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 * = a first name; or a surname used as a first name e.g. *123 Ronald Jones PARKES
dec. = deceased
p = written in the patronymic form
otp = of this parish
wcof = with consent of friends
wcop = with consent of parents
(x) made his/her mark
Wits. = Witnesses (to a marriage)
A+B+C etc. = separate indexes within the transcription
BT = Bishop'sTranscript
DB =Domesday Book
MIs = Monumental Inscriptions (ie from tombstones)
NLW = National Library of Wales
OE = Old English
OFr = Old French
ON = Old Norse
OW = Old Welsh


O. 468 Llandderfel: 9 Feb 1761 mar by Banns of Richard WILLIAMS (x) & Jane Hugh both otp
                                                                       Wits: Robert EDWARD, R.O.;

O'ADAMS Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Broseley: Grocer/tea dealer & druggist: Ths. O'Adams

     HOBRIAN 53 Wrexham 2 Jul 1805 Burial of Peter s/o Peter HoBrian of Wrexham Regis
     O'BRIAN 412 Wrexham: 7 May 1853 bur/o John, aged 2, Cefnbychan
     O'BRIEN  83
Ruthin  7 May 1776 Baptism of Alice d/o Willm (nailer) & Cathr
                  324 Llysfaen 5 Oct 1901 Joseph Dennis O'BRIEN (book keeper)
                                      witness at marriage of Henry DAVIES & Annie TAYLOR
                  361 Llangollen 28 Mar 1861 Baptism of Annie Sonata O'BRIEN d/o Edward Donatas (esquire)
                                                       & Mary Anna, of Maesmawr Cottage, Llangollen Fawr
                  412 Wrexham: 20 Apr 1854 bur/o Jane, infant, Cefn Mawr
                  493 Llantysilio: 30 Oct 1865 bur/o Edward Donatus, aged 51, Maes Mawr Cottage, Llangollen
                                         22  Dec 1892 bur/o Annie Donata, aged 32, 31 Queens Rd, Everton
O'BRYAN 189 Holywell 13 Jul 1806 Baptism of John MASON (b. 7th) s/o John & Frances (O'BRYAN)
O'BRIAN contd
OBRIAN   83 Ruthin 18 Mar 1783 Burial of Alce d/o William (nailer)
                   *87 Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd 9 Feb 1785 Baptism of Obrian DAVIES
                                                            base s/o Mary DAVIES of Hirwyn
                  121 Mold 29 Oct 1742 Burial of Anne d/o Thomas
                                   1 Nov 1742 Burial of Esther d/o Thomas
                  171 Bangor-on-Dee 31 Aug 1746 Baptism of Elisabeth d/o William
                 *189 Holywell 30 Jun 1807 Baptism of Thos MORRIS (b. 28th)
                                                    s/o Obrian & Elizth (OWENS)
                  292 Rhosymedre 21 Apr 1849 Baptism of Mary Ann
                                                                d/o John (joiner) & Mary of Cefn Mawr, Wrexham
                  403 Holywell: 13 Sep 1713  mar/o Tho WMS & Margt OBRIAN
                  442 Bangor on Dee:  11 Sep 1747 bur/o William;
     OBRIANUS *517B Llanasa: 7 May 1737 bao/o Obrianus JONES -/o William & ?Anne, Gwespyr
O'BRIAN contd
     OBRIEN  10 Overton: 31 Oct 1805 Marriage by Banns of
                                                      George FOWELS (FOWELLS [X] ) of Malpas
                                                   & Ellizth FOWLES (X) otp
                                                      Wits: Ann OBRIEN & John MEREDITH
                 *159 Holywell: 15 Sep 1805 Marriage by Banns of
                                         Obrien MORRIS (X) aged 50 Wdr otp s/o Obrien & Catharine
                                      & Elizabeth OWENS (x) aged 27 sp otp d/o Owen & Jane
                                         Wit: Sarah JONES (X)
                  474B Gresford: 29 May 1901 mar by Banns of
                                             Martin OBRIEN (lab) ba/35 otp (The Parks Farm) s/o Martin OBRIEN (dec. lab)
                                            & Mary Elizabeth MORRIS (servant) sp/27 otp (The Parks Farm)
                                                                d/o Edward MORRIS (dec joiner)
                  493 Llantysilio: 20 Dec 1869 bur/o Mary Anna, aged 43, Everton, Co. of Lancaster
                  594 Gresford: 3 Jul 1904 bap/o Arthur Martin s/o Martin (lab) & Mary Elizabeth, Borras
OBRYAN 201 Wrexham: 16 Feb 1807 Marriage by Banns of
                                                             John FOX (X) otp (Private in the first Battalion of 23rd Fusilers)
                                                             & Sarah OBRYAN
                                                             Wit: Thos SIMPSON

OBRIANUS see O'BRIAN                                                                                  

O'CALLAGHAN  574 Buckley: 30 Nov 1880 bap/o Eileen Marian
                                                 d/o  Robert Thomas Alexander (Surgeon)  & Marian Ballantyne, Bistre

O'CONNAH 31 Hawarden: Elizabeth, Mary, Richard;
                  79 Gresford: 27 Sep 1798 bur/o Hannah;
     O'CONNOR 124 Mold: Hester;
                          358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Esther Mary, J. Anthony, John;
                         *374 Wrexham: 30 Aug 1846 bap/o Feargus O'Connor TOWN
                                                                    s/o James (stonemason) & Lucy, Wrexham Abbot
                           598 Hope: 8 Aug 1897 bap/o Horace William John
                                                            s/o William John (mariner) & Rocilia Alice, Rock Ferry, Cheshire


O'DONAGHUE 358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Joseph;
      O'DONOGHUE 490 Chirk

Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Bernard O'Donnell HOGAN
                    353 Pentrobin: Mary Maria;
                    358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Elizabeth, Madge, Marjorie, Peter, Samuel;
                    412 Wrexham: 24 Mar 1855 bur/o Thomas, infant, Mount Street
                    534 Bagillt
580 Bagillt (Baptisms 1839-1911) Vol 1
                               Elizabeth, Elizabeth Rowland, Ellen, Francis, Humphrey, Mary Ellen.


O'FLYNN 358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Emily Frances, Michael, Patrick;

O'GORMAN 582 Bistre: 13 Jun 1859 bap/o John s/o James (tinker) & Bridget, Bluebell Yaard

O'HARA  A Scottish name only in the sense that it has become quite common in Glasgow in the last hundred years;
              it is purely Irish in origin, and native to Antrim and Sligo.   Originally O hEaghra, it signifies 'descendant of
              Eagra', who was Lord of Luighne until his death in 926 (Irish pedigrees go a long way back).   The actual
              meaning of the personal name is unknown.
       364 Wrexham: 28 May 1850 bur/o Patrick, aged 48, Wrexham Regis
       412 Wrexham: 24 Mar 1857 bur/o Hannah, aged 50, Tuttle St.
       594 Gresford: 21 Mar 1869 bap/o Elizabeth O'HARA (----) d/o ---- & Jane O'HARA
              Misc: 1881 Census Saltney, Cheshire/Flintshire:
                                   No. 6 Williams Row: Robert O'HARA Unmarried, aged 27, Lodger, lab. at Oil Works, born Ireland
                                                                        Living with Patrick KING and his family, all born Ireland
                                   No. 22 Williams Row: Thomas O'HARA Unmarried, aged 24, lab. at Oil Works, born Ireland
                       Gloucestershire 1830 Bristol: Coach & Horses Michael O'Hara NASH, Broadmead
                       Lancashire 1828/29 Ashton-under-Line: Tailor/habit maker: Patrick O'HARA, Rassbottom, Stayley Bridge
                                                    Liverpool: Woollen Draper: Thos. O'HARA, Richmond hall
     O HARAN 406 Wrexham: 29 Jan 1861 bur/o Patrick, infant, Walks
     O'HARE 432 Llangollen: 31 Jan 1883 bur/o Esthes Alice. aged 3 yrs, Church Street
                  Misc: Monmouthshire 1835 Monmouth: Grocer/tea dealer: James O'HARE, Agincourt square
     OHERS 233 Llanfwrog: 9 Jun 1769 Catharine OHERS & John JONES wits. at mar. by Lic. of
                                                            Robert LEWIS ba. of Llanrhaiadr & Catharine JONES sp. otp


LEARY  67 Ruabon: Daniel (1803) s/o Daniel & Margaret; Thomas (1805) s/o Daniel & Margaret;
                138 Wrexham: Jane (1794) d/o Peter & Jane; Elizabeth (1795) d/o Peter  & Jane;
                287 Llanycil: Jane (1837) d/o Daniel & Margaret of Bala;
                                   1837 Marriage of Daniel LEARY & Margaret EVANS both otp by Lic
                297 Chirk: Elizth (1798) d/o Daniel & Mary
     LERRY 404 Wrexham: 30 Jul 1904 bur/o Charles, aged 62, 13 Ruthin Road
                 405 Wrexham: Charles David, Charles Herbert, Mary Elizabeth;
     LERY Misc: Cheshire 1828/9 Chester: Introduction: .... Chester is memorable for a siege of twenty
                                                               weeks, which it sustained against the parliamentary army,
                                                               commanded by Sir Wm. Brereton; and it did not then
                                                               surrender until every hope of relief was lost, and the garrison
                                                               literally starved out.    The governor was Lery BYRON, the
                                                               ancestor of the present Lord BYRON. .....
O'LEARY 341 Ruabon: 1857 Marriage of James JONES & Sarah O'LEARY (d/o Arthur O'LEARY)

     MALLY possibly  see also, under MALMESBURY
     O'MALLEY 412 Wrexham: 26 Feb 1856 bur/o Margaret, infant, Tuttle Street

     O'MARR 333 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Eira Garrett;
     O'MEARA Misc: 1841 Census Wrexham Town: King Street:  John   20  Law Student   born I.



     O'NEAL 315 Ruabon:
                  583 Chirk: 30 Apr 1876 bap/o Walter Henry (b 1 Apr)
                                                           s/o Walter Henry (station master) & Catherine, Chirk Station
                                  14 Oct 1877 bap/o Lily Gertrude (b 20 Sep)
                                                          d/o Walter Henry (station master) & Catherine, Chirk Station
     ONEAL 304 Wrexham:
     O'NEALE 174 Holt:
     O'NEELE 356 Ruabon: Mary;
     O'NEIL  45 Denbigh: Mary;
                 56 Rhuddlan:
                249 Minera:
                393 Wrexham: 12 Aug 1882 bur/o Daniel, aged 28, Mount Yard, Mount St.
                                        2 Jul 1883 bur/o Morris, aged 20, Mount St.
                                       22 Oct 1884 bur/o Patrick, aged 24, W House
                412 Wrexham: 23 Aug 1859 bur/o Patrick, aged 2, Mount St.
     ONEIL 76 Mold:
               364 Wrexham: John;
               384 Wrexham: Ellen, Francis, John, Mary, Patrick;
               406 Wrexham: Elizabeth;
               411 Wrexham: 14 Jul 1841 bur/o Anne, aged 39, Penybrynn
     O'NEILE 412 Wrexham: 22 Apr 1859 bur/o Maurice, aged 5, Tuttle St.
     ONEILL 370 Wrexham: Charlotte, James, William;
     ONIEL 393 Wrexham: 23 Aug 1876 bur/o Lucy, aged 75, Rhosddu

O'RILEY  - also see RILEY
     O'REILLY 227 Ruthin:
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Edward Patrick, Florence Mary;
                    358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Charles, Rita;
     O.RILEY Misc: 1841 Census Wrexham Town: King Street:  Margt. 60 Ind.   born I.   

     GROARK 393 Wrexham:  8 Jan 1875 bur/o Bridget, aged 80, Abbot St.
                                          20 Jul 1881 bur/o Bridget, aged 25, Mount Street
     GRORK 393 Wrexham: 24 Jun 1879 bur/o Mary, aged 2, York St.
     GROURK 393 Wrexham: 4 Mar 1880 bur/o Bridget Ellen, infant, Cannon Yard
     GROURKE 393 Wrexham: 13 Jul 1881 bur/o John, aged 60, W House
     ROARK 203 Denbigh: 21 Sep 1798 bap/o Robert s/o John (Private Soldier in the Princess Royal's Own Fencible Light Dragoons)
                                                                                       & Margaret

ROURKE *576 :Llansannan: 12 Feb 1878 bap/o Emma Mary PENNINGTON
                                                                      d/o John  (engineer) & Emma Rourke, Dyffryn Aled Stables
     RUARKE 582 Bistre: 15 Feb 1856 bap/o Tom s/o Andrew (lab) & Catherine, Nant Mawr


Priorslee with Oakengates, Shropshire


Oakhill, Somerset; Staffordshire; Sussex;
OAKHILL 311 Hawarden: John, Thos;
     Ockle, Highlands
     OCKWEL 366 Wrexham: Martha;
     OCKWELL 366 Wrexham: Mary, William;
     OKELL 302C Hawarden: Robert;
                *405 Wrexham: 9 Aug 1891 bap/o Winifred Okell WEAVER (b 20 Jul)
                                                                             d/o George (provision merchant) & Margaret, 13 Hope St.

Oakle Street, Gloucestershire

Oakley, Bedfordshire; Buckinghamshire; Dorset; Fife; Hampshire; Shropshire; Suffolk;
     OAKLEY  46 Worthenbury: Elizabeth;
                    57 Ruabon: Ann(e), Elizabeth, Mary, Thomas, William;
                  157B Hanmer: Sarah;
                  268 Wrexham: Ann;
                 *363 Wrexham: Charles Ernest Oakley WHITE
                  391 Colwyn: 10 Aug 1897 mar. by Banns of Arthur ARNOLD (carpenter) ba o/a of Church Walks s/o William (lab)
                                                                          & Elizabeth OAKLEY sp o/a of Penmorlan, Colwyn d/o John (quarryman)
                  491A Henllan
                  585 Gwersyllt: 28 Feb 1864 bap/o Margaret Ellen d/o Thomas (gardener) & Mary, Gwersyllt Hill
                                         4 Mar 1866 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Thomas (gardener) &  Mary, Sum'r Hill
                  589 Gwersyllt: 29 Jul 1865 bur/o Margaret Ellen, aged 18 mo., Gwersyllt Hill
                *594 Gresford: 6 Aug 1871 bap/o Herbert Oakley SMITH s/o Thomas (engineer) & Siddy, Derby
OAKLEY contd
                  Misc: Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                                     Aubrey, bachelor, Mariner, Carmarthen  1790
                                                                                     George, Gent, Carmarthen   1790
                                                                                     Osborn, Carmarthen   1790 (two)
                       Shropshire 1828/9 Bishops Castle: Rev. Herbert Oakley, Oakley house
                                                  Shrewsbury: Butcher: Timothy Oakley, Pride hill
                                                                     Joiner/builder: Robert Oakley, St. John's place
                                                                     Maltster: Richard Oakley, Castle foregate
                                                                     Shopkeeper: Edward Oakley, Barker st
                                                  Wem: Fox  John Oakley, Ireland st      
HOADLEY 369 Llangollen: Benjamin, Martha, Mary Sophia;
                       Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Shrewsbury: Wagon & Horses John Hoadley, Pride hill

      HOAKLEY 540 Overton     
Oakleigh, Kent

Oaks, Shropshire
     OAKER 313 Hawarden: Elleanor, John, Mary;
                 343 Hawarden: John, Mary, Thomas;
                 387 Hawarden:  8 Apr 1676 bur/o Margaret of Hawarden
                                       31 Oct 1676 bur/o Jane d/o John of Aston
                                        4 Feb 1678/79 bur/o Mary w/o John of Aston
                                       11 Feb 1682/83 bur/o Mary d/o John of Aston
                                      29 Oct 1685 mar. by Banns of John OAKER of Aston & Dorothy WHITE of Broughton
OAKES  167D Gresford: Thomas;
                   176 Tremeirchion: Ann;
                   185 Llysfaen: 26 Aug 1812 mar. by Lic. of James SANDFORD ba. of St. Chads, Shewsbury
                                                                              & Margaret OWENS sp. otp
                                                                              Wits: W. ROWTON, G. BEARD, E. ROWTON (2), J. CLEMENT
                   215 Llanrhydd: 8 Oct 1718 mar/o William OAKES & Mary PRICHARD, both of Chester
281 Llangystennin: 18 Oct 1628 bap/o Elen OAKES d/o Roger, Llanwoodden
305 Hawarden: Anne, Jane, John, Johnath, Jonath, Jonathan, Josia, Mary, Samll, Thomas;
                   313 Hawarden: John, Jonathan;

                  342 Hawarden: Abigail, Arthur, Elizabeth, Katherine, Tho, Thomas;
                  346 Hawarden: John, Rich;
                  352B Flint: Samuel;
OAKS / OAKES contd
                  380 Wrexham: 5 Jul 1905 bap/o Mary Ellen (b 30 Jun) margin note: P
                                                                                     d/o William (moulder) & Anna, 4 Pierces Square
                  387 Hawarden: 15 Apr 1675 bur/o Katharine (d. at Mold) Stranger, of Manner
                                         12 Nov 1695 mar/o Jonathan OAKES, & Anne BOSTOCK of Hawarden
                                         12 Feb 1698/99 bur/o --- d/o Jonathan of Hawarden
                  388 Hawarden: 13 Apr 1659 bur/o ---- ch/o Tho. of Ewloe
                                         23 Nov 1662 bur/o Elizabeth d/o Thomas of Ewloe
                                         26 Aug 1664 bur/o Hester d/o Thomas of Ewloe
                  389 Hawarden: 23 Feb 1590/91 bur/o Anne
                                         27 Feb 1590/91 bur/o Rich.
                                          -- Sep 1591/92 mar/o James MOSSE & Ales OAKES
                                        11 Dec 1603 mar/o John COOP & Elin OAKES
                                          9 Aug 1607 mar/o Randolph FISHER & Dorothy OAKES
OAKS / OAKES contd
                  391 Colwyn: 7 Feb 1898 mar. by Banns of John JONES (lab) wdr o/a of Pylws, Colwyn s/o John (woodman)
                                                                            & Ann OAKES (x) wid o/a of 2 Brick Field Ter., C.B. d/o Samuel TILL (lab)
                  404 Wrexham: Mary Ellen;
                  483 Hawarden
                  547 Flint
                  550 Gresford: 5 Aug 1821 bap/o John FENNIX (OAKES) (b 23 Jul) base s/o John OAKES (servant) & Elizabeth FENNIX (servant), Gwersyllt
                  551A Hawarden
                 *553 Gresford: 7 Sep 1895 bur/o Thomas Oakes WRIGHT, aged 57 yrs, Gresford Bank
                                       Hannah, Mary;
                  572 Broughton: 12 Aug 1838 bap/o Joseph JONES (OAKES) (b 27 Jun) illeg. s/o
                                                   William OAKES (farmer) of Sutton, Cheshire & Elizabeth JONES 9servant) Kinnerton
                                         15 Dec 1839 bap/o Elizabeth JONES (OAKES) (b 28 Nov) illeg. d/o
                                                   William OAKES (farmer) of Sutton, Cheshire & Elizabeth JONES (servant), Kinnerton
OAKS / OAKES contd
                  Misc: North Wales 1835 Carnarvon: General agent: William Oakes, Bangor st
Gresford MIs: Thomas Oakes WRIGHT
                                       Hannah, Thomas;
Welsh  Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                                                Mary, Wid, Marford   1850
                                                                                                 Thomas, Yeo, Marford  1838
                           Shropshire 1828/9 Bridgnorth: Rev. Charles Oakes, Low town
                                                                        Hop & seed merchant: Humphrey Oakes
                                                                        Maltsters: Francis Oakes, Friars
                                                                                       Thomas Oakes, Timber yard
                                                                        Ship & Anchor Sarah Oakes
                                                                        Timber merchants: Francis Oakes & Son, Low town
                                                                                                    Thomas Oakes, Low town
                                                       Broseley: Black Swan  Wm. Oakes
OAKS contd

     OAKS 303 Hawarden: 23 Oct 1729 bur/o Jonathan
                                      19 Oct 1731 mar/o Jervas BUXTON & Jane OAKS
                                      14 Sep 1733 bur/o Anne
               313 Hawarden: Jonathan, Margaret;
               553 Gresford: Thomas;
Misc: Gresford MIs: Mary, Thomas;
OCKAR 313 Hawarden: Anne, John;
                  387 Hawarden:  7 Aug 1697 bur/o -----    --/o John of Moore
                                        29 Nov  1697 bur/o John of New Towne
     OKER 387 Hawarden: 20 May 1671 bur/o Thomas s/o John of Shotton
     OKES 343 Hawarden: Jane, John;



Oare, Berkshire; Kent; Somerset; Wiltshire;
OARE (see also ORE)
     OAR 132 Hanmer:  9 Apr 1786 bap/o Phillip s/o George & Sarah, Bronington
                                 28 Dec 1788 bap/o Mary d/o George & Sarah, Bronington
     OARE  49 Holywell: 21 Mar 1832 bap/o Thomas s/o John (butcher) & Elizth, Bagillt
                                  14 Jul 1833 bap/o John s/o John (butcher) & Elizabeth, Bagillt
                52 Holywell: Elizth, John, Sarah;
               358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Jamie Leonard, Leonard;
               564A Brynford: Arnold Leonard, Charles Frederick, George Edward, Gwilym, Sarah Eliza, Thomas, Thomas Stephens;
                    B Brynford: George, Thomas;
                    C Brynford: 21 Aug 1913 bur/o George, memorial stone shows age 78, Saron Cott's B


Oatley, Shropshire
OATLEY 479 Overton


OBADIAH masc. 'servant of the Lord' Hebrew - Claremont
     ABYDIA *267 Ruthin: 5 Sep 1668 bap/o John JONES s/o Abydia (saddler)
     OBADIAH  *31 Hawarden: Obadiah WILLIAMS
                     *57 Ruabon: Obadiah DAVIES
                    *151 Hanmer:
6 Oct 1767 mar. by Banns of Obadiah HIGGINS (x) & Sarah PRINAT (x), both otp
                                                                                    Wits: William LLOYD, James OGDEN
                    *278 Chirk: 10 May 1829 bap/o Obadiah HUGHES (NICHOLAS)
                                                          ill. s/o  David NICHOLAS (reputed father) & Mary HUGHES (servant), Penyclawdd
                    *359 Rhosymedre: Obadiah DAVIES
                    *407 Wrexham: 25 Jan 1890 bur/o Obadiah DAVIES, aged 60, Workhouse
                    *426 Hanmer: 30 Aug 1799 bur/o Obadiah HIGGINS
430 Llangollen:  3 Feb 1824 bur/o Obadiah JONES, aged 6 months, Llangollen Fawr
                                            28 Mar 1825 bur/o Obadiiah JONES, aged 6 weeks, Chirk Parish
                    *439 Cilcain
                    *465A Halkyn
     OBEDIAH *132 Hanmer: 8 Mar 1784 bap/o Obediah HIGGINS s/o John & Martha
                     *207 Hanmer: 16 Mar 1767 bap/o Hannah HIGGINS d/o Obediah, Halghton
                                          17 May 1767  bap/o Ann HIGGINS d/o Obediah, Willington
                     *544 Meliden
                     *546 Bodfari

