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* = a first name; or a surname used as a first name e.g. *123 Ronald Jones PARKES
(surname) = no references found to date
dec. = deceased
otp = of this parish
p = written in the patronymic form
wcof = with consent of friends
wcop = with consent of parents
Wits: = Witnesses (ie to a marriage)
(x) made his/her mark

A+B+C etc. = separate indexes within the transcription
BT = Bishop's Transcript
DB =Domesday Book
ME = Middle English
MIs = Monumental Inscriptions (ie from tombstones)
NLW = National Library of Wales
OE = Old English
OFr = Old French
ON = Old Norse
OW = Old Welsh

J.C. 172 Holt: 23 Jun? 1692 mar. by Lic. of D.B. & J.C.
M.C., 355 Ruabon St. Mary's Churchyard MIs: M.C. 1830 ----------- M. CHARLES December ------ (no other informatin)
MSC 355
Ruabon St. Mary's Churchyard MIs: MSC 1722 (no other information)
C. 304 Wrexham: 21 Dec 1744 bur/o Margaret C--------, of Broughton, servant to Mr. Powel
CA... 276B Llanasa: 29 Nov 1762 mar. by Banns of Joseph CATROW (x) wdr of Whitford  & Anne HUGHES (x) sp. otp
                                                                          Wits: Jos. CA..... (x), Benjamin CUNNA
         474A Gresford: 29 Oct 1836 Tho's CA-------- & Sarah THOMAS wits at mar by Banns of
                                                Thomas EVANS ba & Ann LEWIS sp both otp
CA..ELL 460 Mold: 29 Apr 1665 bur/o Jane w/o William John ap Arthur,  otp

     KABINET 485 Holywell: 24 Sep 1774 Elizabeth ?KABINET & Edward OWENS wits at mar by Banns of
                                                               Joseph HUXLEY & Mary PIERCE both otp


     CABOUTT 116D Llansilin: 13 Oct 1798 mar. by Banns of Thomas Morris (x) ba. & Mary ROGERS sp., both otp
                                                                                        Wits: John CABOUTT (x), Ann EVANS (x)
     CAPETT 274D Betws yn Rhos:
                           7 Mar 1795 J. CAPETT, Robert EVANS & Aice HEMANS wits at mar by Lic of
                                            Watkin WILLIAMS (Clerk)  ba otp & (Dame) Mary Anne EVANS sp otp
     KABBIT Misc: 1881 Census Saltney, Cheshire/Flintshire


CADDE see CADDER, but possibly also CADWALADR

Cadder, Strathclyde
CADDER  236 Gwyddelwern: Anne, Gwen Robert;
               250 St. Asaph Notitae:
     cadair/cader  (Welsh) 'seat, stronghold'
     CADDER *459 Mold
                     450 Llanycil
                     538*B Llangar
CADDY 438A Broughton: Thomas;
                 573 Broughton:  3 Jan 1897 bap/o William
                                                 s/o Thomas (platelayer) & Emily Maria, 4 Stone Cottages, Mold Junction
                                        12 May 1901 bap/'o John Robert
                                                 s/o Thomas Ellis (platelayer) & Emily Maria, 22 North St., Mold Junction
     CADE  42 Holywell: Charlotte;
              189 Holywell: David, George, Lewis, Margt, Wm;
               195 Holywell: Charles, Elizabeth, Job, Margaret, Margt, William, Wm;
               250 St. Asaph Notitae:
               375 Wrexham: Arthur Howard, Charles Wright, Joseph Wright, Mary;
               467 Holywell:
               553 Gresford; Ann, Joseph;
Misc: Gresford MIs:  Grave List 1920?, Row. No. 33
     CADDE *250+250 St. Asaph Notitae:
     Cader/Cadir Idris - a celebrated mountain, towering
to the height of 2,914 feet above the level of
                                 the sea, forming an object of great attraction to visitors (North Wales Directory 1835 Dolgelly)
     CADY 315 Ruabon: George, Jennetta Elizabeth, Sarah;
     CAID 250 St. Asaph Notitae:


     CADDICK 334 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs:
                              Left curb: To the dear memory of Margaret CADDICK, who died November 3/30? 1967 aged 81 years
                                                                                May she rest in peace
                              Right curb: also her husband John CADDICK who died May 25 1971, aged 83 years
                    567 Brymbo: 6 Feb 1860 bur/o Samuel, aged 1 yr, South Sea, Broughton                                                                                                                                                             
    CADDOCK  3 Llangollen: 27 Mar 1784 bap/o Robert (b.27) s/o William (nailer) & Hannah (LEE), Llangollen Abbot
                                            4 Jun 1786 bap/o Richard (b. 29 May) s/o William (nailer) & Hannah (LEE), Llangollen Abbot
                     34 Llangwm:  12 Apr 1808 mar by Banns of William CADDOCK  Wdr of Llanrhydd
                                                                                  & Dorothy WILLIAMS (x) sp. otp
                                                                                     Wits: Richd JONES (x), John LEWIS
   83 Ruthin:  23 Sep 1806 mar by Banns of William CADDOCK ba. otp
                                                                               & Mary JONES (x) sp. otp
                                                                                  Wits: J. LLOYD, C. DAVIES
                                      20 Nov 1807 bur/o Mary
                                        1 Nov 1811 bap/o William s/o William & Margaret
                    107 Llanrhydd: 13 Jun 1810 bap/o Henry s/o William & Dorothy
                    227 Ruthin:   7 Jul 1813 bap/o Richard s/o William (nailor) & Dorothy, Well Street
                                      28 Jul 1815 bap/o Robert s/o William (nailor) & Dorothy, Well Street

                                       18 Feb 1817 mar by Banns of Robert CADDOCK ba. otp
                                                                               & Catherine WYNN sp. otp
                                                                                  Wits: Edw'd EDWARDS, William WYNNE
                                      13 Nov 1818 bap/o Job s/o Robert (nailor) & Margaret, Mwrog St., Psh of Llanfwrog
                                      24 Feb 1832 bur/o Hannah aged 23, Clwyd Street
                                        5 Jun 1833 bur/o William aged 85, Almshouse
                    245 Llanrhydd:  16 Jun 1813 bur/o Edward, aged 6 months, Llanrhydd Street

                                           10 Nov 1816 bap/o Hannah d/o William (nailor) & Dorothy, Well Street
                                            8 Nov 1818 bap/o Charles s/o William (nailer) & Dorothy, Well Street
                                           11 Jun 1821 Dorothy CADDOCK & Edward EDWARDS wits. at mar by Banns of
                                                                   John ROBERTS ba. of Gwyddelwern & Eleanor JONES sp. otp
                                           22 Aug 1856 bap/o Robert CAD(D)OCK s/o Enoch (nailor) & Mary, Llanfair Street
                    364 Wrexham: 26 Aug 1848 bur/o John aged 2, Wrexham Abbot
                                          10 Jan 1849 bur/o Dorothy aged 70, Wrexham Abbot
                    374 Wrexham: 5 Jan 1850 bap/o John s/o Charles (nailer) & Elizabeth, Pentre Velin
                    393 Wrexham: 6 Aug 1881 bur/o Henry, aged 73, College St.
                    406 Wrexham: Margaret;
                    412 Wrexham: Elizabeth, William;
Misc: North Wales 1835 Ruthin: Nail maker: William Caddock, Llanrhydd
                             1841 Census Wrexham Town: Abbott Street: Henry   31   born in County
     CADOCK  83 Ruthin: 4 Mar 1792 bap/o Henry s/o William & Hannah
                   107 Llanrhydd: 21 May 1809 bap/o William s/o William & Dorothy
                   238 Llangollen:  3 May 1782 bur/o Job c/o William (nailer), Llangollen Fechan
Llanrhydd: 22 Aug 1856 bap/o Robert CAD(D)OCK s/o Enoch (nailor) & Mary, Llanfair Street
                                         24 Sep 1857 bap/o Edward s/o Enoch (nailor0 & Mary, Llanfair Street
Misc: 1841 Census Wrexham Town: Pentreffelin: Willm        62   Nail m.    not born in County
                                                                                           Dorothea   63                     born in County             
                                                                                           Robert      27   Nail m. J.     born in County
                                                                                           Hannah     26                     born in County
                                                                                           Elizabeth    5                  not born in County
                                                                                           Henry BOYD  1                 born in County
     CADOG 83 Ruthin:  3 Aug 1788 bap/o Job s/o William & Hanna
                                   8 Apr 1789 bur/o Job s/o William
                                  14 Mar 1790 bap/o Job s/o William & Hannah
     COWDOCK  37 Worthenbury: 26 Apr 1803 mar by Banns of Charles COWDOCK ba. otp
                                                                                          & Anne DOD (sig. Ann) sp. otp
                                                                                            Wits: John EDWARDS, Susannah MORRIS
                       347 Hawarden: 19 Nov 1742 bap/o William LAMB als WRIGHT (-------)
                                                  base s/o ------------ (a walker journeyman, slater to COWDOCK, of Chester)
                                                                        & Anna LAMB als WRIGHT, of Harden Poor House


Cadham, Fife
     CADMAN  29 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant: Thos;
                     42 Holywell: John;
                    151 Hanmer: 27 Oct 1781 mar. by Lic. of
                                                          William LEA (sig: Wm) otp & Martha CADMAN (sig: Marther) of Ellesmere
                                                          Wits: Thomas EDWARDS, Margaret EDWARDS
                   156A Hanmer: Elizabeth, Frances, John, Martha, Ursula(r);
                         B Hanmer: 19 May 1730 mar. by Banns of John CADMAN & Ursula LEE, both of Halghton
                    159 Holywell: 17 Jun 1804 mar. by Lic. of John WINSTANLEY wdr/54 otp s/o Thos. & Elizabeth
                                                                              & Mary Ann HARTSHORN (x) sp/40 otp d/o Ralph & Mary
                                                                                 Wits: John CADMAN, Elizabeth DAEKS
                   *245 Llanrhydd: 23 Apr 1827 bur/o Cadman JONES, an infant, Well Street, Ruthin

                    249 Minera: 21 Mar 1889 mar. by Banns
                                                 Isaac CADMAN (builder) ba/25 of Lymm CHE s/o William CADMAN (builder - dec.)
                                                 & Annie Eliza WHITEHEAD sp/26 otp d/o Thomas WHITEHEAD (commercial clerk - dec.)
                                                 Wits: John William THORNTON, Alice WHITEHEAD
                    357 Holywell St. James' Churchyard MIs: John, Phoebe;
                    391 Colwyn: 14 Feb 1883 bap/o Mildred d/o George (gardener) & Harriet, Bodlondeb
                                        4 Dec 1884 bap/o Alfred s/o George (gardener) & Harriet, Bodlondeb
                    404 Wrexham: Mary;
                    407 Wrexham: James;
                    467 Holywell
Misc: 1881 Census Saltney, Cheshire/Flintshire
     Cadnam, Hampshire
     SCADDAN 493 Llantysilio:

CADICFLOSE 467 Holywell: 27 Sep 1788 mar. by Banns of Howel HUGHES (x)  ba/27 otp s/o John & Mary
                                                                                       &  Mary SOCKET (x) sp/30 d/o Robert & Mary
                                                                                        Wits: John CADICFLOSE, Mary DAVIES

cadlan: noun cadle = battlefield (Welsh/OS)
CADLAN 283 Llanrhos: 31 Aug 1700 bap/o Jane( (b 17) d/o John (yeoman) & Mary
                                   19 Sep 1703 bap/o Evan (b 18) s/o John (yeoman) & Mary
               454A,B Llanrhos
               475A Llangystennin


     CADOGAN *155 Caerwys: 15 Sep 1802 bur/o John Cadogan LLOYD
                      *301 Caerwys: 3 Sep 1778 bap/o John Cadogan LLOYD s/o Revd. Mr John (Clerk) & Martha
     CADWGAN *575 Hope: 14 Oct 1849 bap/o William Cadwgan LLOYD
                                                                s/o John Vaughan (Clerk) & Magdalen Anne, Hope Vicarage

                                                                                CADDWALADDER, CADWALADER see CADWALADR

CADWALADR - compound of cad and gwaladr and therefore meaning 'battle-leader', this name,
                                                  naturally, was given to the sons of kings and princes - Morgan & Morgan
     CAD: 506B Abergele
     CAD. 110 Ysbyty Ifan: 8 May 1742 bap/o Cadwalader CAD. s/o Thos. & Engharad
            *326 Llansannan: 12 Apr 1734 bap/o Margaret d/o Cad., Beidiog
             368 Abergele: 5 Apr 1753 bap/o Cath. d/o John & Eliz of Llanfair
             398 Gyffylliog: 3 Nov 1754 bur/o John s/o Wm (lab), Cerrig Ceirion
CAD'D 259 Betws Gwerfyl Goch: 259 Betws Gwerfyl Goch: 17 Feb 1796 bap/o thos. & Evan ss/o John & Elinor
     CAD'R 110 Ysbyty Ifan: Cadwalader, Catherine, Elin, Gwen, Jane, Lewis, Margt, Mary, Thos, Wm;
                457 Llanuwchllyn
     CADALADER 261 Llanderfel: 6 May 1768 bur/o Grace Cadalader,  Doldrewyn
                          450 Llanycil
     CADALR *33 Llangwm: Cadal'r CADR
     CADD'R 235 Gwyddelwern: Gwen;
                  239A+B  Llangar: 19 Aug 1724 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Llewelyn, Bettws y Coed
                  389 Hawarden: 19 Jul 1598 bur/o Jane
                  460 Mold: 9 May 1669 bur/o Kenerick, otp
                  512 Nannerch
                  515A Corwen
                       B Corwen
                  560p Llangollen: 22 Oct 1624 mar/o Edward ap Cadd'r & Gwen vch J..........
     CADDE  560p Llangollen: 31 May 1630 John Cadde, Warden 
     CADDER possibly see also

     CADDR 17 Llanarmon yn Ial: Elizabeth, Mary, Roger;
                 86 Derwen: 23 Jan 1678/79 bap/o John s/o David & Jane vch David
               *166 Cilcain: 30 Sep 1683 bap/o Mary JONES d/o Caddr JONES & Mary PARRY
                                    7 Mar 1685/6 bur/o Catherine d/o Caddr. Jones & Mary Percy
                                   31 Jul 1686 bur/o Dorothy d/o Caddr. Jones & Mary his wife
                199 Derwen: Catharine, Elizabeth;
                235 Gwyddelwern: Owen;
                253C (page 24) Llanfor: 7 Feb 1762 mar/o Robert JONES & Grace Hugh
                                                                            Wits: Rowland Caddr., John Rowland
                262 Llanderfel:
                286 Llanycil:
                398 Gyffylliog: 3 Dec 1732 bur/o John, Tre Sgeibion
                450 Llanycil:
                512 Nannerch
                528 Llanrwst
     CADDR' 460 Mold: 16 Dec 1667 bap/o Richard
                                                             s/o John ap Richard & Margaret (CADDR') wife , Leeswood
     CADDWALADR 560p Llangollen: 12 Feb 1630 Warden: John Cadd(waladr)
     CADOR  287 Llanycil:

     CADR   *33 Llangwm: Cadr CAD'R
                  33 Llangwm: Cadal'r, Cadr, Cadw'r, Catherine, Ed'd, Edd, Elin, Elisa, Elizabeth, Jane, John,
                                    Llywelyn, Lowry, Margaret, Margt, Rowland, Rowld;
                  88 Llanelidan:
                  89A Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr:
                 113 Llanelidan:
                 149 Ysbyty Ifan:
                 250 St. Asaph Notitae:
                 251A+B Corwen:
                 253 Llanfawr:
                 259 Betws Gwerfyl Goch: 22 Mar 1740/41 bap/o Hugh s/o Humphrey
                                                       16 Mar 1743/44 bap/o Catherine d/o Humphrey
                 261 Llandefel: Edward, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Jane, Margaret, Mary, Robert, Rowland, Thomas;
                 286 Llanycil:
                 325 Llangernyw:
                 450 Llanycil
     CADR. 459 Mold
     CADW 33 Llangwm: Edw, Lowry;
                96 Gyffylliog  4 Dec 1717 bap/o Kadwad'r s/o Morgan & Gwen
               193 Betws Gwerfyl Goch:
               242B Gwyddelwern:
               259 Betws Gwerfyl Goch: 24 Mar 1771 bap/o Cadwalader s/o Evan & Jane
     CADW ' R Ysbyty Ifan: 26 Apr 1775 bap/o Anne ROBERTS d/o Mathew & Elinor CADW'R, Plas Ucha
     CADWADER 202 Bryneglwys:
     CADWADR 241A+C Llangar:
     CADWAL 242B Gwyddelwern:
                    250 St. Asaph Notitae:
     CADWALACH 282 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant:
     CADWALAD  27 Llanarmon yn Ial: Ellis, Isaac, Margaret;
                         29 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant: John;
                        102  Nantglyn:
                        110 Isbyty Ifan: Barbara, Cadwalad, Catherine, David, Ellin, Ellinor, Owen, Robert, William;
                        154 Ysbyty Ifan:
                        271 Llandudno:
                        282 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant:
                        304A Wrexham: Eliz;
                             C Wrexham: Mary;
                        508C Capel Garmon
                        516B Eglwys bach
                        523B Llansanffraid Glan Conway
                        524 St George
                        528 Llanrwst
                        552B Wrexham: David, Elinor, Hugh, John, Mary, Thomas;
                             C Wrexham: 30 Sep 1712 mar/o David CADWALAD & Mary JONES, Wrexham Abbot
                                                28 Feb 1716/17 mar/o Thomas CADWALAD & Anne GRIFFITHS, Esclusham
                             D Wrexham: David, Eliz, Joseph, Margarett, Timothy;
     CADWALADA 575 Hope 9 Apr 1819 bap/o Edward s/o John (lab) & Susannnah, Cymmau
     CADWALADAR  88 Llanelidan:
                              98 Llanrhaeadr ym Nghinmerch: 9 Apr 1793 bap/o Maria d/o John & Elizabeth, Pentre
                             108 Minera Chapel: David, Thomas;
                             110 Ysbyty Ifan: 29 Apr 1779 bap/o Cadwaladar CADWALADAR s/o Wm. & Jane
                            *116B Llansilin: 25 Apr 1763 mar. by Banns of Cadwaladar PRICE (x) & Anne NUNNERLEY (x) both otp
                                                                                                Wits: Stephen HUMPHREYS, Richd. RICHARDS
                             181 Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog:
     CADWALADDER  169*A Llanrhydd:
                                246 Llanfwrog:
                               *284 Llansanffraid Glan Conway:

     CADWALADER   2 Llandegla: Mary, Rice, Richard Price, Thomas, William;
                               5 Llangollen: Dorothy, Edward;
                               9 Efenechtyd: Elizabeth, Jane, Robert;
                             17 Llanarmon yn Ial: ..., Anne, Catherine, Elice, Eliz, Elizabeth, John, Roger, Thomas;
                             23 Cerrigydrudion: Anne, Catherine, David, Dorothy, Ellin, Evan, Humphrey, Jane, John, Jonett,
                                                        Lowry, Luce, Margaret, Mary, Maurrice, Owen, Robert, Salsbry, Thomas,William;
                             25 Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd: David, Edward, Jane, John Roger, Mary; Roger;
                             27 Llanarmon yn Ial: Anne, Catherine, Cathrine, Edward, Elizabeth, Jane, John, Margaret, Robert,
                                                           Sarah, Thomas;
                             29 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant: Edward, Elizabeth, Richard, Robart, Wm;
                             33 Llangwm: Betty, Cadwalader, Catherine, Dorothy, Edward, Elinor, Elizabeth, Evan,
                                                Humphrey, Jane, Jn, Margaret, Morgan, Rowland, William;
                             34 Llangwm: Ed, Elijah, Elizabeth, Gaynor, Humphreys, John, Lowry, Margaret, Mary,
                                                Morgan, Robert, Thomas, William;
                             35 Llangwm: Alice, Ann(e), Cadwalader, Catherine, David, Dorothy, Edward, Elinor, Elizabeth,
                                                Ellinor, Ellis, Ellizabeth, Hugh, Jane, John, Magdalene, Margaret, Mary, Owen,
                                                Richard, Robert, Sarah, Thomas, William;
                             38 Wrexham: Jane, Robt, Willm;
                            *39 Halkyn: Cadwalader WILLIAMS
                             43 Cerrigydrudion: Catherine, Edward, Jane, John, Margaret, Robert, Thomas;
*52 Holywell:  1 Jan 1828 bap/o Thos. LLOYD s/o Cadwalader (miner) & Gwen, Brynford
                            *53+53 Wrexham:
                             54A Abergele:
                             55A+*C Nantglyn:
                             61 Ruabon:
                             75A Marchwiel:
                             78 Clocaenog:
                             82B Nercws/Nerquis:
                             83 Ruthin:
                             84 Treuddyn:
                             85 Mold:
                             86 Derwen: Anne, Caddwalader, Dorothy, Jane, John, Jon, Lowry, Margaret, Owen, Thomas, William;
                             87 Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd:
                             89 Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr:
                             91 Llangynhafal: 19 Aug 1739 bap/o Evan s/o Evan & Anne
                             92 Llanychan  12 Sep 1693 mar/o Maurice CADWALADER & Alice ....... (illegible)
                             96 Gyffylliog: 5 Jan 1728/29 bap/o Hugh s/o Daniel & Gwen
                             97 Llanfwrog   4 Apr 1784 bur/o Humphrey, St.
                                                 21 Nov 1802 bur/o Elin, St.
                             98 Llanrhaeadr ym Nghinmerch: 23 May 1800 bur/o Catharine w/o William Pentre Llech
                                                                              2 Jun 1800 bur/o William (lab), Pentre Llech
                             99 Llantysilio: 25 Oct 1808 bap/o Harriet d/o Hugh & Elizabeth, Llandynnan
                                                  22 Feb 1810 bur/o Hugh, Llandynnan
                             103 Gwytherin (Baptisms 1667-1812) Vol 1
                                    A Baptisms: Anne, Cadwalader, Catherine, Evan, Jane, John, Margaret, Owen, Thomas, William
                                    B Parents at Baptisms: Alice, Catherine, Evan, Lewis, Lowry, Mary, Owen, Robert, William.
                             105 LLanddoget:
                             109 Pentrefoelas:
                             110 Ysbyty Ifan: Alice, Angharad, Barbarah, Cadwalader, Catherine, Elinor, Elizabeth, Ellinor, Evan,
                                                     Grace, Gwen, Hugh, Jane, John, Lewis, Lowry, Marg't, Margaret, Margt, Mary, Robert,
                                                     Robt, Thomas, Thos, Tudor, William;
                             111 Cerrigydrudion;
                             113 Llanelidan:
                             138A+B Wrexham:
                             143A+B Llanrwst:
                             145 Capel Garmon:
                             146A+B+C Capel Garmon:
                             147 Llanddoget:
                             148p Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr:
                             149 Ysbyty Ifan:
                             153 Hope:
                             154 Ysbyty Ifan:
                             158 Holywell:
                            *166 Cilcain:  
14 Jun 1690 bap/o Robert DAVIES (b 14) s/o Cadwalader & Rebecca
                                                 Cadwalader Jones  pp 42,44,46,47
                             166 Cilcain: 17 Nov 1644 bap/o Katherine d/o Kenerick & ..........
                                               27 Mar 1647 bap/o  Edward s/o Kenricke
                                                  4 Oct 1658  bap/o Hugh s/o Kenericke Cadwalader & Margaret Morys
                                               15 Feb 1658/59 bur/o Hugh s/o Kenericke & Margaret Morys
                                                 1 Feb 1701/02 bap/o Anne (b 29) d/o David & Catherine (Llystyn Hunedd)
                             168B Hope:
                             169*A+A+B Llanrhydd:
                             175A Llandyrnog:
                             176 Tremeirchion:
                             179 Llangadwaladr:
                             181 Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog:
                             199 Derwen:
Catherine, David, Edward, Elizabeth, Gwen, John, Margaret, Robert, Thomas;
                             204 Llangernyw:
                             205 Llantysilio:
                             211 Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd:
                             214 Llangynhafal:
                             228 St. Asaph:
                             229A St. Asaph:
                             233 Llanfwrog:
                             235 Gwyddelwern: Alice, Elin;
                             236 Gwyddelwern: Ann(e), David, Edd, Edward, Elinor, Elizabeth, Griffith, Jane, John, Margaret,
                                                        Robert, Robt., William, Wm;
                             237 Gwyddelwern:
                             239C Llangar: 31 May 1784 mar by Banns of
                                                      Evan CADWALADER (x) -/26 of Llanfawr s/o Cadwalader John Price, Llanderfel by Grace h /w
                                                      &  Elizth JONES (x) -/25 of GWY d/o John Wms ., GWY by Catherine Roberts h/w
                                                      Wits: Humphrey Lloyd, Rhobert Thomas
                                   D Llangar: 22 Feb 1773 mar by Banns of Humphrey DAVIES (x) of Llandrillo & Mary WILLIAMS otp
                                                                                               Wits: Thomas Davies, Humph Cadwalader
                                                   15 Jan 1783 mar by Banns of Cadwalader EDWARDS (x) ba & Catherine EDWARDS (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                               Wits: Robt. Cadwalader, Robert Thomas
                             241A+B+C Llangar:
                             242A+B Gwyddelwern:
                             246 Llanfwrog:
                             247 Llanfwrog:
                             248 Llanfwrog:
                             250 St. Asaph Notitae:
                             251A+B Corwen:
                             252 Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog:
                             253A Llanfawr: Anne, Blanch, Catherine, Catherine Maurice, David, Edward, Elizabeth, Gainor, Gaynor, Hugh, Lowry,  
                                                         Margaret, Mary, Samuel, Sidney, Susanna, Sydney,
                                  B Llanfawr: David, Evan, Hugh, John, Morgan, Morris, Robert, Thomas, William;
                                  C Llanfawr: Catherine, Dowse, Eleanor, Elin, Elizabeth, Ellin, Gaynor, Jane, Mary;
                                  D Llanfawr: Cadwalader, David, Edward, Ellin, Ellis, Evan, Grace, Hugh, Humphrey, John, Llewelyn,  Robert, Thomas,                                                      
                             254 Llanfawr:
                             255 Corwen:
                             256 Corwen:
                             257 Llandrillo yn Edeirnion:
                             259 Betws Gwerfyl Goch: Anne, Cadwalader, Catherine, David, Elizabeth, Evan, Grace, Griffith, Gwen,
                                                                   Harry, Hugh, Jane, John, Magdalen, Marg't, Margaret, Martha, Mary, Owen,
                                                                   Thomas, Thos, Will'm;
                             261 Llanderfel: Cadwalader, Catherine, David, Dorothy, Edward, Edwd, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Ellin, Evan,
                                                   Grace, Gwen, Hannah, Hugh, Humphrey, Jane, Jn, John, Jonnet, Lowry, Magdalen,
                                                   Margaret, Mary, Maurice, Morgan, Morris, Owen, Pierce, Robert, Rowland, Sidney,
                                                   Sydney, Thomas, William, Wm;
                             262 Llanderfel:
                             263 Llansilin:
                             267 Ruthin:
                             273 Trelawnyd:
                             274A Betws yn Rhos: 14 Oct 1789 bap/o John s/o David & Elinor, Trofarth
                                  D Betws yn Rhos:
                                                 1 Dec 1798  David CADWALADER, John GRIFFITH & David WILLIAMS
                                                         wits at mar by Banns of Owen WILLIAMS & Seinah DAVIES sp both otp
                                                 7 Dec 1801 David CADWALADER & John GRIFFITH wits at mar by Banns of
                                                         William THOMAS ba & Catherine DAVIES sp both otp
                             279 Llandudno:
                             285 Llanuwchllyn:
                             286 Llanycil:
                             287 Llanycil:
                             304A Wrexham: Anne, Jane, John, Prissilla, Robt;
                                  B Wrexham: John;
                                  C Wrexham: Anne, John, Martha, Mary, Sarah, Thomas;
                             326 Llansannan: Ellis, Grace, John, Mary, Robert;
                             339 Llangynhafal:
                             341 Ruabon:
                             351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: David, Elizabeth, Pamela, Robert;
                             359 Rhosymedre: Robert;
                             364 Wrexham: Thomas;
                             365 Wrexham: David, Elizabeth, Robert;
                             373 Wrexham: Amelia, Anne, Robert;
                             383 Ruthin: Anne, Gainor, Jane, Thomas, Wm;
                             385 Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr:
                                         21 Nov 1813 bap/o William s/o Thomas (farmer) & Mary, PenyGaer
                                         16 Oct 1838 bap/o William CADWALADER (JONES)
                                                       illeg. s/o John JONES (miller) of Felyn blwm, Mold Psh & Ann CADWALADER, Tynyffordd
                             390  Bangor-on-Dee: 5 Jan 1733/34 bap/o Willm s/o William & Eliz., Eyton
                             394 Clocaenog: Gwen, John, Mary, Owen;
                             395 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant: Elizabeth, Gwen, John, Thomas, William;
                             396 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant: 26 Dec 1718 mar/o David CADWALADER & Sarah THOMAS
                                                                             9 Dec 1758 bur/o Elizabeth, Cefn Coch
                             399 Wrexham: 17 Aug 1822 bap/o Alice d/o David (collier) & Alice, Bersham
                             409A Betws Gwerfyl Goch: Margaret;
                                  B Betws Gwerfyl Goch; Edward, John;
                             410 Wrexham: Thomas;
                             411 Wrexham: David;
                             418 Wrexham: John;
                             419 Halkyn: Jane;
                             420 Halkyn:  7 Feb 1701/02 mar/o John CADWALADER & Anne PIERCE
                                                6 Jun 1708 bap/o Robert s/o John & Anne
                             427 Ruabon: Thomas;
                             428 Ysceifiog: Edward, Thomas;
                             437 Ruabon: Anne, David, Mary;
                             445 Wrexham
                             450 Llanycil
                             454A,B Llanr hos
                             455C Llanrwst
                             456 Llansannan
                             457 Llanuwchllyn
                             458 Mold
                            *459 Mold
                             463 Eglwysbach
                             464A,B Gwytherin
                             468 Llandderfel
                             469 Llandrillo yn Edeirnion
                             472 Llanrhaeadr yng Nghinmeirch
                             473A,B Llangower
                             475B Llangystennin
                             489 Marchwiel: Ann, Cornelius, Elizabeth, Ellinor, George, Jane, John, Joseph,
                                                    Margaret, Mary, Roger, William;
                             491B Henllan
                             495 Gyffylliog
                             496B Llanrhaeadr yng Nghinmeirch
                             498 Bodfari
                             501 Northop
                             504B  Llannefydd
                             508A Capel Garmon:
                                  C Capel Garmon
                             510B Llandrillo yn Rhos
                             511 Llansannan
                             512 Nannerch
                             515A Corwen
                                  B Corwen
                                  C Corwen
                                  D Corwen
                             517A Llanasa
                                  B Llanasa
                                  C Llanasa
                             519 Llantysilio
                             521 St Asaph
                             522 Holywell
                             526A Llanfair Talhaearn
                                  B Llanfair Talhaearn
                             528 Llanrwst
                             529 Rhuddlan
                             545 St Asaph
                             547 Flint
                             552C Wrexham: 7 Feb 1712/13 mar/o Robert CADWALADER & Dorothy CADWALADER, Brymbo
                                  D Wrexham: Edward;
                             567 Brymbo:  9 Feb 1846 bur/o Elizth, aged 61 yrs, otp
                                                 28 Mar 1846 bur/o Robert, aged 62 yrs, otp
                                                 19 Aug 1846 bur/o Thomas, aged 36 yrs, otp
 571B Cerrigydrudion: 3 Apr 1833 bur/o Elizabeth, aged 76, Gauddren?
581 Ysceifiog (Baptisms 1662-1710) Vol 1 (+ a patronymic index)
                                      25 Apr 1695 bap/o Hugh s/o David & Catherine, Tre Uchaf

