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The preceding numbers are my filing system numbers for the transcriptions
Always check findings in original source.
* = a first name; or a surname used as a first name e.g. *123 Ronald Jones PARKES
dec. = deceased
otp = of this parish
p = written in the patronymic form
wcof = with consent of friends
wcop = with consent of parents
Psh = Parish
Wits: = Witnesses
(x) made his/her mark
A+B+C etc. = separate indexes within the transcription
BT = Bishop's Transcript
DB =Domesday Book
MIs = Monumental Inscriptions (ie from tombstones)
NLW = National Library of Wales
OE = Old English
OFr = Old French
ON = Old Norse
OW = Old Welsh
sgl = single


E.D. 351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: E. D. 1799 (no other information)
        355 Ruabon St. Mary's Churchyard MIs: Sarah DAVIES of Acrevair d. 2 Dec 1818 aged 18
                                                                   Margaret DAVIES d. 17 Jun 1823 aged 55
                                                                   E. D. 1827 aged 62

351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: I. D? (no other information)

J.D. 351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: J. D. (no other information)
       355 Ruabon St. Mary's Churchyard MIs: John DAVIES d. ----- 1780 aged 77
                                                                  J. D. 1829 aged 22

351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: M.D. (no other information)

R.D. 355 Ruabon St. Mary's Churchyard MIs:  R. D. 1825 aged 1

351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: W. H. Davies died in infancy 1818
                                                                       W.D. d. 23 Aug 1825 aged 83 years


D....... 235 Gwyddelwern: 22 Jun 1751 bap/o Robert ---- s/o David & Elizth
          258C Llansanffraid Glyndyfrdwy: 13 Mar 1773 bur/o Blanch D-------- w/o Ellis, Bonwm
          263B Llansilin: 18 May 1717 mar. by Banns of Richard JONES & Sarah D-----------, both of Rhiwlas
          351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: 1) D. (no other information)
                                                                        2) D. (no other information)
          458 Mold: 30 May 1615 mar/o John ap John & Jane verch D...........;
          523B Llansanffraid Glan Conway: Between 8 Sep 1669 and 1 Feb 1669/70: bur/o Catherine d/o Robt
          560p Llangollen: 1 Jan 1655/56 bap/o William fil Robert Griffith (calceolarius/shoemaker) & Mary vch D.....
D...AD, D..AEL (same entry) 108 Minera: 13 Nov 1795 bap/o Robert (born 6th)
                                                                                                     s/o John (collier) and Anne (ROGERS)  of Havod
D....LY 474A Gresford: 30 Dec 1826 Sarah D...LY & John   HUGHES wits at mar by Banns of
                                                                            William BLACKWELL ba & Elizabeth GRIFFITHS sgl both otp

D.I.ON 307A Ruabon: 14 Feb 1735/36 bap/o Edward D.I.ON (PATE) base s/o William PATE & Mary D.I.ON, Holt

D.SON 307A Ruabon: 14 Jul 1754 bap/o Margaret D.SON d/o William & Jane

DA.  see DAVID

DA........ 349A Ysceifiog: 27 Mar 1733 mar/o David ROBTS & Mary DA.......

407 Wrexham: 15 Feb 1897 bur/o Georgina DA-?- , aged 10 yrs, 6 Stanley St


     D'ALESSIO 594 Gresford: 12 May 1906 bap/o Violet Vera d/o Edward Samuel John (Chaplain) & Vera Maude



Dacre Beck

Dacre, Cumbria; North Yorks;
DACRE a local name  'dropping / trickling stream' Keltic; place in Cumberland - Cottle
            (12.04.22 DACRE ONS: dacre@one-name.org)
     DACHETT 304C Wrexham:  22 Jan 1731 bur/o Joseph (lab)
     DACK 535 Buckley: 21 Jan 1871 mar by Banns of
                                          James Johnson DACK (smith) ba/30 of Eccles s/o Samuel DACK (writing clerk)
                                          & Margaret HUGHES sp/34 otp d/o James HUGHES (brickmaker)
     DACKER 445 Wrexham: 14 Aug 1780 bur/o Robt s/o Edwd (grocer), Wrexham Abbot
                   Misc: North Wales 1835 Wrexham: Rope maker: John Dacker, Pentrefelin
     DACRE  81 Hope: In memory of Elizabeth SIMMONS, of Lee, Kent, a Servant at Plas Teg, died
                                28/29th August 1799, aged 47/49. 'She was a devout Christian, and virtuous woman
                                                                                   And a most faithfull and valuable servant to
                                                                                   The Rt. Hon. Lord and Lady DACRE for 23 years.
                                                                                   The Dowager Lady DACRE, in whose service she died
                                                                                   has caused this stone to be placed as a testimonial
                                                                                   of her late Servant's virtues, and of her own sincere
                                                                                   remembrance of it'
                               She was buried in Hope churchyard 2nd September 1799
                 379 Wrexham:  2 Apr 1899 bap/o Emily (b 10 Mar) d/o Arthur (tailor) & Emily, 2 Fairfield St.
                                        3 Nov 1901 bap/o Henry (b 2 Sep) s/o Arthur (tailor) & Emily, 13 John Street
                 380 Wrexham: 23 Mar 1904 bap/o Clara Elizabeth (b 17 Feb) d/o Arthur (tailor) & Emily, 13 John St
                 405 Wrexham: 27 Mar 1895 bap/o Benjamin (b 2) s/o Arthur (tailor) & Emily, 21 Erddig Road
                                         5 Jan 1897 bap/o Lucy Mary (b 29 Nov 1896) d/o Arthur (tailor) & Emily, 2 Fairfield St
DACRE contd
                *441B Hope: 25 Aug 1875 mar by Lic of
                                           Dacre Trevor ROPER (Gent.) ba/full age of Plas Teg
                                                                s/o Charles Blayney Trevor ROPER (Gentleman)
                                          & Louisa WANKLYN sp/full age of Pen-y-wern d/o William WANKLYN (merchant)
                *575 Hope: 19 Jan 1839 bap/o Dacre TREVOR ROPER s/o Charles Blayney, Esq. & Mary, Plasteg
                *598 Hope: 25 Aug 1876 bap/o Lennard Carew TREVOR ROPER
                                                                                   s/o Dacre (Gent) & Louisa, Penywern
     DACRY 542A Eglwysbach: 22 Oct 1710 bap/o Luke s/o Robt & Grace
                                             10 Apr 1713 bap/o Catherine d/o Robt & Grace
     DAGARD 30 Wrexham: 21 Apr 1760 bap/o Catherine (b 15) d/o John (bucher), Wrexham Abbot
     DAGART 304A Wrexham:  1 Feb 1731/32 bap/o Martha (b 30 Jan) d/o Thos (butcher), Wrexham Regis
                        C Wrexham: 27 Feb 1731/32 bur/o Ann c/o Thos (butcher)
                    552B Wrexham:  8 Jul 1709 bap/o Thomas (b 3) s/o John (butcher)
10 Aug 1711 bap/o Robert (b 10) s/o John,Jnr. (butcher), Wrexham Abbot
                                              4 Feb 1716/17 bap/o Mary (b 3) d/o John (butcher), Wrexham Regis

                         D Wrexham:  6 Apr 1724 bur/o Anne, wid., Wrexham Abbot
                                            11 Nov 1727 bur/o William (?young youth), (butcher)
     DAGARTT 304B Wrexham: 22 Jul 1731 mar/o Thos DAGARTT & Mary |MASSEY
     DAGERT 552B Wrexham: 13 Oct 1712 bap/o Elizabeth (b 5) d/o John (butcher), Wrexham Abbot
                                              8 Mar 1714 bap/o Mary (b 27 Feb) d/o John (burcher) Wrexham Abbot
                        D Wrexham: 29 Mar 1713 bur/o John (butcher), Pen y brin
     DAGGARD 552C Wrexham: 26 Dec 1704 mar/o John DAGGARD (butcher|) & Mary ELLIS, Wrexham Abbot
     DAGGART 304A Wrexham:  19 Jun 1733 bap/o John (b 14) s/o Thos (butcher), Wrexham Regis
                           C Wrexham: 18 Nov 1754 bur/o Mary wid., Wrexham Regis
                      552B Wrexham: 2 Oct 1705 bap/o William (b 23 Sep) s/o John Jnr. (butcher) Wrexham Abbot
                           D Wrexham: 14 Oct 1716 bur/o John Snr. (butcher), Wrexham Abbot
     DAGORT 552B Wrexham: 13 Aug 1707 bap/o John (b 12) s/o John Jnr., (butcher) Wrexham Abbot
 DARK  45 Denbigh: 27 Feb 1810 bur/o Eliz'th PARRY (DARK) (d 15 Feb), aged 82, w/o the late Michael (glover)
                407 Wrexham: 15 Feb 1897 bur/o Georgina DA-?- , aged 10 yrs, 6 Stanley St

     DOGGART 304B Wrexham:  2 Jul 1739 mar/o Saml VALENTINE & Mary  DOGGART, otp

DACRELL 408 Bangor-on-Dee: Ruth


DAFT ME daffte 'foolish, stupid'
     DEFTY 486 Bistre


da GLORIA *198 Mold: 7 Jun 1840 bap/o Turnerica Henrica Ulrica da Gloria de Lavinia Rebecca TURNER
                                                                              /o John (Agent) & Lavinia Rebecca, Plasmain, Parish of Hope

Dagnall, Buckinghamshire
     DAGNALL 484 Hawarden
     DAGNEL  24 Hawarden:  27 Jul 1832 bap/o George Thomas BAXTER (b 20 Jun)
                                                             s/o Thomas (footman) & Grace (DAGNEL)  otp
                                 (see also BAGNELL 24 Hawarden)






     DAINETY 44 Denbigh: -- --- 1792 Owen DAINETY & Grace MORRIS both otp
                                      Banns published March 11,18,25. No marriage recorded.
                   203 Denbigh: 22 Sep 1791 bur/o Thomas (shooemaker)
                   309 Denbigh: 24 Dec 1780 bap/o Thomas s/o William (tanner) & Rebecca
                   499 Denbigh
DAINLY 157 Hanmer: 1 Jun 1671 mar/o John DAINLY & Sarah ap Edward
                  267 Ruthin: 25 Nov 1726 bap/o Thomas s/o Thomas & Catharine

     DAINTETH OFr daintiet, deintiet,from Lat dignitat-em, ME deinteth, an archaic form of DAINTY
DAINTY contd
     DAINTY 10 Overton: 22 Aug 1803 mar/o John DAINTY (joiner) of Loughton & Elisabeth ROBERTS sp. otp    by Lic
                                                                Wits: Edward ROBERTS, Ann PRITCHARD
                  44 Denbigh: 22 Sep 1757 mar/o Thomas DAINTY & Anne WILLIAMS (x) both otp    by Banns
                                                                 Wits: Robt SALUSBURY, John ROYLE
                                    28 Jul 1778 mar/o William DAINTY (x) & Rebecca HUGHES (x) both otp    by Lic
                                                               Wits: John PUGH, John HUGHES of the Parish of Gyffin
                                     4 Mar 1781 mar/o Robert DAINTY & Jane FOULKES (x) both otp    by Lic
                                                                Wits: Thomas JONES, Henry SWAYNE
                                     12 Sep 1784 mar/o John ROBERTS (x) & Margaret DAINTY (x) both otp   by Banns
                                                                 Wits: Thos WEAVER, John PUGH
                                     12 Feb 1786 Robert DAINTY & Thos WEAVER wits. at mar/o
                                                              Richard WILLIAMS (x) & Mary JONES (x)    both otp        by Banns
                                     16 May 1786 mar/o Paul DAINTY & Jane ELLIS (x) both otp        by Banns
                                                                  Wits: Thos WEAVER, Edward PIERCE
                                     21 Jul 1804 mar/o Moses FITZJOHN (x) (husbandman) ba. otp                 by Banns
                                                                         s/o Robt FITZJOHN (lab), Henllan Psh, by Mary h/w formerly M. FOULKES
                                                                Mary DAINTY (x) sp.otp
                                                                          d/o Wm DAINTY dec. of Denbigh, by Rebecca h/w formerly Reb. HUGHES
                                                                 Wits: Thos JONES, Samuel FOULKES
                                     21 Apr 1812 mar/o Hugh LEWIS (shoemaker) ba. otp                      by Banns
                                                                    s/o Hugh LEWIS (shoemaker) & Mary h/w formerly M. PRICE
                                                                 Mary DAINTY sp. otp
                                                                     d/o Wm. DAINTY, Llanddoget Psh (servant), & Jane h/w formerly J. JONES
                                                                 Wits: John CARTER, Clare DAINTY, Wm. DAINTY (x), Edwd JONES
DAINTY contd
                    45 Denbigh:  30 Mar 1803 bap/o Jane d/o Paul (barber) & Jane
                                       14 Oct 1805 bap/o Mary (b.12) d/o Paul (barber) & Jane (ELLIS)
                                       19 Oct 1805 bur/o Mary (d.16 Oct) inf. d/o Paul (barber) & Jane (ELLIS)
                  104 Henllan: 21 May 1803 Mary DAINTY (x) & Moses FITZJOHN (x) wits. at mar/o
                                            David DAVIES ba. aged 25 (x)of Denbigh Psh s/o William (lab) & Mary
                                            Elizabeth HUMPHREYS sp. aged 29 (x) otp d/o Robert (lab) & Ann        by Banns
                  143 Llanrwst: 30 Jan 1780 bap/o William s/o William & Jane, Llanrwst
                                       18 Mar 1781 bap/o Thomas s/o William & Jane, Llanrwst
                                       21 Nov 1784 bap/o Mary d/o William & Jane, Llanrwst
                                         4 Apr 1786 bap/o Hugh s/o William & Jane, Llanrwst
                                         1 Apr 1787 bap/o John s/o Paul & Jane, Denbigh
                                         5 Apr 1789 bap/o Catherine d/o Paul & Jane, Denbigh
                                      18 Apr 1790 bap/o Robert s/o William & Jane, Llanrwst
                                      14 Dec 1794 bap/o Ellin d/o William & Jane, Llanrwst

                                      14 Jun 1778  bap/o Hannah DAVIES (DAINTY)
                                                                    base d/o Thomas DAINTY, Denbigh & Elizabeth DAVIES, Llanrwst
                  162 Overton:  5 Nov 1806 bap/o Ann d/o John & Elizabeth
                                      5 Nov 1806 bur/o Elizabeth aged 40 (died of child bed)
DAINTY contd
                  203 Denbigh:  20 May 1790 bur/o Hannah gr-d/o Thomas

                                      12 Aug 1792 bap/o Thomas (b.10) s/o Paul (barber) & Jane
                                      30 Mar 1795 bap/o Eleanor (publickly) d/o Paul (barber) & Jane
                                      25 Feb 1798 bap/o Owen s/o Paul (barber) & Jane
                  216 Erbistock: 16 Jul 1815 bap/o Susanna GRIFFITHS (DAINTY)
                                                                   base d/o John DAINTY (cabinet maker) & Ann GRIFFITHS

                                         25 Aug 1826 bur/o John aged 66
                                            3 Jul 1833 bur/o Hannah aged 88
                                           9 Sep 1856 bur/o Ann aged 50 of Llwyn Isa, Wrexham
                  222 St. Asaph:  4 Jun 1754 mar/o David ROBERTS (x) & Jane DAINTY (x) both otp    by Banns
                                                           Wits: John JONES, Peter JONES (clark)

                  223 St. Asaph: 15 Jan 1787 John DAINTY & John JONES (psh clk) wits. at mar/o
                                                William BENJAMIN (x) & Dorothy BRYAN (x) both otp      by Banns
                  309 Denbigh: 25 Oct 1778 bap/o Elizabeth d/o William (tanner) & Rebecca
                  318 Henllan: 8  Sep 1765 bap/o John --- (DAINTY) base s/o Luke DAINTY & ----- Denbigh
DAINTY contd
                  323 Denbigh:  18 Oct 1742 bap/o Luke s/o Thomas (glazier) & Cath'n
                                      26 May 1751 bap/o Thomas s/o Thomas (corvizer) & Catherine
                                      16 Dec 1753 bap/o Margaret d/o thomas (corvicer) & Catherine
                                      22 Sep 1754 bap/o Hugh s/o William (lab) & Mary
                                      20 Mar 1756 bap/o David base s/o ----- & Mary DAINTY
                                      20 Jun 1756 bap/o John s/o Thomas (corvicer) & Catherine
                                      14 Nov 1756 bap/o William s/o William (taner) & Mary
                                      19 Nov 1758 bap/o John s/o Thomas (corvicer) & Cathrine
                                      18 Mar 1759 bap/o Robert s/o William (tanner) & Mary
                                      30 Jul 1760 bap/o
Margaret d/o Thomas (glazer) & Anne
                                      19 Apr 1761 bap/o Paul s/o Thomas (corvicer) & Cathrine
                                       8 Nov 1761 bap/o Hugh s/o William (lab) & Mary
                                      18 Jul 1763 bap/o Gwen d/o Thomas (corvizer) & Cathrine
                                      31 Oct 1765 bap/o Owen s/o Thomas (corvizer) & Cathrine
                                      10 May 1768 bap/o James s/o Thomas (corvizer & Cathrin
                                        8 Feb 1773 bap/o James s/o Thomas (corvizer) & Cathrin
DAINTY contd
                402 Denbigh: Joseph, Paul;
                455C Llanrwst
                467 Holywell
                491B Henllan
                499 Denbigh
                506A Abergele
 DANIETH 267 Ruthin: 26 Mar 1671 bap/o Marry d/o William John (loywer)
     DAYNTETH 389 Hawarden: 7 Jun 1623 mar/o Rondle KERSLEY & Margerie DAYNTETH
     DAYNTYE 423 Hanmer: 1 May 1597 mar/o Willm HANMER of Fenes Wood & Marye DAYNTYE
     DEINTETH 389 Hawarden:  1 Mar 1595/96 bur/o Elizabeth
                                            26 Aug 1623 bur/o Anne (wd)
     DEMTETH 389 Hawarden:  7 Jan 1606/07 mar/o Rees GRUFF & Ales DEMTETH
     DENITETH 346 Hawarden:  9 Apr 1595 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Willm
     DENDY 422 Hanmer: 5 Aug 1566 bap/o Catryne d/o Morice & Jane (DENOY in transcription index, but this entry should
                                                         probably be with  DONO(W) etc. under DONE)
     DENTEITH 365 Wrexham: 11 Apr 1814 bap/o Edward DENTEITH (JONES)
                                                           base s/o Edward JONES & Elizabeth DENTEITH, of Wrexham Regis
     DENTETH 346 Hawarden: 30 Dec 1598/99 bap/o Jane d/o William
                                             3 Jan 1600/01 bur/o Thomas
                                            24 Mar 1601/02 bap/o Willm s/o Willm
                                              7 Jun 1624 bur/o William
DAINTY contd
     DENTITH 63 Holt: 10 Feb 1834 mar/o Charles DAVIES (x) otp & Eliza DENTITH (x) otp    by Banns
                                                            Wits: Wm. DEWHURST, Ann DEWHURST (x)
                   346 Hawarden: 1 Jun 1593 bap/o Margery d/o Will
                   387 Hawarden: 11 Nov 1667 bur/o Jane (wd) of Hawarden
                   401 Wrexham: Thomas;
                   411 Wrexham: Elizabeth;
                   483 Hawarden
                   534 Bagillt
 580 Bagillt (Baptisms 1839-1911) Vol 1
                               7 Aug 1883 bap/o Alfred s/o Thomas (engineer) & Mary Anne
     DENTY 267 Ruthin: 13 Nov 1725 bap/o Mary d/o Thomas & Catharine


           *290 Hanmer:  2 Jul 1888 bap/o Joanna Daisy SHEPHERD (b 13 Jun)
                                                                       d/o Julia (single woman) of Gt. Arrowry
                               26 Apr 1891 bap/o Daisy GRIFFITH (b 5 Mar) d/o Richard (saddler) & Emma
           *353 Pentrobin: 25 Jun 1903 bur/o Daisy CROFTS, aged 4 days, Warren Broughton
           *356 Ruabon: Jane (Daisy) COTTON
           *362 Penycae: Daisy Rowena FIELD, Daisy Anne NICHOLAS
           *363 Wrexham: Daisy Mitchell THOMAS
           *375 Wrexham: 2 Mar 1878 bap/o Daisy Gwendoline EDISBURY
                                                            d/o James Fisher (chemist) & Mary, Belgrave Villa
           *379 Wrexham: 20 Mar 1898 bap/o Cyril NEWTON (b 23 Feb)
                                                         s/o Joseph (fireman) & Daisy, 1 Lorne St., Rhosddu
DAISY contd
           *598 Hope: 15 Jul 1903 bap/o Daisy JONES d/o Albert (ship's steward) & Hannah, Caeau
     DEYSIE 494 Chirk: 7 Feb 1712/13 bur/o George, otp


D'ALBINII *363 Wrexham: Ralph D'Albini de Montmorency MORRELL


Great Dalby, Leicestershire
Dalby, Leicestershire; Lincolnshire; North Riding of Yorkshire;
DALBY   42 Holywell: 21 Sep 1822 bur/o John aged 14
            195 Holywell: 1 Dec 1820 bap/o Eliza Frances d/o John (gardener) & Sarah
            Misc: 1841 Census Wrexham Town: High Street, Wynnstay Arms:    Eliz.  24  F.S.  not born in County
DAULBY *363 Wrexham:
                                 23 Jul 1879 bap/o Edith May PIERCE (margin note 23rd May 1878)
                                                                                 d/o John (cooper) & Eliza Ann Daulby, Bryn Draw Terrace
                                18 Sep 1881 bap/o Edward John Joyce PIERCE
                                                                                  s/o John (cooper) & Eliza Ann Daulby, Bryn Draw Terrace
                                10 Jun 1883 bap/o Georgina Primrose d/o John (cooper) & Eliza Ann Daulby, Chapel St
                                17 Nov 1885 bap/o Daniel  Davies and Samuel Richard PRICE (sic)
                                                                     ss/o John (cooper) & Eliza Daulby, 3 Bryn Draw Terrace
                   370 Wrexham:   6 Apr 1855 bap/o Sarah Ann d/o Daniel (farmer) & Maria, abode  A F
                                         25 Dec 1856 bap/o Mary Ellen d/o Daniel (farmer) & Maria, Ab
                                          16 Jul 1858 bap/o Samuel s/o Daniel (farmer) & Maria, A F
                                         25 May 1860 bap/o Thomas s/o Daniel (farmer) & Maria, Coed y
                                         25 Dec 1861 bap/o Daniel s/o Daniel (farmer) & Maria, Coed by bint
                                         18 Sep 1863 bap/o Maria d/o Daniel (farmer) & Maria, Coed y Bint
                                         23 Jun 1865 bap/o Louisa d/o Daniel (farmer) & Maria, Coed y Bint
                                         20 Feb 1867 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Daniel (farmer) & Maria, Ab
                 *375 Wrexham:
                         25 Apr 1875 bap/o Eliza Daulby Lovatt PIERCE d/o John (cooper) & Eliza Ann Daulby, Bryn Draw Terrace
                         11 Feb 1877 bap/o Catherine Sarah Elizabeth PIERCE
                                                                             d/o John (cooper) & Eliza Ann Daulby, Bryn Draw Terrace
DALBY contd
     DOLBE 424 Hanmer: 11 Mar 1608/09 bap/o Humphrey s/o Ric.
DOLBEY 212 Llangollen: see 212 DOLBY below
                   238 Llangollen: 19 Mar 1780 bap/o Thomas (b.16) s/o (Mr) Thomas (late officer of the Excise) & Jane
                   338 Llangollen: 2 Sep 1826 mar/o John HUGHES ba. otp & Ann DOLBEY sp. of Oswestry          by Lic
                                                                           (both being of the age of twenty one years)
                                                                     Wits: Alice HUGHES, Edward JONES (psh clerk)
                                          1 Oct 1831 Elishah DOLBEY & Elizabeth HUGHES (x) wits. at mar/o
                                                                 William JONES (x) ba. otp & Ann BAILEY (x) sp/ otp    by Banns
                   441B Hope
                   598 Hope:  5 May 1867 bap/o Robert s/o Robert (grocer) & Priscilla, Caergwrle
Misc: North Wales 1835 Newtown & Kerry MNT: Hat manufacturer: Richd Dolbey, Severn st    
                            Shropshire 1828/9 Shrewsbury: Currier/leather seller: Walter Dolbey, Castle foregate
DALBY contd
     DOLBY   42 Holywell: 22 Mar 1821 bur/o Eliza Frances aged 5 mo.
                                       6 Jun 1821 bur/o Sarah aged 31
195 Holywell: 26 Sep 1824 bap/o Emma Frances d/o John (chaise dvr) & Mary
                 212 Llangollen:
  3 May 1779 mar/o Thomas DOLBY (sig. DOLBEY) wdr. otp & Jane EDWARDS (x) wd. otp by Lic
                                                        Wits: Wm GRIFFITHS, Henry PARRY
309 Denbigh: 18 Mar 1785 bap/o Mary ROBERTS (DOLBY)
                                   base d/o John DOLBY (pauper - he of Kiderminster) & Mary ROB'TS (spinster of Salop
                 317 Wrexham Dissenters' Burial Ground, Rhosddu Road, MIs:
                             No. 370: Henry LIPTROT died Aug 27th 1853 aged 47 years.
                                          Mary Ann DOLBY (w/o John DOLBY, Hill Street, & wid/o Henry LIPTROT)
                                                  died Dec 6th 1881 aged 63 years
                                          Also 4 infant children of Henry & Mary Ann LIPTROT
                                          Sarah DAVIES (mother of Mary Ann DOLBY) died Aug 28th 1866 aged 73 years
                 357 Holywell St. James' Church MIs: First transcription No. 90: Sarah DOLBY June 1821 - 36 years
                                                                                                             Eliza Francis DOLBY April 1821 - 6 months
                 490 Chirk
                 535 Buckley: 29 Jun 1884 mar by Lic of
                                                   Joseph Hayes JONES (lab) ba/23 otp s/o John JONES (brickmaker)
                                                   & Priscilla DOLBY sp/20 otp d/o Robert DOLBY (carpenter)
                                      26 Nov 1898 mar/o Reuben DOLBY (sawyer) ba/28 otp
                                                                               s/o Robert DOLBY (dec. carpenter)
                                                                   & Martha Ellen ROBERTS sp/28 of Mold
                                                                                            d/o Joseph ROBERTS (dec. coachman)
                 598 Hope: 1 Jul 1864 bap/o Priscilla DOLBY (or DOLLY) d/o Robert (grocer) & Priscilla, Caergwrle
                 Misc: North Wales 1835 Llanfair MNT: Skinner & tallow chandler: John Dolby
     DOLEBEY 238 Llangollen: 13 Dec 1775 bur/o (Mrs) Mary, spinster, Llangollen Fawr
     DOULBY *370 Wrexham: 7 Jan 1852 bap/o Eliza Anne Doulby LOVATT d/o Edward (accountant) & Betsey, Abbot Street
     DOWBY 491B Henllan
Dale, Cumbria; Derbyshire; Dyfed; Shetland;
     Dail, Strathclyde
     DAILEY 384 Wrexham: 1 Jan 1867 bur/o Catherine, aged 60, Union;
     DAILY 412 Wrexham: 29 Oct 1860 bur/o Ellen, infant, Abenbury Fawr
     DALE  18 Hawarden (Baptisms 1811-1820) Vol 17
                                                       Ann, Elizabeth;
                 25 Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd: 31 May 1774 bap/o Eleanor d/o John & Margt, Eyarth
                                                            26 Dec 1775 bap/o Margaret d/o John & Margaret, Eyarth
               36 Ruabon: Ann, John, Joseph;
               37 Worthenbury: John;
               42 Holywell: Elizth, Harriott, John, Peter;
               49 Holywell: Anne, Edward, Elizth, Harriet, John, Robert, William;
               51 Holywell: Elizth, Harriot. John, Margaret, Margt;
               53 Wrexham: Abigail, Anne, John, Thomas;
DALE contd
               62 Flint: William;
               63 Holt: James, Richard, Sarah;
               79 Gresford: 27 Jul 1806 bur/o William s/o Clementina Frances
               83 Ruthin: 16 Apr 1760 mar. by Lic. of Isaac DALE ba. & Mary WILLIAMS (x) (wid), both otp
                                                                       Wits: William WYNNE, John DAVIES
                               31 May 1768 mar. by Lic. of John BEYLEY & Mary DALE (x), both otp
                                                                         Wits: Peter JONES, Ellin JONES
                               27 Jun 1777 bap/o Margaret d/o Isaac (lab) & Mary
                               26 Jul 1777 mar. by Lic. of Joseph DALE ba. otp & Mary DAVIES sp. of Hope
                                                                       Wits: Richd PERCIVAL, Samuel JONES
                                 5 Aug 1777 mar. by Lic. of Robert LLOYD (x) ba. otp & Rebecca DALE (x) of Llanfwrog
                                                                        Wits: Brice MAURICE, John DALE
                                 8 Feb 1779 mar. by Banns of Edward POWEL (x) ba. of Llanfwrog & Mary ROBERTS (x) sp. otp
                                                                            Wits: Joseph DALE, David HUGHES
                               16 Sep 1785 bur/o Isaac (pauper)
                               15 May 1797 bur/o Paul s/o John
                               19 May 1806 bur/o Mary
                                17 Oct 1806 mar. by Lic. of John WILLIAMS wdr otp & Gwen HUMPHREYS (x) sp. ot Llanfwrog
                                                                                Wits: Peter DALE, Mary ROBERTS
                                 2 Jan 1811 bur/o Margaret (wid)
DALE contd
               88 Llanelidan: 15 Feb 1811 mar. by Lic. of Peter DALE wdr. of Llanfwrog & Susan PARRY sp. otp
                                                                             Wits: Richard WILLIAMS, Jane EDWARDS
                                      6 Dec 1811 mar. by Lic. of Edward WYNNE ba. of Llansantffraid, Glynceiriog
                                                                             & Jane ROBERTS sp. otp
                                                                             Wits: John WYNNE, Susan DALE
               97 Llanfwrog: 29 Apr 1784 bap/o John s/o Peter & Elizabeth
                                     8 Oct 1785  bur/o Margaret of Llansannan
                                     7 Nov 1794  bap/o Peter s/o Peter & Elizabeth
                                    21 Dec 1809 bur/o Elizabeth of Coed Marchan
            *107 Llanrhydd:16 Dec 1762 bap/o Mary d/o Isaac (farmer) & Mary
              107 Llanrhydd:  8 Feb 1799 bur/o Joseph (shoemaker)
                                   13 Oct 1802 bap/o Joseph Dale EDWARDS s/o Samuel & Mary
              124 Mold: 26 Sep 1802 mar. by Banns of George GRIFFITH (x) ba. & Elizabeth DALE (x) sp., both otp
                                                                          Wits: William PARRY (x), Mary EVANS (x), William LAMB (x)
              158 Holywell: Ann, Cathn, Danl, Edwd, Elizabeth, Elizth, John, Margt, Mary;
              159 Holywell: Elisabeth, Elizabeth, John, Margaret;
              183 Llansannan: John, Margaret, Peter;
              189 Holywell: Edward, Edwd, Elizth , John, Mary, William, Wm;
DALE contd
              195 Holywell: Elizth, Harriett, John, Mary, Peter;
              215 Llanrhydd: Isaac;
              231 Hope:
              233 Llanfwrog:
              245A+C Llanrhyd:
              248 Llanfwrog:
              293 Hawarden:
              298 Hawarden:
DALE contd
              304A Wrexham: 23 Jul 1730 bap/o Anne BEECH (DALE)
                                              c/o (Mr) Wm DALE of Horten, Staffs. & Mary BEECH
                   C Wrexham: 5 Nov 1730 bur/o Anne supp. c/o (Mr) Willm, Broughton
              314 Rhosllanerchrugog:
              316 Flint:
              326 Llansannan:
              331 Ysceifiog:
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Henry Lawley;
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Josiah, Mary, William;
              342 Hawarden:
              343 Hawarden:
              348 Wrexham:
              349B Ysceifiog: John;
DALE contd
              363 Wrexham: Elizabeth, Ellen, Henry George, William Henry;
              364 Wrexham: Margaret;
              365 Wrexham: Elizabeth, Joseph, Mary;
              366 Wrexham: Elizabeth, Joseph, Margaret, Thomas, William;
              372 Wrexham: Anne;
              373 Wrexham: Abigail, Anne, Margaret, Rebecca;
              377 Holywell: 22 Dec 1705 bap/o Martha d/o John, Coleshill