Obberbury = local pronunciation of  Alberbury,Shropshire
Occold, Suffolk

ock = salmon (see etymology of river names)

River Ock


Ockilshaw (Wigan), Lancashire
Ockley, Surrey

OCKWEL(L) see OAKHILL for now

     OCRAIGE 83 Ruthin:  25 Mar 1808 bap/o Ann WILLIAMS (OCRAIGE)
                                                           base d/o Joseph OCRAIGE of Stockport & Ester WILLIAMS


OCTAVIA fem. form of Octavius (eighth)
OCTAVE *365 Wrexham: Octave Benjamin CORLET          
                   *399 Wrexham: 30 Jan 1822 bap/o Eliz'th Margaret CORLET
                                                        d/o Octave Benjamin (Gent) & Elizabeth, Wrexham Fechan

               *289 Gwernaffield: 2 Jul 1872 bap/o Florence Octavia HUMPHREYS
                                                               d/o Thomas (gardener) & Jane of Gwernymynydd
               *292 Rhosymedre:
               *314 Rhosllanerchrugog:
               *360 Llangollen: Mary Octavia RICHARDS
               *361 Llangollen: Mary Octavia RICHARDS
               *369 Llangollen: Gwenydd Octavia JAMES
               *380 Wrexham: 15 Feb 1903 bap/o James Burton Stuart PLATT (b 7 Dec 1902)
                                                                                    s/o James (drayman) & Rachel Octavia, Ladycroft, Wellington
               *561C Marchwiel: 16 Jun 1899 bur/o Gwenydd Octavia JAMES, aged 26, otp (The Rectory)
               *593 Rossett Christ Church MIs:
                            C224 Annie Octavia Farmer BOYDELL b 14 Jun 1868 d 17 Jan 1955
               *598 Hope: 7 Jun 1874 bap/o Octavia DAVIES d/o Edward (miller) & Frances, Caergwrle
OCTAVIUS masc. 'eighth' Latin - Claremont
      OCTAVIUS *227 Ruthin:
                      *245 Llanrhydd:
                      *374 Wrexham: 13 Aug 1846 bap/o Thomas Octavius CLARK s/o John (draper) & Maria, Hope street
                      *391 Colwyn: 5 Jul 1904 bap/o Bernard Maxwell LOWE
                                                                s/o Octavius Bernard (solicitor) & Hilda Mary, Cronkley
                       *596 Buckley: 27 Sep 1857 bap/o Alfred Octavius JONES (b 14)
                                                                    s/o Thomas (potter) & Ruth (LEWIS), Ewloe Wood
     OCTIVE *399 Wrexham: 5 Oct 1823 bap/o Sarah Henrietta CORLETT
                                                        d/o Octive Benjamin (Gent) & Elizabeth, Wrexham Fechan
Octon, Humberside
     OCTIM 53 Wrexham:


ODGERS Common in Cornwall - Addison
               234 Minera:   7 Mar 1891 bap/o John Price s/o Thomas (mining agent) & Annie, High St.
                                 23 Aug 1892 bap/o Alfred Edgar s/o Thomas Henry (miner) & Annie, High St., Coedpoeth

Odie, Orkneys

     ODIFREDDI 269 Dyserth:

Odiham, Hampshire


ODLING 391 Colwyn: 15 Jul 1903 mar. by Banns of
                                                 George Collingham ODLING (farmer) ba/26 of Bodle Street, Green, Essex
                                                                                                           s/o Robert Cooke (deceased) (merchant)
                                               & Hannah JACKSON sp/37 of Colwyn s/o Michael (gent)


Great, Little Offley, Hertfordshire; Bishops, High Offley, Staffordshire
OFFLEY 364 Wrexham: Elizabeth Emma Cunliffe;
             410 Wrexham: Foster Cunliffe;

OFFICER orobably a corruption of OFr  orfroisier  'a maker of orphrey or gold-embroidery'
     OFFICER 587 Overton 31 Aug 1856 bap/o Margaret Mary d/o Robert (gardener) & Susannah
                                       29 Aug 1858 bap/o Susannah Elizabeth d/o Robert (gardener) & Susannah
                                       22 Dec 1859 bap/o Robert s/o Robert (gardener) & Susannah



Ogden, Greater Manchester
OGDEN masc. a surname, meaning oak valley, used as first name (Old English) - Claremont
     OAKDEN 22 Hawarden: 22 Mar 1825 mar by Banns of
                                                       John OAKDEN (fitter up of engines) ba otp & Anne PARKINSON sp of Manor
                                                        Wits: John PARKINSON, Richard PHILLIPS
                                              18 Feb 1826 bur/o Mary (no age given) wife of John (boiler maker) otp
                      24 Hawarden
(Baptisms 1831-1840) Vol 21
                                       Anne, Jane, John, Joseph, Martha;
                      31 Hawarden: Anne, Jane, John, Mary;
                    353 Pentrobin:
     OGDAEN *208 Llanarmon Mynydd Mawr:
     OGDAN *58 Erbistock:
                   302B Hawarden: Joseph;
     OGDEANE 424 Hanmer: 26 Nov 1609 bap/o Thomas s/o George & Elizabeth
                      425B Hanmer: Anne, George;
     OGDEN 24 Hawarden: 15 Sep 1835 bap/o Joseph OGDEN (----------) (b 7)
                                                            base s/o -------------- & Anne OGDEN sp., otp
                                              3 Apr 1836 bap/o Frances OGDEN (b 28 Feb)
                                                                   s/o John (engine fitter) & Anne (DICKINSON) otp
                   44 Denbigh: James, Mary, Thomas;
85 Mold:
                 104 Henllan: 7 May 1809 mar by Banns of
                                                      Joseph DAVIES ba/22 of St Asaph s/o Evan (maltster) & Catharine
                                                      & Margaret OGDEN sp/19 otp d/o James (baker) & Margaret
                                                      Wits: William HUGHES, Jane PRICE
                 117 Mold:
                 118 Mold:
                 121 Mold:
                 127 Mold:
                 147 Llanddoget:
OGDEN contd
                 151 Hanmer: 16 Jan 1764 mar. by Banns of Edward DAVIES (x) & Mary MORRIS (x), both otp
                                                                                 Wits: John PEAK, Ann OGDEN
                                      7 Oct 1766 mar. by Banns of Edward BOTTS (x) & Ann HAYCOCK (x), both otp
                                                                                 Wits: Thomas JENKIN, James OGDEN (x)
                                      6 Oct 1767 mar. by Banns of Obadiah HIGGINS (x) & Sarah PRINAT (x), both otp
                                                                                 Wits: William LLOYD, James OGDEN
                *152 Hanmer: 21 Mar 1772 bap/o Sarah Ogden WILLIAMS d/o Jno & Anne, Halghton
                 152 Hanmer: 12 Aug 1749 bap/o Sarah d/o Moses & Elizabeth, Halghton
                 156 Hanmer:
                 157A Hanmer: Abigail, Elen, Elizabeth, Mary, Moses, Rebecca, Sarah, Tho., Thomas, Thos., William;
                      B Hanmer: Thomas;
                 168 Hope:
                 186 St. Asaph:
                 195 Holywell: Henry, John, Mary;
OGDEN contd
                 203 Denbigh:
                 206 Hanmer:
                 207 Hanmer: Mary, Moses;
               *208 Llanarmon Mynydd Mawr:
                *221 St. Asaph:
                 223 St. Asaph:
                *268 Wrexham: 8 Oct 1805 mar. by Lic. of
                                                         Jacob Ogden VAN CORTLANDT ba. otp (Capt. in the 23rd Regt. of Foot)
                                                       & Anne WARRINGTON sp. opt
                                                          Wits: Bridget STRONG, Susan STRONG, George MACKENZIE
                 293 Hawarden:
                 299 Mold: Alice, Isaac;
OGDEN contd
                 302A Hawarden: Joseph, Sydney;
                      B Hawarden: Edmund;
                      C Hawarden: Sydnea;
                 303 Hawarden: 23 Nov 1737 bur/o Elizabeth
                 309 Denbigh:
                 311 Hawarden: Joseph;
                 313 Hawarden: Edmond, Joseph;
OGDEN contd
                 323 Denbigh:
                *328 Llansanffraid Glan Conway:
                 340 Mold:
                 347 Hawarden:
                *352 Flint: Ogden JONES, Ogden RICE, Ogden WILLIAMS
                 363 Wrexham: Harriet, Walter;
                 364 Wrexham: Michael;

                387 Hawarden: 18 Jun 1688 mar/o Joseph OGDEN of Hawarden & Sydney GRIFFITH of Ewloe
               *396 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant: 26 Jul 1723 bur/o Ogden ROBERTS, young man, Pennant
                                                                1 Mar 1724/25 bur/o Ogden (Ogdoenus) JONES, Cefn Coch
                399 Wrexham: 21 Aug 1825 bap/o Thomas s/o Abearaham (tailor) & Esther, Chester Street
OGDEN contd
                416 Ruabon: 16 Aug 1880 mar. by Lic. of
                                           Edwin RICHARDS (student in pharmacy) ba/24 of 15 Bark Place, Bayswater, London W.
                                                                                                   s/o Thomas RICHARDS (servant)
                                          & Sarah Jane OGDEN sp/25 of 24 Black Lion Road, Acrefair d/o Thomas CLEGG (Gentleman)
                420A Halkyn: 24 Aug 1731 mar/o George OGDEN & Elizabeth JONES
                424 Hanmer:   3 Sep 1631 bap/o Elizabeth d/o John
                                    18 Sep 1631 bap/o Thomas s/o William
                                     5 May 1633 bap/o George s/o John
                                    31 Jan 1635/36 bap/o John s/o John
                                     4 Mar 1637/38 bap/o Ellen d/o William
                425A Hanmer: William;
                     B Hanmer: Edward, Elizabeth, George, Jane, Katherine;
               *426 Hanmer: 16 Apr 1811 bur/o Sarah Ogden WILLIAMS (pauper)
                440A Hawarden
                458 Mold
                459 Mold
OGDEN contd
                460 Mold
                477 Llanrhaeadr yng Nghinmeirch
                483 Hawarden
                484 Hawarden
                491B Henllan
                499 Denbigh
               *509 Dyserth
North Wales 1835 Bangor: Hatter & furrier: William Ogden, Market place
                                                     Carnarvon: Hatter: Samuel Ogden, Bridge st
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                                        Ogden BROWNE, Bronington 1695
                                                                                        George, Clogger, Holywell   1855
                                                                                        Jane, Wid, Glodith, 1634
                                                                                        John, Whitster, Broughton  1792
                                                                                        Mary, Wid, Hanmer  1772
                                                                                        Mary, Wid, Broughton  21 Sep 1802
                                                                                        Moses, Hanmer   1735/6
                                                                                        Samuel, Pilkington   1780
                                                                                        Thomas, Broughton    1589
OGDEN contd

     OGDOEN *208 Llanarmon Mynydd Mawr:
                      302C Hawarden: Edmund;
                      303 Hawarden: 29 Jul 1741 bur/o Edward (Poor House)
                      305 Hawarden: 19 Jan 1697/98 bap/o Robert s/o Joseph
                      313 Hawarden: Ellin, Joseph, Martha, Sidney;
                      347 Hawarden:
                      387 Hawarden: 30 Dec 1691/92 bur/o --- ch/o Joseph of Hawarden
                     *395 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant:
                                               7 Mar 1721/22 bap/o John EVANS s/o Ogdoen & Elizab.
                                              28 Oct 1722 bap/o Ogdoen EDWARDS s/o John & -------
                                                3 Aug 1724 bap/o Ogdoen EVANS s/o Ogdoen & Elizabeth
                                              30 Apr 1725 bap/o Ogdoen DAVID s/o Thomas & Sina
                                              21 Apr 1727 bap/o Elizabeth EVANS d/o Ogdoen & Elizabeth
                                                1 Apr 1730 bap (posthumous) of Dorothy EVANS d/o Ogdoen & Elizabeth
     OGDOENUS *449 Trelawnyd
OGDEN contd
     OGDON 44 Denbigh: James;
     OGDOON *437 Ruabon: 5 Jul 1690 bap/o Dorothy JONES  d/o Ogdoon & Alice
     OGGDEN 311 Hawarden: Sidney;

OGILIVE 104 Henllan: 9 Feb 1804 bap/o Louisa Dorothea MYDDELTON (b 1)
                                               d/o Rev Dr MYDDELTON & May (OGILIVE), Gwaenynog
      OGILVIE    44 Denbigh: 9 Jan1810 mar by Lic of
                                 James OGILVIE, Esq., Major of  his Majesty's Eighth  Ordhance: Regiment of Foot, otp
                                 & Anna WYNNE sp otp
                                 Wits: John WYNNE, W. WYNNE,  Wm GRIFFITH, C. WYNNE
                        104 Henllan: 20 Aug 1799 bap/o Ogilvie John MYDDELTON (b 13) 
                                                              2nd  s/o Rev Robert D.D., & May, Gwaenynog
                                           24 Jul 1807 bap/o Henrietta MYDDELTON (b 24)
                                                      d/o Rev Dr MIDDELTON & Mary (OGILVIE), Gwaenynog
                                           29 Sep 1811 bap/o Hugh MYDDELTON (b 24 Aug)
                                                     s/o Rev.Robert D.D & Mary (OGILVIE), Gwaenynog

OGWEN *358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Eric Ogwen SANDHAM

OIVE (?EVE|) but see OLIVE anyway

O'KEEFE  (also see KEEFE)
                359 Rhosymedre: David Daniel, William Perring;


OL.N *291 (? Olwen) Llysfaen:

OLA... 422 Hanmer: 9 Sep 1565 bap/o Margery d/o Roger & Joan


Old Water (a tributary in the River Eden catchment area)

OLD  eald OE not necessarily implying 'old age' - Reaney & Wilson
        AULD A Scottish form of 'old', from Northern English ald - Reaney & Wilson
                358 Holywell town Cemetery MIs: Sydney;


Oldfield, Worcestershire; Shropshire;
    OALFIELD 462 Bodfari
OATFIELD 201 Wrexham:
                     301 Mold:
                     308 Bodfari: Eliz, Elizabeth, John, Mary;
                     373 Wrexham: William;
     ODFIELD 249 Minera: -- Feb 1860 mar/o Daniel JONES (x) (miner) (x) ba of Bwlchgwyn  s/o Thomas JONES (miner)
                                                                &  Elizabeth ODFIELD (x) sp of Nant d/o Francis ODFIELD (miner)
                                                                Wits: Edward EDWARDS (x), Mary ODFIELD (x)
     OFIELD 349 Ysceifiog:
     OLDFI 108 Minera Chapel: 22 Sep 1793 bap/o Elizabeth OLDFI(ELD?) (b 27 Aug) d/o William (miner) & Mary (BURTON) otp
     OLDFIELD  7 Llanferres: 25 May 1792 bur/o William OLDFIELD (ROBERTS) s/o John ROBERTS & Lydia OLDFIELD
                                          13 Aug 1810 bur/o Elizabeth, wid.
                                          21 Jan 1837 mar by Banns of George OLDFIELD of Nerquis & Jane GRIFFITHS otp
                                                                                     Wits: Thos GRIFFITHS, Jane OLDFIELD
                     10 Overton: 17 Aug 1783 Jonathan OLDFIELD & Richd PHILLIPS wits at mar by Lic of
                                                  John DEAN & Elizabeth CROSS both otp
                                       17 Sep 1785 mar by Lic of Jonathan OLDFIELD & Elisabeth JONES both otp
                                                                              Wits: John HALL, Ann CLAY
                                       19 Dec 1786 Jonathan OLDFIELD, Eliza BAYLEY & Thos MARTIN wits at mar by Lic of
                                                       John WILLIAMSON of Coddington & Mary BAYLEY otp
                     27 Llanarmon yn Ial
(Bap, Mar & Bur 1744-1812) Vol 2
                                          Ann(e), Edward, Elizabeth, Elizth, Francis, George, Hannah, Isaac, Jane, John,
                                         Jonathan, Lydia, Margaret, Mary, Ruth, Sarah, Thomas, Win.., Windsor, Wm;
                     30 Wrexham: Anthony, Elizabeth, John, William;
                     36 Ruabon: Thos p82;
                    *38 Wrexham: Elizth Oldfield HARRY
                     39 Halkyn: Ann, Anna, Anne, Catharine, Edmund, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Hannah, Isaac, Isabella,
                                     Jane, Jeremiah, John, Mary, Robert, Robt, Sarah, Thomas, William;
                     49 Holywell: 15 Oct 1833 bap/o Copner Francis s/o Copner (solicitor) & Mary Anne, Perth y Terfyn
                                         8 Mar 1837 bap/o Henrietta Luthley (b 3 Dec 1835)
                                                                                       d/o Copner (solicitor) & Mary Anne, Perth y Terfyn

                     52 Holywell: Anna Elizabeth Frances, Copner, Mary Ann;
                     53 Wrexham: 23 Apr 1801 bap/o John (b 31 Mar) s/o Jonathan & Mary, Minera
                                           6 Oct 1804 bap/o Hannah OLDFIELD (EDWARDS) base d/o Thomas EDWARDS & Hannah OLDFIELD
                                          26 Dec 1804 bur/o Elizabeth c/o William
                                           5 Feb 1809 bap/o John (b 17 Jan 1808) s/o John (soldier) & Cath., Wrexham Regis
                                          25 Jul 1807 bur/o Anthony, Minera
                     59 Erbistock:
                     62 Flint:
                     84 Treuddyn:
                    104 Henlan: 20 Dec 1805 Elizabeth OLDFIELD & W. JONES wits at  mar by Banns of
                                          John Copner WILLIAMS wdr/32 of Denbigh s/o Edward WILLIAMS (Attorney) & Sara
                                          &  Jane JONES sp/20 otp d/o John JONES, Esq. & Catharine
                    108 Minera Chapel:  6 Jun 1813 bap/o Edward (b 9 May) s/o Fransis (miner) & Mary (WILLIAMS), Bersham
                                                  2 Jul 1815 bap/o John s/o Fransis (miner) & Mary (WILLIAMS), Bersham
                    112 Halkyn:
                    124 Mold: Anthony, Fran;
                    129A Treuddyn:
                    *138B Wrexham:  19 Nov 1792 bur/o Ruth Oldfield HARRY, infant, Bersham
                           B Wrexham: 14 Mar 1792 bur/o Deborah
                                              10 Jun 1792 bur/o Joseph, aged 56 (p)  Wrexham Regis    
                                                9 Feb 1794 bur/o Mary, Minera
                                              26 Feb 1800 bur/o Tho., Minera
                                              10 Apr 1800 bur/o Ed., Minera
                    155 Caerwys:
                    159 Holywell:
                    166 Cilcain:
                    188A+B Halkyn:
                    194 Halkyn;
                    195 Holywell: John;
                    196C Llanfair Talhaearn:
                    216A Erbistock:
                    226A+B+C Llanarmon yn Ial
(Bap, Mar & Bur 1813-1837) Vol 3
                                    Anne, Eliz'th,  Elizabeth, Francis, George, Hannah, Isaac, Jane, John, Jonathan, Margaret,
                                     Maria, Mary, Ruth, Sarah, Simon, Tho's, Winsor.
                    227B Ruthin:
                    231 Hope:
                    234 Minera:
                    245B+C Llanrhydd:
                    249 Minera: 15 Jun 1864 mar/o John JONES (miner) ba otp s/o Benjamin JONES (miner)
                                                                  &  Isabella OLDFIELD sp otp d/o Robert OLDFIELD (miner)
                                                                   Wits: Thomas JONES, Jane OLDFIELD
                                        9 Feb 1867 Elizabeth OLDFIELD & William JONES (x) wits at mar/o Thomas PRICE (miner) ba of Pistah s/o Edward PRICE (miner)
                                                                                                                                            & Hannah ROBERTS sp of Twenty Houses d/o Robert ROBERTS (lab)                  
                                       15 Mar 1875 mar/o Francis OLDFIELD (x) (miner) ba/ 35 of New Brighton s/o ----------
                                                                   & Dorothy LLOYD (x) sp/35 of New Brighton d/o John LLOYD (miner)
                                                                   Wits: James BATTON, Anne BATTON (x)
                    268 Wrexham: Anthony, Geo., Richard, William;
                    271 Eglwys-bach:
                    274A Betws yn Rhos:
                    275 Gwaenysgor:
                    276A+B Llanasa:
                    277 Llandrillo yn Rhos:
                    289 Gwernaffield: Eleanor, Isabella, Jane, John, Robert, Ruth;
                    291 Llysfaen:
                    294 Mold: 19 Jan 1830 bap/o Samuel s/o Robert (limer) & Jane
                    299 Mold: Isabella, Thomas, William;
                    300 Mold:
                    301 Mold:
                    304 Wrexham:
                    306 Holywell:
                   *315 Ruabon:
                    324 Llysfaen:
                    332 Connah's Quay MIs: Ann, Daniel, Elizabeth, Fanny M. Muriel, George S., Geroge T., Henry, John,
                                        Joseph,Martha, Mary (2), Mary Ann, Robert, Thomas, William (2);
                    334 Connah's Quay MIs: Debra, Edward (3), Eileen, Ellen Ann, John, Kenneth, Leonard, Margaret Rosemary,
                                         Mary Eliza, Nigel, Rose Hannah;
                    335 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: John Alfred, Joseph Alfred, Margaret, Mary, Samantha Josephine, Jayne;
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Roy Oldfield THOMAS
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Edward, Gertie, Winifred;
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Evelyn Mona Tafner; Thomas Arthur, Thomas Davison;
                    344 Mold: Sarah;
                    348 Wrexham:
                    351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: Thomas;
                    354 Rhosllanerchrugog: Catherine Jane;
                    358 Holywell: Benjamin, Kevin Thomas, May Catherine, Robert;
                   *362 Penycae: Charles Oldfield ROBERTS
                    362 Penycae: Charles, Mary Ellen;
                    364 Wrexham Richard;
                    366 Wrexham: Elizabeth, Francis, Jane, Jonathan, Mary, Sarah, William;
                    372 Wrexham: John, Mary, William;
                    373 Wrexham: Anne, Mary;
                    378 Holywell: Elisabeth, Ellis, Robert, Thomas, William;
                    399 Wrexham:  9 Mar 1822 bap/o Thomas s/o Francis (miner) & Mary, Minera
                                           3 Apr 1824 bap/o Maria  d/o Francis (miner) & Mary, Minera
                                           8 May 1824 bap/o Richard s/o John (farmer) & Superina, Minera
                                                                                     (NB: John & Superina (TAYLOR) mar by Lic at Henllan on 14 Apr 1822)
                    401 Wrexham: John;
                    410 Wrexham: Anne, Thomas;
                    411 Wrexham: 2 Nov 1839 bur/o Mary, aged 70, Minera
                    414 Mold: 5 May 1834 mar. by Banns of Henry SIVILLE ba. & Mary WILLIAMS sp., both otp
                                                                               Wits: Thos. WILLIAMS, Catherine OLDFIELD
                    415B Northop (witnesses): John, William;
                    416 Ruabon: 6 May 1895 mar. by Banns of
                                                         Richard LLOYD (lab) ba/19 of Gyfelia Terrace s/o John LLOYD (lab)
                                                         & Emily OLDFIELD sp/18 of Pen-y-Bryn d/o Peter OLDFIELD (lab)
                    417 Wrexham: George, John;
                    420A Halkyn: 12 Feb 1728/29 mar/o Edmund OLDFIELD & Jane FABRE
                                         14 Nov ?1746/47 mar/o William OLDFIELD & Rebeccah HOLLY
                         B Halkyn: 11 Jan 1729/30 bur/o Jane BARBER w/o Edmund OLDFIELD
                                          5 Jun 1762 bur/o Edmund
                    438A Broughton: Elsie;
                    439 Cilcain
                    441A Hope
                    445 Wrexham
                    451  Whitford
                    453A Ysciefiog
                    455C Llantwst
                    451A Whitford
                    465A,B Halkyn
                    466 Hawarden
                    467 Holywell
                    486 Bistre
                    492 Holywell
                    500B Holywell
                    507C Betws yn Rhos
                    522 Holywell
                    529 Rhuddlan
                    534 Bagillt
                    565A Esclusham: Doris, Edward, John Joseph, John Keith, Mary Elizabeth, Thomas;
                    573 Broughton: 12 Oct 1907 bap/o Elsie OLDFIELD (b 29 Aug)
                                                                        d/o --------& Elisabeth OLDFIELD, Broughton Union
                    575 Hope:  7 Dec 1834 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Edward (lab) & Hannah, Uwcvhymynydd Uchaf
                                    27 Nov 1836 bap/o John s/o Edward (lab) & Hannah, Uwchymynydd Isaf                  
                                    25 Sep 1839 bap/o Sarah d/o Edward (lab) & Hannah, Uchymynydd Isaf
580 Bagillt (Baptisms 1839-1911) Vol 1
                                    Agnes, Anne, Annnie, Catherine, Edith, Edmund, Edward, Elizabeth, Frances, Jane,
                                    John, Mary Ann, Robert, Sarah, Sarah Ellen, Thomas, William.
591 Llanddulas St Cynbryd MIs:
                                    A35  Maria Copner OLDFIELD d 9 Jul 1840 aged 3 weeks
                                            Lumley Clementina OLDFIELD d 2 Oct 1841 aged 6 weeks