     CADWALADR   2 Llandegla: 1686 Notitae of Llandegla 1686: Jane uch Cadwaldr, Rees Cadwaldr;
                             9 Efenechtyd: Robert;
                          *15 Cerrigydrudion: John Cadwaladr DAVIES, Cadwaladr HUGHES
                           17 Llanarmon yn Ial: Elizabeth, Jane, John, Lowry, Mary, Roger, Thomas, William;
                           23 Cerrigydrudion: Ann, John, Lowry;
                           27 Llanarmon yn Ial: Anne, Catherine, Cathrine, David, Edward, Elizabeth, Elizth, Ellis, Isaac, Jane,
                                                         John, Magdalen, Margaret, Mary, Robert, Robt, Thomas, William;
                           29 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant: John, Mary, Robert, Robt;
                           33 Llangwm: Catharine, Catherine, Elizth, Jane, Margaret, Margtt, Rowl'd, Thos, Wm;
                           34 Llangwm: Ellis, Evan, Hugh, John;
                           35 Llangwm: Dorothy, Elizabeth, William;
                          *39 Halkyn: Cadwaladr WILLIAMS
                           43 Cerrigydrudion: Margaret;
                          *44 Denbigh: Cadwaladr JONES
                           55A+B Nantglyn:
                           78 Clocaenog:
                           81B Hope:
                           83 Ruthin:
                           86 Derwen: Anne, Blanch, Cadwaladr, Catherin, David, Edmund, Edwd, Elizabeth, Frances, Gwen,
                                            Henry, James, Jane, John, Lewis, Lowry, Magdalene, Margaret, Martha;
                           88 Llanelidan:
                           89 Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr
                           96 Gyffylliog:(Baptisms 1717-1812) Vol 3
                                              Anne, Cadwalader, Cadwaladr, Catharine, Catherine, Daniel, David, Dorothy, Edward,
                                              Elin, Eliz, Elizabeth, Ellen, Evan, Gwen, Jane, John, Lowry, Margaret, Mary,
                                              Morgan, Robert, Robt, Thomas, William, Wm;
                           97 Llanfwrog   5 Nov 1810 bur/o Gaynor, of Llanfawr nr Bala
                           98 Llanrhaeadr ym Nghinmerch (Baptisms & Burials 1778-1812) Vol 5
                                                                         Anne, David, Elizabeth, Harriet, Jane, John, Joice, Jonett,
                                                                         Mary, Maurice, Robert, Robt.
                          101 Llanynys 20 Mar 1785 bap/o Elizabeth d/o John (pauper) & Jane
                                                4 May 1788 bap/o Jane d/o John (lab) & Jane
                          102 Nantglyn (Baptisms 1663-1812) vol 1 (includes names of parents)
                                              Alice, Cadwaladr, Catherine, Elizabeth, Hugh, Jane, John, Katherine, Margaret,
                                              Mary, Robert.
                          103 Gwytherin (Baptisms 1667-1812) Vol 1
                                 A Baptisms: Elizabeth, Robert, William
                                 B Parents at Baptisms:
                          104 Henllan
(Baptisms 1788-1812 Marriages 1799-1812 Burials 1801-1812) Vol 6
                                             Catharine, Elizabeth, Robert
                          108B Minera Chapel: Thos;
                          109 Pentrefoelas:
                          110 Ysbyty Ifan: Alice, Barbara, Cadwaladr, Catherine, Eliz'th, Elizabeth, Ellis, Evan, Grace, Griffith,
                                                  Gwen, Jane, John, Joned, Lowry, Marg't, Margaret, Owen, Robert, Robt, Thomas, Thos,
                                                  William, Wm;
                          111 Cerrigydrudion:
                          113 Llanelidan:
                         *116A Llansilin: 4 Nov 1806 bap/o Mary ROBTS (b 2)
                                                                        d/o Cadwaladr & Catherine (JONES), Bodlith/Bodlwyn., Rhiwlas
                          143A Llanrwst:
                          146B Capel Garmon:
                          147 Llanddoget:
                          149 Ysbyty Ifan:

                          154 Ysbyty Ifan;
                          159 Holywell: 12 Mar 1809 mar. by Banns of
                                                                 Thomas OWENS (x) ba/21otp s/o Owen CADWALADR & Margt (JONES)
                                                               & Mary WILLIAMS (x) sp/28 d/o Meredith & Mary
                                                                  Wits: Robert PRICE (x), Anne DAVIES
                          166 Cilcain:  2 Jul 1655 bap/o Anne d/o Kenerick & Margaret
                                            13 Dec 1702 bur/o Anne (Llystynhunedd)
                          181 Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog:
                          196B Llanfair Talhaearn:
                          199 Derwen: Anne, Edwd, Margt, Thomas;
                          228 St. Asaph:
                          229C St. Asaph:
                          232 Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd:
                          235 Gwyddelwern: Cath, Elin;
                          236 Gwyddelwern: Anne, Catharine, Catherine, Edward, Gwen, Hugh, Margaret, Mary, Robert;
                          237 Gwyddelwern:
                          239A+B Llangar: 9 Sep 1754 bap/o Cadwaladr s/o Robert & Grace (EDWARDS), Proseuthydd
                               C Llangar:  3 Mar 1759  mar by Lic of John JONES (x) ba of Llanlidan & Catherine CADWALADR (x) sp otp
                                                                                      Wits: Hump Pierc e, Joshua Jones
                                              17 Oct 1760  mar by Lic of Elisha CADWALADR ba otp & Catherine JONES (x) sp of Llangwm
                                                                                      Wits: Thomas Hughes, Peter Roberts
                               D Llangar: 26 Nov 1759 mar by Banns of Thomas RICHARDS (x) ba of GWY & Elizabeth GRIFFITHS (x) sp otp
                                                                                           Wits: Elisha Cadwaladr, Edward Jones
                               E Llangar:  5 Aug 1748 bur/o Catherine of Cynwyd Fawr
                                                4 Apr 1749 bur/o Cadwaladr infant s/o Cadwaladr ab Humphrey of Gwnodl
                                               15 Feb 1752 bur/o  Grace CADWALADR wife of Peter ROBERTS (shoemaker) of Bodeulog (Ty'nyGroes)
                                               11 Sep 1756 bur/o Elizabeth CADWALADR wife of Thomas GRIFFITH (walker) Ty'n y Celyn
                                                15 Sep 1759 bur/o Ellin of Felin Ucha

                          241A+B+C Llangar:
                          242A+B Gwyddelwern:
                          250 St. Asaph Notitae:
                          251A+B Corwen:
                          255 Corwen:
                          256 Corwen:
                          257 Llandrillo yn Edeirnion:
                          258 Llansanffraid Glyndyfrdwy:
                          259 Betws Gwerfyl Goch: -- --- 1695 bap/o ----- s/o Edward & Catherine Morgan, relict; formerly of Maerdy
                                                                22 Aug 1697 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Owen


                          262 Llanderfel:
                          263 Llansilin:
                          264 Llangower:
                          267 Ruthin:
                          271 Eglwys-bach:
                          273 Trelawnyd:
                          275 Gwaenysgor:
                          280 Llanfair Talhaearn:
                          282 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant:
                          285 Llanuwchllyn:
                          286 Llanycil:
                          341 Ruabon:
                          359 Rhosymedre: Thomas;
                          365 Wrexham: Elizabeth, Mary, Robert;
                          382 Llanynys: 24 May 1730 bap/o Elizabeth d/o William & Anne
                                                 4 Jun 1731 bur/o Eliz. w/o Richard Thos, Bryncaredig
                          384 Wrexham: 20 Jun 1865 bur/o Pamila, aged 31, Penybryn
                                                22 Jul 1871 bur/o Robert, aged 47, Coedpoeth
395 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant: Barbara, Eliz'th, Elizabeth, Gwen, Mary, Thomas, William, Wm;
396 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant: 10 May 1730 mar/o John CADWALADR & Elizabeth JONES
                                                                        10 May 1752 bur/o Thomas
                          398 Gyffylliog: Catherine, Daniel, Dorothy, Edward, Elisabeth, Evan, Gwen, Hugh, John, Mary, Morgan,
                                                Morris, Owen, Robert, Robt., Thomas, William, Wm;
                          412 Wrexham: 19 Mar 1856 bur/o Elizabeth, infant, Gardden, Ruabon
                          447C Llandyrnog
                          450 Llanycil
                          454B Llanrhos
                          455C  Llanrwst
                          457 Llanuwchllyn
                          458 Mold
                         *459 Mold
                          463 Eglwysbach
                          464B Gwytherin
                          467 Holywell
                          469 Llandrillo yn Edeirnion
                          472 Langernyw
                          473B Llangower
                          477 Llanrhaeadr yng Nghinmeirch
                          491B Henllan
                          495 Gyffylliog
                          499 Denbigh
                          504B Llannefydd
                          515A Corwen
                               B Corwen
                               D Corwen
                          516B Eglwys bach
                          517A Llanasa
                          521 St Asaph
                          526B  Llanfair Talhearn
                          530 Chirk
                          532 Llanrhaiadr yng Nghinmeirch
                          552B Wrexham: John, William;
                               D Wrexham:
                          557 Llansilin: Robert, Thomas;
                          560 Llangollen: 4 Apr 1660 bur/o of John, Egl
                          560p Llangollen: 1662 Warden: Edward John Cadwaladr
568 Brymbo  16 Jan 1871 bur/o David, aged 54 yrs, Chester
     CADWALADRE *433 Llangollen: 3 Dec 1847 mar/o
                                         Edward EDWARDS (rockman) wdr/full of Cysyllte s/o John EDWARDSA (sawer)
                                         & Mary GRIFFITHS wid/full of Cysyllte d/o  Cadwaladre THOMAS (lab)
     CADWALAER 575 Hope 18 Aug 1822 bap/o William s/o John (lab) & Susannah, Cymmau
     CADWALATER 98 Llanrhaeadr ym Nghinmerch: 28 Oct 1798 bap/o Elizabeth d/o John & Elizabeth, Llech
     CADWALATOR 98 Llanrhaeadr ym Nghinmerch: 13 Jun 1795 bap/o John s/o John (farmer) & Elizabeth, Pentre
     CADWALDAR 552D Wrexham: Hugh;
     CADWALDER  53 Wrexham:
                            98 Llanrhaeadr ym Nghinmerch: 26 Oct 1790 bap/o Isaac s/o John (lab) & Elizabeth, Llech
                           127B Mold:
                           166 Cilcain:
                           250 St. Asaph Notitae:
                           252 Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog:
                           286 Llanycil:
     CADWALDR  23 Cerrigydrudion: John, Joshua, Lowry;
                         33 Llangwm: Edwd, Evan, Hugh, Jno, Mary, Robert;
                        111 Cerrigydrudion:
                        159 Holywell:
                        242A Gwyddelwern:
                        271 Eglwys-bach:
                        285 Llanuwchllyn:
                        286 Llanycil:
                        325 Llangernyw:
                        327 Llanrhaeadr ym Nghinmeirch:
                        386 Ruabon: 23 Nov 1852 mar. by Banns of
                                                                Thomas CARRINGTON (miner) ba/26 of Rhosllanerchrugog s/o John (miner)
                                                              & Jane CADWALADR (servant) sp/23 of Rhosllanerchrugog d/o David (miner)
     CADWALEDAR 310 Gresford:
                             435 Gresford: John;
     CADWALEDER   83 Ruthin:
                            *166 Cilcain: 21 Aug 1687 bap/o Thomas JONES (b 14) s/o Cadwaleder & Mary
                             189 Holywell: Cathrn, Charles, John, Margt, Mary, Morgan;
                             193 Betws Gwerfil Goch:,
                             204 Llangernyw:
                             410 Wrexham: Moses, Shonet;
     CADWALEDR  *166 Cilcain: 26 Jan 1707/08 bap/o Edward EDWARDS (b 26) s/o Edward (Nannerch) & Mary d/o Cadwaledr DAVIES
                             271 Eglwys-bach:
     CADWALLADER   43 Cerrigydrudion: Elizabeth, Hugh
*58 Erbistock:
                                 65*A+*B Llangar:
                                 75A Marchwiel:
                                 78 Clocaenog:
                                 86 Derwen: Anne, Catharine, Cathrine, Edwd, Ellin, Hugh, John, Lowry, Margaret, Margt, Owen,
                                                  Robert, Thomas, William;
                                127B Mold:
                               *134 Llanefydd:
                                166 Cilcain: 6 Apr 1673 bur/o Elizabeth d/o Kynnericke Cadwallader & Magdalen (Llystynhynedd)
                                169A+B Llanrhydd:
                                181 Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog:
                                183 Llansannan:
                                196A Llanfair Talhaearn:
                                201 Wrexham:
                                241A+B+C Llangar:
                                247 Llanfwrog:
                                250 St. Asaph Notitae:
                                356 Ruabon: Evan;
                                376 Pentrefoelas: 2 Jan 1815 bur/o Alice, an illegitimate child aged 2 days, Cerniogau bach
                                401 Wrexham: Elizabeth, Mary;
                                442B Bangor on Dee
                               *459 Mold
                                489 Marchwiel:  24 Aug 1725 mar/o John CADWALLADER & Martha EDWARDS both otp
                                                       14 Jul 1726 bap/o Mary d/o John & Martha
                                507A,C Betws yn Rhos
                                512 Nannerch
                                526B Llanfair Talhearn
                               *535 Buckley
                                539 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant
Misc: North Wales 1835 Bala: Tailor: Cadwallader Lloyd
                                                                  Dolgelly: Cooper: Cadwallader Roberts, Bridge st
                                                                  Llanfair MNT: Shopkeeper (and ironmonger & druggist): Cadwallader Humphreys
                                                                  Machynlleth: Stonemason: Cadwallader Williams, Maengwyn st
Gresford MIs: Herbert Cadwallader CASH
                                        Shropshire 1828/9 Ludlow: Black or white-smith: Charlotte Cadwallader, Mill st
                                                                               Maltster: Thomas Cadwallader, Corve st
     CADWALLADES 17 Llanarmon yn Ial: Evan,Sydney;
     CADWALLADR  46*C Worthenbury:
                            163B Ruabon:
                            181 Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog:
                            183 Llansannan:
                            193 Betws Gwerfyl Goch:
                            239A+B Llangar: 16 Oct 1724 bap/o Elen d/o John , Proseuthydd
                                                      14 Mar 1738/39 bap/o Kadwalladr s/o Ellis & Jane
                                 C Llangar: 18 Jul 1725 mar by Banns of Edward ap Prichard of GWY & Susannah CADWALLADR otp
                                                 28 Apr 1730 mar by Lic of Edward THOMAS of Llanvawr & Margaret CADWALLADR otp
                                                 12 Jul 1738 mar by Lic of Thomas GRIFFITH (dyer) otp (Cynwyd) & Elizabeth CADWALLADR otp (Gwnodl)
                                 E Llangar:  8 Mar 1722/23  bur/o Humphrey of Gwnodl
                                                  3 Apr 1730 bur/o John (lab) of Cynwyd Fechan
                                                28 Dec 1730 bur/o Dorothy of Gwnodl
                                                 9 Oct 1739 bur/o John of Proseuthydd
                                                 11 Feb 1740/41 bur/o Ellis (weaver)  of Bettws y Coed
                                                 24 Feb 1747/48 bur/o Elizabeth (wid) (pauper)
                            259 Betws Gwerfyl Goch:  3 Jun 1720 bap/o Evan s/o Edward
                                                                 25 Mar 1721 bap/o John s/o Evan, LGM
                            282 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant:
                           *459 Mold
                            526A Llanfair Talhearn
     CADWALLEDER 169*A Llanrhydd:
399 Wrexham: 23 Jul 1825 bap/o Moses s/o David (collier) & Alice, Minera
     CADWALLETER Misc: Gresford Church MIs: No. 374: (almost worn away) ... Here lieth the Body of Ellin daughter of
                                                        Cadwalleter HUMPHRES of Allington who died 14 June 1713.
     CADWALLORAH 282 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant:
     CADWALODER *4 Llangollen: Cadwaloder JONES
     CADWALODOR *4 Llangollen: Cadwalodor JONES
     CADWALR 33 Llangwm: Edward, Gwen, Margaret, Rowland;
                    250 St. Asaph Notitae:
CADWDALADER 193 Betws Gwerfyl Goch:
     CADWELADER *30 Wrexham: Cadwelader HUGHES
CADWELADOR   *38 Wrexham: Cadwelador LLOYD
                              445 Wrexham
     CADWER 318 Henllan:
     CADWLAD 179 Llangadwaladr:
     CADWLADER 34 Llangwm: Jane;
                         111 Cerrigydrudion:
                         325 Llangernyw:
     CADWLADR 472 Llangernyw
     CADWR  *33 Llangwm: Cadw'r CADR
                    33 Llangwm: Dorothy, Elizth, John, Margtt, Wm;
                    34 Llangwm: Ellis;
                  193 Betws Gwerfyl Goch:
                  251A+B Corwen:
                  259 Betws Gwerfyl Goch: 27 Oct 1751 bap/o Catherine d/o Jn.
                  325 Llangernyw:
                  472 Llangernyw
     CADY 315 Ruabon:
     CHADR 181 Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog:
     CHADWALADER *194 Halkyn:
     CHADWALTER *194 Halkyn:
     CHAWALITER *392 Gresford: 21 Sep 1727 bur/o ----HUMPHRES a son of Chawaliter, Llay
     COODWALED 323 Denbigh:
     CUDWALDER 545
     CWDWALADER *331 Ysceifiog:
     CYDWALADER *194 Halkyn:
     CYDWALADR 110 Ysbyty Ifan: 6 Oct 1811 bap/o Jain d/o Wm. & Barbara
                           262 Llanderfel:
     GODWALLAD *469 Llandrillo yn Edeirnion
     GOODWALED *323 Denbigh:
     KADDR 55A Nantglyn:
     KADR 235 Gwyddelwern:
     KADWALAD 508A Capel Garmon
     KADWALADAR 181 Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog:
     KADWALADER *23 Cerrigydrudion: Kadwalader JONES
                              35 Llangwm: Elizabeth;
                             *87+87 Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd:
                             102 Nantglyn: 1 May 1740 bap/o Catherine d/o David, otp
                             103 Gwytherin: 25 Apr 1770 bap/o Kadwalader s/o Robert & Catherine (EVANS)
                             105 Llanddoget:
                             111 Cerrigydrudion:
                             116B Llansilin:
                             127A Mold:
                             149 Ysbyty Ifan:
                             204 Llangernyw:
                             232 Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd:
                             242A Gwyddelwern:
                             250 St. Asaph Notitae:
                             267 Ruthin:
                             383 Ruthin: 17 Dec 1675 bur/o Margaret, spinster
                                               10 Sep 1731 bur/o Elizabeth d/o William (farmer)
                                               28 Sep 1731 bur/o Robert s/o William (farmer)
395 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant:  6 Mar 1725/26 bap/o Jane d/o Thomas & Gwen
                                                                           2 Mar 1728/29 bap/o Thomas s/o Thomas & Gwen
                             402A Denbigh: 27 Apr 1723 mar/o John KADWALADER of Nant Glyn & Jane WILLIAMS otp  
                             491B  Henllan:
                             516A Eglwys bach
                             525 Whitford
                             532 Llanrhaiadr yng Nghinmeirch
                             546 Bodfari
                             560p Llangollen: 12 Feb 1619/20 mar/o Lewis ap Kadwalader & Jonet vch Willm
CADWALADR contd        
     KADWALADR 105 Llanddoget:
                           179 Llangadwaladr:
                           235 Gwyddelwern:
                           242A Gwyddelwern:
                           325 Llangernyw:
                           327 Llanrhaeadr ym Nghinmeirch:
                           373 Wrexham: David;
                           397A Llansilin: 4 Aug 1699 bap/o Sina d/o Evan
                           458 Mold:
see patronymic index in transcription
                           496B Llanrhaeadr yng Nghinmeirch
     KADWALDER 85 Mold:
     KADWALLADER  85 Mold:
                              127B Mold:
     KYDWALEDER 250 St. Asaph Notitae:



Cae Bonk, Salop
     CAERBANCK 215 Llanrhydd:
     CAERBANK 169A+B Llanrhydd:
                        246 Llanfwrog:
     Cae'r-bont, Powys
     CARBANK  83 Ruthin:
                     107B Llanrhydd:
                     247 Llanfwrog:
                     267 Ruthin:
                     383 Ruthin: 15 Jan 1724/25 mar/o William CARBANK of Llanrhydd & Ann PUGH otp
                                       28 Jul 1742 bur/o Ann, widow


Caernarvon, Gwynedd
     CAERNARVAN 434 Bangor-on-Dee: Mary;
     CAERNARVON 530 Chirk
     CANAVON 51 Holywell:


     CAYRWYS 459 Mold


CAFFNEY Misc: 1881 Census: Saltney, Cheshire/Flintshire
     COFFNEY 412 Wrexham: 13 Nov 1860 bur/o Mary, infant, Islel of Man, Wrexham

cafn = ferry-boat (Welsh O/S)

CAHILL 309 Denbigh: 23 Jan 1788 bap/o Denis s/o Thomas (cabinet maker) & Cath., abode: City of Dublin
             384 Wrexham: 25 Jul 1865 bur/o Mary Ann, aged 13, Isle of Man
                                     3 Feb 1873 bur/o John, aged 15, Pentre Felyn
             Misc: Lancashire 1828/29 Liverpool: PH (no name - commonly called 'Letters' ) Anthony CAHILL, 2 Highfield st.


CAIA *112 Halkyn: 4 Jun 1825 Caia JONES & Miriam ROBERTS (x) wits. at mar. by Banns of
                                Elias GRIFFITH (x) of Northop s/o Richard (miner) & Mary (BLACKWELL) his wife
                              & Mary LLOYD (x) sp. otp d/o Peter (blacksmith) & Elinor (WILLIAMS) his wife


calceolarius: shoemaker


CAINK Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Whitchurch: Shopkeeper: George Caink, Greenend


Caister, East Flegg, Norfolk
Caistor, Lincs
     CARSTAIRS possibly see also
     (C)ASTERE *8 Overton: (C)astere JONES
     Castor cliff, Colne, Lancs
     Castor  (Northumberland) 
masc. beaver (Greek);
CASTOR 552B Wrexham: Hanna, John;
     CASTORES 552B Eliz, Henry;
     CASTORS 552D Wrexham: Eliz, Henry;

     CASTREY 334 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Horace, Patricia, Rose;
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Stanley;
     CASTY 101E LLanynys: 27 May 1765 Ann CASTY & Maurice ROBERTS wits at mar by Lic of
                                             Peter LLOYD ba otp & Mary  OWENS sp of Llonor?, Caernarvon
     CATSTER 424 Hanmer:  9 Jul 1615 bap/o Willm s/o John
                                       10 Nov 1618 bap/o Daniel s/o John

     CAKES 445 Wrexham


Caldbeck, Cumberland
     COLBATCH Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Newport: Fire etc. Office Agent: British (fire) & Westminster (life):
                                                                                             Thos. Colbatch, High st
                                                                          Maltster: Blakemore & Colbatch, High st


Caldecott [ 'cold cottage(s)/hut(s)' Old English; places in eleven Counties - Cottle ]
     CALCOD 209B Llangedwyn:
                   263 Llansilin:
     CALCORT 267 Ruthin:
Calcot, Gloucestershire
     CALCOT  46C Worthenbury:
                    86 Derwen: 16 Jan 1672/73 bap/o Anne d/o Roger & Elizabeth PRYCE
                  173 Holt:
                  209B+C Llangedwyn:
                  252 Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog:
                  263 Llansilin:
                  287 Llanycil:
                  304 Wrexham: Grace;
                  388 Hawarden: 9 Sep 1639 bur/o Elizabeth;
                  389 Hawarden: 13 Feb 1587/88 bur/o Ralph
                  420 Halkyn: 28 Jan 1739/40 bur/o Thomas, infant
                  425B Hanmer: Ellen, William;
                  479 Overton
                  539 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant
     Calcot Row, Berkshire
     Calcott, Kent; Shropshire;
     CALCOTT  46A Worthenbury:
                     212 Llangollen:
                     250 St. Asaph Notitae 1680:
                     263A+B+C Llansilin:
                     366 Wrexham: Aaron, Elizabeth, William;
                     422 Hanmer:  7 Jun 1564 bap/o Thomas s/o Thomas & Joan
                                        28 Jan 1565/6 bap/o Margaret d/o Thomas & Joan
                     424 Hanmer:  1 May 1604 bap/o Catheryne d/o Willm                    
                                         16 Aug 1604 bap/o Elyn ?s/o Willm
                     425B Hanmer: Elen, William;
Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Ludlow: Berkeley Calcott, Esq., Cainham ct
     calcraft 'dweller at the cold croft' - Reaney
     CALCUT 116A Llansilin: Dorothy, Margaret, Margt., Robert;
     CALCUTS 173 Holt:
     CALCUTT 116C Llansilin: Anne, Elizabeth, Griffith, Humphrey, Margt.,
                    263 Llansilin:
     CALDACOT Misc: North Wales 1835 Pwllheli: Lieut. Caldacot, Talemera
     CALDECORT 173 Holt:
     CALDECOT  10 Overton: Margaret;
                        37 Worthenbury: Robert, Thomas;
                        39 Halkyn: Mary;
                        46B Worthenbury:
                       *51 Holywell:
                        85 Mold:
                       172 Holt: John, Mary;
                       173 Holt:
                       206A Hanmer:
                       304 Wrexham: Robt;
                       356 Ruabon: Godfrey;

     Caldecote, Cambridgeshire; Hertfordshire; Norfolk; Warwickshire;
     CALDECOTE 304A Wrexham: Jno;
                               B Wrexham: Elizabeth;
     CALDECOTT  21 Holt: John, Thomas, Thos;
                          37 Worthenbury: Robt;
                          57 Ruabon: 11 Jul 1824 bap/o Thomas CALDECOTT (NEWNES)
                                           illeg. s/o Joseph NEWNES (footman) of Emerald & Margaret CALDECOTT of Parkeyton
                         156B Hanmer: 31 Oct 1715 mar/o William LLOYD & Mary CALDECOTT, both otp
                         173 Holt:
                         216A+B Erbistock:
                        *314 Rhosllanerchrugog:
                         315 Ruabon: Jeffrey, Sarah, Thomas;
                         341 Ruabon:
                         357 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: William;
                         379 Wrexham: 14 Jan 1898 bap/o Lilian Broster (b 25 Oct 1897)
                                                           d/o John (coach builder) & Annie Mary, 3 Ar-y-bryn Terr, Poplar Rd
                                                28 Jun 1899 bap/o Gwendoline Broughton (b 28 Jan)
                                                           d/o John (coach builder) & Annie, 3 Arybryn Terrace
                         384 Wrexham: 7 Nov 1874 bur/o James, aged 62, W'House

                         405 Wrexham: Annie Mary, Sarah, Thomas;            
                         438A Broughton: Mary;
                         440C Hawarden
                         490 Chirk:
                         553 Gresford: Margaret, William;
                        *558A Llandegla: 6 Apr 1915 bap/o Margaret Jane MORGAN -/o Thomas Gilbert Hanmer (farmer) & Emma Caldecott, Rhyd-y-Ceirw, Tryddyn
                         558B Llandegla: 8 Jan 1913 mar by Lic of Thomas Gilbert Hanmer MORGAN (farmer) ba/27 of Fron heulog, Llanfair dyffryn Clwyd
                                                                                                                 s/o David MORGAN (dec. Clerk in Holy Orders)
                                                                                      & Emma Caldecott WOODFORD sp/22 otp (Crown Inn) d/o Pelham Vincent WOODFORD (innkeeper)
                         563B Erbistock: 9 Dec 1856 mar by Lic of William CALDECOTT (farmer) ba/ofa of Overton s/o John CALDECOTT (farmer)
                                                                                       & Margaret THOMAS sp/ofa otp d/o Hugh THOMAS (stonemason)
Gresford MIs: No. 18 Sacred to the memory of William CALDECOTT who died October 31st 1878
                                                                 aged 62 years.   "His end was peace". Also Margaret wife of the above who
                                                                 died April 20th 1893 aged 85 years.   She sleeps awaiting/  the resurrection
                                                                 of the just".
                                  Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                                   John, Gent., Broughton Higher Wood Farm,     Will  1850
     CALDECOTTE 21 Holt: Anne,William, Wm;
     CALDECOU *357 Holywell St. James MIs: William Caldecou CACHUS
     CALDICAT 117 Mold:
                      121 Mold:
     Caldicot, Gwent
     CALDICOT 117 Mold:
                      121 Mold:
                      304B Wrexham: Mary;
                            C Wrexham: George, Mary;
                      357 Holywell St. James MIs: Mary, William;
     CALDICOTE 445 Wrexham

     Caldicott hundred, Monmouthshire
     CALDICOTT 304C Wrexham: Sarah;
                        317 Wrexham - Dissenters' Burial Ground, Rhosddu Road MIs:
                        366 Wrexham: Ann, Eliza, Thomas;
                        404 Wrexham: William;
                        407 Wrexham: Robert Brewster;
     CALDICUT  117 Mold:
                      118 Mold:
                      121 Mold:
     CALDICUTT 123 Ruabon:
     CALDYCOT 117 Mold:
     CALLCATT 479 Overton
     CALLCOTT 206A Hanmer:
     CALLDECOTT 173 Holt:
     CALLDECOTTE 21 Holt: Rose, Thomas;
     CALLECOTT 132 Hanmer:
     CAULCOT   21 Holt: Rose, Thomas, William;
                     292 Rhosymedre:
                     424 Hanmer: 21 Aug 1629 bap/o Thomas s/o William
                     425B Hanmer: Katherin, Maud, William, Willm;

