
                                       1 Mar 1815 bap/o Sydney (b 14 Feb) d/o Robert (farmer) & Sarah (JONES), Ewloe
                                       1 May 1814 bap/o Edward WILLIAMS (b 18 Apr) s/o William (lab) & Elizabeth (WEIGH)
                                     31 Mar 1815 bap/o Samuel JONES (b 21) s/o Samuel (collier) & Sydney (WEIGH), Ewloe
                                     27 Nov 1816 bap/o Edward (b 3 Oct) s/o Robert (lab) & Sarah (JONES), Ewloe
                                     13 Feb 1818 bap/o John JONES (b 20 Jan) s/o Samuel (collier) & Sidney (WEIGH), Ewloe
                                     29 May 1818 bap/o Joseph (b 28 Feb) s/o Robert (lab) & Sarah (JONES), Ewloe
                                      9 Jan 1820 bap/o Samuel (b 26 Dec 1819) s/o Robert (lab) & Sarah (JONES), Wood Lane
                 22 Hawarden
(Marriages & Burials 1821-1830) Vol 20
                                                 Elizabeth, Jane, Mary, Robert, William;
                *24 Hawarden: Thomas Weigh HEWITT
                 24 Hawarden: Elizabeth, Hugh, Jane, Martha, Robert, Sarah, Stephen;
WAYE / WEIGH contd
                 31 Hawarden: Elizabeth, Jane, John, Mary, Robert, Sarah, Sidney, Thomas;
                 32 Hawarden: Anne, Elizabeth, Martha, William, Willm;
                 40 Hawarden: Edward, Elizabeth, Jane, John, Maria, Mary;
                118 Mold: 7 May 1747 mar. by Lic. of Robert WEIGH of Hawarden & Catherine JONES otp
                119 Mold: 15 Apr 1780 bap/o Willm. s/o Thos. & Eliz., Bistree
                124 Mold: 7 May 1779 mar. by Lic. of Thomas WEIGH (x) of Hawarden & Elizabeth EVANS (x) otp
                                                                        Wits: Thomas PROBERT (x), Geo. EDWARDS
                137 Northop: 12 Mar 1809 bap/o William JONES (WEIGH)
                                                                             base s/o William WEIGH of Ewloe & Catherine JONES of Wepre
                                     7 May 1809 bap/o Cathrne EDWARDS (WEIGH)
                                                                                     base d/o Thomas WEIGH of H. & Arabella EDWDS of N.
                168 Hope: 24 Sep 1731 bap/o Thomas s/o Thomas, of Plas in Trimmley
WAYE / WEIGH contd
                293 Hawarden: 25 Mar 1801 bap/o William HEWITT s/o William (farmer) & Ann (WEIGH), Shotton
                                      14 Feb 1802 bap/o Mary ELLIS d/o John (lab) & Mary (WEIGH), Mancot
                                      22 Sep 1802 bap/o Samuel WILLIAMS s/o William (lab) & Eliz. (WEIGH) otp
                                      14 Oct 1803 bap/o Ellin HEWITT d/o William (farmer) & Ann (WEIGH), Shotton
                                      24 Feb 1804 bap/o John ELLIS s/o John (lab) & Mary (WEIGH), Mancot
                                      29 Apr 1804 bap/o Jane d/o William (collier) & Mary (MILLINGTON), Ewloe
                                      19 Dec 1804 bap/o Jane WILLIAMS d/o William (lab) & Elizabeth (WEIGH) otp
                                      14 Jul 1805 bap/o Sarah DAVIES (WEIGH)
                                                                    base d/o Thomas WEIGH (lab) & Ann DAVIES (sp), Ewloe
                                      15 Nov 1805 bap/o Elizabeth JONES d/o Samuel (collier) & Sydney (WEIGH), Ewloe
                                      22 Aug 1806 bap/o Eliza HEWITT d/o William (farmer) & Ann (WEIGH), Shotton
                                      29 Sep 1806 bap/o Latham & Samuel ELLIS twin ss/o John (farmer) & Mary (WEIGH), Mancot
                                      29 Mar 1807 bap/o Robert s/o William (lab) & Mary (MILLINGTON), Ewloe
                                      17 May 1807 bap/o William WILLIAMS s/o William (lab) & Elizabeth (WEIGH), otp
                                      26 Jul 1807 bap/o Robert JONES s/o Samuel (collier) & Sydney (WEIGH), Ewloe
                                        7 Jul 1808 bap/o Hannah ELLIS (b 22 Jun) d/o John (farmer) & Mary (WEIGH), Mancot
                                      25 Jan 1809 bap/o Susanna HEWITT (b 1 Nov 1808) d/o William (farmer) & Ann (WEIGH), Shotton
                                      31 Mar 1809 bap/o Sydney JONES (b 4) d/o Samuel (collier) & Sydney (WEIGH), Ewloe
                                      26 Jul 1809 bap/o Mary (b 11 Jun) d/o William (collier) & Mary (MILLINGTON), Ewloe
                                      20 May 1809 bap/o Thomas LEWIS (b 27 Apr) s/o Thomas (brick maker) & Jane (WEIGH), Ewloe
                                      16 Dec 1810 bap/o Thomas ELLIS (b 30 Nov) s/o John (farmer) & Mary (WEIGH), Mancot
WAYE / WEIGH contd
                298 Hawarden:  3 Oct 1791 bap/o Elizabeth ELLIS d/o John (lab) & Mary (WEIGH) otp
                                      21 Oct 1792 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Thomas (farmer) & Ellin (PRICE), Ewloe
                                        1 Dec 1793 bap/o Robert ELLIS s/o John (collier) & Mary (WEIGH), otp                
                                      12 May 1793 bap/o William SHERRARD s/o Aaron (potter) & Ellen (WEIGH), Ewloe
                                      20 Feb 1794 bap/o Thomas s/o Samuel (carpenter) & Ann (MINSHULL), otp
                                      12 Jun 1796 bap/o Thomas SHERRARD s/o Aaron (potter) & Ellin (WEIGH), Ewloe
                                      30 Jan 1797 bap/o Thomas WILLIAMS (WEIGH)
                                                                                  base s/o Thomas WEIGH (lab) & Ann WILLIAMS (sp), Ewloe
                                      17 Feb 1797 bap/o Thomas HEWITT s/o William (farmer) & Ann (WEIGH), Shotton
                                      22 Apr 1798 bap/o Jane ELLIS d/o John (lab) & Mary (WEIGH), otp
                                      17 May 1799 bap/o John HEWITT s/o William (farmer) & Ann (WEIGH), Shotton
                                      16 Feb 1800 bap/o Sydney ELLIS d/o John (lab) & Mary (WEIGH) otp
                                      25 Apr 1800 bap/o Jane d/o Samuel (carpenter) & Ann (MINSHULL), of Liverpool
                                      30 Apr 1800 bap/o Robert WILLIAMS s/o William (lab) & Eliz. (WEIGH), Ewloe
WAYE / WEIGH contd
                302 Hawarden: 10 Apr 1717 bur/o Tho., Shotton
                                       15 Jul 1717 bur/o Mary d/o William, Moor
                                       29 Sep 1717 bur/o Lydia d/o Samuel, Ewloe
                                       22 Jan 1717/18 bur/o William, Ewloe
                                       25 Mar 1718 bur/o Anne, Ewloe
                                       17 Jun 1718 mar/o Robert WEIGH & Anne BENETT
                                      12 Sep 1718 bap/o Samuel s/o Sam., Ewloe
                                       21 Sep 1718 bap/o Mary d/o William, Manor
                                         7 Oct 1718 mar/o John ASBERRY & Elizabeth WEIGH
                                         8 Oct 1718 bur/o John, Moor
                                        1 Apr 1719 bap/o Joseph s/o Joseph, Moor
                                        9 Apr 1719 bur/o Peter, Ewloe
                                       10 Jun 1719 mar/o Joseph WEIGH & Anne DAVIES
7 May 1719 bap/o Peter s/o Thomas, Mancot
5 Jun 1719 bap/o Dorothy d/o Robert, Mancot
                                       14 Dec 1719 bur/o William, otp
WAYE / WEIGH (302 Hawarden) contd
                                       14 Jan 1719/20 mar/o Roger LEWIS & Hester WEIGH
                                        6 Mar 1719/20 bap/o Margaret d/o William, Moor
                                       27 Mar 1720 bur/o Anne w/o Daniel, Ewloe
                                         2 Apr 1720 bur/o Mary, Ewloe
                                       16 Jul 1720 bur/o Joseph s/o Josoph, Moor
28 Aug 1720 bap/o Anne & Jane ds/o John, Moor
                                        2 Sep 1720 bur/o Margt d/o William, Moor
                                        9 Sep 1720 bur/o Mary d/o William, Moor
                                      18 Oct 1720 bur/o Tho. s/o Thomas, Moor
                                      10 Nov 1720 bap/o M.... d/o Samuel, Ewloe
                                        2 Feb 1720/21 bur/o Elizabeth d/o Mary, otp
                                        4 Apr 1721 bur/o Mary, Mancot
                                        1 Jul 1721 bur/o Jane d/o John, Moore
                                       24 Aug 1721 mar/o John LEDSHAM & Elizabeth WEIGH
                                       19 Sep 1721 mar/o John MYNSHULL & Dorothy WEIGH
                                        4 Oct 1721 bap/o Anne d/o Joseph, Moor
WAYE / WEIGH (302 Hawarden) contd
                                        5 Jan 1721/22 bap/o Samuel s/o Thomas, Moor
                                       29 Mar 1722 mar/o John WEIGH & Alice HUETT, of Pentrobin
                                        7 Sep 1722 bap/o tho. s/o Thomas, Mancot
                                       19 Sep 1722 bur/o Alice, Newtown
                                         6 Oct 1722 bur/o John, Moor
                                       26 Dec 1722 bap/o Jane d/o Samuel, Ewloe
                                       14 Jan 1722/23 bur/o William, Ewloe
                                       14 Apr 1723 bap/o Catharine d/o Wm., Ewloe
                                       18 Apr 1723 mar/o Willm WEIGH & Elizabeth LEWIS
                                       23 Apr 1723 bur/o Joseph s/o Samuel, Ewloe
                                       28 Apr 1723 bap/o Elizabeth d/o John, Pentrobin
                                        7 May 1723 bur/o Robt. s/o Samuel, Ewloe
                                       10 Jun 1723 bur/o Thomas s/o Robt., Mancot
                                       30 Dec 1723 mar/o John DUCKWORTH & Mary WEIGH
WAYE / WEIGH (302 Hawarden) contd
                                       23 Jul 1724 mar. by Lic. of Thomas WEIGH & Margery WEIGH (wid) of Shotton
                                         7 Aug 1724 bap/o Mary d/o William, Rake
                                       27 Sep 1724 bap/o Mary d/o John, Pentrobin
                                       18 Oct 1724 bap/o Anne d/o Thomas, Moor
                                       17 Feb 1724/25 bur/o Jane d/o John, Pentrobin
                                         8 Mar 1724/25 bur/o Ellin d/o John, Pentrobin
                                         1 Jan 1725/26 bap/o Margaret d/o Willm, Moore
                                         3 Jan 1725/26 mar/o Richard LEDSHAM & Alice WEIGH (wid)
                                       20 Feb 1725/26 bap/o Mary d/o Joseph, Mancot
                                       17 Apr 1725 bur/o Elizabeth d/o Daniel, Ewloe
                                       20 Jul 1725 bur/o Jane d/o John, Moore
WAYE / WEIGH (302 Hawarden) contd
                                       19 Apr 1726 bap/o Robert s/o Robert, Mancot
                                        5 Jun 1726 bap/o Elizabeth d/o John, Pentrobin
                                       23 Nov 1726 bur/o Robt., Mancot
                                       11 Dec 1726 bur/o Edward, Ewloe
                                       25 Dec 1726 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Daniel, Ewloe
                                        19 Jan 1726/27 bur/o Mary d/o Willm, Broad Lane
                                       19 Feb 1726/27 bap/o Anne d/o Willm, Brookhill
                                       19Feb 1726/27 bur/o Anne d/o Willm, Brookhill
WAYE / WEIGH contd
                303 Hawarden: Ann(e), Catharine, Daniel, Dorothy, Edward, Edwd, Elizabeth, Ellin, James, Jane, John,

                                       Joseph:  21 Sep 1735 bur/o Joseph, Moor

                                                     18 Nov 1738 bur/o Mary d/o Joseph, Mancot

                                       Letitia, Martha, Mary, Peter, Robert, Robt, Saml, Sarah, Thomas, William, Willm;
                305 Hawarden: Abraham, Anne, Dan., Daniel, Ed, Edward, Edwd, Eliz, Elizabeth, Humphrey, Jane, John,

                                       Joseph:  7 Jan 1714/15 bap/o Mary d/o Joseph, Moor
                                                    12 Dec 1716 bap/o Katharine d/o Joseph, Moor

                                       Lydia, Margaret, Mary, Robert, Sam'l, Samuel, Sarah, Thoma, Thomas, Will, William, Willm;
WAYE / WEIGH contd
                311 Hawarden: ---, Alice, Ann, Anne, Cath., Catharine, Dorothy, Edward, Edwd, Elizth, Ellin, Esth'r, John,

                                      Joseph: 26 Nov 1768 bur/o Joseph, Shotton

                                      Margery, Martha, Mary, Robert, Robt. Sam'l, Sarah, Sidney, Thomas, Thos.,
                                      W., William, Willm, Wm;
                313 Hawarden: Anne, Catharine, Dan, Dorothy, Eliz, Elizabeth, Hester, John, Jon,

                                       Joseph: 10 Dec 1694 bap/o Joseph s/o Thomas & Catharine, Aston

                                       Mary, Pet., Peter, Rob, Robert, Tho, Thomas, William;
                319 Hawarden (baptisms - no parents in index):
                                      Ann, Catherine, Elizabeth, Jane, Janet, Maria, Ralph, Robert, Samuel, Sydney, Thomas, William;
WAYE / WEIGH contd
                342 Hawarden: 5 Aug 1652 bap/o John s/o Peter, Ewloe
                343 Hawarden:
Anne, Catherine, Elizabeth, John,

                                      Joseph: 4 Nov 1679 bap/o John s/o John, Ewloe

                                      Mary, Peter, Robert, Samuel, Thomas, William;