              387 Hawarden:  2 Jul 1677 mar. by Banns of William MILNAR, & Alice DALE of Aston
                                     Alice, Anne, Joanna, Thomas, William;
              388 Hawarden: 29 Apr 1637 Certificate of the marriage of William DALE & Anne SHAW at Burton
                                    21 Apr 1639 bur/o --- w/o William
DALE contd
              390 Bangor-on-Dee: 30 Mar 1698 bap/o Sarah d/o Robert & -----------, Dongrey
              392 Gresford: 10 Apr 1729 bur/o Margt., Poor
              393 Wrexham: 19 Mar 1883 bur/o John, aged 78, Salop Road
              399 Wrexham:  4 Aug 1822 bap/o Margaret d/o Joseph (potter) & Elizabeth, Mount Street
                                    22 Oct 1823 bap/o Samuel s/o Joseph (potter) & Elizabeth, Green
DALE contd
             401 Wrexham: John;
             405 Wrexham: 22 Apr 1896 bap/o Richard Dale BURCHINSHAW (b 5 Feb)
                                                                                   s/o Robert William (tailor)  & Elizabeth Hannah, 20 Salop Road
             407 Wrexham: Mary;
             411 Wrexham: Samuel;
             412 Wrexham: Elizabeth, Joseph, Thomas;
DALE contd
             436A Hope: Thomas;
             437 Ruabon: Anne, Dorothy, James, Margaret, Mary, Robert, Robin, Robun, Sarah, William;
             467 Holywell
             485 Holywell
             492 Holywell:
             517C Llanasa
             525 Whitford
             534 Bagillt
             553 Gresford: Joseph, Thomas;
            *565A Esclusham: 12 Feb 1918 bur/o Thomas Dale JONES, aged 43 yrs, The Vaynol, Rhostyllen
             575 Hope 19 Jun 1814 bap/o John s/o Joseph (earthenware seller) & Elizabeth, Caergwrle
DALE contd
580 Bagillt (Baptisms 1839-1911) Vol 1
                                    Alice Grace, Ann, Anne, Daniel, Edward, Edward Owen, Edwin, Elinor, Elizabeth,
                                    Llewelyn, Margaret, Margaret Anne, Mary Ellen, Robert, Robert David, Sarah Jane ,
             584 Buckley:  6 Feb 1825 bap/o Robert GRIFFITHS (b 18 Jan) s/o George (lab) & Elizabeth (DALE) Pentrobin
             Misc: North Wales 1835 Bangor: Shopkeeper &/or Dealer in Groceries & Sundries: Mary Dale, Castle st
                     Census 1841 Wrexham Town: Salop Street:   Joseph aged 45 Farmer    born in County
                                                                                        Elizabeth 50                    not born in County
                                                                                        John 25                           not born in County
                                                                                        Mary 20                              born in County
                                                                                        Thomas 14                          born in County
                                                                                        Margaret 12                     not born in County
                                                                                        William 10                           born I.
Gresford MIs: Joseph;
                        Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                                      Elizabeth, Sp., Flint 1786
                                                                                      James, Yeo., Holt   1854
                        Shropshire 1828/9 Drayton: Butcher: Thomas Dale, Staffordshire st
                                                             Elephant and Castle  John Dale, Shropshire st
                                                             Maltster: John Dale, Shropshire st
                                                             Milliner/dress maker: Mary and Eliz. Dale, Shropshire st
                                                Shrewsbury: Bell Saml. Dale, Princess st
DALE contd
     DALES 59 Erbistock:
     DALEY 370 Wrexham: Catherine, Emma, John;
                 375 Wrexham: 27 Jul 1876 bap/o Thomas s/o John (lab) & Emma, Havelock Square
                 379 Wrexham: 18 Mar 1898 bap/o Edward (b 28 Feb) s/o William (lab) & Annie, 12 Abenbury St.
                 380 Wrexham: 16 Aug 1905 bap/o Frederick (b 23 Jul) s/o William (lab) & Annie, 13 Mary Ann Square
                 384 Wrexham:  8 Aug 1868 bur/o Mary, aged 1, Walks;
                                       12 Sep 1872 bur/o Sarah Elizabeth, infant, Salop Road;
                 393 Wrexham: 31 Jul 1876 bur/o Thomas, infant, Salop Road
                                        24 Aug 1882 bur/o George, aged 16, Erddig Road
                 404 Wrexham: Catherine Emma, Edward;
                 405 Wrexham: Annie, George, John William, William;
                 407 Wrexham: Emma;
                 412 Wrexham: 17 Mar 1860 bur/o Bernard, aged 60, Mount St.
                 487 Gwersyllt
DALE / DALEY contd
                 565A Esclusham: Hannah, John;
588 Gwersyllt (Baptisms 1888-1913) Vol 2
                            Ann Catherine, Betsy, Catherine, Emma, James, Jane, John, Margaret, Mary Ann,
                            Miriam, Susanna, William, Charles Joseph, Ida, Mary Ellen.
DALE contd
     Dall, Tayside
     DALLEY Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Bridgnorth: Nursery/seedsman: Thomas Dalley, Waterloo terrace
     DALLY 364 Wrexham: James;
     DALY  51 Holywell: 31 Jan 1835 bur/o Hugh, aged 7 weeks
              216A Erbistock:
              354 Rhosllanerchrugog: William;
              384 Wrexham: 26 Nov 1868 bur/o William, infant, Walks;
              386 Ruabon: 1 Mar 1852 mar. by Banns of John THOMAS (x) (butcher) ba/21 of Rhosymedre s/o John (shoemaker)
                                                                          & Elizabeth DALY (x) sp/19 of Cefn d/o Barnet (lab)
              443 Rhosllanerchrugog:
              553 Gresford: Martha;
DALE contd
Deal, Kent
     DEAL 52 Holywell: Anne, Edward, Mary;
              53 Wrexham: Joseph;
              79 Gresford: 5 May 1805 bur/o Mary d/o Thos. & Mary, Chester
              83 Ruthin: 10 May 1747 bap/o Roberta d/o John (lab) & Margaret
                               5 Jan 1749/50 bap/o John s/o John (miller) & Margaret
                              15 Feb 1751/52 bap/o Isaac s/o John (miller) & Margaret
                               6 Mar 1752 bur/o Isaac s/o John (miller)
                              26 Apr 1755 bap/o Joseph s/o John (miller) & Margaret
                              30 Nov 1757 bap/o Margaret d/o John (miller)
                              28 Jan 1759 bur/o Margaret d/o John, Rhos
                              16 Feb 1760 bap/o Peter s/o john (farmer)
                                3 Feb 1761 bap/o Anne d/o Isaac (farmer) & Mary
                              15 Jul 1773 bap/o Thomas s/o Isaac & Mary
              99 Llantysilio: 13 May 1771 bap/o Marry EDWARDS (DEAL) base d/o -----DEAL & Sarah EDWARDS
DALE / DEAL contd
             107A Llanrhydd:  1 Nov 1765 bap/o Sarah d/o Isaac (farmer) & Mary
                                     12 May 1768 bap/o John s/o Isaac (farmer) & Mary
                                       8 Oct 1770 bap/o Isaac s/o Isaac (farmer) & Mary
             118 Mold:
             138A wrexham:
             158 Holywell: Cathn, Daniel, Edward, Edwd, Elizth, John, Wm;
             159 Holywell: Catherine, Edward, Elizabeth, John, Margaret, William;
             189 Holywell: Ann(e), Edwd, Elizth, John, Wm;
DALE / DEAL contd

             212 Llangollen:
             267 Ruthin:
             293 Hawarden:
             306 Holywell:
             348 Wrexham:
             373 Wrexham: John;
             378 Holywell: 9 Nov 1716 bap/o Hannah d/o John;
             403 Holywell: John;
             437 Ruabon: Mary, Robert, Thomas;
             485 Holywell
             500B Holywell
             522 Holywell
DALE contd
     DEALE  79 Gresford: 24 May 1804 bur/o Ann d/o Thomas & Mary, Chester
                  83 Ruthin: 19 Feb 1753 bap/o Isaac s/o John (miller) & Margaret
                 306 Holywell:
                 500B Holywell
                 525 Whitford
                 552D Wrexham: 2 Dec 1729 bur/o Thos, late drawer at Red Lyon  (servant to Mr John OWEN)
     DEELEY 412 Wrexham: 8 Feb 1858 bur/o Catherine, aged 56, Pen y bryn
     DELE 378 Holywell: 13 Aug 1735 bap/o Anne d/o John;
     DILL Misc: 1841 Census Wrexham Town:    High Street: John   40   Wine merchant   not born in County
DILS 206A Hanmer:

Dalelia, Highlands
     DALIOR 275 Gwaenysgor:


DALGLEISH From the lands of that name near Selkirk, with the meaning 'green field' ( Gaelic dal glas )
     DACKLYS 459 Mold:                 
     DALGLEISH 370 Wrexham: Susanna, William;

Dalham, Suffolk
DOLMAN 336 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Brian David, Derek;


Dallas: from the old barony of Dallas, Moray, Scotland
     DALLAS *561B Marchwiel: 30 Jan 1883 mar by Banns of
                                                  Edmund Bowen BERNARD, Esq. ba of South Kensington, London s/o William Dallas BERNARD, Esq.
                                                  & Arabella Margaret PIERCY sp otp d/o Benjamin PIERCY, Esq


Dallow, North Yorkshire

     DALLEWY Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Bridgnorth: Maltster: Wm. Dallewy, Low town


Dalrymple, East Ayrshire, Scotland
DALRYMPLE Gaelic 'dail; field meadow
     DALRYMPLE  *593 Rossett  Christ Church MIs:
                                       Christie Dalrymple GILMOUR (wife of Patrick)  b 16 Dec 1799 d -- Apr 1875
                                       Christina Hamilton GILMOUR b 9 Oct 1826 d 4 Jun 1891
                                       (Major) Charles Dalrymple GILMOUR, Royal Artillery b 24 Jan 1835 d 11 Mar 1878


Dalton, Dumfries & Galloway; Lancs; Northumberland; North Yorks; Strathclyde; South Yorks;
DALTON (20.05.22  ONS  dalton@one-name.org)
    DALTEN 598 Hope: 23 Nov 1873 bap/o John Chester s/o Edward (lab) & Ann, Caergwrle
173 Holt: 13 Aug 1732 bap/o Thomas s/o John
                    333 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs:
                                  Plot D No. 7: John ASHBROOK d. 17 Feb 1934 aged 59
                                                      John DALTON d. 2 Dec 1935 aged 42
                                                      Sgt Charlies ASHBROOK d. 27 Mar 1945 in Western Europe aged 33
                                                      Elizabeth ASHBROOK d. 31 Jan 1952 aged 78
                                                      Annie DALTON d. 26 Apr 1986 aged 81
              342 Hawarden: 5 Nov 1634 bap/o Mary d/o Francis
              393 Wrexham: 1 Sep 1876 bur/o Charles, aged 57, Farndon St.
              486 Bistre: 22 Jul 1913 mar by Banns of
                                         Thomas George HARRY (blacksmith) ba/31 s/o William HARRY (Manager of coal mine)
                                         & Mariah Ellen DALTON sp/of full age d/o Joseph DALTON (saddler)
                                              both of 79 Sandycroft Villas, Brunswick Rd, Bistre, Buckley
DALTON contd
              517A Llanasa: 27 Nov 1708 mar/.o John DALTON, Esq. & Frances MOSTYN
Misc: Cheshire 1828/29 Mottram: Gentry: Mrs Mary DALTON, Hollingworth
                                                               Calico printers: Thos & Jno DALTON, Hollingworth
                       Norfolk Poll Book 1817 (those entitled to vote in Parliamentary Elections)
                               South Greenhoe Hundred
                               Swaffham District: Place of freehold: Swaffham
                               Owner: Wm DALTON, Clk;  Occupier  Rich. SMITH
                       North Wales 1835 Beaumaris: Gentry: James DALTON, Esq., Cichle
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): Thomas, Farmer, Holt   1839
                       Using Pigot & Co's National Commercial Directories the name  also occurs in the following areas:
                                   Derbyshire 1828/29; Gloucestershire 1830; Lancashire 1828/29;
                                   Leicestershire 1835; Nottinghamshire 1828/29; South Wales 1835; Staffordshire 1835;
                                   Warwickshire 1835; Worcestershire 1835;
     DAUGHTON Misc: Worcestershire 1835 Bewdley: Grocer &/or tea dealer: John DAUGHTON, Load St
     DAUTON   81 Hope: 17 Feb 1782 bap/o Mary d/o George & Frances, Shordley
                                    17 Jun 1783 bap/o Mary TILSTONE (b.16) d/o Thomas & Elizabeth (DAUTON), Shordley
                   153 Hope: 25 Apr 1779 bap/o George s/o George & Francis (sic), Shordley
     DAWTON 404 Wrexham: 2 May 1901 bur/o Lucy Frances, aged 59 yrs, of Wookey Hole, Wells
DALTON contd
     Dolton, Devon
     DOLTON 352 Flint: 1 Jan 1730/31 bur/o Mary
                    Misc: Monmouthshire 1835 Monmouth: Painter &/or plumber &/or glazier:
                                                                                  Jeremiah DOLTON, Dixon's gate
                             Warwickshire 1835 Coventry:  Retailers of beer: Samuel DOLTON, Bishop St
                                                                                                   William DOLTON, Foleshill
     DULTON Misc: Lancashire 1828/29 Manchester: 'Rose & Crown'  John DULTON, 7 Lombard St

Dalziel (old barony of), Lanarkshire, Scotland
     DAISIAL *363 Wrexham: 11 Jul 1887 bap/o William Edward JONES
                                                s/o William Drummond Daisial (plumber) & Ellen, 53 Chester St
     DALZELL *561A Marchwiel: 5 Dec 1886 bap/o
                                       John Dalzell MARTINDALE s/o Thomas Dalzell (farm bailiff) & Elizabeth, Little Bedwell
     DALZIEL *438B Broughton: 17 Aug 1876 mar by Banns of
                                         Thomas Dalziel MARSHALL (joiner) ba/30 of Buckley s/o Robert MARSHALL  (mason)
                                         & Martha HAYES sp/27 of Buckley d/o  Joshua HAYES (potter)
                   *535 Buckley: 30 Jul 1904 mar by Lic of
                                           William James COLLINS (collier) ba/26 otp (Owlet's Hall)
                                                                                   s/o Nicholas COLLI NS (dec. blacksmith)
                                          & Margaret MARSHALL sp/25 otp (Church Rd)
                                                                                   d/o Thomas Dalziel MARSHALL (dec. joiner)
     DYELL 552B Wrexham: 24 Feb 1716/17 bap & bur/o John s/o David (weaver) Wrexham Regis


DAMARIS a Greek work meaning 'calf'; but I have also seen the meaning given as a Greek word meaning 'lady'.
     DAMARIS   *91 Llangynhafal: 1 Jan 1764 bap/o Damaris WOODS d/o Abraham (stranger|) & Sarah
                     *158 Holywell: 8 Nov 1789 bap/o Elinor DAVIES d/o Thos. & Damaris
                     *173 Holt:
                     *187 St. George;
                      227*A Ruthin:
                      245*C Llanrhydd:
                     *248 Llanfwrog:
                     *304C Wrexham: 27 Apr 1755 bur/o Damaris COX w/o Henry (nailer) poor
     DOMARIS *415C Northop: 3 Apr 1762 bur/o Domaris PRICE, otp

(DAMARY) from Daumeray, Maine-et-Loire, France



DAMIEN masc. 'taming' (Greek)
             *358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Damien Kenneth DAVISON

DAMISON 346 Hawarden: John, Willm;

DAMON masc. conqueror (Greek) - Claremont
             *334 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Damon HUGHES;


DAMPIER from Dampierre, the name of numerous places in France, two of which are in Normandy.
     DAMPIER 535 Buckley

DAMUEL (possibly sic. Samuel) see DANIEL

dan = under, below (Welsh OS)


Danby, North Yorkshire
     DAMBY 583 Chirk: 22 Dec 1861 bap/o Edward Henry (b 24 Nov) s/o ------- & Caroline (single woman), Black park Wharf
     DANBE  30 Wrexham: John, Edward;
     DANBY  36 Ruabon: Ann, John, Sarah;
                  67 Ruabon:
                 252 Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog:
                 297 Chirk:
                 338 Llangollen:
Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Wellington: Fire etc. Office Agent: Salop Wm. Danby, Church st
                                                                      Grocer/tea dealer: William Danby, Church st
                                                                      Linen/woollen draper: William Danby, Church st
DANDY 304B Wrexham: 14 Dec 1736 mar/o William DAVIES & Susannah DANDY both of Llangollen

DANCE Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Cleobury Mortimer: Confectioner: Frances Dance



River Dane, Cheshire; Derbyshire;
     DAIN   6 Isycoed: 7 Sep 1806 bap/o William s/o Samuel & Elizabeth, Sutton
              584 Buckley: 22 May 1825 bap/o Sam'l HAYES (b 17 Oct 1824)
                                                                                 s/o Absolom (brickmaker) & Rachael (DAIN), Ewloe
     DAINE Misc: Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): John, Hanmer, 1593
     DANE  30 Wrexham: Phebe, Thomas;
               *68 Ruabon:
                76A Mold:
                97 Llanfwrog: 3 Nov 1805 bap/o John s/o Richard & Charlotte
              119 Mold:
              162 Overton:
              405 Wrexham: Arthur, Emma, Joseph;
              417 Wrexham: Hannah;
              418 Wrexham: 16 Jul 1762 mar. by Banns of John BRYAN (shoemaker) & Elisabeth DANE (x) wid., both otp
                                                                                Wits: Wm. WRIGHT, John EDWARDS
              462 Bodfari
              479 Overton
              485 Holywell:
DANE contd
              517B Llanasa
                   C Llanasa
              525 Whitford
              550 Gresford: Elizabeth, Susannah, Thomas;
              553 Gresford: Samuel;
              558A Llandegla: 3 Jan 1864 bap/o Frances -/o Thomas (besom maker) & Jane, Pendinas
              577 Overton  2 Apr 1838 bap/o Mary d/o William (lab) & Sarah, Cloy
              584 Buckley: 20 Mar 1825 bap/o James JONES (b 25 Feb) s/o James (brickmaker) & Jane (DANE) Pentrobin
                                  26 Jun 1831 bap/o Jane JONES (b 27 May) d/o James (brickmaker) & Jane (DANE) Pentrobin

DANGERFIELD From one of the places named Angerville in Normandy, France
                       375 Wrexham: 7 Jun 1874 bap/o Annie d/o Edwin (butler) & Hannah, Rhosddu


Caherdaniel, Ireland
     D.AEL 108B Minera Chapel:
     DAINEL 395 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant: 1 Jan 1742/43 bap/o Elizth d/o Thos & Alice, Hir nant
     DAINOL 29 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant (Marriages 1754-1812) Vol 2(2)
                                     (Signed) after 16 Dec 1771 Church Warden Robert Dainol
     DAMUEL *134 Llanefydd:
     DAN  *29 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant: Dan POWEL
             *62 Flint: 28 Jun 1783 mar. by Lic. of Edward PRICE (x) ba. of Holywell & Mary BRINE (x) sp. otp
                                                                   Wits: Dan. JONES, John LLOYD (x), Margreat HUGHES
            *334: Dan ROSCOE
            *354: Dan C. OWEN
     Danehill, East Sussex
     DANEIL 108 Minera Chapel: Ann(e);
     DANELS 82C Nercws/Nerquis:
     DANEY 344 Mold
     DANIAL  59 Erbistock:
                 138A Wrexham:
                 165B Ruabon:
                *516B Eglwys bach
DANIEL contd

     DANIALS 53 Wrexham: Annah, Elizabeth, John;
     DANIEL  *2 Llandegla: Notitae 1686: Daniel LLOYD
4 Llangollen (Baptisms & Burials 1738-1769 Marriages 1738-1754 Vol 4
  Catherine, Chatherine, Chatrine, Daniel, John, Margarett, Mary, Moses, Robert, Sarah,
                                      Thomas, Thos;
5 Llangollen (Baptisms, Marriages & Burials) Vol 3:
                                      Anne, Catherine, Daniel, Edward, Elizabeth, Henry, John, Jonathan, Mary, Robert, Sarah,
                 10 Overton: 5 Oct 1807 mar by Lic of Edward DANIEL of Oswestry & Sarah WYNNE otp
                                                                       Wits: William DANIEL, Elinor WILLIAMS, Timothy ROBERTS
                *13 Llandegla: 2 Oct 1776 mar by Banns of
                                               Daniel EDWARDS of Llangollen & Elizabeth JONES otp
                                               Wits: Richard JONES, Thomas EDWARDS
                 17 Llanarmon yn Ial
(Baps & Bur 1683-1743 Mar 1676-1743) Vol 1
                                  ...n,  Ann, Catherine, Elizabeth, Jane, John, Jon, Margaret, Margret, Mary, Moses, Robert,
                                  Thomas, William;
                 23 Cerrigydrudion (Baptisms 1735-1804) Vol 4
                                      Daniel, Dav., David, Elinor, Ellin, Evan, Gwen, Robert;
                 25 Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd: 11 Jun 1739 bap/o Edward s/o Robert & Jane
                 27 Llanarmon yn Ial
(Bap,Mar,Bur 1744-1812) Vol 2
                                                                Catherine, John;
DANIEL contd
Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant (Marriages 1754-1812) Vol 2(2)
                                           Church Warden  Robert DANIEL
                          14 Dec 1764 mar by Banns of  Evan DANIEL (x) of Llansilin  & Sarah DAVIES (x) otp
                                                                            Wits: David ROBERTS, Thomas GRIFFITHS
                            2 Jun 1775 mar by Lic of William DANIEL (x) otp  Martha PHILIPS (x) otp
                                                                     Thomas HUMPHREYS, Joseph VAUGHAN
                          23 May 1780 Thos DANIEL & David EVANS wit. at a mar by Banns of
                                                        Evan RICHARDS of Llanfyllin & Sinah HUMPHREYS otp
                          30 Oct 1789 mar by Banns of Edward DANIEL (x) ba & Elizabeth JONES (x) sp. both otp
                                                                          Wit: Morris JONES (x)
                          23 Jan 1797 mar by Banns of  John PIERCE & Eleanor DANIEL (x) both otp   
                                                                           Wits: Edward DANIEL, Geo. HUMPHREYS
                          31 Jan 1797 mar by Lic of Edward EDWARDS (x) of Llanarmon & Elizabeth DANIEL (x) otp
                                                                     Wits: Edward THOMAS, Geo. HUMPHREYS
DANIEL (29 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant) contd
                          30 Mar 1797 mar by Lic of John DANIEL (x) & Sarah HUGHES (x) both otp   
                                                                     Wits: Edward EVANS, Robt WILLIAMS
                            4 May 1798 mar by Banns of  John DAVIES  & Anne DANIEL (s) both otp  
                                                                            Wits: Thomas DAVIES (x), Geo. HUMPHREYS
                          16 Aug 1799 mar by Lic of  Humphrey HUMPHREYS wdr. & Sarah DANIEL (x) wd. both otp
                                                                       Wits: Charles CHARLES, Elizabeth WILLIAMS
                            8 May 1801, 7 Jul 1804, 23 Jul 1804, 10 Apr 1807 Robert DANIEL wit. at marriages
                            7 Jun 1806 mar by Banns of
                                                    Richard HUGHES ba. of Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog  & Mary DANIEL sp. otp
                                                    Wits: Richard HUGHES, Jane RICHARDS
DANIEL contd
0 Wrexham: Elizabeth, Hugh, Jane, John, Margaret, Mary, William;
                 33 Llangwm: Gwen, John;
                 36 Ruabon: Ann(e), Edwd, Eliz, Elizabeth, Elizth, Frances, Henry, Hesther, Jeffor,
                                  John pp 1,36,49,66,73,87; Margt, Mary, Sarah, Thomas, William;
                 38 Wrexham: Edwd, Elizth;
                *39 Halkyn: Daniel EDWARDS, John Daniel JONES, Daniel PARRY, Daniel REDFERN
                 42 Holywell: Elizth, John Kenrick, Susannah;
                *43 Cerrigydrudion: Daniel ROBERTS
                 43 Cerrigydrudion: David, Gwen, Jane, John;
                 44 Denbigh: Anne, Elin, Humphrey, Mary, Robert;
DANIEL contd
                *45 Denbigh: 1 Apr 1809 bur/o Daniel BAURESS (d 29 Mar) aged 55, Music Master
                *49 Holywell: 2 Nov 1840 bap/o Daniel PRICE s/o Robert (miner) & Phoebe, Pen y Ball
                 49 Holywell: 30 Apr 1840 bap/o Mary Ellen DANIEL s/o John (grocer) & Mary, Whitford St.
51 Holywell: Elizabeth, Isabella, Jane, John Robert, Robert, Thomas Henry;
                 52 Holywell: Elizth, John Robert, Robert;
                 53 Wrexham: Anne, Jane, John, Robert, Thomas;

                                      28 Feb 1801 bap/o Hannah DANIEL (ROGERS) (b 25)
                                                                                base d/o John ROGERS & Elizabeth DANIEL, Esclusham Above
                 54A+B Abergele:
                 55A Nantglyn:
                 57 Ruabon: Ann(e), Edward, Elisabeth, Eliza, Elizabeth, James, John, Mary, Thomas, William;
                 59 Erbistock:
DANIEL contd
                *61+61 Ruabon:
                 67 Ruabon:
                 68 Ruabon:
                *73 Chirk:
                 82A Nercws/Nerquis:
                 84 Treuddyn:
                *86 Derwen:
                 88 Llanelidan:  6 Feb 1769 mar. by Lic. of Robert WILLIAMS wdr. & Eleanor DANIEL sp., both otp
                                                                              Wits: William THOMAS, Simon GOODMAN
                                       1 Nov 1790 mar. by Banns of Richard JONES wdr. & Elin DANIEL wid., both otp
                                                                                  Wits: William ROBERTS, Robert JONES
                * 91 Llangynhafal:   3 Mar 1705/06 bap/o Jane EDWARDS d/o Daniel (pauper)
                                           21 Aug 1803 bap/o Daniel JONES (b 9) s/o John & Mary
                                           27 Sep 1806 bap/o Daniel SIMON (b 22) s/o Edward & Mary
                                             1 Apr 1810 bap/o Daniel JONES (b 25 Mar) s/o Richard & Anne
                 91 Llangynhafal: 12 Feb 1726/27 bap/o John s/o Foulk & Mary
                 92 Llanychan: 13 Aug 1789 bap/o Robert JONES (DANIEL) base s/o Robert DANIEL & Sarah JONES
                 96 Gyffylliog: 24 Oct 1731 bap/o John s/o Robert & Anne
                                       1 Oct 1736 bap/o Mary d/o Robt. & Anne
DANIEL contd
                102 Nantglyn: 4 Dec 1796 bap/o Robert s/o Robert & Anne, Llanrhaiadr
                103 Gwytherin: 20 Jul 1798 bap/o John (b 18) s/o Richard & Margt (JONES), Pandy Budr
                104 Henllan (Baptisms 1788-1812 Mar 1799-1812 Bur 1801-1812) Vol 6
                                  Elizabeth, John, Margaret, Mary, Phebe, Sarah, Thomas.
                105 Llanddoget:
                106A Llangwyfan:
                108 Minera Chapel: Abigail, Ann(e), Daniel, Edward, Elizabeth, Ellis, Henry, Jno, John, Margrat, Mary,
                                 Robert, Robt, Samuel, Sarah, Susshannah, Thomas, William;
                109 Pentrefoelas:
DANIEL contd
                110 Ysbyty Ifan:
                111 Cerrigydrudion:
                116 Llansilin:  1 Jun 1773 bap/o John s/o Thomas & Elizabeth of Bodlith (Bodlwyn?)
                                    15 Aug 1779 bap/o Prudence d/o Thos. & Elizth of Lloran                                                 
                                    14 Feb 1808 bap/o Edwd HUGHES (born 10th) s/o Richd of Sarnfain & Mary (DANIEL) of Trebries       
                                      6 May 1759 mar/o Robert DANIEL (x) of Oswestry & Anne JONES otp   by Banns
                                                                            Wits: John SOLOMAN, Richd. RICHARDS
                                    12 Nov 1759 mar/o John DANIEL (x) otp & Jane JONES (x) otp    by Lic
                                                                Wits: Thomas HUGHES, Richd RICHARDS      
                                      6 Oct 1769 mar/o Thomas DANIEL of Guilsfield, Mont. & Elizabeth KENRICK otp  by Lic
                                                                Wits: Thomas DAVIES, Catherine EDWARDS
                                    24 May 1782 mar/o Benjamin VAUGHAN (x) otp & Elizabeth DANIEL (x) otp    by Lic
                                                                 Wits: William WATKIN, William GRIFFITHS
                                     9 Oct 1791 mar/o Robert JONES (x) otp & Elisabeth DANIEL (x) otp   by Banns
                                                                Wits: John WILLIAMS, Edwd RICHARDS

                                     7 Jun 1767 bur/o Margaret wd. of Llansanffraid
                                     6 Dec 1780 bur/o Thomas of Lloran
                                     4 Aug 1789 bur/o Mary DANIEL (JONES) base d/o Thomas JONES & Cathne DANIEL

                                    1 Jul 1770    Robt. DANIEL wit. at a marriage
                                  19 Nov 1802  Robert DANIEL wit. a  marriage
DANIEL contd
                 117 Mold:
                 119 Mold:
                 121 Mold:
                 123 Ruabon:
                 129A+B Treuddyn;
                 133*A Holt:
                 134 Llanefydd:
                 137 Northop:
                 138A+B Wrexham:
                *139 Cerrigydrudion:
DANIEL contd
                *141 Llangwm:
                 143A Llanrwst:
                 145 Caoel Garmon:
                 146A Capel Garmon:
                *147 Llanddoget:
                *148 Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr:,     
                 149 Ysbyty Ifan:
                 155 Caerwys:
DANIEL contd
                 162 Overton:
                 163A+B Ruabon:
                 165A+B Ruabon:
                *166 Cilcain:
                 168B Hope;
                 169*A Llanrhydd:
                 176 Tremeirchion:
                 187 St. George:
                 189 Holywell: Ann, Elizth, Jane, John, Mary, Robert, Robt;
DANIEL contd
                 191A+B+C+D Ruabon:
                 193 Betws Gwerfyl Goch:
                 195 Holywell: Elizabeth, Elizth, John, Robert, Susannah, William Fothergill;
                 196B+C Llanfair Talhaearn:
                 201 Wrexham:
                 203 Denbigh:
                 204 Llangernyw:
                 209A+B+C Llangedwyn:
                 211 Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd:
                 216 Erbistock:
                 222 St. Asaph:
                 228 St. Asaph:
DANIEL contd
                 231 Hope:
                 233 Llanfwrog:
                 235 Gwyddelwern: Catherine, Evan, John, Maurice, Robt., William;
                 239A+B+E Llangar:
                 241A+B+C Llangar:
                 245A+C Llanrhydd:
                 246 Llanfwrog:
                 247 Llanfwrog:
                 248 Minera:
                 249 Minera:
                 250 St. Asaph:
                 251 Corwen:
                 252 Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog:
                 253A+D Llanfawr:
                 255 Corwen:
                 259 BetwsGwerfyl Goch:
DANIEL contd
                 261 Llanderfel:
                 263A Llansilin: -----, Daniel, Henry, Jane, John, Margaret, Margery, Morris, Richard, Robert, Thomas;
                      B Llanslin: John, Margaret, Mary;
                      C Llansilin: -----, Daniel, Jno., John, Margaret, Robert, Sarah, Thomas;
                 267 Ruthin:
                 277 Llandrillo yn Rhos:
                 278 Chirk:
                 279 Llandudno:
DANIEL contd
                 280 Llanfair Talhaearn:
                 282 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant:
                                          25 Mar 1776 bap/o anne (born 23rd) d/o William (farmer) & Martha, of Brithdir
                                          30 Jan 1786 bap/o William (born 28th) s/o Edward (sadler) & Elisabeth, Trebrys
                                           7 Dec 1791 bap/o Elizabeth (born 4th) d/o Edward (lab) & Elizabeth of Brithdir
                                          25 Jun 1794 bap/o Thomas (born 23rd) s/o Edward (lab) & Elizabeth of Castellmoch
                                          29 Mar 1797 bap/o Jane (born 25th) d/o Edw'd (lab) & Elizabeth of Castellmoch
                                          27 Mar 1803 bap/o Mary (born 24th) d/o Edward (lab) & Elizabeth of Brithdir
                                          15 Dec 1805 bap/o Ann (born 22nd) d/o Edward (lab) & Elizabeth of Brithdir
                                          26 Mar 1808 bap/o Gwen (born 25th) d/o Edward (lab) & Elizabeth of Brithdir
                                           5 Nov 1809 bap/o Edward (born 1st) s/o Robert (freeholder) & Elizabeth of Trebrys
                                          11 Nov 1810 bap/o Robert (born 9th) s/o Robert (farmer freeholder) & Elizabeth of Trebrys
                 285 Llanuwchllyn:
                 286 Llanycil:
                 287 Llanycil:
                 292 Rhosymedre:
DANIEL contd
                 304A Wrexham (Baptisms 1730-1756): Anne, Edward, John, Samuel;
                      C Wrexham: 31 Jan 1750/51 bur/o Martha w/o John  (yeoman), Sontley
                 306 Holywell:
                 307A Ruabon: Anne, Catherine, Edward, Elizabeth, Harry, Jane, John, Martha, Mary, Rebecca, Sarah, Thomas;
                      B Ruabon: Elizabeth, John, Sarah;
                 308 Bodfari: 25 Jan 1776 bur/o Mary
                                   27 Jul 1783 bap/o Anne JONES (b.27) d/o John & Jane (DANIEL)
                 309 Denbigh:
DANIEL contd
                 313 Hawarden:
                 315 Ruabon:
                 318 Henllan:

                 320 Hope:
                 323 Denbigh:
                 325 Llangernyw:
                 327 Llanrhaeadr ym Nghinmeirch:
                 329 Meliden:
                 339 Llangynhafal:
DANIEL contd
                 341 Ruabon:
                 342 Hawarden:
                 344 Mold:
                 348 Wrexham:
                 352 Flint:
                 356 Ruabon: Edward, Elizabeth, George, John, Mary;
                 359 Rhosymedre: Edward, Joseph;
                 362 Penycae: Hilda, John, Thomas, Mary;
                 365 Wrexham: Hannah, Henry, Jane, John, Margaret, Sarah;
DANIEL contd
                 371 Llangollen: 24 Dec 1866 mar. by Banns of Joseph DANIEL (collier) ba/23 of Cys. s/o Edward (lab)
                                                                                  & Mary JONES sp/21 of Cys. d/o John (lab)
                 372 Wrexham: Sarah, Thomas;
                 373 Wrexham: Mary, Robert;
                 376 Pentrefoelas: Anne, David, John, Robert;
                 382 Llanynys: 28 Nov 1730 mar/o Robert DANIEL & Alice WILLIAMS
                 383 Ruthin: Eleanor, Foulke, Hugh, Robert;
                 385 Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr:  8 Dec 1815 bur/o Elizabeth, aged 83, Ty hwnt i'r Nant, Maesyrodyn
                                                           22 Feb 1830 bur/o John, aged 22, Ty'n llwyn
                                                             4 Jul 1838 bur/o David, aged 72, Llan
DANIEL contd
                 386 Ruabon: 18 Apr 1846 mar. by Banns of James DANIEL (x) (stonemason) ba. of Pontadam s/o John (stonemason)
                                                                             & Mary THOMAS (x) sp. otp d/o Edward (shoemaker)
                                      5 Dec 1846 mar. by Banns of Thomas DANIEL (x) (tailor) ba. otp s/o John (lab)
                                                                              & Charlotte OWENS (x) (servant) sp. of Cinders d/o John (gardener)
                                      9 Sep 1850 mar. by Banns of Thomas JONES (joiner) ba/37 of New Bridge s/o James (joiner)
                                                                              & Elizabeth DANIEL (servant) sp/30 of New Bridge d/o Thomas (porter)
                                     29 Mar 1851 mar. by Banns of
                                                         Edward DANIEL (x) (lab) ba/30 of Nant y Cae Coch Lodge s/o John (lab)
                                                      & Mary TUDOR (x) (laundry maid) wd/38 of Wynnstay d/o John TAYLOR (mole catcher)
DANIEL contd
                 387 Hawarden: 16 Feb 1670/71 bur/o William of Ewloe;
                                        24 Jun 1694 bur/o --- ch/o William of Moore;
                 388 Hawarden: 17 Sep 1632 mar. by Lic. of Thomas DANIEL & Dorothy MIARES
                 392 Gresford: 4 May 1730 bur/o John, Kinerton
                 393 Wrexham: 13 Jul 1877 bur/o Laura Jane, infant, Bryn yr Owen
DANIEL contd
                 395 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant:10 Apr 1713 bap/o Mary d/o Thomas
                                                               22 Jan 1713/14 bap/o Mary d/o Robert
                                                               16 Mar 1714/15 bap/o Edward s/o Thomas & Catharine
                                                                1 Jan 1715/16 bap/o Mary d/o John & Mary
                                                              22 May 1716 bap/o Maurice s/o Robt & Margaret
                                                              16 Dec 1716 bap/o John s/o Thomas & Grace
                                                              19 Feb 1720/21 bap/o Elizabeth d/o John & Grace
                                                                8 May 1721 bap/o Thomas s/o Thomas & Grace
                                                              15 Oct 1723 bap/o Ellin d/o John & Grace
                                                              22 May 1726 bap/o William s/o John & Grace
                                                              29 Jul 1732 bap/o Elizabeth d/o David & Sara
                                                              29 Aug 1735 bap/o John s/o David & Gwen
                                                               2 Nov 1737 bap/o evan s/o Edd & Gwen, Benhadla
                                                               7 Dec 1738 bap/o Edward s/o Edwd & Gwen, Benhadla Isaf
                                                              2 Jul 1739 bap/o Thos s/o Robt & Ellin
                                                            14 Sep 1741 bap/o Thos s/o David & Anne, Brithdir
                                                           28 Mar 1750 bap/o Anne d/o Robert & Ellinor
                                                           25 May 1755 bap/o John s/o Humphrey & Elizabeth of P
DANIEL contd
                 396 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant Vol 4 (2):
                                                   3 Mar 1716/17 bur/o Elizabeth
                                                   3 Apr 1717 bur/o John s./o Thomas
                                                   7 Oct 1717 bur/o Robert
                                                 21 Oct 1718 bur/o Mary
                                                 27 Nov 1729 bur/o John of Pen y Bryn near Llanrhaeadr