     Caulcott, Oxfordshire
     CAULDCUT 393 Wrexham: 6 Jun 1883 bur/o Mary, aged 49, York St.
     CAULDECOTT 123 Ruabon:
     CAULOT 157A Hanmer:
     CAWCOTT 388 Hawarden: 11 Sep 1633 bur/o --- base inf/o Margret
     Chilcote, Leicestershire
     CHOCAFT 37 Worthenbury: Henry;
     CHOLEAFT 37 Worthenbury: Henry;
     COLDECORT  63A Holt:
                         173 Holt:
                         174 Holt:
     COLDECOT 58 Erbistock:
     COLDECOTT 47 Worthenbury:
                         48 Worthenbury:
                        174 Holt:
     COLDKARD 173 Holt:
     COLLDECOTT 173 Holt:
     COLLICOT 439 Cilcain
     Collicott Moor, Shropshire


Calder (or Cawdor), Caithness SCT
     COLDER 332
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Derry;
                   559A Rhosymedre: 29 Apr 1908 bap/o Charles Colder (sic) -/o Thomas (lab) & Margaret, Cefn
     CULD 467 Holywell

Calderbank, Strathclyde

CALDERBANK 474B Gresford: 17 Jun 1862 mar by Lic of
                              Ralph CALDERBANK (blacksmith) ba/full age of Twemlow Green, Sandbatch, Cheshire s/o Ralph CALDERBANK (farmer)
                             & Elizabeth JONES sp/20 otp d/o Thomas JONES (miller)             

Caldwell, North Yorks
CALDWELL  13 Llandegla: 4 Mar 1801 mar by Banns of John WILLIAMS of Llanarmon Psh
                                                                               & Catherine CALDWELL (x) otp
                                                                                   Wits: Robert JONES, Catherine ELLIS
                   206 Hanmer: 9 Jul 1662 bap/o John s/o John of Whitchurch Psh
                   380 Wrexham: 26 Apr 1903 bap/o William Gregson (b 13 Mar)
                                                               s/o William (rubber manufacturer) & Florence May, Uplands, Belgrave Road
                                          13 Aug 1905 bap/o George (b 6 Jul)
                                                                s/o William (rubber manufacturer) & Florence May, Ferndale Villa, Manley Road
399 Wrexham: 20 Sep 1820 bap/o Thomas s/o Peter (officer of excise) & Sarah, Mount Street
                   461B Mold
                   474B Gresford: 30 May 1848 mar by Lic of
                                    Peter CALDWELL (draper) wdr/full age of Northwich, Cheshire s/o William CALDWELL (farmer)
                                    & Margaret  BIRD sp/full age otp d/o Peter BIRD (Surgeon)
                   Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Cleobury Mortimer: Tailor: William Caldwell
     CAUDEL 465A Halkyn
     CORDELL 359 Rhosymedre: 2 Jun 1883 William CORDELL (lab) & George CLAY (lab) wits at mar. by Banns of
                                                   Joseph CLAY (butcher) wdr/65 of Dudleston & Elizabeth CARTWRIGHT wid/65
     CORDWELL  131 Bodfari:  7 May 1806 bap/o George WOORALL (CORDWELL)
                                                                     base s/o David CORDWELL & Mary WOORALL, of Manchester 
                                            3 Jun 1806 bur/o George base s/o David
                         365 Wrexham: 25 Jun 1818 bap/o William s/o Peter (officer of excise) & Sarah, Wrexham Regis


CALEB  masc. a dog (Hebrew); a diminutive form is Cale
      CALAB *445 Wrexham
    CALAP *435 Gresford: 15 Nov 1707 bur/o Calap JONES, a servant of Mr. ROBINSON  of Gwersylt
              *21 Holt: Caleb POWELL
              *82C Nercws/Nerquis:
             133*B Holt:
            *172 Holt: Caleb POWELL
            *173 Holt:
             *276B Llanasa: Caleb BLEUDDYN, Caleb BLEYDDYN, Caleb BLYTHIN
             *315 Ruabon: 9 Jul 1854 bap/o Thomas BIRCH s/o Caleb (groom) & Emma, Rhosymadoc
             *329 Meliden:
             *341 Ruabon:
427 Ruabon: 7 Mar 1834 bur/o Caleb HUGHES, infant
             *428 Ysceifiog: 27 Nov 1698 bur/o ---------- Caleb MORTON's wife, Tre Fraeth
581 Ysceifiog (Baptisms 1662-1710) Vol 1 (+ a patronymic index)
                          18 Feb 1697 bap/o Caleb MARTEON s/o Caleb & Margaret, Tre Fraith
     CALIB *173 Holt:
               *375 Wrexham: 20 Jul 1873 bap/o Margaret Ann ROBERTS d/o Calib (compositor) & Isabella, Farndon St.
     CALOB *30 Wrexham: Calob SHONE

CALEDON *370 Wrexham: Caledon Richard EGERTON


Calk (Calke/Caulk), Melbourn, Derbyshire
     Cork, Ireland
     CORK 157B Hanmer:
                185 Llysfaen:
                189 Holywell: John, Ruthe;
                369: Eleanor, Mary, Mary Jane, William;
     CORKE 127A Mold:
                  292 Rhosymedre:
                  360 Llangollen: Elleanor, Jennie, William;
                  369 Llangollen: Eliza Ann, Mary, Owen Charles, Samuel Phillip, William;
                  432 Llangollen: Catherine Emily, Eliza Ann, William;
     CORKER 483 Hawarden
     CORKES 424 Hanmer: 25 Apr 1621 bap/o Mary d/o Richard

Calke Abbey, Leicestershire


     CALLAGAN 384 Wrexham: 25 May 1866 bur/o Bridget, aged 3, Market St.
     CALLAGHAN 299 Mold: Bridget, John, Thomas;
     GOLAGHAN 567 Brymbo: 29 Nov 1866 bur/o Cornelius, aged 5 wks, Pentre Broughton
     GOLLOGHAN Misc: 1841 Census Wrexham Town: Old Yorkshire Hall:  Mary   30   Hawker   born I.
                                                                                                             Patrick  8                 born I.

Callan, Ireland
     CALLINES 437 Ruabon: 6 Sep 1698 maqr/o Samuell EDWARDS & mawrtha CALLINES
     CALLINGS 241B Llangar:
     CALLON 117 Mold:
     CALLYN 551B


CALLIAUD *391 Colwyn: 5 Jul 1897 bap/o Francis Calliaud MANGIN s/o Harry (gent) & Frances Alexandria, Bryn Derwen


Callow, Herefordshire
     CAILE 479 Overton
     Cailly, Seine-Inferieure, France
     CALEY a common Manx name, contracted from Mac Caolaidhe ' son of Caoladh' , a personal name from
                 Gael caol , Ir. cael  'slender'.
                 414 Mold: 13 Apr 1833 mar. by Banns of John TURNER ba. & Lavinia Rebecca CALEY (x) sp., both otp
                                                                             Wits: Edward Thomas TARTT, Ann LANGFORD
                 551B Hawarden:
     CALLA 352 Flint:
     CALLEY  38 Wrexham: Robt, Will'm;
                  268 Wrexham:
                  302 Hawarden:
                  343 Hawarden:
                  352 Flint:
                  387 Hawarden: 18 Mar 1684 bur/o Richard (Sen) of Moore
                  435 Gresford: Alice, Mary, Richard;
                  484 Hawarden
435 Gresford: William;
     CALLOW 151 Hanmer: 11 Sep 1767 mar. by Banns of Benjamin RIDDLE (x) & Mary DOWNWARD (x), both otp
                                                                                     Wits: Wm. PEAKE (x), James CALLOW (x)
     CALLY 302 Hawarden:
                305 Hawarden:
                313 Hawarden:
                347 Hawarden: Anne, John, Thos;
                484 Hawarden
                551A Hawarden
                     B Hawarden:
CALLOW contd
     Calow, Derbyshire
     CAUHLEY 53 Wrexham:
     CAUL 378 Holywell: 18 Feb 1726/27 bap/o William s/o William, Coleshill;
              379 Wrexham: 6 Mar 1901 bap/o Violet Elizabeth (b 3 Feb)
                                                                  d/o John (veterinary surgeon) & Emma, 4 Carlton Villa, Sontley Rd
435 Gresford: William;
     CAULLY 266A Marchwiel:
     CAURLEY 348  Wrexham: Robt;
     Cayley, Winwick parish, Lancashire
     HUMBERSTON CAWLEY 79 Gresford:
     CAWLEY  39 Halkyn: Jane, John, Richard;
                     51 Holywell:
                     53 Holywell:
                     79 Gresford:
                     81A+B Hope:
                    121 Mold:
                    168B Hope:
                    231 Hope:
                    250 St. Asaph Notitae:
                    310 Gresford:
                    392 Gresford: Anne, Cawley Humberstone, Cawley, Elizabeth, Mary, Michael;
                    421 Hope: 16 Dec 1746 bap/o Anne d/o Thos. & Hannah, Shordley
435 Gresford: James, Margaret, Michaell, Robert, Roberte, Roebrt, Sara, Sarah;
                    436B Hope: Elizabeth, Ellin, John, Thomas;
                    438A Broughton: Ann;
                    467 Holywell
                    474B Gresford: Charles, John;
                    484 Hawarden
                    552C Wrexham: 15 Jan 1706/07 mar/o (Mr) Richard HUGHES & (Mrs) Sara CAWLEY, Broughton
                                              9 Jul 1707 mar/o (Mr) Thomas HAMERSTON & (Mrs) Margaret CAWLEY, Croys Newydd
                         D Wrexham: James;
                    575 Hope 16 Jul 1815 bap/o Richard s/o William (gardener) & Mary, Cymmau
                    Misc: Gresford MIs: No. 1082 Here lieth interred Cawley HUMBERSTONE of Gwersyllt Esq who departed
                                                               this life 4th July 1749 aged 40.   And of Ann his wife who departed this life
                                                               the 6th day of April 1754 aged 49 and Ann their daughter who departed this life
                                                               the 31st March 1758 aged 18.   Mary Humberston CAWLEY died March 1800
                                                               aged 58 .  In memory of John Humberston CAWLEY Esq died 20 Oct 1808 aged 67,
                              Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):  John Humberston CAWLEY, Esq.,
                                                  Gwersylt Park,last of Walton, Lancs., Administration Bond, Sep. 1836
CALLOW contd
     CORLEY possibly see also
     KELLY possibly see also            

CALROW 6 Isycoed: Hannah,James;
     CALRAH 6 Isycoed: Georg;

Calthorpe, Norfolk; Oxfordshire;
COALTHORPE 438A Broughton: William Ewart;


Calver, Derbyshire
     CALVER  81A Hope:
     CALVIS *468 Llandderfel
     CARVER  79 Gresford:
                   101D Llanynys: 6 Feb 1799 bur/o Ann, of Ruthin
                   346 Hawarden: John, Rondle, Thomas;
                   353 Pentrobin;
                   383 Ruthin: 26 Nov 1628 bur/o Dorothy, widow
                   387 Hawarden: 2 Dec 1671 bur/o Katharine of Hawarden
                  *405 Wrexham: 26 May 1895 bap/o John George Carver SINKER (b 21 May)
                                                                                          s/o George Capel (railway guard) & Sarah Jane, 11 Bury St.
434 Bangor-on-Dee: Dorothy, Edward, Elizabeth
                   438A Broughton: Jane, Mary, William;
                   440B,C Hawarden
                   441A,B Hope
                   459 Mold
                   535 Buckley
                   540 Overton
                   573 Broughton: 22 Jul 1869 bap/o William s/o Martha CARVER sp. & --------, otp
434 Bangor-on-Dee: Grace;
     CLILVERD 379 Wrexham: 15 Jan 1899 bap/o Annie Maria (b 2 Nov 1898)
                                                 d/o Ernest Albert (Private Royal Army Medical Corps) & Annie, 128 Kingsmills Road
CALVER contd
     KARVER 342 Hawarden:
                   346 Hawarden: Edward, Tho, Thomas;
     KERVER 346 Hawarden: Katherine, Thomas;
                    388 Hawarden:  19 Oct 1633 bur/o ------ (wd)
                                           16 Nov 1634 mar. by Banns of Randolph KERVER & Elizab. CORBIN
                                            11 Feb 1640/41 bur/o Elizabeth w/o Rand.
                                           13 Oct 1640 mar/o Randle KERVER & Katherin DAVISON
                    389 Hawarden: 14 Jul 1623 mar/o William FALLOWES - Wearington & Katherine KERVER
     Kilve, Somerset
     KILVERT   66D Penley:
                    380 Wrexham: 12 Apr 1903 bap/o Mabel Frances (b 21 Jan) d/o William (joiner) & Frances, 37 Roderick Terrace
386 Ruabon: 2 Oct 1847 mar. by Banns of Joseph KILVERT (blacksmith) ba. of Ruabon Foundry s/o Richard (lab)
                                                                          & Mary GREEN (servant) sp. of Wynn Hall d/o William (lab)
                    404 Wrexham: Elizabeth;

     COLVERHOUSE 292 Rhosymedre:

Calverley, Bucks; West Yorks;
CALVERLEY 1) Common in Yorkshire - Addison
                    2) A local name 'clearing pasture for calves' OE; place in West Yorkshire.  Or (since the surname
                                           occurs in Dorset) 'clearing in a bare wood' OE; place (-leigh) in Dorset - Cottle
     CALVALLEY Misc: North Wales 1835 St. Asaph: Charles CALVALLEY, Esq.,
     CALVELAY 76A Mold: 27 Aug 1806 bap/o Henry William WYNNE (born 30 Jul)
                                                                           s/o Revd Thos. & Mary (CALVELAY), of Tyssyn B(istre?)
     Calveley, Cheshire
     CALVELEY 310 Gresford:  26 Feb 1754 bur/o Catherine wife of John (pauper) otp
                       378 Holywell: 16 Jul 1721 bap/o Dorothy d/o Joseph, Bagillt
                       392 Gresford: 14 Aug 1715 bap/o Edward s/o John, otp
435 Gresford: 10 Aug 1712 bap/o Elizabeth d/o John otp
                                            25 Dec 1711 mar by Bnns of John CALVELEY & Cathering WILLIAMS both otp
                       Misc: 1) From Arthur Mee's  Shropshire: Ightfield Church - ... chief among its possessions are two
                                                                                  exceptional brasses.  One of 1509 shows Dame Margery
                                                                                  Calveley with her childrten under a triple canopy, a scroll
                                                                                  running from her mouth with a prayer to John the Baptist,
                                                                                 who is shown above with a quaint headress......
                                2) Cheshire 1828/29 Nantwich: Gentry: Henry Calveley COTTON, Esq., magistrate, Combermere Abbey
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): George, Buckley, Inventory, 1627
435 Gresford: 6 Sep 1713 bap/o Mary d/o John, otp
Calverleigh, Devon; is 'the clearing in the bare wood' - Barber
     CALVERLEY Misc: Lancashire 1828/29 Blackburn: Clot & Patten maker:: Edward Calverley, Over Darwen
                                                               Clithero:  Lime burners: Calverley & Co., Pimlico
                                                                            Shopkeeper & dealer in sundries: Stephen Calverley, Market place
                                                                            Liverpool: Public House which has no sign,  commonly called
                                                                                               LETTERS: Michael Calverley, 18 Blundell st.
                                   Leicestershire 1835 Hallaton & Medbourne: Extract from the introduction .....the living is a rectory ,
                                                            in the alternate presentation of the Rev. Calverley John BEWICKE (of Hallaton Hall)
                                                           the present incumbent ......
     CALVERLY Misc: Lancashire 1828/29 Manchester: Furniture broker: Tipping Thos. Calverly, 44 Travis st.
     CARVELEY 379 Wrexham: 21 Aug 1898 bap/o Mary Elizabeth (b 26 Jul) d/o Robert John (lab) & Minnie, Higher Bebbington
     CAVELEY 304 Wrexham: 20 Apr 1737 bap/o Sarah JONES (CAVELEY) (born 15th) supposed d/o Edd CAVELEY & Eliz JONES
     CAVELY 304 Wrexham: 2 Dec 1742 bur/o Sarah supposed child of William
     CAVERLEY 392 Gresford: 18 Feb 1732/33 mar. by Banns of Edward ROBERTS & Eliz. CAVERLEY, both otp
     CLAVLEY 392 Gresford: 21 Mar 1722/23 bur/o Edward, Gresford
     COLVELEY 274 Betws yn Rhos: 4 Sep 1793 bap/o Mary Anne d/o John & Margaret, of Maesegwig
                                (The above was born at Chester on the 5th day of January last & there privately baptised
                                by the Rev. Mr. Richardson, Minister of St Johns and was publickly received into the church.)

Calvert, Bucks
     CALVERT  *49 Holywell:
                      292 Rhosymedre:
                      358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Albert;
                     *366 Wrexham: Blanche Calvert LEGH
                      366 Wrexham: Ellen, Mary, Michael;    
                     *440B Hawarden
                      559B Rhosymedre: 27 Nov 1894 mar by Banns of
                                                  James Wesley EDWARDS (grocer) ba/29 of Ruabon
                                                                    s/o Thomas Jackson EDWARDS (terra cotta worker)
                                                  & Elizabeth Mary CALVERT sp/28 of Acrefair d/o George CALVERT (station master)   
                      572 Broughton (Baptisms 1824-1867) Vol 1
                                             Anne, Edward, Jane, John, William.

CALVIN masc. 'little bald one' (Latin)
     CALVIN *443 Rhosllanerchrugog
     CARVIN 449 Trelawnyd
     COLVIN 404 Wrexham: James;


cam = crooked,bent (Welsh O/S)
River Cam
   CAM 445 Wrexham
   CAMM  66A Penley:
              474B Gresford: 1 Jun 1887 mar by Banns of
                            Alfred CAMM (chemist) ba/27 of Newnham-on-Severn, Gloucestershire s/o William CAMM (Gentleman)
                            & Margaretta Elizabeth JARVIS sp/26 otp d/o William JARVIS (pharmaceutical chemist)


CAMBRAY From one of three places called Cambrai (Calvados) or from Cambrai (Nord), France
     CAMBRAY 437 Ruabon: 27 Nov 1700 mar/o John THOMAS & Sarah CAMBRAY, Morton Above
     CAMBRIA *554 Brymbo: 17 Jul 1857 bap/o William Cambria MORGAN s/o Thomas (cashier) & Elizabeth Frances
                     *567 Brymbo: 11 Feb 1863 bur/o William Cambria MORGAN, aged 5 yrs 9 mo.,
                                                                                                otp (Brymbo Co. Office)
     CHAMBERS possibly see also


Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
CAMBRIDGE 53 Wrexham:
                    365 Wrexham: Henry, Mary, Robert;

CAMDEN Misc: North Wales 1835 Flint: Introduction: ...Camden - historian who attributes the origin of Flint Castle to Edward II,
                                                                but Owen asserts that Sysyllt, a Welsh prince, erected it....


Cameley, Avon

CAMERON  54 Abergele: 27 Apr 1799 mar. by Banns of James CAMERON (x) ba. of St. John's, Newfoundland
                                                                                 & Elizabeth ROBERTS (x) sp. otp
                                                                                   Wits: John ROBERTS (x), Judith HUGHES (x) 
                *234 Minera: 17 Jun 1855 bap/o Alexander Cameron LOW & Richard Marsden Pilkington LOW
                                                                                                  ss/o William (civil engineer) & Elizabeth, Llofft Wen
                 279 Llandudno: 19 Jan 1809 bur/o John (Lieutenant - R.S. Signal Station)
                 324 Llysfaen: 23 Jul 1847 mar. by Lic. of Alexander CAMERON (lab) ba/f of Railway Cottage
                                                                                                        s/o Archibald CAMERON (farmer)
                                                                         & Margaret DAVIES sp/f of Penybryn d/o Elias DAVIES (farmer)
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs:
                                      HO5 - Howard Ryder (h/o Dorothy J. FOULKES) d. 23 Apr 1945 aged 47
                                               also to the memory of Roualleyn J. CAMERON, son-in-law of the above d. 31 Aug 1961 aged 40
                                               also the above Dorothy FOULKES d. 8 Oct 1996 aged 95
                                               Vase - MANI 2.1.98
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Y07 - Elizabeth (w/o Archie CAMERON) d. 6 Apr 1942 aged 48 years
                                                                                     also Archie d. 15 Dec 1955 aged 74 years
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs:
                                                XH33 (stone fallen face-up and badly weathered)
                                                Archibald aged 35 years (h/o Mary Cameron) who was lost through the foundering of
                                                                                 SS Florence off the Isle of Man, September 28th 1889? (5?)
                                                also the above Mary Cameron TAYLOR -----------? aged 58 years
                                                also Cornelius -----------------------------------?
                                                (In the transcription Archibald is indexed under CAMERON, but Mary under both
                                                 CAMERON and TAYLOR)
*363 Wrexham: 7 Mar 1883 bap/o Florence Gladys FARMER d/o Robert Cameron (accountant) & Amy, 23 Percy Road
                 363 Wrexham: 3 Oct 1880 bap/o Jessie d/o Samuel (book binder) & Fanny, 48 Chester St.
                *375 Wrexham: 28 Jun 1871 bap/o William Low Cameron DAVIES
                                                                                               s/o Edward (Doctor of medicine) & Alison, Plas Darland
                                         9 Jan 1878 bap/o Irene TANNER d/o Robert Cameron (accountant) & Amy, 4 Derby Terrace
                                                                       (my query - should this surname be FARMER?)
                 375 Wrexham: 16 Nov 1873 bap/o Arthur Llewelyn CAMERON -/o Samuel (book binder) & Fanny, Henblas St.
                                        24 Dec 1876 bap/o Harry Percival -/o Samuel (book binder) & Fanny, Henblas St.
                 376 Pentrefoelas: 15 May 1881 bap/o George Duncan s/o Duncan (gamekeeper) & Mary, Voelas Ucha
                                             4 Mar 1883 bap/o Catherine Mary d/o Duncan (gamekeeper) & Mary, Voelas Uchaf
                                            28 Jun 1885 bap/o Charles Jones s/o Duncan (gamekeeper) & Mary, Voelas Uchaf
                                            29 Jun 1890 bap/o Maude d/o Duncan (gamekeeper) & Mary, Voelas uchaf
                                            11 Nov 1906 bap/o BunyanOWEN -/o William (lab) & Elizabeth, Bryniau Gwerfil
                                                            [Sponsors - C. CAMERON, Cad. A. THOMAS, Miss OWEN (Old Voelas),
                                                                              Miss THOMAS (Mill House) ]
                                            27 Oct 1907 bap/o Duncan STEWART s/o Sweton Cumming (gamekeeper) & Catherine Mary,
                                                               Voelas Lodge (Sponsors - C. CAMERON, S.C. STEWART, Mrs. DICKIE,
                                                                                                      Mrs PETTY)
                 379 Wrexham: 28 Dec 1899 bap/o Ellen Howie (b 18 Nov) d/o Joseph McKay (draper) & Isbella Ellen, 45 Chester St

                 407 Wrexham: 13 Dec 1893 bur/o John, aged 27, Roseneath
                 413 Mold: 6 Nov 1813 mar. by Lic. of Robert JONES ba. & Catherine ROBERTS sp., both otp
                                                                       Wits: J. H. CAMERON, Mary ROBERTS, Robert ROBERTS (x)
                 482 Hawarden
                 483 Hawarden
                *487 Gwersyllt
                 558C Llandegla:  6 Mar 1901 bur/o Allan, aged 28, Plas y Coed (Bodidris)
                                          4 Aug 1903 bur/o Annie, aged 16, Bersham Hall, Bersham
                                         17 Oct 1903 bur/o Alexander, aged 22, Bersham Hall, Bersham
                                         20 Mar 1914 bur/o Elizabeth, aged 66, Plas Power Lodge, Ruthin Rd, Wrexham
                 561A Marchwiel: 24 Jul 1881 bap/o Robert Howard TANNER
                                                                         s/o Robert Cameron (Accountant) & Amy, Llwyn Onn Villa
                 576 Llansannan:  8 Jan 1875 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Alexander (gamekeeper) & Jane, Hendre nenig
                                          -- -- Aug 1877 bap/o Alexander Forbes s/o Alexander (gamekeeper) & Jane, Hendre nenig
                                          25 Jan 1880 bap/o Margaret d/o Alexander (gamekeeper) & Jane, Hendre nenig
                 Misc: Derbyshire 1828-29 Chapel-en-le-Frith: Straw Hat Maker: Emma CAMERON
                          Lancashire 1828-29 Liverpool: Milliners & Dressmakers: CAMERON & WOODS, 63 Bryrom St.
                                                                      Surgeon: George Douglas CAMERON, 4 Great George's St.
                                                       Manchester: Army Agent: J. CAMERON, 9 Upper Booth St., Salford
                          Shropshire 1828/9 Wellington: Rev. Cs. Rd. CAMERON, Wombrige

                          South Wales 1835 Swansea: Col Nathanl. CAMERON, Dan-y-graig
                          Warwickshire 1835 Birmingham - Boarding & Day School: BACHE & CAMERON, Islington House
                                                                           Botanical & Horticultural Gardens, Edgbaston: David CAMERON, Curator
                                                                           Music & Musical Instrument Sellers: MUNDEN & CAMERON, 70 New St.
                                                                           Professor/Teacher: John CAMERON (singing), 70 New St.
                                                       Henley-in-Arden: Rev. Donald CAMERON, Lapworth
                         Worcestershire 1835 Worcester: Attorneys: CAMERON & FOLEY (Archibald CAMERON, clerk to the county
                                                                                         magistrates, to commissioners of bankrupts & land tax, and to
                                                                                         trustees of Worcester turnpikes), Palace yd.
                                                                                         Also Fire/Office Agents: UNITED KINGDOM (l i f e )

CAMFIELD Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Shrewsbury: Horse & Jockey Wm. Camfield, Mardol


fem. attendant at a sacrifice (Latin) - Claremont
                CAMILA *138B Wrexham:
                CAMILLA  *53 Wrexham:
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Maria Camilla Landini;
                KAMILLA *
399 Wrexham: 9 Dec 1821 bap/o Kamilla WILLIAMS d/o Robert (lab) & Jane, Beast Market
                KEMELIA *94 Cilcain: 21 Jul 1792 bap/o Kemelia PARRY (WILLIAMS)
                                                   base d/o Richard WILLIAMS & Dorothy PARRY (pauper)


CAMP  OE camp 'battle'
     437 Ruabon: Elizabeth, John, Maryl

CAMPBELL this surname genuinely appears to have its origin in the facial peculiarity of its progenitor, traditionally
                   one Gillespic O Duithne, who flourished at the beginning of the 13th century.   Campbell comes from two
                   Gaelic words, cam meaning crooked and beul meaning mouth.
     CAMBEL 184 Llanddulas: 17 Sep 1739 Bap. of James s/o Alexander (miner) & Jane of Bettus
                                           25 Oct 1739 Bur. of James inf. s/o Alexander (miner) & Jane of Bettus
                    228 St. Asaph: 23 Dec 1735 Bur. of Elizabeth of Bodelwyddan
                                           20 Jul 1737 Bur. of Isabell of Bodelwyddan
                    229 St. Asaph:  2 Jun 1737 Bap of Isabel d/o Alexander & Mary of Bodelwyddan
                    306 Holywell: 30 Jul 1743 Bap. of John s/o Alexander
                    500B Holywell
     CAMBELL   83 Ruthin: 14 Aug 1791 Marriage of The Hon John CAMBELL, Lord Stonefield (Judge of
                                                                                     Session) Wdr., of Scotland, by Lic.
                                                                         & Phoebe LLOYD  Sp   otp
                                                                         Wits: John Spier HUGHES & John ROBERTS
                      390 Bangor-on-Dee: (page 23 missing in my transcription)
                      411 Wrexham: Catharine;
                      534 Bagillt
     CAMEL 156B Hanmer: 27 Jan 1735/36 mar. by banns of
                                                              Philemon CAMEL otp (a stranger) & Elizabeth WRIGHT wid. of Halghton
                 390 Bangor-on-Dee: 12 Apr 1692 bap/o Mabel d/o Hugh & -----------
                 552C Wrexham: 4 Feb 1724/25 mar/o James CAMEL & Martha POWNALL wid., Wrexham Abbot
CAMILL 66D Penley:  
     CAMPBELL 12 Llangollen: 19 Jun 1810 Bap. of James Colin CAMPBELL (born 4th)
                                                                          s/o Fredrick , Esq.,  & Cordelia of Trevor Hall

                      *39 Halkyn: 19 May 1813 Bap. of John Campbell INGLEBY (privately)
                                                                      s/o John (Gent) & Susannah  of Lygan y Wern
56 Rhuddlan: 23 Mar 1798 Bap of Alexander (born 16th)
                                                                         s/o John (gardener) & Jane (DOBIE) of Pentre
                                          18 Aug 1799 Bap of James Henry (born 4th)
                                                                         s/o John (gardener) & Jane (DOBIE) of Pentre