                346 Hawarden: John, Margret, Pyrs, Thomas, William, Willm;
                347 Hawarden: Anne, Charles, Edward, Elinor, Eliz, Elizabeth, John,

                                       Joseph: 18 Sep 1747 bur/o Joseph, Mancot

                                       Katharine, Katherine, Margaret, Martha, Mary, Robert, Samuel, Sarah, Stephen, Thomas,
                                       William, Wm;
WAYE / WEIGH contd
                353 Pentrobin:  5 Nov 1881 bur/o Mary Jane, aged 1 month
                                      17 Feb 1897 bur/o Herbert, aged 11 mo.
                                      24 Dec 1910 bur/o Robert, aged 15 minutes
                                      22 Sep 1947 bur/o Kenneth, aged 27 years, 54 Spon Green, Buckley
                362 Penycae: Edward, Robert;
387 Hawarden: 18 Aug 1669 bur/o William, Ewloe
                                       23 Nov 1669 bur/o Thomas, Kinnerton
                                       16 Oct 1673 bur/o John s/o John, Ewloe
                                         3 Oct 1676 bur/o William s/o Peter, Ewloe
                                       15 Jan 1676/77 mar. by Lic. of John WEIGH & Elizab. HUNTINGTON both of Yowley (Ewloe)
                                       20 Dec 1677 bur/o Elizabeth w/o Peter, Ewloe
                                       24 May 1678 bur/o Jane (wid), Ewloe
                                         5 Nov 1678 bur/o John, Ewloe
                                       13 Jun 1679 mar. by Lic. (banns published) of Robert WEIGH of Ewloe & Mary JOHNSON of Moor
                                       18 Aug 1679 bur/o Dorothy w/o Tho., Ewloe
                                       20 Aug 1681 mar. by Lic. of Thomas WEIGH, & Anne MAYLOR of Aston
                                       13 Dec 1681 bur/o Elizabeth d/o Thomas, Mancot
                                        5 Feb 1681/82 mar. by Banns of Thomas WEIGH, & Jane WEIGH of Ewloe
                                       30 Apr 1682 bur/o John s/o John, Ewloe
                                       22 May 1682 bur/o Catherine w/o Thomas, Aston
                                         8 Dec 1682 bur/o Anne w/o Thomas (Jun), Aston
WAYE / WEIGH (387 Hawarden) contd
                                       22 Jun 1683 bur/o Mary w/o William, Ewloe Wood
                                       19 Sep 1683 mar. by Lic. of Thomas WEIGH of Aston & Catherine JONES of Soughton
                                       16 Apr 1684 bur/o Margaret d/o John, Moor
                                       10 Aug 1684 mar. by Banns of William WEIGH of Ewloe & Victoria FILLIAN of Shotton
                                        6 Jan 1684/85 mar. by Banns of Robert WILLCOCK, & Ann WEIGH of Ewloe
                                        1 May 1685 bur/o William
                                       29 Jun 1685 bur/o John s/o John, Moor
                                        1 Jul 1685 bur/o Anne d/o John, Moor
                                       19 Sep 1686 bur/o Victoria, Ewloe
                                        7 Feb 1686/87 mar/o John WEIGH of Moor & Eliz. EWD of Mancot
                                      29 Jun 1689  mar. by Banns of
                                                         William PRICE of Aston & Margaret WRIGHT (WEIGH deleted) of Shotton
                                       2 Nov 1691 bur/o Thomas, Aston
                                      27 Mar 1693 bur/o Alice, Broughton
                                        7 Jul 1695 bur/o John, Ewloe
                                      30 Dec 1695 mar. by Banns of William WEIGH of Ewloe, & Sarah REIGNOLD
                                      11 Dec 1696 bur/o --- -/o William, Ewloe
                                      31 Dec 1695 bur/o Joseph (inf.), Aston
WAYE / WEIGH contd
                389 Hawarden: 24 Jul 1590 bur/o Isabell
                                        8 Sep 1595 mar/o Richard FLETCHER & Gwen WEIGH
                392 Gresford: 4 Mar 1719 bur/o Mary d/o Thomas
                415B Northop: 26 Dec 1757 mar. by Banns of Charles CODREY (x) of Hawarden & Rebecca PRICE (x) otp
                                                                                   Wits: Edward WEIGH (x), Robert LLOYD (x)
                                       4 May 1796 mar. by Banns of George HUGHES (x) ba. & Hanah ROBERTS (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                   Wits: Charles JONES (x) Elizabeth WEIGH (x)
                438 Broughton: 7 Dec 1904 bur/o Esther, aged 17 days, Broughton Work House
                440 Hawarden: 12 Feb 1846 mar/o Thomas JONES (lab) ba/full age of Mancott s/o Thomas JONES (lab)
                                                                   & Elizabeth WEIGH (x) sp/full otp d/o William WEIGH (collier)
                                       27 Oct 1852 mar/o Samuel WEIGH (x) (lab) ba/27 of Ewloe s/o Robert WEIGH (farmer)
                                                                   & Elizabeth DICKINSON (x) sp/22 of Aston d/o John DICKINSON (lab)
                                       10 Nov 1866 mar. by Banns of
                                                         Joseph NEWTON (collier) wdr/49 of Ewloe Town s/o Thomas NEWTON (collier)
                                                         & Jane ELLIS (x) wid/39 of Ewloe Town d/o Robert WEIGH (farmer)
                                        26 Dec 1868 mar. by Banns of
                                                           William WEIGH (brick burner) wdr/27 of Bistre, Mold s/o Joseph WEIGH (collier)
                                                           & Ann DUCKWORTH sp/33 of Ewloe Town d/o Charles DUCKWORTH (collier)
                                        24 Sep 1870 mar. by Banns of
                                                           Edwin WEIGH (collier) ba/21 of Ewloe Town s/o John WEIGH (lab)
                                                           & Ann SHONE sp/26 of Aston d/o Henry SHONE (collier)
                                        20 Dec 1870 mar. by Banns of
                                                           Isaac HALL (clogger) wdr/full age otp s/o James HALL (cotton spinner)
                                                           & Sidney EDWARDS wid/full age of Shotton d/o Robert WEIGH (farmer)
                                        24 Jul 1871 mar. by Banns of John WEIGH (x) (lab) ba/21 otp s/o -------- ----------
                                                                                   & Mary THOMAS (x) sp/26 of Pentrobin d/o Edward THOMAS (lab)
                                        21 Dec 1872 mar. by Banns of
                                                           Edwin WILLIAMS (collier) ba/21 of Ewloe Town s/o John WILLIAMS (game keeper)
                                                           & Eliza WEIGH sp/20 of Ewloe Town d/o John WEIGH (lab)
WAYE / WEIGH (440 Hawarden) contd
                                         1 Mar 1873 mar. by Banns of
                                                           Abraham TAYLOR (x) (miner) wdr/26 of Ewloe Town s/o Abraham TAYLOR (miner)
                                                           & Mary WEIGH sp/24 of Ewloe Town d/o Thomas WEIGH (miner)
                                         1 May 1875 mar. by Banns of
                                                  Richard JONES (engine driver) ba/25 of Ewloe Town s/o William JONES (dec. engine driver)
                                                  & Hannah WEIGH sp/23 of Ewloe Town d/o Thomas WEIGH (miner)
                                        12 Feb 1876 mar. by Banns of
                                                           Joseph WEIGH (x) (collier) ba/full age of Ewloe Town s/o Edward WEIGH (farmer)
                                                           & Hannah DAVIES wid/full age of Ewloe Town d/o Thomas JONES (collier)
                                          2 Sep 1876 mar. by Banns of
                                                    Edward MILLINGTON (collier) ba/23 of Ewloe Town s/o Thomas MILLINGTON (dec. collier)
                                                    & Martha WEIGH sp/21 of Ewloe Town d/o Edward WEIGH (farmer)
                                        22 Dec 1877 mar. by Banns of
                                                           Joseph WEIGH (collier) ba/22 of Pentrobin s/o Joseph WEIGH (collier)
                                                           & Hannah JONES sp/21 of Pentrobin d/o Edward JONES (lab)
                                          2 Jul 1881 mar. by Banns of
                                                          Henry WEIGH (collier) ba/full age of Ewloe Town s/o Edward WEIGH (farmer)
                                                          & Sarah DAVIES sp/full age d/o William DAVIES (collier)
                                          8 Oct 1881 mar. by Banns of
                                                           Samuel CANNON (collier) ba/20 of Aston s/o Robert CANNON (cattle dealer)
                                                           & Sarah WEIGH sp/20 of Aston d/o Thomas WEIGH (collier)
WAYE / WEIGH (440 Hawarden) contd
                                         5 Feb 1883 mar. by Banns of
                                                          William WEIGH (x) (collier) ba/25 of Ewloe Town s/o Edward WEIGH (farmer)
                                                          & Sarah GRIFFITHS (domestic serv.) sp/24 of Aston d/o William GRIFFITHS (lab)
                                        11 Aug 1884 mar. by Banns of
                                                           Thomas WEIGH (lab) ba/31 of Aston s/o Thomas WEIGH (dec. collier)
                                                           & Sarah POWALL sp/34 of Aston d/o George POWALL (farmer)
                                        31 Jan 1885 mar. by Banns of
                                             Thomas WEIGH (x) (collier) ba/23 of Ewloe Town s/o Edward WEIGH (farmer)
                                             & Hannah ROBERTS (domestic serv.) sp/22 of Ewloe Town d/o Samuel ROBERTS (coach man)
                                        19 Dec 1885 mar. by Banns of
                                                           Henry HOUGH (clerk) ba/22 of Saltney s/o John HOUGH (clerk)
                                                           & Catherine WEIGH sp/21 of Ewloe Town d/o Joseph WEIGH (collier)
                                        21 Aug 1886 mar. by Banns of
                                                           Edward COLEMAN (boiler maker) wdr/54
                                                                                             of St. Barnabus Parish, Crewe s/o Joseph COLEMAN (lab)
                                                           & Bathsheba WEIGH wid/56 of Aston d/o Robert GRIFFITHS (lab)
WAYE / WEIGH (440 Hawarden) contd
                                        19 Jan 1889 mar. by Banns of
                                                           John WEIGH (collier) ba.23 of Wood Lane, Ewloe Town s/o Joseph WEIGH (collier)
                                                           & Sarah Elizabeth WILLIAMS sp/23 of Wood Lane d/o John WILLIAMS (collier)
                                        27 Apr 1889 mar. by Banns of
                                                           Peter WEIGH (collier) ba/20 of Wood Lane, Ewloe Town s/o Joseph WEIGH (collier)
                                                           & Elizabeth HOLLINS sp/19 of Rocketty Cottages, Aston d/o Edward HOLLINS (collier)
                                        29 Jun 1889 mar. by Banns of
                                                  James SHERRATT (smith) ba/31 of St. Paul's, Crewe s/o Charles SHERRATT (dec. striker)
                                                  & Elizabeth Ann WEIGH sp/24 of Aston d/o Thomas WEIGH (dec. collier)
                                        18 Aug 1891 mar. by Banns of
                                                           William CARVER (lab) ba/21 of Saltney s/o ------------ ----------
                                                           & Mary WEIGH (serv.) sp/25 of Shotton d/o Edwin WEIGH (collier)
                                        20 May 1893 mar. by Banns of
                                                            Edward LEWIS (lab) ba/27 of Ewloe Wood s/o Robert LEWIS (dec. lab)
                                                            & Esther WEIGH sp/33 of Ewloe Wood d/o Samuel WEIGH (dec. lab)
                                        23 Dec 1893 mar. by Banns of
                                                            William WEIGH (collier) ba/24 of Aston s/o Samuel WEIGH (dec. lab)
                                                            & Sarah Ann WILLIAMS sp/24 of Ewloe Town d/o Robert WILLIAMS (boiler maker)
WAYE / WEIGH (440 Hawarden) contd
                                        24 Dec 1894 mar. by Banns of
                                                            Robert EVANS (collier) wdr/57 of Ewloe Town s/o George EVANS (dec. lab)
                                                            & Mary WEIGH wid/41 of Ewloe Town d/o William EVANS (dec. sawyer)
                                        24 Dec 1898 mar. by Banns of
                                                            Robert EVANS (collier) ba/24 of Wood Lane, Ewloe s/o Robert EVANS (collier)
                                                            & Martha WEIGH sp/26 of Ewloe d/o Samuel WEIGH (dec. collier)
                                        29 Apr 1899 mar. by Banns of
                                                           John IBALL (collier) ba/34 of Buckley s/o Edward IBALL (tile maker)
                                                           & Sarah Jane WEIGH sp/27 of Aston d/o Samuel WEIGH (dec. collier)
                                          5 Sep 1903 mar. by Banns of
                                                           William MILLINGTON (collier) ba.22 of Buckley s/o William MILLINGTON (collier)
                                                           & Sarah Ann WEIGH sp/21 of Pentrobin d/o Joseph WEIGH (collier}
                                        19 May 1909 mar. by Banns of
                                                    Edward WEIGH (lab) ba/32 of Woodlane, Ewloe s/o Joseph WEIGH (lab)
                                                    & Eliza HOLLINS (dressmaker) sp/32 of Woodlane, Ewloe d/o Samuel HOLLINS (dec. miner)
WAYE / WEIGH contd
                         445 Wrexham, see WIEGH below
                         461 Mold: 30 Nov 1781 bur/o William s/o Thomas, Bistre
                                         14 Dec 1782 bur/o Elizabeth, Bistre
                                         16 Dec 1784 bur/o Catherine (d.15) aged 2 yrs 6 months (pauper) of Leeswood  d/o Thomas
                         438A Broughton
                         440A,B,C Hawarden
                         445 Wrexham
                         461A Mold
                         466 Hawarden
                         482 Hawarden
                         483 Hawarden
                         484 Hawarden
                         486 Bistre
                         488 Hope
WAYE / WEIGH contd
                         494 Chirk: 13 Aug 1746 bur/o John, of Haywarden
                         535 Buckley
                         545 St Asaph
                         551A Hawarden
                              B Hawarden
                         555 Brymbo: Martha, Mary, Robert;
559B Rhosymedre: 4 Oct 1913 mar by Banns of
                                                 Robert WEIGH (collier) wdr/full of Queen St., Cefn s/o Edward WEIGH dec.
                                               & Mary Jane ROWLEY wid/full of Queen St., Cefn d/o John WILLIAMS dec.
                         568 Brymbo  26 Jul 1890 bur/o Mary, aged 33, otp (Green)
                                              9 Aug 1890 bur/o Marth Ewloe, aged 2 yrs, otp (The Green)
                         573 Broughton: 16 Mar 1883 bap/o Sara Ann (b 22 Feb) d/o ----------- & Catharine, otp (Work House)
                                                  2 Dec 1904 bap/o Esther (b  17 Nov) d/o ---------- & Florence, otp (Work House)
                         574 Buckley: 28 Oct 1893 bap/o Llewellyn (b 2 Sep) s/o Thomas (lab) & Hannah, otp (Back Lane)
WAYE / WEIGH contd
                         582 Bistre (Baptisms 1842-1883) Vol 1
                                         Ann, Esther, Jane, John, Maria, Mary, Mary Ann, Sarah, Stephen, William.
584 Buckley (Baptisms 1822-1850) Vol 1