                                                 16 May 1735 mar/o Rich THOMAS of Llansilin & Mary DANIEL

                                                 25 Sep 1739 bur/o Richd
                                                   4 Oct 1743 bur/o Thos  Trebrees
                                                  10 May 1750 bur/o Anne d/o Robert, Tre Brees
                                                  21 Jun 1751 bur/o Grace, Bannadle Issa
                                                  27 Nov 1752 bur/o Elinor, Trebrys
DANIEL contd
               397A Llansilin: 29 Dec 1701 bap/o Edward? s/o Robt., Sychart
               398 Gyffylliog: 21 Dec 1731 bur/o Elizabeth
                                      9 May 1736 bur/o John
               400 Wrexham:  2 Oct 1826 John DANIEL (x) & Mary EVANS (x) wits. at mar. by Banns (wcop) of
                                                       John DAVIES (x) (lab) ba. & Mary JONES (x) sp., both otp
                                     14 Aug 1830 Henry DANIEL (x) & Jane DANIEL (x) wits. at mar. by Banns (wcof) of
                                                        David HOWEL (x) ba. & Mary ROBERTS (x) wid., both otp
               401 Wrexham: Mary;
408 Bangor-on-Dee: Elizabeth;
               415A Northop: 13 Dec 1773 mar. by Lic. of Joseph FLEGG & Anne DANIEL (x), both otp
                                                                              Wits: Robert WILLIAMS, Joseph JONES
                    C Northop: 22 Mar 1772 bur/o Hugh, Leadbrook Major
                                     27 Mar 1772 bur/o Catherine, infant, Leadbrook Major
                                    13 Dec 1772 bur/o Mary, infant, Leadbrook Major
               417 Wrexham: Edward, Edwd;
               418 Wrexham: Anne, Margaret, Thomas;
427 Ruabon: Alice, Edward, Henry, John, Mary, Sarah, Thomas;
428 Ysceifiog: William;
               434 Bangor-on-Dee: Elizabeth;
               436B Hope: Jn, Margt;
               437 Ruabon: Abigail, Anne, Catherine, Daniel, Edward, Elizabeth, Jane, John, Mary, Thomas, William;
DANIEL contd
               441A,B Hope
               444 Ruabon
               445 Wrexham
               447A Llandyrnog
               449 Trelawnyd
               450 Llanycil
               452B Whitford
               454A Llanrhos
               455C Llanrwst
               456 Llansannan
               457 Llanuwchllyn
DANIEL contd
               460 Mold
               464B  Gwytherin
               465A Halkyn
               467 Holywell
               470A,B Llandrillo yn Rhos
               472 Llangernyw
               473B Llangower
               475B Llangystennin
               476 Llannefydd
               477 Llanrhaeadr yng Nghinmeirch
DANIEL contd
               486 Bistre
               488 Hope
               490 Ch irk
               491A,B Henllan
               494 Chirk: Edward, Elizabeth, John, Mary, Rhees, Richard, Robert, Thomas, Thos;
               496B Llanrhaeadr yng Nghinmeirch
               499 Denbigh
DANIEL contd
               500B Holywell
               501 Northop
               504A Llannefydd
               507C 'Betws yn Rhos
               515A Corwen
                    B Corwen
                    C Corwen
               522 Holywell
               524 St George
               528 Llanrwst
               529 Rhuddlan
               530 Chirk
               532 Llanrhaiadr yng Nghinmeirch
DANIEL contd
539 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant:
                                    6 Oct 1704 bap/o Margaret d/o Thomas of Brithdir
                                  14 Dec 1707 bap/o Dorothy d/o Thomas of Brithdir
                                    3 Oct 1711 bap/o Edward s/o Thomas of Brithdir
                                  16 Mar 1712 bap/o Elizabeth d/o John of Greigiau
                                  26 Jan 1713/14 bap/o Mary d/o Robert
                                  26 Sep 1712 (Denbigh part) bur/o John of Cefn Cefnhir
                541 Caerwys
                546 Bodfari
                552B Wrexham: Elizabeth, Maurit;
                557 Llansilin: David, Edward;
                563B Erbistock: 26 Nov 1876 mar by Lic of Henry HUGHES (draper) ba/25 of Overton s/o Robert HUGHES (draper)
                                                                               & Eliza DANIEL (inn keeper) wid/35 otp d/o John JONES (farmer)
                565A Esclusham: Mary, Robert, Robert Owen;
571B Cerrigydrudion: 20 Jan 1823 bur/o Gwen, aged 87, Tyn y Gilfach
                575 Hope: 19 Apr 1840 bap/o Henry s/o thomas (collier) & Anne, Uwchymynydd Isaf
580 Bagillt (Baptisms 1839-1911) Vol 1
                         7 Dec 1841 bap/o Elizabeth & Jane ds/o John (innkeeper) & Mary, Pentre
                581 Ysceifiog (Baptisms 1662-1710) Vol 1 (+ a patronymic index)
                            6 Sep 1663 bap/o Elen d/o William & Jane, Gellilyfdy
                          22 Oct 1666 bap/o William s/o William & Jane, Gellilyfdy
DANIEL contd
(---) Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant Vol. 2(3):

                                  8 Dec 1762 bur/o Thos (died 4th) aged 19 (of consumption) s/o Rob (farmer) of Trebrys
                                22 Mar 1766 bur/o Anne (d.19) aged 74 (decay) w/o David (farmer) of Brithdir
                                  7 Nov 1774 bur/o David (d.5) aged 75 (cancer) (farmer) of Brithdir
                                 23 Mar 1786 bur/o Blanech (d.21) aged 75 (consum.) farmer's wife, Trebrys
                                 18? Jun 1789 bur/o Robt (d.15) aged 77 (decay) farmer, of Trebrys
                                 End of 1791 Church Warden Edward DANIEL
                                 29 Jun 1796 bur/o Jane (d.25) aged 70 (decay) w/o John, Henfachau
                                 16 Aug 1797 bur/o Elizabeth (d.11) aged 51 (decay) w/o Edwd, Trebrys
                                 22 Sep 1797 bur/o John (d.18) aged 70 (decay), farmer of Cefn Coch
                                 16 Mar 1806 bur/o ann (d.13) inft. (fever) d/o Edwd (lab) of Brithdir
                                   3 Apr 1808 bur/o Gwen (d.1) inft. (convulsion) d/o Edward of Brithdir

               Misc: North Wales 1835 Holywell & Bagillt: Grocer &/or dealer in sundries: Robert Daniel, Whitford st
                                                                                 Linen &/or woollen draper: Robert Daniel, Whitford st
                                                                                                                        Robert Daniel, jun. High st
                                                    Towyn & Aberdovey:Painters/Plumbers/Glaziers:
                                                                                        Edw. Daniel, Frankwell st
                                                                                        Jeremiah Daniel (& tinman), Frankwell st
                                                                                 Pilots: Peter Daniel, Aberdovey
                                                                                          Thomas Daniel, Aberdovey
DANIEL contd
                          1841 Census Wrexham Town: Charles Street: Pamila   12   F.S.   born in County
                                                                      Seven Bridge Lane:  Edwd.   21   Stone mason   born in County
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                                        Daniel ap Edward, Pickhill, Inventory  1613
                                                                                        Daniel ap Edward, Pickhill, 1608
                                                                                        Daniel ap John, Worthenbury  1577
                                                                                        Howell DANIEL , Kinnerton, Inventory   1610
                                                                                        John DANIEL, Worthenbury  1576
                                                                                        William DANIEL, Ecton (?) Hall,   1777
DANIEL contd
Daniel's Water, Kent
     DANIELL *139 Cerrigydrudion:
                    163B Ruabon:
                    250 St. Asaph Notitae:
                    263A Llansilin: Jane, John;
                    304A Wrexham: 2 Mar 1742/43 bap/o William (b 27 Feb) s/o John, Esclusham Above
                    313 Hawarden:
                    387 Hawarden: 15 Feb 1682/83 mar. by Lic. of
                                                         John DANIELL (Gent) of Desborough, Chester & Dorothy EVATT (Lady) of Shotton
                                         24 Jun 1695 mar. by Banns of John LEDSHAM, & Alice DANIELL of Broad Lane

                                         Dorothy, Mary, Willm (all bur.)              
                    392 Gresford: 8 Aug 1721 mar. by Lic. of John PRICE, Wrexham & Elin DANIELL otp
                    397A Llansilin: 3 Oct 1710 bap/o Margaret d/o Thomas, Sychart
                    402 Denbigh: John, Robert;
                    435 Gresford: Anne;
                    437 Ruabon: Rose;
                   *459 Mold
                    527 Llangernyw
 539 LLanrhaeadr ym Mochnant 
                                               26 May 1700 mar/o David EVANS of Pennant       by Lic
                                                                           & Jane DANIELL of Ll rh
                                                                           Wit: Ev Humph JONES o/ Llanymynech

                                               10 Apr 1713 bap/o Mary d/o Thomas of Tref brys
                     547 Flint
                     552B Wrexham: John, Martha, Moris, Morris;
                          C Wrexham: 21 Apr 1707 mar/o Maurice DANIELL, Gresford & Elizabeth DAVIS, Abenbury
                          D Wrexham: Hugh, Maurice;
(---) Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant Vol. 1:
                                                1 Apr 1681 bur/o Margaret d/o Robt
                                              10 Apr 1685 bur/o Edd s/o Robert
                                              20 Apr 1686 bur/o Robert
     DANIELLS 563B Erbistock: 22 Mar 1915 mar by Banns of Edward ROBERTS (wagoner) ba/21 otp s/o Lewis ROBERTS (gardener)
                                                                                         & Annie DANIELLS sp/25 otp (Plas golbourne) d/o Henry DANIELLS (collier)
DANIEL contd
     DANIELS    7 Llanferres: 13 Dec 1758 Edward DANIELS & Edward EDWARDS wits at mar by Banns of
                                                    Thos. RICHARDS & Elisabeth ROBERTS both otp
53 Wrexham: Elizabeth, Ellis, Harriet, Henry, Jane, William;
                     67 Ruabon:
                    189 Holywell: Charlotte,  Elizth, Robert;
                    201 Wrexham:
                    292 Rhosymedre:
                    301 Mold:
                    315 Ruabon:
                    318 Henllan:
                    323 Denbigh:
                    333 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Mary A.,
                    338 Llangollen:
                    340 Mold:
                    341 Ruabon:
                    356 Ruabon: Ann, Edward, Jane, Pamila, Samuel;
                    362 Penycae: Hilda;
                    363 Wrexham: Albert Edward, Gladys Mary, Haidee Mary, John, Mary Ann, William;
                    365 Wrexham: Edward, John, Mary;
                    375 Wrexham: 10 May 1874 bap/o John Stanley s/o William (lab) & Elizabeth, Rhos Nesney
                    393 Wrexham: 15 Jan 1880 bur/o Albert Edward, infant, Erddig Road
                    400 Wrexham: 5 Dec 1825 mar. by Lic. of
                                             William DANIELS (merchants clerk) ba. of Liverpool & Margaret LLOYD otp
                                             Wits: Roger EDWARDS, Sarah LLOYD, John WOOLRICH
                    404 Wrexham: Thomas;
                    406 Wrexham: Abraham, Catherine;
                    407 Wrexham: Mary Ann;
                    410 Wrexham: John;
                    477 Llanrhaeadr yng Nghinmeirch
                    559A Rhosymedre: Albert, Alfred, Annie Florrie, Elizabeth, Elizabeth Ann, Elizabeth Anne,
                                                Gwenfron, Joseph;
                         B Rhosymedre: Edward, Jane Ann, Joseph, Mary, Sarah;
                    561B Marchwiel: 30 Dec 1874 by Banns, John DANIELS (lab) ba. of Ruabon & Catherine JONES sp otp
                                              NB: Rector's note: 'parties did not appear' - W. H BOSCAWEN
                    565A Esclusham: 27 Jan 1925 bur/o Mary Ann, aged 77 yrs, Aberderfyn Houser, Ponkey
                    578 Ysceifiog:  26 Jan 1879 bap/o John Francis s/o John Adolphus (farmer) & Charlotte, Glan-llyn
                                          13 Dec 1883 bap/o Edward Adolphus s/o John Adolphus (farmer) & Charlotte, Glan-llyn
Misc: North Wales 1835 Aberdovey: Retailer of beer: Richard Daniels
                                                       Wrexham: Retailer of beer: David Daniels, Pen y bryn

                             Shropshire 1828/9 Shrewsbury: Maltster: Richard Daniels, Knucking st
DANIEL contd
DANIL 292 Rhosymedre:
DANIOL *4 Llangollen: 18 Jan 1748/49 bur/o Anne GRIFFITHS d/o Daniol , Llangollen Fechan
Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant (Marriages 1754-1812) Vol 2(2)
                                        Church Warden    Dec. 1771, May 1772 Robert DANIOL
    DANNIELL 437 Ruabon: Elizabeth, John, Mary;
     DANNY *334 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs:  Danny GRIMES
     DANW *148 Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr:
     DANYEL *59 Erbistock:
435 Gresford: Anne, Edward;
     DONEAL 445 Wrexham

DANIES see DAVIES                                                   

DANILO *410 Wrexham: 20 Mar 1827 bur/o Danilo CLARKE, aged 78, Poor House


DANKS - a shortened form of Dankin.   Dan-kin, a diminutive of Dan, a pet-form of Daniel.
     DANCKERS 563B Erbistock: mar by Lic of
                                          Thomas PARRY (coachman) wdr/ofa of Gwersyllt s/o Thomas PARRY (lab)
                                          & Johanna DANCKERS sp/ofa otp d/o Tobias DANCKERS (shoemaker)
     DANKS  407 Wrexham: 4 Feb 1896 bur/o Mary Ann, aged 1 year, 34 Nelson St.
                   446 Chirk: 22 Feb 1822 mar by Lic of Peter DANKS ba & Sarah STOUT sp both otp
                                                                        Wits:George RAGG, Mary JODD
                   600 Brymbo: 14 Mar 1940 bur/o Mary Jane, aged 39, 39 Hill St., Lodge
     TANKS 441B Hope::30 Oct 1873 mar by Banns of
                                       Samuel Alfred George TANKS (joiner) ba/23 of Hoole s/o Charles TANKS (lab)
                                       & Jane MILLINGTON sp/22 otp d/o Robert MILLINGTON (lab)
                                          (This entry is written as TUNKS in the transcription index but TANKS
                                           in the body of the work)


DANVERS   *53 Wrexham: 14 Apr 1803 bur/o Danvers GARTSIDE, Esclusham Above
                 *161 Mold: Salusbury Danvers CONWAY
                  387 Hawarden: 13 Sep 1690 mar. by Lic. of
                                                      John BRAWN (Clerk) of Gloucestershire & Elizabeth DANVERS (wd) of Hawarden
                  532 Llanrhaiadr yng Nghinmeirch

DAPHNE fem. laurel (Greek)
     DAPHNE *361 Llangollen: Maria Daphne COOPER
                     433 Llangollen: 21 Jan 1854 mar/o Robert COOPER (boat maker) ba/28 of Llangollen Fawr s/o Richard Blaney COOPER (boat maker)
                                                                        & Sophia DAPHNE sp/28 of Llangollen Fechan d/o William DAPHNE
     DAPHNEY *431 Llangollen: 30 Jan 1855 bur/o Maria Daphney COOPER, aged 10 weeks, Llangollen Fechan
     DAPLINE *
565A Esclusham: 31 Mar 1949 bur/o Dapline WALKER, aged 14 mths (War Memorial Hospital), 127 Wynnstay Crescent, Rhostyllen


DAR... 305 Hawarden:


DARCIE fem. form of Darcy
             *379 Wrexham: 22 Aug 1897 bap/o Darcie Edith EDWARDS (b 14 Jun)
                                             d/o George Edwin (bread salter) & Dina Johanna, 16 Roderick Ter.
             *405 Wrexham: 24 Jun 1891 bap/o John Darcie HUGHES (b Dec 1890)
                                                                                       s/o John Edward (butcher) & Amy Alice, 37 Ruabon Road

DARCY, D'ARCY masc. a surname, meaning fortress, used as a first name (Old French)
     ARCY 552B Wrexham: Eliz, Robt;
     DARCEY 386 Ruabon: 9 May 1848 mar. by Banns of Thomas WILLIAMS (shoemaker) wdr. of Cefn s/o John (lab)
                                                                               & Jane DARCEY (x) wid. of Chirk d/o John WILLIAMS (farmer)
     DARCY  27 Llanarmon yn Ial: 2 Dec 1763 bur/o Cathrine, Alltgynbyd
                 527 Llangernyw
                 552D Wrexham: 25 Oct 1729 bur/o Grace (p), wife of Robt (taylor), Brymbo
                *553 Gresford: 25 Oct 1872 bur/o Darcy Lever RASBOTHAM, aged 29 yrs, Gresford
Misc:  1841 Census Wrexham Town: The Walks: Charles   30   Hawker   born I.
                           Gresford MIs No. 38: Darcy Lever RASBOTHAM late Lieutenant 64th regiment died at
                                                                                Glen Alyn 20th Oct 1872 aged 29.
     DARSEY 445 Wrexham

Darcy Lever (village), Bolton, Lancashire

DARD 407 Wrexham: Henry;

DARE OE deor  'wild animal'
    DARE 426 Hanmer: John;

Daren, Powys
     DARON 184 Llanddulas:
     DARREN *358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Darren JONES

River Darent (the name reflects the presence of oak trees, from the Brythonic word deruenta,
                               literally 'river where oaks grow')

Darent Valley, Kent
Darenth, Kent
     DARRANT *243 Hanmer:


DARIUS masc 'preserver' - Persian - Claremont
     DARIARS 98 Llanrhaeadr ym Nghinmerch:  
                                                29 Mar 1811 bap/o Margt d/o Hugh (mason) & Jane, Tre Cliciedig
     DRYHURST possibly see also
  DURIARA 98 Llanrhaeadr ym Nghinmerch:
                                                24 Jan 1808 bap/o Mary d/o Hugh (mason) & Jane, Tre Cliciedig
     DURIARS 98 Llanrhaeadr ym Nghinmerch:]
                                               11 Aug 1805 bap/o Richard s/o Hugh (mason) & Jane, Tre Cliciedig
     DURRIES 98 Llanrhaeadr ym Nghinmerch: 7 Feb 1798 bur/o Robert, Ty Clap, Llwyn


Darley, Derbyshire
DARLEY *362 Penycae: Frank Darley COLLEY
              *587 Overton: 10 Sep 1854 bap/o Elizabeth Darley HILL d/o Richard France (joiner) & Ann, Manchester

DARLING 372 Wrexham: Samuel;

Darlington, Durham
     DALINGTON 411 Wrexham: John;
     Dallington, East Sussex
     Darlaston, Staffordshire; West Midlands;
     DARLESON 75A Marchwiel:
     DARLESTON   6 Isycoed: 1670 Householder in Sutton: Richard DARLESTON
                            8 Overton: 21 Jul 1782 bur/o Elizabeth, aged 76, wifer of Job of P.
                          479 Overton
     DARLINGTON  11 Bangor on Dee: 28 Jul 1811 bap/o Edward KAY (DARLINGTON) (b 12)
                                                                  base s/o Jno DARLINGTON & Letitia KAY
                               18 Hawarden: 11 Feb 1816 bap/o Harriet ROBERTS (DARLINGTON) (b 4) base d/o
                                                              Thomas DARLINGTON (blacksmith)
                                                               & Margaret ROBERTS (sp., Ewloe),   Soughall
                                                       20 Feb 1820 bap/o Anne DARLINGTON (b 29)
                                                                     d/o Thomas DARLINGTON (blacksmith) & Mary (JONES), Pentrobin
                           22 Hawarden: 17 Feb 1830 Sarah DARLINGTON & Thomas COOPER wits at mar by Banns of
                                                            George ELLIS (sailor) ba of Mancot & Mary RUSCOE sp of Broad Lane
                           24 Hawarden:  4 |May 1832 bap/o Thomas DAVIES (b 2 Apr)
                                                                     s/o Latham (wheelwright) & Maria (DARLINGTON)  otp
                           32 Hawarden: James, Maria, Mary, Wm;
                           36 Ruabon: Edward, Edwd, Mary, Sarah;
                           37 Worthenbury: Eleanor, Ellen, Job;
                           40 Hawarden: Anne, Joseph, Mary, William;
53 Wrexham: Edward, Jane, Mary, William;
                           62 Flint: Eliza;
                          121 Mold:
                          132 Hanmer:
                          138A+B Wrexham:
                          151 Hanmer:
                          152 Hanmer:
                          156A+B Hanmer:
                          157A Hanmer:
                          165A+B Ruabon:
                          171 Bangor-on-Dee:
                          191A Ruabon:
                          197 Hanmer: Dorothy, Elizabeth, Ellen, Hannah, Jane, John, Joseph, Margaret, Martha,
                                              Phoebe, Richard;
                          201 Wrexham:
                          206B Hanmer:
                          207 Hanmer:
                          219 Penley:
                          222 St. Asaph:
                          243 Hanmer:
                          249 Minera:
                          292 Rhosymedre:
                          314 Rhosllanerchrugog:
                          315 Ruabon:
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Claude, Eleanor;
                          342 Hawarden:
                          344 Mold:
                          354 Rhosllanerchrugog: Sarah Ellen, Thomas;
                          365 Wrexham: Ellen, Mary, Richard;
                          366 Wrexham: Ann, Edward, Harriett, John, Margaret, William;
                          370 Wrexham: George, Ida, Ida Leonara, John Frederick Henry;
                          372 Wrexham: Mary, Richard;
                          373 Wrexham: Barbara, Samuel;
                          374 Wrexham: 24 Dec 1837 bap/o Sarah d/o Edward (lab) & Margaret, Brymbo
                          384 Wrexham: 18 Jan 1873 bur/o Louisa, infant, Ruabon;
                          399 Wrexham: 23 Feb 1822 bap/o Margaret d/o Thomas (b.smith) & Mary, Sevenbridge Lane
                          400 Wrexham: 8 Sep 1828 mar. by Banns (wcop) of
                                                                  William DARLINGTON (tailor) ba. & Hariett SMITH sp., both otp
                                                                  Wits: John DAVIES (x), Ann EDWARDS
                          405 Wrexham: Jacob, Lawrence, Maggy;
                          407 Wrexham: Lawrence;
408 Bangor-on-Dee: John;
                          410 Wrexham: Edward, John;
411 Wrexham: Ann;
                          412 Wrexham: 11 Jul 1853 bur/o Edward, aged 2, Brymbo
                          416 Ruabon: 23 Dec 1901 mar. by Banns of
                                                                 Samuel DARLINGTON (collier) ba/21 of Rhosymedre s/o John SHONE (dec. fitter)
                                                                 & Jane DAVIES sp/20 of Cefn Mawr d/o John DAVIES (lab)
                          417 Wrexham: Hannah;
                          426 Hanmer: Anne, Elizabeth, George, Jane, John, Laurance, Lawrence, Martha, Mary, Peter, Sarah, Willm;
 434 Bangor-on-Dee: Margaret;
                          440A,B Hawarden
                          442A.B Bangor on Dee
                          443 Rhosllanerchrugog
                          466 Hawarden
                          474A Gresford: 10 Jul 1836 mar by Banns of William DARLINGTON ba & Sarah DAVIES sp both otp
                                                                                           Wits: Thomas DAVIES, Elizabeth DAVIES
                               B Gresford
                          486 Bistre
                          493 Llantysilio:
                         *554 Brymbo: 5 Jun 1853 bap/o Joseph Darlington DAVIES s/o William Gabriel (Perpetual Curate) & Alice, Brymbo Parsonage
                          559A Rhosymedre: Beryl Jane, Clarence Edward, Elsie May, Jane, Samuel, Sarah /Ann;
                          563A Erbistock: 30 |un 1907 bap/o Thomas (born 22 may 1907) s/o John (farmer) & Mary, Plas Crolboarne
                          Misc: North Wales 1835  Hawarden & King's Ferry: Blacksmith: James Darlington
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at National Library of Wales):
                                                                                                 George, Joiner, Hanmer, Jan. 1824
                                                                                                 Randle, Aston, Nuncupative Will, made orally on deathbed,
                                                                                                    sworn by witnesses but not signed,  1677
                                                                                                 Richard, Lab., Bettisfield    1842
Shropshire 1828/9 Wem: Butcher: Charles Darlington, Crown st
                                                                        Surgeon: Abraham Darlington, Prees
                                                                        Talbot Richd. Darlington, High st
                                                               Whitchurch: Maltster: Thomas Darlington, Tilstock
                                                                                  Horse Shoe  Thos. Darlington, Tilstock
     DARLINSON  46 Worthenbury:
                        132 Hanmer:
     DARLINTON 191A Ruabon:
                        474A Gresford: 31 Dec 1831 mar by Banns of
                                                          Edw' DARLINTON ba & Margaret JONES sp both otp
                                                          Wits: Edward JONES, Elizabeth DAVIES
                        479 Overton
     DARLISON    21 Holt: 24 Jan 1678/79 bur/o Roger, otp
434A Bangor-on-Dee: Ann;
     Darliston, Shropshire
     DARLISTON 197 Hanmer: Dorothy, Jane, John;
                           479 Overton
     DELINGT... 8 Overton 5 Oct 1766 bap/o Ann d/o Thos & An
     DELLINGTON 8 Overton: 10 Oct 1768 bur/o Sarah d/o Tho
     GARLINGTON 440C Hawarden


Darnall, Sheffield, South Yorkshire
     DARNEL 151 Hanmer:
     DARNLEY 374 Wrexham: 31 Dec 1837 bap/o Philip s/o Henry (lab) & Christian, Wrexham Fechan
     DARNOL 36 Ruabon: Peter (of Chester) p.119;

Darnford, Suffolk; Dernford Farm in Sawston, Cambridgeshire;  see DURNFORD



     DARRAL 486 Bistre
     DARRALL 486 Bistre
     DARRYL*358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Darryl EVANS


River Dart, Devonshire

(the name reflects the presence of oak trees, from the Brythonic word deruenta,
                                                  literally 'river where oaks grow')

     DATA *314 Rhosllanerchrugog:

Dartmouth, Devonshire
DARTMOUTH  18 Hawarden: 7 Apr 1817 bap/o Ralph NEVILLE (b 27 Feb)
                                                      s/o (Hon) George, Rector & *(Lady) Charlotte LEGGE, Hawarden Rectory
                                                       *eldest surviving d/o George, Earl of Dartmouth, K.G.

Darvel, Strathclyde SCT
     DARVELLE 191C Ruabon:
     DARWEL 304AWrexham: 8 Jul 1731 bap/o Jane (b 21 Jun) d/o Rich (barbour), Wrexham Regis
                    349B Ysceifiog: Robert;
     DARWELL 349B Ysceifiog: Robert;
     DEVELEY 123 Ruabon:
     DEVLIN 123 Ruabon:


Darwen, Lancashire;  on the River Derwent
     DARWENT 561C Marchwiel: 14 Aug 1908 bur/o Elizabeth, aged 26, otp (Red Lion Hotel)

     DARWIN Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Shrewsbury: Physician: Robert Waring Darwin, F.R.S.

     DEWEN *314 Rhosllanerchrugog:
                   *416 Ruabon:
416 Ruabon: 12 Jul 1887 mar. by Banns of
                                                     John Moorhead POWER (mining engineer) ba/25 of St/ Geprges Hann.... Sq., London
                                                                                                       s/o Sir William Tyrone POWER (K.L.B.)
                                                     & Susan Dewen DENNIS sp/24 otp d/o Henry DENNIS (civil engineer)
DEWING 358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: J.;

River Darwen(t), Derbyshire


Dash Beck (flows into Bassenthwaite Lake)




Datchet, Berkshire
     DASHWOOD   56A Rhuddlan:
                             *441A Hope
                             *575 Hope: 22 Mar 1829 bap/o Dashwood PARRY
                                                           s/o Thomas (miller) & Harriet Dashwood, Caergwrle
                                              25 Sep 1831 bap/o Llewelyn PARRY
                                                          s/o Thomas (farmer) & Harriet Dashwood  Abermorddu
                                                7 Nov 1856 bap/o Mary Eliza Dashwood PARRY
                                                             d/o Dashwood (Gent.) & Mary, Old Rhyddin
                                              14 Jan 1859 bap/o Llewellyn Dashwood PARRY
                                                                                 s/o Dashwood (Gent.) & Mary, Rhyddin
                            *599 Hope: 3 Feb 1859 bur/o Llewellyn Dashwood PARRY, aged 2 wks, Rhyddin


DAUGHTERS OE dohter 'daughter'
     DOCTOR *379 Wrexham: 9 Jun 1901 bap/o Doctor Harold SCHOLES (b 15 May)
                                                                  s/o William (leather belt maker) & Eleanor Gertrude, 22 Villier St.
                    *506B Betws yn Rhos
DOTAR *350 Wrexham St. Giles' Churchyard MIs: Dotar R(?)...;


Dauntsey, Wiltshire
     DANSEY Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Ludlow: Dansey Richard Dansey, esq., Easton
                                                                    Rev. George Dansey PARDOE, Brand st
                                                                    Attorney: George Henry Dansey, Broad st
     DANSY *119 Mold:
     DAUNCEY *594 Gresford: 13 Jan 1861 bap/o Llewellin Lewis GREENHALGH
                                                              s/o Edmund Dauncey Langley (stationer) & Martha, Merford


DAVELIN 101C Llanynys:
15 Jul 1797 mar by Lic of
                                                       George Edmund BEAGHAN, Gent. &  Mary Maria DAVELIN both otp
                                                       Wits: Robert JONES, Ow. OWEN, Clerk
                                                       (The said George Edmund BEAGHAN has made oath before me that
                                                        he was married to the said M Maria DAVELIN at Brussels in 1771)

DAVENHILLL 351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: Jane;

Davenport (Congleton), Cheshire
     DAMPART   46 Worthenbury:
435 Gresford: Diena;
435 Gresford: Anne;
     DAMPORT  *6 Isycoed: 20 Jul 1794 bap/o Edward Damport DAVES s/o Robart & Audred
                      157A Hanmer:
                      206A Hanmer:
                      388 Hawarden: 30 May 1640 bur/o Jane;
                      489 Marchwiel
                      552B Wrexham: Anne, John;
             DANPORT 437 Ruabon: Jane;
     DAUENPORT 346 Hawarden: Oliver, Thomas;
3 Llangollen (Baptisms 1782-1791) Vol 6
John, Mary, Randle, Susannah;
                           5 Llangollen: 22 Apr 1716 bap/o John (b 22) s/o Daniel & Elizabeth, Pentref Morgan
                          11 Bangor on Dee: 13 Dec 1810 bap/o Mary (b 2) d/o Randle & Lydia, Dongrey
                                                        4 Nov 1812 bap/o John (b 11 Oct) s/o John & Lydia, Dongrey
                          30 Wrexham: Rebecca, William;
                          37 Worthenbury: Ann, Elizabeth, Randle, Susanna;
                          47 Worthenbury:
                          48 Worthenbury:
    53 Wrexham: Charles, Daniel, Elizabeth, Frances, James, John, Lidia, Richd, Thomas, Thos;
                          59 Erbistock:
                          75 Marchwiel:
                         123 Ruabon:
                         132 Hanmer:
                         137 Northop:
                         138B Wrexham:
                         151 Hanmer:
                         152 Hanmer:
                         156A+B Hanmer:
                         157A+B Hanmer:
                         165A+B Ruabon:
                         166 Cilcain:
                         167C Gresford:        
                         171 Bangor-on-Dee:
                         174 Holt:
                         191C Ruabon:
                        *197 Hanmer: Ann Davenport SORTON
                         197 Hanmer: John, Mary, Ralph;
                         201 Wrexham:
                         206A+B Hanmer:
                         207 Hanmer:
                         216A Erbistock:
                        *227 Ruthin: 25 Dec 1843 bap/o Charles Davenport JONES s/o Thomas (surgeon) & Elizabeth, Castle Street
                         266B+C Marchwiel:
                         268 Wrexham:
                         275 Gwaenysgor:
                         283 Llanrhos:
                        *289 Gwernaffield:
                         292 Rhosymedre:
                         293 Hawarden:
                         304A Wrexham (Baptisms 1730-1756): Charles, Elias, Hugh, Jane, John, Mary, William;
                              B Wrexham: 22 Sep 1740 mar/o Willm DAVENPORT & Mary JONES both otp
                              C Wrexham:  2 May 1739 bur/ John (weaver\), Bersham
                                                  5 May 1751 bur/o John s/o William  (taylor), Acton
                         306 Holywell:
                         315 Ruabon:
                         317 Wrexham - Dissenters' Burial Ground, Rhosddu Road, MIs:
                         342 Hawarden:
                         346 Hawarden:
                         351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs:
                                        Alice Mary, Edward Lloyd, Elizabeth, James,John, John Loyd, Lydia, Thomas, William;
                         356 Ruabon: James;
                         364 Wrexham: Alice Mary, Elizabeth, James, Lydia, Thomas, William;
                         365 Wrexham: Elizabeth, James;
                         366 Wrexham: Elizabeth, James, John Lee, Lydia, Mary, Samuel;
                         370 Wrexham: Charles, Edward Lloyd, John Lloyd, Mary, Thomas;
                         374 Wrexham: Alice Mary, Henry, James, Lydia, Mary, Richard, Samuel, Thomas, Thomas Walter,
                                              30 Aug 1844 bap/o David JONES (DAVENPORT)
                                                    base s/o Thomas DAVENPORT (lab) of Besham & Jane JONES (single woman), Poorhouse
                         377 Holywell: Ann, Chrisitian, Katherine, Tho, Thomas;
                         378 Holywell: Anne, Jane, John, Mary;
                        *387 Hawarden: Rector 1391-1423 Rev. Roger Davenport Henry MARSTON