                       83 Ruthin: 30 Nov 1776 Bap. of John ROBTS (CAMPBELL)
                                                        s/o Duncan CAMPBELL  &  Cathr. ROBERTS (spinster)
                                       3 Jan 1777 Bur. of John Duncan CAMPBELL (Infant illeg. child)
                                       6 May 1801 H. J. CAMPBELL witness at the marriage of Jenkin Lloyd JONES (The Revd)
                                                                of Machynlleth and Anne WILLIAMS otp
                      151 Hanmer: 2 Jun 1756 Marriage of  William CLARK (X) otp  by Banns
                                                                          & Elizabeth CAMBELL (X) of Ellesmere
                     *186 St. Asaph: 6 Oct 1799 Bap. of Mary Ann Campbell HUGHES
                                                                         d/o Lewis & Mary of Tal Uchaf
                      203 Denbigh: 18 Oct 1796 Bur. of William (Private in the Princess Royals Regiment of
                                                                       Light Dragoons) s/o Archibald & Mary
                     *224 St. Asaph: 16 Jan 1800 Bur. of Mary Ann Campbell HUGHES d/o Lewis of Tal Uchaf
                     *292 Rhosymedre: 5 Jan 1899 Bap. of Colin Campbell CUNNINGHAM
                                                                             s/o Thomas (artisan) & Elizabeth of Trefynant
                      317 Dissenters' Burial Ground, Rhosddu Road, Wrexham:
                                       Robert EDWARDS died April 23rd 1852 aged 16 years 6 months
                                       Charlotte Edwards CAMPBELL (niece of the above) born Dec 1st 1869
                                                                                                                                 died at Oxton Sep 26th 1872.
                      359 Rhosymedre: 16 Apr 1853
                                         Marriage of William CAMPBELL (clothier) ba/25 of Liverpool    by Banns
                                                          Catharine FERGUSSON sp/25 of Llangollen
                                                          Wits: John CAMPBELL (clothier), John FERGUSSON (engineer)
                     *370 Wrexham: Colin Campbell NAPIER
                     *380 Wrexham: 5 Oct 1904 bap/o Ernest Campbell JONES (b 30 Aug)
                                                                                      s/o William Whitley (leather dresser) & Agnes, 42 Palmer St.
                                            27 May 1906 bap/o Ezra Campbell PUGH (b 12 Feb)
                                                                                          s/o William (leather dresser) & Elizabeth, 13 Bernard Road
                     *381 Llangollen: 30 May 1897 bap/o Arthur Dillwyn Ffoulkes JONES
                                                                           s/o Edwin Ffoulkes (solicitor) & Ada Campbell, Arosfa
                                               9 Apr 1899 bap/o Edwin Jocelyn Ffoulkes JONES
                                                                            s/o Edwin Ffoulkes (solicitor) & Ada Campbell, Arosfa
                                              18 Aug 1901 bap/o Geoffrey Squire Ffoulkes JONES (b 26 May)
                                                                            s/o Edwin Ffoulkes (solicitor) & Ada Campbell, Arosfa
                                               27 May 1906 bap/o Rogers Garson JONES s/o Edwin Ffoulkes (solicitor) & Ada Campbell, Arosfa
                      384 Wrexham: 8 Jan 1866 bur/o Archibald, aged 38, Erddig Road
                      390 Bangor-on-Dee: 9 Nov 1694 bap/o William s/o Hugh & -------
                      411 Wrexham: Christian Bruce;
                      416 Ruabon: 18 Apr 1892 mar. by Banns of
                                                George CAMPBELL (gamekeeper) ba/28 of Llanwchlyn s/o George CAMPBELL (fisherman)
                                                & Kate JONES sp/25 otp d/o Henry JONES (joiner)
434 Bangor-on-Dee: Hugh, John;
                     *440B,C Hawarden
                      440B Hawarden
                     *474B Gresford: 29 Jul1902 mar. by Banns of
                                               William Joseph Campbell COULTHARD (physician)  ba/30
                                                                  of Bishops Close, Aspatria, Cumberland
                                                                              s/o James COULTHARD (dec. - shipping agent)
                                                & Alice Olive HIRSH sp/22 otp (Oakfield) d/o Jacob HIRST (dec. - merchant)
                      474B Gresford: 28 Apr 1906 mar by Banns of
                                                Herbert Montgomery CAMPBELL (Lt Col R.H.A.) ba/42 of Christ Church, Hampshire
s/o George Montgomery CAMPBELL (dec. Gentleman)
                                                & Florence Maude KING sp/32 otp d/o Henry KING (dec. Gentleman)
                     *487 Gwersyllt
                      487 Gwersyllt
                     *493 Llantysilio
                     *553 Gresford: 2 Nov 1872 bur/o Janet Campbell THOMPSON, aged 7 wks, Burton
                      564C Brynford: 17 Aug 1892 bur/o Edith Rushton,  aged 23 mo, Panton Place H
                     *580  Bagillt (Baptisms 1839-1911) Vol 1
                                15 Apr 1911 bap/o Archibald Campbell ROSS s/o James (iron worker) & Emily, Howell's Terrace        
                      Misc: North Wales 1835 Newtown & Kerry: Mr Hector Campbell, Bank
                                                                                     Milliner &/or dress maker: Ann Campbell Williams, Bank
1841 Census Wrexham Town:
                                                  Mount Street: CAMPBELL James aged 40 (shoe maker) born  Ireland
                                                                             "           Catherine aged 30                   "        "
                                                                             "           Alexander aged 10                  "    Denbighshire
                                                                             "           Mary aged 10                         "         "
                                                                             "           James aged 9                         "         "
                                                                             "           Henry aged 7                          "         "
                                                                             "           Helen aged 1                          "         "
                                                                       EVANS       Jane aged 14                          "         "
CAMPBELL (Misc.) contd
                               1881 Census Saltney, Cheshire/Flintshire
                               Shropshire 1828/9 Ludlow: Bankers: Rocke, Eyton, Campbell and Co., (branch of
                                                                              Shrewsbury) Broad st. - (draw on Sir Wm. Curtis and Co.,
                                                          Oswestry: Watch/clock maker: Francis Campbell, Cross
                                                          Shrewsbury: Bankers: Rocke, Eyton, Campbell, Leighton and Bayley
                                                                                    (Old Bank), Market square (draw on Curtis, Robarts
                                                                                                                                     & Co., London)
     CAMPBL 269 Dyserth: 3 Apr  1808 Bap. of Charles (born Mar 17) s/o John (gardner) & Jane of LLewerllyd
     CAMPBLL 269 Dyserth: 16 Dec 1810 Bap. of Elizabeth (born 14 Nov) d/o John (gardner) & Jane
     CAMPEL 229 St. Asaph: 16 Sep 1735 Bap. of Elizabeth d/o Alexander & Jane of Bodelwyddan
     CAMPELL 276 Llanasa: 18 Mar 1787 Marriage of Thomas WEBSTER wdr. otp  by Lic
                                                                           & Margaret CAMPELL wd. otp
                                                                            Wits: Thomas ROBERTS & John BARKER
                     *363 Wrexham: John Campbell STRANGE
                      390 Bangor-on-Dee: 16 Jan 1697/98 bap/o Margaret d/o Hugh & Elizabeth
                                                    27 Aug 1699 bap/o John s/o Hugh & Elizabeth
     CAMPL 269 Dyserth: 
-- May 1806 Bap. of Anne Frances d/o John & Jane of Tynclwt, Rhidlan

Campbeltown, Strathclyde


Campden (Broad and Chipping), Gloucestershire
     KAMENDINE *405 Wrexham: 27 May 1894 bap/o Arthur Kamendine WHYBROW (b 15 May)
                                                                                          s/o Arthur (soldier) & Catharine Anne, Barracks


Cample, Dumfries & Galloway
     CAMPLIN Misc: Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                             Joseph, M.D., Lower Hardwick, Chepstow, Mary 1836


Camwell, Tamworth, Staffs;
     CAMEL 156B Hanmer:
                 206B Hanmer:


CANARA *310 Gresford: Canara EVANS (Kanara: a region in Karnataka, India - Wikipedia)


     CAND 557 Llansilin: 22 May 1824 mar by Banns of James BOLAS ba & Mary CAND sp both otp
                                                                                Wits: Thomas CAND, Ann BOLAS


candelarius (Latin) = chandler




CANDICE fem. meaning is uncertain, possibly 'brilliantly white' or 'pure and virtuous', the name of an
               Ethiopian queen (Latin) - Claremont
CANDACE *44 Denbigh: Candace ROBERTS
                     *326 Llansannan: 24 Oct 1779 bap/o Candace ROBERTS d/o Evan & Catharine, Deunant


Candover, Hampshire
Candy Mill, Strathclyde


Canfield, Great & Little, Essex;
                Sometimes, perhaps, from Canville-les-Deux-Eglises, Seine-Maritime, France

     CAMPFIELD 406 Wrexham: Ellen;
     KENNEVELLE 411 Wrexham: 18 Dec 1838 bur/o Michael, aged 32, Mount Street


     CANK 557 Llansilin: Lily, George Arthur, Sarah Ellen, William Henry;


Cann, Dorset
    CANN 467 Holywell


CANNEL ME, OFr canele 'cinnamon'. A seller of cinnamon, a spicer.
     GANNOEL 387 Hawarden: 28 Apr 1697 bur/o Thomas of Chester

CANNING 206A Hanmer:
               *369 Llangollen: George Canning RICHARDSON, Nigel Canning RICHARDSON

Cannington, Somerset


Canton, Gloucestershire
CANTON 314 Rhosllanerchrugog:

Cantrell, Devonshire
CANTRELL Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Ludlow: Dolphin  Jeremiah Cantrell, Tower st

     CANROBERT *554 Brymbo: 6 Jan 1860 bap/o George Canrobert JONES -/o Ishmael (Agent Westminster Co.) & Elizabeth,  Moss Well, Broughton


CANTWELL Misc: 1841 Census Wrexham Town: Brook Street: George     29   Carpenter    born I.
                                                                                             Sarah      28   Dress m.  not born in County
                                                                                             Martha       3                  not born in County


capel (Welsh) = chapel
Capel, Kent; Surrey;
CAPEL   10 Overton: Elizabeth;
            216A Erbistock:
*405 Wrexham: 26 May 1895 bap/o John George Carver SINKER (b 21 May)
                                                                                          s/o George Capel (railway guard) & Sarah Jane, 11 Bury St.

     CAPELL   10 Overton: Elizabeth,Mary;
                   127A Mold:
     Caple, Surrey
     CAPPELL 565B Esclusham: Thomas, Walter;
     Chapel, Cumbria; Fife;
     CHAPEL   30 Wrexham: Mary (born in Hereford) d/o Hannah
                   118 Mold:
                   159 Holywell: 13 Jul 1806 mar. by Banns of
                                                         Edward DAVIES (x) ba/23 otp s/o William & Mary
                                                      & Elinor DICKSON (x) sp/21 otp d/o Joseseph & Margaret
                                                         Wits: Francis HOOSON (x), Mary CHAPEL (x)
                                         7 Sep 1806 mar. by Banns of John PARRY (x) wdr/32 otp s/o John & Sarah
                                                                                  & Sarah MAWBY (x) sp/24 otp d/o John & Mary
                                                                                     Wits: Arthur PARKER (x), Mary CHAPEL (x)
                                       24 May 1807 mar. by Banns of Arthur PARKER (x) ba/21 otp s/o Isaac & Sarah
                                                                                  & Mary CHAPEL (x) sp/22 d/o John & Margaret
                                                                                    Wits: John JONES (x), Catharine WEEDON (x)
CAPEL contd
                    189 Holywell: Mary;
     Chappel, Essex
     CHAPPEL 194 Halkyn:
                      420 Halkyn:  7 Jan 1746/47 bur/o Abraham & Richard, sons of David
                                         6 Mar 1747/48 bur/o David
     KEPEL 59 Erbistock:
     KEPPEL 59 Erbistock:


Capel Garmon (alias Saint Germain), Llanrwst parish


Capenor, Nutfield, Surrey
     CAPNER 552D in this case see under CAPPER

CAPELL see CAPEL       

     CAPLARD 552B Wrexham: John, Mary;


CAPON 356 Ruabon St. Mary's Churchyard MIs: Margaret;


Cappagh White, Ireland


CAPPER  A derivative of  OE caeppe 'cap', a maker of caps.  Nicholas le Capyare 1275 (Subsidy Rolls, Worcestershire)
     CAPE  8 Overton:  9 Apr 1771 bur/o Jane;
             176 Tremeirchion:  2 Jun 1796 mar by Lic of William CAPE (21+) of Ireby (Irby) s/o George CAPE & Mary
                                                                               & Elizabeth HUGHES (x) (21+)  otp d/o Willm HUGHES & Elizth
                                                                                Wits: Robert HUGHES, Edward EDWARDS
             186 St. Asaph:  14 Oct 1810 bap/o John s/o William & Elizabeth, Bryn Polyn
             367 Abergele: 18 Mar 1696/97 bap/o Margaret d/o Jonathan & Elizabeth of Chester
             411 Wrexham: 18 Feb 1839 bur/o John, aged 25, Poor House
             Misc: Staffordshire 1835 Burton-upon-Trent: Linen & woollen draper: Thomas CAPE, High st.
     CAPER   53 Wrexham: 16 Jun 1805 bap/o Mary (b 2 Jan) d/o Thomas (publican) & Anne, Velin Puleston
                                        21 Jul 1806 bap/o Thomas CAPER (BOSTOCK) (16)
                                                               base s/o John BOSTOCK & Margaret CAPER, Wrexham Regis
                                        20 Jul 1806 bur/o Mary d/o Thomas CAPER, Vellin Pulestone
                 138A Wrexham:
12 Jul 1790 bap/o Mary CAPER (CLAYTON) (b 1) base d/o Thomas CLAYTON & Martha CAPER
                                         30 Oct 1791 bap/o Thomas (b 13) s/o Philip (lab) & Martha, Broughton
                                         18 May 1794 bap/o John (b 16) s/o Philip (lab) & Martha, Brymbo
                      B Wrexham:  28 Apr 1791 bur/o Mary (poor)
                 173 Holt:  16 Sep 1705 bap/o Tho s/o Jon
                                14 Jan 1720/21 bur/o An d/o John
                 191C Ruabon:   4 Apr 1802 mar by Banns of Thos CAPER & Ann JONES both otp
                                                                                  Wits: Ann JONES, Robert PRITCHARD, Edw JONES
                 348 Wrexham: 12 Feb 1798 mar by Banns of John ROWLAND (x) & Martha CAPER (x) both otp
                                                                                   Wits: Rich'd MEESSON, Thomas JONES (x)
                 366 Wrexham: 28 May 1828 bap/o David s/o Thomas (butcher) & Ann, Wrexham
                                         8 Mar 1833 bap/o William s/o Thomas (butcher) & Ann, Brook Street
                 372 Wrexham: 30 Sep 1820 mar by Banns (wcop) of
                                                   Edward KENDRICK (collier) ba & Jane PETERS sp both otp
                                                    Wits: Philip CAPER (x), Ann HUMPHREYS
                 392 Gresford: 8 Sep 1719 bur/o Margerett of Marford
                 410 Wrexham: 30 May 1829 bur/o Phillip, aged 68, Brymbo
                                         1 May 1830 bur/o Peter, aged 8, Brymbo
                                        22 Jun 1831 bur/o William, aged  7 months, Brook Street
                                        15 Nov 1831 bur/o Elizabeth, infant, Esclusham Above
                                        15 Mar 1833 bur/o David, aged 4, Brook Street
411 Wrexham: 16 May 1835 bur/o Samuel, infant, Ponkey
                                         5 Aug 1835 bur/o Sarah, infant, Brook Street
                                       29 Jun 1836 bur/o Phillip, aged 15, Brymbo

                 426 Hanmer: 8 May 1786 bur/o John s/o Anne, Tybroughton
435 Gresford:   2 Oct 1683 bur/o Thomas 'dyed at Horseley'
                                       10 Nov 1687 bur/o (Mrs) Dorytie, of Wrexham
                                        3 Apr 1688 bap/o Sara d/o Simon, Allington
                                       5 Oct 1690 bap/o Margarett d/o Simon, Allington
                                     21 Feb 1690/01 bur/o Simon, Allington
                 552B Wrexham:  5 Aug 1717 bap/o Will (b 4) s/o Arthur (carrier), Wrexham Abbot
                                         13 Aug 1720 bap/o Mary (b 13) d/o Arthur (currier), Wrexham Abbot
                                         24 Feb 1721/22 bap/o Arthur (b 2)) s/o Arthur (currier), Wrexham Abbot
                                         28 Jan 1723/24 bap/o John (b 28) s/o John (lab) (see under CAPNER below)
                       C Wrexham:  9 Jan 1703/04 mar/o Joseph CAPER, Bigerton (Bickerton), Malpas Psh & Margarett PRYCE, same Psh
                                         13 Feb 1713/14 mar/o Arthur CAPER  & Magdalen DAVIES, Wrexham Regis
                       D Wrexham: 10 Jan 1725/26 bur/o Frances d/o John
                  554 Brymbo: 15 Feb 1842 bap/o Edward -/o John (collier) & Mary
                                      22 Apr 1846 bap/o William -/o John (collier) & Sarah
                  572 Broughton (Baptisms 1824-1867) Vol 1
                                        Mother with CAPER as maiden name: Ellen pp 8,11,14,22.
     CAPES Misc: Lancashire 1828-29 Manchester: Auctioneer & Merchant: William CAPES, 49 High st.
                          North Wales 1835 Carnarvon: Confectioner: Hephzibah CAPES, High st
     CAPNER 552D Wrexham: 5 Sep 1724 bur/o John child of John (lab), Wrexham Regis
     CAPP 304A Wrexham: 11 Oct 1736 bap/o Jane (b 30) d/o John (gardener)
CAPPER contd
Cappagh White, Ireland
     CAPPAR  32 Hawarden: 23 Nov 1834 mar by Banns of
                                                   Edward CAPPAR (x) ba otp & Jane JONES sp of Broad Lane
                                                   Wits: Thomas MORRIS,  Thos BARBER
                   133B Holt:  14 Jan 1796 bur/o Joseph
                   174 Holt:  23 Apr 1769 bap/o Thomas s/o Thos & Ann
                   191C Ruabon: 8 Oct 1808 mar by Lic of David JONES & Elizabeth JONES both otp
                                                                             Wits: Thos CAPPAR, Ann CAPPAR
                   392 Gresford: 10 Aug 1721 mar. by Lic. of William ANDERTON, Egleston & Sarah CAPPAR otp
     CAPPER   6 Isycoed:  2 Feb 1749/50 bap/o Edward s/o Peter
                                      Between 1 Sep 1751 & 21 Mar 1752 bur/o Peter s/o Peter
                                      27 Mar 1768 bur/o ---- s/o Eliss
                                      2 Jun 1771 bap/o Mary d/o Edward & Elisabeth
                    18 Hawarden: 26 Apr 1812 bap/o Ann HUGHES (b 9) d/o Samuel (lab) & Ellen (CAPPER)
                    21 Holt: 1 Nov 1700 bap/o Elizaeth d/o John
                    24 Hawarden: 16 Apr 1837 bap/o Mary (b 9) d/o Edward (boiler maker) & Jane (JONES) Aston
                    30 Wrexham:  1 Jun 1758 bap/o Esther (b 30) d/o Philip (lab), Erlas
                                         10 Jul 1774 bap/o Thomas (b 19 Jun) s/o Philip (lab), Wrexham Regis
                    32 Hawarden:  7 Apr 1835 bur/o John infant s/o Edward (boiler maker) & Jane otp
                                        26 Dec 1836 mar by Banns of
                                                   Charles CAPPER (x) (lab) of Saltney & Jane SHONE (x) sp of Broughton
                                                    Wits: William BENNETT, Thos BARBER
                                         23 Mar 1836 bur/o Thomas infant s/o Edward & Jane, Aston
                    37 Worthenbury: 30 Oct 1790 mar by Banns of
                                                             Joseph CARTWRIGHT of Malpas & Martha CAPPER (x) otp
                                                             Wits: Phobe MORGAN, Thomas POWELL (x)
                    38 Wrexham:  21 Jul 1780 bap/o John CAPPER (DAVIES) (b 19)
                                                                    base s/o John DAVIES & Mary CAPPER, Esclusham Above
                    48 Worthenbury:  6 Sep 1789 bap/o Edwd ----- base child from Chas CAPPER (ie his house), Threapwood
                                            30 Dec 1792 bap/o Dianah ----- base child from Charles CAPPER (ie his house), Threapwood
CAPPER contd 
                    53 Wrexham:   12 May 1801 bur/o Joseph (poor)
                                          28 Nov 1802 bap/o Edward base s/o Mary, Abenbury
                                          25 Jun 1803 bap/o John (b 24) s/o Thomas (farmer) & Anne, Bersham
                                            1 Jan 1804 bap/o William (b 6) s/o Philip (lab) & Martha, Brymbo
                                          20 Oct 1807 bap/o John (b 4 Mar 1805)
                                                                                 s/o John (waiter at St Martins in the Fields, London) & Sarah
                                                                    1841 Census  Hugh Place, St John the Evangelist, Westminster
                                                                            CAPPER John          c.30 (c.1811)    Artificial florist    Not born in County
                                                                                          Jane          c.30  (c.1811)                           Not born in County
                                                                                          John              0 (1841)                               b. Middlesex
                                                                            HAIG Henry                14                Artificial flowers  b. Middlesex
                                                                                       (Henry: 1851 born London; 1871 born North Wales; )
                                                                            JONES Samuel            3                                         b. Middlesex
                                                                                        (Samuel: 1871 born North Wales; 1881 & 1891 born Holywell, Flintshire;
                                                                                                      14 April 1839 Holywell bap/o Samuel JONES
                                                                                                                       s/o John (carter) & Elizth, Greenfield)
                                                                             JONES Ellen             c.40 (c.1801)                          born in Foreign Parts
                                                                    1851 Census: Little Peter Street, Saint John the Evangelist, Westminster, Middlesex
                                                                            CAPPER John      41    Artifical Florist b. Wrexham DEN
                                                                                          Jane       41                              Wrexham DEN
                                                                                          Edward  10            Scholar        Westminster, Middlesex, England
                                                                                               (mother's maiden name JONES)
In the time period:
                                                                                                   4 Oct 1811 bap/o Jane JONES (b 2)
                                                                                                                    d/o Edward (flaxdesser) & Ermin, Wrexham Regis
                                                                                                   9 Dec 1811 bap/o Jane JONES (b 11 Nov)
                                                                                                                   d/o Henry (innkeeper) & Mary, Wrexham Regis
14 Jan 1812 bur/o Jane child/o Henry, Wrexham Regis                  
                                                                                          David       7            Scholar               Lambeth, Surrey, England
                                                                                          John        5                                      Lambeth, Surrey, England
                                                                                          Sarah      0                                      Westminster, Middlesex, England      
CAPPER (53 Wrexham) contd 
                                                                    1861 Census: Edge, Whitchurch, Shropshire, England
                                                                            CAPPER John            51        Hawker            b. Wrexham DEN
                                                                                          Jane            51                                   Wrexham  DEN
                                                                                          John            14                                   Lambeth, London
                                                                                          Sarah Jane   11                                   Westminster, London
CAPPER contd
                    63A Holt: 13 Jan 1770 mar by Lic of Edward MORRIS & Mary CAPPER (x) both otp
                                                                         Wits: Wm HARRISON (x), James TOMLINSON
                                   15 Jun 1778 mar by Banns of John JONES & Martha CAPPER (x) both otp
                                                                               Wits: John RADLEY (x), James TOMLINSON
                                     7 Feb 1803 mar by Banns of Thomas CAPPER (x) singleman & Elizabeth HESKETH spr both otp
                                                                                Wits: James TOMLINSON, Thomas HESKETH, Elizabeth ROBERTS
                                   31 Dec 1804 mar by Banns of Thos CAPPER (x) (gardener) & Elizth HARRISON (x) spr both otp
                                                                                Wits: James TOMLINSON, George EVANS
                                     1 Dec 1826 mar by Banns of Thomas CAPPER & Sarah EDWARDS both otp
                                                                                Wits: Edmund JONES, Eliza JONES
                    67 Ruabon:  15 Apr 1807 bap/o Thomas (b 2 Mar) s/o Thomas & Ann, Morton Above
                                        7 Mar 1810 bap/o Ann (b 1 Mar) d/o Thomas & Ann,  Morton Above
                                       23 Dec 1812 bap/o Edward (b 17 Nov) s/o Thomas & Ann,  Morton Above
                    75 Marchwiel:  1754 Banns called on 25 Aug, 1 & 8 Sep for Lancelot HOLMES otp & Martha CAPPER of Shocklach
                                          20 Aug 1775 bur/o Sarah
                    79 Gresford: 14 Jun 1773 bur/o John s/o Philip (pauper)
                                       16 Aug 1778 bap/o Samuel CAPPER (ZACHARY) base s/o Jno ZACHARY & Ann CAPPER
                                       20 Feb 1779 bur/o Saml base s/o Ann
                                       10 Mar 1802 bur/o Philip (pauper), Erlas
                                       29 Oct 1806 bur/o Mary (pauper), Erlas
CAPPER contd
                   132 Hanmer: 25 Jan 1808 bap/o Daniel s/o Damiel & Jane, Halghton
                                      15 Aug 1810 bap/o John s/o Daniel & Jane, Halghton
                   133 Holt:  9 Jan 1774 bap/o George s/o Thomas & Ann
                                23 Oct 1774 bur/o William
                                17 Mar 1778 bur/o Mary d/o John
                                 9 Sep 1783 bur/o Peter of Iscoyd
                                 7 Feb 1802 bur/o George s/o Thos
                                22 Mar 1803 bur/ Elizth wife of Thos
                                31 Jul 1803 bap/o Ann d/o Thos & Elizth
                                16 May 1804 bur/o Anne wife of Thomas
                                  6 Jan 1806 bap/o Sarah d/o Thomas & Elizth
                                20 Sep 1807 bap/o Mary d/o Thomas & Elizth
                                15 Oct 1809 bap/o John s/o Thomas & Elizth
                                30 Dec 1809 bur/o John s/o Thomas
                                10 Dec 1810 bap/o Elizth d/o Thos & Elizth
                                  2 Aug 1812 bap/o Christian d/o Thos & Elizth
                   138B Wrexham: 10 Sep 1799 bur/o Th., Wrexham Regis
                   163B Ruabon: 13 Oct 1827 mar by Banns of William PRITCHARD (x) & Anne LLOYD (x) both otp
                                                                                     Wits: William PRITCHARD (x), Anne CAPPER (x)
                   165A Ruabon: 12 May 1822 mar by Banns (wcop) of Thomas CAPPER & Anne CLARKE both otp
                                                                                                Wits: John COWARD,  Mary COWARD
                   172 Holt:   6 Jul 1681 mar/o Rafe CAPPER & Martha EARLE both of City of Chester
                                 30 Dec 1698 mar/o John CAPPER of Tatnall  & Joanne BICKLEY otp
                                   3 Mar 1700/01 mar by Banns of John CAPPER & Jane THOMAS
CAPPER contd
                   173 Holt:  12 Dec 1701 bap/o Eliz d/o Jn
                                    5 Jan 1701/02 bur/o --- child of John
                                  11 Feb 1702 bap/o John  s/o John
                                  16 Feb 1702 bap/o John s/o John
                                    4 Mar 1704/05 bap/o Thomas s/o John
                                  20 Apr 1705 bap/o Wm s/o Joseph
                                  15 Aug 1705 bur/o Tho s/o John
                                  23 Jun 1706 bap/o Mary d/o John
                                  22 May 1709 bap/o Jane d/o John
                                  26 Mar 1711 bap/o Mary d/o John
                                   3 May 1713 bap/o Sarah d/o Jos
                                   1 Nov 1715 bap/o Thomas s/o Joseph
                                   3 Jan 1726/27 bur/o John Snr
                                  20 Feb 1726/27 bur/o John Jnr (killed at Wrexham  on Thursday 14 Feb)
                                  27 Aug 1728 bur/ Margarat wid.
                                  17 Jun 1729 bap/o Thos s/o John
                                  21 Aug 1732 bap/o John s/o William
                                  26 Dec 1732 bur/o William (d 25) s/o William
                                  28 Sep 1734 bap/o William s/o William
                                  14 Jan 1734/35 bur/o Jane wid
                                  20 Aug 1735 bur/o William (Clerk)
                                  12 Nov 1738 bap/o Margrett d/o Peter
CAPPER contd
                   174 Holt: 12 May 1746 bap/o William s/o Joseph
                                   2 Jul 1746 bur/o Sarah d/o Peter
                                  12 Jul 1747 bap/o Peter s/o Peter, Iscoyd
                                  11 Jun 1749 bap/o Thos s/o Joseph
                                  11 Nov 1750 bap/o Margaret d/o Joseph
                                  26 Jul 1751 bur/o William s/o Joseph
                                   8 Aug 1751 bur/o Margt d/o Joseph
                                  18 Aug 1752 bur/o Peter Snr.
                                  18 Mar 1753 bur/o Ann wife of Joseph  
                                    7 Jul 1754 bur/o Jane wid.
                                  --  Jan 1757 bur/o Margaret wid.
                                  26 Jul 1757 bur/o John
                                   9 Aug 1758 bap/o Margt d/o Joseph & Elizth
                                 16 Feb 1764 bur/o Samuel s/o Thomas
                   197 Hanmer:   5 Jan 1813 bap/o Thomas s/o Daniel (farmer) & Jane,  Halghton
                                       16 Jan 1814 bap/o Sarah d/o Daniel (farmer) & Jane,  Halghton
                   201 Wrexham: 21 Oct 1804 mar by Banns of
                                                       Vaughan HUGHES (slater) wdr otp & Christian ROGERS (x) sp
                                                                                 Wits: Edwd SIMPSON, Mary CAPPER (x)
                   234 Minera: 26 Jun 1825 bap/o Mary d/o John (collier) & Mary, Brymbo
                                     25 Nov 1827 bap/o John s/o John (collier) & Mary, Broughton
                   269 Dyserth: 30 Jan 1802 mar by Lic of William MOODY of Rhyddlan & Catherine GRIFFITHS (x) otp
                                                                             Wits: --- HOWPER, Jane CAPPER