                                    Memorial in Old Vicarage Wall
                                           Sacred to the memory of Edwin OLDFIELD, Esq. (late of Bodhyfryd) d on the 8th
                                                     and of Mary Ann his wife who d on 3 Feb 1845
                                           and of their son Conner and tw daughters Maria Copner & Lumle y Clementina
                                                     who d in ------
                                           and of Edward Thomas (the 2nd W.I. Regiment) their second son who died in
                                           Jamaica on the 14 Sep 1857
                    Misc: North Wales 1835 Caerwys: Spirit dealer: Mary Oldfield
                                                        Denbigh: Introduction ... there is also in Denbigh a blue coat school founded
                                                                                by Mrs Oldfield in 1714 ...
                                                        Holywell & Bagillt: Attorneys: Copner Oldfield, Chester road
                                                                                                   John Oldfield, Bagillt st
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): Hester, Llanrhayadr   1715
     OLDFIELDS 425B Hanmer: Phillip;

     OLDFILD 108 Minera Chapel:  6 Nov 1796 bap/o Johnathon EDWARDS (b 4) s/o Robert (miner) & Jane (OLDFILD, from Llanarmon), Brymbo
                                                 1 Jan 1797 bap/o William (b 25 Nov 1796) s/o Willliam (miner) & Mary (BURTON), Minera
                                                22 Apr 1798 bap/o Edward (b 2) s/o William (farmer) & Mary (BURTON), Minera
                                                17 Mar 1799 bap/o Jane (b 10) d/o Robert (miner) & Jane (OLDFILD), Brymbo
                                                  9 Feb 1800 bap/o Mary (b 10 Jan) d/o William (miner) & Mary (BURTON), Minera
                                                  9 Jan 1803  bap/o Elizabeth (b 18 Nov 1802) d/o William (farmar) & Mary (BURTON), Minera
                                                  6 Feb 1803 bap/o Georg(e) (b 13 Jan) s/o Jonathon (miner) & Mary (PRICE), Minera
                                                29 Jul 1804 bap/o Sarah (b 3) d/o William (farmar) & Mary (BURTON), Minera
     OLFILD 108 Minera Chapel: 1 Feb 1795 bap/o Jno (b 7 Jan) s/o William (miner) & Mary (BURTON), Minera
     OWFALL 303 Hawarden: 26 May 1728 bur/o Robt., Hopes Plas
                                            6 Nov 1729 bur/o ------ d/o Robt., Bretton
                                          15 Mar 1741/42 bur/o Anne, Poor House
                   342 Hawarden: Anne, John, Rich, Robt, Thom;
                   343 Hawarden: Anne, Hannah, John, Mary, Robert;
                   387 Hawarden: 17 Feb 1668/69 mar/o John OWFALL of Bretton & Mary JONES of Burton
                                          Catherine, Jane, Richard, Robert, Rose;
                   388 Hawarden: 19 Nov 1635 bur/o John
                                           3 Jun 1638 mar/o Robt OWFALL & Elizabeth RIDGATE
                                         22 Nov 1641 bur/o ---- inf/o Robt.
                   551A Hawarden:


Oldford, Somerset
     OLDFFORD 184 LLanddulas:
     OLDFORD 151 Hanmer: 7 Nov 1769 mar. by Banns of Thomas STRUT (sig. STREE) & Elizabeth OLDFORD (x), both otp
                                                                                    Wits: Thomas JENKIN, Peter DARLINGTON
Oldham (township/parochial chapelry), Greater Manchester
OLDHAM (02.05.22 ONS  oldham@one-name.org)
     ALDERMAN 474  Gresford: 21 Sep 1875 mar by Banns of
                                                       William TILSTON (farmer) ba/full age of Llay s/o John TILSTON (blacksmith)
                                                       & Jane ALDERMAN sp/full age of Llay d/o William ALDERMAN (farmer)
                                                  26 Dec 1898 mar by Banns of
                                                       John HAYGARTH (clerk) ba/28 of Liverpool s/o Mathew HAYGARTH (Gent) (Ge
                                                       & Mary Hannah ALDERMAN sp/23 otp d/o Thomas ALDERMAN (farmer)
                                                  21 Apr 1903 mar by Banns of
                                                        Henry Robert HARRISON (farmer) ba/27 of Plas Coch, Wrexham s/o Robert HARRISON (farmer)
                                                        & Annie ALDERMAN sp/24 of Cae Mawr, Llay d/o Thomas ALDERMAN (farmer)
                        553 Gresford: 20 Mar 1874 bur/o Joseph, aged 6 mths, Llai
                       594 Gresford (Baptisms 1851-1911) Vol 10
                                 Ann Sarah, Annie, Emily, Esther, Eva Evelyn, Hannah, James, Joseph, Mary Hannah, Phyllis,
                                 Thomas, Thomas Frank, William, William Richard.
                        Misc: Gresford MIs:  Esther ALDERMAN otp (Cae Mawr) d. 13 Dec 1914 aged 68 yrs
                                                      Thomas, husband of the above, d. 28 Nov 1919 aged 74 yrs
     OLAM 501 Northop: 24 Oct 1743 mar/o John JONES of Hope & Margret OLAM
     OLDAM 348 Wrexham: 11 Nov 1771 mar by Banns of
                                                   David LLOYD (skinner) & Mary OLDAM sp both otp
                                                   Wits: Edward LLOYD, Robert EVANS
                  417 Wrexham: 8 May 1760 mar. by Lic. of George MULCASTER ba. & Mary OLDAM (x) wid., both otp
                                                                                Wits: John EDWARDS, William TURNER
     OLDHAM  53 Wrexham:  7 Sep 1806 bap/o Joseph (b 3 Jul) s/o Joshua (hatter) & Margaret
                                         17 Apr 1808 bap/o Mary (b 10 Mar) d/o Joshua & Margaret, Wrexham Abbot
                   248 Llanfwrog: 26 Jul 1763 bur/o Anne;
                   304 Wrexham: 16 Jun 1746 bur/o Thos s/o Saml (shoemaker) Wrexham Regis
                                         17 Dec 1749 bur/o Thos. s/o Samuel (shoemaker) Wrexham Regis
                                         14 Jun 1752 bur/o Samuel (shoemaker) Wrexham Regis
                   341 Ruabon: 22 Apr 1864 mar by Banns of
                                                            Matthew COPE (miner) ba/30 of The Delph s/o Samuel COOPER (miner)
                                                            & Hannah OLDHAM wid/41 of The Delph d/o Willliam MOORS (miner)
                                       22 Aug 1866 mar by Banns of
                                                 John TOMKINS (game keeper) ba/22 of Llandyrnog Hall s/o Thomas TOMKINS (game keeper)
                                                 & Dorothy OLDHAM sp/33 of Rhos d/o William OLDHAM (groom)
                   433 Llangollen: 5 Feb 1856 mar/o
                                                   John OLDHAM (butcher) ba/25 of Manchester s/o John OLDHAM (butcher)
                                                  & Elizabeth EVANS sp/20 otp (Bache) d/o Thomas EVANS (joiner & builder)
                   487 Gwersyllt: 18 May 1874 mar by Banns of
                                             Thomas DAVIES (lab) ba/full age of Lower Gwersyllt s/o Samuel DAVIES (colliery foreman)
                                             & Georgina LLOYD sp/full age of Lower Gwersyllt d/o Charles Frederick OLDHAM (Surgeon)
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                                           Joseph, Yeo, Broughton   1675
                                                                                           Nicholas, Yeo, Broughton   1635
                                                                                           Richard, Husbandman, Broughton  1713
     OLDOM 320 Hope: 7 Apr 1770 bur/o (Mrs) ----- OLDOM


Oldwell, Downham, Lancs
     ALDWELL *598 Hope: 5 Sep 1897 bap/o Adeline Augusta McCALLY
                                                               d/o George Lionel Aldwell (soldier) & Sarah, Caergwrle


OLGA fem. the Russian form of Helga - Claremont
          *353 Pentrobin: Olga EVANS
          *358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Jane Olga Lucy ROBERTS
          *565A Esclusham: 30 Dec 1915 bur/o Edith Olga EVANS, aged 10 mths, 78 Church Street
          *598 Hope: 8 Aug 1897 bap/o Mary Olga HUNTER
                                                             d/o Walter Nicholson (post master) & Sarah Jane, Caergwrle

OLINDA *324 Llysfaen:

OLIPHANT see Reaney & Wilson's 'Dictionary of English Surnames' for possible meaning
                 (11.06.22  ONS  roderick.oliphant@gmail.com)
     OLIPHANT *598 Hope: 18 Jul 1902 bap/o Victor Oliphant PROBERT
                                                                          s/o Edward Ollivant & Ada Mary, otp
     OLIVANT Misc:
Lancashire 1828/29 Bolton: Shopkeeper &/or dealer in groceries & sundries:
                                                                         John OLIVANT, Deansgate

     OLLIVANT  216 Erbistock (Baptisms & Burials 1815-1875) Vol 3
                                      Rector:  Edward OLLIVANT M.A.
                       *375 Wrexham: 8 Aug 1872 bap/o Alfred Ollivant Hyde KERSHAW
                                                                                    s/o Charles Edward (Acct) & Ann Maria, High Town
                       *433 Llangollen: 26 Jul 1854 mar/o
                                           Stanley Ollivant BLACK (Gentleman) ba/28 of Llangollen Fawr
                                                                             s/o Stanley BLACK (Gentleman)
                                           & Margaret WYNNE sp/26 of Llangollen Fawr d/o John WYNNE
                       563 Erbistock (Baptisms 1875-1918 Marriages 1837-1916 Burials 1875-1950) Vol 4
                                             : Rector 1875-1884 Edward OLLIVANT M.A.
                                            31 Dec 1878 mar by Banns of  
                                                     Edmund WORMALD (Gent.) ba/36 of Leeds s/o Harry W. WORMALD (Gent.)
                                                     & Catharine Amelia OLLIVANT sp/25 otp d/o Edward OLLIVANT (Clerk in Orders)
                19 Dec 1883 bur/o Edward  (Rector of Erbistock), aged 67, otp
                                            13 Feb 1893 bur/o Susannah Maria, aged 76,of Scarborough
                       *598 Hope:  2 Feb 1887 bap/o Minnie PROBERT
                                                     d/o Edward Ollivant (buiilder) & Ada Mary, otp
                                          21 Dec 1892 (St. Thomas' Day) bap/o Ethel Ollivant PROBERT
                                                                               d/o Edward Ollivant (builder) & Ada Mary, Glanaber
                                             There are more entries for children of Edward on pp 43,44,51,62,64
                        Misc: Lancashire 1828/29 Bury: Saddlers: Ann OLLIVANT, Silver Street
                                                                                      Geo. OLLIVANT, Bolton Street
                                                                   Manchester: China dealers, silver smiths & jewellers,
                                                                                                                  watch &/or clock makers:
                                                                                        Thomas & John OLLIVANT,
                                                                                                   16 Exchange Street & 1 St Mary's Gate
                                 South Wales 1835 Lampeter: Rev.Alfred OLLIVANT, Lampeter
                                                                            Vice-Principal & Professor of Hebrew at the College of St. David


OLIVE fem. an olive (Latin) - Claremont
     OIVE *598 Hope: 2 Apr 1894 bap/o Florence LEWIS d/o Thomas Griffiths (farmer) & Oive, Brynyorkin
     OLIVE *290 Hanmer:
                 *314 Rhosllanerchrugog:
           *315 Ruabon: 7 Feb 1904 bap/o Oliver (?sic) Eleanor HUGHES
                                                                   d/o Arthur Henry (stoker) & Sarah Jane, Mount Pleasant

                  *334 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Mary Olive GORDO,; Olive MARSTON
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Olive HUGHES
                    357 Holywell St. James' Churchyard: Sarah OLIVE (?OWENS)
                 *404 Wrexham: 25 Jun 1903 bur/o Olive ROBERTS, aged 11 weeks, Abenbury Street
                 *517 Llanasa: 19 Jul 1735 bap/o Anne WILLIAMS d/o Samuel & Olive, Kelston
                 *561A Marchwiel: 9 Oct 1910 bap/o Olive Mary (b 10 Sep) d/o ---------- & Ada, Oakley Cottages
OLIVE contd
                 *583 Chirk: 15 Apr 1877 bap/o Olive Gertrude JACKSON (b 21 Mar)
                                                                                d/o John (farmer) & Ann, Caeugwynion