                         388 Hawarden: 10 Oct 1631 bur/o Thomas;
                         389 Hawarden: 19 Aug 1587 bur/o Jane
                                                 5 May 1588 mar/o Oliver DAVENPORT & Ales DUCKWORTH
                                                25 Aug 1591 bur/o Oliver
                         390 Bangor-on-Dee: 26 Apr 1698 bap/o Joseph s/o Randle & Ellenor
                         393 Wrexham: 19 Dec 1883 bur/o Elizabeth, aged 82, Hope Villa
                                               25 Aug 1884 bur/o James, aged 76, Hope Road
                         400 Wrexham: 16 Jul 1830 mar. by Banns (wcof) of
                                                                 Thomas SKELLORN ba. & Maria DAVENPORT (x) sp., both otp
                                                                 Wits: Watkins SHEFTON (x), Mary ASHLEY
                         401 Wrexham: Francis, Thomas;
                         403 Holywell: Cristiana, Eliz., Katherine, Mary, Roger, Tho., Thomas;
                         404 Wrexham: Thomas;

                         406 Wrexham: Charles, Edward Lloyd;
408 Bangor-on-Dee: Anne, Audrey, George, James, John, Mary, Sarah, Thomas, Tristram, William, Willm;
411 Wrexham: John, Lydia;
                         412 Wrexham: 4 Mar 1859 bur/o John Lloyd, aged 4, Town Hill
                         413 Mold: 6 Apr 1814 mar. by Banns of Richard DAVIES (x) of Caerwys & Mary Evan EDWARDS (x) otp
                                                                                   wits: Robert HOSKINS (x), Anne DAVENPORT (x), P PIERCE
                         415A Northop: 14 Nov 1785 mar. by Banns of John WILLIAMS ba. & Elizabeth DAVENPORT (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                           Wits: Robert STEDMAN, Hetty STEDMAN
                              B Northop: 26 Jan 1768 mar. by Banns of John JAMES & Elizabeth PLATT (x), both otp
                                                                                           Wits: Thos. DAVENPORT, Edward LEWIS
                              C Northop (burials): John, Mary, Richard, Sarah, Thomas;
                         417 Wrexham: Jane;
                         418 Wrexham: Wm;
                         426 Hanmer: George, John, Martha;
427 Ruabon: John;
                         437 Ruabon: ---, John;
                         442A,C Bangor on Dee
                         445 Wrexham
                         446 Chirk: William;
                         452A Whitford
                         454B Llanrhos
                         474A Gresford: 30 Apr 1828 Catherine DAVENPORT & John POWELL wits at mar by Lic of
                                                          Edmund MARSDEN  ba of Manchester & Mary ROBERTS sp otp
                                                  6 Feb 1835 mar by Lic of
                                                          James DAVENPORT ba of Wrexham & Lydia LEE otp
                                                          Wits:  James LEE, Sam'l NEWNS
                              B  Gresford
                         489 Marchwiel
                         501 Northop
 522 Holywell:
                         553 Gresford: Catherine, John, Mary Hannah;
                         561C Marchwiel: Henry, John, Samuel, Thomas;
                         563A Erbistock: 20 May 1910 bap/o James s/o William (lab) & Anne, otp (Kiln Cottage)
                              B Erbistock: 23 Feb 1857 mar by Banns of
                                                           James DAVENPORT (lab) ba/ofa otp s/o Joseph DAVENPORT (lab)
                                                            & Elizabeth WOODALL sp/ofa otp d/o Paul WOODALL (lab)
                              C Erbistock: 2 Jul 1910 bur/o James, aged 1 mth, otp (Kiln Cottage)
                         577 Overton  29 Mar 1835 bap/o Henry s/o William George (hair dresser) & Elizabeth, otp
                         598 Hope: 2 Mar 1892 bap/o Thomas Henry
                                                                 s/o Frederick (gardener) & Mary Emily, Middle Lane, Shordley
                         Misc: North Wales 1835 Wrexham: Grocer &/or tea dealer: James Davenport, Town hill
                                                                            Maltster: James Davenport, Town hill
                                                                            Tallow chandler: James Davenport, Town hill

                                 1841 Census Wrexham Town (further details on request):
                                                           Edward, Elizabeth, James, John, Lydia, Richard, Sarah, Thomas;
Gresford MIs: Catherine, John, Mary Hannah;
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                                               Charles, Farmer, Pickhill   Nov 1828
                                                                                               John, Broughton, Administration Bond, 1646
                                                                                               John, Blacksmith, Halghton, 1752
                                                                                               Randle, Farmer, Worthenbury   11 Jan 1819
                                                                                               Thomas, Farmer, Hanmer, 10 Oct 1811
                                                                                               Thomas, Eyton,  7 Nov 1804
                                                                                               Tristram, Farmer, Bangor,   May 1825
                                                                                               Trustram, Farmer, Pickhill   May 1823
                                 Shropshire 1828/9 Bridgnorth: Rev. Edmund Sherrington DAVENPORT, Worfield house
                                                                              William Yelverton Davenport, esq., Davenport house
                                                             Ludlow: Baker/flour dealer & confectioner: Thos. Davenport, Bull ring   
     DAVENPORTH 152 Hanmer:
     DAVENPORY 157A Hanmer:
     DAVEPORT 207 Hanmer:
     DAVERNPORT 388 Hawarden: 1 Oct 1634 bur/o (Mdm) Katherine
     DAVONPORT 152 Hanmer:
     DEAVENPORT  47 Worthenbury:
                            373 Wrexham: Francis;
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): George, Farmer, Halghton, 27 Dec 1817
     DEMPORD 173 Holt:
     DEVENPORT  48 Worthenbury:
                           59 Erbistock:
                          171 Bangor-on-Dee:
                          292 Rhosymedre:
                          315  Ruabon:
                          365 Wrexham: Edward Lloyd, Elizabeth, James;
                          374 Wrexham: 4 mar 1838 bap/o Elizabeth d/o James (joiner) & Lydia, York Street
                          410 Wrexham: William;
                          426 Hanmer: Ann, Elizabeth, George, Thomas;
                          454B Llanrhos
                          561C Marchwiel: 31 Mar 1841 bur/o Samuet (sic), aged 40, Hafod y Bwch
                                                     2 Jan 1845 bur/o John, aged 57, Ruabon
                          587 Overton: 5 Jan 1842 bap/o Helen Basnett d/o George (land surveyor) & Harriet
Misc. Shropshire 1828/9 Whitchurch: Boot/shoe maker: John Devenport Gill, Watergate st
     DEVINPORT 445 Wrexham

     DEVNPORT 196C Llanfair Talhaearn:
     Devonport, Devonshire
     DEVONPORT  189 Holywell: John, Tristam;
                          *363 Wrexham: Edward Devonport ROWLAND
                           563C Erbistock: 17 Oct 1919 bur/o George, aged 7 hours, otp


Daventry, Northamptonshire
(Philip de Dauintrie 1162 Kent. From Daventry, Northamptonshire, the correct local
                   pronunciation of which is Daintree - Reaney & Wilson)
     DAINTREE (no Clwyd references found to date - 27.11.2010)
     DAINTRY Misc: Cheshire 1828/29 Macclesfield: Bankers: Daintry, Ryle & Co., Parsonage Green
                                                                                                      (draw on Whitmore, Wells & Co., London)
                             Lancashire 1828/29 Manchester: Bankers: Daintry, Ryle & Co., 8 Norfolk St.
                                                                                                      (draw on Whitmore, Wells & Co., London)
                            Staffordshire 1835 Barton -under-Needwood:
                                                        Carrier to Burton upon-Trent: Thomas GEARY and John DAINTRY, from Barton,
                                                                                                                    every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
                                                        Carrier to Lichfield: Thomas GEARY and John DAINTRY, from                                                                                                                                             Barton-under-Needwood, every Friday    
David (Hebrew) = beloved
     ab DAVID 250 St. Asaph Notitae:  
                     415B Northop: 6 Feb 1760 mar. by Banns of Peter HARRISON (x) & Margaret JONES (x), both otp
                                                                                      Wits: Humphrey HUMPHREYS, John ab DAVID
     ap DAVID 250 St. Asaph Notitae:
434B Bangor-on-Dee: Robert;
                    Misc: Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                    Griffith ap David, Overton Town, Administration with Inventory 1683
                                                    Henry ap David, Overton   1638
                                                    Thomas ap David, Overton   1631
     ap DAVITH 250 St. Asaph Notitae:
     ap DD ap HUGH 250 St. Asaph Notitae:
     D'D 560p Llangollen: 28 Oct 1632 bap/o Hary ap Hugh ap William D'd ap Ed'd;
                                     1 Dec 1633 bap/o ----- vch Thomas ap Tho D'd ap Ho'll
     DA 168*A Hope:
     DA. *458 Mold: End of 1615 Da: JONES cu. ibm  = curatus ibidem ie Curate in the same place
28 Feb 1615/16 bap/o Margarett d/o Sir David JONES, Clerk   
           *459 Mold
            536 Llansannan
     DA'D 396 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant: 12 Nov 1716 bur/o Edward, infant s/o Maurice
DAFFYDD *43 Cerrigydrudion: Daffydd EVAN
     DAFIDD 253 Llanfawr:
     DAFUDD 116C Llansilin:
                    450 Llanycil
DAVID contd
     DAFYDD  (Welsh for David)
                    1 Llandegla: 26 May 1751 bur/o Elizabeth w/o Sion, Gwernol
                    9 Efenechtyd: 23 Mar 1705 bap/o Richard d/o Griffith (lab) & Elizabeth
                                         11 Nov 1745 bur/o Gwen d/o Edd, Pen-y-Coed
                  17 Llanarmon yn Ial (Baps & Bur 1683-1743 Mar 1676-1743) Vol 1
                                       Elin, Grace, Hugh, Robert;
                 *25 Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd: 10 Mar 1754 bap/o Anne
                                                                     d/o Humphrey John Dafydd (lab) & Anne, Tyn y  Bryn, Eyarth
                  27 Llanarmon yn Ial
(Bap,Mar,Bur 1744-1812) Vol 2
                                               Grace, Hugh, Jane, John, Margaret, William;
                  33 Llangwm: Gwen;
                  34 Llangwm: Hugh, Tabitha;
                  43 Cerrigydrudion: William;
                 *44 Denbigh: Dafydd FOULKES
                  89A Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr:,
                 109 Pentrefoelas:
                 143A Llanrwst:
                 169A Llanrhydd:
                 187 St. George:
                 204 Llangernyw:
                 217 Llanelian yn Rhos:
                 263C Llansilin: Jno;
                 287 Llanycil:
                 312 Abergele:
                 318 Henllan:
                 368 Abergele: 24 Mar 1737 bap/o David s/o Evan & Jonet of Towyn
                 376 Pentrefoelas: 30 May 1813 bap/o Hugh s/o William (lab) & Jonet (HUGHES), Tynewydd
                                            10 Dec 1819 bur/o Edward, aged 86, of Orseddwen
                 398 Gyffylliog: 26 Feb 1791 bur/o Robt. (pau), Llanfwrog
                                        8 May 1791 bur/o Eliz. wd/o Robt. (pau), Llanfwrog
                 419 Halkyn: 18 May 1619 mar/o Nicholas RAIGHLE & Elinne d/o DAFYDD
                 450 Llanycil
                 454B Llanrhos
                 455A Llanrwst
                 475B Llangystennin
                 501 Northop
                 506A Abergele
                 510B Llandrillo yn Rhos
                 524 St George
                 544 Meliden
     DAI 330 Whitford: Griffith, John, Mary, William;
           481 Whitford
DAVID contd
     DARRAD *397C Llansilin: 4 Oct 1667 bur/o Edward ap John Darrad?
     DAV 176 Tremeirchion:
             320 Hope:
             395 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant: 22 Jan 1721/23 bap/o Gwen & Doroth. twins/o Maurice & -----------
396 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant: 26 Jan 1722/23 bur/o Gwen & Dorothy, twin children of Maurice
     DAV. 532 Llanrhaiadr yng Nghinmeirch
     DAVD 33 Llangwm: Ann, Catherine, David, Elizth, Grace, Griffith, Gwen, Janet, Jno, Judith, Margt, Martha,
                                  Morris, Robt;
DAVID contd
     DAVEY 39 Halkyn: Alice, Francis, Mary, Mary Jane, William;
112 Halkyn:
                118 Mold:
                124 Mold: 19 Feb 1758 mar. by Lic. of John HUGHES (miner) & Margaret HUGHES (x) sp., both otp
                                                                        Wits: John DAVEY (x), Joseph MINER
                167B Gresford:
                362 Penycae: Charles Joseph, Hettie Jane, Mary Ellen;
                440B Hawarden
               *474B Gresford
                487 Gwersyllt
                489 Marchwiel
                535 Buckley: 22 Nov 1913 mar by Banns of
                                              George Henry POWELL (police constable) ba/24 of Ince s/o John POWELL (collier)
                                              & Hettie Jane DAVEY sp/21 otp d/o Joseph Charles DAVEY (plumber)
                555 Brymbo: Beatrice Elizabeth, Sarah, Walter, William John Walter;
Misc: North Wales 1835 Holywell & Bagillt: Booksellers/Stationers/Printers: David Davey, Whitford st
                                                                               Fire etc. Office Agents: County (fire) & Provident (life):
                                                                                                                                  David Davey, Whitford
     DAVI 513A Rhuddlan
     JAMES-DAVID Misc: Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): John 1670
     THOMAS DAVID 25A Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd:
     vch DAVID 389 Hawarden: 27 Jul 1606 mar/o David ap Nicholas & Gwen vch David
DAVID contd
     DAVID 1 Llandegla:  3 Aug 1760 bap/o Margaret d/o Robert
                                  17 Sep 1752 bur/o Rachel w/o Ellis, Bodidris
                2 Llandegla: 25 Jan 1711/12 bap/o Edward s/o David Tho. &   -----, Gloppa
                                       Notitae of Llandegla 1686: Robert;
4 Llangollen (Baptisms & Burials 1738-1769 Marriages 1738-1754 Vol 4
Elizabeth, Harry, Henry, John Ed Jon, Mary, Robert John;
5 Llangollen (Baptisms, Marriages & Burials) Vol 3
                                   Anne, Catherine, Catherine Sion, Ed Jon, Edward, Edward John, Elizabeth, Henry,
                                   Hugh Ed Jon, Humphrey, Jane, John, Magdalen, Margaret, Mary, Moses, Thomas,
                                   William, Wm;
9 Efenechtyd (Baptisms, Marriages & Burials 1693-1812)
Anne, Dorothea, Douce, Doulse, Dowsea, Edward, Elizabeth, Griffith, Hugh, Jane, John,
                                     Margaret, Mary, Rowland, William;
               17 Llanarmon yn Ial
(Baps & Bur 1683-1743 Mar 1676-1743) Vol 1
                                             Alice, Ann, Anne, Barbara, Cath..., Catherin, Catherine, David, David John, David Jon,
                                             David Thomas, Edward, Eliz, Elizabeth, Evan, Gabriel, Griffith, Hugh, Jane, John, Jon,
                                             Jonett, Katherine, Martha, Mary, Richard, Robert, Robert Jo, Robert John, Robert Jon,
                                             Samuell, Sara, Sarah, Sidney, Simon Thomas, Thomas, Thomas John David, Tudyr,
DAVID contd
               21 Holt: 26 Nov 1661 bap/o John (b 1) s/o John
               25 Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd (Baps & Bur 1680-1782 Mar 1691-1754) Vol 1
                                               Anne, Anne John, Catherine, Dav Thomas, David, David Thomas, Edward, Elizabeth,
                                               Ellin, Evan, Grace, Grais, Hugh, John, Lowry, Margaret, Margaret Thomas, Mary,
                                               Rice, Richard, Robert, Sarah, Sion, Thomas,Thomas David;
               26 Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd: 4 Feb 1790 bur/o Richard (farmer) Eyarth
               27 Llanarmon yn Ial: 11 Jul 1755 bap/o Hugh s/o John & Jane, Creigiog Uwch glan
                                                 26 Nov 1758 bur/o John, Bodidris
               29 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant:
                        31 May 1765 mar by Banns of Morris DAVID & Elizabeth CADWALADER both otp
                                                                          Wits: Thomas FRANCIS, Joseph VAUGHAN
               32 Hawarden: Georgiana Milisshant;
               33 Llangwm:
               34 Llangwm:
               43 Cerrigydrudion: Evan, John, Maurice, Robert, William;
              *51 Holywell:
               54A Abergele;
               55B Nantglyn:
               58 Erbistock:
DAVID contd
               74 Flint:
               76A Mold:
               84 Treuddyn:
               85 Mold:
               86 Derwen:
               87 Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd:
               88 Llanelidan: -- --- 1697 mar/o Robert DAVID & Catharine EDD
                                     2 Feb 1700 mar/o Humphrey JONES otp & Dorothea DAVID
                                    15 Aug 1707 mar/o Rice HUMPHREYS & Ann DAVID
                                    --  ---    1709 mar/o Richard MORIS & Catharine DAVID
                                    10 Feb 1712 mar/o David THOMAS & Elizabeth DAVID
                                      4 Apr 1713 mar/o John DAVID & Catharine GOODMAN
                                      1 Aug 1743 mar/o Robert DAVID & Anne HUGHES
               89A Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr:
               91 Llangynhafal: 31 Oct 1725 bap/o Anne d/o Evan & Cathrine
               97 Llanfwrog: 21 Sep 1783 bap/o John s/o John & Margaret
                                   13 Jul 1784 bur/o Evan, Hengoed

DAVID contd
               102 Nantglyn: 23 May 1785 bap/o David s/o Wm , Havod
                                    12 Mar 1786 bap/o Margt d/o Richd & Elin, Henllan
              *108 Minera Chapel: Richard David BURTON
               109 Pentrefoelas;
               113 Llanelidan:
               114 Llanferres:
               116C+D Llansilin:
               117 Mold:
               118 Mold:
               121 Mold:
               122+122A Nercws:
               127A+B Mold:
               129A+B Treuddyn:
DAVID contd
               1434A Llanrwst:
               145 Capel Garmon:
               146B Capel Garmon:
               149 Ysbyty Ifan;
              *154 Ysbyty Ifan:
               164D Cwm:
              *166 Cilcain:
               168*A+A+B Hope:
               169*A+A Llanrhydd:
               179 Llangadwaladr:
               181 Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog:
               182 Llansanffraid Dyffryn Ceiriog:
Edward, Elizabeth, Jno;
               185 Llysfaen:
               189 Holywell: Ann(e), David, Edwd, Eliza, Hannah, Henry, Mary;
               191A Ruabn:
               193 Betws Gwerfyl Goch:
              *195 Holywell:
William David MORRIS
               199 Derwen:
DAVID contd
               205 Llantysilio:
               2O6A Hanmer:
               208 Llanarmon Mynydd Mawr:
               209B+C Llangedwyn:
               217 Llanelian Yn Rhos:
               229A St. Asaph:
               232 Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd:
               239A+B+C+E Llangar:
               241A+B+C Llangar:
               242A Gwyddelwern:
               246 Llanfwrog:
DAVID contd
               250 St. Asaph Notitae:
               251A+B Corwen:
               252 Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog:
               253 Llanfawr:
               254 Llanfawr:
               255 Corwen:
               257 Llandrillo yn Edeirnion:
               261 Llanderfel:
               263A Llansilin: Elinor, Ffoulk, John, Mary, Robert, Thomas;
                    B Llansilin: Hugh;
                    C Llansilin: ---, David, Ed. Jno., Ed. John., Edward, Edward John, Ffoulke, John, Mary John, Morris, Phillip,
                                     Robert John;
               267 Ruthin:
DAVID contd
               271 Eglwys-bach:
               273 Trelawnyd:
               275 Gwaenysgor:
               279 Llandudno:
               280 Llanfair Talhaearn:
               281 Llangystennin:
               282 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant:
               284 Llansanffraid Glan Conway:
               287 Llanycil:
               301 Mold:
               304C  Wrexham: 26 Jan 1741/42 bur/o Richard of Ruabon
               305 Hawarden:
               307B Ruabo: Edward;
               308 Bodfari: 17 Aug 1756 bap/o Hannah d/o Hugh (lab) & Mary, Aberwheeler
DAVID contd
               312 Abergele:
               313 Hawarden:
               320 Hope:
               323 Denbigh:
               329 Meliden:
               339 Llangynhafal:

               342 Hawarden:
               346 Hawarden:
               349B Ysceifiog: Hugh;
               352 Flint:
               359 Rhosymedre: Elizabeth, Joseph;
               367 Abergele:  11 Jun 1684 bap/o Thomas s/o John William & Elizabeth (DAVID)
               368 Abergele: Anne, Catherine, David, Dorothy, Edward, Elin, Eliz, Elizabeth, Evan, Gaynor, Gwen,
                                    Hugh, John, Jonet, Margaret, Mary, Owen, Rees, Rhees, Rice, Rich, Robt, Roger,
                                    Saran, Sion, Thomas, Thos, William;
DAVID contd
               377 Holywell: Elin, Elizabeth, John, Lucy, William;
               383 Ruthin: Agnes, Edward, Elizabeth, Evan, Griffith, Gwen, John, Katherin, Margaret, Robert, Roger,
                                Thomas, William;
               387 Hawarden: Evan, Jane, Marth, William;
               389 Hawarden: 28 Jan 1591/92 bur/o Elin
                                      28 Apr 1594 mar/o Rice DAVID & Ane POOLE
                                      21 Dec 1597 bur/o John
                                      15 Jul 1599 mar/o Ithell DAVID & Margerie FLETCHER
                                      30 Sep 1629 mar/o William DAVID (als ROBTS) & Gillian BENNET
                                      28 Sep 1631 mar/o Richd DAVID & Gwen WILLIAMS
DAVID contd
               390 Bangor-on-Dee: Edward, John, Mary, William;
               395 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant: Alexander, Alice, Andrew, Ann(e), Cath, Cath'e, Catharine, Catherine, David,
                                       Dorothy, Edward, Edwd, Elin, Elisabeth, Eliz, Elizab, Elizabeth, Evan, Frances, Grace, Hugh,
                                       Humphrey, Jane, Jno, John, Lewis, Margaret, Margt, Martha, Mary, Maurice, Ogdoen, Richd,
                                       Robert, Sarah, Sina, Susanna, Syna, Thomas, Thos, Willliam;
396 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant: Alexander, Cadwalader, Catherine, David, Edward, Edwd, Evan, Gainor, Hugh,
                                       Jane, John, Katherine, Margaret, Mary, Maurice, Oliver, Richd, Robert, Robt, Roger, Sara, Syna,
                                       Thomas, Thos, William;
               397A Llansilin: Ann?/Jane?, Cathn., Edward, Edward Morris, Elinor, Elzbth, Gwenn, Jane, Jane?/Ann?, Jenkyn,
                                     Jno, John, Margaret(t), Mary, Math., Maurice, Moricei, Phillip, Rchd, Richard, Robert, Robt,
                                     Roger John, Thos., Watkin, William John, William Jon., Wm;
               397B Llansilin: 11 Feb 1682/83 mar/o John DAVID & Mary vch Richard, both otp
                                       4 Oct 1691 mar/o John DAVID of Trefonnen & Cath. JONES of Sychtyn/Soughton
               397C Llansilin: Catherine, Griffith, Jane, Jno., John, Margaret, Mary, Maurice, Morris, Priami, Prudence, Richard,
                                     Sarah, Thomas, William;
               398 Gyffylliog: 10 Sep 1779 bur/o Gwen w/o Robert, Bodyngared
DAVID  contd
               402 Denbigh: Thomas;
               403 Holywell: Edd., Edward, William;
               409A Betws Gwerfil Goch: William;
                    B Betws Gwerfil Goch: Morgan;
               419 Halkyn: Alice, Anne, David, Elizabeth, Ellis, Evan, Ieuan, John, Jonet, Katherine, Lowry, Margaret,
                                  Mary, Mary Ithell, Peter, Rees, Robert, Thomas, William;
               420 Halkyn: 15 Jan 1698/99 bur/o Thomas;
               421 Hope:  5 Jun 1737 bap/o Griffith DAVID s/o William & Catherine, Hope Owen
                               20 Nov 1753 bap/o Elizabeth d/o William & Jane, Hope Owen
               422 Hanmer: 20 Jul 1567 bap/o Richard s/o John & Catryn
               424 Hanmer: Anne, Daniel, Edward, Elizabeth, Jane, John, Katherin, Lewis, Lucie, Margaret, Margeret, Mary,
                                  Richard, Robert, Robt, Roger, Thomas, William, Willm;
               425A Hanmer: Jane, Kiatherine, Lewis, Susan, William;
                    B Hanmer: ---, Ales, Catherine, Charles, Daniel, Edward, Elen, Elizabeth, Elnor, Evan, Francis, Godfrey, John, Lewis, Margaret,
                                    Margery, Marget, Mary, Robert, Roger, Thomas, William;          
428 Ysceifiog: Reignald;
429B Ysceifiog: Wm;
DAVID contd
               435 Gresford:  Alce, Elizabeth, Gabriell, Griffith, Jane, John, Katharine, Mary, Rich', Richard, Thomas, William;
               436A Hope: John, Mary, Richard, William;
                    B Hope: Ann(e), Elizabeth, Ellis, Griffith, Griffyth, Helen, ,Humphrey, Jn, John, Johnett,  Mallt, Margaret, Maria, Mary, Richard, Thomas,
                                 William, Wm;
               437 Ruabon: Anne, Benjamin, Catherine, Daniel, David, Elias, Elizabeth, Evan, Francis, Gwen, Jane, John, Mary, Patience, Philip, Phillip,
                                  Richard, Roger, Samuel, Sara, Shusannah, Simon, Susanna , Symon, William;
               445 Wrexham
               449 Trelawnyd
               450 Llanycil
               454B Llanrhos
               455A,C Llanrwst
               456 Llansannan
              *458 Mold (see patronymic index in transcription)
               458 Mold: Anne vch, Ed' ap, Edward ap, Elizabeth vch, Gwenhwyvar vch, Hary, Hugh ap, Ieuan, Ithell, Ithell ap, Jane vch, John, John ap, John s/o,
                              Lowry vch, Margaret vch, Margarett vch, Mary vch, Rees, Rees ap, Robert ap.

                                5 May 1616 John DAVID m Catherin verch John
                               14 Nov 1619 bap/o Evan DAVID s/o Rees, Herseth
                                 9 Sep 1623 mar/o Rees DAVID of Northop & Elizabeth verch John otp
                                14 Nov 1623 bur/o Rees DAVID of Leeswood
              *459 Mold
               459 Mold
DAVID contd
               460 Mold
               461A Mold
               463 Eglwysbach
               467 Holywell
               468 Llandderfel
               469 Llandrillo yn Edeirnion
               470B Llandrillo yn Rhos
               471  Llanelian yn Rhos
               472 Llangernyw
               475A,B Llangystennin
DAVID contd
               488 Hope
               489 Marchwiel
               506A Abergele:
                    B Abergele:
               510A Llandrillo yn Rhos
                    B Llandrlllo yn Rhos
              *515C Corwen
               517B Llanasa
                    C Llanasa
               518 Llangollen
               519 Llantysilio
DAVID contd
               520B Llysfaen
               521 St Asaph
               524 St George
               525 Whitford
               526A Llafair Talhearn
               529 Rhuddlan
               530 Chirk
               538*D Llangar
               539 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant
               541 Caerwys
               544 Meliden
               546 Bodfari
               547 Flint
DAVID contd
               551B Hawarden
               552B Wrexham: Elizabeth, Hugh, John, William;
                     D Wrexham: Anne, Dorothy, Jane, John, Owen, William;
              *557 Llansilin: 3 May 1856 bur/o Ezikiel, aged 14m, Pentre cwm
               560p Llangollen: see patronymic index in transcripton
571B Cerrigydrudion:  10 Apr 1814 bur/o Robert, aged 77, Lon Bryn Pandy, Llanyfydd
                                               10 Feb 1817 bur/o Catharine, aged 3, Bryn tirion Cefn Brith
                    C Cerrigydrudion: 1 Jun 1895 bur/o Evan, aged 14 days, Fron Heulog
581 Ysceifiog (Baptisms 1662-1710) Vol 1 (+ a patronymic index)
                                    Dorothy, Elizabeth, George, Helen, Hugh, Jonett, Mary, Peter,
                                   Robert, William.
               Misc: Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                                      David ap Evans, Tailor, Hanmer   1624
                                                                                      David ap Jenkin,  Co. Flint,   1612
                                                                                      Edward ap DAVID, Pickhill  1614
                                                                                      William ap DAVID, Hanmer,  1577
                                                                                      James DAVID, Bangor   1604
                                                                                      John DAVID, Bangor Isycoed   1586
                                                                                      John DAVID, Hanmer    1610
                                                                                      John JAMES-DAVID     1670
                                                                                      John DAVID, Bangor   1627
                                                                                      Thomas DAVID, Yeo., Overton Villa    1660
                                                                                      Thomas DAVID, Iscoyd,   1661
DAVID contd
     DAVIDD  43 Cerrigydrudion: William;
                  117 Mold:
                  121 Mold:
                  122 Nercws:
                  143A Llanrwst:
                  145 Capel Garmon:
                  168*A+A+B Hope:
                  224 St. Asaph:
                  251 Corwen:
                  267 Ruthin:
                  312 Abergele:
                  376 Pe`ntrefoelas: 1 May 1814 bap/o Robert, Evan and Davidd DAVIDD (EVAN) (3 at a birth)
                                                         illeg. ss/o Robert EVAN (ba, lab) & Anne DAVIDD (sp), of Bryn Heillin
                  419 Halkyn: 7 Nov 1620 bur/o Howel
435 Gresford: Doritie, Edward, Elizabeth, Griffith, John, Katharin, Mary, Thomas, William;
                  436B Hope: Alice, Anne, Jane, W., Wim;
                  437 Ruabon: Jane, John, Mary;
                  506A Abergele:
                       B Abergele:
                  510A Llandrillo yn Rhos
                       B Llandrillo yn Rhos
                  547 Flint
                  552B Wrexham: Anne, Edward, Elizabeth, Hugh, Martha, Mary, Meredith, Owen, Roger, Thomas;
                       C Wrexham: 18 Oct 1704 mar/o John WILLIAMS (weaver) & Margaret DAVIDD, Wrexham Abbot
                                            8 Jan 1707/08 mar/o Roger DAVIDD & Ann JONES, Esclusham Above
                       D Wrexham: John, Owen, Robert, Sara;
DAVID contd
     DAVIDE 342 Hawarden:
                   560p Llangollen: 16 Oct 1608 mar/o (Sir) David Win (Psh....) & Ursula Jones
                                            P(ar) me (by me) Davide Jones  fficum c.u.tu Llangollen
     DAVIDES 418 Wrexham: Joseph;
     DAVIDS 24 Hawarden (Baptisms 1831-1840) Vol 21
                                        Ann(e), Bridget, Elizabeth, George Thomas, Georgiana Melisshant, John;
                   29 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant:
                                    23 Nov 1781 Robert DAVIDS & Owen WILLIAMS wits at mar by Banns of
                                                           Edward LLOYD & Elinn OWEN both otp
                   30 Wrexham: David, William;
                   32 Hawarden: Ann, George Thomas, John;
                  40 Hawarden: Anne, Georgiana, John, Louisa;
                  66D Penley:
                 103 Gwytherin: 17 Aug 1770 bap/o Mary d/o Owen & Elisabeth (JONES)
                 110 Ysbyty Ifan:
                 127B Mold:             
                 165B Ruabon:
                 196C Llanfair Talhearn:
                 208 Llanarmon Mynydd Mawr:
                 209B Llangedwyn:
                 250 St. Asaph Notitae:
                 257 Llandillo yn Edeirnion:
                 267 Ruthin:
                 280 Llanfair Talhaearn:
                 310 Gresford:
                 312 Abergele:
                 313 Hawarden:
                 342 Hawarden:
                 346 Hawarden:
                 367 Abergele: 21 Jan 1682/1683 bap/o Edward DAVIDS base s/o Anne DAVIDS of Dolganer
                 377 Holywell: 9 Nov 1701 bap/o William s/o Hugh, Brynford
                 378 Holywell: 19 Dec 1724 bap/o Elizth d/o Owen, Bagillt;
                 382 Llanynys; 7 Sep 1684 bap/o David s/o Richard & Jane, Bryncaredig
                 383 Ruthin: 19 May 1622 mar/o John GRYFFYTH & Mary DAVIDS
                 403 Holywell: Mary, Thomas;
                 424 Hanmer: Anne, Jane, Robert, Willm;
                 437 Ruabon:  Ann, Mary, Richard, Susana;
                 455C Llanrwst
                 456 Llansannan
                 461A Mold
                 464B Gwytin
                 507B Betws yn Rhos:
                 514 Corwen
                 525 Whitford
                 539 Llanrhaeadr yn Mochnant
                 541 Caerwys
                 544 Meliden
                 546 Bodfari
581 Ysceifiog (Baptisms 1662-1710) Vol 1 (+ a patronymic index)
                           16 Feb 1706/07 bap/o Margaret  d/o John & Emma, Tre Fraith
                 Misc: Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                                         Albert, Esq., Carmarthen  1794 (see 1805)
                                                                                         Ann, wid., Carmarthen   1794
DAVID contd
     DAVIE   1 Llandegla:  7 Apr 1764 bur/o Elizabeth DAVIE (w/o Robert THOMAS), Cross Keys
                62 Flint: Wm;
               101D Llanynys; 30 Nov 1789 bur/o Jane, Llanrhaiadr
               127B Mold:
               157A Hanmer:
               206A Hanmer:
               283 Llanrhos:
               311 Hawarden:
              *363 Wrexham: James Davie McLARREN
               389 Hawarden:  8 Feb 1585/86 bur/o Thomas
                                      13 Dec 1588 bur/o John
                                      11 Jan 1600/01 bur/o Anne
                                      24 Feb 1600/01 bur/o Margret
                                      23 Sep 1603 bur/o John
               401 Wrexham: David;
               423 Hanmer: 1 Mar 1564 mar/o Thomas DAVIE (wdr) & Joan MOLYNERS (wid)
     DAVIES see separately below
     DAVITH  250 St. Asaph Notitae:
                  *570 Bodfari: 25 Mar 1636 bap/o Katherin d/o Davith SALISURY
                                     25 Apr 1636 bap/o Davith HUGHES s/o Hugh Griffith Dd ap Bennet
     DAVUDD 143A Llanrwst:
     DAV VID 25 Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd: 20 Mar 1709/10 bap/o Edward s/o Edward, Eyarth
DAVID contd
     DAVY  *21 Holt: 21 Aug 1694 bur/o Davy NEEDHAM otp
                 58 Erbistock:
               157A Hanmer:
              *294 Mold: Edward Davy JONES
               305 Hawarden:
              *369 Llangollen: Davy Edward EDWARDS
              *380 Wrexham: 26 Jul 1903 bap/o Walter Davy JACKSON (b 3 May)
                                                                                          s/o Samuel (butcher) & Elizabeth Ann, 14 Princess Street
               388 Hawarden: 2 Mar 1639/40 bur/o Will. (inf)
               407 Wrexham: Frederick;
               424 Hanmer: 9 Jan 1640/41 bap/o Edward s/o Jane
               474B Gresford
      DAVYD 422 Hanmer: Anne, Edward, Francis, Jane, John, Raphe, Robert, Roger, Rondell, Thomas, Willm;
                 423 Hanmer: 10 May 1574 mar/o James DAVYD & Nesse vch Davyd
                                      1 Jul 1575 bur/o Alice (wid)
                                    19 May 1576 mar/o John DAVYD & Margeret vch Davyd
                                      9 Feb 1584/85 mar/o John DAVYD & Catryne JEYNENS
                                     10 Mar 1584/85 bur/o Mawd (a poore woman)
                                      4 May 1586 mar/o Hughe DAVYD & Rose vch Rees
                                    27 Mar 1594 bur/o Jane w/o Roger, of Pentrey
                                      2 Oct 1594 bur/o Anne (wid)
                                    24 Feb 1595/96 mar/o Roger DAVYD & Dorythy SHARDE both otp
                                    31 May 1598 bur/o Margaret, of Ebriston Green
                                    18 Jan 1598/99 bur/o Rose (wid)
                                     6 May 1599 mar/o George BAYLY & Marye DAVYD 
                                    12 Jan 1600/01 bur/o Roger s/o Raphe
              424 Hanmer: Anne, Edward, Elyn, Evan, John, Margaret, Margeret, Robert, Rondle, Thomas, Willm;
              425A Hanmer: Edward, John;
                   B Hanmer: Edward, Elisabeth, Elizabeth, John, Neasta, Thomas, Winiffryd;
              460 Mold
DAVID contd
2 Llandegla: (Baptisms 1710-1743 Marriages 1710-1738 Burials 1710-1741) Vol 1
Catherine, David, Elizabeth, Hugh, Humphrey, Jane, John, Margarett, Mary, Rice, Robert;
                      17 Llanarmon yn Ial: 23 Apr 1710 bur/o Thomas s/o David Thomas
                    122 Nercws:
                    124 Mold: 18 May 1767 mar. by Lic. of Hugh DAVYDD (x) & Catherine JONES (x), both otp
                                                                            Wits: Thomas LLOYD (x), Geo. EDWARDS
                   143A Llanrwst:
                   196A Llanfair Talhearn:
                   209B Llangedwyn:
                   217Llanelian yn Rhos:
                   250 St. Asaph Notitae:
                   261 Llanderfel:
                   267 Ruthin:
                   276C Llanasa:
                   284 Llansanffraid Glan Conway:
                   376 Pentrefoelas: 29 Mar 1858 bur/o Morris aged 92 years of Hafotty Dimbych
                   383 Ruthin: 2 Jun 1741 mar/o Cadwalader DAVYDD of Llangwm & Catharine MORGAN of Derwen
                   424 Hanmer: 4 Sep 1608 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Thomas (lab), Bronington
428 Ysceifiog: Catherine;
                   437 Ruabon: Philip;
                   454B Llanrhos
                   455C Llanrwst
                   461A Mold
                   475A Llangystennin
581 Ysceifiog (Baptisms 1662-1710) Vol 1 (+ a patronymic index)
                                       Anne, David, Elizabeth, Helen, Hugh, John, Margaret, Mary, William.
     DAVYTH 423 Hanmer: 3 Nov 1565 mar/o Willm DAVYTH & Elisabeth RANWEDDOD d/o Willm
DAVID contd
DAWE is a pet-name for David - Reaney & Wilson
                *391 Colwyn: 10 May 1899 bap/o Katharine Dawe ADAMS d/o William Dawe (builder) & Jane, Colwyn
423 Hanmer: 8 May 1593 bur/o John
          458 Mold: 24 Jan 1614/15 mar/o Peerse ap Robt' & Gwen verch Dd
                         10 Mar 1615/16 bap/o Robert ap Dd Saer, Hartsheath
                         21 Jan 1618/19 bur/o ..... s/o Lewes ap John Dd ap Robert of Llanverres