                   280 Llanfair Talhaearn: 26 May 1740 bap/o Mary CAPPER (SELLER)
                                                                       base d/o Samuel SELLER of Handley, Co. Chester & Alice CAPPER
                  *290 Hanmer: 28 Aug 1887 bap/o Thomas Capper ROLFE (b 3 Aug)
                                                               s/o Samuel GARDINER (joiner) & Mary Ann of Tarts Hill Cottage, Halghton
CAPPER contd
                   304A Wrexham: 18 May 1733 bap/o John (b 10) s/o John (gardner), Wrexham Regis
                                            21 Apr 1738 bap/o Joseph (b 10) s/o John (gardener)
                        C Wrexham: 18 Feb 1736/37 bur/o Jane d/o John (gardner)
                                            24 Apr 1737 bur/o John s/o John (gardiner)
                   307 Ruabon: 10 Sep 1732 bur/o John, infant, Christionydd Kenrick
                   310 Gresford:  6 Sep 1761 bap/o Philip s/o Philip (pauper), Erlas
                                       24 Apr 1763 bap/o  Martha d/o Peter (pauper), Erlas
                                       18 Aug 1765 bap/o Peter s/o Peter (pauper), Erlas
                                         5 Mar 1766 bur/o Peter s/o Peter (pauper), Erlas
                                       12 Jun 1768 bap/o Margt d/o Philip, Erlas
                                       21 Jun 1772 bap/o John s/o Philip
                                       21 Jun 1772 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Jos, Merford
                   319 Hawarden: 5 Mar 1777 bap/o Joseph s/o Joseph & Jane
                   348 Wrexham:   29 Apr 1772 mar by Banns of William DAVIES (x) (shoemaker) & Eliz'h CAPPER (x) sp both otp
                                                                                       Wits: Edward EVANS, John EDWARDS
                                             2 Nov 1790 mar by Banns of Philip CAPPER (x) & Martha WILLIAMS (x) both otp
                                                                                       Wits: John TAYLOR, Rich'd MEESSON
                   351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: No. 678:  Mary CAPPER (d/o Phillip & Ann CAPPER of Broughton) died 22 Jan 1862 aged 32 years
                                                                                                Phillip CAPPER (husband of Ann)
                                                                                                Ann CAPPER (wife of Phillip) died 1870 aged 65 years
                                                                                                ---- HUXLEY (wife of Edward HUXLEY & dau. of Phlllip & Ann CAPPER) died 16 Mar 1871 aged 33 years
                                                                                               Sarah CAPPER (dau/o Phillip & Ann CAPPER) died 2nd May 1874 aged 39 years
                   363 Wrexham:  3 Nov 1880 bap/o Albert Edward, Elizabeth Ann & Margaret c/o John  (lab) & Margaret Ann, Cutlers Entry (also see 375 below)
                                                                               1871 Census: Charles Street, Cutlers Entry, Wrexham Regis
                                                                                       CAPPER John           24         General Dealer    b. Middlesex, London
Margaret A. 20                                       Rhosymedre, Wrexham
                                                                                       WILLSEA Henry        32  Mar. Lodger                   Norwich, Norfolk
                                                                                       JOHNSON John         22 Unm.                             Birmingham, Warwickshire
                                           9 Apr 1882 bap/o Mary d/o John (lab) & Margaret Ann, 33 Farndon St.
                                          25 Jun 1884 bap/o Sarah d/o Jhn (lab) & Margaret Ann, 33 Farndon St.
                                          22 May 1887 bap/o David Thomas s/o John (fish merchant) & Ann, 3 Mount St.
CAPPER contd
                   364 Wrexham: 28 Jun 1844 bur/o Sarah, aged 22, Poor House
                                           6 Aug 1844 bur/o Eliza, infant, Wrexham Abbot
                                           5 Jun 1846 bur/o Samuel, infant, Esclusham Above
                                          20 Jan 1849 bur/o John Rowland, infant, Broughton
                   365 Wrexham: 17 May 1817 bap/o William s/o John (collier) & Mary, Brymbo
                                           5 Jul 1818 bap/o John s/o John (collier) & Mary, Brymbo
                                         15 Sep 1818 bap/o John s/o John (collier) & Mary, Brymbo
                   366 Wrexham: 22 Oct 1826 bap/o Anne d/o David (shoemaker) & Hannah, Pentre Fechen
                                           9 Nov 1826 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Phillip (collier) & Anne, Harewood
                                          27 Dec 1826 bap/o John s/o Thomas (butcher) & Anne, Brook Street
                                          23 Oct 1829 bap/o Mary d/o Phillip (collier) & Anne, Gwersyllt
                                          19 Nov 1830 bap/o William s/o Thomas (butcher) & Ann, Brook Street
                                            1 Apr 1831  bap/o Sarah & Thomas d&s/o Thomas (lab) & Hester, Brymbo
                                           25 Dec 1832 bap/o Sarah d/o Philip (collier) & Ann, Gwersyllt
                                            1 Mar 1835 bap/o Martha d/o Philip (collier) & Anne, Brymbo
CAPPER contd
                   370 Wrexham: 8 Aug 1865 bap/o Edward CAPPER (GUMMEW) c/o Henry GUMMEW (painter) of W and Ann CAPPER of Holt St
                   371 Llangollen: 15 Jul 1863 mar. by Lic. of
                                                          Edward JONES (farmer) ba/24 of Glyn Ciriog, Llansantfraid s/o John (farmer)
                                                       & Margaret CAPPER sp/24 otp d/o Thomas (farmer)
                   372 Wrexham: 23 Nov 1816 mar by Banns of John CAPPER (collier) & Mary KENRICK sp both otp
                                                                                     Wits: Thomhas KENDREACK, Sarah MANLEY
                                         23 Dec 1820 mar by Banns (wcop) of Robert PARRY (x) (collier) ba & Anne KENRICK (x) sp both otp
                                                                                                Wits: Thomas CAPPER (x), Mary SHONE (x), Richqrd KENDRICK
                                          11 Oct 1823 mar by Banns (wcop) of John MATTHIAS (collier) ba & Lydia JONES (x) sp both otp
                                                                                                Wits: Peter CAPPER, Mary HUGHES (x)
                   373 Wrexham:  27 Mar 1815 bur/o Tho's, aged 36, Rhuabon
                                          13 Jul 1821 bur/o John, aged 18, Rhuabon
                                          14 Nov 1821 bur/o John, aged 3, Broughton
                   374 Wrexham: 27 Aug 1837 bap/o Maria d/o Phillip (collier) & Ann, Brymbo
                                         17 Jun 1838 bap/o Margaret d/o Thomas (lab) & Esther, Broughton
                                         31 May 1840 bap/o Philip s/o Philip (collier) & Anne, Brymbo
                                         15 Sep 1844 bap/o Hannah d/o Philip (collier) & Anne, Brymbo
                                         12 Mar 1848 bap/o Emma d/o Philip (collier) & Anne, Broughton
                   375 Wrexham: 13 Oct 1871 bap/o John William s/o John (fishmonger) & Margaret Ann, Charles St (also see 363 above)
                   379 Wrexham:  5 Jul 1898 bap/o Thomas William (b 20 May) s/o Edward Charles (engine driver) & Mary Jane, 15 Cross Rd, Moss, Wrexham
                                         20 Jun 1901 bap/o Thomas Henry (b 6 Jun) s/o Philip (collier) & Jane, 12 Empress Road
CAPPER contd
                   380 Wrexham: 11 Oct 1903 bap/o Annie (b 15 Sep) d/o Alfred Edward (lab) & Annie Eliza, Edward Street
                                          26 Mar 1905 bap/o John Matthews (b 21 Feb) s/o Alfred Edward (lab) & Annie Eliza, 69 Edward St
                   384 Wrexham: 14 May 1866 bur/o Mary, aged 32, Union
                                           3 Jun 1870 bur/o Edwin, infant, Poolmouth
                                           8 Sep 1870 bur/o Ann, aged 65, Pool Mouth
                                           7 Feb 1871 bur/o Jane, aged 61, Cutlers Entry
                                           1 Nov 1872 bur/o John William, infant, Cutlers Entry
                                           6 May 1874 bur/o Sarah, aged 41 (born 1833), Beast Market
                                                               In 1851, 1861, 1871 Sarah is unmarried with John DICKENSON  Surgeon/ G.P
                                                                                         . in Beast Market (not born in County)
                   392 Gresford: 7 Feb 1726 mar. by Banns of William DAVIES & Mary CAPPER, both otp
                   393 Wrexham: 27 Oct 1875 bur/o Ann, aged 69, Work  House
                                         16 Dec 1875 bur/o Maria, infant, Broughton
                                         14 Feb 1877 bur/o Sarah Jane, infant, Cutlers Entry
                                         30 Apr 1877 bur/o John, aged 2, Cutlers Entry
                                         27 Dec 1877 bur/o Thomas, infant, Pool Mouth
                                         12 Apr 1879 bur/o Hannah, aged 82, Walks
                                           6 Jun 1883 bur/o Mary, infant, Farndon St.
399 Wrexham: 24 Feb 1821 bap/o Phillip s/o John (collier) & Mary, Brymbo
                                         14 Aug 1821 bap/o Sarah d/o David (shoemaker) & Hannah, Pentre fellen
                                         19 May 1822 bap/o William s/o Thomas (lab) & Esther, Bersham
                                         14 Apr 1823 bap/o Sarah d/o John (collier) & Mary, Brymbo
                                          5 Dec 1823 bap/o John s/o David (shoemaker) & Hannah, Pentrefelin
                                         25 Dec 1824 bap/o Anne d/o Phillip (collier) & Anne, Brymbo
                                           3 May 1825 bap/o Thomas s/o Thomas (butcher) & Anne, Brook Street
CAPPER contd
                   400 Wrexham: 27 Dec 1823 mar. by Banns (wcop) of
                                                           Phillip CAPPER (x) (collier) ba. & Anne EDDOWES (x) sp., both otp
                                                           Wits: Peter CAPPER (x), Elizabeth EDDOWES (x)
                                        28 Aug 1824 mar. by Banns (wcop) of
                                                           Peter CAPPER (x) (collier) ba. & Anne JONES sp., both otp
                                                           Wits: John ROGERS, Eleanor ROBERTS (x)
                                        27 May 1826 mar. by Banns (wcop) of
                                                            Robert HANABY (x) (collier) ba. & Mary DAVIES (x) sp., both otp
                                                            Wits: Peter CAPPER (x), Ellen PHOENIX (x)
                  404 Wrexham: 14 Mar 1900 bur/o John, aged 52, 31 Farndon Street
                  406 Wrexham: 27 Jan 1862 bur/o Mary, aged 32, Gate Wen
                  407 Wrexham: 19 Feb 1885 bur/o Philip, aged 89, Poolmouth
                                          8 Feb 1888 bur/o John, aged 80, 4 Cutlers Entrry, Charles St. (born 1808)
                  408 Bangor-on-Dee: 5 Feb 1764 mar by Banns of Robt THOS (x) (servant) & Mary CAPPER (x) sp both otp
                                                                                          Wits: John TAYLOR Junr, Edward PRITCHARD
CAPPER contd
                  411 Wrexham: 10 Jan 1839 bur/o Martha, aged 76, Broughton
                                        24 Feb 1841 bur/o John, aged 13, Brymbo
                  412 Wrexham: 12 Dec 1853 bur/o Ann, aged 29, Pool Mouth
                  423 Hanmer: 26 Feb 1590/91 bur/o Elisabeth w/o Frannces
                  426 Hanmer:  1 Apr 1809 bur/o Betty d/o Daniel & Jane, Halghton
                  438A Broughton: 22 Apr 1834 bur/o Sarah, aged 3 years, d/o George (lab) & Mary, Saltney
                                             2 Jul 1836 bur/o Emma, aged 60, wife of Charles (lab) of Saltney
                                           10 Jun 1839 bur/o William, aged 21, s/o Jane & the late John Shone (mole catcher) otp
                                             8 Sep 1845 bur/o Ellen, aged 9  mo, d/o George (lab) & Mary  of Stone Bridges, Saltney
                                             6 Apr 1847 bur/o William, infant s/o Cha's (mole catcher) & Sarah, Stone Bridge, Saltney
                                            24 Mar 1853 bur/o Charles (lab) aged 37 years of Saltney
                                            28 Dec 1859 bur/o Jane, aged 72 years, wife of Charles (lab) of Broughton
                                            18 Mar 1867 bur/o Charles (lab), aged 87 years, of Hawarden Union Workhouse
                                            29 Nov 1877 bur/o Emma, aged 24 years of Stone Bridge, Saltney
                                            11 Jan 1897 bur/o Sarah, aged 82 years, of Stone Bridge, Saltney
                       B Broughton: 26 Dec 1901 mar by  Banns of
                                             James CAPPER (painter) ba/21 of 34 Union St., Tranmere
s/o George CAPPER (-hunter)
                                              & Elizabeth HEWITT sp/22 of 47 Ewart St., Mold Junction
                                                      d/o William George HEWITT (---ine dr----)
CAPPER contd
                  440A Hawarden:  7 Jul 1856 mar/o Edward JONES (x) (lab) ba/22 of Bretton putative s/o George CAPPER (lab)
                                                                     & Jane THORNTON sp/23 of Pentrobin d/o Robert THORNTON (collier)
                  445 Wrexham:  9 Feb 1757 bur/o Magdalen (widow), Wrexham Abbot
                                        15 Feb 1765 bur/o Ann wife of John (gardner)
                                        29 Jul 1781 bur/o John (gardiner), Wrexham Regis
                  446 Chirk: 27 Jul 1817 mar by Banns of Jonathan CLARK (boat builder) & Ann CAPPER (x) sp both otp
                                                                            Wits: W'm POWELL, Elizabeth POWELL
                  488 Hope: 4 Jan 1742/43 mar by Lic of Edw JAMES & Mary CAPPER of Wrexham
                  491B Henllan: 12 Jul 1774 mar by Lic of Joseph CAPPER ba & Jane FREWIN sp both otp
                                                                             Wits: Richard DAVIES, David PUGH
CAPPER contd
                  501 Northop: 3 Aug 1705 bur/o Thomas (young pauper)
                  552B Wrexham: 31 Dec 1725 bap/o Frances (b 27) d/o John (lab)
                       D Wrexham; 21 Oct 1726 bur/o Arthur (carrier), Wrexham Regis
                                          27 Feb 1728/29 bur/o Arthur child of Widdow, Wrexham Abbot
                  553 Gresford: 14 May 1851 bur/o Martha, aged 26 years, Gwersyllt
                  554 Brymbo: 29 Oct 1862 bap/o Edith -/o Thomas (engineer) & Margaret, Moss Well, Broughton
                  555 Brymbo: 10 Aug 1864 bap/o Martha -/o Thomas (lab) & Anne, Moss Side, Broughton
                                      23 Oct 1864 bap/o Thomas Henry -/o Thomas (engineer) & Margaret, Moss, Broughton
                                      10 Dec 1872 bap/o Edward Charles -/o Thomas (engine driver) & Margaret, Moss Well, Broughton
                                        7 Oct 1874 bap/o Charlotte Jane -/o Samuel (engine driver) & Sarah Jane, Green, Broughton
                                      12 Dec 1875 bap/o Margaret Ann -/o Thomas (engineer) & Margaret, Moss, Broughton
                                      17 Sep 1876 bap/o William John -/o Samuel (engine driver) & Sarah Jane, Green, Broughton
                                      30 Sep 1878 bap/o Sarah Elizabeth -/o Thomas (engine driver) & Margaret, Moss Well, Broughton
                                        1 Dec 1878 bap/o Henry -/o Samuel (engine driver) & Sarah Jane, Green, Broughton
                                      28 Nov  1880 bap/o Mary Ellen -/o Samuel (engine driver) & Sarah Jane, Green, Broughton
                                        2 Sep 1883 bap/o Kate Elizabeth -/o Samuel (engine driver) & Sarah Jane, Green, Broughton
                                      21 Feb 1886 bap/o Richard James -/o Samuel (engine driver) & Sarah Jane, Green, Broughton
                                      29 Jun 1888 bap/o Charles -/o Samuel (engine driver) & Sarah Jane, The Green
CAPPER contd
                  562C Tallarn Green: 8 Mar 1900 bur/o Mary, aged 90 years (1810), Willington
                  567 Brymbo: 25 Dec 1850 bur/o William, aged 18 months, otp
                                     31 May 1859 bur/o John, aged 65 yrs (born c. 1794) , otp
                  568 Brymbo: 26 Aug 1871 bur/o Mary, aged 74 yrs (born c. 1797), Green, Brymbo
                                     22 Nov 1888 bur/o John, aged 45 years (born c. 1843, otp
                                     15 Oct 1895 bur/o William John, aged 19 years (born c. 1876), Green
                  572 Broughton
572 Broughton (Baptisms 1824-1867) Vol 1
: 27 Sep 1835 bap/o Sarah (b 30 Aug) d/o George (lab) & Mary (SMITH), Saltney
                                              18 Mar 1838 bap/o Mary (b Feb 10) d/o George |(lab) & Mary (SMITH), Saltney
                                              24 Oct 1846 private bap/o John s/o George (mole catcher) & Mary (SMITH), Saltney
                                                     (Rec'd in the Cong'n 18? Nov 1846)
                                              29 Jul 1849 bap/o Ellen (b 30 May) d/o George (mole catcher) & Mary (SMITH ),
                                                                                             Sandy Lane, Saltney
                                       Mothers with CAPPER as maiden name: Anne p 38; Ellen pp 6,17,20.

                  573 Broughton: 14 Sep 1902 bap/o William George Thomas CAPPER
                                                         s/o James (painter) & Elizabeth, 25 Ramsbottom Street, Crewe
CAPPER contd
                   Misc: Mayors of  Holt - The Mayor elected at Michaelmas in any one year served, if he lived,
                                                                        until the Michaelmas court of the year following:
                                                     1657 Thomas CAPPER of Huntington (cum Cheveley), Cheshire
                                                     1881 Thomas CAPPER of Holt (died 10 Oct 1892 aged 68)
1841 Census Wrexham Town: High Street:    Anne      15  female servant, born in County
                                                                                           (with Wm EDMONDS, sadler, and his family)

Yorke Street:  Sarah     19   female servant, born in County
                                                                              (with Edwd ROWLAND, heir dresser & innkeeper, and his family)

                                                                        Pentreffelin: ROBERTS Anne  72  widow & pauper  born in County
                                                                                          CAPPER Eliza      8   born in County

                                                                        Cutlers Entry, Charles Street  -  no CAPPERS listed

                           1881 Census Saltney, Cheshire/Flintshire:
                                                         9 Banks Row, Saltney
                                                         CAPPER Sarah    Head    wid   aged 67    milk vendor    born  Doddleston, Cheshire
                                                                        Martha  dau  unmarried      32                                 Saltney, Flintshire
                                                         PEERS Charles  grandson                 7     scholar                  Saltney, Flintshire
                                                         WAINWRIGHT Martha   niece   unm. 20                                 Doddleston, Cheshire
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                                 Daniel 1836, Felicia 1805, Margaret 1835, Philip 1826, Thomas 1850

                           Cheshire 1828-29 Nantwich: Watch & clock maker: Elizabeth CAPPER, Pepper st.
                           Staffordshire 1835
Rugeley: Hat Manufacturer: James CAPPER, Marlpits.
                                                     The Potteries:  Blacksmith, ironmonger, saddler & harness maker: Joseph CAPPER, High St., Tunstall
                                                                           Brazier, tin-plate worker, ironmonger, patten & clog maker:
                                                                                                         Thos CAPPER, High St., Lane End
                                                                           Shopkeeper & dealer in groceries & sundried: Thomas CAPPER, Well St., Tunstall
                                                      Willenhall: Lock maker (rim): Thomas CAPPER, Little London
CAPPER contd
     CAPPOR 552B Wrexham: 9 Nov 1707 bap/o John (b 16 Oct) s/o John (lab), Brymbo
CAPPR 173 Holt: 9 Oct 1715 bap/o Phillip s/o John Snr.
     CAPPUR  37 Worthenbury: 13 Nov 1786 mar by Banns of Charles CAPPUR (x) otp & Anne WOODALL (x) of Threapwood
                                                                                         Wits: Thomas BEAVAN, Samuel EDWARDS
                     63A Holt: 14 May 1754 mar by Banns of Joseph CAPPUR (x) (yeoman) & Elizabeth JONES (x) spinster, both otp
                                                                                Wits: Ben THOMAS, Richard BRIDGE, James TOMLINSON
                                      5 Jan 1781 mar by Lic of Thomas CAPPUR (Gentleman) & Anne HUGHES (x) spinster, both otp
                                                                           Wits: James TOMLINSON, Samuel NORBURY
                          B Holt: 31 Dec 1798 mar by Banns of John CLARK (x) (taylor) & Sarah ROBERTS (x) wid., both otp
                                                                                 Wits: Thomas CAPPUR (x), Martha PRIDDING (x), W. JONES
                   133 Holt:  1 Apr 1781 bap/o Thomas s/o Thomas & Anne
                                  6 Oct 1782 bur/o Elizabeth wife of Joseph
                                 16 Mar 1783 bap/o William s/o Thomas & Ann
                                  9 Jan 1785 bap/o Ann d/o Thomas & Ann                 
                                 11 Feb 1787 bap/o Jane d/o Thomas & Ann
                                 18 Mar 1788 bur/o Ann d/o Thomas
                                   3 Jun 1788 bap/o Susannah CAPPUR (EVANS) base d/o George EVANS & Mgrt CAPPUR
                                  14 Jun 1789 bap/o Robert PAGE (CAPPUR) base s/o Thos CAPPUR & Mary PAGE
                   172 Holt: 28 Sep 1729 mar/o William CAPPUR & Elizabeth DOD
                                 30 Jan 1739/40 mar by Banns of Thos SMITH  & Elizabeth CAPPUR both otp
                                 25 Aug 1741 mar by  Banns of William TAYLOR  & Susannah CAPPUR both otp
                   173 Holt: 27 Dec 1715 bap/o Margaret d/o John Senr.
                                 12 Aug 1717 bap/o Ann d/o John Senr.
                                   8 Jul 1718 bur/o Mary d/o John Jnr.
                                   8 Feb 1718/19 bap/o Joseph s/o Joseph
                                  20 Sep 1719 bap/o William s/o John (Gentleman)
                                   8 Dec 1720 bap/o ---- d/o John Junr.
                                   7 Oct 1723 bur/o Joseph
                                  24 Jan 1723/24 bap/o Martha d/o John Jnr.
                                   9 Sep 1730 bap/o William s/o William
                                  14 Apr 1736 bap/o Phillip s/o Peter
                   174 Holt:   7 Sep 1740 bur/o William s/o William decd.
                                 27 Sep 1741 bap/o Elizebeth d/o Petter
                                   5 Jul 1743 bur/o Petter s/o Petter, Iscoyd  
                                 12 Aug 1744 bap/o Sarrah d/o Petter
                                 27 Dec 1744 bur/o John
                                 13 Feb 1765 bap/o John s/o Thos & Ann
                  491B Henllan: 30 Nov 1787 mar by Lic of  Alexander GRAY & Mary PICKSTOCK both otp
                                                                               Wits; Robert HUGHES, Mary CAPPUR        
                  Misc: Cheshire 1828-29 Nantwich: Cheese factors: George & Ralph CAPPUR, Pillory st            
Cappercleuch, Borders


CAPSEY Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Wellington: Hair dresser: Thomas Capsey, Crown st
                                                                    White Lion  Thomas Capsey, Crown st


Capton, Devon; Somerset;
     CAPTAIN   *79 Gresford:
                      *83 Ruthin:
                    *552B Wrexham: 10 Aug 1723 bap/o Eliz GRIFFITHS (b 9) d/o Captain.  Abode  B.M, W B
                    *564C Brynford: 16 Apr 1910 bur/o Captain David HUGHES, aged 57, Glasfryn H


CARA fem. friend (Irish Gaelic); dear, darling (Italian); a variant form is Carina.
     CARA *444 Ruabon

CARACTACUS *314 Rhosllanerchrugog:

CARADOC *334 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Caradoc WILLLIAMS
                 *358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Caradoc WILLIAMS
                 *367 Abergele: 17 Mar 1685/86 bap/o Mary MOSES (b.15th) d/o Caradoc (shoemaker) & Jane of Villa/Harvilla
                 *568 Brymbo  20 Jun 20 Jun 1897 bur/o Harry Caradoc ROBERTS, aged 10 mo., otp
  Misc: North Wales 1835 Rhyddlan: Introduction ... Rhyddlan Marsh .. a great battle was fought here in 795,
                                                                      between the Welsh and Saxons, when their monarch, Caradoc, fell
                                                                      in the conflict.....
     CARADOCK *493 Llantysilio
     CARADOG *354 Rhosllanerchrugog: Caradog GRIFFITHS
                      *381 Llangollen: 16 May 1894 bap/o Edgar Caradog Newton PARRY (b 20 Jan 1894)
                                                     s/o John Neston (agent for Singer Sewing Machines) & Frances, 17 Bridge St.
                       *557 Llansilin: 11 Jun 1893 bap/o David Caradog WILLIAMS -/o Hugh Solomon (cert'd teacher) & Elizabeth, Llys Silin
     CRADDOCK Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Boot/shoe maker: Samuel Craddock, Shropshire st
     Cradoc, Powys
     CRADOC *11 Bangor on Dee: Cradoc ELLIS
     CRADOCK 347 Hawarden: Mary;
                     *369 Llangollen: Richard Cradock SEELEY  
                      392 Gresford: 21 Mar 1728/29 bur/o Catherin, Poor, Marford


CARADYNE 352 Flint:

CARCILL see KERSLEY (but might Carcill be for Castle?)

Carden, Cheshire
CARDEN from French cardon, a thistle; or a nickname for a man with an obstinate or stubborn nature.
    CANADINE/CARADINE Misc: Worcestershire 1835 Chaddesley-Corbett: Grocer & dealer in sundries: Abraham CANADINE, Belbroughton
                                                                               Kidderminster: Retailer of beer: John CANADINE, Church fields
                                                                                                                             Richard CANADINE, Liion fields
                                                                                                     Shopkeeper & dealer in groceries & sundries:
                                                                                                                               John CARADINE, Church fields
    CARDAN 151 Hanmer: 23 Jan 1775 mar. by Lic. of John JACKSON of Whitchurch SHR & Elizabeth PROBART otp
                                                                              Wits: Robert CARDAN, Mary PROBART
    CARDEN 10 Overton: 25 Jul 1803 Elizabeth CARDEN (x) & John BEDDOW (x) wits at mar/o
                                                                         Thos PRODGER  (x) & Elizabeth  MATHEWS (x) sp both otp
                                    28 Dec 1807 mar by Banns of John HARRISON & Elizabeth CARDEN (x) both otp
                                                                                Wits: Edwd BYOLLIN, Anna HARRISON (x|)
                                     8 Aug 1814 William CARDEN (x)  & Mary WILSON (x) wits at mar/o
                                                                               John HANMER (x) & Francis WILSON (x) both otp
                                     Between 5 & 19 Aug 1815 mar by Banns of William CARDEN (x) & Ann PHILLIPS (x) both otp
                                                                                                     Wits: John CARDEN (x), Elizth HARISON (x)
                    61 Ruabon: 19 Dec 1840 mar by Banns of John PRODGER (x)  (lab) wdr of Common s/o Phineas  PRODGER (lab)
                                                                                 &  Mary CARDEN (x) wid of Common d/o Walter KINNERLEY (lab)
                   151 Hanmer: NB CARDEN in  transcription index but CARDAN in body of work - see CARDAN
                   152 Hanmer: 20 Dec 1763 bap/o Daniel CARDEN (MEREDITH) base s/o Jno MEREDITH & Martha CARDEN, abode: Hanmer
                                       25 Jun 1772  bap/o Booz CARDEN (-------)  base s/o --------- -------- & Martha CARDEN otp
                   156A Hanmer: 27 Apr 1717 bap/o Anne d/o George, Willington
                                        21 Oct 1718 bap/o George s/o George, Willington
                                         2 Apr 1720 bap/o Mary d/o George, Willington
                                        13 Jan 1721/22  bap/o Jane d/o George & Anne, Willington
                                          7 May 1724 bap/o Edward s/o George (yeoman) & Anne, Willington
                                        23 Sep 1726 bap/o John s/o George (yeoman) & Anne, Willington
                                        17 Aug 1729 bap/o Susanna d/o George (yeoman) & Anne, Willington
                                         1 Nov 1734 bap/o Sarah d/o George, Threapwood
                                        10 Mar 1735 bap/o William s/o George, Willington
                        B Hanmer: 5 Feb 1731 mar. by Banns of Robert CLAY & Mary CARDEN, both of Willington
                   157B Hanmer: 16 Feb 1683/84 mar/o Thomas LEE & Mary CARDEN both of Malpas
                   162 Overton: 12 Apr 1784 bap/o Mary POWELL aged 11 wks d/o Edward & Mary (CARDEN)
                                      28 Dec 1785 bap/o Elizth POWELL aged 4 wks d/o Edwd & Mary (CARDEN)
                                       4 Mar 1791 bap/o Fanny POWEL aged 11 wks d/o Richard? & Mary (CARDEN)
                   174 Holt: 10 Dec 1742 bur/o Frances w/o John of The Marsh House, near Farndon
                   206B Hanmer:  5 May 1731 bur/o Eliz d/o George, Willington
                                        27 May 1731 bur/o Susannah d/o George, Willington
                                        14 Feb 1736/37 bur/o Sarah d/o ----- (wid) of Talern Green
                                        23 Mar 1736/37 bur/o Jane d/o ---- (wid) of Willington
                   207 Hanmer: 26 Dec 1763 bur/o Daniel base s/o Martha otp
                                      28 Mar 1769 bur/o Ann otp
                   292 Rhosymedre: 26 Oct 1864 bap/o Sarah Ann d/o Randal (lab) & mary Ann, Cefn Bychan
                                              30 Dec 1866 bap/o John  s/o Randell (lab) & Mary Anne, Cefn Bychan
                                                1 Mar 1899 bap/o Thomas Eaton (aged 10 yrs), John Sydney (8 yrs) & Edward Griffith (4 yrs),
                                                                                      sons of John (builder & contractor) & Ann, otp (Church St.)
CARDEN contd

                   305 Hawarden: 19 Sep 1698 bap/o Owen s/o Th omas & Margt, Mancot
                                          23 Jun 1703 bap/o Richd s/o Thomas, Rake
                                          15 Feb 1705/06 bap/o Ruth d/o Thomas, Rake
                  *313 Hawarden: 8 May 1692 bap/o Thomas s/o Carden & Ruth, Mannor
                   313 Hawarden: 11 Dec 1685 bap/o Margaret d/o John, Aston
                                          17 Jul 1695 bap/o Catharine d/o Thomas, Mannor
                   345 Rhosllanerchrugog: 26 Aug 1854 mar by Banns of Thomas ALLEN (x) (lab) wdr/32 of R. s/o John ALLEN (lab)
                                                                                                  & Mary CARDEN (x) sp/33 of Bryn d/o William CARDIN (lab)

                   356 Ruabon: 25 Dec 1856 bur/o Sarah, aged 71, Bryn
                   359 Rhosymedre: 13 Feb 1858 mar by Banns of Henry FOWLES (lab) ba/24 of Bryn s/o Benjamin FOWLES (lab)
                                                                                         & Emma CARDEN (x) sp/23 of Crabtree Green d/o William CARDEN (lab)
                                              28 Dec 1858 mar by Banns of Randle CARDEN (x) (lab) wdr/28 of Overton s/o William CARDEN (lab)
                                                                                          &   Ann JONES (x) sp/20 of Overton d/o Humphrey JONES (farmer)
                   380 Wrexham: 25 Feb 1903 bap/o Pearl Elphinstone (4 Jan)
                                                                  d/o Henry Westenri (paymaster R.W.F.) & Emily Elphinstone, the Caia
                   387 Hawarden: 
3 May 1678 bur/o Catherine w/o John of Mannor
                                         26 Oct 1678 mar. by Banns of John CARDEN of Mannor & Margaret SHONE of Pentrobin
                                           2 May 1681 bur/o Margaret d/o John, of Rake
                                          25 Mar 1691 bur/o ------ w/o John, of Aston
CARDEN contd
                   401 Wrexham: 28 Dec 1833 Anne CARDEN (x) & William SINKER (x) wits. at mar/o
                                                                                   John PHILLIPS (x) & Ann DAVIES (x) both otp
                   405 Wrexham:  6 Nov 1889 bap/o Randle s/o Thomas (collier) & Kate, 29 Crescent Place
                                         16 Nov 1890 bap/o Elizabeth Augusta d/o Thomas (collier) & Kate, 29 James St.
                                           1 Jul 1892 bap/o Benjamin (born 14 Jun) s/o Thomas (collier) & Kate, 29 James St.
                                          15 Apr 1894 bap/o Edith Louisa (born 28 Mar)  d/o Thomas (collier) & Catherine, 29 James St.
                                          28 Jun 1896 bap/o Esther May (born 29 May) d/o Thomas (skinner) & Kate, 13 Bury St.
411 Wrexham: 11 Apr 1835 bur/o Ann, aged 66, Tuttle Street
                   494 Chirk: 21 Oct 1724 bur/o Robert of Halton
                   551B Hawarden: 20 Jan 1705/06 bur/o John, Broughton
                                            22 Sep 1710 bur/o Thomas, Rake
                                            28 May 1711 bur/o Owen, Rake
                   559A Rhosymedre: Ann, Edith May, John, Margaret Ann, William Herbert;
                   561A Marchwiel: Annie, Herbert, May, Sarah, William;
                   565B Esclusham: Ada, William;
                   577 Overton (Baptisms 1813-1839) Vol 6
                                     Ann, anne, Daniel, Elizabeth, Emma, George, John, Margaret, Mary, Randle,
                                     Thomas, William.
CARDEN contd
                   Misc: Gloucestershire 1830 Bristol: Linen Drapers: CARDEN & WHITTARD, 54 Wine Street
                            Lancashire 1828/29 Manchester: Confectioner & tea dealer; Samuel CARDEN, 1 Church gates
                                                         Preston: Cotton  Manufacturer: Walter CARDEN, 3 North Road
                            Worcestershire 1835 Worcester: Gentry: Mrs --- CARDEN, New St
                                                                                        Thomas CARDEN, Esq., Paradise row
                                                                            Attorney: Geo. Cornwall CARDEN, 42 High St.
                                                                            Savings Bank, Nicholas Street: George CARDEN, actuary
                                                                            Fire etc. Office Agent:
                                                                                          PELICAN (life): George Cornwall CARDEN, 42 High St.
                                                                                          PHOENIX: Daniel & William COWELL 95 High St.
                                                                                                                      & George CARDEN, St. Nicholas Street
                                                                            Surgeon: Thomas CARDEN, Tything