                                              30 Jun 1837 bap/o Eliz'th SHAW (b 30 - margin note P/dead)) d/o Wm Weigh (lab) & Martha, Ewloe

                                             Ann, Bathsheba, Charles, Emma, Jane, John, Mary, Thomas.
                         Misc: 1881 Census Saltney, Cheshire/Flintshire:
                                                Gate House   WEIGH Peter          Head   Mar   38  Assurance Agent b. Hawarden FL
                                                                                Jane           Wife    Mar   38                                Mold FL
                                                                                Ralph L.      Son             9    Scholar                   Mold FL
                                                                                William H.   Son             7    Scholar                   Mold FL
                                                                                John           Son             6    Scholar                   Mold FL
                          Cheshire 1828/29 Chester: Painter: Joseph WEIGH, 25 Watergate st. row
                                                                  Tavern: Flint & Bagilt Boat House: Richard WEIGH, New crane (st.)
WAYE contd
     WEIGHE 389 Hawarden: 15 Mar 1598/99 bur/o John
                                          22 Dec 1601 mar/o John GRUFF & Lowrie WEIGHE
                                           1 Jun 1602 mar/o Thomas BENET & Jane WEIGHE
                                           1 Jun 1602 mar/o William WEIGHE & Elizabeth BENET
                                          26 Jun 1602 mar/o Thomas WEIGHE & Katherin HUGHES
                                           5 Jul 1624 mar/o John WEIGHE & Jane BROWN
                   582 Bistre: 25 May 1863 bap/o Sarah d/o William (brick burner) & Sarah, Argoed
     WEYGH 297 Chirk: 7 Mar 1773 bur/o Jno;
WAYE contd
     WICH 168 Hope: 11 Jul 1726 bap/o Catherine (b 11) d/o Thomas, Uwchymynydd Uchaf
436 Hope: 18 Jul 1726 bur/o Catherine d/o Tho.       (also indexed by me under WICK)
               307 Ruabon: 8 Jun 1742 mar/o John WICH & Sarah ROBERTS

     WIEGH 168 Hope: 5 Mar 1728/29 bap/o Esther d/o Tho. & Margery, Uwchymynydd Uchaf
                 298 Hawarden: 30 Nov 1791 bap/o Ann HEWITT d/o William (farmer) & Ann (WIEGH), Shotton
                                         6 Mar 1794 bap/o Elizabeth HEWITT d/o Willm (farmer) & Ann (WIEGH), Shotton
                                        25 Oct 1795 bap/o John ELLIS s/o John (collier) & Mary (WIEGH) otp
                                         4 Sep 1796 bap/o Robert s/o Samuel (carpenter) & Ann (MINSHULL), otp
                 445 Wrexham: 19 Jun 1786 bur/o Anne, Wrexham Regis (WEIGH in transcription index but WIEGH in body of work)
                 466  Hawarden
                 483 Hawarden
                 501 Northop
     WIGH 305 Hawarden: 20 Dec 1702 bap/o John s/o Wm, otp
                                     21 Dec 1702 bap/o Catharine d/o Tho., Aston
                                     20 May 1705 bap/o Mary d/o Edwd., Ewloe
                                     27 Jul 1716 bap/o William s/o Thomas, Mancot
               313 Hawarden: Catherine, Elizabeth, John,

                                      Joseph:  7 Sep 1690 bap/o Joseph s/o John (Jun.), Moore

                                      Mary, Peter, Pett, Susan, Tho, Thomas, Will, William, Wm;
               342 Hawarden: An, Anne, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Jane, John,

                                      Joseph: 16 Aug 1663 bap/o Joseph s/o John, Aston

                                      Katherine, Margret, Mary, Peter, Sidney, Thom, Will, William;
WAYE / WIGH contd
               343 Hawarden: Dorothy, Edward, Elizabeth, John, Peter, Tho, Thomas, Willm;
               346 Hawarden: John, Margr., Peter, Thomas, Will, Willm;
               387 Hawarden: 28 May 1666 Marriage Bond in 100 in respect of the marriage of
                                                                                             John LEDSHAM, & Margret WIGH of Eulow
                                                          ( i ) John LEDSHAM of Mancoate (collier) & William HEWETT of Eulow (collier)
                                                          ( ii ) Orlando FOGGE Rector of Hawarden

                                        20 Mar 1667/68 Marriage Bond in 100 in respect of the marriage of
                                                                                                 John MELOR & Dorothy WIGH both of Aston
                                                          ( i ) John MELOR of Aston (yeoman) & Gabriel PHILLIPS of Shotton (yeoman)
                                                          ( ii ) John PRICE Rector of Hawarden

                                          3 Jan 1671/72 mar/o Thomas WIGH of Ewloe & Dorothy FOX of Great Mancot
                                          4 Apr 1687 mar. by Banns of William WIGH of Ewloe & Joan TREASURE of Hawarden

                                         Alice, Anne, Elizabeth, John, Margery, Mary, Peter, Tho., Thomas;
WAYE / WIGH contd
                392 Gresford: 10 Jan 1719/20 bap/o Samuell s/o Thomas
                421 Hope: 15 Feb 1733 bap/o Joseph s/o Thomas & Margery, Trimley
WAYE contd
     WIGHE 342 Hawarden: 22 Sep 1626 bap/o John s/o John
                                       10 Nov 1630 bap/o Robt. s/o John
                 346 Hawarden: Elin, John, Thomas, William;
                 389 Hawarden: 26 May 1599 bur/o Willm
                                        16 Aug 1600 bur/o William
                                        19 Mar 1600/01 bur/o Elizabeth

                                        17 Jul 1629 Marriage Bond in the sum of 40 in respect of the mar/o
                                                                              William EDWARDS & Margaret WIGHE of Hawarden, spinster
                                        (i) William EDWARDS of Shotten (yeoman) and William WIGHE of Ewloe (yeoman)
                                        (ii) John, bishop of Sodor and Isle of Man, commissary of Hawarden

                                       19 Jul 1629 mar/o Willm EDWARDE & Margaret WIGHE
     WYE possibly see also


WAYNE masc. a surname, meaning a 'carter', used as a first name - Claremont
Waen nr Bodfari, nr Llandyrnog and nr Nantglyn, Denbighshire; Powys;
     WAEN 159 Holywell:
                189 Holywell: 4 Aug 1799 bap/o John s/o Thos. & Mary
     WAIN  49 Holywell
                62 Flint: 25 May 1803 mar by Banns of Joseph WAIN (sig. WEAIN) wdr & Susannah HOSBOURNE (x) wid., both otp
                                                                         Wits: Thomas BOND (x), Jane MUMFORD (x)
                74 Flint:
              158 Holywell: Mary, Robert, Thos;
              298 Hawarden:
              306 Holywell:
              316 Flint:
              354 Rhosllanerchrugog: Susannah;
              372 Wrexham: Robert;
              492 Holywell
     WAINE 52 Holywell: John, Joseph, Mary;
                354 Rhosllanerchrugog: Hannah, Margaret Jane, Thomas;
                443 Rhosllanerchrugog
                466 Hawarden
                492 Holywell
     wann (Old English) = wan, pale
WAYNE contd
     WAYN 158 Holywell: Ann, Anna Maria, Elenr, Mary, Thos;
                189 Holywell: 29 Oct 1796 bap/o Mary d/o Tho. & Mary
                                      7 Jul 1798 bap/o Tho. s/o Tho. & Mary
                195 Holywell: Robert, Susannah, Thomas;
                389 Hawarden: 6 Oct 1623 bur/o Robt. (Mr. EVANS' man)
                435 Gresford: 6 Apr 1705 bur/o    --- d/o Marma Duck (lab), Llay
                485 Holywell
                500B Holywell
Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Ludlow: Painter-house,sign, etc: Philip WAYN, Bull ring
                                                             George  Philip WAYN, Castle st

     WAYNE    42 Holywell (Burials 1813-1828) : Elizth, Sarah, Thomas (2);
                     51 Holywell:
                     62 Flint: 1 Jan 1823 mar by Banns of John LEATHER ba. of St. Werbrough, Chester & Anne WAYNE sp otp
                                                                            Wits: Joseph NEWPORT, Margaret EDWARDS (x)
                    267 Ruthin:
                    306 Holywell:
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Wayne Carl .......;
                   *358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Wayne Anthony SEAMAN
                    435 Gresford: Marma Duck, Marmaduck, Petar;
                    467 Holywell
                    492 Holywell
                    500B Holywell
Misc: Gresford MIs: David Wayne MORGAN
     WEAIN  62 Flint: see WAIN above
                 484 Hawarden
WAYNE contd
     WEAN 195 Holywell: Robert, Samuel, Susanna;
                306 Holywell:
                420B Halkyn (burials): Elizabeth, Mary;
                465A Halkyn
     WEANE 301 Mold:
                  492 Holywell
                  500B Holywell
     WEEN 420A Halkyn: 10 may 1729 mar/o Joseph WEEN & Dorothy JONES
     WEIN 52 Holywell:  6 Apr 1827 bap/o Jemima d/o Robert (collier) & Susan, Bagillt
     WENE 435 Gresford:  Anne, Marma Duck;


WE---- 423 Hanmer: 23 Feb 1594/95 mar/o Rondle JAXSTON & Catryne WE-------

WEAL see WALL (or possibly WHEELER)

Weald 1)  weald (West Saxon) survives as Weald in Essex, Kent, Hampshire, Oxfordshire & Sussex; Wield in Hampshire, and in
               surnames also as Weld and Weild. Anglian wald, later wold, survives in Old (Northamptonshire) and The Wolds, and in
               surnames also as Wald(e), Waud, Wold(e) and Would(s).
OE weald = forest, cognate (connected, similar derivation) with German 'wald'.
WALDER 30 Wrexham: John;
     WALDO   36 Ruabon: Augustine (masc), Mary, Willm;
                  *354 Rhosllanerchrugog: Owen Waldo JONES
     WEARLD 555 Brymbo: Jane, John, Mary;
     WELD 31 Hawarden: Elizabeth;
             302 Hawarden:
             303 Hawarden:
             311 Hawarden: Ann, Elizabeth, Joseph, Mary, Samuel;
             347 Hawarden:
             466 Hawarden
             483 Hawarden
             552D Wrexham: 21 Feb 1706/07 bur/o Owen (old) (late inn keeper), Wrexham Regis
                                     20 Mar 1712/13 bur/o (Mrs) Anne, sp., Wrexham Regis
             Misc: Extract from A. N. Palmer's book 'A History of the Older Nonconformity of Wrexham + John Wilkinson and the Old Bersham Iron Works':
                                 "......the names and brief notices of the chief persons - locally connected - who, as soldiers, were strong on the side of the Parliament during the great Civil War,
                                  and during the periuod of Puritan sujpremacy which succeeded it. .....
                                 Lieutenant Ralph  WELD, a Presbyterian, who appears to have been favourable to the Restoration, and who, I think  was at one time a mercer in  High-street.
                                 He was a Church-warden in 1659.  Further particulars relating to him will be found in note 16, page 87, of my 'History of the Parish Church of Wrexham'.........
    Weld Bank, Lancashire
    WELDER 445 Wrexham
    WELDS 302 Hawarden:
                 311 Hawarden: Ann, Elizth, Jos., Joseph, Mary, Willm;
                 387 Hawarden: 8 Feb 1691/92 bur/o Anne WELDS (als GRIFFITHS) of Bretton
     WIELD 445 Wrexham: 25 Jul 1783 bur/o Willm of Christleton Parish, Chester
     WILD possibly see also


River Wear


Weare, Somerset
     WARE see also  
     WARISS 62 Flint: 21 Aug 1767 mar by Lic. of Edward PRICE of Hal. & Catherine HUGHES otp
                                                                        Wits: William PIERCE, Richard WARISS
     WEAR 575 Hope: 14 Aug 1842 bap/o John s/o John (gardener) & Elizabeth, Plasteg Lodge
     WEARE Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Broseley: Linen/woollen draper: William Weare, Iron bridge
     WEHRE *51 Holywell:
     Weir, Lancashire
     WEIR 383 Ruthin: 25 Nov 1630 bur/o Peter (Gentleman)
              *404 Wrexham: 18 Feb 1904 bur/o Walter Weir DURWARD, aged 9 months, 27 Smithfield Rd
               565A Esclusham: Leslie, Margery;
579 Ysceifiog (Burials 1813-1910) Vol 10
                            4 Aug 1862 bur/o Susannah, aged 1 yr, Afon Wen

               Misc: North Wales 1835 Bangor: Ecclesiastical Court:  Surrogate: Rev. Henry Weir WHITE
                                                   Dolgelly: Rector: Rev. Henry Weir WHITE, Penbryn
                        Shropshire 1828/9 Bridgnorth:Squirrel John Weir, Pound st
     WIER *380 Wrexham: 21 Jun 1903 bap/o Walter Wier DURWARD (b 19 Apr)
                                                                    s/o Robert (licensed victualler) & Hannah, Bridge House Inn


Wearne, Somerset
     WEARN 299 Mold: Henrietta, James Thomson, Richard;