see patronymic index in transcription

     DD   33 Llangwm: Catherine, Elizth, Jane, Jno, Margt, Martha, Morris, Robt;
          102 Nantglyn: 30 Jan 1785 bap/o Gwen d/o Robt, Rhydgoch
          127B Mold:
          166 Ruabon:
          168A Hope:
          169A Llanrhydd:
          250 St. Asaph Notitae:
          346 Hawarden:
          389 Hawarden: 15 May 1586 mar/o John DD. & Elin MINSHAW
                                 30 Sep 1604 mar/o William FOX & Agnes vch John Dd
          419 Halkyn: 24 Dec 1643 bur/o Jonet
         *422 Hanmer: 6 Jan 1587/88 bap/o Eleanour d/o Francis
         459 Mold
          560p Llangollen:
DAVID contd
     DD----- 530 Chirk
     Dd 458 Mold: see patronymic index in transcription
          459 Mold

     DDAFYDD 2 LLandegla: 8 Mar 1732/33 bur/o Elizabeth
     DEAVEY 467 Holywell
     DEAVID *108 Minera Chapel: Deavid DAVIES
     DEVEY *405 Wrexham: 7 Feb 1897 bap/o Samuel Devey LEE (b 6 Feb 1895)
                                                                               s/o Samuel William (butcher) & Caroline, 6 Holt St. Terrace
                  406 Wrexham: Elizabeth;
     DEVIT 364 Wrexham: Anne;
     DEVITT 384 Wrexham: 15 Oct 1869 bur/o Bridget, aged 62, Beast Market;
                 393 Wrexham: 20 Nov 1879 bur/o Patrick, aged 81, Workhouse
DIVIE 191*B Ruabon:
     DUV 143B Llanrwst:


DAVID LEWIS 250 St. Asaph Notitae:

David's Well, Powys  

     DAVEISON 24 Hawarden: 13 Feb 1835 bap/o William Thomas (b 29 Jan)
                                                                    s/o Charles (tradir) & Mary (TELLET), Shotton
     DAVENSON 343 Hawarden:
     DAVESON 551A
DAVIDSON  31 Hawarden: Joseph, Mary, William;
                         32 Hawarden: Catherine, Jane, William;
51 Holywell: 3 Jan 1830 bur/o Edward, aged 32
                        294 Mold: Charlotte, Edward, Thomas;
                       295 Mold:
                       311 Hawarden:
                       315 Ruabon:
                       319 Hawarden:
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Sarah, William;
                       351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: Manuel James, Margaret, Nathanial, Nathanial Scott;
                       353 Pentrobin:
                       374 Wrexham: 22 Jul 1842 bap/o Emma Casement d/o Thomas Reid (gentleman) & Helen Eliza, Calcutta
                       384 Wrexham: 23 Feb 1871 bur/o Manuel James, aged 14 mos, Hill St.
                                             23 Feb 1871 bur/o Nathaniel Scott, aged 3 mos, Hill St.
                       438A Broughton: Alexander, Margaret Elizabeth, Mary;
                            B Broughton: Alexander, James;
                       440B,C Hawarden
                       441B Hope
                       482 Hawarden
                       483 Hawarden
                       486 Bistre
                       492 Holywell
                       500B Holywell
                       558C Llandegla: 28 Nov 1896 bur/o James, aged 2, Penlan Farm
                       565B Esclusham: 25 Apr 1892 mar by Banns of Frank PLATT (collier) ba/19 of Rhostyllen
                                                                             & Annie Gunn Davidson WYNN sp/18 of Felin Puleston
                       572 Broughton 21 May 1843 bap/o Mary PRICE (b 19 Apr)
                                                                   d/o John (lab) & Catherine (DAVIDSON), otp
                                               7 Dec 1845 bap/o Jane PRICE (b 4 Nov) d/o John (lab) & Catharine (DAVIDSON), otp
                                             17 Oct 1847 bap/o John PRICE (b 13 Sep)  s/o John (lab) & Catharine (DAVIDSON), otp
                                              21 Apr 1850 bap/o Edward PRICE (b 13 Mar)
                                                                               s/o John (lab) & Catharine (DAVIDSON) otp (Wood Lane)
                       582 Bistre: 2 May 1882 bap/o Fanny (b 4 Feb 1879 & Charles sic -- William (b 28 Mar? 1882)
                                                                                      d&s/o Edmund (collier) & Fanny, Daisy Hill
                                        3 Oct 1882 bap/o Martha d/o Joseph (lab) & Harriett, Lane End
                       584 Buckley (Baptisms 1822-1850) Vol 1
                                          Amelia, Anne, Catherine, Elizabeth, Ellen, Frederick, Isaac, Joseph, Mary, Rob't,
                                          Tho's, William.
                       595 Gresford: 9 Aug 1840 bap/o Charles OXLEY (b ?4 ?Jul)
                                                            s/o Edward (wire roller) & Anne (DAVIDSON) Cefn y Bedd
                       Misc: North Wales 1835 Beaumaris: Watch maker: William Davidson, Church street
1881 Saltney, Cheshire/Flintshire
     DAVIESON  22 Hawarden (Marriages & Burials 1821-1830) Vol 20
                                      Anne, Catherine, Hannah, Henry, James, Ralph, Thomas;
                          24 Hawarden
(Baptisms 1831-1840) Vol 21
                                            Anne, Charles, Elizabeth, Elizth, Frances,Harriet, Jane, John, Joseph,
                                            Katherine, Mary, Robert, Susannah, William, William Thomas;
                          31 Hawarden: Anne, Christiana, Edward, Eliza, Elizabeth, John, Joseph, Mary, Rachael, Thomas;
                          32 Hawarden: Elizabeth, Harriett, John, Mary;
                        136 Cilcain:
                        298 Hawarden:
                        305 Hawarden:
                        401 Wrexham: Hannah;
Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Drayton: Mrs Barbara Davieson, Beast mkt
     DAVISISON 415C Northop: 9 Apr 1812 bur/o Samuel (whitesmith), aged 49, of Bunbury CHE

     DAVISN 311 Hawarden:
     DAVISON  16 Hawarden
(Marriages & Burials 1811-1820) Vol 18
Ann, Anne, Charles, Chas, Elizabeth, John, Joseph, Mary, Peter, Rachel, Ralph,
                                         Robt, Thomas, William;      
                       18 Hawarden
(Baptisms 1811-1820) Vol 17
                                        Ann, Anne, Catharine, Charles, Edward, Elizabeth, Hannah, Henry, Jane, John,
                                        Joseph, Margaret, Martha, Mary, Peter, Rachel, Robert, Sarah, Susanna(h),
                                        Thomas, William;
                       22 Hawarden
(Marriages & Burials 1821-1830) Vol 20
                                          Anne, Charles, Elizabeth, James, John, Joseph, Margt, Mary, Robert, Thomas,
                                          Thos, William;
                     *24 Hawarden: 27 Sep 1840 bap/o Joseph Davison JONES (------) (b 13)
                                                          base s/o ----------- & Anne JONES sp., Aston
                      24 Hawarden (Baptisms 1831-1840) Vol 21
                                            Anne, Charles, Elizabeth, John, Martha, Mary, Mary Anne, Rachel, Ralph, Susannah,
                     30 Wrexham: Catherine, Danl.;
                     31 Hawarden: Anne, Charles, Edward, Elizabeth, Hannah, Harriett, Henry, James, Jane, John,
                                          Joseph, Josiah, Margaret, Mary, Mary Anne, Peter, Rachel, Robert, Sarah, Susanna(h),
                                          Tellett, Thomas, William;
                     32 Hawarden: Anne, Charles, Hanah, Henry, Mary, Mary Anne, Thomas, Thos, Willliam;
                     40 Hawarden: Ann(e), Edward, Eliza, Elizabeth, Hannah, Henry, Jane, John, Joseph, Martha, Mary,
                                         Mary Elizabeth, Richard Podmore, Sarah, William;
                     53 Wrexham: James, Sarah, Sarah Ann;
                    214 Llangynhafal:
                    231 Hope:
                    293 Hawarden:
                    294 Mold: Jane, John, Peter;
                    298 Hawarden:
                    299 Mold: Elizabeth, Henry, Joseph;
                    300 Mold:
                    302 Hawarden:
                    303 Hawarden:
                    305 Hawarden:
                    306 Holywell:
                    311 Hawarden:
                    313 Hawarden:
                    319 Hawarden:
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Jane,Richard,William;
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Jack, Mima, Wilfred;
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Blanche, Thomas;
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Thomas Davison OLDFIELD
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Cissie, Thomas;
                    340 Mold:
                    342 Hawarden:
                    343 Hawarden:
                    346 Hawarden:
                    347 Hawarden:
                    353 Pentrobin: 10 Jan 1848 bur/o Julia DAVISON (JONES) aged 4 mo., d/o John JONES & Hannah DAVISON

                                          Elizabeth, Emma, Mary Ann, Thomas, William;
                    358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Damien Kenneth, Dilys, Frederick, Jonathan, Keith, Kenneth, Kenneth Merion;
                    359 Rhosymedre: John, William;
                    365 Wrexham: James, Sarah;
                    383 Ruthin: 24 Mar 1654/55 bur/o Margaret;
                    387 Hawarden: 14 Jan 1694/95 mar. by Banns of John DAVISON of Ewloe & Anne BENNETT of Mancot
                          Alice, Elizab, Elizabeth, Isabella, Jane, Peter, Ralph;
                    388 Hawarden: 13 Oct 1640 mar/o Randle KERVER & Katherin DAVISON
                                           22 Apr 1641 bur/o Elizab.
                                           12 Jun 1659 mar/o John MASON & Alice DAVISON, both of Hawarden
                                           13 Oct 1661 mar/o Thomas ASTON & Sicily DAVISON, both of Hawarden
                    389 Hawarden: 11 Feb 1588/89 mar/o John DAVISON & Joan WINGFIELD
                                            9 Mar 1589/90 bur/o Gabriell
                                            9 Dec 1593 mar/o John DAVISON & Jane PUFFORTH
                                          15 Oct 1599 mar/o David JENJINS & Ales DAVISON
                                          16 Mar 1605/06 bur/o Edward
                                            2 Oct 1605 mar/o Thomas DAVISON & Elizabeth MINSHULL
                                            2 Feb 1631/32 mar/o George DAVISON & Katherin PRICE
                    413 Mold:  1 Aug 1818 mar. by Banns of Robert DAVISON (x) ba. & Anne ROBERTS (x) sp., both otp
                                                                               Wits: William DAVISON (x), Margaret ROBERTS (x),
                                                                                        Henry DAVISON (x)
                    414 Mold: 14 Mar 1833 bur/o Harriet aged 3 and William aged 5, Bistre
                    440A,B Hawarden
                    446 Chirk: Michael;               
                    466 Hawarden
                    482 Hawarden
                    483 Hawarden
                    484 Hawarden
                    486 Bistre
                    492 Holywell
                    535 Buckley: Annie, Caroline, Catherine, Henry, Isaac, John, Joseph, Thomas John;
                    551A Hawarden
                         B Hawarden
 572 Broughton (Baptisms 1824-1867) Vol 1
                                            2 Oct 1859 bap/o John DAVISON (-------)
                                                            illeg. s/o -------- & Mary DAVISON sp, Moore Township, Hawarden

                                          18 Oct 1840 bap/o Sarah PRICE (b 19 Sep) d/o John (lab) & Catherine (DAVISON) otp
                                          18 Jul 1852 bap/o Thomas PRICE s/o John (lab) & Catharine (DAVISON) otp
                                          29 Apr 1855 bap/o Jane PRICE (b 26 Mar) d/o John (lab) & Catharine (DAVISON) otp
                                           6 Dec 1857 bap/o Henry PRICE (b 23 Oct) d/o John (lab) & Catharine (DAVISON) otp
                    575 Hope: 14 Aug 1836 bap/o Jemima ROBERTS (DAVISON) d/o
                                                 William DAVISON (clerk) of Liverpool & Mary ROBERTS (servant)  Cymmau
                                    22 Jun 1857 bap/o Mary Jane d/o Edward (brick maker) & Anne, Stryd Isaf
                    582 Bistre (Baptisms 1842-1883) Vol 1

                                     9 Sep 1878 bap/o William JONES (b 23 Aug)
                                                               s/o William (collier) & Charlotte Davison,  Nantmawr

                                    Charlotte, Edward, Elizabeth, Fanny, Frances, Hannah, Harriett, Henry,  Jane, John,
                                    Joseph, Margaret, Mary, Peter, Richard, Sarah.
                     584 Buckley (Baptisms 1822-1850) Vol 1
                                 Ann, Anne, Caroline, Catherine, Charlotte, Edw'd, Edward, Edwin, Elizabeth,,
                                 Elizabeth Margaret, Ellen, Hannah, Henry, James, Jane, John, Joseph, Marg't, Margaret,
                                 Marianne, Mary, Mary Tellett, Peter, Sarah, Tellett, Tho's, William.
                      593 Rossett Christ Church MIs:
                                     Mary DAVISON (d/o Roger Hanson LEWIS of Rossett) d 24 Dec 1974 aged 93 yrs
                      595 Gresford: 19 Oct 1834 bap/o Martha FINCHET (DAVISON) (b 29 May)
                                                    base d/o Robert DAVISON (gardener) of Manchester
                                                    & Mary FINCHET (servant) Allingtron
                                                3 Jun 1838 bap/o Eliza OXLEY (b 21 Apr)
                                                                  d/o Edward (wiredrawer) & Ann (DAVISON) Gwersyllt
                      596 Buckley (Baptisms 1851-1875) Vol 2
                                  Amelia, Anne, Charles Walter, Elizabeth, Frederick, George Henry, Herbert,
                                  James Frederick, John, Margaret Elizabeth, Peter, Sarah Ellinor, Tellatt, Tellett,
                                  William Arthur.

                                   This surname appears as the mother's maiden surname on
                                   pp 1,2,8,22,30,45,52
     DAVISSON 137 Northop:
                       415A Northop: 28 Jan 1785 mar. by Banns of
                                                         William DAVISSON ba. & Mary MINSHULL (x) sp., both otp
                                                         Wits: Thomas HENRY, Margt DAVISSONS
     DAVISSONS see DAVISSON 415A Northop
     DAVISTON 387 Hawarden: 2 Sep 1676 bur/o Alice d/o Ralph of Ewloe
     DAVSPN 445 Wrexham
     DAWSON possibly see also
     DEVISON 306 Holywell:

SHONE DAVIES  598 Hope: 3 Jul 1881 bap/o Catherine d/o George (collier) & Margaret, Cyfffion
THOMAS-DAVIES 281 Llangystennin:  
WHITEHALL DAVIES 48 Worthenbury:
19 Jan 1762 bur/o John Broughton, Esq..
                                                         13 Jul 1807 bur/o Elizabeth WHITEHALL DAVIES (wife of
                                                                 Peter WHITEHALL DAVIES and d/o the late Broughton
                                                                 WHITEHALL, Esq. also of Broughton in this Parish),
                                                          10 Dec 1810 bur/o Peter, Esq., Broughton

DAVIES (son of David)
DA'S 327 Llanrhaeadr ym Nghinmeirch:  
     DAFES 205 Llantysilio:
     DAFIS 394 Clocaenog: 19 Sep 1795 Dafudd DAFIS, William JONES & Robert JONES wits. at mar. by Lic. of
                                                               John JONES ba. & Magdalen ELLIS sp., both otp
               456 Chirk
               469 Llandrillo yn Edeirnion
               470A Llandrillo yn Rhos
               472 Llangernyw
               491B Henllan
     DAIES 122 Nercws:
                255 Corwen:
                415A Northop: 10 Jun 1787 mar. by Banns of Thomas JONES (x) wdr & Mary DAIES (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                   Wits: Thos. PICKERING, Edward LEWIS (x)
                546 Bodfari:
     DAIS 552D Wrexham: - DAVIS in body of transcription
     DAIVES 268 Wrexham:
     DANIES  76A Mold

     DAVAES 291 Llysfaen:
     DAVAS 8 Overton: 11 May 1755 bap/o Robert s/o Robert & Martha
     DAVEAS 298 Hawarden:
DAVIES contd
     DAVEIS  10 Overton: 30 Dec 1793 John DAVEIS, Thos DAVIES & Rodk WARD wits at mar by Banns of
                                                    Edward DAVIES & Elizth BEITHEL both otp
                   13 Llandegla: 26 Jul 1806 mar by Banns of Thomas DAVEIS (sgd. DAVIES) & Mary JONES both otp
                                                                                  Wits: Thomas WILLIAMS, Anne LLOYD
                   14 Llanferres (Baptisms & Burials 1731-1790 Marriages 1733-1754) Vol 2
                                : Anne, Barbarah, Elisabeth, Elizabeth, Jane, John, Judeth, Margeret, Mary, Thomas;
                   29 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant:
                                   8 May 1799 John DAVEIS & Geo. HUMPHREYS wits at mar by Lic of
                                          William MORRIS ba & Anne THOMAS sp both otp
                  291 Llysfaen:
                  304B Wrexham: 18 Nov 1734 mar/o Thos DAVEIS of Mold & Mary EVANS otp
                  348 Wrexham:
                  417 Wrexham: Ann, Robt;
                  424 Hanmer: John, Richard, Thomas, Walter, Willm;
                  425A Hanmer: Margeret, Richard;
                       B Hanmer: Thomas, Walter;
DAVIES contd
     DAVES     6 Isycoed (Baptisms 1749-1813 Marriages 1750-1837 Burials 1750-1813)
                                     Audares, Audred, Dolly, Edward Damport, Elisabeth, Elizabeth, John, Joseph, Meriah,
                                     Richard, Robart, Thomas, Wallam;
                     9 Efenechtyd: 8 Jun 1778 David DAVES & Richard PARRY wits at mar by Banns of
                                                                 David DAVIES & Jane DAVIES both otp
                    47 Worthenbury:
                  124 Mold: 29 Nov 1801 mar. by Banns of Thomas EVANS ba. & Elizabeth MORRIS sp., both otp
                                                                              Wits: John JONES (x), Mary DAVES, William HOPWOOD (x)
                  127B Mold:
                  173 Holt:
                  185 Llysfaen:
                  201 Wrexham:
                  203 Denbigh:
                  205 Llantysilio:
                  343 Hawarden:
                  348 Wrexham:
                  387 Hawarden: -- Jul 1685 mar. by Lic. of William DAVES of Mould & Ann MORRIS of Nant Mawr
                  423 Hanmer: 11 Oct 1578 mar/o Ivian ap Davyd & Elizabeth DAVES
                  455C Llanrwst
                  463 Eglwysbach
                  474A Gresford: 10 May 1831 David DAVES & Martha DAVIES wits at mar by Lic of
                                                 John DAVIES otp & Martha BYTHELL of Wrexham
                  489 Marchwiel
                  552B Wrexham: John, William;
                  575 Hope (Baptisms 1813-1859) Vol 5
                                 Arthur, Jane, Mary, Samuel, Sarah, Watkin.
DAVIES contd
     DAVICE  10 Overton: 27 Dec 1777 mar by Banns of Thos RATHBON of Erbistock & Jane DAVICE otp
                                                                                  Wits: Willm DAVICE, Wm WARD
                                     28 Dec 1782 Elizth DAVICE & Richd CLAY wits at mar by Banns of
                                                             Joseph BEDWARD & Sarah WILLIAMS both otp
                  250 St. Asaph Notitae:
                  349A Ysceifiog: Hugh;
429B Ysceifiog: Margaret;
     DAVIE see under DAVID
     DAVIES? 372 Wrexham: Sarah;
     DAVIES 1 Llandegla (Baptisms 1744-1776 Burials 1743-1776) Vol 2
                                    Rector 1753-1759 Richard DAVIES
----- (son of Thomas),Alice, Allise, Ann(e), Catharine, Catherine, Cathrine, Chatarin, David,
                                    Dorothy, Edward, Elinor, Elis, Elizabeth, Elsasbeth, Euble, Euble Thos, Eubule, Eubule Thos,
                                    Evan, Gwen, Harry, James, Jane, John, Joseph, Magdalen, Magdalon, Margaret, Margreat,
                                    Margt, Marry, Martha, Mary, Petter,(Rev.) Richard, Robert, Robt, Samuel, Sara, Sarha, Simon,
                                    Thomas, Thomos, Will, William;
2 Llandegla: (Baptisms 1710-1743 Marriages 1710-1738 Burials 1710-1741) Vol 1
: Ann, Anne, Cath, Catherine, David, Edward, Elizabeth, Gwen, Helen, Hugh, Jane, Jn, John, Joseph,
                                    Lowry, Margaret, Mary, Michael, Peter, Robert, Roger, Sarah,Theodore,Thomas;
                                    (Notitae of Llandegla 1686): Catherine, Griffith John, Thomas;
3 Llangollen (Baptisms 1782-1791) Vol 6
Anne, Catherine, Christian, David, Edward, Elizabeth, Ellin, Ellinor, Hugh, James, Jane, John,
                                     Joseph, Margaret, Mary, Phoebe, Richard, Robert, Samuel, Sarah, Susannah, Thomas, William;
4 Llangollen (Baptisms & Burials 1738-1769 Marriages 1738-1754 Vol 4
Anne, Catherine, Daniel, David, Dorathy, Dorety, Doroty, Ed, Edward, Edwd, Elisabeth,
                                     Elizabeth, Elizth, Ellin, Ellis, Grace, Griffith, Hannah, Harry, Henry, James, Jane, John,
                                     Jonathan, Judeth, Lettice, Luke, Magdalen(e), Margaret(t), Martha, Mary, Morris, Mr ....,
                                     Peter, Petter, Phillip, Richard, Robert, Samuel, Sarah, Shusan, Simon, Thomas, Thos,
                                     Watkin, William;
DAVIES contd
                  5 Llangollen (Baptisms, Marriages & Burials) Vol 3
                                     Alice, Anne, Catherine, Christian, David, Dorothy, Ed, Edd, Edward, Elenor, Elizabeth,
                                     Ellen, Evan, Frances, Griffith, Hannah, Henry, Hester, Hugh, James, Jane, John, Joice,
                                     Jon, Jonathan, Joseph, Judith, Luke, Lydia, Magdalen, Margaret, Margt, Martha, Mary,
                                     Mathew, Morris, Peter, Philip, Phillip, Rich, Richard, Richd, Rob, Robert, Samuel, Sarah,
                                     Simon, Sinah, Susan, Susannah, Suzannah, Sydney, Tho, Thomas, William, Wm;
6 Isycoed (Baptisms 1749-1813 Marriages 1750-1837 Burials 1750-1813)
: Audarles, Auderles, Catherine, Charthan, Daved, Deborah, Dorithy, Dority, Dorty, Edward,
                                  Edwart, Elesebeth, Elisabeth, Elizabeth, Hugh, James, Jane, Job, John, Jonathan,
                                  Joseph, Margret, Mary, Meiriaha, Robart, Ruth, Sarah, Thomas, Thomas Bivan, William;
DAVIES contd
7 Llanferres (Baptisms & Burials 1791-1810 Marriages 1754-1837) Vol 3
Alice, Anne, Arthur, Barbara, Cath, Catherine, Charles, Dorothy, Edward, Eliz, Elizabeth,
                                    Evan, J...., Jane, John, Jonathan, Luke, Margaret, Mary, Phebe, Phoebe, Robert, Sarah,
                                    Thomas, Thos, William;
8 Overton (Baptisms & Burials 1755-1782) Vol 3 (2)
widow, Alice, Ann, Anne, Catherine, Ed, Edward, Edwd, Eleanor, Elinor, Eleenor,
                                 Elisabeth, Eliz, Elizabeth, Elizh, Elizth, Frances, Francis, Henry, James, Jane, Jno,
                                John, Margaret, Margret (commonly called Margt the Harper), Martha, Mary, Richard,
                                 Robert, Robt, Sarah, Thomas, Thos, William, Willm, Wm;
9 Efenechtyd (Baptisms, Marriages & Burials 1693-1812)
Alice, Ann(e), Catharine, Catherine, David, Dulse, Edd, Edward, Edwd, Elizabeth, Ellin,
                                       Evan, Griffith, Gwen, Hannah, Hugh, Isaac, Jane, John, Jonet, Magdalen, Margaret,
                                       Margt, Maria, Mary, Phoebe, Richard, Richd, Robert, Robt, Simon, Thomas, William;
                 10 Overton (Marriages 1754-1837) Vol 4
                                : Ann, Annah, Anne, Christian, David, Edward, Edwd, Elisabeth, Elizabeth, Elizth, Ellis,
                                  Grifith, Gwen, Harriet, Harriett, Hester, James, Jane, John, Jos, Katheren, Margaret,
                                  Margret, Marie, Martha, Mary, Richard, Robert, Roderick, Samuel, Sarah, Thomas,
                                  Thos, William;
DAVIES contd
                 11 Bangor on Dee:  (See DAVIES 171 below for earlier entries)
                                              24 Sep 1797 bap/o William (b 28 Aug) s/o Edward & Mary, Marchwiel
                                              15 Jun 1797 bap/o Edward (b 11) s/o Joseph & Elizabeth, Pickhill
                                              26 Nov 1797 bap/o Anne (b 2) d/o Edward & Elizabeth, Eyton
                                                5 Mar 1798 bap/o Joseph (b 5) s/o John & Anne, Sesswick
                                                1 Jul 1798 bap/o Anne (b 16 Jun) d/o Henery & Mary, Bangor
                                              22 Jul 1798 bap/o Elizabeth (b 22) base d/o ----------- & Margaret, Bangot
                                               4 Nov 1798 bap/o Frances (b 29 Oct) d/o Thos & Anne, Bangor
                                              9 Dec 1798 bap/o Charles (b 6 Dec) base s/o --------- & Ann, Pickhill
                                             17 Feb 1799 bap/o Richard (b 20 Jan) s/o John & Catherine, Sesswick
                                             19 May 1799 bap/o Edward (b 13) base s/o ------ & Mary, Eyton
                                               2 Jun 1799 bap/o Thomas (b 29 May) s/o Joseph & Elizabeth, Pickhill
                                              30 Jun 1799 bap/o Elizabeth (b 19) d/o Edward & Elizabeth, Eyton
                                              10 Nov 1799 bap/o Margaret (b 20 Oct) d/o Henry & Mary, Bangor
                                              28 Sep 1800 bap/o Edward (b 16) s/o John & Elianor, Darning
                                               4 Jan 1801 bap/o Harriet (b 27 Nov) d/o Jas & Mary, Sesswick
                                             12 Apr 1801 bap/o Elizabeth (b 15 Mar) d/o Jos'h & Elizabeth, Bangor
                                             12 Jul 1801 bap/o Joh n (b 23 Jun) s/o Edward & Elizabeth, Eyton
                                             27 Sep 1802 bap/o Mary (b 16) d/o Sam'l & Sarah, Pickhill
                                             28 Nov 1802 bap/o Catherine (b 3) d/o James & Mary, Sesswick
                                             14 Aug 1803 bap/o Sarah (b 26 Jul) d/o Edw'd & Elizabeth, Eyton
                                             11 Dec 1803 bap/o Elizabeth (b 10 Oct) d/o Tho's & Anne, Bangor
DAVIES (11 Bangor on Dee) contd
                                             19 Feb 1804 bap/o James DAVIES (ELLIS) (b 17)
                                                                       base s/o Sam'l ELLIS of Pickhill & Mary DAVIES of Royton
                                               7 Oct 180-4 bap/o Thomas (b 7) s/o John & Mary, Bangor
                                              14 Apr 1805 bap/o Mary (b 17 Feb) d/o Joseph & Elizabeth, Pickhill
                                              21 Apr 1805 bap/o Ellis (b 26 Feb) s/o James & Mary, Sesswick
                                             12 May 1805 bap/o Anne (b 19 Apr) d/o John & Elizabeth, Pickhill
                                             18 Aug 1805 bap/o Mary DAVIES (DAVIES) (b 13)
                                                                                base d/o James DAVIES, &  Mary DAVIES of Pickhill
                                             22 Jun 1806 bap/o James (b 6 Apr) s/o James & Mary, Sesswick
                                             17 Jan 1807 bap/o Mary ( b 3 Dec) d/o John & Elizabeth, Althrey
                                               9 Aug 1807 bap/o William (b 18 Jul) s/o Edward & Elizabeth, Eyton
                                             16 Oct 1808 bap/o Mary (b 1) d/o Sam'l & Mary, Pickhill
                                             26 May 1811 bap/o  David DAVIES (GRIFFITH) (b 20)
                                                                          base s/o  Jas GRIFFITH, & Margaret DAVIES of Pickhill
                                               3 Oct 1811 bap/o Edward (b 29 Sep) s/o Edw'd & Ann, Eyton
                                             20 Sep 1812 bap/o Elizabeth RANDLES (DAVIES) (b 15)
                                                              base d/o John DAVIES, & Mary RANDLES of Pickwick
DAVIES contd
                 12 Llangollen (Baptisms 1791-1812) Vol 7
                                    : Ann, Anne, Catherine, Christian(a), David, Deborah, Dorothy, Edw, Edward, Elinor,
                                      Eliz, Elizabeth, Ellinor, Ellis, Evan, Griff, Griffith, Harriet, Hugh, Humphrey, Jane,
                                      Jeremiah, Jno, John, Llywelyn, Margaret, Margt, Martha, Mary, Mesach, Peter,
                                      Richard, Richd, Robert, Robt, Samuel, Sarah, Shadrach, Thomas, Thos, Wm;