Olive Bank, Shropshire

OLIVER masc. an olive tree (Latin)
     ab OLIVER (son of Oliver) 250 St. Asaph Notitae 1680:
     ap OLIVER 250 St. Asaph Notitae 1680:
     BOLIVAR (ab/ap Oliver ie son of Oliver (Welsh)
                      67 Ruabon: 26 Mar 1809 bap/o John (b 3 Mar) s/o Francis & Elizabeth of Bodylltyn
                      68 Ruabon: 24 Mar 1829 bur/o Elizabeth aged 14 of Streetisaf
                    *380 Wrexham: 13 Apr 1904 bap/o Lucy Bolivar HAYES (b 29 Nov 1903)
                                                                         d/o Sydney Rathbone (joiner) & Margaret, Greenwich Cottage, Holt
                                            11 Jun 1905 bap/o John Bolivar LEA (b 14 Mar) margin note: Abenbury?
                                                                              s/o Arthur (postman) & Mary Ann, Twmpath, Llwyn Onn
     BOLIVER 36 Ruabon: 12 Apr 1800  bap/o Aurelia d/o Franies & Elizabeth of Bodylltyn
                                      22 Feb 1801 bap/o Sophia d/o Francis & Elizabeth of Bodylltyn
                    67 Ruabon: 19 Aug 1803 bap/o Francis s/o Francis & Elizabeth of Ruabon
                                      12 Jan 1806 bap/o Edward (b 5 Dec) s/o Francis & Elizabeth of Bodylltyn
                                      14 Feb 1811 bur/o Frances aged 7 of Rhyddallt
                                      23 Aug 1812 bap/o Francis (b 2 Aug) s/o Francis & Elizabeth of Ruabon
                    68 Ruabon: 17 Dec 1816 bur/o Francis aged 51 of Nant y Gualiae
                   181 Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog: 29 Jul 1810 bap/o Maria d/o Edward & Jane of Llwythdir
                   191C Ruabon: 6 Jul 1803 Frans BOLIVER & Mary JONES (x) wits. at mar. by Banns of
                                                                 Thomas MERE(x) & Elizabeth JONES (x) both otp
                   351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs:
                                           Margaret BOLIVER (w/o John BOLIVER, Llwyn Onn) died April 20th 1885 aged 39 years.
                                           William BOLIVER (s/o Margaret & John) died Oct 19th 1899 aged 22 years.
                   356 Ruabon: 11 Dec 1854 bur/o Elizabeth aged 73 of St. Isaf
                   362 Penycae: 8 Jul 1893 mar. by Banns of Johnathan VALENTINE (sig) Jonathan (collier) ba/23 of Stryt Isa
                                                                                                                                                s/o Johnathan (collier)
                                                                                         & Mary Jane BOLIVER sp/23 of Stryt Isa d/o Edward (carpenter)
                   379 Wrexham: 11 Dec 1898 bap/o John William (b 26 Oct) s/o John (malster?) & Fanny, 30 Caia Rd
                   380 Wrexham: 15 Jun 1902 bap/o Harold (b 13 Apr) s/o John (malster) & Fanny, 13 Caia Road
                                           5 Aug 1904 bap/o Frank (b 20 Jun) s/o John (malster) & Fanny, 30 Caia Road
                   400 Wrexham: 30 Nov 1823 mar. by Banns (wcop) of
                                                           William POWELL (engineer) ba. & Sophia BOLIVER sp., both otp
                                                           Wits: Edward EDWARDS, James COWPER
                   404 Wrexham: William;
430 Llangollen: David;
                   443 Rhosllanerchrugog
                   444 Ruabon
                   533A Overton
                   561A Marchwiel: Charlotte Ann, Dorothy, Edward, Elsie Jane, Thomas, Thomas Eric;
                        B Marchwiel: 3 Mar 1907 mar by Banns of Thomas BOLIVER (dairyman) ba otp (Woodhouse) s/o John BOLIVER (farmer)
                                                                                      & Dorothy JONES sp otp (The Village) d/o William JONES (dec. clerk)
OLIVER contd
     BOLLEVER 73 Chirk: 18 Sep 1809 mar. by Banns of Thomas ROBERTS (x) & Mary BOLLEVER (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                  Wits: Richard ROBERTS, Jane BOLLEVER (x)
     BOLLIVAR 474B Gresford
     BOLLIVER   57 Ruabon: 16 Apr 1815 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Francis (schoolmaster) & Elizabeth of Ruabon
407 Wrexham: Margaret;
     BOLVER 181 Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog: 17 Sep 1784 mar. by Banns of
                                                                            David BOLVER bach. of Llansilin & Ann EVANS (x) sp. otp
                                                                            Wits: David JONES, Thomas LEWIS
                    559A Rhosymedre: Cecil, Margaret Mary, Martha, Martha Ann, Violet Audrey, William, Willilam Bowen;
OLIVER contd           
     OLEVAR 435 Gresford: James;                            
     OLIV 250 St. Asaph Notitae 1680:
     OLIVER  *1 Llandegla: 2 Jul 1848 bur/o Margaret Oliver ROBERTS w/o Gabriel
                    1 Llandegla  7 Feb 1746/47 bur/o Sinah w/o Robert, Bwlch
                    2 Llandegla: 24 Nov 1721 mar/o Ellis OLIVER , & Mary EDWARDS of Gwyddelwern
                                       28 Jan 1730/31 bur/o Mary
                    3 Llangollen: 12 Sep 1783 bap/o Sarah ELLIS (b 1) d/o John (innkeeper) & Jane (OKIVER), Llangollen Fawr
                                       18 Jun 1786 bap/o Sarah ELLIS (b 7) d/o John (innkeeper) & Jane (OLIVER) Llangollen Fawr
4 Llangollen (Baptisms & Burials 1738-1769, Marriages 1738-1754) Vol 4
Anne, Catherine, Edward, Elizabeth, Jonathon, Sarah, William, Wm;
5 Llangollen (Baptisms, Marriages & Burials 1707-1738) Vol 3
Anne, David, Ed, Edward, Elenor, Elizabeth, Jonathan, Mary, Sarah;
                    9 Efenechtyd:  2 Sep 1770 Wm OLIVER & Robert ELLIS wits at mar by Banns of
                                                David ROBERTS of Derwen & Catherine JONES otp
                                        20 Nov 1770 Wm OLIVER & William JONES wits at mar by Banns of
                                                         John JONES & Lowry JONES both otp
                                        26 Nov 1771 William OLIVER & Robert ELLIS wits at mar by Banns of
                                                    John THOMAS of Llanfair & Elizabeth JONES otp
                                        31 Aug 1774 bur/o William OLIVER
OLIVER contd
                  10 Overton: 8 Feb 1836 mar by Banns of Edward SMITH of Wrexham & Ann OLIVER otp
                                                                             Wits: Wm WORRALS, Mary EDGE, Samuel OLIVER
                  14 Llanferres: 25 Feb 1738/39 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Edward & Mary, Logrheads
                  17 Llanarmon yn Ial (Baps & Bur 1683-1743 Mar 1676-1743) Vol 1
                                           Edward, Gabriel, John, Mary;
                  23 Cerrigydrudion
(Baptisms 1735-1804) Vol 4
                                             Anne, Douse, Edward, Ellin, Evan, Gwen, Jane, John, Lowry, Magdalen, Margaret,
                                             Mary, Richard, Sadrac, Thomas, William;
                 *29 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant: 30 May 1769 mar by Lic of Oliver JONES of Llanfechan & Catherine RYNALLT otp
                                                                                                                   Wits: Thomas WILLIAMS, Evan RIEYN ALLT
                  29 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant (Marriages 1754-1812) Vol 2(2)
                                                 :  Elizabeth, John, Mary, Thomas;
                  34 Llangwm: Richard;
                  36 Ruabon: Elizabeth, Elizth, Mary, Mathew p76, Owen, Sarah, William, Wm;
                  37 Worthenbury: William;
                 *38 Wrexham: Oliver ROGERS
                 *42 Holywell: 22 Feb 1827 bur/o Oliver BAGSHAWE, aged 17 wks, otp
                  43 Cerrigydrudion: Richard, William;
                  44 Denbigh: Mary;
OLIVER contd
                 *46C Worthenbury: 12 Aug 1727 bur/o Oliver (yeo.), Wern
                                              11 May 1738 bur/o William MORRIS s/o Oliver (deced.) & Mary, Wern
                 *48 Worthenbury:
                 *53+53 Wrexham:
                  58 Erbistock:
                  61 Ruabon:
                 *63A Holt:
                  86 Derwen:
                 *87 Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd:
                  88 Llanelidan:
                  92 Llanychan   21 Jan 1761 bur/o John, pauper
                *105 Llanddoget:
                 110 Ysbyty Ifan:
                 111 Cerrigydrudion:
                *112 Halkyn:
                 116A+B+C+D Llansilin:
OLIVER contd
                 117 Mold:
                *119 Mold:
                 121 Mold:
                *123 Ruabon:
                 124 Mold: John;
                 126 Cerrigydrudion:
                 129B Treuddyn:
                 137 Northop:
                 138A+B Wrexham:
                 139 Cerrigydrudion:
                 146A+B Capel Garmon:
                 148 Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr:
                 154 Ysbyty Ifan:
OLIVER contd
                *161 Mold: Oliver LOMAX
                 163A+B Ruabon:
                 166 Cilcain;
                 168A Hope:
                 169A+B Llanrhydd:
                *179+179 Llangadwaladr:
                 181 LLanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog:
                 192 Ysceifiog:
                 193 Betws Gwerfyl Goch:
                 194 Halkyn:
OLIVER contd
                 201 Wrexham:
                 205 Llantysilio:
                 206A Hanmer:
                *208+208 Llanarmon Mynydd Mawr:
                 209C Llangedwyn:
                 218 Llangollen:
                 219 Penley:
                 228 St. Asaph:
                 229A St. Asaph:
                 231 Hope:
                 235 Gwyddelwern:
                 238 Llangollen:
                 239A+B+C Llangar:
OLIVER contd
                 241B Llangar:
                 242A Gwyddelwern:
                 247 Llanfwrog:
                 250 St. Asaph Notitae 1680:
                 259 Betws Gwerfyl Goch:
                 261 Llanderfel:
                 263 Llansilin:
                 266B Marchwiel:
                 267 Ruthin: Alice, Barbara, Godfrey, Helen, John, Margaret, Richard, Simon, Watkin;
                 271 Eglwys-bach:
                 272 Nannerch:
                 282 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant:
                 292 Rhosymedre:
OLIVER contd
                 302C Hawarden: Margaret;
                 304 Wrexham:
                 307 Ruabon:
                 311 Hawarden: Ellin, Jam's, Margt;
                 314 Rhosllanerchrugog:
                *315 Ruabon: 7 Feb 1904 bap/o Oliver Eleanor HUGHES d/o Arthur Henry (stoker) & Sarah Jane, Mount Pleasant
                 318 Henllan:
                 326 Llansannan:
                 331 Ysceifiog:
                *334 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Oliver MILLINGTON
                 338 Llangollen:
                 341 Ruabon:
                 345 Rhosllanerchrugog:
                 348 Wrexham:
                *353 Pentrobin: Joseph Oliver MacCAUSLAND
                 359 Rhosymedre: Robert;
360 Llangollen: Robert, Robert John;
                 361 Llangollen: Jane;
  364 Wrexham: Griffith, Lot;
                 366 Wrexham: Ann, Griffith, John;
                 369 Llangollen: Elizabeth Anne, Arthur Trevor, Robert John;
OLIVER contd
                 370 Wrexham: Anne, Jane, Jane Lewis, Jonathan William, Joseph, Richard;
                 372 Wrexham: Griffith;
                 373 Wrexham: Lucy, William;
                 374 Wrexham: 5 Jul 1847 bap/o Oliver base s/o ----- & Catherine, Poorhouse
                 375 Wrexham: Elizabeth Ann, John, John Irwen, Thomas;
                 379 Wrexham: 25 Dec 1898 bap/o Edith (b 28 Oct) d/o Thomas (leather dresser) & Ellen, 7 Brook St
                 380 Wrexham: Edith Minnie, Eliza Jane, Ellen, Elsie, Florence Minnie, Frederick Beauchamp,
                                       George Arthur, Ruby, Thomas;
                 383 Ruthin: Alice, Elen, Gabella, Gwen, Simon;
                 384 Wrexham: 15 Aug 1865 bur/o Mary, aged 52, Mount St.
                 387 Hawarden: 10 Feb 1673/74 bur/o Mary d/o John of Aston
                                        28 Dec 1679  bur/o Jane w/o Theodore of Broughton
                                       12 Aug 1681 mar. by Banns of Theodore OLIVER of Broughton & Margaret ASHLEY of Pentrobin
                 389 Hawarden: 24 May 1586 bur/o John
                                        28 Dec 1588 bur/o Jonet
                                         8 Feb 1595/96 mar/o Edmund PRICE & Ales OLIVER
OLIVER contd
393 Wrexham: 10 Aug 1876 bur/o John Iuaen, infant, Abbot St.
                                       16 Sep 1882 bur/o Herbert Akers, infant, 8 Shrewsbury Road
                                       10 Nov 1884 bur/o John, aged 42, Charles St.
 395 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant: Ann, David, Edward, Elin, Elizabeth, Ellin, Ellinor, Francis, Margaret, Margt,
                                                               Mary, Maurice, Oliver, Rich'd, Richard, Richd, Thos;
                 396 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochant: Catherine, Charles, David, Edward, Eliz., Elizabeth, Francis, Lewis, Luce, Mary,
                                                             Maurice, Richard, Thomas;
                 397A Llansilin: Anne, Charles, Ed., Edward, Elzbth, Jno., John, Mary, Maurice, Oliver, Richard, Thomas,
                                       Thos., Thos. Jon;
                 397C Llansilin: Dorothy, Gwen, Marred, Maurice, Morris, Phillip, Thomas Jon.;
                 404 Wrexham: Sarah Emily;
                 405 Wrexham: Edward, Elizabeth, John;
407 Wrexham: Catharine;
                 412 Wrexham: 21 Apr 1860 bur/o Anne, aged 70, Union
                 415C Northop: 25 Jun 1751 bur/o (Mrs) -----, of Chester
                 419 Halkyn: 25 Feb 1621/22 mar/o Griffith ap OLIVER, Holiwell & Margret HUGHES, Halkyn
OLIVER contd
                 420A Halkyn:  6 Dec 1730 mar/o John OLIVER & Elizabeth SHELDON, both otp
                                     24 Sep 1737 mar/o John BATEMAN & Elizabeth OLIVER, both otp
                                       1 Oct 1737 mar/o David EDWARDS & Elizabeth OLIVER wid.
                      B Halkyn:  7 Nov 1732 bur/o John
                                      2 Nov 1734 bur/o John
                                      9 Apr 1737 bur/o Mary, infant
                 424 Hanmer: Catryne, Hugh, Hughe, Jane, John, Katherin, Mary, Nathaniel, William;
                 425B Hanmer: Mary;
 427 Ruabon: Edward;
430 Llangollen: Margaret;
                 432 Llangollen: Alfred Edgar;
                 437 Ruabon: Jonathan;
                 444 Ruabon
                 445 Wrexham
                *459 Mold
OLIVER contd
                 461A Mold
                 463 Eglwysbach
                 473B Llangower
                 474B Grsford: 28 Apr 1887 mar by Lic of
                                             Francis OLIVER (draper) ba/29 of Southport s/o Daniel OLIVER (farmer)
                                             & Maria Hannah POWELL sp/29 otp (Llay) d/o John POWELL (farmer)
                 490 Chirk
                 494 Chirk: 23 Dec 1737 mar/o David OLIVER of Llangollen & Catherine EDWARDS otp
                                 23 Oct 1739 bur/o Elizabeth, Penyclawdd
                                 15  Aug 1741 bap/o John s/o David
                 510B Llandrillo yn Rhos
                 512 Nannerch
                 514 Corwen
                 516A Eglwys bach
                 518 Llangollen
                 519 Llantsilio
                 522 Holywell
                 528 Llanrwst
OLIVER contd
                 530 Chirk
                 533*B Overton
                *534 Bagillt
                 538D Llangar
                 539 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant
                 548 Llandrillo yn Edeirnion
                 551A Hawarden
                      B Hawarden:
                 552C Wrexham:20 Sep 1705 mar/o Edward FFOULKES (lab) & Mary OLIVER, Brymbo
                      D Wrexham: 6 Mar 1722/23 bur/o Eliz, Wrexham Abbot
                 556 Llangadwaladr: Owen, Llewelyn, Elizabeth;
                *557 Llansilin: 22 Jul 1832 bap/o John Oliver OLIVER -/o Edward (lab) & Margaret, Llain Wen
                 557 Llansilin:  Anne, Edward, Elizabeth, John Oliver;
                *558B Llandegla: 15 Mar 1882 mar by Lic of William Oliver WILLIAMS (farmer) ba/ofa of 3 Wrexham St., Mold s/o Edward WILLIAMS (draper)
                                                                                & Catherine HUGHES sp/ofa of Plas-newydd d/o Hugh HUGHES (farmer)
OLIVER contd
                 560p Llangollen:  28 Nov 1615 mar/o John ap Edd ap John ap Jenkin & Elizabeth vch Oliver
                                          10 Feb 1615/16 bur/o Angharad vch Oliver
                                          10 Aug 1617 mar/o Oliver ap Holl & Jane vch Dd
                                            3 Feb 1632/33 bur/o Elizabeth vch Oliver Eyton
                                            4 Oct 1634 bap/o Elizabeth vch Oliver, Rhi
564A Brynford: 8 Jun 1890 bap/o Agnes Elizabeth d/o Alexander (gardener)
                                                                                   & Anne, Bank Hall, Heaton Mersey, Manchester
                       B Cerrigydrudion:   6 Dec 1814 bur/o Mary, aged 32, Penych'r Llan
                                                 17 Oct 1839 bur/o Margaret, aged 86, Cefnbrith
580 Bagillt (Baptisms 1839-1911) Vol 1
                            28 Jan 1906 bap/o Gladys Violet & Sydney Cecil  d&s/o William (draper) & Mary
                583 Chirk (Baptisms 1845-1879) Vol 8
                               Ann, David Thomas, Edward Hughes, John, William.
OLIVER contd
               594 Gresford (Baptisms 1851-1911) Vol 10
                              Agnes, Andrew Herbert, Ann, Daniel, Fanny, Francis, Maggie Jane, Thomas Murray, William,
                Misc: North Wales 1835 Dolgelly: Agent for Charlton, Wigley & Co.,, Henry Oliver, Eldon square
                                                                   Shopkeeper: Henry Oliver, Eldon square
                                                      Llanfair MNT: Boot & shoe maker: Oliver Roberts
                                                      Montgomery: Cooper: Richard Oliver, Welchpool st
                                                                          Shopkeeper: Oliver Jones, Berriew
                                                      Newtown & Kerry: Blacksmith: Oliver Edwards, Cross Church st
                                                                                Sadler & harness maker: John Oliver, High st
                                                                                Shopkeeper: Jane Oliver, Pool road
                                                      Welchpool: Shopkeeper: Oliver Jones, Broad st
                          1841 Census Wrexham Town: High Street: Peter  30  Commercial Traveller  not born in County
                                                                                        Richd. 15 Druggists Sh.    born in County
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): Oliver ap Evan   1607(8)
OLIVER (Misc.) contd
                          Shropshire 1828/9 Oswestry: Cooper: John Oliver, Leg st
                                                                  Shop keeper: Jane Oliver, Leg st
                                                  Shrewsbury: Fox:  Edward Oliver, Princess st
                                                                     Shopkeeper; Martha Oliver, Mardol
                                                  Wellington: Fire etc. Office Agent Royal Exchange  James Oliver, Market place
                                                                   Grocers/tea dealers: James Oliver & Co., Market place
                                                                   Linen/woollen drapers & mercers: Jas. Oliver & Co., Market place   
OLIVER contd

     OLIVERS   47 Worthenbury:
                    201 Wrexham:
                    431 Llangollen: Mary Ann;
     OLIVIR *27 Llanarmon yn Ial: Olivir JONES
     OLLIVER 165B Ruabon:
                    363 Wrexham: Elizabeth, Elizabeth Ann, Herbert Akers, Irwin, John, John Orlando;
                    364 Wrexham: Mary;
                    370 Wrexham: Ann, Ann Selina, Richard;
OLIVER contd
     OLVIE 297 Chirk:

Oliver's Battery, Hampshire

OLIVIA  fem. a variant form of Olive - Claremont
     ELIVIA *356 Ruabon: Elivia JAMES
OLITHIA *47 Worthenbury:
     OLIVIA   66*A Penley:
                *197 Hanmer: Olivia MORRIS
                *314 Rhosllanerchrugog:
                *360 Llangollen: Jane Olivia EDWARDS
                *561A Marchwiel: 2 Dec 1894 bap/o Olivia Ianthe & Isabel Evelyn JONES
                                                         ds/o Edwin (wheelwright) & Margaret, otp (Village)
                 *598 Hope: 13 Jul 1876 bap/o Thomas Arthur DAVIES s/o George (engiine driver) & Olivia, Caergwrle

Ollerton, Cheshire; Nottinghamshire; Shropshire;
     HOLLERTON 231 Hope:
     OLERSTON 370 Wrexham: Charles Olliver, Emma, Henry;


OLUMANCEY *474B Gresford: 5 Jun 1879 mar by Lic of
                                       Edmund Moore KEYES (insurance manager) ba/full of Upton
                                                          s/o Robert KEYES (artists colour man)
                                       & Frances Irene DAVIES sp/full of Llay
                                                         d/o Charles Frank Olumancney DAVIES (Gentleman)
     (OMAN) an Orkney & Shetland name
     OMMANEY 572 Broughton: 25 Sep 1865 bap/o Rosa Lily DAVIES (b 22)
                                        d/o Charles Francis Ommaney (Gentleman) & Mary Rosa (COOKE), Copp Sealand


Omagh, Ireland

(OMAN) an Orkney & Shetland name



OMRI according to the Hebrew Bible, Omri was the sixth King of Israel.
OMRI *217 Llanelian yn Rhos:
              *471 Llanelian yn Rhos
              *585 Gwersyllt: 5 Sep 1858 bap/o Omri EDWARDS s/o George (engineer) & Ann, Summer Hill
                                     1 Apr 1885 bap/o Alice Eleanor LEWIS d/o Omri (lab) & Elizabeth, Bradley
              *588 Gwersyllt: 18 Nov 1888 bap/o Mary LEWIS d/o Omri (collier) & Elizabeth, Bradley



Onen, Gwent


'one who brings profit' was a Christian of Ephesus who showed St. Paul great kindness
                                                                            while he was in Rome - Wikipedia

      ONESIPHER *375 Wrexham: 5 Sep 1869 bap/o Robert PICKUP s/o Onesipher (skinner) & Elizabeth, Tuttle St
      ONESIPHOROUS *384 Wrexham: 21 Feb 1874 bur/o Onesiphorous WILLIAMS, aged 2 and a half, Church Yard (abode)
ONESIPHERUS  *363 Wrexham: Onesipherus ANKERS  
                               *375 Wrexham: 24 Apr 1872 bap/o Elizabeth PICKUP d/o Onesiphorus (skinner) & Elizabeth, Tuttle St
                                                      27 Dec 1875 bap/o James PICKUP s/o Onesiphorus (skinner) & Elizabeth, 20 Tuttle St
      ONESIPHORUS *278 Chirk: 25 Apr 1844 bap/o Onesiphorus PICKUP s/o Robert (ostler) & Elizabeth
ONISEPHOROUS *351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: Onisephorous WILLIAMS

Ongar, Essex


River Ongor, Bridge End, South Wales


Onley, Northamptonshire

     ONEBY 552D Wrexham:  4 May 1719 bur/o Henry (Atturney)
     ONGLEY 132 Hanmer: 14 Jun 1807 ba[/o William s/o Thomas & Catharine, Willington
                    426 Hanmer: Catherine, Thos;
     ONLY *151 Hanmer: 4 Jun 1767 mar. by Banns of John CHIDLOW of Whitchurch & Catherine (sig. Katherine) MANSELL otp
                                                                              Wits: Thomas MANSELL, Betty Only GREGORY (x)
               *359 Rhosymedre: Henry Only TEMPLETON

     Onneley, Shropshire; Staffordshire;

River Onny, Shropshire


Onslow, Shropshire
     OMSLOWE 389 Hawarden: 25 Jul 1605 mar/o Lawrence OMSLOWE & Ales GILL
     ONSLOW  8 Overton: 25 Mar 1771 bap/o Ann d/o Willm & Mary
                                     18 Apr 1772 bap/o John s/o Willm & Mary
                    10 Overton:  8 Dec 1770 mar by Lic of William ONSLOW & Mary BURROWS both otp
                                                                            Wits: Bethuel BISHOP, Marth COLCLOUGH
                                     28 Oct 1773 William ONSLOW & Martha COLCLOUGH wits at mar by Lic of
                                                              Bethuel BISHOP & Jane DULSON both otp
                    57 Ruabon: Edward, Elizabeth, Estther;
                    61 Ruabon:
                    68 Ruabon:
                 *119 Mold:
                  123 Ruabon:
                 *124 Mold:  1 Feb 1774 mar. by Lic. of Richard NEWLING of St. Chads, Shrewsbury  & Elizabeth BARRETT otp
                                                                          Wits: Onslow BARRETT, Eliza SMITH
                                 11 May 1774 mar. by Lic. of Onslow BARRETT & Elinor MESHAM both otp
                                                                           Wits: Anne SMITH, Geo. EDWARDS
                  163 Ruabon:
                 *292 Rhosymedre:
                  315 Ruabon:
                  341 Ruabon:
                  354 Rhosllanerchrugog: Edward,  Ivor, Joseph, Matilda, Ruth, Sarah, William, Wm.;
                  359 Rhosymedre: John, Thomas;
                  362 Penycae: William;
                  386 Ruabon: 25 Jan 1847 mar. by Banns of Thomas ONSLOW (x) (bricklayer) of Penylan s/o William (slater)
                                                                          & Elizabeth DRURY (x) (in service) sp. of Brynllaunenyd d/o John (lab)
                                     25 Aug 1849 mar. by Banns of
                                                                         Edward ONSLOW (x) (collier) ba/full of Rhosllanerchrugog s/o Edward (tailor)
                                                                      & Ruth DAVIES (x) sp/19 of Rhosllanerchrugog d/o Robert (collier)
                  443 Rhosllanerchrugog
                  508C Capel Garmon
Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Shrewsbury: Old Swan  Thomas Onslow, Coleham
                                                       Wem: Chymist/druggist: Richard Onslow, Whitechapel st
                                                                 Fire etc. Office Agent: Atlas Rd. Onslow, Whitechapel st
                                                                 Grocer & spirits: Rd. Onslow, Whitechapel st

Onslow Village, Surrey


OONAGH fem. variant form of Una
     ONA *358
Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Ona TATTUN
     OONAGH *358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Oonagh STADDON


OPAH *356 Ruabon: Opah LLOYD

Openshaw, Lancashire
     HOPENSHAW 53 Wrexham:
     OPENSHAW 292 Rhosymedre:
                            370 Wrexham: Elizabeth, John;
                            404 Wrexham: Thomas;
                            453B Ysceifiog
                            575 Hope: 18 May 1845 bap/;o Hannah d/o John (engineer) & Elizabeth, Cefnybedd
                            589 Gwersyllt: 27 Jun 1859 bur/o Jane, aged 75, Cefn y bedd, Hope
                                               25 Dec 1869 bur/o Thomas, aged 89, Cefn y bedd
                            595 Gresford: 27 Aug 1848 bap/o Elizabeth d/o John (paper maker) & Elizabeth, Gwersyllt


OPHELIA fem. 'a help, useful' Greek - Claremont
     OPELA *234 Minera:
     OPHEIA *314 Rhosllanerchrugog:
     OPHELIA *278 Chirk: 22 May 1824 bap/o Ophelia JONES d/o Samuel (collier) & Marg't, Chirk Green
                                     16 Apr 1826 bap/o Ophelia PARISH d/o Tho's (collier) & Ann, Park
                    *364 Wrexham: Ophelia DAVIES
     OPILA *386 Ruabon: 11 Dec 1843 mar. by Banns of Thomas DAVIES (mason) ba. of Frondeg s/o Richard (mason)
                                                                             & Opila GREEN sp. of Frondeg d/o Thomas (tinman)
     OPTALIA *393 Wrexham: 20 Nov 1876 bur/o Optalia Sophia COARD, aged 22, Hightown

OR see ORE

ORANGE 358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Lily;
               420B Halkyn: 9 Jun 1737 bur/o George;


Ord, Highlands
     OARDS 343 Hawarden: Thomas;
                 387 Hawarden: 9 Feb 1673/74 mar. by Banns of
                                                             Thomas OARDS of Traford (?Manchester) & Mary HUGHES of Ewloe
OATES 131 Bodfari:
                *234 Minera:
                 269 Dyserth:
                 336 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Becky, Mo;
                 387 Hawarden: 3 Nov 1669 bur/o Jane of Aston
                 391 Colwyn: 23 May 1898 bur/o Edgar aged 20 mo. of 16 Victor Rd, Colwyn Bay
                                   30 May 1898 bur/o Charles aged 20 mo. of 16 Victor Rd, Colwyn Bay
                                   21 Dec 1903 bur/o Wilfred aged 10 wks of 16 Victor Road, Colwyn Bay
                 420A Halkyn: 13 Jan 1734/35 mar/o John OATES & Elizabeth HUGHES, both otp
     ORDS 378 Holywell: 22 Feb 1734/35 bap/o Jane d/o Robert;
     ORRD 304 Wrexham:


ORDIVIA Misc: 1881 Census Saltney, Cheshire/Flintshire: Ordivia DAVIES mar. 28 Dressmaker b. Llaycoed DEN

Ordivices: in AD 43 the tribe the Romans called Ordovices occupied the Powys of today.