WEASTEEL 389 Hawarden: 7 Feb 1597/98 bur/o Anne



River Weaver, Cheshire
     -EAVER 22 Hawarden: 12 Jul 1830 Elizabeth EAVER & Thos WEAVER wits at mar by Lic of
                                                   John ROWLAND (master mariner) wdr of Trinity, Chester
                                                   & Mary WILLIAMSON sp otp
     WAVER 30 Wrexham: George;
                  47 Worthenbury  31 May 1807 bap/o Hanah ----------base child born at Mr. WAVER, of Newhall
                                           26 Sep 1808 bap/o Mary d/o William & Shusan;
                                           17 Jun 1810 bap/o Mary ROBERTS (-----------) base child of ------- & Ann, born at William WAVER
                                           16 Feb 1812 bap/o Charles s/o William (sawyer) & Shusan;
                  48 Worthenbury : 29 Jul 1810 bur/o Mary ROBERTS base child born at William WAVER
                  93 Abergele: 22 Jul 1796 bap/o John s/o Job & Anne;
                173 Holt: 19 Dec 1733 bap/o Elisebith d/o John;  
     WEATHER  21 Holt: 25 Oct 1689 bap/o --- s/o Urian;
     WEAVER  6 Isycoed: 26 Mar 1786 bap/o Tilah d/o Thomas & Mary
                                    1670 Householder in Dutton y Brain: Urian Weaver
                     8 Overton: 6 Sep 1774 bur/o Thomas s/o John
10 Overton (Marriages 1754-1837) Vol 4
Edward, Elizabeth, John, Lazarus, Sarah, Thomas;
                    21 Holt:
14 Nov 1667 bur/o Elizabeth of Iscoed;
                                  21 Nov 1683 bur/o Francis of Iscoed;
                                    5 Mar 1686/87 bap/o Elias s/o Uriah;
                                  27 Dec 1694 bap/o John s/o Urian*; (*see Misc. below)
                                    7 Dec 1697 bap/o Margaret d/o Urian;
                                    8 Jun 1700 bap/o Eliz d/o Urian;
                    22 Hawarden: 12 Jul 1830 Elizabeth EAVER & Thos WEAVER wits at mar by Lic of
                                                   John ROWLAND (master mariner) wdr of Trinity, Chester
                                                   & Mary WILLIAMSON sp otp

                    30 Wrexham: Ann, Jane, Margaret, Mary, Thomas;
                    36 Ruabon: George, Maria, Mary;
                    37 Worthenbury: 6 Jul 1795 mar. by Lic. of Samuel WEAVER of Shocklach & Mary MORRIS otp
                                                                                   Wits: Thomas MORRIS, Elias ROBERTS
                    38 Wrexham: Anne, Eliz(th), James, John, Judith, Mary, Thos, William;
                    44 Denbigh: Jonathan, Sarah, Thomas, Thos;
46 Worthenbury: 29 May 1698 bur/o Abigail w/o William, Threapwood;
WEAVER contd
                    53 Wrexham: Anne, Charles, Elizabeth, George, Hester, Hugh, Jane, John, Judith, Margaret, Mary,
                                        Thomas, William;
                    61 Ruabon: 18 Jun 1841 mar. by Banns of James WEAVER (tailor) ba. & Sarah WILLIAMS sp. both of Brynllywenydd
                                                                                  Wits: William WEAVER (tailor) & William WILLIAMS (sawyer)
                    62 Flint: 10 Mar 1821 Thomas WILLIAMS & Thomas WEAVER wits. at mar. by Banns of
                                                                   John READ ba. otp & Sarah CLARK (x) sp. of Hanmer
                    63 Holt: 22 Nov 1768 mar. by Banns of Thomas BEBBINGTON (x) & Esther WEAVER (x) both otp
                                                                             Wits: James WEAVER, James TOMLINSON
                                  1 May 1785 mar. by Lic. of Thomas WEAVER (cheesefactor) of Shocklatch (Cheshire)
                                                                        & Mary LLOYD sp. otp
                                                                         Wits: Ellis PARRY, Phelu LLOYD         
                                  7 Nov 1787 George WEAVER (x), Edward SORTON & William JONES wits. at mar. by Banns of
                                                           Thomas CLAY (x) widower otp & Margret BERKELY (x) sp. otp
                                 16 Oct 1791 John WEAVER & James TOMLINSON wits. at mar. by Banns of
                                                        John JONES widower otp & Sarah PHILLIPS (x) widow otp
                                 27 Dec 1822 mar. by Banns of William WEAVER singleman otp & Margaret EDWARDS spr. otp
                                                                          Wits: William BAKER, Wm JONES
                   66 Penley: 12 Jul 1704 (Ellesmere SHR) bap/o Edward s/o John;
                                    28 Jul 1716 (Dudleston SHR) John WEAVER of Penley then buried;
                                    28 Oct 1732 (Ellesmere SHR) bap/o Sarah d/o Edward & Sarah;
                                     5 Nov 1734 (Ellesmere SHR) bap/o William s/o Edward & Sarah;
                                   21 Jul 1739 (Ellesmere SHR) bap/o Edward s/o Edward & Sarah;
                                    4 Jun 1751 (Ellesmere SHR) bur/o Mary, junior;
                                  25 Apr 1761 (Ellesmere SHR) bur/o Frances d/o William;
                                  13 May 1761 (Ellesmere SHR) bur/o Sarah d/o William;
                                  26 Mar 1777 (Ellesmere SHR) bur/o Mary, widow;
                                    5 Nov 1795 (Ellesmere SHR) bur/o William (farmer) aged 82 years;
WEAVER contd
                    73 Chirk: Jno, John, Mary, William, Wm;
                   *79 Gresford: 3 Jun 1777 bap/o William CLAY (WEAVER) base s/o George WEAVER & Eliz CLAY
                    79 Gresford:  Eliz, George, John, Sarah, Thomas, Thos;
                                        31 Jan 1773 bap/o Thomas WEAVER (GRIFFITHS) base s/o Evan GRIFFITHS & Eliz WEAVER
                    83 Ruthin:  9 Aug 1755 Wm. WEAVER & Thomas EDWARDS wits. at mar. by Lic of
                                                             Phillip ROBERTS (x) otp & Elizabeth SHEFTON (x) of Rhydalan
                                    11 Feb 1779 bap/o Richard s/o Edward (corvicer) & Cath;
                                      4 Apr 1798 bap/o Mary & Sara ds/o Job & Anne;
                                    13 Mar 1800 bap/o John s/o Job & Anne;
                                      1 Dec 1802 bap/o Anna d/o Job & Anne;
                    93 Abergele: 20 May 1797 bur/o John, infant; otp
                    97 Llanfwrog: 11 Sep 1803 bur/o Anne Maria, Cross Keys, Ruthin;
                                         2 May 1804 bur/o John, Ruthin;
                   109 Pentrefoelas: 6 Jan 1826 mar. by Lic. of
                                                              William DENMAN bach. of Bangor, Caerns. & Mary WEAVER sp. otp.
                                                              Wits: Job WEAVER & Ann WEAVER
WEAVER contd

                   114 Llanferres: 7 Sep 1593 bur/o Harry ap John alias WEAVER;
                   123 Ruabon: Catharine, Catharine Mary, Edward, Fanny, Samuel;
                   132 Hanmer: Elizabeth, John, Margaret, Martha, Mary, Thomas, Thos, William;
                   133 Holt: 27 Mar 1785 bap/o Hannah d/o George & Elizth, Hugmore Lane
                                   3 Apr 1785 bur/o Hannah d/o George
                                  9 Mar 1788 bap/o Mary d/o George & Elizth, Hugmore Lane
                                 16 Jun 1788 bur/o Mary d/o George, Hugmore Lane
                                  9 Nov 1790 bur/o Elizth w/o George, Hugmore Lane
                                 30 Dec 1792 bap/o Elizth d/o George & Elizth, Hugmore Lane (see also WEAVOR 133 below)
                                 12 Apr 1807 bur/o Sarah w/o George, Hugmore Lane
                                  6 Feb 1808 bur/o Mary w/o Thomas
                   138 Wrexham: --------(d), Bridget, Deborah, Edward, James, John, Mary, Sarah, Thomas;
                   151 Hanmer:  4 Feb 1765 mar. by Banns of John WEAVER (x) & Anne WEADE (x) both otp
                                                                        Wits: Joseph BECKETT, Thomas JENKIN
                                       18 Feb 1773 John WEAVER & Thomas JENKIN wits. at mar. by Lic. of
                                                          Humphrey HAYCOCK (sig. HAYCOCKS) of Ellesmere & Sarah HINTON otp
                   152 Hanmer: Elizabeth, John, Mary, Thomas, William, Willm;
                   156 Hanmer: Anne, Edward, John, Joseph, Margaret, Mary, Samuel, Sarah, Stanley, William, Willm;
                   157 Hanmer: Anne, Edith, Edward, Katherine, Margaret, Philip, Randle, Robt, Sam, Samuel, Samuell,
                                      Stanley, Susanna, Thomas;
WEAVER contd
                   162 Overton: Arthur, John, Lazarus, Lazth, Mary, Sarah, Thomas;
                   167 Gresford: -- Feb 1758/59 Banns only for mar/o
                                                                William ROBERTS of Gresford & Elizabeth WEAVER of Marbury, Cheshire
                                       4 Mar 1773 mar. by Lic. of Evan GRIFFITH (x) of Poulton & Elizabeth WEAVER (x) otp
                                                                     Wits: Edward EVANS, Thos THOMAS
                                      15 Dec 1780 mar. by Banns of George WEAVER (x) & Elizabeth CLAY (x) both otp
                                                                          Wits: Edward EVANS, Thomas PARSONAGE
                                      26 Nov 1781 Thomas WEAVER & Robert EVANS wits. at mar. by Lic. of
                                                               John THOMAS (sig) singleman otp & Susannah LLOYD (sig) spinster of Holt
                                      24 Jan 1788 mar. by Banns of Edward MADDOCKS (sig) & Mary WEAVER (x) both otp
                                                                          Wits: Thos. WEAVER (x) & James BAKER
                                      13 Nov 1791 mar. by Banns of George WEAVER (x) of Holt & Elizabeth ROBERTS (x) otp
                                                                                            Wits: John JONES (x), Edward EVANS
                                      26 Mar 1797 mar. by Banns of George WEAVER (x) & Sarah EVANS (x) both otp
                                                                              Wits. Thomas JONES (x), Robert EVANS
                                      18 Apr 1808 Elizabeth WEAVER & Peter TAYLOR wits. at mar. by Lic of
                                                           James LARGE (sig) ba. of Wrexham & Jane TAYLOR (sig) singlewoman otp
WEAVER contd
                   172 Holt:   3 Jun 1674 mar/o Richard THOMAS & Ruth WEAVER
                                 25 May 1703 mar. by Lic. of Randle CRUE & Martha WEAVER
                                 26 Dec 1717 mar. by Lic. of Thomas JONES of Pickhill & Mary WEAVER of Isacoyd
                   173 Holt: 16 May 1704 bap/o Margaret d/o Urian;
7 Aug 1723 bur/o Anne w/o John;
                                 13 Sep 1736 bap/o Mary d/o John;
                                  29 Mar 1739 bur/o Elin d/o John;