                                      16 Mar 1800 bap/o Eliz DAVIES (JONES) (b 16
                                                              base d/o John JONES of Wrexham & Eliz DAVIES oif Trefor Ucha
                                      22 Sep 1811 bap/o Catherine DAVIES (LLOYD) (b 17)
                                                              base d/o John LLOYD of Llanarmon in Yale & Mary DAVIES of Llangollen Fawr

                 13 Llandegla
(Baptisms & Burials 1777-1812 Marriages 1744-1812) Vol 3
: Ann(e), Catherine, David, Dorothy, Edward, Eleanor, Elin, Elizabeth, Ellin, Emanuel, Eubule,
                                     Evan, Gabriel, Gwen,
                                     Jacob, Jane, John, Luke, Magdalen(e), Margaret, Mary, Owen, Pierce, Piers, Prudence,
                                     Richard,  Robert, Robort, Robt, Sara(h), Tho, Thomas, Thos, William, Wm.
                 14 Llanferres
(Baptisms & Burials 1731-1790 Marriages 1733-1754) Vol 2
: Ann(e), Barbara, Catharine, Catherine, David, Dorothy, Edward, Eleanor, Evan, Elizabeth,
                                     Jane, John, Judith, Margaret, Margt, Mary, Thomas, William, Wm;
DAVIES contd
                 15 Cerrigydrudion
(Baptisms 1813-1846) Vol 5
                                            Alice, Ann(e), Catharine, Charles, David, Dorothea, Dorothy, Edward, Elinor, Elizabeth,
                                            Elizth, Ellin, Ellinor, Evan, Gabriel, Gwen, Harriett, Hugh, Humphrey, Jane, John,
                                            John, Cadwaladr, Lowry, Magdalen, Margaret, Margt, Maria, Mary, Morris, Owen, Phebe
                                            Robert, Sinah, Thos, William;
                 16 Hawarden (Marriages & Burials 1811-1820) Vol 18:
                                     Ann(e), Benedicta, Catharine, David, Eliza, Elizabeth, Elizth, Ellen, Esther, Frances,
                                      Hannah, James, Jane, John, Joseph, Margaret, Margt, Maria, Martha, Mary, Richard,
                                       Robert, Sam'l, Samuel, Sarah, Thomas, Thos, William;
                 17 Llanarmon yn Ial
(Baps & Bur 1683-1743 Mar 1676-1743) Vol 1
                            Vicar 1683-1710  Griffith DAVIES A.B.
                            Alice, Ann, Barbara, Cath, Catherine, Cathrin, David, Dorothy, Edward, Elin, Elis, Elisabeth,
                            Eliz, Elizabeth, Evan, Fran, Frances, George, Grace, Griff, Griffith, Gwen, Hannah, Harry, Hugh,
                            Humphre, Humphrey, Jane, Jo, Joanna, John, Jonett, Jonnett, Joseph, Katherine, Lowry,
                            Madlen, Magdalen, Margaret, Margarett, Margret, Marry, Mary, Peter, Modlen, Robert, Roger,
                            Samuel, Sara, Sarah, Tho, Thom, Thomas, Thomas John, William.
DAVIES contd
                 18 Hawarden (Baptisms 1811-1820) Vol 17
                                      Ann(e), Arabella, Benedicta, Catharine, Catherine, Charlotta, David, Ebenezer, Edward,
                                      Eleanor, Eliz(a), Elizabeth, Ellen, Emma, Esther, Frances,

                                      George:  6 Feb 1814 bap/o George (b 10 Jan  s/o William (lab) & Elizabeth (BEAVAN), Pentrobin
                                                   29 Apr 1814 bap/o George (b 10) s/o Edward (tailor) & Elizabeth (BRUTON) 
                                                   12 Mar 1817 bap/o Charlotta BELLIS (DAVIES) (b 25 Feb)
                                                                                   base d/o George DAVIES (lab) & Mary BELLIS (sp. of Moore), Broughton

                                      Grace, Hannah,
                                      Harriet, Henry, Hester, Ithel(l), James, Jane, John, Joseph, Lowry, Margaret, Maria,
                                      Martha, Mary, Peter, Richard, Robert, Samuel, Sarah, Stephen, Susanna(h), Thomas,
DAVIES contd
                 21 Holt (Baptisms & Burials 1661-1700) Vol 1
                             Anne, Charles, Charls, Dorothy, Edward, Elizabeth, Griffith, John, Katherine, Margaret,
                             Margreatte, Mary, Ralph, Randle, Rees, Robert, Sam, Samuel(l), Sarah, Tho., Thomas,
                             William, Wm;
                 22 Hawarden (Marriages & Burials 1821-1830) Vol 20
                               Alice, Anne, Catharine, Charles, Charlotte, David, Edward, Edwd, Elizabeth, Elizth, Ellen,
                               Esther, Grace, Harriett, Henry, Ithell, James, Jane, John, Margaret, Margt, Maria, Martha, Mary,
                               Richard, Robert, Samuel, Sarah, Thomas, Thos, William, Willm.
                 23 Cerrigydrudion
(Baptisms 1735-1804) Vol 4
                               Alice, Ann, Anne, Barbara, Cadwalader, Cath'rine, Catharine, Catherine, David, Edward,
                               Elinor, Elisabeth, Elizabeth, Ellin, Ellis, Evan, Griffith, Gwen, Hugh, Jane, John, Jonet,
                               Lewis Lloyd, Lowry, Magdalen, Margaret, Margarett, Martha, Mary, Rd, Richard, Robert,
                               Sarah, Thomas, William, Wm.
DAVIES contd
                 24 Hawarden (Baptisms 1831-1840) Vol 21
                                   Ann, Anne, Arabella, Catherine, Charles, Charlotte, David, Edward, Elinor, Eliza, Elizabeth,
                                   Ellen, Esther, George, Hannah, Henry, Hester, Isabella, Ithel, James, Jane, Jeremiah, John,
                                   Joseph, Latham, Margaret, Maria, Martha, Mary, Peter, Price, Rachel, Robert, Samuel,
                                   Sarah, Susannah, Thomas, William.
                 25 Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd
(Baps & Bur 1680-1782 Mar 1691-1754) Vol 1
                                  Ann, Anne, Bridget, Catharine, Catherine, David, Dorothea, Dorothy, Edd, Edward, Edwd,
                                  Eleanor, Elin, Elinor, Elisabeth, Elizabeth, Elizabethe, Ellin, Ellis, Evan, Gabriel, George,
                                  Grace, Gwen, Hannah, Helena, Henry, Jane, John, Lewis, Magdalen, Margaret,   
                                  Margarete, Margt, Maria, Mary, Maurice, Nathaniel, Peter, Rice, Richard, Richd, Roberrt,
                                  Robt, Roger, Sarah, Simon, Susan, Thomas, William, Wm.
                 26 Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd
(Bap & Bur 1782-1812 Mar 1755-1812) Vol 2
                           ------,  Alice, Aliza, Ann, Anne, Blanch, Catherine, Charles, David, Dorothy, Edward, Edwd,
                           Eleanor, Elen, Elin, Elizabeth, Ellis, Esther, Evan, Gabriel, Grace, Griffith, Gwen, Hugh, James,
                          Jane, Jemima, John, Joseph, Juidith, Magdalen, Margaret, Margt, Marry, Mary, Prichard, Richard,
                          Richd, Robert, Samuel, Sara, Simon, Susan, Thomas, Thos, William, Wm.
DAVIES contd
                 27 Llanarmon yn Ial
(Bap,Mar,Bur 1744-1812) Vol 2
                               Ales, Alice, Ann, Anne, Barbara, Barbera, Catharine, Catherine, Cathrine, Dafydd, Daniel,
                               David, Dorothy, Ed, Edw, Edward, Edwd, Eleanor, Elen, Elianor, Elin, Elinor, Eliza, Elizabeth,
                               Elizth, Ellen, Ellin, Elliner, Ellinor, Ellis, Euble, Eubule, Evan, Gabriel, George, Grace, Hannah,
                               H... ry, Henery, Henry, Hugh, Humphey, Humphrey, Jane, Jno, John, Jonathan, Joseph, Lewis,
                               Lydia, Magdalen, Margaret, Margt, Maria, Martha, Mary, Naomi, Richard, Richd, Rob, Robert,
                               Robt, Ruth, Saml, Samuel, Sara, Sarah, Sim, Simon, Sinah, Thomas, Thos, William, Willm.
                 29 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant
(Marriages 1754-1812) Vol 2(2)
                                          Anne, Catharine, Catherine, David, Edward, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Ellin, Evan, Gwen,
                                          Henry,  Hugh, Humphrey, Jane, John, Joseph, Lettice, Lewis, Lowry, Margaret, Margt,
                                          Martha, Mary, Mat(t)hew, Morris, R(h)ees, Richard, Robart, Robert, Roger, Rowland,
                                          Sampson, Sarah, Thomas, Thos, William, Willm, Wm;
DAVIES contd
                *30 Wrexham: Vicar : Rev. William Davies SHIPLEY
                 30 Wrexham:
Church Wardens: 1767-1768 Edward (2), 1765-1766 John, 1766-1767 John (2),
                                                 1769-1770 Thomas,  1763-1764 William;

                             ...,  Alice, Ann, Annameriah, Barbra, Blanch, Catherine, Charles, Daniel, David, Ebill,
                             Edward, Elinor, Elisabeth, Elizabeth, Ellias, Ellin, Ellinor, Evan, Foulk, Francis, Hannah,
                             Henry, Hester, Hesthe, Hugh, Isaac, Jacob, James, Jane, Jobe, John, Jonathan,
                             Jonathen, Josaph, Joseph, Laurence, Margaret, Martha, Mary, Mathew, Owen,
                             Penalope, Philip,Phillip, Ralph, Rich., Richard, Robert, Rowland, Samuel, Sarah, Susana,
                             Tho., Thomas, William;
                 31 Hawarden:
                 32 Hawarden:
                 33 Llangwm:
                 34 Llangwm:
                 35 Llangwm:
DAVIES contd
                 36 Ruabon: The following are not in the transcription index: Edwd p.51, John pp 48,95, Samuel p.106,
                                   Thos p.1; Willm p. 94;

                                   Transcription index:  Alice, Ann(e), Barbarah, Cath(e), Catherine, Daniel, David, Deborah,
                                   Dorothy, Edw, Edward, Edwd, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Elizth, Ellis, Esther, Frances, Griffith, Gwen, Hannah,
                                   Henry, Howel, Hugh, Jane, James, Jno, Jo, Job, John, Joseph, Joshua(h), Margaret,
                                   Margt, Maria, Martha, Mary, Maurice, Morris, Owen, Rebecca, Richard, Richd, Robert,
                                   Robt, Roger, Ruth, Saml, Samuel, Sarah, Simon, Susannah, Thomas, Thos, Watkin,
                                   William, Willm, Wm, Zechariah;
                  37 Worthenbury: Ann(e), Anne Elizabeth Whitehall, Catharine, Edward, Elizabeth, Henry, John, Joseph,
                                          Margaret, Mary, Mary Heber Whitehall Whitehall, Peter, Peter Whitehall, Richard, Robt (Esq),
                                          Samuel, Sarah, Thomas, William;
                 *38 Wrexham: Rev. William Davies SHIPLEY (s/o Dr. Jonathan SHIPLEY, Bishop of St. Asaph) 
                  38 Wrexham: Assistant Curate 1777-1779 Edward:
                            Alice, Ann(e), Barbara, Cath, Catharine, Charles, Charlot, Cornelius, Daniel, David,
                            Dorothy, Ed, Edward, Edwd, Eleanor, Elinr, Elisabeth, Eliz, Elizabeth, Elizth, Ellinor,
                            Ellior, Ellis, Enoch, Frances, Francis, Hannah, Hugh, Isaac, James, Jane, Jn, John,
                            Jonathon, Joseph, Margaret, Margt, Martha, Mary, Paul, Peter, Philip, Rebecca, Richd,
                            Robert, Robt, Saml, Samuel, Sarah, Sidney, Susan, Susanna(h), Susanne, Sydney, Tho,
                            Thomas, Thos, William, Willm, Wm;
                 39 Halkyn:
DAVIES contd
                 40 Hawarden:
                 42 Holywell (Burials 1813-1828)
                                   Abel, Abraham, Amelia, Anne, Anthony, Benjamin, Bridget, Catherine, Charles, David, Edward,
                                   Elias, Eliza, Elizabeth, Elizth, Enoch, Ermin, Hannah, Hannah Maria, Harriett, Harry, Hugh, James,
                                   Jane, John,

                                    John Nuttall: 15 Feb 1826  bur/o John Nuttall DAVIES, aged 6 months,

                                    Joseph, Louisa, Lucy, Margaret, Margt, Maria, Martha, Mary, Mary Ann,
                                    Mary Anne, Owen, Peter, Phoebe, Ralph, Reuben, Richard, Robert,

                                    Samuel: 16 Jun 1817 bur/o Samuel aged 24 of Bagillt
                                                 15 Apr 1823 bur/o Samuel aged 5 mths of Holywell

                                    Sarah, Thomas, William;
DAVIES contd
                 43 Cerrigydrudion: ... Ann(e), Catherine, David, Edward, Elizabeth, Ellinor, Ellis, Evan, Gaenor, Griffith, Gwen,
                                            Hugh, Jane, John, Lowry, Magdalen, Margaret, Mary, Maurice, Robert, Robt, Thomas,
                                            William, Wm;
                 44 Denbigh:
                 45 Denbigh: ---, Ann(e), Catharine, Catherine, Daniel, David, Dinah, Dorothy, Edward, Eleanor, Elin,
                                   Elisabeth, Elizabeth, Elizth, Esther, Frances, Harriet, Hugh, Isaac, Jacob, James, Jane,
                                   John, Judith, Lowry, Margaret, Margt, Maria, Mark, Martha, Mary, Paul, Rice, Richard,
                                   Richd, Robert, Robt, Samuel, Sarah, Susannah, Thomas, William, Wm., Zacheus;
                  46A+B+C Worthenbury:
                  47 Worthenbury:
                  48 Worthenbury:
                 *49 Holywell: 25 mar 1832 bap/o Mary Davies EVANS d/o John (book keeper) & Mary
                  49 Holywell: Amelia, Ann(e), Anne Elizth, Arthur, Bridgot, Catherine, Charles, Daniel, David, Dorothy, Edward,
                                    Eleanor, Eliza, Elizth,  Elizth Caroline, Frances, Grace, Grosvenor, Hannah, Hugh, Isaac, James,
                                    James Thomas, Jane, John, John Vaughton, Joseph, Leah, Louisa, Margaret, Maria, Mary, Owen, Peter,
                                    Phebe, Robert, Sage,

                                    Samuel:  7 Aug 1835 bap/o Samuel s/o David (smelter) & Dorothy, Bagillt
                                                23 Dec 1838 bap/o Mary d/o Samuel (lab) & Catherine, Greenfield

                                    Sarah, Susannah, Thomas, Vaughton, Watkin, William;
DAVIES contd
                  51 Holywell: Ann(e), Ann Lee, Anthony, Benjamin, Catherine, Charity, Charles, Charlotte, David, Diana, Edward,
                                    Eleanor, Elias, Eliza, Elizabeth, Elizth, Ellen, Emma, Esther, George, Grosvenor, Hugh, Jacob,
                                    James, James Thomas, Jane, John, Joseph, Joshua, Judith, Lewis, Margaret, Margt, Maria,
                                    Mary, Mary Elizabeth, Matilda, Owen, Peter, Richard, Robert, Ruth,

                                    Samuel:  1 Jun 1830 bur/o Samuel aged 31 of Holywell
                                                 13 Dec 1831 bur/o Samuel aged 56 of Greenfield
                                                 30 Sep 1834 bur/o Samuel aged 4 mths of Holywell

                                    Sarah, Thomas, Thos, William;
DAVIES contd
                  52 Holywell: Alice, Amelia, Ann(e), Anne Lea, Anthony, Benjamin, Betsey, Catherine, David, Diana,
                                    Edmund, Edward, Edward Jones, Eleanor, Elinor, Elizth, Ellen, Frances, Hannah,
                                    Harriet(t), Hugh, James, Jane, John, John Vaughton, Louisa, Margaret, Margt, Maria, Mary,
                                    Owen, Peter, Richard, Robert, Robt,

                                    Samuel: 25 Jun 1826 bap/o Margt d/o Samuel (plasterer) & Jane, Holywell
                                                 29 Jun 1828 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Samuel (coll) & Anne, Bagillt
                                                 27 Jul 1828 bap/o Margt d/o Samuel (slater) & Jane, Holywell
                                                 25 Dec 1830 bap/o Diana (pothumus) d/o Samuel (plas.) & Jane, Holywell

                                    Sarah, Susan, Susannah, Thomas, Thos,
                                    Willaim, William, Wm;
DAVIES contd
                 *53 Wrexham: 29 Oct 1810 bur/o John Davies BRISCOE c/o (Mr)  ......... (Dr. servant)
                  53 Wrexham: Abraham, Ann(e), Barbra, Bella, Captain, Cath, Catharine, Catherine, Charles, Charlot, Charlote,
                                       Charlotte, Chs, Daniel, David, Dorothy, Edw,
Rev. Edward, Edward, Edwd, Eleanor, Elenor,
                                       Elias, Elijah, Elinor, Eliz, Elizah, Elizabeth, Elizabeth Smith, Elizth, Ellen, Ellenor, Ellinor,
                                       Emilia, Emma, Ermen, Ermin, Evan, Foulk, Frances, Geo, George, Grace, Hannah, Harriet(t),
                                       Henery, Henry, Hugh, Isaac, Isabella, J., James, Jane, Janthon, Jeremiah, Jimimah, Job, John,
                                       Jonas, Joseph, Lowry, Margaret, Margt, Maria, Martha, Mary, Mathias, Meriham, Phoebe,
                                       Philip, Price, Prudence, Richard, Richd, Rob, Robert, R.T., Sally, Saml, Samuel, Sarah,
                                       Solomon, Sophia, Thomas, Thos, William, Wm;
DAVIES (53 Wrexham) contd
                                       12 Dec 1802 bap/o Elizabeth WILLES (DAVIES) (b 11)
                                                                                    base d/o Foulk DAVIES & Elizabeth WILLES, Wrexham Regis
                                         1 May 1803 bap/o Sarah DAVIES (TUDOR) (b 8) base d/o Edward TUDOR & Elizabeth DAVIES
                                        28 Apr 1804 bap/o Hannah DAVIES (GRIFFITHS) (b 28)
                                                                                     base d/o Edward GRIFFITHS & Catherine DAVIES
                                          5 Aug 1804 bap/o Jane DAVIES (EDWARDS) (b 22) base d/o Ralph EDWARDS & Mary DAVIES
                                        11 Jun 1806 bap/o Elizabeth DAVIES (CROSS) (b 9 May)
                                                                                     base d/o John CROSS & Elizabeth DAVIES, Wrexham Regis
                                         3 Dec 1809 bap/o Edward POOLE (DAVIES) (b 27)
                                                                                               base s/o Job DAVIES & Sarah POOLE, Wrexham Abbot
                                        19 Feb 1809 bap/o John DAVIES (JONES) (b 1)
                                                                                           base s/o John JONES & Maria DAVIES, Wrexham Regis
                                         8 Jun 1811 bap/o Elizabeth DAVIES (OWENS) (b 4)
                                                                                   base d/o Richard OWENS & Elizabeth DAVIES, Bersham
                                         7 Nov 1811 bap/o John EDWARDS (DAVIES) (b 4 Mar 1809)
                                                                                     s/o John DAVIES & Margaret EDWARDS, Ruabon
                                       10 Jun 1812 bap/o Mary DAVIES (JONES) (b 30) base d/o Thomas JONES & Jane DAVIES
DAVIES contd
                  54A+B Abergele:
                  55A+B+C Nantglyn:
                  56A+B+C+D Rhuddlan:
DAVIES contd
                  57 Ruabon: Amelia, Ann(e), Anne Lucy, Anthony, Barbera, Catharine, Charles, Charlotte, Daniel, David,
                                    Deborah, Edward, Eleanor, Elinor, Eliza, Elizabeth, Emma, Enoch, Evan, Gomer,
                                    Hannah, Hugh, Isaac, James, Jane, Jenkyn, John, John Thomas, Joseph, Joshua, Lloyd,
                                    Louisa, Margaret, Martha, Mary, Mary Anne, Obadiah, Pamela, Rebecca, Richard,
                                    Robert, Samuel, Sarah, Susanna, Tabitha, Thomas, Walter, Watkin, William;
                                      21 May 1813 bap/o William base s/o Robert DAVIES & Elizabeth JARVIS
                                      18 Sep 1814 bap/o John DAVIES (HUGHES) base s/o John HUGHES & Dorothy DAVIES, Dinhinlle Isaf
                                      17 May 1815 bap/o Elizabeth MATTHEWS (DAVIES)
                                                              base d/o Evan DAVIES & Mary MATTHEWS , Rhosllannerchrugog
                                     14 Jan 1821 bap/o Martha DAVIES (JONES) illeg. d/o Richard JONES & Sarah DAVIES, Streetisaf
                                     18 Nov 1821 bap/o Joseph DAVIES (HUGHES) illeg. s/o Edward HUGHES (taylor) of Parkeyton
                                                      & Sarah DAVIES (servant) of Morton Above
                                     22 Feb 1822 bap/o Eliza DAVIES (JONES) illeg. d/o Francis JONES (servant)
                                                      & Anne DAVIES (servant), Trefechan
                                        6 Dec 1822 bap/o Eliza DAVIES (DAVIES) illeg. d/o Joseph DAVIES (farmer) of Caecoriog
                                                                                     & Mary DAVIES (servant) of Clwt
                                      28 May 1823 bap/o Mary EDWARDS (DAVIES) illeg. d/o William DAVIES (lab) of Gresford
                                                                                                             & Mary EDWARDS of Clwt
                                        5 Aug 1823 bap/o Sarah DAVIES illeg. d/o --- & Anne DAVIES (servant)
DAVIES contd
                 58 Erbistock:
                 59 Erbistock:
                 61 Ruabon:
                 62 Flint: Rector 1760-1823 George DAVIES
                                        1823-24 Crewe Chetwood DAVIES B.A.

                              Anne, Catherine, Crewe, David, Edward, Edwd, Elizabeth, Ellinor, Evan, George, Griffith, Hugh, Jacob,
                              James, Jane, John, Lowry, Margaret, Mary, Peter, Phillip, Robert, Robt, Sarah, Susannah, Thomas,
                              William, Wm;
                 63A Holt: Ann, Barbara, Charles, Cadwalader, Edward, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Hannah, James, John, Joseph, Mary,
                                Robert, Ruth, Sarah, Samuel, William;
                     B Holt: Anne, David, Hugh, James, Jane, Job, John, Jonathan, Joseph, Mary, Roger, Thomas, Thos;
                 65*A+A+B+C Llangar:
                 66A+D Penley:
                *67+67 Ruabon:
                 68 Ruabon:
DAVIES contd
                 73 Chirk:
                 74 Flint:
                 75*A+A Marchwiel:
                 76A+B Mold:
                 77 Bryneglwys:
78 Clocaenog (Baptisms 1672-1812) Vol 1
                          Alice, Ann, Anne, Arthur, Catharine, Catherine, David, Dorothy, Edward, Elen, Eliz'th,
                          Elizabeth,  Ellen, Ellin, Ellis, Gabriel, Grace, Gwen, Henry, Hugh, Jane, John, Kath'e, Kather,
                          Katherine, Marg't, Margaret, Mary, Phebe, Rich'd, Richard, Robert,  Robt, Samuel, Sarah,
                          Simon, Sinai, Susannah, Thomas, Thos, Triphena, William, Wm.
                *79 Gresford: 10 Mar 1782 bap/o Saml. WILLIAMS (BROWN)
                                                         base s/o John Davies BROWN & Sarah WILLIAMS
                 79 Gresford: Abraham, Alice, Amy, Ann(e), Ben, Benjamin, Catherine, Charles, Charlotte, Cornelius,
                                      David, Deborah, Dorothy, Edmund, Edward, Edwd, Eleanor, Eliz, Elizabeth, Elizth, Ellis,                                               Esabella, Esau,
                                      Frances, George, Hannah, Henry, Hugh, Isabel(l)a, Jacob, James, Jane, Jno, John, Jonathan,
                                    Joseph, Margaret, Margt, Maria, Martha, Mary, Mathias, Peter, Phebe, Richard, Robert, Robt,
                                    Saml, Samuel, Sarah, Susanna, Tho, Thomas, Thos, Timothy, William, Willm, Wm;

                                      5 Dec 1779 bap/o John EDWARDS (DAVIES) base s/o Jno DAVIES & Rose EDWARDS
                                      6 Oct 1781 bap/o Mary MORGAN (DAVIES) base d/o Richard DAVIES & Cath. MORGAN
                                      2 Feb 1783 bap/o Mary HUGHES (DAVIES) base d/o John DAVIES & Margt HUGHES
                                     10 Aug 1783 bap/o Thos. EDWARDS (DAVIES) base s/o Mathias DAVIES & Ann EDWARDS
                                      4 Apr 1784 bap/o Wm. DAVIES (PARTIN) base s/o Roger PARTIN & Ann DAVIES
                                    12 May 1784 bap/o Wm MILLINGTON (DAVIES) base s/o Wm DAVIES & Ann MILLINGTON
                                     5 Apr 1789 bap/o Eliz. EVANS (DAVIES) base d/o Robt. DAVIES & Ann  EVANS
                                     5 May 1793 bap/o Edward EDWDS (DAVIES) base s/o Wm. DAVIES & Rose EDWDS
                                    18 Jun 1793 bur/o Elizabeth DAVIES (BANNISTER)
                                    17 Jan 1796 bap/o Saml. ELLIS (DAVIES) base s/o Saml. DAVIES & Ann ELLIS
                                    19 Apr 1797 bap/o Willm DAVIES (DUCKERS) base s/o Thomas DUCKERS & Elizth DAVIES
                                    29 Sep 1798 bap/o Robert DAVIES (HOLLAND) base s/o John HOLLAND & Charlotte DAVIES
                                    22 Mar 1801 bap/o Margaret PRICE (DAVIES) base d/o Edwd. DAVIES & Elizth. PRICE
                                    15 Jul 1801 bap/o Eleanor WILBRAHAM (DAVIES) base d/o Sam. DAVIES & Elizth. WILBRAHAM
                                      8 May 1803 bap/o John DAVIES (JONES) base s/o William JONES & Mary DAVIES
                                    21 Mar 1806 bap/o Sarah DAVIES (MORRIS) base s/o Edwd MORRIS & Ann DAVIES, Gwersyllt
DAVIES contd
                 81A+B Hope:
                 82A+B+C Nercws/Nerquis:
                *83 Ruthin: 10 Apr 1748 bap/o Edward Davies BLOORE s/o John (joyner) & Anne
                                 17 May 1785 bap/o John Davies PUGH s/o Robert (flaxdresser) & Jane
                                 22 Apr 1786 bap/o Edward Davies LLOYD s/o Ambrose (Coroner) & Mary
                 83 Ruthin: Alce, Ales, Ann(e), Anne Jones, Barbara, Cath, Catharine, Catherine, Cathr, Da, Daniel, David, Dor,
                                 Dorothy, Edward, Edwd, Eleanor, Elinor, Elisabeth, Eliz, Eliza, Elizab, Elizabeth, Elizth, Ellen, Ellinor,
                                 Ellis, Ellis Butler, Evan, Foulk, Gabriel, Godfrey, Grace, Griffith, Hanah, Hariot, Hen, Henry, Hugh, Jacob,
                                 James, Jane, Jno, John, Jonnet, Joseph, Lowrey, Lowry, Luce, Lucy, Lydia, Margaret, Margt, Martha,
                                 Mary, Modlen, Owen, Peter, Pheby, Rachel, Rebecca, Richard, Robert, Robt, Rowland, Salusbury,
                                 Sara(h), Simon, Susan, Susanna, Thomas, Thos, Vaughan, Vaughn, William, Wm;
                 84 Treuddyn:
                 85 Mold:
                 86 Derwen:
                 87 Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd:
                 88 Llanelidan: Alice, Ann(e), Catharine, Catherine, David, Dorothy, Edward, Elin, Elinor, Elis, Eliz, Elizabeth,
                                      Elizth, Frances, Gabriel, Godfrey, Grace, Griffith, Gwen, Hugh, Jane, Jemima, John, Joseph,
                                      Judeth, Lewis, Magdalen, Margaret Margt, Martha, Mary, Nathaniel, Richard, Richd, Robert, Robt,
                                      Roger, Sarah, Simon, Susan, Thomas, Thos, William, Willm, Wm;
                 89 + 89A Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr:
DAVIES contd
                 91 Llangynhafal (Baptisms 1676-1812) Vol 1
                                         Church Wardens: 1692 Thos DAVIES   1700 Robt DAVIES
                                         Alice, An.., Ann, Anne, Benjamin, Catharine, Catherine, Cathrine, David, Dorothy, Ed,
                                         Edward, Edwd, Eleanor, Elinor, Eliz, Eliza, Elizabeth, Ellen, Ellin, Gwen, Hugh, Jane,
                                         Jno, John, Joseph, Judeth, Judith, Margaret, Mary, Richard, Robert, Robt, Samuel,
                                         Sarah, Simon, Tho, Thomas, Thomas Hughes, Thos, William, Willm, Wm.
                 92 Llanychan (Baptisms, Marriages & Burials 1676-1812)
                                      Ann, Anne, Catherine, David, Dorothy, Edward, Eleanor, Elenora, Elin, Elizabeth, Evan,
                                      Hannah, Jane, John, Margaret, Mary, Peter, Rice, Rich'd, Richard, Richd, Robert, Robt,
                                      Samuel, Sarah, Robert, Thos, William, Wm.
                 93 Abergele (Baptisms & Burials 1782-1812) Vol 6
                      A Baptisms: Abel, Anne, Catherine, David, Dorothy, Edward, Elinor, Elizabeth, Ellin, Ellis, Hugh,
                                         James, Jane, John, Lettice, Margaret, Maria, Mary, Richard, Robert, Sarah, Susana,
                                         Thomas, William, William Clare.
                      B Parents at Baptisms: Abel, Anne, Anne Maria, Barbara,  Catherine, David, Dorothy, Edward,
                                                         Elin, Elinor, Elizabeth, Ellen, Ellin, Gainor, Gaynor, Grace, Gwen, Henry,
                                                         Hugh, Jane, John, Lewis, Margaret, Mary, Reginalrd,Renallt, Reynallt,
                                                         Richard, Robert, Selia,  Susannah, Tabitha, William.
                     C Burials: Abel, Anne, Cadwalader, David, Dorothy, Edward, Elizabeth, Ellin, Ellis, Eubule,
                                    Hugh, Jane, John, Joseph, Judith, Margaret, Mary, Peter, Reginald, Robert, Sarah,
                                    Susana, Thomas, William.   
DAVIES contd                       
                 94 Cilcain (Baptisms & Burials 1788-1812) Vol 4
                                 Alice, Ann, Anne, Charles, David, Dorothy, Edward, Edwd, Elizabeth, Elizth, Evan,
                                 George, Hugh, James, jane, John, Jonett, Josia, Josiah, Margaret, Mary, Maurice,
                                 Morice, Robert, Robt, Saml, Samuel, Sarah, Sionnet, Thomas, Thos, William, Wm.