River Ore, a stream in Fife; also a river in Sufffolk

Ore, East Sussex
    OARE see also
    OR *381 Llangollen: 20 Dec 1892 bap/o Caroline Or Vardon EDWARDS (b 21 Feb 1880)
                                                                                            d/o Edward (auctioneer) & Charlotte Matilda, 1 Chapel St.
    ORE 448A St. George:
           *552B Wrexham: 5 Sep 1727 bap/o Jane WILLIAMS (b 5) child of Ore (stranger)
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): George, Yeo, Bronington   21 Feb 1814
    HOARE 315 Ruabon:
                 574 Buckley:  4  Feb 1877 bap/o Edward John s/o Edward (lab) & Catherine, Mountain
                                      7 Jul 1878 bap/o Amelia Elizabeth
                                                  d/o Edward (colliery horse keeper) & Catherine, Mountain

     ORAM 315 Ruabon:
     ORME  42 Holywell: 27 Apr 1824 bur/o Sarah, aged 35, Greenfield
                                   20 Sep 1826 bur/o Mary, aged 64, Greenfield
               357 Holywell St. James' Churchyard MIs: Mary, Ralph, Sarah;
               366 Wrexham: Elizabeth, Joshua;
               372 Wrexham: Joshua;
               374 Wrexham: 13 Mar 1842 bap/o Alexander s/o Alexander (papermaker) & Mary, Bersham
               399 Wrexham: 6 Jun 1824 bap/o Joseph s/o Joshua (hatter) & Elizabeth, Green
               400 Wrexham: 22 Nov 1828 Jane ORME & William BELLIS wits. at mar. by Banns (wcof) of
                                                        John BELLIS (smith) ba. & Catherine DAVIES (x) sp., both otp
410 Wrexham: Elizabeth;
               474A Gresford: 2 Feb 1824 mar by Banns of
                                          Josuah ORME ba of Wrexham  Elizabeth HUGHES sp otp
                                          Wits: William HARRISON, Eliz'th HARRISON
     ORMES 174 Holt:
                  435 Gresford: John, Tho', Thomas;
                  442 Bangor on Dee: 14 Feb 1739/40 mar/o (Mr) ----- ORMES of Eccleshall
                                                                               & (Mrs) Margaret ROWLAND of Holt
Oreham Common, West Sussex


ORELIA *384 Wrexham: 17 Jun 1870 bur/o Orelia NIXON, aged 21, Workhouse


Orford, Cheshire; Lincolnshire; Suffolk;
     ORDFORD 38 Wrexham: Richd, William;
     ORFORD 38 Wrexham: Jonathon, Mary, Richd;
                    53 Wrexham:
                    75 Marchwiel:
                    81 Hope:
                   104 Henllan (Baptisms 1788-1812 Mar 1799-1812 Bur 1801-1812) Vol 6
                                     Elizabeth, John, Margaret, Martha, Mary, Sarah, Thomas.
                   123 Ruabon:
                   183 LLansannan:
                   186 St. Asaph:
                   216 Erbistock:
                   223 St. Asaph:
                   243 Hanmer:
ORFORD contd
                   268 Wrexham: John, Jonathan, Richard, William;
                   293 Hawarden:
                   318 Henllan:
                   351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs:
                                                   Ann, Jane, Jonathan, Margaret, Richard, Samuel, Sarah, William;
                   364 Wrexham: Anne, Jonathan, Richard;
                   365 Wrexham: Ann, Richard, Richd, Samuel, Sarah, William;
                   373 Wrexham: Jonathan, Marg't, Rich'd;
                  *375 Wrexham: 25 Oct 1876 bap/o Reginald Orford POTTER
                                                                           s/o William (stationer) & Alice Maria, Roderick Terrace
ORFORD contd
                   406 Wrexham: William;
410 Wrexham: John, Richard, William;
                   411 Wrexham: Edward, Jane, Samuel;
                   412 Wrexham: Daniel Rowland, John, Sarah;
                   417 Wrexham: Eliz'h;
                   453A Ysceifiog
                   491B Henllan
ORFORD contd
                   594 Gresford: 24 Aug 1901 bap/o William Arthur Noble
                                                               s/o Edwin Arthur (Solicitor) & Ada Anna Camilla, Oakfield
                   Misc: Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): William, Farmer, Dungry, Bangor   Jan 1831

ORFRYN *358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Ithel Orfryn Vivian THOMAS

ORGAN Common in Gloucestershire - Addison
             250 St. Asaph Notitae:

Organford, Dorset
Organ Hill, Shropshire

ORGE 492 Holywell

ORIANA fem 'golden' (Latin)
     *458 Mold
     *459 Mold
     *570 Bodfari: 20 Feb 1627/28 bap/o Ann & Oriana SALUSBURY twin ds/o (Mr) Velivell SALUSBURY

LEO.ORIGIN? *292 Rhosymedre:

ORIGINAL *306 Holywell:
     LERIGNAL 437 Ruabon: 5 Dec 1686/87 bap/o  Edward s/o Hugh

ORLANDO masc. the Italian form of Roland - Claremont
     ORLAND *364 Wrexham: John Orland JENKINS              
     ORLANDO *47 Worthenbury:
                      *78 Clocaenog:
                     *290 Hanmer:
                     *342 Hawarden: One of the Rectors in the period 1625-1665:
                                                                              Orlando FOGG M.A. (1664) (brother to Laurence)

                     *361 Llangollen: Orlando ROBERTS
                     *363 Wrexham: Orlando LEE, John Orlando OLLIVER
                     *374 Wrexham: 30 Jul 1841 bap/o John Orlando JENKYNS s/o John & Anne, Wrexham Regis
                     *383 Ruthin: 4 Jan 1683/84 bur/o Orlando GLEG
                     *388 Hawarden: Rector 1662 -    Orlando FOGGE
                     *394 Clocaenog: 1 Jun 1687 bur/o Orlando PEMBERTON         
                     *437 Ruabon: 16 Apr 1729 bur/o Orlando BUCKLEY, Strangerf
                     *490 Chirk
                     *582 Bistre: 11 Oct 1868 bap/o Orlando Jones HOWARTH
                                                                        s/o John (underground steward) & Mary,  Mill Lane
                     *585 Gwersyllt: 12 Oct 1879 bap/o Orlando Frank WINDSOR
                                                                           s/o George (cashier) & Fanny, Summerhill
ORLANDUS *343 Hawarden: 9 May 1667 bap/o Orlandus SHONE s/o George
                   *387 Hawarden: 17 Jul 1668 bur/o Orlandus SHONE s/o George of Hawarden

ORLEIGH *384 Wrexham: 24 Oct 1870 bur/o Orleigh Glyn DENNIS, infant, Hafod y Bwch

Orleton, Shropshire


ORMEROD Common in Lancashire - Addison
     ORMARED 12 Llangollen: 17 Mar 1811 bap/o Elizabeth (b 3 Feb at Cyll Lan)
                                                                                d/o Ormared (waiter) & Elizabeth, Ceiriog
     ORMORD 109 Pentrefoelas:
     ORMROD 315 Ruabon:


Ormesby, Cleveland (Norfolk, North Riding of Yorkshire)
168 Hope:
                     268 Wrexham: Mary Jane;
                     404 Wrexham: Thomas;
                    *565A Esclusham: 17 Oct 1911 bur/o Minnie (deleted) Ormsby Rosslyn HUGHES,
                                                                       aged 1 yrs & 6 mths, 16 Hill Street
                    *598 Hope: 31 May 1895 bap/o Ormsby LEWIS s/o William (collier) & Anne, Hope Mountain
                     Misc: North Wales 1835 St. Asaph: Michael Ormsby, Esq.,
                              Shropshire 1828/9 Oswestry: Wm. Ormsby Gore, Esq., Porkington

     ORMISHER 582 Bistre: 6 Apr 1851 bap/o William s/o Edward (r.way lab) & Martha

Ormiston, Lothian SCT
     ORMINSTON Misc: 1841 Census Wrexham Town: King Street: John  15 Merchants Clerk  born in County
     ORMISTON   57 Ruabon: Eliza, John, Walter;
                       123 Ruabon?
                       364 Wrexham: John;
                       Misc: North Wales 1835 Flint: Coal Propietors: Pickerings & Ormiston, Flint Marsh Colliery
     ORMNSON *315 Ruabon:
     ORMSON 370 Wrexham: Elizabeth, Joseph, Mary Lydia;
     ORMSTON  44 Denbigh: William;
                      243 Hanmer:
                      351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: John;
     URMSTON - there may be some confusion with this name



ORMONDROYD From Hamundrod in Hipperholme, West Riding of Yorkshire - Reaney & Wilson



     OFFEN 335
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Charles George, Doris, Marie Therese;



Orrell (township - Warrington), Lancashire; Merseyside;
     ORELL 501 Northop
     ORREL 347 Hawarden: Anne, Margaret;
                 501 Northop
     ORRELL 304 Wrexham,
                  340 Mold:
                 *369 Llangollen: David Henry Orrell BAILEY
                 552B Wrexham: Anne, Christian, Eliz, Rich, Thomas, Thos;
                      C Wrexham: 29 Jul 1720 mar/o Thomas ORRELL (naylor), Wrexham Regis & Catharine HUGHES
                                         23 Apr 1728 mar/o Richard ORRELL & Mary JONES, otp
                      D Wrexham: 5 Sep 1728 bur/o -----, child of Thomas (smyth)  p
     ORRILL 440A,B Hawarden

ORRET 460  Mold



River Orwell, Suffolk

ORYNTHIA fem. possibly relates to orino (Greek) 'to excite, to agitate'. The name Orynthia
                                   was used by George Bernard Shaw in his play 'The Apple Cart' (1929)
                 *363 Wrexham: Orynthia Chapman DEAN
                 *588 Gwersyllt: 25 Jun 1893 bap/o Orynthia BELLIS d/o --------- & Ellen BELLIS sp., Wheatsheaf


Osbaldeston, Lancashire
     ASBALDERSTON 467 Holywell
     OSBALDERTON 391 Colwyn: 26 Apr 1903 bap/o Betty May d/o Walter & Edith Alice
     OSBASTON 388 Hawarden: 14 Nov 1641 bur/o Robt. of Presbury B

OSBORN (?some confusion with HUSBAND)
     HOSBOURNE 62 Flint: Mar. 25 May 1803 Joseph WAIN Wdr otp                    by Banns
                                                                    Susannah HOSBOURNE (X)  Wd otp
                                                                    Wits: Thomas Bond (x) and Jane Mumford (x)
     OBOURNE 411 Wrexham: 16 Feb 1838 bur/o Peter, aged 2, Tutle Street
     OSBORN 405 Wrexham: Ellen, Francis, Mary;
                    412 Wrexham: 5 Dec 1859 bur/o John, infant, Union
                    533*A Overton
                    Misc: 1841 Census for Wrexham Town: Tuttle Street: Joseph Osborn aged 10 (born in County)
                                                              with Daniel Moss 45 Sawyer (not born in County) and his family
                     Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): Osborn OAKLEY, Carmarthen 1790
OSBORN contd
     OSBORNE 40  Hawarden: Bap. 18 July 1847: Charles Henry (b.24 Jan 1844)
                                                                        and    Marion (b. 26 Jul 1846)
                                 s&d/o Charles (Corrector of Press) & Mary Anne (RUTTER), of Marylebone, London
                     *315 Ruabon: 14 Oct 1891 Bap. of George Osborne EDEN
                                                                       s/o George (signalman) and Margaret of Park Street
                     *358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Charles Osborne REES, Joseph Osborne ROBERTS
                     *363 Wrexham: Osborne William Vaughan JONES
                      363 Wrexham: Margaret Ellen, Sarah Ann, William Henry;
                      366 Wrexham: James, Jane, Joseph, William;
                     *370 Wrexham: Harry Osborne DAVIES, Francis Osborne JOHNSON
                      371 Llangollen: 6 Nov 1871 mar. by Banns of
                                                             Evans HUGHES (x) (inn keeper) wdr/full of Star Inn s/o Elias (farmer)
                                                          & Ruth OSBORNE wid/full of Hall St. d/o Richard ROBERTS (carpenter)
                     *391 Colwyn: 31 Jul 1892 bap/o George Ernest Osborne KAY
                                                   s/o George (railway officer) & Frances Lowe, Bronheulog, Colwyn
                      407 Wrexham: Sarah Ann;
                      416 Ruabon: 8 Apr 1901 mar. by Banns of
                                         William Henry DAVIES (collier) ba/-- of Newbridge s/o John DAVIES (collier)
                                         & Katherine OSBORNE (sgd: Katharine) sp/-- of Newbridge
                                                                                                          d/o William OSBORNE (shepherd)
                      438A Broughton: Thomas;
                     *441B Hope
                      441B Hope
                     *493 Llantysilio: 30 Aug 1897 bur/o George Osborne MORGAN, Baronet, aged 71
                                                                                                          of Morton Hall, St Martin's
*559A Rhosymedre: 16 Dec 1909 bap/o Osborne NEVILLE -/o John (baker) & Minnie, Acrefair
                     *561A Marchwiel: 2 Jan 1887 bap/o John Osborne DAVIES
                                                                           s/o John (farmer) & Elizabeth, Old Sontley Cottages
                     *564A Brynford: 12 Mar 1913 bap/o Osborne JONES
                                                                     s/o James Frederick (blacksmith) & Mary, Canol y mynydd
                     *578 Ysceifiog: 23 Nov 1890 bap/o Neville Osborne LLOYD
                                                                      s/o Robert (farmer) & Sarah Elizabeth, Plas-Coch
                     *583 Chirk: 11 Jan 1877 bap/o Osborne JAMES (b 13 Feb 1876)
                                                                                   s/o William (lab) & Margaret, Fron
                     *585 Gwersyllt: 20 Dec 1885 bap/o Walter Osborne Martual WILLIAMS
                                                                  s/o Griffith Martual (lab) & Elizabeth, Pentre Broughton
                     *589 Gwersyllt 13 Dec 1869 bur/o George Osborne VENABLES, aged 5 mo., Moss, Broughton
                      *598 Hope: 29 Sep 1897 bap/o Thomas Osborne WHITLEY
                                                           s/o William Henry (baker & confectioner) & Emily Grace, Chester
     Osbournby, Lincolnshire
     OSBOURNE *315 Ruabon: 21 Jul 1895 Bap. of George Osbourne FRANKS
                                                                          s/o Walter (tile setter) & Emma of Plas Bennion
                         383 Ruthin: 6 Apr 1642 bur/o Dorothy (maidservant)
     OSBURN Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Ellesmere: Maltster: Charles Osburn, Scotland st
OSBORN contd
     OSBURNE 366 Wrexham: Elizabeth, Jane, William;
River Ouseburn, Newcastle upon Tyne


Osburton,  Nottinghamshire

     OSBURY 552C Wrexham: 18 Apr 1707 mar/o Thomas HUMPHREYS (feltmaker) & Elizabeth OSBURY, Chester Street

OSCAR masc. leaping warrior (Celtic)
            *356 Ruabon: Oscar Alexander Hugo FRANKS
            *374 Wrexham: 11 Sep 1846 bap/o Alfred Oscar Anne GILES s/o Pearce (schoolmaster) & Maria, Wrexham Regis
            *380 Wrexham: 22 Feb 1906 bap/o Oscar Chamberlain Simms (b 19 Jan) margin note: St. John's
                                                          s/o Oscar (Lance Sergt R.W.F.) & Mary Jane, 118 King's Mills Rd
            *405 Wrexham: 5 Feb 1893 bap/o Joseph Oscar GENDERS (b 21 Jan)
                                                           s/o Frederick (confectioner) & Eliza Jane, 38 Alexandra Rd
            *407 Wrexham: 18 Oct 1889 bur/o Oscar Ellis Powell ROBERTS, aged 3 years, 4 Fairfield St.
            *416 Ruabon: 21 Jun 1906 mar. by Banns of
                                                   Edward Oscar BANNER (chemist) ba/26 of Oswestry s/o Edward Richard BANNER (chemist)
                                                   & Lilian May JONES sp/24 otp d/o Joseph JONES (porter)
             533*B Overton
     OSKY *444 Ruabon


OSELAND the name is found in Staffordshire
     OSELAND *588 Gwersyllt: 17 Aug 1902 bap/o Edith Carver THOMAS
                                                                   d/o Edwin (coachman) & Selina Oseland, Summerhill

Osgodby, Lincolnshire; East and North Ridings of Yorkshire; Osgoodby, North Riding of Yorkshire;
     OSGODEBY 387 Hawarden: Rector of Hawarden 1272-1315 Roger Richard de Osgodeby


OSMOND masc.'protection of God' Germanic - Claremont
OSMAN *594 Gresford:  27 Dec 1879 bap/o Thomas VANDEARCHEFF s/o Frederick William Osman (painter) & Elizabeth
     OSMOND     *33 5
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Thomas Osmond WILLIAMS
                362 Penycae: Alfred James, Henry Thomas;
               *555 Brymbo: 14 Feb 1886 bap/o Cecil Osmond ROGERS -/o William (carpenter) & Caroline Emily, The Lodge

OSMONDA  *362 Penycae: Osmonda Bell COLLEY

OSMUND *249 Minera

OSOP, OSSOP see HASLOP for now


Ostend, Essex; Norfolk;

Osterley, Greater London (but see ASTLERLEY anyway)


OSTRY 311 Hawarden: John;


O'SULLIVAN 356 Ruabon: John;

OSWALD masc. 'power of God' Germanic - Claremont
     OLLSEL 307 Ruabon:
     OSWALD  *292 Rhosymedre:
                      307 Ruabon:
                     *314 Rhosllanerchrugog:
                     *315 Ruabon:
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: George Oswald REDPATH
                     *353 Pentrobin: Thomas Oswald LASSEY
                     *362 Penycae: Oswald EDWARDS
                     *369 Llangollen: Oswald Middleton JUSTICE
                     *370 Wrexham: Oswald BROWN
                     *375 Wrexham: 8 Jun 1877 bap/o Oswald Lewis DAVIES s/o William (farmer) & Elizabeth, Gwersyllt
                     *379 Wrexham: 18 Nov 1901 bap/o George Oswald JENKINS (margin note P.)
                                                                                        s/o Edwin (fireman) & Nellie, 4 Crescent Buildings
                      379 Wrexham: 14 Apr 1901 bap/o Sarah Elizabeth (b 27 Feb) d/o Charles (miller) & Margaret, 3 Chapel Buildings
OSWALD contd
                     *380 Wrexham: 28 Feb 1904 bap/o Frederick George FOX (b 9 Dec 1903)
                                                        s/o George Oswald (railway clerk) & Isabella, Mount Pleasant, Bicester Rd, Aylesbury
                                            18 Nov 1904 bap/o Thomas Oswald JONES (b 9 Oct) s/o Ellis (miller) & Elizabeth Ann, Rhosnessney
                      380 Wrexham:  4 Mar 1906 bap/o Margaret Ann (b 13 Jan) d/o Charles (miller) & Margaret, 6 Manley Road
                     *381 Llangollen: 10 Dec 1899 bap/o Oswald Saunders DOWNHAM (b 25 Oct)
                                                                                                       s/o James (gardener) & Emily, Cerryg Llan.
                     *404 Wrexham: 28 Nov 1901 bur/o George Oswald JENKINS, aged 6 weeks, 4 Crescent Buildings
                      404 Wrexham:  6 Dec 1901 bur/o ---- aged 9 months, 51 Farndon St.
                                            11 Jun 1904 bur/o Florence, aged 12 days, 2 Kendrick Place
                     *415B Northop: 13 Feb 1773 mar. by Lic. of Thomas BETHEL of Llangernew, Co. DEN & Jane SMITH otp
                                                                                     Wits: John LLOYD, ?Oswald JONES
                     *432 Llangollen: 3 May 1889 bur/o Oswald ELLIS, aged 9 months, Dee Mill Place
                      444 Ruabon
                     *486 Bistre
                     *493 Llantysilio:  1 Mar 1910 bur/o Oswald SPENCER, aged 60 yrs, The Dingle, LL
OSWALD contd
                     *555 Brymbo: 25 Dec 1889 bap/o James Oswald WILLIAMS -/o Joseph (collier) & Mary
                     *559A Rhosymedre: 29 Jan 1905 bap/o Herbert John Oswald PENDRY
                                                          -/o William (hotel keeper) & Minnie, otp (Plough Inn)
                     *559B Rhosymedre: 22 Mar 1913 mar by Banns of
                                         Oswald DAVIES (collier) ba/23 otp (Chapel St.) s/o Robert DAVIES (sawyer)
                                      & Gladys Elizabeth HOPWOOD sp/23 of  Abernant, Cefn Mawr d/o John HOPWOOD (collier)
                     *565A Esclusham:  13 Oct 1908 bur/o George Oswald MORGAN, aged 1 yr & 10 mths, Ruabon Road
                                                  Between 27 Jan & 13 Feb 1930 bur/o Oswald JONES, aged --
                                                                                       (of Henblas Rd, Rhostyllen) of Leeds
                     *573 Broughton: 23 Jan 1895 bap/o Gladys Susannah FARDO
                                                          d/o Edwin Oswald (time keeper) & Mary Ann, Cardiff
580 Bagillt (Baptisms 1839-1911) Vol 1
                                    25 Aug 1878 bap/o Oswald William EYRE s/o Valentine (cashier) & Hannah, Gadlys Lane
                     *582 Bistre:  1 Jun 1871 bap/o Thomas Oswald LASSEY s/o John (mining engineer) & Catherine, Argoed
                     *585 Gwersyllt: 5 Dec 1886 bap/o Thomas Oswald JONES s/o John (collier) & Elizabeth, Bradley
                     *589 Gwersyllt: 20 Feb 1886 bur/o Edwin Oswald JONES, aged 7 mo., otp (Summerhill)
                                            25 Mar 1887 bur/o Thomas Oswald JONES, aged 6 mo., otp (Bradley)
     OSWALL *375 Wrexham: 19 Mar 1878 bap/o John Frederick Oswall SEAGRAY
                                                                                         s/o Robert (Staff Sergeant) & Esther, 23rd Depot
     OSWEL *363 Wrexham: William Oswel THOMAS
OSWALD contd
     OSWELL 163 Ruabon:
                    191 Ruabon:
                    307 Ruabon:
                   *314 Rhosllanerchrugog:
                   *354 Rhosllanerchrugog: Oswell JONES, Noah James Oswell THOMAS
                    361 Llangollen: Elizabeth, Frederick Thomas, William;
                   *363 Wrexham: Dorothy Winifred Oswell BURY, John Oswell BURY, Thomas Oswell BURY,
                                          Charles Oswell MASON
                   *365 Wrexham: Oswell KELSALL
                   *374 Wrexham: 9 Jun 1847 bap/o John Oswell BURY s/o John (accountant) & Elizabeth, Wrexham Regis
                   *375 Wrexham: 7 Dec 1870 bap/o Florence Oswell JONES d/o Coetmore (land surveyor) & Harriet, High Town
                                          16 Dec 1871 bap/o Richard Oswell RALPH s/o Luke (master of Union Workhouse) & Elizabeth
                                          7 Apr 1878 bap/o John Bagnall BURY s/o John Oswell (accountant) & Sarah Jane, Derby Villa
                   *380 Wrexham: 30 Dec 1904 bap/o Oswell (b 23 Nov) & Olive (b 25 Jul 1903) BROWN
                                                                                                   s&d/o Oliver (collier) & Lois, 48 Nelson Street
                                           22 Feb 1906 bap/o John Oswell HAWES (b 27 Jan) s/o Henry (groom) & Charlotte, 14 Trevor Street
                    380 Wrexham: 2 Nov 1902 bap/o Alfred Charles (b 17 Oct) s/o Charles (miller) & Margaret, Twmpath, Llwyn Onn
                   *404 Wrexham: 16 Jun 1905 bur/o Oswell Roger BROWN, aged 6 mths, 48 Nelson St.
                   *405 Wrexham:  7 Apr 1889 bap/o Oswell EVANS-EYTON s/o Thomas (butcher) & Ellen Mostyn, 3 Nile Cottages
                                          29 Mar 1893 bap/o Charles Leslie BURY (b 22 Feb)
                                                                                     s/o John Oswell (accountant) & Sarah Jane, Derby Villa
                                          20 Oct 1893 bap/o Thomas Oswell CHAMBERS (b 1 Oct)
                                                                                     s/o Thomas (Colour Sergeant) & Mary Elizabeth, The Barracks
                                          17 Jan 1896 bap/o Thomas Oswell PRATT (b 19 Nov 1895)
                                                                                     s/o Arthur (coach painter) & Alice, Palmer Street
                                            8 Feb 1896 bap/o John Oswell GREEN (b 10 Jan)
                                                                                      s/o Thomas Wynne (engine driver) & Jane, 28 Nelson Street
                   *407 Wrexham: 17 May 1889 bur/o Oswell Evans EYTON, infant, Crescent Place
                   *487 Gwersyllt:
                   *555 Brymbo: 15 Aug 1883 bap/o James Oswell LAMBERTH -/o ------ & Jane, Green
                                          7 Nov 1883 bap/o James Oswell JONES -/o Edward (collier0 & Hannah, Green
                                         16 Mar 1884 bap/o John Oswell BARRATT -/o William Henry (clerk) & Margaret, Ffrwd, Gwersyllt
                   *559A Rhosymedre: 23 Aug 1906 bap/o Charles, Oswell & Edgar STEPHENS
                                                                  -/o Charles Henry (collier) & Mary Elizabeth, 16 Minshalls Croft, Cefn
                    *585 Gwersyllt: 9 Jan 1870 bap/o George Oswell PRICE
                                                                       s/o Owen (mining engineer) & Mary, Pendwll, Broughton
                    *586 Llantysilio: 15 Oct 1899 bap/o Tyssilion Oswell WILLIAMS
                                                                         s/o Tyssilion David Thomas (joiner) & Mary, Birch Cottages
                    *589 Gwersyllt: 8 (sic) Feb 1888 bur/o Thomas Oswell EVANS, aged 2 yrs, Vicarage Cottage
                    *598 Hope: 10 Jan 1883 bap/o Oswell JONES s/o John (collier) & Elizabeth, Cymmau
                                       19 Oct 1884 bap/o Oswell EVANS (1 yr 3 mo old)
                                                                                                     s/o Evan (collier) &  Eliza, Shop-y-mynydd
Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Shrewsbury: Rev. Thos. OSWELL, Belmont
OSWOLD 444 Ruabon