                   174 Holt: 24 Jul 1743 bap/o Frances d/o John;
                                   9 Sep 1746 bap/o Sarah d/o John;
                                  15 Jul 1750 bap/o Martha d/o John;
                                   26 Jul 1751 bur/o Martha d/o John;
                                  17 Jun 1752 bap/o Ann d/o John;
                                    9 Jan 1757 bur/o Urian;
                                   10 Nov 1764 bur/o John;
                                  24 Jan 1770 bap/o --- base c/o Sarah;
WEAVER contd
                   191 Ruabon: 16 Oct 1786 mar. by Banns of George WEAVER (x) & Mary HUGHES (x) both otp
                                                        Wits: John WYNN, Edward JONES
                                      22 Jun 1808 Charles WEAVER & Elizabeth BAKER (x) wits. at mar. by Banns of
                                                                   John EDWARDS (sig) & Alic HUSSEY (x) both otp
                  *197 Hanmer: 16 Jan 1825 bap/o Robert Weaver OWENS s/o John (farmer) & Elizabeth, Willington
                   197 Hanmer: Margaret, Margate, Mary, Thomas;
                   201 Wrexham:  8 Feb 1803 Thos WEAVER (x) & Richd MEESSON wits. at mar. by Banns of
                                                             Daniel JONES (x) & Mary PRICHARD (x) both otp
                                         1 Dec 1806 mar. by Banns of Robert SAMUEL (x) ba. shoemaker ba& Mary WEAVER (x) sp.,both otp
                                                                  Wits: Wm DAVIES, Emma MATTHEWS (x)
                                         19 Jan 1807 mar. by Banns of David LLOYD ba. lab. & Elizabeth WEAVER (x) sp., both otp
                                                                         Wits: Robert ROBERTS, Mary CLAY (x)
                   203 Denbigh: 16 Mar 1794 bur/o Thomas (late Clerk of Parish of Denbigh)
                   206 Hanmer: Anne, Edward, Elizabeth, John, Katherine, Margaret, Mary, Philip, Samuel, Sarah,
                                      Stanley, Thomas, Willm;
                   207 Hanmer: Jane, John, Mary, Sarah, Willm;
WEAVER contd
                   211 Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd: 12 Nov 1808 mar. by Lic of Job WEAVER wdr of Llanufydd & Ellen PORTER wd. otp
                                                                                 Wits: John JONES, Jane JONES
                   216 Erbistock: Catherine, Charles, John, Kate, Lazerus, Mary, Samuel;
                   219 Penley: Anna Maria, Anne, Charles, Edward, Elizabeth, Elizabeth Ann, Esther, Frances, Francis,
                                     Humphrey, Mary, Rebecca, Richard, Sarah, Thomas, William, William Edward;
                   227 Ruthin: 24 Jun 1825 bap/William JONES (WEAVER)
                                                     illeg. s/o Samuel WEAVER (currier) his reputed father & Mary JONES (mo. of Well Street)
                   243 Hanmer: Catherine, Jane, John, Margaret, Mary, William;
                   245 Llanrhydd: 5 Dec 1834 bur/o Ellinor aged 62 years of Cerniogau Inn, Near Pentre Foelas
                   247 Llanfwrog: 27 Jul 1693 bur/o Alice w/o Thomas;
                   255 Corwen: 17 Aug 1741 bur/o Richard, Pen y bont
                   268 Wrexham: 21 Jan 1800 mar. by Lic. of Thomas WEAVER of Handley, Chester & Elizabeth TUNNA (x) otp
                                                                                     Wits: George TONNA, Richd MEESON
                   287 Llanycil: 29 Sep 1824 Edward WEAVER (x) & Margt. LEWIS (x) wits. at mar by Lic. of
                                                 Griffith GRIFFITHS (x) ba. of Llanelidan & Mary PRICE (x) wd. otp
                   297 Chirk: 13 Dec 1802 mar. by Banns of William WEAVER (x) & Mary EDWARDS (x) both otp
                                                       Wits: John PRICE (x), Elizabeth JONES (x)
                   304C Wrexham: 26 Sep 1741 bur/o Mrs. --- WEAVER, Relict of Richard, Esq.,
                   310 Gresford: 14 Feb 1762 bap/o Mary d/o Thomas, Allington;
                                        19 May bur/o Eliz. d/o Thomas, Allington;
                   319 Hawarden:Ann(e), Ellin, Hannah,  James, John, Joseph, Margaret, Sarah, Uriah, William;
                   323 Denbigh: Anne, Edward, Elizabeth, Jonathan, Mary, Richard, Sarah, Thomas, William;
WEAVER contd
                   329 Meliden: 2 Feb 1717/1718 bap/o Margaret d/o Richard & Barbara, Talargoch
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Charles, Mary Ann;
                   341 Ruabon: 27 Jul 1863 mar. by Banns of Henry PUGH (blacksmith) ba. aged 24 of Rhosllanerchrugog
                                                                               & Mary WEAVER (dressmaker) sp. aged  20 of Rhosllanerchrugog
                                                                                Wits: David PUGH (sawyer) & William WEAVER (game keeper)
                   346 Hawarden: Anne, Elizabeth, Heilin, Mathew, Thomas;
                   348 Wrexham: Elizabeth, James, Mary, Thomas;
                   360 Llangollen: Edward, James;
                   363 Wrexham: Alfred Charles, Elizabeth, Frederick, Frederick James, George, Gertrude Margaret,
                                         Harold James, John, Margaret, Mary, Mary Anne, Sarah, Thomas Henry;
                   364 Wrexham: Eliza, Thomas;
                  *365 Wrexham: 30 Nov 1817 bap/o Sarah Weaver HANCOCK d/o John (shopkeeper) & Elizabeth, Wrexham Regis
WEAVER contd
                   365 Wrexham: Charles, Elizabeth, Frances, Frances Elizabeth, James, John, Mary, Susannah,
                                         Thomas, William;
                          13 Apr 1817 bap/o William ROBERTS (WEAVER)
                                                               base s/o John WEAVER & Margaret ROBERTS    Wrexham Regis
                   366 Wrexham: James, Mary;
                   372 Wrexham: George, James, Thomas;
                   373 Wrexham: Elizabeth, Frances, George, John, Mary, Thomas, Tho's;
                   374 Wrexham: David, Elizabeth, Lydia, Thomas, William;
                  *375 Wrexham: 9 May 1869 bap/o Wilfred Weaver PUGH s/o Henry (smith) & Mary, Bersham
                   375 Wrexham: David, Edith Elsie, Elizabeth, George, George Edward, Margaret, Martha, Mary Ann,
                                         Reginald Kyffin, Stanley Arthur, Thomas;
                  *376 Pentrefoelas: 6 Jan 1852 bur/o Job Weaver JONES (illegitimate) aged 17 weeks, Llwynon
                   376 Pentrefoelas: 31 Oct 1818 bap/o Sarah d/o Edward (hostler) & Martha, Cerniogau Bach
                                             25 Feb 1821 bap/o Anne d/o Edward (coachman) & Martha, Cerniogau Bach
                                             31 Jul 1823 bap/o Charles s/o Edward (horse keeper) & Martha, Cernioge Bach
                                              2 Feb 1824 bur/o Charles (7 months) of Kerniogau Bach
                                            10 Nov 1853 bur/o Job aged 86, Cerniogau
                   379 Wrexham: Doris Winter, Edith, Jane, John, Mary, Mary Ann, Mary Anne, Sarah, William;
WEAVER contd
                   380 Wrexham: Arthur, Elizabeth Harriet, Elizabeth Minnie, Florence, John, Minnie, Minnie Elizabeth,
                                         Miriam, Stanley, Stanley Arthur, Thomas, William;
                   382 Llanynys: 24 May 1717 bur/o Elizabeth, of Maesmaencymro;
                   384 Wrexham: Bridget, Francis, Mary Lydia, Walter;
                   393 Wrexham:  5 Aug 1875 bur/o John inf., Work House
                                          6 Jan 1879 bur/o Harriet inf., 11 Meifod Terrace
                                         8 Apr 1879 bur/o Jane aged 78 of Market St.
                   399 Wrexham: 10 Jun 1821 bap/o Elizabeth d/o James (shoemaker) & Mary, Wrexham Regis
                                         14 Dec 1822 bap/o John s/o James (shoemaker) & Mary, Sevenbridge lane
                                         24 Nov 1824 bap/o Anne d/o James (shoemaker) & Mary, 7 Bridge Lane
WEAVER contd

                   400 Wrexham:  3 May 1824 mar. by Banns (wcop) of
                                                                             Enoch EDWARDS (miner) (x)ba. & Jane JONES (x) wid, both otp
                                                                             Wits: Charles WEAVER, James COWPER
                                         26 Mar 1826 mar. by Banns (wcop) of
                                                            Charles MUMFORD (shoemaker) ba. & Susannah EDWARDS (x) sp., both otp
                                                            Wits: John WEAVER (x), Harriett PARTIN
                                          3 Oct 1827 mar. by Banns (wcop) of
                                                                            Thomas ROBERTS (shoemaker) (x) ba. & Margaret PRICE sp., both otp
                                                                            Wits: William WEAVER (x), Elizabeth JONES (x)
                                        30 Oct 1827 mar. by Lic. of Peter CHATHAM (baker) (x) wdr. & Hannah CROSS sp., both otp
                                                                                Wits: John CHATHAM & Fanny WEAVER
                                        24 Oct 1828 mar. by Banns (wcof) of Edw. JACKSON (joiner) ba. & Mary THOMAS sp., both otp
                                                                                               Wits: William WEAVER (x), Elizabeth JONES (x)
                                        31 Oct 1828 mar. by Banns (wcof) of
                                                                        William WEAVER (shoemaker) (x) ba. & Lydia JONES (x) sp., both otp
                                                                        Wits: Thomas SWAN, Ann STRANGE (x)
WEAVER contd
                   402B Denbigh: Jonathan, Mary;
                   404 Wrexham: Elizabeth Harriet, Jane, Jennie, Thomas, William;
                   405 Wrexham: Agnes Florence, Charles, David William, George, John, Lucy, Margaret, Martha, Mary,
                                         Mary Anne, Richard, Sarah, William, Winifred Okell;
                   406 Wrexham: 13 Aug 1864 bur/o Thomas, aged 49, Union
                   407 Wrexham: David, Edward, John, Sarah, William;
                   410 Wrexham: Elizabeth, James, Thomas, William;
                   411 Wrexham: Ann, Elizabeth, George, Mary;
                   412 Wrexham: 30 Oct 1855 bur/o John, aged 66, Holt Street
                   417 Wrexham: Elisabeth, Mary;
WEAVER contd
                   425B Hanmer: Anne;
                   426 Hanmer: Margaret, Martha, Richard, Thomas, Thos, William;
                   437 Ruabon: Elizabeth, Mary;
                   442A Bangor on Dee
                   445 Wrexham
                   446 Chirk: Mary;
                   447B Llandyrnog
                   458 St. George
                   460 Mold
                   474B Gresford
WEAVER contd
                   482 Hawarden
                   483 Hawarden
                   492 Holywell
                   499 Denbigh
                   509 Dyserth
                   513A Rhuddlan
                   529 Rhuddlan
                   533A Overton
                        B Overton
WEAVER contd
                   552 Wrexham: Churchwarden: 1708-10
                   552B Wrexham: Edward, Eliz, John, Richard, William;
                        D Wrexham: 2 Sep 1727 bur/o -----, child of John (Stranger)
                   553 Gresford: John, Mary;
                   555 Brymbo: Frederick, Mary Ann, Mary Jane;
                   561A Marchwiel: Elsie, Emily, Frederick James, Nesta, Sarah Elizabeth;
                   577 Overton (Baptisms 1813-1839) Vol 6
                                     Edward, Elizabeth, Frances, John, Lazarus.
                   585 Gwersyllt (Baptisms 1851-1888) Vol 1
                                        Elizabeth, Frederic, George, John, Louisa, Martha, Mary Ann.
 587 Overton (Baptisms 1839-1868) Vol 7
                                     Edward, Fanny, Frances, Hardman, John, Lazarus, Lloyd, Mary Catharine, Samuel.
                   589 Gwersyllt: 14 Mar 1885 bur/o Louisa, aged 11 mo., Rhosrobin
WEAVER contd
                   Misc: North Wales 1835 Montgomery MNT: Baker/flour dealer: David Weaver, Arthur st
                                                                                    Butchers: Edward Weaver, Broad st
                                                                                                   John Weaver, Church st
                                                                                    Chequers Edwd. Weaver, Broad st
                                                                                    Grocer/dealer in sundries: Joseph Weaver, Broad st
                                                                                    Grocer/dealer in sundries (and toys): Richard Weaver, Broad st
                                                                                    Ironmonger: Joseph Weaver, Broad st
                                                                                    Nursery/seedsman: Joseph Weaver, Broad st
                        Post Office: Joseph Weaver, Post Master, Broad street
                                                                                    Retailer of beer: William Weaver, Kerry st

                                                        Welchpool: Timber merchant: William Weaver, Wharf
                            1841 Census Wrexham Town (further details on request): Ann, Bridget, David, Elizabeth,
                                             Henry, James, Jane, John, Lydia, Mary, Thomas, William, Wm;
Gresford MIs: Harriet, John, Julia;
WEAVER (Misc.) contd

Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                                          Elizabeth, Newhall, Hanmer w/o Thomas, Weaver/Farmer Feb 1831
                                                                                          Frances, Worcester & Willington   Sep 1822
                                                                                          George, Holt   Jan 1825
                                                                                          Margaret, Wid, Little Green, Hanmer   1846
                                                                                          Thomas, Farmer, Halghton   1851
                                                                                          Thomas, Cabinet Maker, Tybroughton   1846
                                                                                          William, Bettisfield   1785
                            Cheshire 1828/29 Chester: Grocer, ironmonger, cutler & nail maker: Richard Weaver, Eastgate St.
                                                                    Nursery & seedsman: Thomas Weaver, Handbridge
                                                                    Ram  Charles Weaver, Gt. Boughton
                                                                    Surgeon: John Weaver, Foregate St.
                                                       Frodsham: Tavern/PH: 'Packet House' John Weaver, Ince.
                            Shropshire 1828/9 Ludlow: Corn miller: Thomas Weaver, Bromfield
                                                                    Linen & woollen drapers: Weaver & Hickman, King st
                                                                    Stone mason: Robert Weaver, Dinham
                                                        Oswestry: Chymist/druggist: James Weaver, Bailey st
                                                        Shrewsbury: Rev. Thos. Weaver, Swan hill
                                                                           Hosiers & glovers: Weaver & Bagley, Mardol
                            Staffordshire 1835 Stafford: Attorneys: Brookes & Weaver (Thos. Brookes, commissiioner of bankruptcy, and for taking the acknowledgements of
                                                                                                                 married women under the Act for abolishing fines & recoveries) Eastgate Street
                                                                    Fire etc. Office Agents: Crown Brookes & Weaver, Eastgate Street
                                                       Walsall: Drawing Professor/Teacher: Astley Weaver, George Street
                                                       Wolverhampton: Agent for Pickford & Co., (Carriers, Horseley field) Samuel Weaver, Walsall street
                                                                               Grocer/tea dealer (also cheese, butter & hop factor & tobacconist): Richard Weaver, 2 Dudley street
                                                                               Tavern/PH: 'Smoke Shop' John Weaver, Lichfield st.
WEAVER (Misc) contd
                           *Extracts from A.N.Palmer's The Town of Holt, together with The Parish of Isycoed etc. (from papers
                                                      which appeared in Archaeologia Cambrensis 1906-1910)
                                                 1) At the Bishop of Chester's visitation in 1684 ... the after-named Nonconformists of
                                                     the parish of Holt (and Isycoed) were presented "for absenting themselves from ye
                                                     divine service of the Church, and not receiving the Sacrament there," namely
                                                     "Urian Weaver (of the Park farm, in Dutton y brain).......
                                                 2)  Dr. Daniel Williams' trustees own the Park Farm of about 59 acres. Close to the
                                                      house is what is called the Burying Ground Croft, wherein are still three, formerly
                                                      four, gravestones, two in memory of Urian Weaver (died 24 August 1686) and of
                                                      his wife, Margaret (died 22 December 1687)....... Urian Weaver, alias Evanson,
                                                      was a stout Nonconformist in his time, and often fined for keeping "conventicles".
                                                  3) Names of all householders of Isycoed in 1670, distributed among the five
                                                     townships, with number of hearths attached........... Dutton y Brain: Urian Weaver     3
WEAVER (Misc) contd
                            Extracts from A.N.Palmer's  A History of the Older Nonconformity of Wrexham:
                                                ... Many of the Presbyterians held together, meeting in secret for worship and communion,
                                                and daring all. ... 25 Feb 1665 A meeting at Wrexham surprised, Sabb. day was sennight,
                                                some payd 5lb, some went to prison for three months, accord. to the Act. ...
                                               These meetings were not confined to the town, and at the Quarter Sessions
                                                held July 14th 1668 Alexander Powell, yeoman, of Dutton-y-brain, was fined 4.10s. (his
                                                kinsman, Sir Thomas Powell, being then upon the bench), for being present at a conventicle
                                                held at the house of Urian Weaver, yeoman, of the same township.... Urian Weaver's farmstead
                                                was the predecessor of that which is now called Park Farm. Following the custom of nearly all
                                                the Presbyterians of his time, Urian Weaver had his children baptised at his parish church (Holt)
                                                but was himself buried, when he died, not in the parish graveyard, but in an enclosed corner of
                                                a field, still called 'The Burying Ground Croft', adjoining his own house, and here his tombstone
                                                may still be seen together with the tombstone of his widow... Urian Weaver's estate was
                                                afterwards sold to Dr. Daniel Williams, in the hands of whose trustees it still remains. He had
                                                a son of the same name who was buried at Holt, January 9th, 1757.
WEAVER (Misc) contd
                            Extracts from A.N.Palmer's A History of the Town of Wrexham:
                                                Hope Street No. 13 (Mr. Weaver's house and shop) is not mentioned in the rate books earlier
                                                                             than 1808.
                                                                   No. 14 ... appears to have been built, soon after 1725, by Roger Griffith, gent, of
                                                                              Cefn, in the township of Abenbury Fawr, who in August of that year purchased
                                                                              the old house which then stood there, together with 'the seat or pew in the
                                                                              parish church ' appendent to it, for 60.  The new house came to be occupied
                                                                              for a short time by Mr. John Jones, attorney, and then by Dr. Edward Weaver,
                                                                              son of Richard Weaver, Esq., of Abenbury Hall, who remained there for
                                                                              seventeen years, and who about the year 1746, removed to Chester.*
                                                                                        *There is recorded in the parish register the burial of 'Mrs. Weaver,
                                                                              wife of Dr. Weaver' (May 13th 1757), and of 'Miss Weaver from Chester,
                                                                              spinster' (December 23rd 1765).
                                                Bryn y ffynnon: By 1699 we find that the large house to which the name Bryn y ffynnon is now
                                                                       restricted had become divided into three separate tenements, and its gate house
                                                                       into two, each inhabited by persons of consequence.......The rate books between
                                                                       1708 and 1715 are missing, but those of the latter year show that the part of
                                                                       Bryn y ffynnon in which Sir Henry Bunbury and Kenrick Eyton, Esq., had lived was
                                                                       then in the occupation of Richard Weaver, Esq., who also had the kiln, and part
                                                                       of the barn, paying a yearly rent of 21 16 6, and who remained at Bryn y ffynnon
                                                                       until after 1732.   This was doubtless Richard Weaver, Esq., of Abenbury Hall,
                                                                       about whom I shall have a great deal to say in the next volume of this series.
                                                                       He used, it is evident, part of Bryn y ffynnon as his town house.
                                 207 Hanmer: 8 Nov 1749 bap/o John & Thomas base ss/o Mary, of B.H.
                                 348 Wrexham: 30 Oct 1797 Tho WEAVERS & Frances JONES (x) wits. at mar. by Banns of
                                                                                 James TAYLOR & Martha JONES (x) both otp
                                 418 Wrexham: Thomas;
 577 Overton (Baptisms 1813-1839) Vol 6
                                                    26 Apr 1816 bap/o Samuel (b 19 Mar) s/o John (farmer) & Elizabeth, Kiah
     WEAVOR 133 Holt: 5 Oct 1794 bur/o Eleanor w/o John
                                   8 Apr 1796 bur/o Elizth w/o George, Hugmore Lane
                     410 Wrexham: Mary;
     WEAVORS 348 Wrexham: 15 Sep 1772 Thos WEAVORS & John EDWARDS wits. at mar. by Banns of
                                                        Edward JONES (lab) (x) & Sarah MATHEWS (x) both otp
     WEAVOUR 401 Wrexham: 18 Oct 1835 mar. by Banns (wcof) of George WEAVOUR (x) & Elizabeth WILLIAMS (x), both otp
                                                                                                   Wits: William EVANS, Sarah SMITH (x)
                       410 Wrexham: Frances, Jane;
     Weever, Cheshire
     WEEVER 151 Hanmer: 12 Feb 1768 mar. by Lic. of John WEEVER of Wem (SHR) & Elizabeth HINTON (x) otp
                                                                                Wits: Richard HATTON, Joseph RICHARDS
     WEUER 425B Hanmer: Edward, Willm;
     WEVE 489 Marchwiel
     WEVER  73 Chirk: 2(?) Sep 1804 bap/o Mary (b 21 Aug) d/o William & Mary;
                                12 Sep 1807 bur/o Elizabeth (d. 10);                             
                  348 Wrexham: 12 Mar 1798 mar. by Banns of William JINKS & Mary WEAVER (sig. Meary WEAVER) both otp
                                                          Wits: Thomas JONES, Elizabeth HULL
                  425B Hanmer: Elyn;
                  458 Mold
                  499 Denbigh