     CARDIN   10 Overton: 7 Jan 1780 mar by Banns of Edwd POWELL (x) & Mary CARDIN (x) both otp
                                                                               Wits: Wm ROBERTS, Willm WARD
                    57 Ruabon: 14 Sep 1823 bap/o Margaret d/o Thomas (lab) & Sarah, Bryn
                                      24 Apr 1825 bap/o Sarah d/o Thomas (lab) & Sarah, Bryn
                  156A Hanmer: 19 Nov 1715 bap/o Elizabeth d/o George, Willington
                  162 Overton: 10 Jul 1788 bap/o Martha POWELL aged 2 wks d/o Edward & Mary (CARDIN)
                  165A Ruabon: 10 Feb 1823 mar by Banns of Thomas CARDIN & Sarah DANIEL both otp
                                                                                   Wits: Samuel GRIFFITHS (x), Elizabeth EDWARDS (x)
                  342 Hawarden: 24 Jan 1660/61 bap/o Richard s/o John
                                        12 Apr 1664 bap/o Thomas s/o John, Manor
                  343 Hawarden: 26 Apr 1680 bap/o Margaret d/o John, Rake
                                         17 Sep 1682 bap/o John s/o John, Rake
                  345 Rhosllanerchrugog:
26 Aug 1854 mar by Banns of Thomas ALLEN (x) (lab) wdr/32 of R. s/o John ALLEN (lab)
                                                                                                  & Mary CARDEN (x) sp/33 of Bryn d/o William CARDIN (lab)

                  356 Ruabon: 24 Dec 1855 bur/o Thomas, Bryn
                  387 Hawarden: 10 Mar 1668/69 bur/o Anne d/o John of Mannor
                                         -- Jul 1691 bur/o John, of Aston
                  445 Wrexham: 4 Feb 1763 bur/o Eliz. (servant to Miss Powel)
                  551B Hawarden: 10 May 1713 bur/o Ruth, Rake
                                            3 Nov 1715 bur/o Ruth d/o Thomas, Rake
     CARDINE 343 Hawarden: 14 Oct 1666 bap/o Anne d/o John,Mannor
CARDEN contd
     CARDING 310 Gresford: 19 Oct 1751 mar by Banns of Robert JONES & Anne CARDING both otp
411 Wrexham: 24 Nov 1838 bur/o Samuel, aged 55, Poor House
                    551B Hawarden: 25 Jun 1709 bur/o Margaret, Rake
                    Misc: Derbyshire 1828/29 Bolsover: Corn Miller & Maltster: Wm CARDING, Pleasley
                             Nottinghamshire 1828/29 Mansfield: Corn Miller: John CARDING, Pleasley
                             South Wales 1835 Knighton: Gentry: Mrs Jane CARDING
                             Staffordshire 1835 Wolverhampton: Boot & Shoe Maker: Thomas CARDING, St. James's square
     CARDONE 292 Rhosymedre: 21 Feb 1869 bap/o James s/o Randle (lab) & Mary Anne, Cefn Bychan
 CARDWINE Misc: Herefordshire 1835 Ledbury: Bell (PH) Mary CARDWINE, New Street
     CARDYN 79 Gresford: 11 Mar 1778 bur/o Robert JONES (alias CARDYN), of Llay
     CARTIN 435 Gresford: 18 Dec 1695 bur/o John s/o John, otp
     CARWARDINE a local name 'enclosure by a ?rock' OE; place (now Carden) in Cheshire - Cottle
Misc: Gloucestershire 1830 Bristol: Soap & Candle Manufacturers; BODMAN & CARWARDINE, 21 Christmas Street
                                                                     Thornbury: Soap & Candle Maker: John CARWARDINE
                                     Herefordshire 1835 Leominster: Butcher: John CARWARDINE, Middle Marsh
                                                                 Pembridge: Blacksmith: James CARWARDINE

Cardew, Cumberland
     CARDEW 563B Erbistock: 7 Feb 1852 mar by Banns of William HAYNES (shoemaker) ba/ofa otp s/o William HAYNES (sawyer)
                                                                                       & Elizabeth CARDEW sp/ofa otp d/o William CARDEW (lab)
Cardiff,  Glamorgan
     CARDIF 323 Denbigh:
     CARDIFF 499 Denbigh
     CARDILFE 491B Henllan

Cardigan, Dyfed


Cardingmill Valley, Staffordshire
Cardington, Bedfordshire; Shropshire;
Cardinham, Cornwall


Cardow, Grampians


Carew, Dyfed (I have heard it pronounced Carey in Devon)
      CAREW  *129B Treuddyn:  18 May 1695 bur/o Eleanor w/o Carew GRIFFITH
      Carey, Herefordshire
      CAREY *65A Llangar: 12 Oct 1845 bap/o William Carey DAWSON (b 2) s/o John (Clerk) & Emma Harriet, Rectory House    
                                                                                                 (NB: John DAWSON Vicar 1838-    )
                                                           [also 8 Jun 1839 Emma Lucy, 30 Sep 1840 (b 28 Sep) Edith Brooke,
                                                                   27 Feb 1842 (b 19 Feb) Adelaide Jane,
                                                                   8 Nov 1843 (b 7 Nov) John Brooke Peers, 25 Nov 1846 (b 13 Oct) Isabel Mary &
                                                                  18 Oct 1848 (b 5 Sep) Thomas Lloyd;]
                                                    Extra info: Emma Harriet KENT born 10 Jun 1812 at Nantwich, Cheshire
                                                                                 d/o William KENT, Surgeon, & Elizth Charlotte Ursula
                                                                    m. John DAWSON 1838 3rd quarter (27 185) at St. Asaph
                  386 Ruabon: 30 Sep 1846 mar. by Banns of Thomas ROBERTS (x) (lab) ba. of Graig s/o Edward (lab)
                                                                                  & Sarah CAREY (x) (servant) sp. of Graig d/o Francis (lab)
                                                                                  Wits (from original record): John JONES, Harriet CAREY
429A Ysceifiog: 13 Mar 1733/34 bap/o William s/o John & Mary
                 *580 Bagillt (Baptisms 1839-1911) Vol 1
                            26 May 1897 bap/o Carey JONES d/o Edward (farmer) & Catherine, Caerfarllwch
                  Misc: 1) From original records: Baptism 4 Dec 1887 St Ann, Ashton under Lyne, Lancs.
                                                            Thomas Martinus Carey - (Child) of Martini Carey & Elizabethae (formerly Murply)
                                                            Born: 14 Nov 1887
                                                            Abode: 67 Moss St.
                                                            God Parents : Michaelis Shanley; Helena Hughes
                                                            Parents' Marital Status: conjugum
                                                            Baptised by: Roberto Smith
                                                            Register: Baptisms 1879-1890, Page 216
                                                            Source: Original Register

                                                            Other children baptised of the same parents in the same church: 
                                                                               Guilielmus Eduardus (William E.) born 2 Nov 1879  baptised 7 Dec 1879    
                                                                               Thomas  born 28 May 1882  baptised 18 Jun 1882
                                                                               Maria  born 19 May 1884  baptised  20 Jun 1884
                           2) In 1911 Martin and Elizabeth say they had 8 children and 2 had died
                           3) 1911 Census: Wood Diew (sic), Colwyn Bay:
                                                                   Thomas Cury/Carey boarder Unm. Chaffeur Domestic aged 24 born 1887 Ashton U Lyne
                                                                                    boarding with William Jones, Piermaster, and his family.
                           4) 15 Nov 1911 Llandudno:
                                                          Thomas CAREY (chauffeur) ba. of Woodview, Rhos on Sea s/o John CAREY, coachman
                                                          m. Jane DAVIES sp. of Little Orme Cottage, Llandudno d/o John DAVIES, Foreman in Quarry
                                                               Wits: William CAREY, Harriett DAVIES
                                                         (Banns called: 22, 27 Oct & 5 Nov. 1911. Marriage place written as Llandinorwig)
                           5) Referred to as Thomas M. on death in 1959.
  Carie, Tayside
      CARREE 412 Wrexham: 30 Sep 1857 bur/o Ellen, aged 40, Pentre Felyn
     CARRY possibly see also (under CAROL)
      carw (Welsh) = stag, deer


Cargill, Tayside
CARGILL 438A Broughton: Emily;


Cark, Cumbria
     CARC 30 Wrexham: Elizabeth, Thomas;


CARKEEK 22 Hawarden: Morgan;

Carkeel, Cornwall


     CARLAN *384 Wrexham: 8 Aug 1865 bur/o William Carlan WALKER, aged 7, Coed y Glyn
     Carland Cross, Cornwall
     CARLINE   22 Hawarden: 17 Mar 1824 bur/o John (Cow Kpr) aged 33 of King St., Chester
                      31 Hawarden: 28 Mar 1824 bap/o Thomas (b 18 Dec 1823) s/o John (Milk Seller) & Susannah (NIELD)
                                                                                                                         of Kings St., St. Oswalds, Chester
                      32 Hawarden: 30 Oct 1837 bur/o Elizabeth aged 64 w/o John (Fmr) of Ewloe
                                            7 Mar 1838 bur/o John (Fmr) aged 75 of Chester formerly A.H.  (?Aston, Hawarden)
                    293 Hawarden: 5 Mar 1806 bap/o Samuel s/o William (lab) & Catharine (PHILLIPS), Aston
                    298 Hawarden:  4 Oct 1791 bap/o John s/o John (Fmr) & Martha (PRINCE), Mancot
                                           3 Jan 1793 bap/o Jane d/o John (Fmr) & Martha (PRINCE), Mancot
                    311 Hawarden: 10 Nov 1765 bap/o Sar. d/o Wm. & Jane, Aston
                                           24 Apr 1768 bap/o Willm s/o Wm. & Jane, Aston
                    466 Hawarden
                    482 Hawarden
                    483 Hawarden
                    484 Hawarden
Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Shrewsbury: Architects and surveyors: John and John CARLINE, Abbey terrace
                                                                            Ironmonger: William CARLINE, Wyle cop

     CARLYNE 298 Hawarden: 10 May 1795 bap/o James & Sarah twin s&d/o John (Fmr) & Martha (PRINCE), Mancot
                                            18 May 1796 bap/o Sarah d/o John (Fmr) & Martha (PRINCE), Mancot
                                              2 Oct 1798 bap/o James s/o John (Fmr) & Martha (PRINCE), Mancot
                     466 H awarden
     Curland, Somerset
     CURLAND 117 Mold: 31 Mar 1745 bap/o Mary d/o John & Elizabeth
     GALLAND   56B Rhuddlan: 1 May 1825 mar. by Lic. of John WILLIAMS (x) ba. of Dymeirchion & Sarah GALLAND (x) sp. otp
                                                                                    Wits: Joseph JONES, Elizabeth JONES (x)
                      124 Mold: 1 May 1770 Mary GALLAND & Thos. CLARE wits. at mar. by Banns of
                                                           Thomas EDMONDSON & Mary CLARE both otp
                      292 Rhosymedre: 6 Sep 1900 bap/o Margaret Annie
                                                                                d/o John (police constable) & Martha Elizabeth, Prescot (sic) Rd, Liverpool
     GARLAND  *85 Mold: 10 Jun 1714 bap/o Garland BRUTON  ?/o Tho. & Jane
                      332 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs:
                                             Ernest Leon GARLAND died 18 Mar 1942 aged 71 years
                                             & his wife Frances died 14 Mar 1966 aged 93 years
                                             Also Frances, Nigel & Frank - died in infancy
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs:
                                       1) Frank husband of Hilda Mary C/GARLAND? died 1 Sep 1968 aged 57 years
                                           Also the above Hilda Mary died 13 Nov 1982 aged 71 years
                                       2) Ernest Leon husband of Margaret E. GARLAND died 13 Apr 1960 aged 67 years
                                           Also Margaret Elizabeth died 28 Jan 1988 aged 92 years
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs:
                                    1) Ref XE 14: Elizabeth Ann w/o Benjamin HUGHES died 27 Sep 1905 aged 31 years
                                                        Also the above Benjamin died 11 Jul 1944 aged 74 years
                                                        Also their daughter Elizabeth ROBERTS died 27 Dec 1993 aged 91 years
                                    2) Ref. XE 15: Emma GARLAND daughter      Emma ROBERTS mother      Humphrey ROBERTS father
                                                           (no other information)
                     *363 Wrexham: 4 Jul 1886 bap/o George Garland PANTON s/o George (gentleman) & Sarah, 5 Cross St.
*580 Bagillt (Baptisms 1839-1911) Vol 1
                                 12 Jan 1903 bap/o Dorcas Mary Garland TATTUM d/o Francis (lab) & Mary Emily



Carley (Lifton), Devonshire
     CARLAW *351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: William Carlaw WALKER
     CARLOW Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Newport: Boot/shoe maker: Michael Carlow, High st
     CARLY 352 Flint:
                 482 Hawarden


     GIRLING 405 Wrexham: 10 Mar 1895 bap/o Clara (b 6 Nov 1894)
                                                          d/o George (lab) & Rebecca, 7 Templars Avenue, Beast Market
                  407 Wrexham: 9 Feb 1893 bur/o Ethel, aged 1?, 7 Templars ?, Beast Market


Carlisle, Cumbria
     CARLILE  158 Holywell:
                    383 Ruthin: 6 Jan 1692/93 bur/o James;
                    500B Holywell
Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Cleobury Mortimer: Master of the free school: Ts. Carlile
     CARLISLE  45 Denbigh: Margaret;
                     183 Llansannan:
                    *309 Denbigh:
                     326 Llansannan: Barbara, Elizabeth, Ellin, George, Joseph, Margarett, Thomas, Thos;
                     456 Llansannan:
                     511 Llansannan
     CARLYLE 326 Llansannan: 14 Apr 1756 bap/o Jonettt d/o Thos. & Ellin, Treflech
                     456 Llansannan
                    *535 Buckley
     CARLYLES 484 Hawarden


Carlops, Strathclyde
     CORLOP 229A St. Asaph:


Carlton, Beds; Cambs; Cleveland; Leics; Norfolk; Notts; N-S-W Yorks;
     Carleton, Cumbria; Lancs; Norfolk; N&W Yorks;
     CARLETON 44 Denbigh: Phillip;
     CARLINGTON 402 Denbigh: Mrs. Rose;
     CARLTON 159 Holywell: 7 Sep 1801 mar. by Lic. of Thomas WILLIAMS ba. & Elizabeth PRICE (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                 Wits: Edmond CARLTON, Eliz. CARLTON
                     292 Rhosymedre:
                     379 Wrexham: 9 Aug 1901 bap/o Winifred (b 23 May)
                                                                  d/o William (railway signalman) & Emma, 9 Belle Vue Road
                     404 Wrexham: Maud, Winifred;
                     405 Wrexham: Emily, Emma, Mary Elizabeth, Violet Lily, William;
                     407 Wrexham: Amy;
     CHARLTON possibly see also


Carmel, Carmarthenshire; Flintshire; Gwynedd;
CARMEL(also a first name - fem. garden [Hebrew] )
     GAMWELL 124 Mold:

CARMELO *334 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Vincezo Carmelo MUIA


*CARMEN fem. a Spanish form of Carmel - Claremont
              *335 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Dorothy Jane DUNCAN (wife of Christian DUNCAN)  died 9 Sep 1969 aged 45 years
                                                                           & their daughter Carmen who died 5 Feb 1963 aged 11 months
CARMICHAEL 224 St. Asaph:
                     *291 Llysfaen:
                      320 Hope:

Carne, Cornwall
Cain: a small stream in the parish of Llanfyllin MNT   
CAIN  *52 Holywell: Henry Cain EDWARDS
                82*A Nercws/Nerquis:
              158 Holywell:
              159 Holywell: 29 Aug 1801 mar. by Banns of James HEELHAM (x) ba & Mary BOWEN (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                Wits: John CAIN, Elizabeth PIERCE (x)
                                  28 Feb 1803 mar. by Banns of Pierce WILLLIAMS (x) & Grace WILLIAMS (x), both otp
                                                                               Wits: John CAIN, Elizabeth BARKER
                                  20 Mar 1803 mar. by Banns of John LEWIS & Ann BLACKWELL (x), both otp
                                                                               Wits: John CAIN, Mary WILLIAMS (x)
                                  29 May 1803 mar. by Banns of Peter JONES (x) & Catherine HUGHES (x), both otp
                                                                               Wits: John CAIN, Anne GRATTON
                                  11 May 1805 mar. by Banns of John CAIN ba/24 otp s/o John & Jane
                                                                            & Mary WILLIAMSS (x) sp/25 otp d/o Evan & Elen
                                                                               Wits: John JONES, Elen WILLIAMS (x)
CARNE / CAIN contd
             *161 Mold: Cain PARRY
             *182 Llansanffraid Dyffryn Ceiriog: Cain JONES
              182 Llansanffraid Dyffryn Ceiriog: John;
             *350 Wrexham St. Giles' Churchyard MIs: Tubal Cain JONES
             *374 Wrexham: 17 Aug 1838 bap/o Elizabeth JONES d/o Tubal Cain (draper) & Mary, Church Street
                                      8 Mar 1839 bap/o John William JONES s/o Tubal Cain (draper) & Mary, Church Street
                                     20 May 1840 bap/o Edward JONES s/o Tuabl (sic) Cain (draper) & Mary, Church Street
              380 Wrexham: 2 Jun 1903 bap/o Phyllis CAIN (b 17 Oct 1902) margin note: P
                                                                                                d/o Frederick (baker) & Sarah, 40 Nelson Street
              452B Whitford:
             *553 Gresford: 28 Jan 1896 bur/o Tubal Cain JONES, aged 84 yrs, Wrexham
              568 Brymbo 23 Dec 1869 bur/o Lawrence, otp
Misc: North Wales 1835 Holywell & Bagillt: Baker & flour dealer: John Cain, Well st
1881 Census: Saltney, Cheshire/Flintshire
     CAINE *123 Ruabon:
                 315 Ruabon: Bessie, Francis, Margaret Neita;
                 485 Holywell: 31 Jan 1783 Jane CAINE & John JONES wits at  mar by Lic of
                                             Robert KIRKLAND -/23, ?Seaman parish, s/o Archibald  & May
                                             & Diana RICE sp/21 otp  d/o Daniel & Betty
                                     26 Sep 1785 Jane CAINE & Thomas WILLIAMS wits at mar by Banns of
                                             Richard CONWAY ba of Whitford s/o Evan & Ann
                                             & Ann MOSELEY sp/26 otp d/o John & Ann
CARNE contd
     CAINS 30 Wrexham: Edward, John;
     CAIRND 485 Holywell: see 485 Cairns below
     CAIRNES 276B Llanasa: John;
                    331 Llanasa:
                    500A Holywell
     CAIRNS 177 Whitford:
                  275 Gwaenysgor:
                  276B Llanasa: John;
                  321 Llanasa:
                  330 Whitford:
                 *351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: Edward Cairns EVANS
                 *370 Wrexham: Edward Cairns EVANS
                  420 Halkyn: 6 Aug 1764 bur/o Catharine (widow)
                  481 Whitford
                  485 Holywell: 12 Apr 1783 Thomas CAIRNS (CAIRND in  transcription index) & Prisciloa LLOYD
                                                                        wits at mar by Banns of
                                                John LITTLEWOOD wdr/38 otp s/o George & Mary
                                                & Ann CARN (24) sp otp d/o  John & Martha
                  492 Holywell
                  517B Llanasa
                       C Llanasa
CARNE contd
     Cairnie, Grampians
     Calne, Wiltshire
     CALNE 206A Hanmer:
*256 Corwen:
                 302 Hawarden:
                *358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Cane TATTUN
                 380 Wrexham:  18 Feb 1903 bap/o Nancy Margaret (b 1 Feb)
                                                                                 d/o John (veterinary surgeon) & Estevanna, 4 Carlton Villas
                 522 Holywell
Misc: North Wales 1835 Carnarvon: Slate Proprietor: Thomas Cane, Penrorsedd
     Cane End, Oxfordshire
     CANS 30 Wrexham: Charles, Joseph
CARNE contd
     CARMS 420 Halkyn: 18 Dec 1755 bur/o Jane  ?CARMS

     CARN  18 Hawarden: Mary;
                62 Flint:
                92 Llanychan  11 Aug 1768 bap/o Mary d/o Wm & Mary
               158 Holywell:
               293 Hawarden:
               420 Halkyn: 29 Nov 1731 mar/o Antony HARISON & Anne CARN
                                 26 Jan 1733/34 bur/o John, infant
                                 23 Oct 1738 bur/o Edward
                                   8 Jan 1738/39 bur/o William, infant
429A Ysceifiog: Elisabeth, Jane, John, Margaret, Mary, Thomas, Thos;
               429B Ysceifiog: John, Thos;
               485 Holywell:
12 Apr 1783 Thomas CAIRNS (CAIRND in  transcription index) & Prisciloa LLOYD
                                                                        wits at mar by Banns of
                                                John LITTLEWOOD wdr/38 otp s/o George & Mary
                                                & Ann CARN (24) sp otp d/o  John & Martha

               521 St Asaph
               522 Holywell
CARNE contd
     CARNE 214 Llangynhafal:
                 298 Hawarden:
                 415C Northop: 1 Jun 1787 bur/o Margaret, aged 44, of Flint
                 483 Hawarden
     CARNES  39 Halkyn: Alice;
                    42 Holywel: Mary;
                    51 Holywell:
                    53 Wrexham:
                   137 Northop:
                   158 Holywell:
                   178 Ysceifiog:
                   189 Holywell: Mary, Thos, Wm;
                   195 Holywell: Elizth, Thomas;
                   357 Holywell St. James' Churchyard MIs: Mary, Thomas, Thou;
                   415C Northop:  4 Feb 1772 bur/o Hester
                                         13 Sep 1808 bur/o John, aged 63, of Flint
                   449 Trelawnyd
                   467 Holywell
                   485 Holywell:  4 Jun 1786 Thomas CARNES & Jane ROBERTS wits at mar by Banns of
                                                    James LITTLEWOOD ba/26 otp s/o George & Sarah
                                                    & Martha WEBSTER sp/24 otp d/o Danl & Mary
Misc: North Wales 1835 Holywell & Bagillt: Bell Jane Carnes, High st
                                                                                   Maltster: Jane Carnes, High st
CARNE contd
     CARNEY 358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Mary Winifred, Thomas William;
Misc: 1881 Census: Saltney, Cheshire/Flintshire
     CARNS  27 Llanarmon yn Ial: William;
                  51 Holywell:
                  91 Llangynhafal:13 Oct 1764 bap/o Edward s/o William & Mary
                                          26 Feb 1673/74 bap/o Ann JONES (CARNS)
                                                                        base d/o Wm CARNS & Catherine JONES
                  92 Llanychan  1 Jun 1785 William CARNS & Thomas DAVIES wits at  mar by Lic of
                                                 Edward WILLIAMS & Jane JONES both otp
                 137 Northop:
                 158 Holywell:
                 178 Ysceifiog:
                 189 Holywell: John, Margt, Mary, William, Wm;
                 214 Llangynhafal:
                 245C Llanrhydd:
                 276B Llanasa: Elizabeth;
                 339 Llangynhafal:
                 420 Halkyn: 27 Mar 1751 bur/o William
                 467 Holywell
     CAUNCE  30 Wrexham: Thomas;
                    417 Wrexham: Thomas;
                    418 Wrexham: Thomas;
                    440C Hawarden
                    445 Wrexham
     CEARNS *384 Wrexham: 27 Sep 1869 bur/o Edward Cearns EVANS, aged 9, Waterloo, Lancashire
     CORN   14 Llanferres: Joseph:
                151 Hanmer: 14 May 1776 mar. by Lic. of
                                                       Joseph CORN (x) of Ellesmere SHR & Elizabeth HICKENBOTHAM (x) otp
                                                       Wits: Richard WHITFIELD, Thomas JENKIN
                 522 Holywell
                 535 Buckley
CORNER 383 Ruthin: 22 Feb 1600/01 bur/o Margaret d/o Jenkin;
                   *555 Brymbo: 15 Aug 1871 bap/o Edward Corner Stone EDWARDS -/o Robert (collier) & Elizabeth, Cerney, Broughton
     CORNES 157A Hanmer:
                    358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Florence A.S.;
                    404 Wrexham: Edward;
                    517C Llanasa
                    578 Ysceifiog: 29 Mar 1814 bap/o Diana d/o William (miner) & Mary, Trelan ucha
     Corney, Cumbria
     CORNS 165B Ruabon:
                  196A Llanfair Talhaearn:
                  197 Hanmer: 29 Nov 1835 bap/o John s/o John (lab) & Jane of Halghton
                  243 Hanmer:
                  321 Llanasa:
                  553 Gresford: Mary;
                  572 Broughton: 6 Feb 1831 bap/o Peter SNELSON (b 6 Feb) s/o Thomas (farmer) & Mary (CORNS), otp
                                        also  Thomas b 6 Jun 1832 (bap 4 Jul;  Edward Davies b 16 Nov 1833 (bap 22 Dec);
                                                Samuel b 20 Feb 1835 (bap 29 Mar).
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): Joseph, Farmer, Pilkington, 19 Apr 1808
CARNE contd                   
     GARNES 211 Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd:
     KAINES 513A Rhuddlan
     KANE 304 Wrexham:
Misc: 1881 Census Saltney, Cheshire/Flintshire
     KARN 251A+B Corwen:
     KERN 417 Wrexham: 16 May 1758 mar. by Lic. of Ferdinando KERN (x) (cordwainer) & Anne LEE (x) sp., both otp
                                                                               Wits: James HUMPHREYS, Richard EDWARDS
                                      20 Jun 1765 mar. by Lic. of Ferdinando KERN (x) wdr. & Ellinor JONES (x) sp., both otp
                                                                              Wits: Maurice JONES, John EDWARDS
               418 Wrexham: 8 Aug 1757 mar. by Banns of John LEWIS (shoemaker) & Sarah KERN (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                 Wits: Thomas LLOYD, Edward EDWARDS

     CRELLIN A metathesized form of Crennell,  a Manx name - Reaney & Wilson
                   364 Wrexham: James;
                   440C Hawarden
     GARNEL 26 Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd: Catherine, John, Patrick;


Carnock, Fife
     CARNOTS 112 Halkyn:
     KORNOCK 473B Llangower


CAROLINE fem. form of Carolus, the Latin form of Charles
CARALINA *48 Worthenbury:
     CARALINAH *47 Worthenbury:
     CARALINE *108 Minera Chapel: Caraline JAMES
     Carie, Tayside
CARIE *363 Wrexham: Carie Morris DAVIES
     CARLONE *574 Buckley: 16 Jun 1889  bap/o Eric Saxon PRINCE (b 4 May)
                                                s/o Frederic William (brickwork proprietor) & Mary Carlone, otp
     CAROL possibly see also, under CARROLL
     CAROLINA *39 Halkyn: Charlotte Carolina BLACKSHAW, Carolina POWELL (nee JONES)
                      *287 Llanycil:
                      *314 Rhosllanerchrugog:
                      *365 Wrexham: Carolina PIERCE
     CAROLINE *47 Worthenbury:
CARRIE *337 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Carrie HENSHAW
                  *375 Wrexham: 29 May 1874 bap/o Carrie Ethel WILLIAMS
                                        d/o John (wine merchant) & Margaret Louisa, Town Hill
                                                             (margin note: born 27 Feb 1873)
                   *574 Buckley: 21 Sep 1887 bap/o Carrie SHONE (b 12 Jul)
                                                                 d/o George (lab) & Hannah, otp (Mountain)
     CARRY *375 Wrexham: 24 Oct 1873 bap/o Carry ROWLAND d/o John (inn keeper) & Caroline, Charles St.
                                              (NB ROWE in transcription index)
*580  Bagillt (Baptisms 1839-1911) Vol 1
                             23 Oct 1897 bap/o Carry BLEIDDYN d/o George (brick setter) & Catherine Elizabeth


CARPENTER   7 Llanferres: Elizabeth, John;
                     53 Wrexham: Mary,William;
                     61 Ruabon: Mary Anne, Thomas;
                   122 Notitae of Nercwys c.1681: Edward Jones CARPENTER;
                   123 Ruabon: Ann, Estther, John, Samuel, Susannah, Thomas, William;
                   159 Holywell: 10 Feb 1805 mar. by Lic. of Thomas HUGHES ba/25 otp s/o Thomas & Pricilla
                                                                             & Margaret CARPENTER sp/19 otp d/o Jeremiah & Elizabeth
                                                                                Wits: Thos. Venables WILLIAMS, Charlotte HUGHES
                   163 Ruabon: James, Susannah 
                   209 Llangedwyn: Henry;
                   292 Rhosymedre: Anne, Diana Susanna Christiana, Mary Louisa, Robert;
                   356 Ruabon: Mary, Robert, Susannah;
                   386 Ruabon: 21 Jun 1845 mar. by Banns of Henry WILLIAMS (bricklayer) ba. of Plas Isaf s/o Thomas (shoemaker)
                                                                                & Ann Jelina CARPENTER (x) sp. of Plas Isaf d/o Thomas (forgeman)
                   401 Wrexham: Samuel, Susanah;
427 Ruabon: Elizabeth, John, Thomas;
                   433 Llangollen: Elizabeth, Thos;
                   547 Flint
                   559B Rhosymedre: 31 Aug 1911 mar by Banns of Thomas Rees JONES (collier) ba/32 of Acrefar s/o Henry JONES (collier)
                                                                                             & Annie CARPENTER sp/35 of Acrefair d/o Charles CARPENTER (gardener)
                   Misc: Gresford MIs:  Grave No. 1092 (Cremation section) Douglas H. 1989 (aged 54)
     CARPENTOR 292 Rhosymedre: Mary,Thomas;
     CARPET 189 Holywell: Joseph, Sarah;
     CARPINTER 189 Holywell: Margt;
                         437 Ruabon: Mary, Methusalom, Sarah;
                         550 Gresford: Ann, Jane, John;