Oswaldstree, Shropshire


OSWIN  masc 'god-friend' OE
     OSWYN *
591 Llanddulas St Cynbryd MIs:
                                   E30  Oswyn ?OWEN  d 21 Jul 1886 aged 69


Otford, Kent (Edgar, King of the English 959-975, had a palace here)


OTHELLO Old German Otto 'wealth' or 'prosperity'
     OTHELLO *598 Hope: 25 Dec 1903 (Xmas Day) bap/o Percy Othello THOMAS
                                                                    s/o Robert (collier) & Maria, Caergwrle


Otley, Suffolk; West Yorkshire;
       -TLEY407 Wrexham: 17 Aug 1896 bur/o Caroline Louisa, aged 36, Green Man Inn
      OTLEY 49 Holywell: 15 Sep 1832 bap/o Anne d/o Thomas (lab) & Mary, Bryn
                                   16 Nov 1834 bap/o William s/o Thomas (lab) & Mary, Bryn
                  51 Holywell:
                  52 Holywell: Catherine, James, Mary, Thos;
                379 Wrexham: 18 Aug 1901 bap/o Herbert (b 14 Feb 1900) s/o Frederick (traveller) & Fanny, 29 Lambpit St
                380 Wrexham: 7 Sep 1902 bap/o Doris (b 22 Aug) d/o Frederick (traveller) & Fanny, 29 Lambpit St.
                404 Wrexham: Amy Lilian, Doris, Ernest;
                Misc: Lancashire 1828/29 Liverpool: Attorney: Jas. Otley WATSON, 9 Grenvill St
                                                      Manchester: Builder & timber merchant: John OTLEY, Chapel St., London Road
                         Worcestershire 1835 Worcester: 'Castle & Falcon'  Samuel OTLEY, Quay St
                                                                         ' Cross Keys' William OTLEY, London Road
    OTTLEY 52 Holywell: Mary, Robert, Thomas;


River Otter named for the mustelid (a mammal of the weasel family), Devon
OTTER (14.06.22  ONS  otter@one-name.org)
*354 Rhosllanerchrugog: 11 Dec 1896 bur/o Orttar? Tho's ROBERTS
                                                                                       ch/o Robt ROBERTS & ---, of Rhos
OTHETT 494 Chirk: 5 Apr 1730 bur/o John (coachman of Chirk Castle)
     OTTER 535 Buckley: 25 Nov 1885 mar by Banns of
                                            Frank OTTER (groom) ba/23 otp s/o William OTTER (stoker)
                                            & Harriet CORN sp/22 otp d/o James CORN (butcher)
                Misc:  Leicestershire 1835 Loughborough: Sinker maker: George OTTER, Nottingham Road
                          Nottinghamshire 1828/29 Nottingham: Boot &/or shoe maker: John OTTER, Milton Street
                                                                                 Tailor: James OTTER, Castle gate
                          Shropshire 1828/9 Cleobury Mortimer: Rev. William OTTER, Kinlet
OTTER contd
OTTEY 186 St. Asaph: From List of Minor Canons or Vicars-Choral of the Cathedral
                                                          & Vicars of the Parish of St Asaph (1593-1812)
                                       1669 Thomas OTT EY
                 221 St. Asaph:              - ditto -
                 222 St. Asaph:              - ditto -
                 223 St. Asaph:              - ditto -
                 224 St. Asaph;              - ditto
Misc:  Leicestershire 1835 Leicester: Plumber &/or glazier: Jos. OTTEY, High St. & Townhall Lane
                                                        Market Bosworth:  Bricklayer & builder: Thomas OTTEY, Ibstock
                           Staffordshire 1835 Potteries: Linen &/or woollen draper: Wm OTTEY, Caroline St., Lane End
                                                      Rugeley: Linen &/or woollen draper: Wm OTTEY, Market St
                                                                   Maltster: Walter OTTEY, Yell St

     OTTY 32 Hawarden: 9 Jul 1839 bur/o Mary d/o Joseph & Catherin, Moor
              40 Hawarden: 26 Sep 1847 bap/o
Catherine (b 1 Oct 1840) & Joseph (b 16 Jun 1844)
                                               d&s/o Joseph (coach man) & Catherine (PRICE), of New St., Birmingham
              Misc: Norfolk/Suffolk Poll Book 1817 (those entitled to vote in Parliamentary Elections)
                            Place of freehold: Yarmouth  John OTTY, Gorleston;  Occupier: Wid. COLLS
     OTWAY possibly see also

Otterham, Cornwall
OTISHIN 304 Wrexham:
     OUTRAM 291 Llysfaen:
                    353 Pentrobin:
                    440B Hawarden

 OTHERSON 378 Holywell: 28 Nov 1737 bap/o Margaret d/o Wm;

Otterwood, Hampshire
     OTTERED 6 Isycoed: In this register Ottered could be a corruption of Ollerhead, but anyway: Anne, Jno, John;

     OTHIWELL *171 Bangor-on-Dee:
                      *442B Bangor on Dee
     OTHWEL *171 Bangor-on-Dee:
     OTIWELL *197 Hanmer: Ottiwel JONES
     OTTEWELL *132 Hanmer: 6 Nov 1803 bap/o Ottewell YOUNG s/o Ottewell & Eliz.
                       *426 Hanmer: 10 Apr 1804 bur/o Ottewell YOUNG
     OTTIWELL *46 Worthenbury: 18 May 1684 bur/o Anna BOSTOCK w/o Ottiwell;
                     *201 Wrexham:
                      445 Wrexham


OTTO masc. 'rich' Germanic - Claremont
     OTHO Misc: Lancashire 1828/29 Manchester: Calico Printers: Otho HULME & Sons, 42 Cannon St.
                                                     Middleton: Bleacher: Otho DUDSON, Land's End
     OTTO  *79 Gresford: 13 Aug 1794 bur/o Otto JONES s/o (Mr) Richard, Acre, Llay
              *362 Penycae: 30 Jun 1901 bap/o Alfred Reginald BELL
                                                                   s/o Otto Joseph (engineer) & Sybil Ormonde, Penybryn Hall
              *380 Wrexham: 7 Dec 1902 bap/o Evelina May KESPER (b 27 Oct)
                                                d/o Carl Otto (Sergeant Instructer) & Mary Ann, The Library, Barracks
              *381 Llangollen: 19 Aug 1898 bap/o John Otto Williams BELL
                                                                               s/o Otto Joseph (iron founder) & Sybil Ormonde, 3 Arveyur
                                      17 Oct 1899 bap/o Molly Irene (b 14 Aug)  d/o Otto Joseph (engineer) & Sybil Ormand, Arfryn
             *405 Wrexham: 18 Jan 1889 bap/o Carl Otto John KESPER
                                                                            s/o Charles Otto (Sergeant R.W.F.) & Mary Anne, Barracks
             *559A Rhosymedre: 13 Apr 1904 bap/o Thomas Otto Price WILLIAMS -/o Joshua Thomas (collier) & Florence, Cefn
              Misc: Worcestershire 1835 Worcester: Gentry: Mrs Ann Otto LESINGHAM, Bridge St


OTWAY first found in Westmorland where they held a family seat
     OTTEY, OTTY (under OTTER) possibly see also
     OTTWAY Misc: Norfolk Poll Book 1817 (those entitled to vote in Parliamentary Elections)
                                   Mitford Hundred/Hockering District
                                   Place of Freehold: Hockering: Owner: William JESSUP; Occupier: J OTTWAY
     OTWAY Misc: Norfolk Poll Book 1817 (those entitled to vote in Parliamentary Elections)
                                   Forehoe Hundred/Colton District
                                   Place of Freehold: Hempnall: Owner: Robert OTWAY; Occupier: Himself
                           Staffordshire 1835 Walsall:
                                        Iron Founders (& brass, & engineers & general machinists)
                                        OTWAY, WENNINGTON & Co., Goscote Foundry

Oughtibridge, West Riding of Yorkshire
     UTRICK *440A  Hawarden

River Oughton, Hertfordshire


OUIDA *335
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Ouida May JAMES;


Oulton (Middlewich), Cheshire; Cumbria; Norfolk; Staffordshire; Suffolk; West Yorkshire;
OULTON   5 Llangollen: 19 Jul 1719 mar/o Robert DAVIES & Frances OULTON, both of Ruabon
              157B Hanmer: Richard;
              206 Hanmer:
             *290 Hanmer:            
              304 Wrexham:
              387 Hawarden: 3 Feb 1677/78 mar. by Lic. of Randolph OULTON (Gent) of Chester & Martha CRACHLEY (Lady)
              390 Bangor-on-Dee: Anne, Deborah, James, John, Margaret, Margt, Mary, Phillip, Richard, Samuel, Thomas,
              434A Bangor-on-Dee: Samuel;
     B  Bangor-on-Dee: Anne, Margaret, Mary, Phillip, Richard, Samuel, William;
              540 Overton
OULTON contd
              552 Wrexham: Churchwarden  1706-07 Robert OULTON
              552B Wrexham: John, Mary, Robt, William;
                   C Wrexham: 4 Jan 1724/25 mar/o John OULTON, Abenbury & Mary ELLIS
                   D Wrexham: John, Margaret, Mary, Richard, Robert, Wm;
              553 Gresford: Richard;
             *562A Tallarn Green:  6 Jul 1890 bap/o Wilfred GRIFFITHS
                                                                      s/o John (coachman) & Emma Oulton, Willington
                     B Tallarn Green: 23 May 1889 mar by Banns of
                                          John GRIFFITHS (coachman) ba/33 otp (The Gelli) s/o William GRIFFITHS (farmer)
                                          & Emma Oulton SHINGLER sp/25 otp d/o John T SHINGLER (miller)  
                   *C Tallarn Green: 23 Mar 1942 bur/o Emma Oulton GRIFFITHS, aged 78 years,
                                                                                       The Gelli Farm, Iscoyd
              Misc: Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-185 (deposited at NLW): Mary, Bettisfield   1726
                        Shropshire 1828/9 Whitchurch: Joiner/carpenter: John Oulton, Newtown
                                                                      Milliner/dressmaker: Elizabeth Oulton, Newtown
     OWLTON 552D Wrexham: 31 Jan 1715/16 bur/o Margaret NORWOOD (sister-in-law to Mr ---- OWLTON)
     OWTON 552B Wrexham: Mary, Robert;
                       D Wrexham: 19 Feb 1705/06 bur/o Elizabeth d/o Robert (yeoman), Esclusham Below
                                          12 Apr 1707 bur/o Mary d/o Robert (yeoman), Esclusham Below



Ousby, Cumbria
     HOUSBY 218 Llangollen:
                    401 Llangollen: Elizabeth;
                    478A Llantysilio:
                    493 Llantysilio:
                    586 Llantysilio: 16 Nov 1823 bap/o John s/o James (rockman) & Barbara, Garth y Pistyll
                                           27 Apr 1828 bap/o Barbara d/o James (rockman) & Barbara, Garth y Pistyll
     HOUSEBY 493 Llantysilio:
     HOWSBY 586 Llantysilio: 20 Nov 1831 bap/o Jane d/o James (rockman) & Hannah, Garth y pistyll
     OUSEY 391 Colwyn: 23 Oct 1903 bur/o May aged 3 days of 35 Grove Park, Colwyn Bay
                                      7 Nov 1903 bur/o Hannah aged 18 days of 35 Grove Park, Colwyn Bay

River Ouse, North Yorkshire (the Celtic word usso means 'water')

River Ouseburn, Newcastle upon Tyne


Ovenden, West Riding of Yorkshire
     OVENDEN *315 Ruabon:
                         441*B Hope
                        *533A Overton
                         *577 Overton Extract from first page of Register:
                                   'Enter'd this 24th day of December 1841 by me
                                   Harry Ovenden WRENCH, Curate of Overton'

                         *587 Overton: 5 Nov 1851 bap/o
                                          Edith Helen WRENCH  (b 27 Mar 1846 - privately baptised at Dolhyfryd nr Denbigh
                                                                         on 28 Mar 1846)
                                          & Richard Augustus WRENCH (b 17 Jul 1849 - privately baptised by me
                                                                        (see *577 Overton above)
                                                     at Dolhyfryd nr Denbigh on the 18 Jul 1849)
                                                                   d&s/o Harry Ovenden (Clerk) & Helen Diana
     OVENDON *598 Hope: 26 Oct 1885 bap/o Percy DAVIES
                                                                s/o Henry Ovendon David (school master) & Susannah, Abermorddu
                                              6 Apr 1887 bap/o Arthur Lloyd DAVIES
                                                                s/o Henry Ovendon David (school master) & Susannah, Abermorddu


Over End, Cambridgeshire
     OVEREN Misc: North Wales 1835 Bangor: Slate merchant: William Overen, Hirael


OVERSON 490 Chirk

Market Overton, Leicestershire
Overton: (Frodsham) Cheshire: Clwyd; Grampians SCT; Hampshire; Highlands SCT; Lancashire;
                              North Yorkshire; Shropshire; West Glamorgan; West Yorkshire;
OVERTON (Owrtyn - Welsh)
     --RTIN 227B Ruthin (Baptisms 1813-1856, Marriages 1813-1837, Burials 1813-1873):
     HOUGHTON possibly see also
     OASTON 425B Hanmer (Marriages 1601-1641 Burials 1601-1648):
                                        15 Sep 1632 bur/o Margery, 
     OATON 424 Hanmer (Baptisms 1601-1658)
                                  1 Jan 1629/30 bap/o Robert s/o Robert
 OORTWYN 335 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs : Jakob, Johannes;
     OOTON 424 Hanmer
(Baptisms 1601-1658):
                                    9 Jul 1632 bap/o William s/o Robert
     ORTEN 91 Llangynhafal (Baptisms 1676-1812) Vol 1
                                          3 Oct 1731 bap/o William s/o John & Mary, Gellivor
     ORTHAN 284 (Baptisms & Burials 1784-1812, Marriages 1754-1812) Llansanffraid Glan Conway:
     Orton, Cumbria; Northamptonshire; (Sedgley) Staffordshire;
     ORTON  6 Isycoed (Baptisms 1749-1813 Marriages 1750-1837 Burials 1750-1813):
                                 3 Aug 1788 bap/o Sarah HALLIN (ORTON) d/o John ORTON & Jnny HALLIN
                 10 Overton (Marriages 1754-1837): Vol 4
                                  22 Nov 1819 mar by Banns of George ORTON & Sarah WILLIAMS (x) both otp
                                                                              Wits: Thos WILLIAMS (x), Ann ROGERS (x)                                                                             
                 37 Worthenbury (Baptisms 1745-1813):
                                         23 Mar 1761 mar by Lic of John HANKEY of Marchwiel & Martha ORTON (sig. Marthar NORTON) otp
                                                                                Wits: John DAVIES, Marget ORTON
                 88 Llanelidan (Baptisms 1755-1812 Marriages 1696-1812  Burials 1755-1811):
                 91 Llangynhafal 
(Baptisms 1676-1812):Vol 1
                                          20 Apr 1734 bap/o Margaret d/o John & Mary
                152 Hanmer (Baptisms 1749-1781):
                                   3 Jan 1766 bap/o John s/o William, Bronington
                197 Hanmer (Baptisms 1813-1836)
                                   8 Aug 1830 bap/o Mary d/o William (lab) & Mary of Halghton
                342 Hawarden (Baptisms 1625-1775):
                                      19 Jan 1633/34 bap/o Robert ------------ (ORTON) base s/o Thomas ORTON Jnr & -------------
                                       8 Aug 1641 bap/o Alice d/o Rich
                                     12 Feb 1642/43 bap/o John s/o Thom
OVERTON / ORTON contd                                 
                346 Hawarden (Baptisms 1585-1624):
                                      18 Oct 1607 bap/o Ales d/o Thomas
                388 Hawarden (Marriages 1632-1665 Burials 1625-1665 Marriage Bonds 1635-1665):
                                     15 Jan 1633/34 bur/o Robt ----- (ORTON) base s/o Thomas ORTON & -------- --------
                390 Bangor-on-Dee (Baptisms 1675-1734):
                                             22 Aug 1684 bap/o William s/o Urian & ----------
                399 Wrexham (Baptisms 1820-1825): 29 Nov 1824 bap/o Walter s/o John (shoemaker) & Elizabeth, Mount Street
                425A Hanmer
(Marriages 1601-1641 Burials 1601-1648):
                                      7 Feb 1631 mar/o William LYTH of Ellesmere & Katherin ORTON of Malpas