WEAVING 297 Chirk: 16 Mar 1800 bap/o Sarah (b 9 Feb) d/o James & Elizth, Llangollen
                                 30 Aug 1801 bap/o James (b 19) s/o James & Elizth, Llangollen


     WABSTER 323 Denbigh:
                      499 Denbigh
     WBSTER 415A Northop (marriages): Peter, William;
                                           see WEBSTER (WBSTER in transcription index, but WEBSTER in body of work)
     WEB   17 Llanarmon yn Ial: 16 Jan 1684/85 bap/o Thos. s/o Thos, Gent. & Eliz
               117 Mold:
               121 Mold:
               307 Ruabon:
     WEBB   17 Llanarmon yn Ial: 17 Jun 1691 bur/o John s/o Tho., Gent. & Eliz
                                                     24 May 1696 bap/o Lloyd s/o Thomas, Gent. & Elizabeth
*101 Llanynys  11 Aug 1799 bap/o Robert Webb YOUNG s/o Robert & Mary, Rhydcilgwyn
                 107 Llanrhydd:
                 117 Mold:
                 121 Mold:
                 124 Mold:
                 138 Wrexham:
                 167 Gresford: Bridget;
                 191 Ruabon:
                 206 Hanmer:
                 209 Llangedwyn:
                 222 St. Asaph:
                 250 St. Asaph Notitae:
                 258 Llansanffraid Glyndyfrdwy:
                 267 Ruthin:
                 268 Wrexham:
                 307 Ruabon:
                 319 Hawarden:
                 345 Rhosllanerchrugog:
                 361 Llangollen: Mary Tudor, William, William Henry;
                 366 Wrexham: Anne, James, John;
                 379 Wrexham: 25 Aug 1901 bap/o Frederick Samuel Charles (b 15 Jul)
                                                                             s/o Frederick (soldier) & Edithna? , 90 King's Mills Road
                 380 Wrexham: 21 Aug 1903 bap/o Maud (b 18 Jun) d/o Alfred Vickars (Corporal A.P.C.) & Jane, 12 Abenbury Street
                                       15 Jul 1906 bap/o John Ivor (b 21 May)
                                                               s/o Frederic Albert Russell (Sergeant Major) & Edwina?, 13 Kings Mills Rd
                 383 Ruthin: 26 Feb 1617/1618 bur/o Richard;
                 386 Ruabon: 19 Jul 1849 mar. by Lic. of
                                                             Thomas WEBB (surgeon) ba. of Cheadle, County of Stafford s/o Robert (surgeon)
                                                           & Ann Lucy DAVIES (national schoolmistress) sp. otp d/o David (surgeon)
                 393 Wrexham: 13 Apr 1876 bur/o Thomas, aged 44, Brook St.
                 402A Denbigh: Sidney;
                 403 Holywell: Jane;
                 405 Wrexham: George, Mary, May Elsie;
                 407 Wrexham: ---, John;
                 417 Wrexham: Eliz'h;
429A Ysceifiog: Catherine, Jn, John;
                 440A,C Hawarden
                 444 Ruabon
                 461B Mold
                 466 Hawarden
                *486 Bistre
                 490 Chirk
                *554 Brymbo: 6 May 1855 bap/o Edward Webb BROOKES s/o Edward (carpenter) & Sarah, South Sea
                 562C Tallarn Green: 31 Dec 1908 bur/o Dorothy, aged 8 months, Threapwood
                *567 Brymbo  6 Feb 1856 bur/o Edward Webb BROOKES, aged 9 mo., South Sea
                 572 Broughton: 17 Jul 1853 bap/o Joseph (b 21 Feb) s/o Joseph (plasterer) & Mary (SMITH), Bretton
                 582 Bistre: 23 May 1858 bap/o Elizabeth, Fanny, Sarah & William Richard
                                                                        s&ds/o James (lab) & Elizabeth, Garreglwyd Cottage
586 Llantysilio: 29 May 1897 bap/o James Donald Eric Thomas Arthur Claydon WILLARD
                                                                                s/o Thomas Webb (architect|) & Tryphean, Brynhyfryd

                 Misc: North Wales 1835 Hawarden & King's Ferry: Z. Webb, Esq., Aston hall
                          Shropshire 1828/9 Cleobury Mortimer: Blacksmith: Thomas Webb
                                                      Oswestry: Shopkeeper: William Webb, Beatrice st
                                                      Wellington: Baker/confectioner: Charles Webb, Crown st
                                                                       Bookseller/stationer/printer: Henry Webb, New st
                                                                       Currier/leather seller: Joseph Webb, New st
                                                                       Hop/seed dealer: William Webb, New st
                                                                       Joiner/builder: John Webb, Church st
                                                      Wenlock: Saddler: Field Webb, High st
     WEBBE 349A Ysceifiog: John;
     WEBBER 162 Overton:
                     563C Erbistock: 18 Sep 1884 bur/o Edward Affleck, aged 82, Erbistock Lodge
                     Misc: Gresford MIs: Neville Shapland;
     WEBSTAR 402A Denbigh: John;
     WEBSTER  10 Overton:14 Aug 1827 mar by Banns of Edward EDGE otp & Ann WEBSTER of Worthenbury
                                                                                   Wits: John ROBERTS, Mary CAPELL
                      *22 Hawarden: 17 Mar 1828 mar by Banns of
                                                       George Webster BURROUGHS (joiner) ba & Hannah SHERWIN sp both otp
                                                       Wits: George WILLIAMS, William GRIFFITHS, Sarah MUNNERLEY
                       42 Holywell: 18 May 1825 bur/o George, aged 4, otp
63 Holt:
                       74 Flint:
                       79 Gresford:
                      124 Mold:
                      127 Mold:
                      137 Northop:
                      152 Hanmer:
                      156 Hanmer:
                      157 Hanmer:
                      158 Holywell: Ann, George, Jame, James, Joseph, Maria, Mary, Sarah;
                      162 Overton:
                      167 Gresford: Joseph;
                      176 Tremeirchion:
                      189 Holywell: Ann, James, Margaret, Mary, Richd;
                      203 Denbigh:
                      224 St. Asaph:
                      245 Llanrhydd:
                      246 Llanfwrog:
                      247 Llanfwrog:
                      276A Llanasa: Edward, Mary, Mary Anne, Thomas;
                           B Llanasa: 18 Mar 1787 mar. by Lic. of Thomas WEBSTER wdr. & Margaret CAMPELL wid., both otp
                                                                                     Wits: Thomas ROBERTS, John BARKER
                      304C Wrexham: William;
                      309 Denbigh:
                     *315 Ruabon:
                      321B Llanasa: 11 Dec 1794 bur/o Margaret, Picton
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Clement Webster FOULKES
                      345 Rhosllanerchrugog:
                      351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: Robert Charles;
                      357 Holywell St. James Churchyard MIs: George;

                      360 Llangollen: Edward, Frank Applin;
                     *369 Llangollen: Harry Webster HUNT
                      379 Wrexham: 27 Feb 1898 bap/o Tom (b 2 Feb) s/o John Christopher (carter) & Kate, 8 Cobden Road
                      388 Hawarden: 18 Dec 1628 bur/o Richard;
                      393 Wrexham: 4 Dec 1883 bur/o Robert Charles, aged 61, Bangor
                      402B Denbigh: ---, Jane, Robert;
                      404 Wrexham: Ann Eliza, Harriet Jane, Thomas, Violet;
                      405 Wrexham: George Harvey, Hannah Christina, Harriet Jane, John Christopher, Kate, Mary Ellen, Sarah;
                      407 Wrexham: Annie, Margaret;
                      410 Wrexham: Richard;
                      415A Northop (marriages): James (2), Peter (2), Ruth (1), Thomas (1), Willliam (2);
                           B Northop (witnesses): Ames, Catherine, James, Mary, Peter, Robert, Thomas;
                           C Northop (burials): Edwd, John, Martha, Peter, Thos, William;
                      417 Wrexham: Jane;
                      422 Hanmer: 26 Sep 1585 bap/o Isabell d/o John
                                         28 Jul 1588 bap/o Rondell s/o John
                      424 Hanmer: 30 Jul 1609 bap/o Hughe s/o Willm
                      452A,B Whitford
                      458 Mold
                      467 Holywell
                      474B Gresford
                      483 Hawarden
                      485 Holywell
                      487 Gwersyllt
                      491A Henllan
                     *493 Llantysilio
                      494 Chirk: 30 Jul 1749 bap/o Mary (b 8) d/o Isaac & Martha (forreigners)
                      533A Overton
                      551B Hawarden:
                      554 Brymbo: Elizabeth, Ephraim, Jane, John, Joseph, Margaret;
                      555 Brymbo: Edmund, Elizabeth, John, Joseph, Margaret, Mary;
                     *559A Rhosymedre:  10 May 1908 bap/o George William Webster JOHNSON -/o William Ellis (clerk) & Rose, Maelor Terrace, Acrefair
                      559B Rhosymedre: 16 Aug 1906 mar by Banns of
                                                           Willie Ellis JOHNSON ba/31 of Acrefair s/o George JOHNSON dec.
                                                           & Rose WEBSTER sp/30 of Oswestry d/o James WEBSTER dec.
                      567 Brymbo  13 Aug 1857 bur/o Ephraim, aged 9 mo., Pentre Broughton
                                          11 Nov 1862 bur/o Joseph, aged 47, Pentre Broughton
                                          24 Feb 1867 bur/o Edmund, aged 1 yr, Moss, Broughton
                      568 Brymbo 26 May 1867 bur/o Mary, aged 27, Moss, Broughton
                                        12 Feb 1873 bur/o Phoebe, aged 10 mo., Moss Quarry
                      573 Broughton: 27 Sep 1868 bap/o Thomas AMES (b 10 Aug)
                                                                                  s/o David (lab) & Emily (WEBSTER), Manor Farm
579 Ysceifiog (Burials 1813-1910) Vol 10
                                      23 Dec 1840 bur/o Edward, aged 22, Tyn y caeau
                                      19 Apr 1846 bur/o James, aged 16, Ffynnon Fair
                      585 Gwersyllt: 12 May 1872 bap/o Phoebe d/o John (collier) & Elizabeth, Pentre Broughton
                      Misc: North Wales 1835 Amlwch: Vitriol manufacturers: Webster Brothers & Co.
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                           Thomas Webster WILKINSON, Fonsbank, Hanmer  16 May 1801
                                                                           Richard WEBSTER, Bronington   1722