     CAER 460 Mold: 19 Jul 1653 bap/o John s/o Davyd &  Luce
     CAMM (?sic) 66A Penley:
     CAR 132 Hanmer:
             151 Hanmer: 16 Oct 1775 mar. by Banns of Job DARLINGTON (x) of Ellesmere & Margaret CAR (x) otp
                                                                             Wits: John DARLINGTON, Thomas JENKIN
             152 Hanmer:
             207 Hanmer:
             426 Hanmer: Eleanor,  John;
     CARE   219 Penley
               *410 Wrexham: 27 Mar 1833 bur/o Margerat Care SIDELL, aged 29, Hope Street
                423 Hanmer: 20 Mar 1595/96 bur/o Thomas s/o Willm;
     CARR   8 Overton: Elizabeth;
               30 Wrexham: Elizabeth, John, Mary, Thomas;
               38 Wrexham: Chrispher, Christofer, John, Margt, Rebecca, Rich'd, Richard, Richd;
               53 Wrexham:
               63B Holt:
               66A Penley:
               81A Hope:
              132 Hanmer:
              137 Northop:
              138A Wrexham:
CARR contd
              151 Hanmer: 13 Apr 1770 mar. by Banns of William HUGHES (x) of Malpas & Ann CARR(x) otp
                                                                              Wits: James CARR, Thomas JENKIN
                                   4 Jun 1771 mar. by Banns of Thomas CARR (x) otp & Martha EDWARDS (x) of Malpas
                                                                              Wits: Peter DARLINGTON, Elizabeth EDWARDS (x)
                                  22 Jan 1776 mar. by Banns of John WILLIAMS (x) & Jane CARR (x), both otp
                                                                              Wits: James CARR, Thomas JENKIN
              152 Hanmer:
              156A Hanmer: Anne, Elizabeth, James, Judith, Margaret, Martha, Mary, Randle, Thomas, William;
                   B Hanmer: 28 Aug 1744 mar. by Banns of James CARR, & Judith BROOKFIELD otp
              157A Hanmer:
              197 Hanmer: James, Jane, John, Kate, Mary, Randle, Sarah;
CARR contd
              201 Wrexham:
              206A+B Hanmer:
              207 Hanmer:
              219 Penley:
              227*A Ruthin:
              243 Hanmer:
              268 Wrexham:
             *289 Gwernaffield:  8 Oct 1854 bap/o Eliza Carr JONES  d/o Edward (stonemason) & Elizabeth, Bellan
                                        28 Nov 1875 bap/o Anne Carr SMITH d/o william (bricklayer) & Jane, Bellan
             *290+290 Hanmer:
              293 Hawarden:
              298 Hawarden:
CARR contd

              304A Wrexham: Catherine, Griffith, John, Mary, Richard, Thos;
                   B Wrexham: Christopher, Margt., Thomas;
                   C Wrexham: Christopher, Griffith, Mary;
              307 Ruabon:
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Reginald Carr WOOLLEY
              348 Wrexham:
              351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: James;
              360 Llangollen: Thomas, Thomas Lewis;
              365 Wrexham: Jeremiah, John, Martha, Mary, Richd, William;
                      6 May 1818 bap/o Martha CARR (PIGOT) base d/o John PIGOT (shoemaker)
                                                                                                              & Martha CARR , both of Wrexham Abbot
             372 Wrexham: James, Martha;
             373 Wrexham: John, Marg't, Mary, Richard, William;
             384 Wrexham: 24 May 1869 bur/o Edward, aged 9, Salop Road
             393 Wrexham: 20 May 1875 bur/o Jeremiah, aged 57, Salop Road
399 Wrexham: 1 Feb 1824 bap/o Charles & Eliza s&d/o James (coachman) & Charlotte, Plas Power
CARR contd
             400 Wrexham: 10 Feb 1828 mar. by Banns (wcop) of
                                                      Ralph CARR (x) (rope twiner) ba. & Grace CALANER (x) sp., both otp
                                                      Wits: Jonathan REYNARD, Henry CALANER (x)
             407 Wrexham: Ellen;
408 Bangor-on-Dee: John, Joyce, Thomas;
             410 Wrexham: James, Marry;
             417 Wrexham: 4 Aug 1768 mar. by Lic. of Richard CARR (x) (tanner) & Eliz'h ELLIS (x) sp., both otp
                                                                           Wits: Samuel MATHEWS?, John EDWARDS
             418 Wrexham: 21 Apr 1754 mar/o William MATTHEWS (x) (shoemaker)  & Elisabeth CARR (x) sp., both otp
                                                                Wits: Edward EDWARDS, John JONES
CARR contd
             426 Hanmer: Jane, John, Judith;
             438A Broughton: Eliz'th;
             445 Wrexham
             453B Ysceifiog
             467 Holywell
             474B Gresford: William, William Thomas;
             490 Chirk
             533A Overton
             534 Bagillt:
             553 Gresford: Lucy, William;
             554 Brymbo: Ann, Anne, Christopher, John, Mary;
             555 Brymbo: Anne, Annie, Christopher;
             568 Brymbo 29 Jan 1874 bur/o Ann, aged 84, otp (Long Row)
                                19 Mar 1882 bur/o Thomas, aged 72, otp (Wer n)
             575 Hope 19 Jul 1829 bap/o Fanny d/o Ralph (flax dresser) & Grace. Cymmau
             578 Ysceifiog: 14 Aug 1853 bap/o Elizabeth Anne d/o John (butler) & Elizabeth, Swan Inn, Felingonglog
CARR contd
            580 Bagillt (Baptisms 1839-1911) Vol 1
                             John, John Frederick, John Thomas, Joseph Ritson, Martha, Mary, Mary Evelyn,
                             Sarah Ann.
             Misc: 1881 Census Saltney, Cheshire/Flintshire
                      Gresford MIs: Eliza;
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                                             Ann, Halghton,     Mar 1830
                                                                                             Elizabeth (formerly PARRY), Wid., Treuddyn, Will 1854
                                                                                             John, Flax dresser, Halghton, Will   Apr 1823
                                                                                             John, Farmer, Halghton, Will   May 182
                      Shropshire 1828/9 Bridgnorth: Rev. Edmund  CARR, Quatt
     CARRE 206A Hanmer:
                 424 Hanmer:  9 Nov 1628 bap/o John s/o Randall
                                    13 Jun 1630 bap/o James s/o Randall
                                      3 Nov 1632 bap/o ------- s/o Randall
                                    21 Oct 1638 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Randall
                                    21 Feb1640/41 bap/o Robert s/o Randall
     CARRS 202 Bryneglwys:
     KAAR 201 Wrexham: John;
CARR contd

     KARR   54A Abergele:
               138B Wrexham:
               201 Wrexham: William;
     KER 553 Gresford: Isabella;
             564A Brynford: 3 Jun 1906 bap/o Andrew Howard
                                       s/o Robert Beathe (Gentleman) & Margaret, 6 Mayfield Rd, Grossandale, Liverpool
     KERR 233 Llanfwrog:
               317 Wrexham Dissenters' Burial Ground, Rhosddu Road, MIs:
               535 Buckley
              *576 Llansannan: 19 Jul 1874 bap/o Kerr Ross Raymond WHITE
                                                            s/o James Edmund Raymond, Esq. & Catherine Fairley, Plas yn Cornel
               Misc: Gresford MIs: No. 348 IHS James Evan WILLIAMS February 23, 1868 to February 12, 1953
                                                                                        Vicar of Gresford 1916-1932, Archdeacon of Wrexham 1930-1947.
                                                         Constance Emily Kerr WILLIAMS June 12, 1871 to September 16,1917
                                                                                                    third daughter of Admiral Mark Robert PECHELL and wife of
                                                         James Evan WILLLIAMS, Vicar of Gresford.

CARRIADOR Misc: Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): Carriador ap Randal PARTIN, Holt   1630

Carrick (An Charraig) Ireland; Strathclyde;
     carreg (Welsh O/S) = stone, rock
     CARREG Misc: North Wales 1835 Pwllheli: Robert Thomas Carreg, esq., Cefnmine
                                                        Tremadoc etc: Edward Carreg, esq., Tan yr allt Hall
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                             Robert Thomas, Esq., Cefnmine, Co. Caernarfon, Will 1843

     CHARRACK 163A Ruabon:
     CHARRY 389 Hawarden: 16 Nov 1610 mar/o Owen CHARRY & Elizabeth ITHELL
     KARRIG Misc:
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): George, Gloverstone, Administration Bond  1715


CARRIER Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Ellesmere: Hatter and manufacturer: John Carrier, Cross st
                                                    Ludlow: Bell  Edward Carrier (Ludford, Herefordshire)


Carrington, Cheshire; Lincs; Lothian;
     CARINGTON 27 Llanarmon yn Ial: Anne, Jane, John, John Griffith, Margaret;
                         84 Treuddyn:
                        108 Minera Chapel: Ann(e), Elinor, Ellinor, Hanah, Jane, Jno, Thomas;
                        348 Wrexham:
                        366 Wrexham: Barbara, Francis, John;
                        378 Holywell: 16 Oct 1720 bap/o Francis s/o John;
                        420 Halkyn: 27 Nov 1743 mar/o Francis CARINGTON & Elizabeth WILLIAMS
                        465A Halkyn
                        492 Holywell
     CARINTON 108 Minera Chapel: Anne, Thomas;
                       194 Halkyn:
     CARRIN 189 Holywell: Cathrn, John, Margt;
     CARRING 348 Wrexham: Francis;
     CARRINGTON  13 Llandegla: Aaron,Francis,Jane,Thomas,Thos;
                            17 Llanarmon yn Ial: John;
                            27 Llanarmon yn Ial: Ann(e), Francis, Jane, John, Thomas;
                            38 Wrexham: Anne, Jane, John, Maria, Thos;
                            39 Halkyn: Anne, Benjamin, Charles, Dorothy, Edward, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Francis, Humphrey,
                                            James, John, Joseph, Lucy, Margaret, Mary, Richard, Robert, Sarah, Thomas, William;
                            53 Wrexham:
                            76A Mold:
                           108 Minera Chapel: Francis, Fransis, George, Mary, Mosis, Thos;
                           112 Halkyn:
                           129A Treuddyn:
                           138A+B Wrexham;
                           159 Holywell: 26 Sep 1803 mar. by Banns of
                                                                  John PIERCE (x) aged 22 of Halkin s/o Michael & Catharine
                                                                & Elizabeth GRIFFITH (x) aged 21 otp d/o William & Frances
                                                                   Wits: John CARRINGTON (x), Catherine GRIFFITH (x)
                                                18 Mar 1809 mar. by Banns of
                                                                   James CARRINGTON (x) wdr. of Halkin & Mary HUGHES (x) sp. otp
                                                                   Wits: Hugh PIERCE, Elizabeth HUGHES (x)
                                                21 Mar 1812 mar. by Banns of
                                                                   Thomas CARRINGTON (x) ba. of Halkin & Dorothy JONES (x) sp. otp
                                                                   Wits: Wm. CARRINGTON (x), Sarah JONES (x)
                           165A+B+C Ruabon:
                           167C Gresford:
                           176 Tremeirchion:
                           188A+B Halkyn:
                           194 Halkyn:
                           226B Llanarmon yn Ial:
                           244B Llandegla:
                           249 Minera: Aaron, Alice, Ann, Francis, John, Miriam, Moses, Naomi, Noah, Sarah, Thomas, Thos;
                           268 Wrexham:
                           279 Llandudno:
                           313 Hawarden:
                           344 Mold: Anne
                           348 Wrexham: Ellinor, Franccis, Francis, Franecis, Hannah, Thomas;
                           351 Wrexham St. Giles Churchyard MIs: Aaron, Frances, Mary, Thomas;
                           358 Holywell: Joseph Edward;
                           364 Wrexham: Aron, Frances, Jane, Mary, Thomas;
                           366 Wrexham: Anne, Barbara, Francis, John, Mary, Noah, Thomas;
                           372 Wrexham: Alice, Francis, John;
                           373 Wrexham: Francis;
                           386 Ruabon: 23 Nov 1852 mar. by Banns of
                                                                    Thomas CARRINGTON (miner) ba/26 of Rhosllanerchrugog s/o John (miner)
                                                                  & Jane CADWALADR (servant) sp/23 of Rhosllanerchrugog d/o David (miner)
                            391 Colwyn: 14 Aug 1902 mar. by Banns of
                                                  Arthur BICKERS (cabinet maker) ba/34 of 5 Barden Ter., Colwyn s/o John (deceased) (painter)
                                               & Phoebe CARRINGTON sp/30 of Colwyn Bay d/o Samuel (miner)
399 Wrexham: 21 Jul 1821 bap/o Alice d/o John (miner) & Barbara, Minera
                                                  8 Nov 1823 bap/o Barbara d/o John (miner) & Barbara, Minera
                                                29 Aug 1824 bap/o Thomas s/o Francis (miner) & Mary, Minera
                          406 Wrexham: Aaron;
                          407 Wrexham: Arthur, Elizabeth, Sarah;
                          410 Wrexham: Mary, Thos;
411 Wrexham: John;
                          412 Wrexham: 23 Dec 1853 bur/o Mary, aged 83, Minera
                                                  7 Jun 1859 bur/o Mary, aged 54, Minera
                          415A Northop: 11 Mar 1805 mar. by Banns of
                                                                James CARRINGTON (x) ba. of Halkin & Sarah JONES (x) sp. otp
                                                                Wits: Hugh PIERCE, Sarah GRIFFITHS (x)
                          415B Northop: 4 Apr 1794 mar. by Lic. of Job BOWEN (x) wdr of Halkin & Mary DAVIES (x) sp. otp
                                                                                      Wits: John CARRINGTON, Catherine BELLIS (x)
                          417 Wrexham: 27 Aug 1774 mar. by Lic. of David BURTON (miner) & Ann OWENS (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                         Wits: John CARRINGTON, John EDWARDS
                          418 Wrexham: 20 Apr 1768 mar. by Banns of
                                                                  John EDWARDS (x) (miner) & Ann CARRINGTON (x) sp., both otp
                                                                  Wits: Geo'r LEE, John EDWARDS
                          420 Halkyn:  2 Aug 1748 bur/o John, infant
                                            15 Nov 1749 bur/o John, infant
                                            19 Aug 1755 bur/o Francis, infant
                                            13 Nov 1759 bur/o Francis s/o Francis
                                            13 Jun 1760 bur/o Elizabeth d/o Francis
                          441A Hope
                          445 Wrexham
                          465A,B Halkyn
                          486 Bistre
                          487 Gwersyllt
                          533A Overton
                          534 Bagillt
                          554 Brymbo: Edward, Elizabeth, Francis, Joseph, Robert;
                          555 Brymbo: Elizabeth, Jane, John, Joseph Edward, William;
                          564A Brynford: 13 Apr 1888  bap/o John Thomas s/o Thomas (collier) & Mary Anne, otp (Hafod-bach)
                               B Brynford: Charles, Thomas;
                               C Brynford: Ann, Edward;
                        *565A Esclusham: 6 Dec 1924 bur/o Sarah Carrington JONES, aged 67 yrs, Ingleside, Brackley Avenue, Colwyn Bay
                          567 Brymbo: 27 Jan 1855 bur/o Edward, aged 7 yrs, Pentre
                                             20 May 1865 bur/o John, aged 26 yrs, Pentre Broughton
                                               1 Feb 1866 bur/o Elizabeth, aged 49 yrs, Pentre Broughton
                          568 Brymbo  6 Jul 1869 bur/o Joseph Edward, aged 4 yrs, Broughton
580 Bagillt (Baptisms 1839-1911) Vol 1
                                           Catherine, Charles, Lucy, Margaret, Margaret Anne, Mary.
                          Misc: 1841 Census Wrexham Town: High Street: Alice   20   F.S.    born in County
                                    Shropshire 1828/9 Broseley: Tallow chandler: Wm. Carrington
     CARRINTON 108 Minera Chapel: Morris, Thos;
                         366 Wrexham: Ann, Barbara, John;
     GARRINGTON 304 Wrexham:
     KARRINGTON 53 Wrexham:
     KERRINGTON 410 Wrexham: Francis;
                           465A Halkyn


Carrog, near Llangollen
CARROG *381 Llangollen: 17 Jun 1894 bap/o May Nesta Myvanwy (b 16 May 1894)
                                                             d/o David (Carrog) (clerk in Holy Orders) & Anna Maria, The Rectory, Llangadfan
                                       14 Sep 1902 bap/o Constance Irene Carrog JONES (b 19 Aug)
                                                                       d/o David Carrog (Clerk in Holy Orders, deceased) & Anna Maria, Rhianva
                529 Rhuddlan

CARROLL masc. a surname of uncertain meaning - possibly 'hacking', used as a first name (Irish Gaelic)
     CARAL 161 Mold: Mary, Thomas;
                 299 Mold: John;
     CAROL  25 Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd: Anne, Jane, John, Margt, Mary, Richard, Sarah;
                *384 Wrexham: 1 Oct 1868 bur/o William Carol JONES, aged 1, Vicarage Hill;
     CAROLEY 436A Hope: Thomas;
     CAROLINE possibly see also
435 Gresford: Sussanna;
     CARRELL 360 Llangollen: Eliza Ann, William;
     CARROL  97 Llanfwrog  6 Sep 1790 bap/o George Philip s/o (Mr) ------- & Sarah, Coed Marchan
                   213 Llangollen:
                   364 Wrexham: Ellen;
                   384 Wrexham: 8 Dec 1868 bur/o Thomas, infant, York St.
411 Wrexham: Rebecca;
                   499 Denbigh
     CARROLL  79 Gresford:
                     201 Wrexham:
                     291 Llysfaen:
                     347 Hawarden: Bernard;
                     384 Wrexham: 30 Apr 1872 bur/o Frederick, aged 25, Egerton St
                     393 Wrexham: 21 Sep 1882 bur/o John, aged 70, W House
435 Gresford:  Paule;
                     518 Llangollen
                     Misc: North Wales 1835 Carnarvon: Toy dealer: Richard Carroll, High st
                                                         Dolgelly: Grocer, draper/woollen cloth manufacturer & coal dealer:
                                                                                                             Thomas Carroll, Eldon square
                              1841 Census Wrexham Town:
Hope Street:                          Carroll WALLWORK   15   Tailors Ap   not born in County
                                            Salop Street, Dog Kennel Hill: Timothy       20   Coachm.     born I.
                                            Groves School:                       Mary   20   F.S.   born F.
     CARRYL *374 Wrexham: 17 Mar 1843 bap/o Willliam Carryl? JONES s/o Joseph (grocer) & Mary, High Street
     CROIL *289 Gwernaffield:  6 Jun 1883 bap/o Mabel Agnes Croil LLOYD d/o Edward (Gentleman) & Ethel MARY, Cefn Mawr
                                           3 Jul 1885 bap/o Edward Charles Croil LLOYD s/o Edward (Gentleman) & Ethel Mary, Cefn Mawr
                                          10 Aug 1885 bap/o Frederick Croil LLOYD s/o Edward (Gentleman) & Ethel Mary, Cefn Mawr
                                           28 Jan 1887  bap/o Ethel Mary Croil LLOYD d/o Edward (Gentleman) & Ethel Mary, Hafod
     CROLL Misc:
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                         John, Ba, Carpenter, Hawarden, Administration Bond 1855

     Crolle, Ireland
     Crowle, North Lincolnshire; Worcestershire;

Carron (stream), Tewkesbury, Glos
Carron, Central Highlands; Grampians;
     CARIN *62 Flint:
     CARRIN 189 Holywell:
                 Misc: 1881 Census: Saltney, Flintshire/Denbighshire

CARROW 63B Holt:
Carrow Hill, Gwent
Carrowkeel, Ireland

CARRUTHERS from Carruthers, Dumfriesshire, Scotland - pronounced Cridders  (Reaney)
     CARRATHERS 53 Wrexham: 27 Mar 1811 bap/o Eleanor (b 21 Jan) base d/o --- ------- & Maria CARRATHERS, Broughton
     CARRETHERS 11 Bangor on Dee:
                                          8 Jun 1805 bap/o Thomas Johnson (b 15 Feb 1801), Elizabeth (b 10 Mar 1803) & Edwin Montague (b 22 Apr 1805)
                                                                                                                        d & ss/o Johnson & Catherine, Parkey
     CARRUTHER Misc: Lancashire 1828/29 Liverpool: Joiner/builder: Andw. CARRUTHER, 97 U. Frederick st.
     CARRUTHERS   53 Wrexham: 20 Jun 1811 bur/o John Robert c/o Captain CARRUTHERS, Broughton
                                                    5 Apr 1812 bur/o Ellinor base c/o Thos. JONES & Maria CARRUTHERS
                             268 Wrexham:  6 Nov 1793 mar. by Lic. of John WILLIAMS (Revd) (rector) of Begelly, St. Davids
                                                                                           & Elizabeth CARRUTHERS otp
                                                                                           Wits: Maria CARRUTHERS, Richard DAVIES
                                                  23 Feb 1800 mar. by Lic. of Johnson Butler CARRUTHERS & Catherine PRICE, both otp
                                                                                           Wits: Maria CARRUTHERS, Richard MELLER
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs:
                                                       Mabel (wife of Thomas C. HAWKSHAW) d. 17 May 1982 aged 76 years
                                                       also the above Thomas Carruthers HAWKSHAW d. 13 Jan 1987 aged 80 years
                             373 Wrexham: 24 Mar 1813 bur/o ----- CARRUTHERS, aged one week,
                                                                                                       s/o W.J.B. CARRUTHERS, Wrexham Abbot
                             393 Wrexham: 18 Mar 1884 bur/o Mary, aged 28, Rhosddu
                             404 Wrexham: 10 Aug 1898 bur/o John, aged 45, of 22 Walnut Cottages, Stansty
                             453 Ysceifiog: 30 Oct 1895 mar. by Banns of
                                                                     Thomas AMES (lab) ba/ofa of Northop s/o Edward (lab)
                                                                     & Ellen CARRUTHERS (domestic servant) sp/ ofa otp d/o John (lab)
                             453B Ysceifiog:
Misc: Gresford Churchyard MIs:
                                      No. 830  Mary SHONE d. 1 Nov 1811 aged ---
                                                   also William Carruthers SHONE (s/o William & Jane SHONE)
                                                          d. 13 Mar 1837 aged 16 months
                                      Cheshire 1828/29 Macclesfield: Pawnbroker (& leather dealer): Js. CARRUTHERS, Mill St.
Gloucestershire 1830 Bristol: Surveyor: ----- CARRUTHERS, All Saints court
                                      Lancashire 1828/29 Blackburn: Confectioner: John CARRUTHERS, 2 Penny st.
                                                                                    Reed maker: Joseph CARRUTHERS, New Water st.
                                                                   Lancaster: Chymist/druggist: John CARRUTHERS, New st.    
                                                                                   Norwich Union Fire etc. office agent: Geo. CARRUTHERS, New st.
                                                                                   Veterinary surgeon: Geo. CARRUTHERS, New st.
                                                                            Alex. CARRUTHERS, Gent., 62 Duke St.
                                                                            Ship's brokers: Thomas Johnson CARRUTHERS, 28 north side of Old dock
                                                                                                   Thomas CARRUTHERS, 2 Temple Court
                                                                            Cotton spinners: Archibald CARRUTHERS, Allum st.
                                                                                                    Wm. CARRUTHERS, Union st., Great Ancoats street
                                                                            Straw hat maker: Ann CARRUTHERS, 59 Oldham st.
                                                                            Tailors/habit makers: Joseph CARRUTHERS (also draper), 24 Pall Mall
                                                                                                           Joseph CARRUTHERS, 65 Portland st.
CARRUTHERS (Misc.) contd
                                      Monmouthshire 1835 Chepstow: David CARRUTHERS, Esq., Grondra house
                                      Oxfordshire 1830 Oxford: North Star James CARRUTHERS, Broad st.
Shropshire 1828/9 Hales Owen: Attorney: Jos. CARRUTHERS, High st
Worcestershire 1835 Dudley: Attorney: Joseph CARRUTHERS, Wolverhampton street
     Carrutherstown, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland
     CARUTHERS Misc: Lancashire 1828/29 Liverpool: Public house with no sign, commonly called Letters:
                                                                                                               Robert CARUTHERS, Limekiln lane
     CRAWTHER Misc: Nottinghamshire 1828/29 Nottingham:
                                                       Merchant & General Agent: Thomas CRAWTHER, St. Mary's gate
     CROAD Misc: Goucestershire 1830 Cheltenham: Attorney: John Meaden CROAD, 7 Regent st.
                           Norfolk Poll book 1817 (lists of those entitled to vote in Parliamentary elections):
                                            Hundred                District    Place of Freehold   Owner                               Occupier
                                            Freebridge Lynn     Lynn       Walpole St. Peter   Emanuel CROAD, broker    Himself
     CROTHER Misc: Herefordshire 1835 Weobley:
                                        Introduction ..... here is a free Grammar School, originally founded by William CROTHER, in 1656, .....
     CROTHERS 304 Wrexham: 12 Oct 1753 bap/o William (b 10 Sep) s/o (Mr.) Thos. (Officer of Excise)
                        Misc: Tattenhall, Cheshire -- --- 1817 bap/o Eliza;
     CROWDDER 425 Hanmer: 25 Aug 1624 bur/o Robert, Penley
     CROWDER   40 Hawarden: 20 Nov 1842 bap/o James CROWDER (b.29 Oct) s/o John (lab) & Anne (GRIFFITHS), Mancot
                                              24 Dec 1843 bap/o Thomas (b 1) s/o John (lab) & Anne (GRIFFITHS), Aston
                                              17 Jan 1847 bap/o John (b 26 Dec 1846) s/o John (lab) & Anne (GRIFFITHS), Mancot
                        191B Ruabon: 17 Mar 1787 mar. by Lic. of John CROWDER (x) of Neston CHE & Sarah LEE (x) otp
                                                                                       Wits: John EDWARDS, Edward DAVIES
                        307 Ruabon:  8 Jan 1755 bap/o Jane d/o William & Jane
                                            1 Dec 1756 bap/o Jane d/o (Mr) William & Jane
                                          26 Feb 1757 bur/o Jane, infant, of Bellan
                                            9 Feb 1759 bap/o Bryan s/o William & Jane
                                            2 Apr 1760 bap/o Daniel s/o William & Jane, Bellan
                        379 Wrexham: 24 Mar 1901 bap/o Phyllis Louise Trevor (b 13 Feb)
                                                                                             d/o Henry (tailor) & Deborah, 13 Princess Street
                        405 Wrexham: 4 Apr 1897 bap/o David Charles Henry (b 25 Feb) s/o Henry (tailor) & Deborah, 13 Princess St.
                        407 Wrexham: 1 May 1895 bur/o Mary, aged 50, 13 Princess St.
   Misc: 1881 Census Saltney, Cheshire/Flintshire;
                                        19 Wood Street: WHEELDON William    Head Mar.  57 Joiner                        b. Derby, Derbyshire
                                                                WHEELDON Mary Ann  Wife Mar.   54                                 b. Derby, Derbyshire
                                                                CROWDER Lucy Ann    Dau. Wid.  35  Fitter at Boot Manuf'y b. Derby, Derbyshire
                                                                CROWDER Mary E.      Grand-dau.   8  Scholar                     b. Saltney, Cheshire

                                 Cheshire 1828/29 Macclesfield: Bookseller/stationer/Guardian Fire etc. Office Agent:
                                                                                                    Joseph CROWDER & Son, Chestergate
                                                           Neston: Boot & shoe maker: Joseph CROWDER, Parkgate
                                                           Northwich: 'Slow and Easy' James CROWDER, Lostock Gralam
                                 Derbyshire 1828/29 Buxton: Lodging house (private) & hosier: Charles CROWDER, 6 Hall bank
                                 Gloucestershire 1830 Cheltenham: Col. John CROWDER, 6 St. Margaret's Terrace
                                 Lancashire 1828/29 Bolton: Blacksmith: Richard CROWDER, Garside st.
                                                                          Wheelwright: Richd. CROWDER, Spaw lane
                                                              Liverpool: Merchant: Thos. CROWDER, 7 Manesty lane
                                                              Preston: John CROWDER, Paul street
                                 Nottinghamshire 1828/29 Nottingham: Frame Smith:  Joseph CROWDER & Co., Hyson green
                                 Shropshire 1828/9 Bridgnorth: Plumber/glazier/painter: Stanley CROWDER, Low town
                                                            Broseley: Grocer/tea dealer: Leonard CROWDER, Iron bridge
                                                                           Painter/plumber/glazier: Leonard CROWDER, Iron bridge
                                                                                                              Thomas CROWDER, Broseley
                                                            Oswestry: Red Lion  Wm. CROWDER, Bailey head
                                                            Wellington: Wheelwright: William CROWDER, Back lane
                                 Staffordshire 1835 Wednesbury: John CROWDER, Esq., Spring head
                                 Warwickshire 1835 Birmingham:
                                                 Fishing tackle/rod & walking stick maker, also tobacconist & snuff dealer:
                                                                       John CROWDER, 71 Bull street
                                                 Milliner: Johanna CROWDER, 12 Monmouth st.
                                                 Woolstaplers: WEDGE & CROWDER, Broad st.