                551 Hawarden (Marriages 1697-1717 Burials 1699-1716)
                                       26 Apr 1717 mar by Banns of John DAVISON & Elizabeth ORTON
                589 Gwersyllt: 12 Jan 1885 bur/o George, aged 3 yrs, otp (Moss)
     ORTTON 422 Hanmer (Baptisms 1563-1600):
                                     30 Oct 1574 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Thomas;
     OTEN 143 Llanrwst (Baptisms 1736-1812)
     Otham, Kent
OUGHTON 442B Bangor on Dee: 12 Jan 1742/43 bur/o Saml;
                      554 Brymbo   2 Sep 1855 bap/o William Henry s/o William (soldier) & Margaret
                      567 Brymbo  28 Nov 1855 bur/o William Henry, aged 4 mo., Well Street, Wrexham
     OVERTEN 174 Holt (Baptisms & Burials 1740-1772):
     OVERTON  11 Bangor-on-Dee (Baptisms 1797-1812) Vol 4
                                           : Cha's, Chas, John, Mary, Sarah, Thomas, William;
                         18 Hawarden: 13 Mar 1812 bap/o Mary TUDOR (b 26 Feb)
                                                                        d/o George (collier) & Elizabeth (OVERTON) Bannel
                                                 30 Oct 1814 bap/o George (b 17 Sep)
                                                                 s/o George (collier) & Elizabeth (OVERTON) Hope
                      37 Worthenbury
(Baptisms 1745-1813):
                                               5 Feb 1764 to be mar by Lic:  William OVERTON & Martha MORRIS both otp
                                                                 (No Signatures - Banns only, No Witnesses)
                                             23 Sep 1764 Wm OVERTON (x)  & John ALFORD wits at mar by Lic of Thomas ROGERS & Eleanor DARLINGTON both otp
                                             15 Jun 1766 mar by Lic of Randle RICHARDS (x) & Alice STANT
                                                                                     Wits: Martha OVERTON, John EDWARDS
                                              9 Sep 1770  Martha OVERTON & John ROGERS wits at mar by Lic of Richard BOODLE (x) ba & Elizabeth ROGERS (x) sp both otp
                                              5 Nov 1776 Wm OVERTON (x) & John JONES wits at mar by Lic of John KERRINSON (x) & Mary EDWARDS (x) both otp
                                             25 Jan 1780 William OVERTON & John JONES wits at mar by Banns of John ROBERTS & Martha MORRIS (x) both otp
                                             15 Jan 1793 mar by Banns of William OVERTON & Mary KERRISON (x) both otp
                                                                                         Wits: Thos EDWARDS, John JONES
                      38 Wrexham (1776-1789): Ellinor, John, Mary, Rebecca, William, Willm, Wm;
                      46 Worthenbury (Marriages & Burials 1683-1745):
                                             12 Aug 1744 mar/po William OVERTON of Malpas & Margaret GRIFFITHS otp
                      47 Worthenbury (Baptisms 1745-1813):
                      48 Worthenbury (Burials 1746-1812):
81A Hope (Baptisms & Burials 1781-1812):
                      91 Llangynhafal
(Baptisms 1676-1812):Vol 1
                                              16 Mar 1736/37 bap/o David s/o John & Mary
                                              19 Jun 1743 bap/o John s/o John & Mary
                                              29 Mar 1746 bap/o Robert s/o John & Mary
                                              11 Feb 1749 bap/o Mary d/o John & Mary
                                              23 Dec 1750 bap/o  Mary d/o Richard & --------
                      92 Llanychan    21 Feb 1739/40 bap/o Jane d/o John & Mary
                                             9 Sep 1753 bap/o Robert JONES (alias  OVERTON) s/o Richard & Elizabeth
                                             2 May 1756 bap/o Elizabeth JONES (alias OVERTON) d/o Robert & Elizabeth
                                            20 Jun 1756 bur/o Robert JONES (alias OVERTON), infant
                     132 Hanmer (Baptisms 1782-1812)
                                        19 Dec 1787 bap/o Thomas & William ss/o Charles & Sarah, Bronington
                                          7 Mar 1791 bap/o Sarah d/o Charles & Sarah, Bronington
                     138B Wrexham (Baptisms 1789-1800 Burials 1788-1800):
                     151 Hanmer (Marriages 1749-1787 Burials 1782)
                                      : 27 Jan 1755 mar. by Banns of William LLOYD & Mary OVERTON (sig. Mry), both otp
                                                                                     Wits: John EDWARDS, Sarah LLOYD (x)
                                        19 Feb 1765 mar. by Lic. of William OVERTON of Malpas & Mary FILKIN otp
                                                                                 Wits: Samuel FILKIN, Willm OVERTON
                     152 Hanmer
(Baptisms 1749-1781): Elizabeth, John, Mary, Samuel, Sarah, Susan, Thos, William, Wm;
                     156A+B Hanmer (Baptisms & Marriages 1709-1748):
                     157 Hanmer (Baptisms 1653-1708 Marriages 1655-1708):
                                          3 Jun 1679 mar/o Philip GRIFFITH & Elizabeth OVERTON, both of Malpas
                                         14 Dec 1683 mar/o William OVERTON of Malpas & Mary MEARS of Tilston
 2 Apr 1687 bap/o Sarah d/o Urian
                                         30 Jan 1691/92 mar/o Randle OVERTON & Hanna JOHNSON, both of Malpas
 29 Mar 1692 mar/o Thomas PHILLIPS otp & Margaret OVERTON of Shockage (?Shocklach)
                                            3 Jan 1701/02 mar/o Randle OVERTON of Ty Broughton  & Elizabeth GRIFFITH otp
                                         11 May 1703 bap/o Mary d/o Randle, Ty Broughton
                                         14 Jan 1703/04 bap/o  John s/o Randle, Ty Broughton
                                          3 Nov 1706 bap/o Thomas s/o Randle, Ty Broughton
OVERTON contd                         
                     162 Overton (Baptisms & Burails 1783-1812):
                     206 Hanmer (Burials 1653-1748):
                                        5 Nov 1726 bur/o Randle s/o Randle (yeoman) & Elizabeth, Ty Broughton
                                        6 Sep 1727 bur/o Elizabeth wife of Randle (yeoman), Woch Hough, Malpas
                                      23 Sep 1727 bur/o Randle (yeoman), Wich-hough, Malpas
                                        8 Apr 1739 bur/o Mary d/o Wm, Escoyd
                                       4 Oct 1743 bur/o Wynnyfred OVERTON (-----------) base ?s/o ------- & Jane OVERTON, Ty Broughton
                                      15 Apr 1746 bur/o Jane, Ty Broughton
                     207 Hanmer (Burials 1749-1781): John;
                     219 Penley (Baptisms 1657-1812 Marriages 1753 Burials 1659-1812):
                                       10 Jul 1791 bap/o Thomas s/o Samuel & Mary
                     227A+B Ruthin
(Baptisms 1813-1856, Marriages 1813-1837, Burials 1813-1873)::
                     245A Llanrhydd (Baptisms 1813-1858 Marriages 1813-1837 Burials 1813-1850):
                     268 Wrexham (Marriages by Lic. 1781-1813): Sarah, William;
                     293 Hawarden (Baptisms 1801-1810):
                     304 Wrexham (Baptisms & Burials 1730-1756 Marriages 1730-1754):
                     313 Hawarden (Baptisms 1683-1697):
                                          13 Jan 1693/94 bap/o Joseph OVBRTON (COWLEY) base s/o Peter COWLEY of Ewloe & Susan OVERTON (als COWLEY)
                    *315 Ruabon (Baptisms 1853-1906):
                     339 Llangynhafal (Burials 1676-1812):
                                              27 May 1750 bur/o Mary, inf. d/o John & Mary
                                              28 Apr 1758 bur/o Jane ------------ (OVERTON) base d/o William OVERTON & Eliz- -----------.
                                              23 Nov 1761 bur/o Anne wife of John
                     348 Wrexham (Marriages by Banns 1769-1800):
                     351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs:
                             No. 112 Elizabeth (w/o William of Bodlondeb, Wrexham) died Nov 10th 1882 aged 63 years.
                                       William (husb/o Elizabeth) died Jan 6th 1899 aged 85 years.
                             No. 224 Isabel YATES (of Stanley, Shropshire) died May 7th 1823 aged 71 years.
                                        William OVERTON (husb/o Elizabeth) died Sept 30th 1826 aged 47 years (formally
                                        a grocer of Charles Street, later High Street, Church Warden St. Giles 1813-4).
                                        John OVERTON (youngest s/o William & Elizabeth) died Aug 20th 1827 aged 12 years.
                                        Elizabeth OVERTON (w/o William) died April 10th 1844 aged 67 years.
                                        Abigail YATES (youngest d/o Isabel YATES) died March 18th 1863 aged 78 years.
                   *362 Penycae (Baptisms, Marriages & Burials 1880-1907)
                                        : 20 Aug 1880 bap/o of Bertram s/o  Henry Overton David DAVIES (Nat. C. Schoolmaster) & Susanna
                    364 Wrexham (Burials 1843-1853): Elizabeth, Jane, John;
                    365 Wrexham (Baptisms 1813-1820): Ann, Elizabeth, John, William;
                   *366 Wrexham (Baptisms 1826-1835): Orton Samuel DILLON
                    384 Wrexham (Burials 1864-1874):
                                          20 May 1872 bur/o Elizabeth, aged 75, Bridge St.
                    390 Bangor-on-Dee 
(Baptisms 1675-1734)
22 Oct 1715 bap/o William s/o John & Mary, Dongrey
                    393 Wrexham (Burials 1875-1884): 13 Nov 1882 bur/o Eliza, aged 63, Grove Road
                    401 Wrexham (Marriages 1831-1837): Wm;
                    404 Wrexham (Burials 1897-1911): William;
                    408 Bangor-on-Dee (Marriages 1754-1812): Thomas;
410 Wrexham (Burials 1824-1833): John, William;
                    425B Hanmer
(Marriages 1601-1641 Burials 1601-1648):
                                         17 Apr 1637 bur/o John s/o Richard

                    440C Hawarden (Marriages 1837-1910)
                    553 Gresford (Burials 1811-1911): Eliza, Elizabeth;
                    Misc: North Wales 1835  Ruthin: Inspector of weights & measures: Thomas OVERTON, Clwyd st
                                                         Wrexham: Grocer &/or tea dealer, ironmonger & nail maker:
                                                                                                                           Elizabeth OVERTON, High st
                            1841 Census Wrexham Town: High Street: Eliz.   60  Ironmonger        not born in County
                                                                                           Wm   25  Ironmonger        born in County
                                                                        Brynyffynan School: Sarah   14   not born in County
                            A History of the Town of Wrexham (A. N. Palmer).
                                      There are several mentions of members of the OVERTON family, where they lived etc., in this book,
                                      including: 1865-6 William Overton (son of Mr William Overton the elder) Mayor of Wrexham
                            Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                                          Jane, Overton, Wid., 1624
                                                                                          William, Worthenbury, Will,Allegations,Depositions 1752
                                                                                          William, Worthenbury, Yeo., alleg. & Dep. 1752
                            Shropshire 1828/9 Whitchurch: Grocer/tea dealer & ironmonger:  Thomas OVERTON, High st

OVERWEG 371 Llangollen: 1 Oct 1859 mar. by Lic. of
                                                             Charles William OVERWEG (merchant at Shanghai) ba/30 of Trefor Uchaf s/o Frederick Willliam (Gentleman)
                                                             & Jemima DAVIES sp/23 of Trefor Uchaf d/o Thomas Prichard DAVIES (Gentleman)


     OVEY 432 Llangollen: Frederick;


OWEN masc. 'a lamb; a young warrior' (Celtic) - Claremont
     ab Owen see BOWEN
     AWEN *53 Wrexham;
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): John AWEN (alias OWEN), Partington, 1683
     O-INS 49 Holywell: 15 Mar 1833 bap/o Sarah Anne O-INS (STEPHENSON) base d/o James STEPHENSON & Jane O-INS
     OAIN *173 Holt:
     OEN 284 Llansanffraid Glan Conway:
     ONES 151 Hanmer:  Richard ONES p.15 (sic. see JONES)
               375 Wrexham (sic: see JONES)
     OUNS 348 Wrexham:
     Ovens, Ireland
     OVENS  44 Denbigh: Isaac;
                 203 Denbigh:
                 245 Llanrhydd:
                391 Colwyn: 11 Nov 1868 bur/o Sophia aged 72 of Colwyn
                                   26 Jul 1875 bur/o Samuel aged 80 of Wolverhampton
OWEN contd
     OWANS   63 Holt: 14 Nov 1758 mar. by Banns of John JONES (x) of Bangor & Barbara DAVIES (x) otp
                                                                             Wits: Simon OWANS, James TOMLINSON
                   272 Nannerch:
     OWE. 357 Holywell: William;
     OWEN 2 Llandegla (Baptisms 1710-1743 Marriages 1710-1738 Burials 1710-1741) Vol 1

                                  14 Jun 1719 bap/o Owen WILLIAMS s/o Richard & Gwen
                                   3 Dec 1722 mar/o Owen ROGERS & Gwen vch Thomas
                                  10 Oct 1723 bap/o Catherine ROGERS d/o Owen & Gwen
                                  22 Nov 1723 bur/o Catherine infant d/o Owen
10 Mar 1724/25 bap/o Thomas ROGERS s/o Owen & Gwen
 3 Jan 1728/29 bap/o William ROGERS s/o Owen & Gwen
                                  24 Dec 1731 mar/o Owen PARRY of Llantisilio & Magdalen JONES otp

                                  29 -- 1715 mar/o Griffith OWEN & Mary ROBERTS both otp
                                  10 Oct 1716 bap/o Edward s/o Griffith & Mary  otp
                                  29 Sep 1718 bap/o Elizabeth OWEN d/o Griffith & Mary
                                  18 Sep 1720 bap/o Helen OWEN d/o Griffith & Mary
                                  16 Sep 1722 bap/o John OWEN s/o Griffith & Mary
                                  14 Feb 1724/25 bap/o Thomas s/o Griffith & Mary
                                  15 Apr 1726 bur/o Mary w/o Griffith, Rhos y ddigre
                                    5 Jun 1726 bur/o Thomas s/o Griffith & Mary, Llanarmon
  7 Jan 1727/28 bur/o John, Llyn Rhys
                                  10 Jul 1734 bap/o Thomas s/o Griffith & Gwen, Rhos (y ddigre)
                3 Llangollen: 20 May 1787 bap/o Edward WILLIAMS (b 20) s/o John (lab) & Ellinor (OWEN), Croggen Iddon
4 Llangollen (Baptisms & Burials 1738-1769, Marriages 1738-1754) Vol 4
Anne, Catherine, David, David Edwd, Edward, Edwd, Elizabeth, Henry, Jane, John, John Edwd,
                                  John Humphrey, Margaret, Mary, Mathew, Owen, Robert, Thomas, Thos, William, Willm, Wm;
5 Llangollen (Baptisms, Marriages & Burials 1707-1738) Vol 3
Anne, Cadwaladr, Catherine, David, Ed, Edward, Elizabeth, Ellis, Grace, Hannah, Henry,
                                   Hester, Humphrey, James, Jane, John,  Jon, Magdalen, Margaret, Mary, Mathew, Owen,
                                   Rob, Robert, Ruth, Samuel, Sarah, Tabitha, Thomas, William, Wm;
                9 Efenechtyd (Baptisms, Marriages & Burials 1693-1812)
                                    Rector 1730-1747 Jenkin OWEN
               10 Overton: 13 Jul 1832 mar by Lic of
                                              John OWEN (sig. OWENS) (farmer) of Ellesmere & Anne FURMSTON otp
                                              Wits:  Robert PHILLIPS, Jane FURMSTON
              *11 Bangor on Dee (Baptisms 1797-1812) Vol 4:
                               Rector 1798 -   Maurice WYNNE D.C.L. (s/o Owen WYNNE, Llwyn, Denbighshire
                                                                      - last male descendant of the WYNNEs of Gwydir.)
               14 Llanferres: 12 Apr 1759 bap/o Thomas s/o John & Elizabeth
                                    13 Apr 1759 bur/o Thomas s/o John
               15 Cerrigydrudion: 30 May 1815 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Ellis (lab) Catharine, Ty Hen, Ffrithoedd, Cyffylliog Psh
                                          18 Feb 1831 bap/o Hannah OWEN (JONES)
                                                          base d/o David JONES (servant) of Ty Isa yn Cwm
                                                                       & Jane OWEN (servant) of  Pentre'r Cwm
               16 Hawarden (Marriages & Burials 1811-1820) Vol 18
                                                 Edward, John, Mary, Richard, Thomas;
               17 Llanarmon yn Ial: Vicar 1634 -   Rev. Ellis OWEN (deprived, but restored 1660)
                                             17 Sep 1699 mar/o William OWEN of Holywell & Margarett ROBERTS otp
                                             17 Nov 1678 bur/o Elijeus OWEN or Elijeus OWEN'S widow
                                             30 Oct 1688 bur/o Elizth w/o John, Gwaun Yffynnon
                                               9 Nov 1688 bur/o Francis s/o Elen wid., Erryrys
                                             2-? Jun 1691 bur/o Elinor d/o William
                                             22 May 1698 bur/o Griffith John, otp
                                            10 Aug 1704 bur/o Francis base s/o Elizabeth, Wrexham
                                            15 Jul 1704 bap/o Francis OWEN base s/o ---------- & Elizabeth OWEN, Wrexham
                                            21 Dec 1723 bur/o Ann
                                            13 Oct 1734 bur/o John infant c/o Griffith
                                            20 Dec 1737 mar/o William JONES otp & Elizabeth OWEN, Llantysilio
                                            11 May 1739 mar/o Robert OWEN of Llanvair & Grace HUGHES otp
               18 Hawarden
(Baptisms 1811-1820) Vol 17
                                  Ann, Christiana, Elizabeth, George, Jane, John, Martha, Mary, Thomas;
OWEN contd
               21 Holt: 10 May 1665 bur/o ------
               22 Hawarden:  4 May 1824 bur/o John (farmer), aged 48, Bretton
               23 Cerrigydrudion
(Baptisms 1735-1804) Vol 4
                             Alice, Allice, Anne, Cath'rine, Catharine, Catherine, Cathrine, Daivd, Douse, Edward, Elinor,
                             Elizabeth, Ellin, Ellinor, Ellis, Evan, Gaenor, Gwen, Hugh, Jane, John, Jonet, Jonett, Lowry,
                             Margaret, Mary, Morris, Moarrice, Morice, Morrice, Morris, Owen, Robert, Robt, Thomas,
               24 Hawarden: 3 Apr 1836 bap/o Anne (b 19 Mar) d/o John (collier) & Jane (WEIGH), Ewloe
               25 Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd (Bap & Bur 1680-1782 Mar 1691-1754) Vol 1
                                   Anna, Catherine, David, Dorothea, Edward, Elin, Grace, Jane, John, Mary, Maurice,
                                   Richard, Robert, Robt, William.
OWEN contd
               26 Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd (Bap & Bur 1782-1812 Mar 1755-1812) Vol 2
                                     Vicar  1804-1809  Owen OWEN M.A.
                                      Anne, Edward, John, Mary,

                                      Rev. Owen: 5 Dec 1787 mar by Lic of Owen OWEN (curate) & Blanch JONES both otp
                                                                                                    Wits: Edward OWEN (Clerk) & Anne PRICE
                                                         29 Oct 1798 mar by Lic of
                                                                  Owen OWEN (curate|) wdr & Mary HUIMPHREYS sp both otp
                                                                  Wits: David THUCKFORTH, James JONES
                                                         28 Jan 1805 bur/o Mary w/o Owen (Vicar of this Parish), aged 47 years,
died affter a lingering illness on 20 Jan.
                                                                    (d/o the late Thomas HUMPHREYS, of Pen-y-pyllau, County of Flint)
                                                         10 Feb 1809 bur/o Revd. Owen OWEN,  M.A. Vicar of this Parish   
                                     Owen, Susan, Thomas, Thos, William;
OWEN contd
               27 Llanarmon yn Ial (Baptisms, Marriages & Burials 1744-1812) Vol 2
                                             Two of the Officiating Ministers  9 May 1775 - 7 May 1802: Thos OWEN(S), Clk;
                                                                                          29 May 1802 - 20 Sep 1812  John OWEN O.M.
28 --- 1749 bap/o Elizabeth d/o John & Mary
                                            26 Aug 1751 bap/o Catherine d/o John & Mary
                                              8 Sep 1751 bur/o Catherine d/o John
                                              3 Feb 1757 bur/o Elizabeth, Erryrys
                                              1 Apr 1761 bur/o Griffith, Erryrys
                                            25 Jun 1765 bur/o John, Erryrys
                                             7 Mat 1766 bur/o Margaret, Erryrys
                                            31 Dec 1777 J. OWEN & Jno WILLIAMS wits at mar by Lic of
                                                                      Thomas TWISTON of Denbigh & Elizabeth WILLIAMS otp
                                              1 May 1787 bap/o Robert s/o  Rev Thos & Jane, Plas yn y Pant
                                              6 Mar 1789 bap/o Sarah d/o Revd Thos & Jane, Plas yn y Pant, Erryrys
                                              5 Apr 1791 bap/o Elinor OWEN d/o Revd Thos & Jane, Plas yn Pant
                                                                       (Privately bap. Nov. 1790)
                                            28 Dec 1791 bap/o Thomas s/o Revd Thomas & Jane, Plas yn Pant
                                            14 Dec 1792 bur/o John (pauper), Llan
                                            14 Feb 1794 bur/o Mary, infant, Plas yn Pant
                                             8 Mar 1795 bap/o Francis s/o Willm & Margaret, Erryrys
                                            14 Jan 1811 mar by Banns of
                                                    Ellis THOMAS ba/22 otp s/o Richd (shoemaker of Nevin) & Barbara 
                                                    & Ellinor WILLIAMS (patrronymic) sp/20 otp d/o Wm OWEN & Mary of Bodevan
                                                    Wits: John DAVIES, Robt EDWARDS (Clark)
               29 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant (Marriages 1754-1812) Vol 2(2)
                                       : Ann, Catherine, David, Dorothy, Edward, Elin, Elizabeth, Evan, Hugh, Humphrey,
                                        Isaac, Jane, John, Lewis, Mary, Robert, Rowland, Sinah, Thomas, Thos., William;
OWEN contd
              *30 Wrexham: Owen EVANS
               32 Hawarden: Ellen, Timothy;
               33 Llangwm:
               34 Llangwm:
               35 Llangwm:
               36 Ruabon: Daniel,
Edward p41; John, Martha, Mary, Thomas;
               38 Wrexham: Assistant Curate 1787 Thomas;
                                    Anne, Jane, John, Margt, Owen, Wm;
              *39 Halkyn:
               39 Halkyn: Anne, Charlotte, Hugh, Jane, John, Joseph, Leah, Louisa, Margaret, Marg't, Mary, Owen,
                               Robert, Robt, Sarah, Theophilus, Thomas;
OWEN contd
              *40 Hawarden: Samuel Owen OWENS, Owen WILLIAMS
               40 Hawarden: Margaret;
              *42 Holywell:  5 Sep 1819 bur/o Arthur Vaughan Owen JONES, aged 39, Wepre, Northop
                                 15 Oct 1825 bur/o Owen THOMAS, aged 85, otp
               42 Holywell (Burials 1813-1828) : George, Griffith, James, John, Margaret, Margt, Mary, Richard;
              *43 Cerrigydrudion: Owen EVANS, FOULK, HUGHES, JONES, MORRIS, ROBERTS, RODERICK,
                                           THOMAS, WILLIAMS
               43 Cerrigydrudion:  Anne, Catherine, Evan, Gainor, Griffith, John, Lewis, Morris, Robert, William;
              *44 Denbigh: Owen ABRAHAM
               44 Denbigh: Abel, Alice, Anne, Catharine, Catherine, Charles, David, Edward, Elin, Elisabeth, Elizabeth,
                                 James, Jane, John, Maria, Mary, Maurice, Morris, Prudence, Richard, Robert, Thomas, Thos;
              *45 Denbigh: Owen ELLIS, Owen JONES, Owen MORRIS
               45 Denbigh: Anne, David, Dorothy, Eliz, Elizabeth, Elizth, Henry, Jane, John, Joseph, Mary, Thomas;
               46C Worthenbury: Mary, Rice;
              *47+47 Worthenbury:
              *48+48 Worthenbury:
               49 Holywell: Caroline, Catherine, Elizth, Humphrey, Mary, Richard, Sarah,

                                  William: 8 Apr 1832 bap/o Catherine d/o William (cotton spinner) & Mary, Greenfield
OWEN contd
              *51 Holywell: see also LLOYD, ROBERTS, SIMON, WILLIAMS

               51 Holywell: David, Edward, Elizabeth, Ellen, Grace, Mary Ann, Philip, Richard, Robert;
               52 Holywell: Amelia, Charlotte, Eleanor, Elizth, Humphrey, Humphrey Edwin, John, Joseph, Mary, Peter,
                                  Roger, Sarah, Wm.;
              *53+53 Wrexham:
               54A+*B+B Abergele:
               55A+B+*C+C Nantglyn:
               56A+B+C Rhuddlan:
               57 Ruabon: Anis, Edward, Elizabeth, George, Mary, Rachel, Richard, Sarah, Thomas, William;
58 Erbistock:
               59 Erbistock:
               61 Ruabon:
               62 Flint:
               65A+*B+B Llangar:
               79 Gresford: Elizth, James, Jane, Peter, Sarah, Thomas;
OWEN contd
               81A Hope:
               82A+B+C Nerquis:
*83 Ruthin: 24 Nov 1793 mar by Lic of Thomas PARRY ba & Margaret MAURICE sp, both otp
                                                                       Wits: William TOTTY, Grace Owen LLOYD
               83 Ruthin: Diana, Dorothy, Edward, Edwd, Elizabeth, Elizth, Ellin, George, Hugh, Jane, Margaret, Mary, Owen, Richard, Robert, Robt,
                               Tho, Thomas, Thos, Titus, William;

               84 Treuddyn:
               85 Mold:
               86 Derwen:
               87 Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd:
               88 Llanelidan:
               89+89A Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr:
OWEN contd
               91 Llangynhafal: 5 Nov 1761 bap/o David s/o Griffith & Elizabeth
               92 Llanychan  2 Jun 1713 mar/o Robert OWEN of Llangwyfan & Catherine DAVIES

               93 Abergele  (Baptisms, Marriages & Burials 1782-1812) Vol 6
               93A              David, Elizabeth, Emma, John, Lettice, Margaret, Maria, Mary, Owen,
                                   Thomas, William;
                   B              26 Apr 1787 bur/o William, otp
                                   19 Mar 1790 bur/o Hugh (pauper), Hendregyda
                                     2 Nov 1811 bur/o Mary, spinster, Nant
OWEN contd
               94 Cilcain  
23 Feb 1812 bap/o John DAVIES (OWEN) base s/o Hugh OWEN & Elizabeth DAVIES
               96 Gyffylliog (Baptisms 1717-1812) Vol 3
                                  Anne, David, Elizabeth, Evan, Griffith, Gwen, Jane, John, Mary, Owen, Robert,
                                  Thomas, William;
               97 Llanfwrog (Baptisms & Burials 1780-1812) Vol 4
                                  Rector 1791-95  Edward OWEN

                                  Anne, Catharine, Dorothy, Elizabeth, Isaac, John, Owen, Robert, William.
                98 Llanrhaeadr ym Nghinmerch:
                                   16 Nov 1793 bap/o Henry DAVIES s/o Robt. Owen (farmer) & Ellin, Tre Cliciedig
                                   19 Dec 1793 bsp/o Owen Lloyd HUMPHRIS (WILLIAMS)
                                                                   base s/o Edw'd Owen WILLIAMS & Mary HUMPHRIS, Llan
                                   17 Apr 1810 bur/o Dorothey WILLIAMS
                                                                   w/o Edward Owen WILLIAMS (late of Careg y Penill)