                               Shropshire 1828/9 Ludlow: Royal Oak  Ts. Webster, Tower st
                                                          Shrewsbury: Watch/clock maker: John Webster, Mardol

     WEBSTER WILKINSON 207 Hanmer:
     WEPSTER 137 Northop:
                       402B Denbigh: John;

     WAYWORTH 267 Ruthin: 6 Oct 1667 bap/o John s/o Griffith (tanner)
     WEDGEWOOD 397 Llansilin: 17 Nov 1674 bap/o Parthenia? or Richd? or Cathne? /o Edgerton
                             552D Wrexham: 26 Jan 1704/05 bur/o Jane, wid., Pen y bryn
     WEDGEWORTH 267 Ruthin: 23 Oct 1646 bap/o Catherine d/o John (feltmaker)
                                                  2 May 1649 bap/o Robert s/o John
383 Ruthin:  7 Jul 1677 bur/o Mary, spinster
                                                10 Jul 1677 bur/o Anne, widow
                                                29 Apr 1680 bur/o Elizabeth
                                                24 Sep 1682 bur/o Elizabeth
                                                27 Nov 1682 bur/o John
                                                22 Mar 1709/10 bur/o Thomas
     WEDGWORTH 247 Llanfwrog:  9 Mar 1711/1712 bur/o Richard, Mwrog St.
                                                  20 Mar 1722/23 bur/o Catherine of Ruthin
                            267 Ruthin: 24 Sep 1672 bap/o Thomas s/o Griffith (tanner)
                                             15 May 1677 bap/o Mary d/o Thomas (glover)
                                             27 May 1677 bap/o Anne d/o Griffith
                                              5 Mar 1680/81 bap/o John s/o Griffith
2 Apr 1681 bap/o Mary d/o Thomas (glover)
                                             18 Jan 1683/84 bap/o Mary d/o Griffith (tanner)
                                               4 Oct 1683 bap/o Dorothea & John d&s/o Thomas (glover)
                                              6 Feb 1689 bap/o Catherin d/o Thomas
     WEGEWOOD 250 St. Asaph Notitae 1680:
     WEGEWORTH 383 Ruthin: 30 Jan 1696/97 bur/o Katherine d/o Thomas
                                             15 Feb 1703/04 bur/o Mary
     WEYWORTH 267 Ruthin: 14 Aug 1674 bap/o Katherin d/o Griffith (tanner)


Wedlake (Petertavy), Devon

WEECH see WICK, but possibly WELSH

Weedon, Buckinghamshire; Northamptonshire;
     WEEDEN 351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: Ann, Frederick, William;
                     565A Esclusham: 14 Sep 1903 bur/o Jane, aged 64, Esless Cottages
     WEEDON 159 Holywell:
                     384 Wrexham: 4 Mar 1872 bur/o Frederick, aged 35, Rhostyllen

WEEDS 62 Flint: 5 Jan 1807 mar by Banns of William WAGSTAFF (x) ba & Mary WEEDS (x) sp., both otp
                                                                    Wits: J CHURCH, Benjamin PHILLIPS (x)

Week, Devon; Somerset; Week Green, Week St. Mary, Cornwall;
     WEAKS 500B Holywell
     Weeke, Devon; Hampshire;
131 Bodfari:
                   404 Wrexham: Frederick;
                   407 Wrexham: Thomas;
                   Misc: North Wales 1835 Montgomery MNT: Boot/shoe maker: William Weeks, Castle st
                            Shropshire 1828/9 Shrewsbury: Hosier/glover: John Weeks, High st


Weekley, Northumberland
     WEEKLET 582 Bistre: 1 Apr 1867 bap/o Emmanuel s/o John (collier) & Catherine, Nant Mawr

     WEDGE 416 Ruabon: 30 Dec 1890 mar. by Banns
                                                         James HALL (teacher) ba/31 of Woodford Wells s/o Joshua HALL (teacher)
                                                         & Clara Annie WEDGE sp/28 otp d/o William WEDGE (saddle manufacturer)
                   519 Llantysilio
                   573 Broughton: 25 Apr 1909 bap/o Gladys Mary
                                                             d/o Thomas William (waggoner) & Harriet, otp (Park Farm Cottages)

WEICH see WICK, but possibly WAYE or WELSH

Welbeck, Nottinghamshire

WELBER Misc: Shropshire 1828/9  Shrewsbury: Straw hat maker: Lucy Welber, Mardol head


Welborne, Norfolk
     WELBORN 563A Erbistock: 1 Mar 1891 bap/o Ann d/o Thomas (coachman) & Sarah Ann, otp
     Welbourn, Lincolnshire
     Welburn, North Riding of Yorkshire
     WHELBONE 310 Gresford:

WELBOROUGH 374 Wrexham: 18 Mar 1846 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Robert (lab) & Frances, Wrexham Regis

Welby, Leicestershire; Lincolnshire;
     WELBY 482 Hawarden
     WELLESBY 295 Mold:
     WELLSBURY 348 Wrexham:
     WELLSBY  366 Wrexham: Elen, Margaret, William;
                      *405 Wrexham: 17 Jun 1891 bap/o Hubert Wellsby JONES
                                                                                          s/o William Daniel (plumber) & Ellen, 53 Chester St.
     WELSBY  32 Hawarden: William;
                    295 Mold:
                    353 Pentrobin:
                    374 Wrexham: 3 Sep 1843 bap/o Mary Elizabeth d/o Samuel (book binder) & Jane, Wrexham Regis
                    410 Wrexham: William;
                    411 Wrexham: 29 Dec 1838 bur/o Sarah, aged 5, Beast Market
                    584 Buckley: 27 Sep 1835 bap/o Ellen Robinson (b 25 Dec 1834)
                                                             d/o William (potter) & Ellen (GUEST), Ewloe
                    Misc: 1841 Census Wrexham Town: Holt Street: Saml.      55   Bookbinder   not born in County
                                                                                           Jane        35                      not born in County
                                                                            + John 4, Sarah 2 - both born in County


     WEALSHMAN 423 Hanmer: 21 May 1597 bur/o Jane w/o Elice
     WELCHMAN  *83 Ruthin:  2 Nov 1764 bap/o Thos. WYNNE s/o Thos. Welchman
                                      16 Oct 1765 bap/o John WYNNE s/o T. Welchman & Mary
                         121 Mold:
                         222 St. Asaph;
                        *306 Holywell:
                         425B Hanmer: Elis, Luse;
                        *449 Trelawnyd: 15 Dec 1758 mar. by Lic. of William DAVIES of Holywell & Aliza PARRY otp
                                                                                         Wits: T. Welchman WYNNE, Eliza WYNNE
                                                21 May 1759 mar. by Banns of Thomas ELLIS & Jane POWELL (x), both otp
                                                                                             Wits: T. Welchman WYNNE, John W.......
                                                26 May 1760 mar. by Banns of Thomas Price & Sarah BARKER (x), both otp
                                                                                              Wits: T. Welchman WYNNE, Thos. PARRY
                        449 Trelawnyd: 16 Mar 1736/37 bur/o (Mrs) Hester,
   WELSHMAN  79 Gresford:
                         423 Hanmer: 30 Jan 1586/87 mar/o Elis WELSHMAN & Cathryne EDD
                                            27 Feb 1597/98 mar/o Elice WELSHMAN & Alice vch Thomas
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): William, Gent, Ditton/Ruthin  1774


Welham, Leicestershire; Nottinghamshire;
 WELLAM 424 Hanmer: 7 May 1648 bap/o Debora d/o Thomas
     WELLHAM *315 Ruabon:
                       341 Ruabon:
     WELLING possibly see also


River Welland, Leicestershire/Rutlandshire
Welland, Worcestershire


Wellesley (Wells), Somerset
WELLESLEY *334 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: George Wellesley EVANS
     WELSLEY *410 Wrexham: 16 May 1825 bur/o Welsley RIDER, aged 24, Holt Street


Welling, Greater London
     WELHAM possibly see also
River Welland, Leicestershire/Rutlandshire
     Welland, Worcestershire
     WELLEN 424 Hanmer: 30 Mar 1628 bap/o John s/o Henry
                                         3 Jan 1629/30 bap/o Ellin d/o Henry
     WELLIN 342 Hawarden:
                  343 Hawarden:
                  424 Hanmer: 5 Nov 1626 bap/o Thomas s/o Henry
                  460 Mold
     WELLING 460 Mold
                    Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Wenlock: Butcher: Thos. Welling, Willmore st
                                                                       Maltster: Thos. Welling, Shinton st
     WELLINGS 585 Gwersyllt: 25 Mar 1868 bap/o John George s/o Edward (lab) & Anne, Old Wire Mill
                       Misc: North Wales 1835 Montgomery: Tailor: John Wellings, Bishops Castle st
                                Shropshire 1828/9 Bridgnorth: Blacksmith: Benjamin Wellings, Low town
                                                                            Stone mason: Edward Wellings, Castle street
                                                           Broseley: Maltster: John Wellings
                                                           Ludlow: Edward Wellings, gent., Broad st
                                                                       Rev. T. Wellings, Bromfield
     WELLINS 459 Mold
                    565A Esclusham: 8 Feb 1924 bur/o Elizabeth Ellen, aged 34 yrs, 4 Bunkers Hill, Bersham
     WELLYN 343 Hawarden:
     WELYN 460 Mold
WEYLIN *123 Ruabon:


Wellington, Cumbria; Herefordshire; Shropshire; Somerset;
WELLINGTON   *66 Penley:
                       *360 Llangollen: Wellington Cotton BUTTERWORTH
                       *370 Wrexham: Arthur Wellington DIXON
                       *381 Llangollen: 12 Jun 1909 bap/o Brian Robertson WILLIAMS
                                               s/o Wellington Archbold (gentleman) & Helena Worsley, Eryngo, New Brighton, Cheshire
                       *405 Wrexham: 3 Jan 1892 bap/o Reginald Wellington CHAMBERS (b 21 Dec 1891)
                                                                                s/o Thomas (Sergeant R.W.F.) & Mary Elizabeth, Barracks


Wells (North Greenhoe), Norfolk; Somerset;
     Well, Hampshire; Lincolnshire; North Yorkshire;
     WELL Misc: Gresford MIs: John;
     WELLS  21 Holt: 8 Sep 1664 bur/o Rachel d/o (Mr) --- , Wrexham
                  45 Denbigh: Edward;
                 123 Ruabon:
                 304A Wrexham: William;
                 315 Ruabon:
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: George;
                 347 Hawarden:
                 353 Pentrobin:
                 357 Holywell St. James Churchyard MIs: Henry;
                *361 Llangollen: Charlotte Wells RICHARDS
                *363 Wrexham: Esme Dunbar Wells JONES
                *371 Llangollen: 18 Jan 1872 mar. by Banns of
                                             David JONES (clerk in Holy Orders) ba/full of Dyserth Vicarage s/o Daniel JONES (farmer)
                                          & Charlotte Wells RICHARDS sp/full of Bank Buildings d/o Charles (lawyer & banker)
                 375 Wrexham: Ellen, Flora Emily, Harriet Susan, Jane Gertrude, William;
                *379 Wrexham: 1 Dec 1901 bap/o Colin Wells IKIN (b 24 Jun) s/o John (publican) & Florence Mary, High Gate Inn
                *393 Wrexham:  5 Jun 1884 bur/o Esme Dunbar Wells JONES, infant, 2 Albert St.
                 393 Wrexham: 8 Feb 1884 bur/o William, aged 66, W House
WELLS contd
                 404 Wrexham: Ellen;
                 407 Wrexham: Elizabeth;
 434B Bangor-on-Dee: Samuel;
                 514 Corwen
                 515A Corwen
                 553 Gresford: John;
                 Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Ludlow: Whitesmiths: Jeremiah Wells, jun., Old st
                                                                                     Jeremiah Wells, sen., Old st  
                                                                  Brazier/tin-plate worker: John Wells, Old street


     WALCH  313 Hawarden:
                   499 Denbigh
Shropshire 1828/9 Newport: Nail maker: Richard Walch, Salter's lane
     WALSH  10 Overton: 1 Sep 1817 mar by Banns of
                                               James WELCH (sig. WALSH) & Deborah JONES both otp
                                               Wits: Samuel JOHNSON, Maria LEWIS
                   42 Holywell: 20 Sep 1828 bur/o Henry, aged 2, Greenfield
                   44 Denbigh: Elizabeth, Grace, Margaret, Margt;
                   46 Worthenbury:
                   53 Wrexham:
                   62 Flint: William, Willm;
                  151 Hanmer: 22 Nov 1763 mar. by Banns of Nathaniel BOYDS (x) & Pheby HUXLEY (x), both otp
                                                                                  Wits: William WALSH, Thomas JENKIN
                  156 Hanmer:
                  206 Hanmer:
                  227 Ruthin:
                  229 St. Asaph:
                  313 Hawarden:
                  314 Rhosllanerchrugog:
27 Nov 1871 bap/o John WARBURTON (WALSH)
                                                                                                     s/o John WALSH (dec.) & Hannah WARBURTON