     CROWDEY Oxfordshire 1830 Oxford: Carrier to Thame: Wm. CROWDEY from the Crown ... every Wednesday and
                                                             Saturday, returning the same day.
     CROWTH 538A
     CROWTHER  i) An 'occupational'  name 'fiddler' Welsh crwth+-er. chiefley a Lancs-West Yorks surname - Cottle.
                         ii) This surname is not necessarily always Welsh in origin. As a Welsh name it is one of the rare occupational
                             surnames, from crythor, a player of the crwth, an early fiddle.  But essentially the same word is found in
                             Middle English crouthe, croude, with the same meaning........... - Rowlands.
                         152 Hanmer: 13 Apr 1773 bap/o Jane d/o Wm. & Mary, Bettisfield
                         292 Rhosymedre:  9 Jul 1871 bap/o Catherine d/o Thomas (colier) & Emela, Cefn Bychan
                                                    5 Apr 1874 bap/o Elizabeth Emily d/o John (collier) & Maria, Cefn Bychan
                         307 Ruabon: 10 May 1765 bur/o William, infant, Bellan
                                            13 Aug 1765 bur/o (Mrs) Jane, Bellan
                         363 Wrexham: 27 Nov 1879 bap/o John Thomas s/o John (collier) & Maria, Rhosddu
                                               17 Jul (sic) 1885 bap/o Harriet Martha d/o Henry (currier) & Harriet, 6 Market St.
                         371 Llangollen: 30 Sep 1872 mar. by Banns of
                                                                     John CROWTHER (collier) ba/23 of Garth, Trefor s/o Thomas (collier)
                                                                  & Maria ROBERTS sp/19 of Garth, Trefor d/o Richard (collier)
                        405 Wrexham: 22 Feb 1889 bap/o Henry s/o Henry (currier) & Harriet, 6 Market St.
                                              26 Feb 1892 bap/o Martha Ellen (b 23 Nov) d/o Henry (courier) & Harriet, 6 Market St.
                        407 Wrexham:  4 Aug 1885 bur/o Harriet Martha, infant, of 6 Market St.
                                               5 Oct 1888 bur/o Henry, aged 2, of 6 Market St.
                        440A,B Hawarden
                        444 Ruabon
                        487 Gwersyllt
                        Misc: Cheshire 1828/29 Chester: Bookseller (secondhand - open on Wednesdays):
                                                                                                    George Hackelton CROWTHER, Whitefriars
                                                           Frodsham: Bookseller/stationer & printer: G. H. CROWTHER
                                                           Stockport: Auctioneer/Appraiser: John CROWTHER, Higher Hillgate
                                                                           Painter - portrait etc.: Samuel CROWTHER, Higher Hillgate
                                                                           Pawnbrokers: Isaac CROWTHER, Middle Hillgate
                                                                                                Mary CROWTHER, Higher Hillgate
                                 Derbyshire 1828/29 Glossop: Dog & Partridge Mary CROWTHER, Woolley bridge
                                                              Hayfield (New Mills), a small hamlet, in the parish of Glossop ----- contains a small
                                                                                             stone church of which the Rev. John CROWTHER is
                                                                                             Minister ------
                                 Gloucestershire 1830 Cheltenham: Bricklayer: Daniel CROWTHER, King st.
                                 Herefordshire 1835 Hereford: Mrs. -------- CROWTHER, Elizabeth place
                                 Lancashire 1828/29 Chorley: Shopkeeper/dealer in sundries: Thos. CROWTHER, Market st.
                                                              Haslingden: Rev. Robert CROWTHER (Methodist), Chapel st.
                                                              Liverpool: Agent (general & commercial): John CROWTHER, 23 Salthouse dock
                                                                             Eating house: John CROWTHER, 2 Marble street
                                                                             Linen draper: John CROWTHER, 17 Ranelagh st.
                                                                             Surgeon: John CROWTHER, 5 Boundary place
                                                              Manchester: Bleacher: John CROWTHER, Blackley
                                                                                 Painter/house decorator/sign-board writer:
                                                                                                                     John CROWTHER, 3 Ridgefield
                                                                                 Stone/marble masons: John CROWTHER, 11 Buxton st.
                                                                                                                   Jonathan CROWTHER, 23 Tonman st.
                                                                                 Surgeon: Robt. CROWTHER, 30 Longworth st.
                                                                                 Tailor/habit maker: Thos. CROWTHER, 16 Oldfield rd., Salford
                                                              Rochdale: Corn & flour dealer: Wm. CROWTHER & Co., Reed's yard
                                                                             Corn factor/dealer, attending the market:
                                                                                                John CROWTHER, of Elland, puts up at Reed Inn 
                                                              Stretford: Constable: Isaac CROWTHER
                                                              Todmorden: Boot/shoe maker: Philip CROWTHER
                                                              Warrington: Bookseller/stationer (and circulating library):
                                                                                                            Jonathan CROWTHER, Bridge street
                                 Leicestershire 1835 Leicester: Lace manufacturer: Joseph CROWTHER, Talbot lane
                                 Norfolk Poll book 1817 (lists of those entitled to vote in Parliamentary elections):
                                            Hundred      District      Place of Freehold   Owner                                       Occupier
                                            East Flegg  Yarmouth  Yarmouth               S. CROWTHER, Schoolmaster   Himself
                                 North Wales 1835 St Asaph:
                                                                  Professional person: William Crowther, agent to Sir John WILLIAMS
                                 Shropshire 1828/9 Bridgnorth: Corn miller: Ann CROWTHER, St. Mary's st
                                                             Wenlock: Linen draper: Edwd. CROWTHER, Barrow street
                                 Warwickshire 1828/29 Birmingham:
                                                                  Builder (and crane maker): Richard CROWTHER, Islington road
                                                                  Cooper and box maker; timber dealer and circular saw mill:
                                                                                                                    George CROWTHER, 42 Cambridge st.
                                 Worcestershire 1835 Worcester: Maltster: Thomas CROWTHER, Friar st.
     GROWTHER 191D Ruabon: 18 Aug 1783 mar. by Banns of Benjamin EVANS (x) & Ann ELLIS (x), both otp
                                                                                            Wits: Daniel GROWTHER, William TATHAM

CARRY see CAROL (but possibly CAREW)

CARSBROOK 'dweller by the brook where watercress grows' OE carse, broc
     CARISBROOKE *561B Marchwiel: 29 Nov 1839 mar by Banns of
                                                           Thomas POPE (merrchant) ba of Doncaster s/o Samuel POPE (merchant)
                                                           & Charlotte WITHERS (not of full age) sp otp d/o William Carisbrooke WITHERS, Esq.


Carstairs, Strathclyde
     CAISTER possibly see also
     CARSTAIRS *575 Hope: 12 May 1858 bap/o Wilson Carstairs JONES
                                                                          s/o John Carstairs, Esq. & Elizabeth Jane, Rhyddin Hall
     CASTAIRS 304B Wrexham: Anne;
     CASTARES 304C Wrexham: Henry;
     (C)ASTERE *8 Overton: 10 Apr 1768 bap/o (C)astere JONES d/o Jno & Jane
     CASTIERS 445 Wrexham:

     CART Misc: North Wales 1835 Welchpool: Richard Cart, esq., Welch towr
     CARTAR 311 Hawarden:
                   496B Llanrhaeadr yng Nghinmeirch
     CARTE 424 Hanmer: 19 Mar 1624/25 bap/o William s/o Richard
     CARTER    9 Efenechtyd: Mary;
                    18 Hawarden: John, Mary, Thomas;
                    24 Hawarden: Alice, John, Sophia;
                    25 Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd: Mary, Richd;
                    30 Wrexham: John, Thomas, William;
                    36 Ruabon: Ann, Harriet, Thos;
                    38 Wrexham: Anne, Edward, John, Mary, Prudence, Thos, Wm;
                    42 Holywell: Thomas;
                    44 Denbigh: Elinor, Henry, John, Mary, Sarah;
                    45 Denbigh: Elisabeth, Elizabeth, Henry, Margaret;
53 Wrexham:
                    63A Holt:
                    81A+B Hope:
CARTER contd
                   119 Mold:
                   124 Mold:
                   138A+B Wrexham:
                   156B Hanmer: 23 Oct 1714 mar/o Ralph WRIGHT & Amey CARTER, both otp
                   163A Ruabon:
                   172 Holt: Margaret;
                   187 St. George:
                   191C Ruabon:
CARTER contd
                   201 Wrexham:
                   202 Bryneglwys:
                   203 Denbigh:
                  *215 Llanrhydd:

                   250 St. Asaph Notitae:
                   268 Wrexham:
                   277 Llandrillo yn Rhos:
                   300 Mold:
                   304A Wrexham: Alice, Anne, Elizabeth, Mary, Thos;
                        B Wrexham: Thomas;
                        C Wrexham: Alice, Anne, Mary, Thos;
                   307 Ruabon:
                   309 Denbigh:
CARTER contd
                  *315 Ruabon: 2 Nov 1890 bap/o Albert William Carter & Gwen Eveline JENKINS
                                                                                    s&d/o Albert William Carter (photographer) & Alice, Park St.
                   323 Denbigh:
                   332 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Henry Charles (2), Priscilla;
                   343 Hawarden:
                   344 Mold:
                   348 Wrexham:
                   353 Pentrobin:
                   355 Ruabon St. Mary's Churchyard MIs: Mary;
                   358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Charles Thomas;
CARTER contd
                  *363 Wrexham: Carter Charles HANMER
                   363 Wrexham: Elizabeth, John;
                   364 Wrexham: Thomas;
                   365 Wrexham: Anne, John, Thomas;
                   367 Abergele: Vicar: 1653-1660 Thomas;
                   372 Wrexham: Jane, Prudence, Prudens;
                   373 Wrexham: Elizabeth, Thomas;
                   374 Wrexham: Anne, Frances, John, Thomas;

                   379 Wrexham: 11 Jul 1898 bap/o Reginald Edward s/o Arthur Usher (clerk) & Sarah Angelina, 15 Pen-y-Bryn
CARTER contd
                   383 Ruthin: 24 May 1692 bur/o John;
                   388 Hawarden: 11 Feb 1662/63 bur/o Ellis of Moore
                                           9 Mar 1662/63 bur/o Elizab. (wd) of Moore
                   389 Hawarden: 23 Nov 1629 mar/o William CARTER & Elizabeth VIGARS
                   390 Bangor-on-Dee: Anne, Elizabeth, John, Sarah;
                   391 Colwyn: 1 Feb 1906 bap/o Alice d/o Robert & Edith, 5 Barden Terrace, Llanelian Road
                   392 Gresford: ---, Barbara, Debera, Joseph, Martha;
                   393 Wrexham: 28 Apr 1876 bur/o Prudence, aged 90, W House
CARTER contd

                   400 Wrexham: 30 May 1825 Prudence CARTER (x) & John EDWARDS (x) wits. at mar. by Banns (wcop) of
                                                             Robert JONES (x) (lab) ba. & Mary Ann JONES (x) wid., both otp
                   402 Denbigh: Margarett, Mary, Thomas;
                   404 Wrexham:  1 May 1897 bur/o Francis Usher CARTER, aged 3 days, 41 Ruabon Road
                                        10 Apr 1900 bur/o ----- CARTER, aged 53, 45 Manley Road
                   405 Wrexham: Arthur Usher, Francis Usher, Sarah Angelina;
                   410 Wrexham: Mary;
411 Wrexham: Anne, Mary;
                   416 Ruabon: 24 Dec 1877 mar. by Banns of
                                                         John JACKSON (lab) ba/35 of Johnstown s/o William JACKSON (publican)
                                                         & Sarah CARTER sp/30 of Johnstown d/o Charles CARTER (publican)
                                       24 Dec 1877 mar. by Banns of
                                                          Walter Henry GRANT (shoemaker) ba/29 of Johnstown s/o Philip GRANT (lab)
                                                          & Mary CARTER sp/28 of Johnstown d/o Charles CARTER (publican)
                   417 Wrexham: Eliz'h;
CARTER contd
                   422 Hanmer: 24 Nov 1572 bap/o gwen d/o Thomas & Mawd
                                      11 May 1600 bap/o Willm s/o Thomas, Fennes Wood
                   424 Hanmer: 10 Nov 1639 bap/o Edward s/o Thomas
                   432 Llangollen: William Chorlton;
434 Bangor-on-Dee: Dorothy, Elizabeth, John, Mary;
                   438A Broughton: George, Martha, William;
                        B Broughton: George;
                   440B,C Hawarden
                   442A,B Bangor on Dee
                  *443 Rhosllanerchrugog
                   444 Ruabon
                   445 Wrexham
                   447D Llandyrnog
CARTER contd
                   455C Llanrwst
                   461A Mold
                   470A Llandrillo yn Rhos
                   483 Hawarden
                   487 Gwersyllt
                   489 Marchwiel: 3 Jun 1719 mar/o Joseph CARTER & Barbara LLOYD both of Gresford
                   499 Denbigh
CARTER contd
                   501 Northop:
                   524 St George
                   546 Bodfari:
                   552B Wrexham:  4 Dec 1708 bap/o Mary HUGHES (CARTER) ( b 22)
                                                                               d/o Richard CARTER of Coventry & Grace HUGHES of M
                                           26 Oct 1723 bap/o Mary (b 9) d/o Joseph, Broughton
                  *557 Llansilin: 1 Aug 1873 bur/o Margaret Carter LEVAR, aged 53, of Llanymynech
                   563A Erbistock: -- Jul 1903 bap/o William Stanley s/o William (workman) & Mary, Reading
                       C  Erbistock: 31 Jul 1920 bur/o Mary, The County Hospital, Hereford
569 Abergele (Marriages & Burials 1647-1708) Vol 2 (+ a patronymic index)
                                       Vicar 1653-1660 Thomas CARTER
                   572 Broughton: 9 Apr 1848 bap/o Martha Ellen SADLER (b 22 Jan)
                                                                               d/o James (miller) & Martha (CARTER), Sealand
                   575 Hope: 22 May 1858 bap/o Frances Anne d/o Robert (farmer) & Anne, Hendre
CARTER contd
                   Misc: North Wales 1835 Denbigh: Basket maker: John Carter, Vale st
                            1841 Census Wrexham Town: Hope Street: Thomas       50   Tailor     born in County
                                                                                            Ann            50                born in County
                                                                         Abbott Street: Thomas     45   Shoe m J    born in County
                                                                                               Prudence  50                     born in County
1881 Census Saltney, Cheshire/Flintshire
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                   Sarah, Sp., Tan-y-bwlch, Co. Caernarfon, Administration Bond 1843

                            Shropshire 1828/9 Ludlow: Butcher: Benjamin Carter, Old st
                                                                   Pheasant  John Carter, Tower st
                                                       Shrewsbury: Hen and Chickens  Jno. Carter, Dogpole

     CARTERER 37 Worthenbury: Jane;
     CARTERS 558A Llandegla: 5 Sep 1852 bap/o James -/o Henry (beesom maker) & Elizabeth, Penddinas
     CARTES 383 Ruthin: 25 Nov 1623 mar/o Thomas CARTES & Elizabeth vch David
     CARTY 482 Hawarden
     CATARA 63A Holt:
CARTER contd

     CHARTER  49 Holywell:
                     215 Llanrhydd:
                     392 Gresford: 30 Apr 1720 bap/o John s/o Joseph of Gwersylt
434 Bangor-on-Dee: Elizabeth, John;
     CHATER possibly see also
     COURTER, COURTIER see also
     KARTER 388 Hawarden: 1 Jul 1640 Certificate of the marriage of John (KARTER?) of Hawarden and
                                         Katherine HOLMS of the same, at Llanver, diocese of Bangor.

Carter's Field, Shropshire


Cartington, Northumberland
CARTINGTON Misc: 1841 Census Wrexham Town: High Street: Eliz.   20   F.S.   not born in County

Cartledge (Holmesfield), Derbyshire
     CARTEDGE 445 Wrexham
     CARTLEDGE 330 Whitford:
     CARTLEGE 51 Holywell:
     CARTLIDGE 330 Whitford:
                        358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Arthur, Molly;
                        366 Wrexham: Elizabeth, Mary, Thomas;
411 Wrexham: Thomas;
                        481 Whitford
     CARTLOE 203 Denbigh:


Cartmel, Cumbria
CARTMALE 573 Broughton: 5 Apr 1868 bap/o Jane (b 26 Dec 1867)
                                                       d/o Richard (railway officer) & Adelaide (MARTIN), Saltney



CARTWRIGHT - from craet-wyrhta 'a maker of carts'. Richard Cartwrytte lived in Cheshire in 1290
                         - Freeman
     CADRAGE 245A Llanrhydd:
     CADRETH 245A Llanrhydd:
     CARIGHT 6 Isycoed: Cathrine,Richard,Thomas;
     CARRIGHT 157A+B Hanmer:
     CARTARET 517B
     CARTERIGHT 167C Gresford:
     CARTHRITE 267 Ruthin:
     CARTRAGE 245A Llanrhydd:
     CARTRICH  36 Ruabon: James, John, Sarah;
                      167A Gresford:
     CARTRICK  75A Marchwiel:
                      137 Northop:
                      192 Ysceifiog:
                      331 Ysceifiog:
     CARTRIDE 53 Wrexham:
     CARTRIDG   30 Wrexham: George, James, John, Richard;
                       445 Wrexham
     CARTRIDGE  112 Halkyn:
                         304C Wrexham: Edward;
                         402 Denbigh: Ellin;
                         420 Halkyn: 14 Sep 1760 bur/o Thomas s/o Thomas
     CARTRIET 59 Erbistock:
     CARTRIG 30 Wrexham: James, John;
     CARTRIGE 304A Wrexham: James;
                      418 Wrexham: Anne;

     CARTRIGHT   6 Isycoed: Cathrin, Charls, John, Mary, Richard, Susan, Thomas;
                       151 Hanmer:
27 Sep 1768 mar. by Banns of
                                                               John WOODHALL (sig: WOODALL) & Sarah CARTRIGHT (x), both otp
                                                               Wits: William WOODALL (x), Ann WOODHALL (x)

                       157A+B Hanmer:
                       174 Holt:
                       206A Hanmer:
                       323 Denbigh:
                       404 Wrexham: George, Mary Eliza, Thomas Henry;
                       420 Halkyn:  3 Mar   ?1746/47 mar/o Evan PIERCE & Margaret CARTRIGHT
                                         25 Feb 1754 mar/o Thos. NEWTON & Mary CARTRIGHT
                       424 Hanmer: Jane, Mary, Richard, Thomas;
                       425B Hanmer: John, Thomas;
                       499 Denbigh
                       540 Overton
                       557 Llansilin: Jane, Mary, Samuel;
     CARTRIT 297 Chirk:
     CARTRITE 175C Llandyrnog:
                      304C Wrexham: Wm;
                      323 Denbigh:
                      499 Denbigh
                      517C Llanasa
     CARTRITT 323 Denbigh:
     CARTRWRIGHT 290 Hanmer:
     CARTWRIG 151 Hanmer: 27 May 1762 mar. by Lic. of
                                                              Roger PARRY (sig: Rogr) of St. Oswald, Chester & Mary STANT (x) otp
                                                              Wits: Andrew STANT, Mary CARTWRIG
     CARTWRIGHT 6 Isycoed: Elisabeth, Elizth, Jno, John, Mary, Richard, Susanna, William;
                           8 Overton: Anne, Catherine, Edward, Elinor, Elisabeth, Elizabeth, Elizh, Elizth, Ermin, Jane,
                                           Joseph, Josseph, Mary, Penelope, Samuel, Sarah, Thomas, Thos, Wm;
                          10 Overton: Ann, Edward, Edwd, Elizabeth, Elizth, Jane, Mary, Sarah, Thomas;
                          22 Hawarden: Elizabeth, William;
                          30 Wrexham: Ann, Charles, Elizabeth, James, John;
                          36 Ruabon: Elizabeth, John, Robert, Susanah, Susannah;
                          37 Worthenbury: Jane, John, Joseph;
                          39 Halkyn: Jane, Margaret;
                          42 Holywell: Mary, Sophia;
                          47 Worthenbury:
                          51 Holywell:
                          57 Ruabon:  ---, Christiana, James, John, Martha, Mary, Richard, Sarah;

                                             1 Feb 1818 bap/o Sarah TAMBERLANE (CARTWRIGHT)
                                                                            base d/o William CARTWRIGHT & Mary TAMBERLANE
                          58 Erbistock:
                          59 Erbistock:
                          61 Ruabon:
                          63A+B Holt;
                          66A+D Penley:
                          68 Ruabon:
                          73 Chirk:
                          75A Marchwiel:
                          83 Ruthin:
                         112 Halkyn:
                         118 Mold:
                         123 Ruabon:
                         132 Hanmer:
                         133A+B Holt:
                         137 Northop:
                         151 Hanmer: Anne, Daniel, Elizabeth, Hannah, James, Jane, Mary, Richard, Thomas, Thos, William;
                         152 Hanmer:
                         156A Hanmer: Abigail, Anne, Charles, Daniel, Edward, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Isabella, Jane, John,
                                               Jos, Joseph, Margaret, Martha, Mary, Ralph, Richard, Richd, Robert, Sarah, Thomas,
                                               Thos, William;
                               B Hanmer: Anne, Charles, Eleanor, Joseph, Thomas, William;
                         157A+B Hanmer:
                         162 Overton:
                         163A Ruabon:
                         165A Ruabon:
                         171 Bangor-on-Dee: 20 Dec 1764 bap/o Didimus (
didymus = twin)  base s/o ------ & Martha 
                         172 Holt: John, Mary, Richard, Sarah;
                         173 Holt:
                         174 Holt:
                         178 Ysceifiog:
                         189 Holywell: David, Edwd, Francis, Mary, Sophia, William, Wm;
                         191A+B Ruabon:
                        *197 Hanmer: John Cartwright SIMMONDS
                         197 Hanmer: Alice Ann, Charles, Edward Andrew, Eliza, Elizabeth, Isabella, John, Joseph,
                                            Kate, Martha, Mary, Richard, Robert, Selina, Sophia, Susan, Thomas, William;
                         201 Wrexham:
                         206A+B Hanmer:
                         207 Hanmer:
                         218 Llangollen:
                         219 Penley:
                         223 St. Asaph:
                         227A+C Ruthin:
                         231 Hope:
                         233 Llanfwrog:
                        *243+243 Hanmer:
                         245A Llanrhydd:
                         249 Minera: Charles, John, Susannah;

                         266A+B Marchwiel:
                         276A Llanasa: Anne, Charles, Edward, Hannah, James, Jane, John, Mary, Roger, Samuel, Sarah,
                                               Thomas, William;
                              B LLanasa: Charles, Edward, Elizabeth, Mary, Sara, William;
                              C Llanasa: Charles, Samuell, Sarah;
                         278 Chirk:
                         286 Llanycil:
                         290 Hanmer:
                         292 Rhosymedre:
                         297 Chirk:

                         302 Hawarden:
                         304A Wrexham: Anne, Eliza, Richard, Thomas, Thos;
                              C Wrexham: George, Richd., Thomas;
                         305 Hawarden:
                         307 Ruabon:
                         309 Denbigh:
                         313 Hawarden:
                         314 Rhosllanerchrugog:
                         315 Ruabon: Alice, Eleanor, Ellis, Georgina, James, Maria, Martha, Mary, Thomas
                         321 Llanasa:
                         323 Denbigh:
                         325 Llangernyw:
                         333 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs : Job, Margaret;
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Beatrice, William;
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Ann Jane, Hannah, Kenneth, Robert, William;
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Harry, Lilly;
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Edgar L.;
                         338 Llangollen:

                         341 Ruabon:
                         342 Hawarden:
                         343 Hawarden:
                         345 Rhosllanerchrugog:
                         346 Hawarden:
                         347 Hawarden:
                         348 Wrexham:
                         349 Ysceifiog:
                         351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: Frances, John, Mary, Mary Ann, Susan;
                         354 Rhosllanerchrugog: Edward Ja's, Hannah, James, John, Margaret, Mary Ann, Sarah, Sarah Frances,
                                                            Thomas, Tho's, William;
                         355 Ruabon St. Mary's Churchyard MIs: Sarah;
                         356 Ruabon: Charles, John;
                         359 Rhosymedre: Benjamin, Edward, Elizabeth, Francis, James, Jane, John, Joseph, Maria,
                                                   Martha, Samuel, Sarah;
                         360 Llangollen: Edward;
                         362 Penycae: Charlotte Anne, Esther, George, Martha, Reginald Victor;
                         363 Wrexham: Arthur, Beatrice May, Edward Morgan, Eliza, Pamphylia, Thomas;
                         365 Wrexham: Elizabeth, John, Mary, Peter, Sarah Christianna, Thomas;
                         366 Wrexham: Charles, Edward, Eliza, John, Mary, Mary Ann, Susannah;

                         370 Wrexham: Ann, Charlotte, Ellis, Fanny, John, Thomas;
                         372 Wrexham: Elizabeth, Ellen, Sarah;
                         373 Wrexham: Edwen;
                         374 Wrexham: George, John, Mary, Richard, Sophia, Thomas;
                         375 Wrexham: 9 Jul 1871` bap/o Georgina CARTWRIGHT d/o ----- & Mary (widow), Well St
                         379 Wrexham: 27 Mar 1899 bap/o George Ellis (b 10 Mar 1898 - margin note: P)
                                                                                         s/o Ellis (lab) & Martha, 1 Meifod Place
                                                 5 Jul 1901 bap/o Charles Albert (b 24 Jun) s/o William (van man) & Hannah, 7 Barnfield

                        380 Wrexham: 19 Feb 1903 bap/o Esther (b 1 Feb) margin note: P., d/o James (collier) & Ruth, 22 Meifod Place
                                              23 Sep 1905 bap/o Thomas Henry (b Feb 1904)
                                                                        s/o William Henry (cabinet maker) & Mary Elizabeth, 3 Allcocks Court, Mount St                    
                        384 Wrexham: Charles, Fanny, Frances, Jane, John, Mary Ann;

                        386 Ruabon: Arthur, Christiana, Edward, George, Harriet, James, John, Joseph, Mary, Richard, Samuel, Sarah;

                        387 Hawarden: 28 Aug 1678 mar. by Lic. of Richard CARTWRIGHT, & Elizabeth WHITCOSTE of Hawarden
                                               Alice, Elizabet, Elizabeth, Rich, Richard, Robert;

                        388 Hawarden: 18 Feb 1633/34 mar. by Lic. of Edward STARKEY & Alice CARTWRIGHT
                                               12 May 1642 bur/o Will.
                        389 Hawarden: 12 Dec 1591 bur/o Thomas
                                                8 Dec 1593 mar/o John STREAT & Elin CARTWRIGHT
                                              22 Jun 1594 mar/o John WILCOCKE & Kathring CARTWRIGHT
                                                8 Feb 1596/97 mar/o William MILLINGTON & Ales CARTWRIGHT
                                              21 Oct 1602 bur/o John
                                              25 Jun 1603 mar/o Richard CARTWRIGHT & Elizabeth BYTHEL
                                              21 Oct 1605 bur/o Elizabeth
                                              12 Nov 1605 bur/o Ralph
                                              28 May 1606 mar/o Peter POTTER & Elizabeth CARTWRIGHT
                                                5 Oct 1606 mar/o William BANION & Jane CARTWRIGHT
                                                7 Nov 1627 mar/o William FRANCES & Margaret CARTWRIGHT
                                                3 Nov 1630 mar/o Rondle LEDSHAM & Jane CARTWRIGHT
                        393 Wrexham: 13 Oct 1875 bur/o Mary, infant, John St.
                                              11 May 1882 bur/o Gwyn Ellen, aged 12, King St.
399 Wrexham: Edwin, Eliz'th Ann, Frances, John, Margaret, Mary, Susanna, Thomas;

                        400 Wrexham:  6 Dec 1826 mar. by Banns (wcop) of
                                                                 Richard CARTWRIGHT (x) (lab) ba. & Mary DAVIES (x) sp., both otp
                                                                 Wits: Elizabeth PETERS (x), John ALLEN (x)
                                               7 Jul 1828 Mary CARTWRIGHT (x) & John EYTON wits. at mar. by Banns (wcof) of
                                                               Josiah EVANS (shoemaker) ba. & Elizabeth EATON (x) sp., both otp
                        402 Denbigh: Jane;
                        405 Wrexham: Anna, Annie, Catherine, Cathrine, Charles Gordon, David, Edith Annie, Ethel, Fanny,
                                              Hannah, Harold, Harriet Annie, Harriett, Harriett Annie, Hugh, Irene Winifred,
                                              Isadora Charlotte Ruby, Job, May, Mary Eliza, Mary Elizabeth, Nellie Gwen, Peter,
                                              William, William Henry, William Thomas;
                        406 Wrexham: Charlotte, Susannah, Thomas;
                        407 Wrexham: Charles Gordon, David, Elizabeth, James, John, Mary, Phamphilia, Thomas Walter Henry;
408 Bangor-on-Dee: Martha, Thomas;
                        410 Wrexham: Susanna;
411 Wrexham: Eliza;
                       *412 Wrexham: 16 May 1854 bur/o Mary Cartwright PRITT, aged 65, Llwyn Onn Cottage
                        412 Wrexham: John, Richard, William;
                        415A Northop: 13 Dec 1766 mar. by Lic. of Thomas ELLIS (x) of Holywell & Mary CARTWRIGHT otp
                                                                                        Wits: Peter HUGHES, John PHILLIPS
                                                5 Jan 1787 mar. by Banns of
                                                                 Henry SALUSBURY (x) wdr otp & Elizabeth CARTWRIGHT sp. otp
                                                                 Wits: George HOOSON (x), Thos. CODDRE
                                              22 May 1809 mar. by Banns of
                                                                 Thomas CARTWRIGHT (sawyer) ba. & Margaret LEWIS sp., both otp
                                                                  Wits: Edward LEWIS, Margaret CARTWRIGHT
                            C Northop (witnesses): Arabella, Edward, Mary, Richard, Robert;
                        416 Ruabon: 1 Nov 1884 mar. by Banns of
                                                            John CARTWRIGHT (collier) wdr/58 of Rhos s/o James CARTWRIGHT (collier)
                                                            & Elizabeth Jane JONES sp/24 of Ponkey d/o Thomas JONES (brickmaker)
                        417 Wrexham: Charles, George, Martha, Mary, Richard;
                        418 Wrexham: John;
                        424 Hanmer: Edward, Elen, Elizabeth, Richard, Thomas, William;
                        425B Hanmer: Joane, Katherin, Thomas, William, Wm;
                        426 Hanmer: Anne, Edward, Eliz, Elizabet(h), Elizh, James, John, Joseph, Martha, Mary, Richard, Richd, Thomas, Thos, William;
427 Ruabon: John, Sarah;
430 Llangollen: Sarah;
434 Bangor-on-Dee: William;
                        438A Broughton: John Henry;
                        441A Hope
                        443 Rhosllanerchrugog
                        444 Ruabon
                        445 Wrexham
                        446 Chirk: Ann, Mary, William;
                        449 Trelawnyd
                        450 Llanycil
                        452A Whitford
                        453A,B Ysceifiog
                        462 Bodfari
                        467 Holywell
                        474A Gresford: 9 Feb 1817 mar by Banns of John CARTWRIGHT ba & Mary JONES sgl
                                               Wits: Ellis EVANS, Sarah ROBERTS
                             B Gresford: Henry, John, Mary Frances, Philip, Richard, Tho's, Thomas;
                        479 Llangystennin
                        490 Chirk
                        491B Henllan
                        492 Holywell:
                        517BC Llanasa
                        533A Overton
                             B Overton
                        540 Overton
                        551A Hawarden
                             B Hawarden:
                        552C Wrexham: 30 Nov 1723 mar/o John CARTWRIGHT, Copnall & Elinor WITTINTON otp
                             D Wrexham: John, William;
                        553 Gr