                                  1 Mar 1801 bap/o Mary HUGHES (DAVIES) base d/o James DAVIES & Margaret HUGHES
                                  5 Apr 1803 bap/o John ROBERTS (DAVIES) base s/o Evan DAVIES & ----- ROBERTS
                                  4 Jan 1807 bap/o Benjam. DAVIES (THOMAS) base s/o Edwd THOMAS & Alice DAVIES
                                  6 Dec 1807 bap/o Thomas DAVIES (DAVIES) base s/o Thomas DAVIES & Elizabeth DAVIES
                                 23 Feb 1812 bap/o John DAVIES (OWEN)b ase s/o Hugh OWEN & Elizabeth DAVIES
                 96 Gyffylliog (Baptisms 1717-1812) Vol 3
                                    Ann, Anne, Blannce, Catharine, Catherine, Daniel, David, Dav, Davd, David, Dd, Edward,
                                    Elen, Elin, Elinor, Elisabeth, Eliz, Elizabeth,Ellen, Ellin, Evan, Grace, Gwen, Henry,
                                    Hugh, Jane, John, Jonet, Jonett, Jonnet, Joseph, Magdalen, Magdalene, Margaret, Margt,
                                    Mary, Maurice, Meeredith, Robert, Robt, Samuel, Sarah, Simon, Thomas, Thos,
                                    Will, William
                 97 Llanfwrog (Baptisms & Burials 1780-1812) Vol 4

8 Jan 1811 bap/o William Davies (born in the River Gambia)
                                                                                 s/o Joseph PEERS & Jane
                                    (NB. Davies is in capital letters, as if for a surname, in the body of the transcription)

                                   : Anne, Catharine, Catherine, Cathirine, Charles, David, Dorothy, Edward, Eleanor,
                                     Elinor, Elizabeth,  Ellin, Ellis, Evan, Frances, Godfrey, Grace, Gwen, Harry, Hugh,
                                     Jane, Jeremiah, John, Jonet, Margaret, Maria, Mark, Mary, Richard, Robert, Sarah,
                                     Solomon, Thomas, William;
DAVIES contd       
                 98 Llanrhaeadr ym Nghinmerch (Baptisms & Burials 1778-1812) Vol 5
                                     ----, Alice, Ann, Anne, Barbara, Barbra, Benj, Benjamin, Catharine, Catherine, David,
                                     Edward, Elinor, Elizabeth, Elizth, Ellias, Ellin, Ellinor, Ells, Ernol, Evan, Foulk,
                                     Grace, Gwen, Henry, Hu, Hugh, Isaac, Jacob, James, Jane, John, Jonnett, Lowry,
                                     Margaret, Margret, Margt, Mary, Petar, Peter, Rob, Robert, Robt, Robt Owen, Roulland,
                                     Ruth, Sarah, Sarha, Simon, Thomas, William, Wm.
                 99 Llantysilio: (Births/Baptisms 1759-1812 Burials 1758-1812) Vol 3
                                      Anne, Cadwaladar, Cadwalader, Cadwaladr, Catherine, Cathrine, David, Edward,
                                      Eleanor, Elinor, Elizabeth, Ellin, Henry, Humphrey, James, Jane, John, Margaret,
                                      Marrtha, Marry, Mary, Mathew, Matthew, Richard, Robert, Sarah, Simon, Thomas,
                                      Thos, Walter, William.
DAVIES contd
                 101 Llanynys (Baptisms, Marriages & Burials 1739-1812) Vol 2
                        A Baptisms: Ann, Anne, Catherine, Daniel, David, Edward, Eleanor, Elisabeth, Elizabeth, Ellen,
                                           Hugh, Isaac, James, Jane, John, Margaret, Mary, Peter, Richard, Robert, Sarah,
                                           Simon, Thomas, William;
                        B Parents at Baptisms: Ann,Anne, Catherine, Diana, Eleanor, Elisabeth, Elizabeth, Frances,
                                                           Grace, Jane, Letice,  Margaret, Mary, David, Edward, Hugh, Jacob,
                                                          John, Richard, Robert, Thomas, William
                        C Marriages: Ann, Anne, Catherine, David, Dorothy, Edward, Elizabeth, Ellin, Evan, Foulk,
                                           Jane, John,  Magdalene, Mary, Peter, Richard, Robert, Susan, Thomas, William.
                        E Witnesses at Marriages: Anne, David, Edward, Hugh, John, Margaret, Rich, Richard,
                                                                Robert, Samuel, Thomas, William.
                        D Burials: Ann, Anne, Catherine, David, Doules, Edward, Elenor, Elizabeth, Ellin, Grace, Isaac,
                                       Jane, John, Leticia, Lowry, Magdalen, Margaret, Mary, Owen, Peter, Richard, Robert,
                                       Sidney, Simon, Thomas, William.
                 102 Nantglyn (Baptisms 1663-1812) Vol 1
                       A Baptisms: Abel, Alice, Ann, Anne, Blance, David, Edward, Elias, Elizabeth, Ellin, Ellinor,
                                          Evan, Grace, Hugh, Humphrey, Jabes, Jane, John, Margaret, Martha, Mary, Owen,
                                          Paul, Richard, Robert, Thomas, William.
                       B Parents at Baptisms: Alice, :Ann, Anne, Catharine, Catherine,  Daniel, David, Dorothy, Edward,
                                                          Eleanoir, Elin, Elinor, Elizabeth, Ellin, Evan, Grace, Gwen, Henery, Henry,
                                                          Hugh, Isaac, Jacob, James,Jane, Jno, Joh, John, Jones, Katherine, Magdalen,
                                                          Margaret, Martha,  Mary, Modlen, Owen, Rice, Richard, Robert, Thomas,
                                                          Sarah, William.


                 103 Gwytherin: (Baptisms 1667-1812) Vol 1
                       A Baptisms: Anne, Catherine, David, Elinor, Elizabeth, Ellin, Enoch, Evan, Ffoulke, Gwen, Henry,
                                          Jane, John, Joseph, Katherine, Margaret, Mary, Richard, Robert, Thomas, William.
                       B Parents at Baptisms: Alice, Catherine,  David, Deborah, Edward, Elinor, Elisabeth, Ellin, Elinor,
                                          Elizabeth, Evan, Ffoulk, Ffoulke, Foulk, Hester, John, Lowry, Margaret, Mary, Owen,
                                          Pierce, Richard, Robert, Thomas, William
                 104 Henllan (Baptisms 1788-1812 Mar 1799-1812 Bur 1801-1812) Vol 6
                                    Abel, Alice, Amelia, Ann, Anna Maria, Anne, Cadwaladr, Catharine, Catherine, Charlotte,
                                    David, Dorothy, Edward, Eleanor, Elinor, Eliza, Elizabeth, Ellin, Evan, Gwen, Hugh,
                                    Humphrey, Isaac, james, Jane, John, Jonet, Joseph, Margaret, Maria, Mary, Morris,
                                    Moses, Owen, Penelope, Phebe, Phoeby, Rhys, Richard, Robert, Robert Shipley, Samuel,
                                    Sarah, Susan, Thomas, William.
                 105 Llanddoget:
                 106A+B+C+D Llangwyfan:
                *107A Llanrhydd: 24 Apr 1792 bap/o Dorothy Davies JONES d/o John (flaxdresser) & Mary

                 107 Llanrhydd (Baptisms): Ales, Alice, Anne, Ebenezer, Elizabeth, Eliz'th, Evan, Foulk, John, Lydia, Margaret,
                                                        Mary, Richard, Robert, Sara, Thomas, William;
                        B Llanrhydd (burials): ---, Ales, Alice, Ann(e), David, Edward, Elizabeth, Ellin, Evan, Foulk, Jane, John, Lydia,
                                                   Margaret, Mary, Meredith, Phebe, Robert, Thomas;
                 108 Minera Chapel: Alice, Ann(e), Benjamin, Catharin, Catherine,  David, Deavid, Edward, Elinor, Eliza,
                                              Elizabeth, Ellinor, Franses, Grace, Gwen, Hannah, Hugh, James, Jane, John, Johnathon,
                                              Jonathan, Liddia, Margaret, Margrat, Margret, Maria, Mariah, Mary, Richard, Robert, Samuel,
                                              Sarah, Thomas, Thos, William;
109 Pentrefoelas:
DAVIES contd
                 110 Ysbyty Ifan:
                 111 Cerrigydrudion:
                 112 Halkyn:
                 113 Llanelidan:
                 114 Llanferres:
                 116A+B+C+D Llansilin:
                 117 Mold:
                 118 Mold:
                 119 Mold:
                 121 Mold:
                 122+122A Nercws:
DAVIES contd
                 123 Ruabon (Baptisms 1828-1853) Vol 11
                            Abigail, Adelaide, Jemimah, Alban, Andrew, Ann, Anne, Barbara,
                            Belfina, Caroline, Cathrine, Charles, Charles Burton, Daniel,
                            David (11 - in all instances in this transcription David is a parent),
                            Edward (16),
                            Edward Bennion, Eleanor, Elina, Elinor, Elisabeth, Eliza,
                            Eliza Christiana, Elizabeth, Ellen, Emma, Enoch, Esther, Estther,
                            Frances, George,
                            Hannah (13),
                            Harriet, Hugh, Jacob, James, Jane, John,
                            John Clarke, Joseph, Joshua, Jusamia, Margaret, Margaret Sinah,
                            Maria, Mariah, Martha, Mary, Mary Ann, Mary Elizabeth,
                            Mary Frances, Messech, Morris, Pamela, Peter, Richard, Robert,
                            Ruth, Samuel,
                            Sarah (36)
15 May 1853 bap/o Sarah d/o Edward (collier) & Hannah,
                            Sophia, Susan, Susanna, Susannah, Tabitha,
                            Thomas (30)
                            Thomas Bennion, Thomas Carpenter, Walter, Watkin,
                            William, William Walter.
                 124 Mold: Ann(e), Barbara, Catherine, Daniel, David, Dorothy, Ed, Edward, Edwd, Eleanor, Elias, Elinor,
                                Eliz, Elizabeth, Ellen, Evan, Frances, Francis, Gwen, Hanah, Henry, Hugh, Isaac, Ithel, Ithell,
                                James, Jane, Jennet, Jno, John, Joseph, Joshua, Judith, Lewis, Margaret, Margt, Maria, Martha,
                                Mary, Meredith, Owen, Peter, Price, Prudence, Rachel, Rhose, Richard, Richad, Robart, Robert,
                                Robt, Rose, Saml, Samuel,
                                Sarah (43 instances of the name)
                                    15 May 1853 bap/o Sarah d/o Edward (collier) & Hannah,
                                Simon, Susanna, Thomas, Thos, Trevor, W., Watkin, William, Wm;
                 126 Cerrigydrudion:
                 127A+B Mold:
                 128 Treuddyn:
                 129A+B Treuddyn:
DAVIES contd
                 131A+B Bodfari:
                *132+132 Hanmer:              
                 133A+B Holt:
                 134 Llanefydd:
                *136+136 Cilcain:
                 137 Northop:
                 138*A+A+B Wrexham:
                 139 Cerrigydrudion:
                 141A+B+C Llangwm:
DAVIES contd
                 142 Llangwm Capel y Groes MIs:
                           B13  Evan DAVIES (Ffridd Gwair) d 22 Jul 1912 aged 66 years
                                   also his son David Humphrey d 31 Dec 1904 aged 5 years
                        Llangwm Capel Gellioedd MIs:
                                   Alice Jane, David, David John, Evan, Hugh Jones, Jane, John Rees,
                                  Mair, Mary, Richard Morris, Robert, Winifred Jane.
                 143A+B Llanrwst:
                *145+145 Capel Garmon:
                 146A+B+C Capel Garmon:
                 147 Llanddoget:
                 148 Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr:
                 149 Ysbyty Ifan:
DAVIES contd
                 151 Hanmer:
                 152 Hanmer:
                 153 Hope:
                 154 Ysbyty Ifan:
                 155 Caerwys:
                 156A+B Hanmer:
                 157A+B  Hanmer:

                 158 Holywell: Amelia, Ann(e), Anthony, Anthy, Barbara, Binedictus, Cath, Cathn, Damaris, Daniel, Danl, David,
                                     Dorothy, Edmond, Edw, Edward, Edwd, Elin, Elinor, Elizabeth, Elizth, Ermin, Evan, Fracess, Frances,
                                     Francess, Francis, George, Griffith, Gwen, Henry, Hugh, James, Jane, Janes, Janis, John, Joseph,
                                     Lucy, Lusernda, Margt, Maria, Mary, Mickal, Owen, Peter, Philip, Pierce, Richd, Robert, Robt, Roger,
                                     Rogr, Rouland, Rowland, Sara(h), Susanna, Thos, Willm, Winifred, Wm, Zabulon;

                 159 Holywell: Andrew, Ann(e), Barbara(h), Betty, Catharine, Catherine, Cathn, D., Daniel, David, Deborah,
                                     Dorothy, Edward, Eleanor, Elen, Elinor, Elizabeth, Elizth, Ermine, Frances, Gabriel, Gaynor, George,
                                     Griffith, Gwen, Hannah, Harry, Henry, Hugh, Jacob, James, Jane, John, Joseph, Margaret, Margt,
                                     Martha, Mary, Maurice, Mordicai, Owen, Peter, Rachael, Rees, Richard, Robert, Robt, Sarah,
                                     Susannah, Thomas, Thos, William, Winifred, Wm;
DAVIES contd
                 161 Mold: Ann(e), Arabella, Catherine, Charles, Dafydd, David, Dorothy, Edward, Eleanor, Elinor,
                                Eliza, Elizabeth, Ellen, Evan, Frances, George, Hanah, Harriet, Harriott, Isaac, Ithel, Jane,
                                John, Louisa, Margaret, Martha, Mary, Meredith, Richard, Robert, Samuel, Sarah,
                                Susanna(h), Thomas, William;

                 162 Overton:
                 163A+B Ruabon:
                 164A+B+C+D Cwm:
                 165A+B Ruabon:
                 166 Cilcain:
                 167A+B+C+D Gresford:
                 168B Hope:
                 169A+B Llanrhydd:
DAVIES contd
                 171 Bangor-on-Dee: Abraham, Ann, Anne, Audrey, Cath, Catherine, Charlotte, David, Edward, Edwd,
                                               Eleanor, Elisabeth, Elisath, Elish, Elizabeth, Ellis, Ester, Frances, George,
                                               Hanah , Hugh, James, Jane, Jno, John, Jon, Jonathan, Joseph, Joyce, Judith,
                                              Margaret, Margt, Martha, Mary, Richard, Richd, Robert, Robt, Roger, Rogr,
                                              Samuel, Sarah, Susanna, Thomas, Thos, William;

                                              (For full details of baptisms 1735 - Jun 1790  see transcription/original register)
                                              29 Jun 1790 bap/o Frances (b  29 May) d/o Thomas & Ann, Bangor
                                              24 Jul 1791 bap/o Elizabeth (b 5 Jul)  d/o John & Elizabeth, Sesswick
                                               7 Aug 1791 bap/o Joseph (b 28 Jul) s/o William & Anne, Bangor
                                             14 Mar 1792 bap/o William (b 13 Mar) s/o Thomas & Anne, Bangor
                                             12 Aug 1792 bap/o Joseph (b 24  Jul) s/o Edward & Mary
                                             18 May 1793 bap/o Edward (b 15 May) s/o John & Anne, Sesswick
                                             20 Sep 1793 bap/o Joyce (b 31 Aug) s/o William & Ann, Bangor
                                             15 Jun 1794 bap/o Thomas (b 11 May) s/o Thomas & Anne, Bangor
                                              3 May 1795 bap/o Elizabeth (b 27 Apr) d/o John & Catherine, Sesswick
                                             15 Nov 1795 bap/o Charlotte (b 25 Oct) d/o Edward & Mary,  Bangor
                                             22 May 1796 bap/o  William (b 17 May) base s/o ------------ &  Margaret, Bangor
                                              2 Oct 1796 bap/o Mary (b 15 Sep( base d/o ------- & Eleanor, Bangor
                                             9 Oct 1796 bap/o Joseph (b 25 Sep) s/o Thomas & Anne, Bangor
                                               (This list continued under  Ref. DAVIES 11 above)
                 172 Holt:
                 173 Holt:
                 174 Holt:
DAVIES contd
                 175 Llandyr nog
                               (baptisms): Ann,

                                                 Anne (p 25) 16 Oct 1808 bap/o Anne d/o David (lab) & Anne

                                                Cadwallader, Catherine,

                                                Daniel: 4 Dec 1796 bap/o Daniel s/o David (shoemaker) & Anne

                                                David, Dina, Dorothy, Edward, Elinor,

                                                Elizabeth: (p 19)
21 Feb 1795/96 bap/o Elizabeth d/o David (shoemaker) & Anne
                                                                (p 21) 7 Apr 1799 bap/o Elizabeth d/o David (lab) & Ann
                                                                Elizabeth also on pp 6* 7, 10,11,12, 16,17,19,20,21,23,24,25,26

                                                Ellin, Ellis, Evan, Harry, Henry,

                                                Jane (p 24) 4 May 1806 bap/o Jane d/o David (lab) & Anne
                                                                 Jane also on pp 7,8,12,13,20,21,22*,24,26
DAVIES 175 Llandyr nog (baptisms):contd

                                                John: 16 Feb 1752 bap/o John s/o John & Katherine
                                                         22 Aug 1761 bap/o John s/o Rice & Elizabeth
                                                         11 Jan 1767 bap/o John s/o John & Anne
                                                           4 Oct 1767 bap/o John s/o Edward & Margaret
                                                         14 Jan 1772 bap/o John s/o Evan (farmer) & Anne, Penllwyn
                                                         26 Nov 1775  bap/o John & Elizabeth, twin s&d/o Rice (farmer) &  Elizabeth
                                                         20 Jul 1776 bap/o John s/o John (lab) & Anne
                                                         20 Jul 1779 bap/o John s/o John (lab) & Anne
                                                         28 Apr 1782 bap/o John s/o Richard & Mary
                                                          2 Mar 1783 bap/o John s/o evan & Margeret
                                                        24 May 1790 bap/o John s/o Evan (carpenter) & Elizabeth
                                                         6 Feb 1791 bap/o John  s/o Thomas (lab) & Mary
                                                        12 Feb 1792 bap/o John s/o David (shoemaker) & Anne
                                                        19 Oct 1794 bap/o John s/o John  (lab) & Elizabeth
                                                        25 Nov 1798 bap/o John s/o Thomas  & Margaret, The Crosskeys
                                                        20 Apr 1800 bap/o John s/o John & Cathrine
                                                        10 May 1801 bap/o John s/o David (lab) & Elizabeth
                                                        23 Jan 1803 bap/o John s/o Edward (lab) & Mary
                                                        28 Dec 1806 bap/o John s/o John (lab) & Mary
                                                          1 Jan 1808 bap/o John ROGERS (DAVIES) base s/o Daniel DAVIES of Caerwys & Anne ROGERS otp
                                                          3 Jan 1808 bap/o John s/o David (lab) & Jane
                                                        12 Jul 1812 bap/o John DAVIES s/o Edward (smith) & Jane

                                                Margaret (p 20)12 Feb 1797 bap/o Margaret d/o David & Ann
                                                                       Margaret also on pp 6, 19, 23

                                                Mary (p 23) 27 Nov 1803 bap/o Mary d/o David (lab) & Ann
                                                                  Mary also on pp 2*, 7 10, 11*, 17, 18, 21*, 26

                                                Rice, Richard,

                                                Robert (p 26) 31 Mar 1811 bap/o Robert s/o David (lab) & Anne, Gorge
                                                                    Robert also on pp 3,13,19,20,26

                                               Sarah, Simon, Susan, Thomas;
DAVIES (175 Llandyr nog) contd
                                           3 Dec 1753 mar by Banns of Anne DAVIES of Plas Ashpool & David OWEN                
                                          30 Jan 1758 mar by Banns of Mary DAVIES (x) wid otp & William JONES (x) wdr of Bodvary (Wits: John EVANS, Richard JONES)
                                          27 May 1758 mar by Banns of Robert DAVIES of Llangwyfen & Elizabeth EDWARDS (x) otp (Wits: Edward EDWARDS (x), Richard JONES)
                                            3 Jun 1759 mar by Banns of Rice DAVIES & Mary WILLIAMS
                                         17 Aug 1759 mar by Lic of John DAVIES (x) wdr of Llanrhaiadr & Jane HUGHES (x) sp otp (Wits: Hugh HUGHES, Peter EDWARDS (x) )
                                          7 Oct 1759 mar by Banns of Rebecca DAVIES & Thomas HUGHES  
                                        27 Sep 1760 mar by Lic of Rice DAVIES (groom - farmer) & Elizabeth JONES sp (Wit: William IKIN, Robert WILLIAMS)
                                          7 May 1765 mar by Banns of Mary DAVIES (x) otp & Hugh PRICE (x) of Bodfary (Wits: Thomas LLOYD, Edward JONES (x)
                                        11 May 1766 mar by Banns of John DAVIES (x) ba & Anne JONES (x) sp both otp (Wits: Robert ROBERTS, Roger HUGHES (x) )
                                        24 Jan 1767 mar by Banns of Edward DAVIES (x) wdr & Margaret HAYES (x) wid both otp (Wits: Thomas WILLIAMS (x), Ronert HAYES (x) )
                                          9 Oct 1769 mar by Banns of Elisabeth DAVIES (x) sp & Cadwallader JONES (x) ba both otp (Wits: John ROBERTS (x), John JONES (x) )
                                        22 Aug 1773 mar by Banns of Margaret DAVIES (x) & Rice PRICE (x) ba of Denbigh (Wits: Simon DAVIES (x), Mary DAVIES (x) )
                                          6 Feb 1774 mar by Lic of John DAVIES ba of Llanferres & Ellinor PARRY sp otp (Wits: Richard EDMUNDS, Edward WILLIAMS)
                                        19 Nov 1775 mar by Banns of Margaret DAVIES sp & Simon FOULKES ba both otp (Wits: Thomas HUGHES, Mary ROBERTS (x) )
                                        27 May 1777 mar by Lic of Thomas DAVIES ba of Llanrhaidr & Catherine EDMUNDS sp otp (Wits: Richard EDMUNDSON, Jane PRICE)
                                        17 Jul 1779 mar by Banns of Jane DAVIES (x) sp otp & John EVANS (x) ba of Llanynys (Wits: William JONES, Anne MAURICE)
                                          4 Nov 1780 mar by Banns of Evan DAVIES (x) ba & Margaret PARRY (x) sp both otp (Wits: Robert ROBERTS, Mary HUGHES)
                                          2 Jan 1781 mar by B anns of Mary DAVIES sp otp & Edward WILLIAMS (x) ba of Llanynus (Wits: John ROBERTS (x), Margaret GRIFFITHS (x) )
                                          6 Jun 1781 mar by Banns of Thomas DAVIES (x) of Llangynhafal & Margaret EVAN (x) otp |(Wits: John JEFFREYS, David DAVIES)
                                          8 Jul 1781 mar by Banns of Richard DAVIES (x)  ba & Mary DAVIES (x) sp both otp (Wits: Thomas FOULKES, John DAVIES (x) )
                                        27 Nov 1784 mar by Banns of Frances DAVIES (x) sp & William WILLIAMS (x) ba both otp (Wits: Evan DAVIES (x), John JONES (x) )
DAVIES (175 Llandyr nog marriages) contd
                                        18 Mar 1786 mar by Banns of John DAVIES (x) ba & Catherine GRIFFITHS (x) sp both otp (Wits: Thomas GRFFITHS, Thomas DAVIES (x) )
                                         27 Jan 1787 mar by Banns of Evan DAVIES ba & Elizabeth JONES (x) sp both otp (Wits: Thomas JONES (x), John DAVIES (x) )
                                        30 Jan 1787 mar by Lic of Mary DAVIES sp of Llanganhafal & Hugh EDMUNDS ba otp (Wits: Richard EDMUNDS, Anne FOULKES)
                                         5 May 1790 mar by Banns of Thomas DAVIES (x) ba & Mary GRIFFITHS (x) sp both otp (Wits: Robert FOULKES, Evan DAVIES)  
                                        25 May 1792 mar by Banns of Richard DAVIES (x) wdr & Mary JONES (x) sp both otp (wits: Humphrey JONES, David HUGHES)
                                        18 Jun 1792 mar by Banns of John DAVIES (x) ba of Llanynys & Anne PRICE (x) sp otp (Wits: Robert ELLIS, Edward JONES)
                                        20 Aug 1792 mar by Banns of Elizebeth DAVIES (x) sp & John ROBERTS (x) ba both otp (Wits: Robert FOULKES, Thomas DAVIES (x))
                                        13 May 1793 mar by Banns of John DAVIES (x) ba of Llanynys & Elizebeth ROBERTS (x) sp otp  (Wits: John ROBERTS (x), Robert JONES (x) )
                                          4 Oct 1795  mar by Lic of John DAVIES ba of Llangwyfan & Elizabeth BURGESS sp otp (Wits: Edward EVANS, Gabriel BURGESS)
                                        10 Sep 1796 mar by Banns of David DAVIES (x) ba & Anne ROWLANDS (x) sp both otp (Wits: Edward ROBERTS, Margaret JONES (x) )
                                        18 Oct 1796 mar by Banns of Thomas DAVIES (x) wdr & Margaret JONES (x) wid both otp (Wits: Robert DAVIES, Alice OWEN)
                                        17 Apr 1797 mar by Lic of Robert DAVIES ba otp & Anne WILLIAMS (x) sp of Llangwyfan (Wits: Edward EVANS, Dorothy ROBERTS)
                                        17 May 1802 mar by Banns of Cathrine DAVIES (x) sp otp & John PRICE wdr of Denbigh (Wits: John HUMPHREYS, Cathrine EDWARDS (x) )
                                        21 Jul 1802 mar by Lic of Thomas DAVIES (x) ba of Rhuddlan & Margaret ROBERTS sp otp (Wits: Richard HUGHES (x), Sarah PARRY (x)
                                         2 Sep 1805 mar by Banns of Richard DAVIES (x) & Cathrine WILKINS (x) both otp  (Wits: John EVANS (x), Dorothy ROBERTS (x) )
                                         5 Oct 1805 mar by Banns of Edward DAVIES (x) & Jane JONES (x) both otp (Wits: Robert WILLIAMS (x), Ann PARRY (x) )
                                       31 May 1806 mar by Banns of John DAVIES (x) & Mary JONES (x) both otp  (Wits: Edward PARRY, Eliz. ROBERTS (x) )
                                       14 Nov 1807 mar by Banns of Mary DAVIES (x) & Robert WILLIAMS (x) both otp (Wits: Hugh PARRY, Mary PARRY (X)
                                         8 Dec 1809 mar by Banns of Thomas DAVIES of Llanganhafal & Jane WILLIAMS (x) otp (Wits: Robert JONES (x), Mary WILLIAMS (x)
                                         9 Feb 1811 mar by Banns of John DAVIES (x) ba of Llanganhafal & Elizabeth DAVIES (x) sp otp (Wits: David DAVIES (x), Dorothy ROBERTS (x)
                                         5 Dec 1812 mar by Lic of Evan DAVIES & Mary JONES both otp (Wits: Henry DAVIES, Anne JONES)
DAVIES (175 Llandyr nog) contd
                           (burials): ---: 12 Mar 1783 bur/o Margaret PARRY, wife of ---- DAVIES (lab)
                                               4 Jun 1785 bur/o --- DAVIES, infant s/o Thomas, Gelli
                                              26 Apr 1786 bur/o --- DAVIES s/o Thomas (innkeeper) & Margaret his wife, otp
                                              16 Jun 1796 bur/o ---, a child of Evan (carpenter)
                                        Anne: 16 Sep 1783 bur/o Anne sp., d/o Rice (farmer)
                                                   4 Dec 1806 bur/o Ann, an infant d/o David (lab)
                                                  26 May 1807 bur/o Anne, infant
                                                  20 May 1808 bur/o Anne, Penrhyn
                                                  21 Apr 1812 bur/o Anne, an infant
                                        Catherine, Edward, Elinor, Elizabeth, Henry, Jane, John, Margaret, Mary, Rice, Robert, Sarah, Simon, Susan, Thomas, William;
                 176 Tremeirchion:
DAVIES contd
                 177 Whitford: Note at beg. of transcription:
                                           25 June 1902 A Vane was put on Whitford Church Tower (J. DAVIES, Vicar)
                                     Abel, Alice, Ann, Anna Maria, Anne, Bridget, Cath, Cathne, David, Dorothy, Edward, Edwd,
                                     Eleanor, Elin(or), Eliz(a)(beth), Frances, Griffith, Hannah, Hugh, James, Jane, Jno, John,
                                     Joseph, Margaret, Margt, Maria, Mary, Mary Anne, Peter, Priscilla, Rachel, Richard, Richd,

                                     Robt: 22 Jun 1780 bap/o Robt LEE (DAVIES) base s/o Robt DAVIES & Alice LEE
                                               1 Oct 1780 bap/o John s/o Robt & Margt, Tre Edenowen (township)
                                             24 May 1781 bap/o Thomas s/o Robt & Mary, Tre Mostyn (township)
                                              14 Jun 1795 bap/o Robt DAVIES (EDWARDS)
                                                                                          base s/o Robt EDWARDS  & Margt DAVIES, Tre Mostyn
                                              16 Feb 1800 bap/o Mary Anne DAVIES d/o Robt & Anne, Tre Mostyn
                                                24 Jul 1803 bap/o Robt s/o John & Sarah, Tre Bychton
                                               17 Jun 1804 bap/o Anne d/o Robt & Mary, Tre Mostyn
                                              30 Dec 1804 bap/o Jane d/o Robt & Alice, Is Glan
                                              19 May 1805 bap/o Robt s/o Jno & Mary, Uwch Glan

                                     Roger, Salisbury, Samuel, Sarah, Susan(ah), Susannah, Tho(mas), Thos, William, Willn, Wm;
DAVIES contd

                 178 Ysceifiog: Vicar 1779 -       William Davies SHIPLEY M.A. (Dean & Chancellor of St. Asaph)

                                       Alice, Ann(e), Beata, Bella, Catharine, Catherine, David, Dina, Dorothy, Edward, Edwd,

                                       Eleanor: 24 Sep 1807 bap/o William GRIFFITH (b 15) s/o William & Eleanor (DAVIES) of Battengen
                                       Elinor: 16 Jan 1808 bap/o Hugh BEETHEL (b 14) s/o Pyrse & Elinor (DAVIES) of Gellilyfday

                                       Elizabeth, Elizth, Hannah, Harriot, Henry, Hugh, James, Jane, John, Jon, Joseph, Mabella,
                                       Margaret, Maria, Mary, Owen, Peter, Phebe, Phobe, Richard, Richd, Rob, Robert, Robt,
                                       Samuel, Sarah, Thomas, Thos, Will, William, Willm;
                 179 Llangadwaladr:
DAVIES contd
                 181 Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog:
182 Llansanffraid Glynceiriog: Aaron, Abraham, Ann(e), Arthur, Benjamin, Cath, Catherine, Cathrine,
                               David, Edward, Edwd, Elizabeth, Elizth, Ellin, Emm, Evan, Frances, Hugh, Jane, Jno, John, Joseph,
                               Margaret, Margt, Mary, Moses, Peggy, Peter, Phoebe, Richard, Richd, Robeart,
                               Robert, Robt, Sarah, Tho, Thomas, Thos, Ths, William, Wm;
                 183 Llansannan: Alice, Ann(e), Cath, Catharine, Catherine, David, Dorothy, Edward, Eleanor, Elias, Elin, Elinor, Elisabeth, Eliz, Elizabeth, Elizth,
                                         Ellinor, Enoch, Evan, Grace, Gwen, Hannah, Henry, Hugh, Ismael, Jane, Jeremiah, John, Jonnet, Jonnett, Joseph, Judeth,
                                         Margaret, Margeret, Margt, Mark, Mary, Maurice, Morgan, Morris, Moses, Owen, Paul, Phebe, Richard, Robert, Robt, Rowland,
                                         Sarah, Thomas, Thos, William, Wm, Zaccheus;
                 184 Llanddulas:
                 185 Llysfaen:
                *186+186 St. Asaph:
                 187 St. George:
                 188A+B Halkyn:
                 189 Holywell: Abednego, Abel, Alice, Ann(e), Anthony, Barbara, Barbra, Catherine, Cathn, Cathr, Cathrn, Charlotte, Daniel, David, Debora(h),
                                     Dorothy, Ebednazer, Edward, Elen, Elenor, Elenr, Elinor, Elinr, Eliza, Elizabeth, Elizth, Ellen, Frances, George, Godfry,
                                     Grace, Gwen,  Hannah, Harriett, Harriot, Harry, Henry, Hugh, James, Jane, John, Joseph, Luce, Lucy, Margaret, Margt, Maria,
                                     Mary, Mary Ann, Michl, Mordecai, Mordica, Mordicai, Morris, Owen, Peter, Rachel, Ralph , Richard, Richd, Robert, Robt,
                                     Roger, Rowland, Saml, Samuel, Sarah, Sophia, Susannah, Tho, Thomas, Thos, William ;
DAVIES contd
                 191A+B+C+D+E Ruabon:
                 192 Ysceifiog: Vicar: 1779 -     William Davies SHIPLEY M.A. (Dean & Chancellor of St. Asaph)
                                       Anne, Catharine, Catherine, David, Dorothy, Edward, Edwd,
                                       Eleanor: 28 Mar 1794 bur/o Catherine (d.24) & Eleanor (d.27) twin ds/o David & Sarah of Holywell

                                       Eliz'h, Elizabeth, Elizth, Harriot, Hugh, Jane, John, Judeth, Judith, Mabella, Margaret, Margt, Maria,
                                       Mary, Peter, Pheebe, Prudence, Richard, Robert, Robt, Sarah, Thomas, Thos, Will, William, Wm;

                 193 Betws Gwerfyl Goch:
                 194 Halkyn:
DAVIES contd
                *195 Holywell: 8 Jun 1814 bap/o Jane Davies JONES d/o Humphrey (mercer) & Jane
                 195 Holywell: Abraham, Amelia, Ann(e), Barbara, Benjamin, Caroline, Catherine, Charles, Charlotte,
                                     David, Dorothy, Ebenezer, Edmund, Edward, Elenor, Elinor, Eliza(beth), Elizth, Ellen,
                                     Evan, Fanny, Frances, George, George Alfred, Grace, Griffith, Hannah, Henry, Hugh, Isaac,
                                     James, Jane, John, John Griffith, John Nuttall, John Vaug(h)ton, Joseph, Lewis, Lucy,
                                     Margaret, Margt, Maria, Maria Shaw, Martha, Mary, Mary Anne, Maurice, Morris, Peter,
                                     Phoebe, Rachael, Richard, Robert,

                                     Samuel: 24 Nov 1813 bap/o Hannah d/o Samuel (miner) & Mary, Greenfield
                                                    1 Sep 1816 bap/o Samuel DAVIES (LEIGHTON) base s/o William LEIGHTON & Mary DAVIES
                                                  13 Oct 1816 bap/o Samuel s/o Samuel (miner) & Mary, Greenfield
                                                    9 Mar 1817 bap/o Samuel s/o James (miner) & Sarah
                                                  16 Jul 1820 bap/o Samuel s/o Robert (lab) & Elizth
                                                  25 Dec 1822 bap/o Robert s/o Samuel (plasterer) & Jane
                                                  21 Sep 1823 bap/o Samuel s/o Robert (nailer) & Jane, Brynford
                                                  29 Aug 1824 bap/o Thos. s/o Samuel (plasterer) & Jane

                         Sarah, Sophie, Susan(na)(h), Thomas,
                         Thomas Plain, Thos, Vaughton, William, Willm, Wm;
DAVIES contd
                 196A+B+C Llanfair Talhearn:
                 197 Hanmer: Ann(e), Edward, Eliza, Elizabeth, Emma, George, Hugh, James, Jane, John,
                                     Joseph, Margaret, Margett, Martha, Mary, Mary Ann, Robert, Samuel, Sarah,
                                     Thomas, William, Wynifred;
                 198 Mold: Agnes, Andrew, Anne, Arabella, Catherine, David, Edward, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Frances, Hannah,
                                Harriet, Hugh, Ithel, James, Jane, Jemima, John, Joseph, Lucy, Margaret, Martha, Mary, Morris,
                                Peter, Robert, Samuel, Sarah, Susannah, Thomas, William;
                 199 Derwen:
DAVIES contd
                *201+201 Wrexham:
                 202 Bryneglwys:
                 203 Denbigh:
                 204 Llangernyw:
                 205 Llantysilio:
                 206A+B Hanmer:
                 207 Hanmer:
                 208 Llanarmon Mynydd Mawr:
                 209A+B+C+D Llangedwyn:
DAVIES contd
                 211 Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd:
                 212 Llangollen:
                 213 Llangollen
                 214 Llangynhafal:
                *215 Llanrhydd: 11 Feb 1810 mar. by Lic. of John HUGHES (corviser) (x) ba. of Ruthin &  Dorothy Davies JOINES (x) sp. otp
                                                                                 Wits: Robert EVANS, Margaret JONES, Edward JONES (Clark)
                 215 Llanrhydd: Alice, Ann(e), Catharine, Catherine, David, Edward, Elizabeth, Foulk, Henry, Hugh, Jane, John, Joserph, Lewis, Margaret,
                                       Mary, Meredith, Robert, Sarah, Thomas, William;
                 216+B Erbistock:
                 217 Llanelian yn Rhos:
                 218 Llangollen:
                 219 Penley:
DAVIES contd
                *221+221 St. Asaph:
                 222 St. Asaph:
                 223 St. Asaph:
                 224 St. Asaph:
DAVIES contd
                 226A+B+C Llanarmon yn Ial (Bap, Mar & Bur 1813-1837) Vol 3
                                    Anne, Barbara, Catherine, Charlotte, Daniel,  David, Edw'd, Edward, Eleanor, Eliz,
                                    Elizabeth, Evan, George, Hannah, Harriet, Hugh, James, Jane, Jemima, Jemimah, John,
                                    John Owen, Jonathan, Joseph, Lowry, Marg't, Margaret, Mary, Naomi, Owen, Rich'd, Richard,                                       Robert, Ruth, Samuel, Sarah, Serah, Simon, Tho's, Thomas, William, Wm Evan.