                  329 Meliden:
                  359 Rhosymedre: Henry;
                  363 Wrexham: Arthur, Caroline, Eliza, James Edward George, James Joseph, John Henry, Sarah Ann;
                  375 Wrexham: 26 (sic) Jun 1877 bap/o Lillie d/o John Henry (leather finisher) & Eliza, 19 Crescent Place
                  380 Wrexham: Charles Cecil Hayford Thorold, George Edward James, James Edward George, Sarah, Sarah Ann;
                  387 Hawarden: 13 Nov 1689 bur/o Elizabeth & Thomas s&d/o Lawrence (Officer of Excise at Denbigh)
                  393 Wrexham:  6 May 1876 bur/o Nicholas, aged 68, Pentre Felyn
                                        16 Jul 1877 bur/o Lillie, infant, Crescent Place
                  401 Wrexham: James;
                 *405 Wrexham: 23 Mar 1897 bap/o Martha Florence LEWIS (adult)
                                                                                                         d/o James Walsh (Doctor) & Sarah, 8 Trevor St.
                  405 Wrexham: James Edward George, Sarah Anne, William David;
                  407 Wrexham: Annie, James Edward George;
                  411 Wrexham: 21 Jan 1843 bur/o William, infant, Poor House
                  412 Wrexham:  6 Aug 1857 bur/o John, aged 31, Union
                                         3 Feb 1858 bur/o James, aged 36, York St.
                  438A Broughton: aNN;
                  440B Hawarden
                  441B Hope: Ellen;
                  442B Bangor on Dee
                  491B Henllan
                  492 Holywell
                  517C Llanasa: 22 Sep 1742 bur/o Dorothy, Gold Grove
                                         7 Apr 1744 bur/o Henry, Gwespyr
                  551B Hawarden:
                  561B Marchwiel: 10 Nov 1890 mar by Banns of
                                         James WALSH (quarryman) ba of Horwick, Lancs s/o James WALSH (stone mason)
                                         & Elizabeth Ann CRUMP (servant) sp of Penyfron d/o Edward CRUMP (brick moulder)
 577 Overton (Baptisms 1813-1839) Vol 6
                                     Eliza, Joseph, Maria, Oliver.
                 Misc: 1881 Census Saltney, Cheshire/Flintshire
     WALSHE 347 Hawarden:
WELSH contd
     WEALCH 423 Hanmer: 11 Jun 1574 mar/o Raphe WEALCH & Anne RONE
                                         4 Aug 1588 bur/o Raphe WEALCH alias SMYTH (buried on the North side of the Church Yarde)
                                         1 Jun 1589 mar/o Lorance PYNYNGTON & Anne WEALCH
                    499 Denbigh
     WELCH   6 Isycoed: 11 May 1806 bap/o Elisah WELCH (TWEROLD
                                                                 ) d/o Samuel TWEROLD & Elizabeth WELCH, Sutton
                   10 Overton:  
1 Sep 1817 mar by Banns of
                                               James WELCH (sig. WALSH) & Deborah JONES both otp
                                               Wits: Samuel JOHNSON, Maria LEWIS
                                      28 Mar 1835 mar by Banns of Edward ROBERTS & Mary ROGERS both otp
                                                                                 Wits: Thomas ROBERTS, Eliza WELCH
                   30 Wrexham: Elizabeth, Thomas;
                   37 Worthenbury: Elizabeth, Mary;
                   44 Denbigh: Grace;
                   47 Worthenbury: 23 Sep 1810 bap/o Mary d/o William & Mary
                                              3 May 1812 bap/o Mary d/o William & Mary
53 Wrexham:
                   62 Flint: 18 May 1794 mar by Banns of William WELCH (x) ba & Sarah JONES (x) sp., both otp
                                                                             Wits: Thomas JONES (x), Thomas HUGHES
                                23 Apr 1821 mar by Banns of Edward MORRIS ba & Anne JONES (x) sp., both otp
                                                                           Wits: Robert WELCH (x), Elizabeth HUGHES (x)
                   74 Flint:
                 132 Hanmer:
                 137 Northop:
                 143 Llanrwst:
                 151 Hanmer: Ann, Edward, Esther, John, Mary, William;
                 152 Hanmer:
                 156 Hanmer:
                 162 Overton:
                 165 Ruabon:
                 176 Tremeirchion:
                 197 Hanmer: Ann(e), Charles, Edward, George, Mary, Rebecca, Sarah, Thomas, William;
                 206 Hanmer:
                 207 Hanmer:
                 243 Hanmer:
                 300 Mold:
                 310 Gresford:
                 311 Hawarden: Ann;
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Frederick, Hannah, John, Joseph;
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Annie, Charles, Charles S., Mary Ann, Robert, Samuel;
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Annie, James;
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Ann Jane, Charles;
                 347 Hawarden:
                 348 Wrexham:
                 351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: Harriet, Herbert, William;
                 365 Wrexham: Ann, Charles, Christian, Christianna, Herbet, John;
                 366 Wrexham: Ann, Charles, Thomas, William;
                 372 Wrexham: William;
                 373 Wrexham: Anne, Charles, Harriet;
                 375 Wrexham: Catherine, John William, Thomas, Thomas Henry;
                 379 Wrexham: 8 Apr 1898 bap/o Stanley Birks WELCH (b 16 Mar) margin note: S.J.
                                                                                                    s/o Walter (boot-maker) & Annie, 3 Napier St
                 384 Wrexham: John William, Michael, Thomas Henry;
                 388 Hawarden: 15 Mar 1629/30 bur/o Dorothy d/o Tho.
                 392 Gresford: 11 Mar 1720/21 bur/o Margerett, Gwersylt
                 399 Wrexham: 19 Mar 1822 bap/o Willliam s/o William (lab) & Anne, Rhosnesney
                                       26 May 1822 bap/o William s/o William (lab) & Anne, Rhosnesney
                404 Wrexham: Charles;
                405 Wrexham: Annie, Walter Edward, Walter Richard;
                406 Wrexham: Charles;
                407 Wrexham: Herbert;
                410 Wrexham: William;
                411 Wrexham: Ambrose, Mary;
                423 Hanmer: 6 May 1578 bur/o Catryne (an ould poore woman)
                426 Hanmer: Jane, John, Mary, Sarah, Thos, William;
                430 Llangollen: William;
                438A Broughton
                440B Hawarden
                441A Hope: Will'm;
                474B Gresford
                489 Marchwiel
                490 Chirk
                533A Overton
                577 Overton 28 Sep 1828 bap/o Harriet d/o John (lab) & Margaret, Lightwood Green
                                  25 Sep 1836 bap/o John illeg s/o ------------- & Harriet, otp
                583 Chirk: 22 Sep 1861 bap/o Louisa (b 19 Jun 1860) d/o John (drill sergeant) & Mary Ann
North Wales 1835 Dolgelly: Nail makers: Prichard, Welch and Albion, Drudd-y-dry-bedd
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                                         John, Gent, Malpas   1797 (two)
                                                                                         John, Gent, Malpas   1793
                                                                                         Robert, Joiner, Halghton   1741
                                                                                         Samuel, Yeo, Overton Hall   1798
                                                                                         William, Farmer, Overton Hall   1792
                           Shropshire 1828/9 Whitchurch: Cabinet maker: George Welch, Bargates
                                                                         Grocer/tea dealer: Thomas Welch, High st
                                                                         Maltster/hop dealer: Thomas Welch, High st
WELSH contd
     WELSH   6 Isycoed: 3 Jul 1808 bap/o Jain d/o William & Mary, Sutton
                  27 Llanarmon yn Ial: Barbara Elizth;
                  30 Wrexham: Ann, Thomas;
                  37 Worthenbury: John, Wm;
                  53 Wrexham:
                  58 Erbistock:
                  74 Flint:
                  75 Marchwiel:
                  79 Gresford:
                 124 Mold:
                 132 Hanmer:
                 137 Northop:
                 143 Llanrwst:
                 151 Hanmer: Hugh, John, William, Wm, W.;
                 156 Hanmer:
                 159 Holywell:
WELSH contd
                 163 Ruabon:
                 167 Gresford: Anne, Elizabeth;
                 175E Llandyrnog: Mary;
                 189 Holywell: Sarah, Wm;
                 206 Hanmer:  
                 250 St. Asaph Notitae:
                 295 Mold:
                 297 Chirk:
WELSH contd
                 304A Wrexham: John;
                 306 Holywell:
                 347 Hawarden:
                 351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: C., Harriet, Herbert, J.;
                 356 Ruabon: Patrick;
                 363 Wrexham: Eliza, Henry John, Lily;
                 364 Wrexham: Margaret, Susan, Thomas;
                 375 Wrexham: 5 Jul 1869 bap/o Mary Hamilton d/o David James (Captain Royal Artillery) & Helen, Chapel St
                 384 Wrexham: 22 Aug 1874 bur/o Richard, aged 54, Pentre Felyn
                 386 Ruabon: 24 Apr 1848 mar. by Banns of Edward WILLIAMS (collier) wdr. of Street Isa s/o Edward (engineer)
                                                                             & Mary WELSH (sig: WALSH) sp. of Street Isa d/o Patrick (clothier)
                 390 Bangor-on-Dee: 9 Aug 1691 bap/o Ann d/o Richard WELSH (supposed) of Chester & ----------
                 399 Wrexham: 11 Sep 1823 bap/o Margaret d/o William (lab) & Anne, Rhosnesney
                                         2 Oct 1825 bap/o John s/o William (lab) & Anne, Rhosnessney
WELSH contd

                 405 Wrexham: Annie, Harry, Walter;
                 407 Wrexham: John;
                 412 Wrexham: 5 Jan 1854 bur/o Ann, aged 62, Holt Street
                 415 Northop: 15 Jul 1784 bur/o Robert (miner), aged 36, of Caerfallwch
                                    26 Apr 1788 mar. by Banns of Thomas ROBERTS (x) wdr. & Eleanor WELSH (x) wid., both otp
                                                                                  Wits: Richard HUGHES (x), Margaret BELLIS (x)
                 426 Hanmer: Edward;      
 434B Bangor-on-Dee:  Elizabeth;
                 443 Rhosllanerchrugog
                 483 Hawarden
WELSH contd
                 490 Chirk
                 491B Henllan
                 498 Bodfari
                 577 Overton 13 Mar 1814 bap/o Sarah d/o John & Harriet
Misc: 1841 Census Wrexham Town: Lambpit Street: Ann         50   Laundress   born in County
                                                                                             John        15   Ag. Lab.      born in County
                                                           + Charles 13, Thomas 12, Ann 9 - all born in County
                          Shropshire 1828/9 Whitchurch: Pawnbroker: Richd. Welsh, Greenend

     WELSHE 347 Hawarden:
     WILSH 6 Isycoed: 9 Sep 1799 bap/o Charls WILSH (PHYNIX) s/o Samuel PHYNIX & Elizabeth WILSH, Dutton Diffaeth


Welwyn, Hertfordshire
     WALEWAYN 387 Hawarden: Rector of Hawarden 1317-1331 Rev. John WALEWYN
     WALWEN 357 Holywell St. James' Churchyard MIs: Edward Davies;
     WALWIN *363 Wrexham: Edwin Walwin HARRISON
     WALWYN  79 Gresford:
                     553 Gresford: Richard Tyndall;
                     Misc: Gresford MIs: 20: James, Laura, Richard Tyndall;
     Walwyn's Castle, Dyfed



Wemyss, land of, Fife SCT
     WEEMS Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Ludlow: Maltser: Henry Weems, Corve st
     WEMYSS *380 Wrexham: 26 Jan 1902 bap/o Alice Wemyss Burns MURPHY (b 15 Apr 1895) margin note: P
                                                                 d/o Samuel Frederick (surgeon) & Alice Emma, 8 Albert Street


WENDEL masc. of the Wend people (Germanic)
     WEDNAL 421 Hope: 15 May 1749 bap/o Anne WEDNAL (---------) base d/o ------ & Anne WEDNAL otp
     WENDA fem. form of Wendel; a variant form is Wanda
     WENDELL *354 Rhosllanerchrugog: George Wendell FISHER
     WUNDER *391 Colwyn: 17 Jun 1906 bap/o
                                             Helen Dorothy TRUBE d/o Gustave Adolphe (engineer) & Bertha Wunder
                                                                                        The Uplands, Bowdon, Cheshire


WENBROOKE 425B Hanmer: Mary, Rich;

Wendover, Buckinghamshire; Winds Over in Ilkley, West Riding of Yorkshire
     WINDOVER 391 Colwyn: 6 Oct 1897 mar. by Banns of
                                                         John Charles WINDOVER (coach builder) ba o/a of Colwyn
                                                                                           s/o Charles Sandford (gent)
                                                          & Elizabeth Alice ROBERTS sp o/a of Derwas, Llanelian d/o John (gent)

WENE see WYNNE or sometimes WAYNE

WENELIA *178 Ysceifiog:


Wenham,  Suffolk; Sussex.
WENGON *576 Llansannan: 12 Jul 1874 bap/o George Wengon NOTT
                                                       s/o William Andrew (bookseller & stationer) & Mary, Denbigh

WENIS see WYNNE  (?but possibly for WEMYSS)

Wenlock, Shropshire
     WENLE 169 Llanrhydd:
     WENLOCK  10 Overton: 2 May 1826 mar by Banns of Joseph WENLOCK & Elizabeth ROBERTS both otp
                                                                                    Wits: John ROBERTS, Susan RANDLES
                       156 Hanmer:
                       206 Hanmer:
                      *363 Wrexham: Harold Wenlock JARVIS
                       363 Wrexham: Edward, George Edward, Susan, Susannah;
                      *379 Wrexham: 26 Aug 1900 bap/o Sidney Wenlock HARRISON (b 3 Jan)
                                                                       s/o John (farmer) & Florence Maud, Eyton, Nr. Bangor
                       405 Wrexham: Florence, George, Harriet, William Evan;
                       407 Wrexham: George Henry;
                       424 Hanmer: John, Katherine, Mary, Rees;
                       425A Hanmer: 17 Oct 1601 mar/o Rees WENLOCK & Joan PROUDMAN
                       487 Gwersyllt
 577 Overton (Baptisms 1813-1839) Vol 6
                                          Edward, Elizabeth, John, Joseph, Margaret, Sarah, William.
                       587 Overton:  3 Apr 1840 bap/o William s/o Joseph (lab) & Elizabeth
                                           6 Oct 1844 bap/o Ann d/o Joseph (lab) & Elizabeth
                       Misc: Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                                              Reece, Yeo, Bettisfield  1632
                                                                                              Rice, Bettisfield   1703
     WENLOCKE 424 Hanmer: 22 Sep 1616 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Rees
                                            23 Jan 1627/28 bap/o John s/o John
                         425A Hanmer: 23 Feb 1621/22 mar/o Thomas SHAWE & Mary WENLOCKE
                               B Hanmer: Joan, Rees;

WENLOVE Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Ellesmere: Fire etc. Office Agent Norwich Union Joshua Lewis Wenlove, Church st


River Wennet

River Wenning



Wensley, Derbyshire; North Yorkshire;
WENSLEY Misc: 1841 Census Wrexham