                                      3 Apr 1814 bap/o Mary DAVIES (ROBERTS
                                                                     base s/o William ROBERTS of HOPE Psh & Ruth DAVIES otp
                                    19 May 1816 bap/o Robert ROBERTS (DAVIES)
                                                                base s/o Robert DAVIES  & Ellinor ROBERTS, Creigiog Uwch Lan
                                    27 Jul 1817 bap/o Owen DAVIES (DAVIES)
                                                             base s/o Owen DAVIES (nailor of Mold & Ruth DAVIES otp (Llan)
                                    19 Aug 1818 bap/o Elizabeth DAVIES (DENMAN)
                                                               base d/o Rich'd DENMAN (servant) & Marg't DAVIES, Llan
                                     22 Aug 1819 bap/o Tho ROBERTS (DAVIES)
                                                                   base s/o Tho's DAVIES (lab) & Elizabeth ROBERTS, Iarll
                                     14 Nov 1819 bap/o Sarah DAVIES (WILLIAMS)
                                                        base d/o John WILLIAMS (miner) of Llanferras & Sarah DAVIES otp
                                     25 Dec 1819 bap/o Sophia ROBERTS (DAVIES)
                                                                base d/o Joseph DAVIES (shoemaker) of Nerquis & Anne ROBERTS otp
                                     12 Sep 1820 bap/o Elizabeth DAVIES (JONES)
                                                              base d/o Edward JONES of Llanfair Psh & Margaret DAVIES
DAVIES contd
                 227A+B+C Ruthin:
                 228 St. Asaph:
                 229A+B+C St. Asaph:
DAVIES contd
                 231 Hope:
                 232 Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd:
                 233 Llanfwrog:
                 234 Minera:
                 235 Gwyddelwern: Vicar 1740-1749 David DAVIES
                                            Alice, An(e), Blains, Blanch, Cath, Catherine, Dan'l, Dav'd, David, Dorothy, Edward, Edwd,
                                            Elin, Elionor, Elizabeth, Elizth, Ellis, Evan, Grace, Gwen, Henry, Hugh, James, Jane, John,
                                            Jonet, Kadr., Kath, Kenric, Lowry, Lucke, Luke, Margaret, Margt, Mary, Richd, Rob., Robert,
                                            Robt., Roger, Thomas, Thos., William;
                 236 Gwyddelwern:
                 237 Gwyddelwern:
                 238 Llangollen;
                 239A+B+C+D+E Llangar:
DAVIES contd
                 241A+B+C Llangar:
                 242A+B Gwyddelwern:
                 243 Hanmer:
                 244A+B+C Llandegla:
                 245A+B+C Llanrhydd:
                 246 Llanfwrog:
                 247 Llanfwrog:
                 249 Minera:
DAVIES contd
                 250 St. Asaph Notitae:
                 251A+B Corwen:
                 252 Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog:
                 253 Llanfawr:
                 254 Llanfawr:
                 255 Corwen:
                 256 Corwen:
                 257 Llandrillo yn Edeirnion:
                 258A Llansanffraid Glyndyfrdwy: Anne, Cath., Catherine, David, Edward, Eliz., Elizabeth, Evan, Godfrey,
                                                                Hugh, Jane, John, Margaret, Martha, Mary, Rich'd, Robert, Robt., Rowland,
                                                                Sarah, Sydney, Thomas, William;
Llansanffraid Glyndyfrdwy: Elizabeth, Hugh, Thomas;
Llansanffraid Glyndyfrdwy: Anne, Catherine, Elizabeth, Griffith, Hugh, Jane, Margaret, Mary, Peter, Robert,
                                                                Susannah, Thomas, William;
                 259 Betws Gwerfyl Goch:
DAVIES contd
                 261 Llanderfel:
                 262 Llanderfel:
                 263A LLansilin: ---, Alice, Ann(e), Catherine, David, Edward, Einen, Elin, Elinor, Elizabeth, Ellin, Ellinor,
                                        Elzbth, Foulk, Griffith, Hugh, James, Jane, Jenkin, Jenkyn, Jno, John, Mr. Jon, Lowry,
                                        Margaret(t), Martha, Mary, Morris, Owen, Rice, Richard, Robert, Robt., Roger, Samuel, Sarah,
                                        Sarra, Sinah, Stephen, Tho., Thomas, William;
                      B Llansilin: Alice, Ann(e), Catherine, David, Dorothy, Elizabeth, Elzbth, Evan, Griffith, Gwen, Henry, Hugh,
                                       Jane, John, Margarett, Margt., Mary, Parthenia, Phineas, Robert, Robt., Sara(h), Sinah,
                                       Susanah, Thomas, William;
                      C Llansilin: ---, Ann(e), Bridgeat, Cathn., David, Edward, Elizabeth, Elzbth, Emme, Griffith, Henry, James, Jane,
                                       Jenkyn, Jno., John, Joseph, Judith, Luce, Margaret(t), Mary, Prudence, Rachel, Richard, Robt.,
                                       Roger, Samuel, Sinah, Tho., Thomas, Thos., William;
                 264 Llangower:
                 266A+B+C Marchwiel:
                 267 Ruthin:
                 268 Wrexham:
                 269 Dyserth:
DAVIES contd
                 271 Eglwys-bach:
                 272 Nannerch:
                 273 Trelawnyd:
                 274A+C+D+E Betws yn Rhos:
                 275 Gwaenysgor:
                 276A+B+C Llanasa:
                 277 Llandrillo yn Rhos: Alice, Ann(e), Catharine, Catherine, Dafydd, David, Eleanor, Elinor, Eliza(beth),
                                                   Ellin, Ellis, Ellinor, Evan, Grace, Gwen, Hannah, Hugh, Isaac, Jane, Jemima, John,
                                                   Joseph, Margaret, Maria, Mary, Owen, Richard, Robert, Samuel, Thomas, William;

                                               18 Jun 1797 bap/o Jane ROBERTS (DAVIES) base d/o Robert DAVIES & Anne ROBERTS
                                               22 Jun 1799 bap/o Elizabeth ROBERTS (DAVIES) base d/o John DAVIES & Elizabeth ROBERTS
                                               16 Apr 1809 bap/o Mary DAVIES (WILLIAMS)
                                                                  base d/o David WILLIAMS, Llwydcoed issa & Margaret DAVIES, Pen y groesffordd
                 278 Chirk:
                 279 Llandudno:
DAVIES contd
                 280 Llanfair Talhaearn:
                 281 Llangystennin:
                 282 LLanrhaeadr ym Mochnant:
                *283+283 Llanrhos:
                 284 Llansanffraid Glan Conway:
                 285 Llanuwchllyn:
                 286 Llanycil:
                 287 Llanycil:
                 288 Meliden:
                 289 Gwernaffield:
DAVIES contd
                *290 Hanmer: 2 Oct 1887 bap/o Sarah Anne HUMPHREYS (b 12 Aug)
                                                                                               d/o ----- & Mary (now DAVIES), By Croxton Pool
                                    24 Sep 1893 bap/o John Beavon RATHBONE (b 27 Aug) s/o Peter Davies(F) & Hannah Maria
                                    26 Jul 1896 bap/o Edward RATHBONE (b 8 Jun) s/o Peter Davies (F) & Hannah Maria
                 290 Hanmer: Annie, Beatrice Mary, Charles, Clara, Constance Emily, Deborah, Edward, Eliza, Elizabeth Helen,
                                    Ellis Thomas, Emily, Emma, Ethel, Fred, Frederic(k), Frederick William, George Oliver, John,
                                    Kesiah, Keziah, Levi, Lily, Mabel May, Mary, Mary Ann, Mary Jane, Nelly, Phoebe, Rose,
                                    Sarah Ann, William;
                 291 Llysfaen:
                *292+292 Rhosymedre:
                 293 Hawarden:
                 294 Mold: Ann(e), Catherine, Charles, Charles Roberts, David, Ebenezer, Edward, Elinor, Eliza,
                                Elizabeth, Elizth, Ellen, Emma, Esther, Evan, George, Hannah, Harriet, Henry, Hugh,
                                Isaac, Ishmael, Ithel, Jane, Jemima, Job, John, Joseph, Margaret, Margt, Maria, Mary,
                                Philip, Richard, Robert, Salina, Samuel, Sarah, Susanah, Thomas, William;
                *295+295 Mold:
                 296 Rhuddlan:
                 297 Chirk:
                 298 Hawarden:
                 299 Mold: Ann(e), Arabella, Barbara, Catherine, David, Edward, Edwd, Edwin, Elinor, Eliza(beth),
                                Elizth, Ellen, Hannah, Harriet, Henry, Hugh, Isaac, James, Jane, John, Joseph, Margaret,
                                Martha, Mary, Mary Anne, Owen, Prudence, Richard, Robert, Robt, Samuel, Sarah,
                                Susanna, Thomas, William;
DAVIES contd
                 300 Mold:
                 301 Mold:
                 302 Hawarden:
                 303 Hawarden:
                 304A Wrexham (Baptisms 1730-56):
                                         Ann(e), Barbara, Catherine, Charles, Christopher,  Danl, David,

                                         Ed: 20 Aug 1736 bap/o Ed (b 13) s/o Ed (bodys maker)
                                         Edd: 29 Apr 1737 bap/o Edd (b 26) s/o John (postman)
                                                 28 Apr 1740 bap/o Edd (b 28) s/o Edd (wheelwright), Bersham
                                         Edw:  28 Dec 1734 bap/o Edw & Catherine (b 11) s&d/o Edw (yeoman), Bersham
                                                    1 Jan 1734/35 bap/o Edw (b 19 Dec) s/o Laurance (butcher), Wrexham Regis
                                                    4 Jan 1734/35 bap/o Thos (b 3) s/o Edw (bodys maker), Wrexham Regis
                                                    5 Apr 1746 bap/o Edw (b 27 Mar) s/o Wm (smith), Wrexham Regis
                                                    7 Feb 1747 bap/o Edw (b 4) s/o Robert (collier), Brymbo
                                                    2 Jun 1748 bap/o Edw (b 31 May) s/o Edw (shoemaker), Wrexham Abbot
                                                    9 Oct 1748 bap/o Edw (b 9) s/o John (weaver), Esclusham Above
                                                   25 Oct 1748 bap/o Ellin (b 13) d/o Edw (butcher), Wrexham Regis
                                                  19 Nov 1749 bap/o Edw (b 9) s/o Rich (collier), Brymbo
                                                    8 Jun 1751 bap/o Edw (b 26 May) s/o Edw (shoemaker), Wrexham Abbot
                                                  16 Nov 1751 bap/o Edw (b 9) s/o Samuel (lab), Bersham
                                         Edward,:  8 Nov 1738 bap/o Edward & Jane (b 1) s&d/o Edward (smith)
                                                      27 Sep 1742 bap/o Edward (b 23) s/o John (miner), Minera
                                                     16 Feb 1754  bap/o Edward (b 14) s/o Edw Jnr (yeoman), Bieston
                                                       3 Dec 1754 bap/o Edward (b 29 Nov) s/o Edward (miner), Bersham
                                                       4 Jan 1755 bap/o Edward (b 30 Nov) s/o Edward (shoemaker), Wrexham Regis
                                                      31 Aug 1756 bap/o Ellinor (b 12) d/o Edward (butcher), Wrexham Regis
                                                      14 Oct 1754  bap/o Edward (b 13) s/o Robert (collier), Brymbo
DAVIES (304 Wrexham) contd
                                         Elinor, Elisabeth, Eliz, Eliza, Elizabeth, Ellen, Ellin, Ellinor, Ellis, Ellizabeth, Esther, Evan,
                                         Frances, Francis, Hannah, Hester, Hugh, James, Jane, Jno, John, Jon, Jonathan, Joseph,
                                         Katherine, Laurence, Margaret, Margt, Martha, Mary, Owen, Philip, Phillip, Ralph, Rebecca,
                                         Rebecka, Rich, Richard, Robert, Robt, Roderick, Roger, Saml, Samll, Samuel, Samuell,
                                         Sarah, Susan, Thomas, Thos, William, Wm;
                      B Wrexham (Marriagers 1730-54):        
                                         Allice, Ann(e), Cath, Catherine, David,

                                         Ed: 26 Jan 1730/31 mar/o Ed DAVIES of Llangollen & Elin PRICHARD otp
                                         Edw, 9 May 1748 mar by Banns of Edw DAVIES & Eliz PRITCHARD otp
                                         Edward: 25 Aug 1750 mar by Banns of Edward DAVIES & Elizabeth JONES both otp
                                                      12 Jan 1754 mar by Banns of Edward DAVIES & Jane SAMUELL both otp
                                                      29 Jan 1754 mar by Banns of Edward DAVIES & Elisabeth JONES both otp

                                         Elisabeth, Eliz, Ellen, Ellinor,
                                         Francis, Hannah, James, Jane, Jno, John, Jon, Joseph, Lowry, Margt, Mary, Morris, Owen,
                                         Peter, Phillip, Rich, Robert, Robt, Roderick, Saml, Samuel, Sarah, Thomas, Thos, William;
DAVIES (304 Wrexham) contd
                      C Wrexham (Burials 1730-56)
                                         ---, Alice, Ann(e), Cath, Catherine, Charles, Christopher, Danll, David, Deb, Dorothy,

                                         Ed: 10 May 1736 bur/o Ed (lab), Brymbo
                                         Edd: 23 Mar 1738/39 bur/o Edd c/o Edd (smith)
                                         Edward: 14 Aug 1737 bur/o Edward s/o John (postman), Wrexham
                                                       5 Mar 1739/40 bur/o Edward, Broughton
                                                      13 May 1754 bur/o Edward (collier), Broughton
                                                        6 Jan 1755 bur/o Edward s/o Edward (shoemaker), Wrexham Regis
                                         Edwd: 29 Mar 1746 bur/o Edwd (yeoman), Esclusham Above
                                                   14 Jun 1746 bur/o Mary d/o Edwd (bodicemaker), Wrexham Regis  
                                                     5 Dec 1747 bur/o Jane d/o Edwd (bodicemaker), Wrexham Regis    
                                                     6 Feb 1752 bur/o Edwd s/o Edwd (shoemaker), Wrexham Regis

                                         Elinor, Elisabeth, Elisth, Eliz, Eliza, Elizabeth, Elizth, Ellen, Ellinor, Francis, Gwen,
                                         Hanah, Hannah, Hester, Hesther, Hugh, Isabell, James, Jane, Jno, John, Jonathon, Katharine,
                                         Katherine, Lowry, Margaret, Margt, Martha, Mary, Mathew, Matthew, Owen, Philip, Rachel,
                                         Richard, Richd, Robert, Robt, Roger, Samuel, Sarah, Susan, Thomas, Thos, Urian, William, Wm;
                 305 Hawarden:
                 306 Holywell:
DAVIES contd
                 307A Ruabon: Vicar 1706-1746 Richard DAVIES M.A. (of the family of Gwasaney & Llanerch)
                                               1756-1758 Edward DAVIES M.A.
                                      Alice, Ann(e), Arthur, Barbara, Cadwaladr, Catharine, Catherine, Cathrine, Charles, Daniel,
                                      David, Dorothy, Edward, Elias, Elisabeth, Elizabeth, Ellen, Ellin, Ellis, Esther, Eubule, Evan,
                                      Frances, Grace, Groom, Hannah, Hugh, Humphrey, James, Jane, John, Joseph, Joshua,
                                      Katharine, Margaret, Martha, Mary, Maurice, Morris, Pheobe, Philip, Phoebe, Rachel, Richard,
                                      Robert, Roger, Samuel, Sarah, Simon, Susan, Susannah, Thomas, Ursula, Watkin, William;

                      B Ruabon: Absalom, Alice, Ann(e), Arabella, Arthur, Barbarah, Benjamin, Catharine, Catherine, Charles,
                                      Cristiana, Daniel, David, Edward, Elias, Elisabeth, Elizabeth, Elizth, Elen, Ellin, Ellinr, Ellis,
                                      Eubule, Grace, Hannah, Hugh, Humphreys, Isabel, James, Jane, Jennet, John, Joshua,
                                      Margaret, Martha, Mary, Maudlin, Owen, Philip, Phoebe, Richard, Robert, Roger, Saml, Samuel,
                                      Sarah, Simon, Susan, Tabitha, Thomas, Thos, William;
DAVIES contd
                 308 Bodfari: ....n, Ann(e), Cath, Catherine, Cathrine, David, Dorothy, Edd, Edward, Edwd, Elin, Eliz,
                                   Elizabeth, Elizth, Ellin, Hugh, James, Jane, John, Leonard, Margaret, Mary, Peter, Phillip,
                                   Richard, Robert, Robt, Thomas, William, Willm, Wm;
                 309 Denbigh:

                 310 Gresford:
                 311 Hawarden:
                 312 Abergele:
                 313 Hawarden:
                 314 Rhosllanerchrugog (Baptisms 1853-1906)
                            (This parish was created out of Ruabon in 1844)
                             10 Nov 1895 bap/o Robert Davies RICHARDS
                                                        s/o Robert (collier) & Elizabeth, Smith St., Rhos

                            Abraham, Alexander, Alexander Wright, Alfred, Alfred Herbert,
                            Alice, Alice Rose, Amelia, Amy, Ann, Anne, Anthony, Arthur,
                            Beatrice Eleanor, Benjamin, Blodwen, Caroline, Catherine, Charles,
                            David: 18 Mar 1877 bap/o Elizabeth
                                                                 d/o David (farm servant) & Margaret, Rhos
                            Edward Jones, Eleanor, Eliza, Elizabeth, Ellen, Emeline Ethel,
                            Emily Jane, Emma, Enoch, Ethel, Fred, George, George Belmore,
                            George Thomas, George William, Gladys May,
                            Harriet, Isaac, James, Jane, Jemimah, John, John Henry,
                            John Owen,
                            Joseph, Joseph Stanley, LIzzie Ann, M.E., Marg't Jane, Margaret,
                            Margaret Sarah, Mariah, Marie Louise, Martha, Mary,
                            Mary Caroline, Mary Elizabeth, Mary Louisa, Matthew, Miriam,
                            Morris, Phyllis Dobson, Priscilla, Robert, Robert John, Ruth,
                            Samuel, Sarah, Sarah Elizabeth, Sarah Jane, Thomas,
                            Thomas John, Watkin, William, ?William.

                              7 Nov 1871 bap/o Mary GRIFFITHS (DAVIES)
                                  illeg. d/o Thomas DAVIES (servant) & Anne GRIFFITHS
                              1 Oct 1875 bap/o David DAVIES (MACCAFF)
                                    illeg. s/o Heron MACCAFF (butcher) & Ann DAVIES, Rhos
DAVIES contd
                *315 Ruabon: 21 Sep 1854 bap/o Edward Davies HUGHES s/o Joseph (tailor) & Harriet
                                      9 Aug 1876 bap/o Jane Davies HOLT d/o Walter (publican) & Harriet, Bricklayer Arms
                 315 Ruabon: Albert, Alfred, Alfred George, Alfred Richard, Alice, Amy, Ann(e), Annie, Arthur Llewelyn,
                                    Bertie, Bessie, Betsey, Carrie, Catharine, Catherine, Charles, Charles Burton, Charles Newman,
                                    David, David Llewellyn, David Llewelyn, Doris, Dorothy, Dorothy Constance Wynne, Edith,
                                    Edward, Edward Allen, Edwin, Eleanor, Elenor Mary, Elisa, Eliza, Eliza Alice, Elizabeth,
                                    Elizabeth Ann, Elizah, Ellen, Elsie Emma, Emily, Emily Martha, Emily May, Emma, Enoch,
                                    Esther, Ethel, Fanny Elizabeth, Florence, Francis, Frank, Frank Jack, Frederic(k), George,
                                    George Edward, Georgina Cunningham, Gertrude, Gwendolen Marie, Harold, Harriet, Harry,
                                    Henry, Henry Corndon David, Henry Ovenden David, Henry Overton David, Herbert James,
                                    Isaac Thomas, James, Jane, Jane Elizabeth, Jannet, Jessie, Jessie Mabel, John, John Alfred,
                                    John Henry, John Owen, John Richard, John Robert, John Williams, Joseph, Lavinah,
                                    Lewis Simner, Lilian, LLewelllyn, Louis, Louisa, Lucy Dorothy, Margaret, Margaret Hilda,
                                    Maria, Maria Helen, Marie Helen, Mary, Mary Ann, Mary Winifred, Norman, Peter Thomas, Phoebe,
                                    Price, Priscilla, Richard, Richard Harrold, Richard Wilfred, Robert, Robert Edward,
                                    Robert Mercer David, Robert William, Sarah, Sarah Ann, Sarah Elizabeth, Sarah Ellen,
                                    Stanley Watkyn, Susanna(h), Sydney Redvers, Tabitha, Thomas, Thomas Arthur, William,
                                    William Alfred, William Cecil Conway, William Edward, William Eric, William Henry,
                                    William Joseph, William Robert, William Seymour, William Taliesyn;
DAVIES (315 Ruabon) contd

                                      6 Oct 1854 bap/o Mary Anne CLERKE (DAVIES)
                                                           base d/o Charles DAVIES (lab) & Elizabeth CLERKE (servant), Cinders Green
                                     16 Aug 1857 bap/o Thomas DAVIES (EDWARDS)
                                                           illeg. s/o Thomas EDWARDS (lab) of Bangor & Tabitha DAVIES of Cinders
                                      3 Oct 1858 bap/o Mary Ellen VAUGHAN (DAVIES)
                                                           illeg. d/o Thomas DAVIES (lab) of Dudleston & Charlotte VAUGHAN of Gyfelie
                                      2 Apr 1863 bap/o Elizabeth DAVIES (EDWARDS)
                                                           illeg. d/o Thomas EDWARDS (lab) & Tabitha DAVIES, Cinders
DAVIES contd
                 316 Flint:
                 317 Wrexham - Dissenters' Burial Ground, Rhosddu Road, MIs:
                                        A., Ann, Arthur, Augustine, Catherine, David, E., Edward, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Ellen, Esther,
                                        Henry, Hugh, Ishmael, James, Jane, John, Maria, Martha, Mary, Mary Ann, Naomi, Pheobe,
                                        Richard, Robert, Samuel, Sarah, Thomas, William;

                 318 Henllan:
                 319 Hawarden:
DAVIES contd
                 320 Hope:
                 321 Llanasa:
                 322 Llanfor:
                 323 Denbigh:
                 324 Llysfaen:
324/  18 Dec 1873  Llysfaen   bap/o George DAVIES s/o Morris (stonecutter) & Ann, Bodhyfryd
                 325 Llangernyw:
                 326 Llansanffraid Glan Conway:
                 327 Llanrhaeadr ym Nghinmeirch:
                 328 Llansanffraid Glan Conway:
                 329 Meliden:
DAVIES contd
                 330 Whitford: Anne, Benjamin, Catherine, Chathne, Daniel, David, Dorothy, Edmund, Edmunt, Edward,
                                     Eleanor, Elin, Elizabeth, Evan, Frances, Griffith, Gwen, Henrietta, Hugh, Jane, John, Jonathan,
                                     Joseph, Margaret, Mary, Michael, Mordecai, Peter, Rachel, Reuben, Richard, Robert, Roger,
                                     Samuel, Sarah, Susan, Thomas, William;
                *331 Ysceifiog: ... Rev. William Davies SHIPLEY...... 
                 332 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Annie Mary, J.E., Joseph, Margaret (2),Phyllis, William;
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Ada, Alice, Blodwen Powis, Edward, Elizabeth, George Leslie, Isaiah, Jack,
                        Russell Wynne, Samuel Charles, Sarah Ann, Thomas Edward, Wm John;
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Barbara, Brenda Millicent, Dora, Elizabeth, Ellen Priscilla, Harry Noel,
                                Hilda Catherine, James, Joan, John, John Edward, John Robert, John Thomas,
                                Lily Jane, Mary, May, Peter Michael, Philip, Phyllis M., Priscilla, Raymond T.,
                                Richard, Robert Edward, Sarah, Thomas Frederick, Thomas Rowland, Walter,
                                William Talwyn;
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Annie Davies JOHNSON;
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs:
                                     Annie, Bertha, Bill, Clara, Edith, Edward James, Elizabeth V., Florence, Frank,
                                     George, Gladys Mary, Harold, Jeff, John, John Samuel, Marian Margaret, Molly,
                                     Peter, Robert, Robert Edward, Sarah Jane, Thomas John, William Charles,
                                     William Leonard;
DAVIES contd
                  336 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs:
                                       Albert, Hugh Allan, Kate, Leonard Llewellyn, Norman Grenville, Pattie, Sarah Elizabeth;
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Thomas Davies GARRATT, Phoebe Davies ROBERTS
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs:
                                       Alice Muriel, Ann, Catherine, Edward, Elenor, Elizabeth, Elizabeth Jane, Ellen,
                                       Emlyn, Esther, George H., Hannah, Harold, Ivor Glyn, Jeremiah, John (2), Joseph,
                                       Margaret, Martha, Mary (2), Richard, Robert, Thomas, William (2), William Edward;
                  338 Llangollen:
                  339 LLangynhafal:
DAVIES contd
                  340 Mold:
                  341 Ruabon:
                  342 Hawarden:
                  343 Hawarden:
                  344 Mold:
                  345 Rhosllanerchrugog:
                  346 Hawarden:
                  347 Hawarden:
                 *348 Wrexham: Rev. William Davies SHIPLEY
                  348 Wrexham:
                 *349 Ysceifiog: Vicar  1779 -   William Davies SHIPLEY M.A. (Dean & Chancellor of St. Asaph)
                  349A Ysceifog: Abel, Arabella, Dorothy, Edward, Jane, John, Margaret, Margret, Martha, Mary, Thomas, Wm;
                       B Ysceifiog: Ann(e), Arabella, Catharine, Catherine, Daniel, David, Dorothy, Edward, Elin, Elinor,
                                         Elizabeth, Elizth, Evan, H., Hannah, Hugh, Jane, John, Jon, Lawrence, Leticia, Margaret,
                                         Maria, Martha, Mary, Owen, Peter, Richard, Robert, Robt., Samuel, Sarah, Thomas,
                                         Thos., William;
DAVIES contd
                  350 Wrexham St. Giles Churchyard MIs:
                 *351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: Arthur Davies VIGGARS
                  351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs:
                                 Alexandra, Ann, Annie, Catherine, Charles, Charles William, D., David, Edward,
                                 Elizabeth, Elizabeth Ann, Ellen, Emma, Fred, Gwen, Harem, J., James, James Henry,
                                 Jane, John, Joseph, Madley, Margaret, Mary, Peter Thomas, Richard (Jr), Robert,
                                 Samuel, Sarah, Sophia, Stephen, Thomas, W.H., William;
                  352 Flint: .......... Rev. George ..........
                  353 Pentrobin:  2 Jan 1899 bur/o (Richard) DAVIES (registered name), aged 1 day (unbaptised), Warren

                                        Alice Beatrice, Ann Jane, Arthur, Caroline, Catherine, Catherine Elizabeth, Edgar Wilcock,      
                                        Edward, Edward Francis, Edward James, Edward Samuel, Eliza, Eliza Ann, Elizabeth, Ellis,
                                        Emily, Florence Gertrude, Frederick, George (2), George Stanley, Hannah, Hannah Sophia,
                                        Henry, Herbert Clive, James (3), Jane, Job, John (2), John Lloyd, Joseph, Kate, Lizzie,
                                        Maggie, Margaret, Martha (2), Mary (6), Mary Elizabeth (3), Mary Jane, Robert, Rose Hannah,
                                        Samuel, Sarah (2), Thomas (4), Thomas Edward, Thomas Herbert, William (6), Winifred Eliza;
DAVIES contd
                  354 Rhosllanerchrugog: Agnes, Alexander Wright, Alice, Ann(e), Archibald, Benjamin, Benjamin Owen, Blodwen,
                             Caroline Lloyd, Catherine,Daniel, David, D'd John, E., E---e, Ed., Edward, Edward James,
                             Eleanor, Elin, Elisabeth, Elisabeth Sarah, Elizabeth, Ellen, Ellis, Emily Louisa, Ethel,
                             Frank Hartley, Geo., Gittins, Hannah, Henry, Ioan, Iy? Rt, J. Hartley,  James, Jane, John,
                             John Idwal, John Islwyn, John Robert, Jonathan, Joseph, Joseph Stanley, Joseph Thos,
                             Joseph William, Joseph Wm, Joshua, Llewelyn, Margaret, Margt, Mary, Mary Jane,
                             Miriam, Motreeman, Peter, Phillip, Priscilla, Rebecca, Robert, R., R.T., Richard, Robert,
                             Robert John, Rosannah, Ruth, Sally, Samuel, Samuel George, Sarah, Sarah Hannah,
                             Shadrach, Susannah, Thomas, Tho's, Tho's J., Tho's William, Thomas, William, Wm.,
                             Wm Thomas, Wynne, X.;
DAVIES contd
                  355 Ruabon: Ann(e), Catharine, Catherine, David, Edward, Edwd, El-----, Elinor, Eliza, Elizabeth,
                             Elizth, Ellinor, Eubal, Howell, James, Jane, John, Margaret, Margaret Eliza, Mariah,
                             Mary, Morris, Robert, Sarah, Simon, Thomas, Thos, Waltear, Watkin, William, Wm;
                  356 Ruabon: Albert, Alice, Ann(ie), Benjamin(e), Catharine, Charles Henry, Daniel, David, David Llewelyn,
                             Deborah, Edith, Edward, Elijah, Eliza, Elizabeth, Elizah, Ellenor, Enoch, Ernest, Esther,
                             George, Hannah, Henry, Hugh, Isaac Thomas, Isabella, James, Jane, John, John Matthew,
                             Jonathan, Joseph, Lavinah, Margaret, Mariah, Martha, Mary, Mary Elizabeth, Mary Winifred,
                             Miriam, Phoebe, Richard, Robert, Samuel, Sarah, Simon, Susan(nah), Sydney Redvers,
                             Thomas, Thomas Bennion, Watkin, William;
DAVIES contd
                 *357 Holywell: Edward Davies WALWEN
                  357 Holywell: Ann(e), Catherine, Cathn, David, E., Ebenezer, Edward, Edwd, Eliza(beth), George, Hannah,
                                      Helen, Hugh, James, James (Th)omas, Jane, John, Lucy, Margaret, Maria, Mary, Mary Anne,
                                      Richard, Richd, Robert, Sarah, Tho(mas), Thos, William;
                  358 Holywell: Albert, Albert Edward, Annie Elizabeth, Annie M., Annie Mary, Anthony, Benjamin, Blodwen,
                                      Brian, Bridget, Catherine, Catherine Lloyd, Christmas, Claudimira Batista, Daniel, David,
                                      David Jones, David William, Doris, Doris Lydia, Edward, Edward John, Elizabeth Ann,
                                      Elizabeth Jane, Elsie, Emily, Evan, Evelyn Kate, Florence, Frederick Neville, George,
                                      Gwladys, Gwyneth Mary, Harold, Harriet Alice, Harry Shepherd, Herbert, John Edward,
                                      John Evan, John Richard, John Thomas, John William, John William Bernard, Joseph, Ken,
                                      Kevin, Lilian May, Mabel, Maggie, Margaret Elizabeth, Peggy, Margaret, Marie Louise, Mary A.,
                                      Mary Margaret, Nellie, Norah Winifred, Owen, Pauline, Peter, Phyllis, Richard Thomas, Rita,
                                      Robert William,

                                      Samuel Gladstone: Florence DAVIES d. 18 Apr 1942 aged 53 years
                                                                  also her husband Samuel Gladstone DAVIES d. 5 Nov 1958 aged 71 years
                                                                  & their son Edward - died in infancy

                                     Stanley, Thomas, Tudor, William, William G., William Henry, William Lawrence, William Thomas,
DAVIES contd
                   359 Rhosymedre: Ann(e), Anthony, Benjamin, Cadwalader, Catherine, Charles, David, Edward, Eleanor, Elias,
                          Eliza, Elizabeth, Ellen, Ellis, Emma, Enoch, Esther, Eunice Euflen, Evan, Francis, George,
                          Griffith, Hannah, Henry, Howell, Hugh, Isaac, Jacob, James, Jane, Job, John, Jonah, Joseph,
                          Lewis, Louisa, Margaret, Margaret Grace, Maria, Martha, Mary, Mary Anne, Maurice, Nathan,
                          Obadiah, Owen, Reynold, Richard, Robert, Ruth, Samuel, Sarah, Stephen, Susan, Susannah,
                          Sydney, Thomas, Thomas D., Thos, Walter, William, Winifred;
                  *360 Llangollen: George Davies GRIFFITHS, John Davies HUGHES
                   360 Llangollen: Agnes Annie, Albert Hugh, Alice Anne, Annie Eliza, Benjamin, Christmas, David, David Henry,
                             David Thomas, Edward, Edward Thomas, Elizabeth, Elizabeth Emma, Ellis, Emilie, Evan,
                             Griffith, Hugh, James, Jane, Jemima, Job, John, John Hungerford, John Jones, Mary,
                             Mary Ann, Nora Annie, Richard, Robert, Robert Spry, Samuel, Sarah, Thomas,
                             Thomas William, Walter, William;
                   361 Llangollen: ..., Alice Low, Amelia, Ania Magdalene, Ann(e), Anne Elizabeth, Caroline, Catherine,
                             Catherine Mary, David, Edward, Edward Francis, Elionor, Eliza, Elizabeth, Ellin, Evan,
                             George, George Edward, George Owen, Griffith, Harriet, Hester, Hugh, James, Jane,