19 Mar 1785 bur/o Margret d/o Robert (farmer), Llys
                                   18 Mar 1802 bur/o Henry, Nant
                                   17 Dec 1808 bur/o Ellis, Dol Goch, Trefydd Bychain
OWEN contd
                99 Llantysilio (Births/Baptisms 1759-1812 Burials 1758-1812) Vol 3
                                    Catherine, Dorothy, Edward, Eline, Jane, Sarah, Thomas;
               101 Llanynys
(Baptisms, Marriages & Burials 1739-1812) Vol 2
                      A Baptisms: 18 Mar 1766 bap/o Grace Owen LLOYD d/o Peter, Gent. & Mary, Maesannod

                                          Ann, Catherine, David, Edward, Elizabeth, Ellen, Griffith,  Hugh, Jane, John,
                                          Margaret, Richard, Robert, Thomas, William;
                      B Parents at Baptisms:Anne, Eleanor, Elen, Elizabeth, Griffith, Jane, John, Mary, Robert, Thomas;
                      C Marriages: Hugh, Robert, William;
                      E Wits. at marriages: Edward, Ow.
                      D Burials: Edward, Elizabeth, Jane, Margaret, Robert, Thomas.
               102 Nantglyn: (Baptisms 1663-1812) Vol 1
                      A Baptisms: Catherine, Elinor, Elizabeth, Ellin, Foulk, Jane, Margaret, Mary, Susan.
                      B Parents at Baptisms:
Ann, Evan, Foulk, Jno, Margaret, Mary, Morris, Richard.
               103 Gwytherin (Baptisms 1667-1812) Vol 1
                      A Baptisms: Alice, Ann, Anne, Catherirne, David, Elinor, Elizabeth, Evan, Gaenor, Hugh, Jane,
                                         John, Margaret, Maria, Mary, Owen, Richard, Robert, Thomas, William.
                      B Parents at Baptisms: 24 Aug 1673 bap/o Ffoulk LLOYD s/o Robert & Margaret Owen
                                                           1 Sep 1673 bap/o Mary PRICHARD d/o John & Katherine Owen
                                                         31 Mar 1674 bap/o John LLOYD s/o Robt & Margaret Owen
                                                         21 Jun 1749 bap/o Gwen d/o Robert William & Catharine Owen
                                                           2 Mar 1750/51 bap/o Jane ROBERTS  d/o David & Margaret Owen

                                                          Alice, Barbara, Catharine, David, Elianor, Elinor, Ellin, Grace, Gras,
                                                          Jane, Mary, Richard, Robert, Thomas, William
               104 Henllan:
(Baptisms 1788-1812 Mar 1799-1812 Bur 1801-1812) Vol 6
                                  Alice, Anne, Catharine, Cartherine,

                                  Elias: 6 Oct  1805 bap/o Elias (b 28 Sep)
                                                                    s/o Thomas (lab) & Elizabeth (OWEN), Hafod, Llanefydd

                                  Elizabeth, John, Margaret, Mary, Morris,
                                  Robert, Thomas, William.
OWEN contd
               105 Llanddoget:
               106A+B+C Llangwyfan:
               107A+B Llanrhydd:
*108 Minera Chapel: Owen BURTON
               108 Minera: John, Thomas;
               109 Pentrefoelas:
               110 Ysbyty Ifan;
               112 Halkyn:
               114 Llanferres:
               116A+C+D Llansilin:
               117 Mold:
               118 Mold:
               119 Mold:
OWEN contd
               121 Mold:
               123 Ruabon:
               124 Mold: Edward, Elinor, Eliz, Elizabeth, James, John, Lucy, Mary, Robert, Robt, Thomas, Thos;
               127B Mold:
               129A+B Treuddyn:
               131 Bodfari:
               132 Hanmer: 11 May 1795 bap/o Charles s/o Charles & Ellenor, Bronington
               134 Llanefydd:
               136 Cilcain:
              *137+137 Northop:
               138*A+*B+B Wrexham:
               139 Cerrigydrudion:
OWEN contd
               141*A Llangwm:
               142 Llangwm Capel y Groes MIs:
                           Ceirwen, Ellen, John, Megan,

                           Owen: B19  Owen OWEN (husband, father & grandfather) d 11 Jun 1997 aged 83 years

                            Robert, Sarah Catherine
                       Langwm Capel Gellioedd MIs:
                            E21  Thomas OWEN (Cwmllan) d 24 Feb 1935 aged 79 years
                                     also Laura (his wife) d 13 Dec 1945 aged 80 years
               143A+B Llanrwst:
               145 Capel Garmon:
               146A+B+C Capel Garmon:
               147 Llanedoget:
OWEN contd
               149 Ysbyty Ifan:
               151 Hanmer:  5 Nov 1771 mar. by Banns of John OWEN (x) & Jane RICE (x), both otp
                                                                              Wits: Richard HEATH, Anne ROBINSON
                                  24 May 1772 mar. by Banns of John MORRIS & Mary OWEN (x), both otp
                                                                                Wits: Thomas JENKIN, Andrew STANT
                                  16 Oct 1773 mar. by Banns of Wm. TAYLOR (x) of Ellesmere & Phebe OWEN (x) otp
                                                                               Wits: Thomas TAYLOR, Thomas JENKIN
                                    8 Feb 1778 mar. by Banns of James DAVIES & Elizabeth OWEN, both otp
                                                                               Wits: William SPENCER, Thomas JENKIN
               152 Hanmer:  3 Sep 1749 bap/o Anne d/o William, Ty Broughton
                                   7 Mar 1754 bap/o Pheobe d/o William, Ty Broughton
                                   3 Sep 1775 bap/o Wm s/o Wm & Mary, Ty Broughton
               154 Ysbyty Ifan:
              *155+155 Caerwys:
               156A+B Hanmer:
               157A Hanmer: Anne, Edward, Elizabeth, John, Mary, Richard, Robert, Sarah, Susana, Tho., Thomas, William;
                    B Hanmer: Ales, Edward, Elizabeth, John, Robert, Sarah, Will, William;
               158 Holywell:
               159 Holywell:
OWEN contd
               161 Mold: Catherine, David, Lazarus;
              *162 Overton:
               163A+B Ruabon:
               164A+B+C+D Cwm:
               165A+D Ruabon:
              *166+166 Cilcain:
               167C Gresford: Elizabeth, James, Joseph, Thomas;
                     D Gresford: James, Thomas, William;
               168*A+A+B Hope:
               169*A+A+B Llanrhydd:
               171 Bangor-on-Dee:
               175A+B+C+D+E LLandyrnog:
               176 Tremeirchion: Anne, Catherine, Davd, David, Dorithy, Dorothy, Edward, Edwd, Eliz, Elizabeth, Elizth, Ellice,
                                          Frances, Gruffyth, Hugh, James, Jane, John, Magdalene, Margaret, Mary, Maurice, Morris,
                                          Peter, Richard, Robert, Roger, Tho, Thomas, Thos, William, Willm;
               177 Whitford:
               178 Ysceifiog:
               179 Llangadwaladr:
OWEN contd

               181 Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog:
182 Llansanffraid Glynceiriog: Ann, Edward, Jno, John, Mary, Owen, Rees, Robert, Robt, Thomas;
               183 Llansannan:
               184 Llanddulas:
               185 Llysfaen: Ann(e), Catherine, David, Deborah, Dorothy, Elias, Elin, Elinor, Elisabeth, Grace, Harry, Humphrey,
                                   Jane, John, Margaret, Methusalem, Owen, Richard, Robert, Robt, Sarah, Tho, Thomas, Thos, William;
               186 St. Asaph:
               187 St. George:
               188B Halkyn:
               189 Holywell:
OWEN contd
               191A+B+D+E Ruabon:
               192 Ysceifiog:
               193 Betws Gwerfyl Goch:
               194 Halkyn:
               195 Holywell: Amelia, Anne, Charles Jabez, Daniel, Dorothy, Edward, Eleanor, Humphrey, John, Margt,
                                   Mary, Samuel, Sarah, Thomas, William;
               196A+B+C Llanfair Talhaearn:
               197 Hanmer: Elizabeth, Emma, Jane, John, Lloyd, Thomas, William;
               198 Mold:
               199 Derwen:
OWEN contd
               201 Wrexham:
               202 Bryneglwys:
               203 Denbigh:
               204 Llangernyw:
               205 Llantysilio:
               206A+B Hanmer:
               207 Hanmer: Anne, Elizabeth, Margaret, Robert;
               208 Llanarmon Mynydd Mawr:
               209A+B+C+D Llangedwyn:
               211 Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd:
               212 Llangollen:
               213 Llangollen:
               215 Llanrhydd: Evan, Jane, John, Sarah, Thomas;

               217 LLanelian yn Rhos:
OWEN contd
              *221+221 St. Asaph:
               222 St. Asaph:
               223 St. Asaph:
               224 St. Asaph:
               226 Llanarmon yn Ial: 14 Apr 1814 bur/o Mary w/o Griffith (smelter) aged 57, Wrexham Psh
               227A+B+C Ruthin:
               228 St. Asaph:
               229A St. Asaph:
               231 Hope:
               232 Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd:
               233 Llanfwrog:
               234 Minera:
               235 Gwyddelwern:
               236 Gwyddelwern:
               237 Gwyddelwern:
              *238 Llangollen:
               239A+B+C+E LLangar:
OWEN contd
               241A+B+C Llangar:
               242A+B Gwyddelwern:
               243 Hanmer:
               245A+B+C Llanrhydd:
               246 Llanfwrog
Vol. 1 Baptisms 1638-1755:
                                    Alice, Catherine, Elizabeth, Evan, Grace, Jane, Jenkin, Margaret, Mary;
               247 Llanfwrog:
               248 Llanfwrog:
               250 St. Asaph Notitae:
               251A+B Corwen:
               252 Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog:
               253 Llanfawr:
               254 Llanfawr:
               255 Corwen:
               256 Corwen:
               257 Llandrillo yn Edeirnion:
               258 Llansanffraid Glyndyfrdwy:
               259 Betws Gwerfyl Goch:
OWEN contd
               261 Llanderfel:
               262 Llanderfel:
               263 Llansilin:
               266A+B Marchwiel:
               267 Ruthin: Agnes, Catherine, Elizabeth, Jane, John, Judith, Margaret, Maritt, Mary, Richard, Robert, Simon,
                                 Thomas, William;
               268 Wrexham: Anna Diana, Elizabeth, George, Griffith, Mary, Ow., William;
               269 Dyserth:
               271 Eglwys-bach:
               273 Trelawnyd:
               274E Betws yn Rhos:
               278 Chirk: Ann(e), Edward, Edwin, Evan, Frances, Francis, George, Griffith, H.E., Harriet, Harry, James, Jane,
                               John, Louisa, Marg't, Margaret, Mary Anne, Mary, Mary Anne, Richard, Samuel, Sarah, Susannah, Tamar,
                               Tho's, Tho's Edward, Thomas, W'm, Will'm, Will'm Tho's, William, Wm;
               279 Llandudno:
OWEN contd

               280 Llanfair Talhaearn:
              *281 Llangystennin: 6 Jun 1869 bap/o Albert Owen FOULKES s/o David (gardener) & Urssul, Penlan
               281 Llangystennin: Anne, Catherine, Edward, Elin, Elizabeth, Grace, Harriet, Hugh, Jane, John, Margaret, Owen,
                                           Richard, Robert, Thomas, William;

                                           5 Apr 1791 bap/o Mary OWEN (ROBERTS) base d/o Wm ROBERTS & Eliz'th OWEN
               282 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant:
               283 Llanrhos:
               284 Llansanffraid Glan Conway:
               285 Llanuwchllyn:
               286 Llanycil:
               287 Llanycil:
               288 Meliden:
               289 Gwernaffield: One of the six Vicars during the period (1858-1900) covered by this volume:  William David OWEN B.A.

                                         David, Edward, Elizabeth, Jane, Mary Ellen, Rebecca, Sarah, Thomas:
OWEN contd
               290 Hanmer:
               291 Llysfaen:
               292 Rhosymedre:
              *293+293 Hawarden:
               294 Mold: Catherine, Edward, Elizabeth, Elizth, Evan, Frances, George, Henry, John, Martha, Mary,
                              Robert, Sarah, Sarah Jane, Shadrach, William;
               295 Mold:
               296 Rhuddlan:
               297 Chirk:
               298 Hawarden:
OWEN contd
               300 Mold:
               301 Mold:
               303 Hawarden: 9 Nov 1740 bap/o Edward s/o Edward (als JEFFREYS), Mancot
               304 Wexham:
               306 Holywell:
               307 Ruabon:
               308 Bodfari: John, Maurice, Elizabeth, Elizth, Richd;
               309 Denbigh:
               310 Gresford:
               312 Abergele:
               314 Rhosllanerchrugog:
              *315 Ruabon: 13 Sep 1901 bap/o Olwen Mary Owen SHELBY
                                                                   d/o Thomas Francis (school-master) & Rachel Jane, The School House
               315 Ruabon:
               317 Wrexham - Dissenters' Burial Ground, Rhosddu Road MIs:
OWEN contd
               318 Henllan:
               320 Hope:
               321 Llanasa:
               323 Denbigh:
               324 Llysfaen:
               325 Llangernyw:
               326 Llansannan:
               327 Llanrhaeadr ym Nghinmeirch:
               328 Llansanffraid Glan Conway:
               329 Meliden:
OWEN contd
               330 Whitford:
               331 Ysceifiog:
               332 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Doris Mary, Edward (2), Elizabeth;
               333 Connah's Quay  Town Cemetery MIs: Alice Jane, Annie, Edwin, Elizabeth Jane, Iorwerth, John Richard, R.R.;
               334 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Edith, Jennie, Owen, Robert Richard, William Stanley;
               335 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Edna, Frank, Gladys, Herbert, Irene, Samuel;
               336 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Frank;
               337 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Elizabeth, Jane, John (2), Mary Catherine, Nellie, Robert, Ruth Kezia,
                                                                           Thomas, Walter;
               338 Llangollen:
               339 Llangynhafal:
OWEN contd
               340 Mold:
               341 Ruabon:
               342 Hawarden: Alice, Ann, David, Griffith, Jane;
               344 Mold:
               345 Rhosllanerchrugog:
               346 Hawarden:
               347 Hawarden:
               348 Wrexham:
               349 Ysceifiog:
OWEN contd
              *350 Wrexham St. Giles' Churchyard MIs: Elizabeth Owen TOMKINSON
               350 Wrexham St. Giles' Churchyard MIs: Elizabeth, John;
              *351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: Robert Owen BURTON
               351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: Ann, Rev. Edward, Edwin, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Frances,
                               Hannah, Henry, Jane, John, Joseph, Julia, Margaret, Mary, Richard, Robert, Timothy, William;
               352A Flint: Cat, Elizabeth, Evan, James, Jane, John, Marg, Margtt, Mary, Thomas;
                    B Flint: Anne, Eliz, Ellin, Francis, Jane, John, Letitia, Luce, Margaret, Mary, Maurice, Richard, Richd,
                               Thos, William, Wm;
               353 Pentrobin:
              *354 Rhosllanerchrugog: Benjamin Owen DAVIES
               354 Rhosllanerchrugog: Charles H., Dan C., David John, Edith Gertrude, Elisabeth, Elizabeth, Evan,
                           Goronwy, Gwendoline, Ioan, Ishmael, John, Margaret, Margaret Jane, O.J., Robert, Robert Evan,
                           Robt Daniel, Rt Evan, Thomas, William;
               355 Ruabon St. Mary's Churchyard MIs: James, William;
               356 Ruabon: Martha, Richard;
               358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Ann Ellen, Annie Elizabeth, Arabella, Elizabeth, Elizabeth Alice, Enid,
                            Eva, Gwyneth, Hannah, Hugh, Hugh L., Isaac, James, Jane, Joseph George, Gwyneth Vaughan,
                            Margaret, Marshall, Paulina, Richard, Sarah E., Walter, William;
               359 Rhosymedre: Dorothy, Edward Corbut, Elizabeth, Evan, John, Margaret, Robert, Thomas, William;
OWEN contd
              *360 Llangollen: John Owen EDWARDS
               360 Llangollen: George, George Alfred, Griffith, Harry, Price;
               361 Llangollen: Barbara Catherine, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Hugh Thomas, Margaret Elizabeth, Mary, Owen,
                                      Sarah Elizabeth, Thomas;
*362 Penycae: Dilys Owen WILLIAMS, Jane Owen WILLIAMS, John Owen WILLIAMS
               362 Penycae: Daniel, Elizabeth, George, Gladys, Hannah, Harold, Job, John, Joseph, Mary, Mary Ellen,
                                    Mary Frances, Olive, Rachel, Robert, Sarah, Thomas Edges;
              *363 Wrexham: James Owen CLARKE, William Owen THOMAS
               363 Wrexham:  Annie Elizabeth, Charlotte, Daniel, David, Edwin, Elizabeth, Ellen, Emma, Harriet Eliza,
                                      Herbert Edward, Herbert John, Herbert William, Humphrey, James Price, Jane, John,
                                      Joseph, Joseph Edwin, Louisa, Louisa Alexandra, Margaret, Margaret Ellen, Mary,
                                      Mary Eleanor, Mary Elizabeth, Mary Ellen, Nesta Maud, Price, Thomas, William,
                                      William Henry, William Herbert;
               364 Wrexham: Daniel, Frances, George, Hannah, Lydia, William;
OWEN contd
               365 Wrexham: Maria, Richard, Sarah;
               366 Wrexham: Ann(e), Catherine, Edwen, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Ellen, Harriet, Jerimiah, Margaret, Robert,
                                     Sarah, Thomas Roberts, William, William Gabriel;
                                    15 Oct 1826 bap/o Owen OWEN (EDWARDS) base s/o John EDWARDS (shoemaker) of Charles Street
                                                                              & Elizabeth OWEN, Queen Street
               367 Abergele: Andrew, Anne, Cadwalader, David, Edward, Elizabeth, Ellen, George, Griffith, Gwen, Jane, John,
                                    Jonet, Judith, Lewis, Lowry, Margaret, Martha, Mary, Peter, Rebecca, Richard, Robert, William;
               368 Abergele: Alice, Anne, David, Edward, Elin, Eliz, Elizabeth, Ellin, Harry, Hugh, Jane, John, Jonet, Judith,
                                    Margt, Mary, Maurice, Morris, Rich, Richard, Robert, Robt, Sarah, Thomas, Wm;
              *369 Llangollen: Rosina Owen PHILLIPS
               369 Llangollen: Arthur Geoffrey, Arthur Kenneth Thomas, Arthur Llewelyn, Barbara Catharine, Fanny,
                                      Harriette Louisa, Hugh Thomas, John W., Peter, William Venables;
OWEN contd
               370 Wrexham: Alfred, Ann, David Thomas, Dora Eyland, Edward, Eliza, Helen Elizabeth, Jane, Julia Catherine,
                                     Price, Richard, Robert Clarke, Thomas Clarke, William;
               371 Llangollen: Edward, Elizabeth, George Wright, Henry Wright, James, Mary, Richard, Robert;
               372 Wrexham: Samuel, William;
               373 Wrexham: Anne, John, Roger;
               374 Wrexham: Charles, Eliza Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Fanny Jane, Thomas Charles Frederick;
               375 Wrexham: Adeline Sarah, Alfred, Alfred Ernest, Ann Jane, Arthur Ernest, Beatrice May Clarke, David, Dora Eyland,
                                     Dora Mabel, Edward, Eliza, Elizabeth, Elizabeth Louisa, Fanny, Frances, Hannah, Hannah May,
                                     Herbert William, James Price, Jane, John, Joseph, Kate Elizabeth, Mary, Peter, Roland Heath, Sarah,
                                     Thomas, Thomas Clarke, Thomas Edward, William, Willie;
               376 Pentrefoelas: Miss ----, Alice, Alwena, Ann, Bunyan, Cadwaladr, Catherine, Ceridwen, David, Davis, Dorothy,
                                         Eleanor, Elen Alice, Elinor, Elisabeth, Elizabeth, Elizabeth Elena, Ellen, Ellen Alice, Evan,
                                         Frances Isobel, Griffith, Griffith Pierce, Gwen, Hannah, Howel, Hugh, Isabella, Jane, John, Margaret,
                                         Mary, Morris, Owen, Owen Robert, Peter, Robert, Ruth, Samuel, Sarah, Thomas, William,
                                         William Wallace;

                                         22 Oct 1815 bap/o Hugh DAVIES (OWEN)
                                                  natural s/o Hugh OWEN (ba. coachman), & Elizabeth DAVIES (sp), Cerniogau Mawr
                                         26 Oct 1832 bap/o Ellen DAVIES (OWEN)
                                                   illeg. d/o John OWEN (lab) of Glan Conwy, & Ellen DAVIES (spinster) of Cefn garw
OWEN contd
               377 Holywell: Anne, Catherine, Elizabeth, Jane, Kath, Lucy, Margaret, Mary, Rich, Richard, Tho, Thomas, William;
               378 Holywell: Anne, Mary, Roger, Tho, Thomas;
               379 Wrexham: Charlotte, Elizabeth Ann, Emily, John, Mary Elizabeth, Price, Sarah Jane;
               380 Wrexham: David Evan, Deborah Gwendoline, Florence, Florence Penelope, George Willliam, Gertrude,
                                     Hilda Mary, Mary, Robert Ambrose, Robert Andrews, Robert Edward, Sarah, Silas, William Thomas;
               382 Llanynys:  5 Feb 1729/30 bap/o David s/o Foulk, Trefechan
                                    19 Oct 1733 bur/o Robert (miller)
               383 Ruthin: Anne, David, Dorothy, Edward, Elizabeth, Frances, Helen, Jane, John, Margaret, Mary, Robert,
                                Thomas, William;
               384 Wrexham: Agnes, Annie, James, John Thomas, Samuel;
OWEN contd
               385 Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr: David, Elisabeth, Jane Margaret, John, Margaret, Mary, Miriam, Rob't,
                                                         Thomas, Thomas Evan;

                                        27 Jul 1817 bap/o Frances FOULKES (OWEN) illeg. d/o Rob't OWEN of Llanynys
                                                                                          & Sarah FOULKES of Corwen
               386 Ruabon: 9 Feb 1844 mar. by Lic. of Edward JONES (wharfinger) ba. of Llangollen s/o John (wharfinger)
                                                                     & Eleanor OWEN sp. of Rhosymedre d/o Williamm (skinner)
               387 Hawarden: 3 Apr 1688 bur/o --- s/o Edwd. of Rake
               390 Bangor-on-Dee: Abel(l), Andrew, Anne, Charles, Edward, James, John, Joseph, Margaret, Margt, Martha, Mary,
                                            Owen, Richard, Robt, Simon, Thomas, Timothy, William;
               391 Colwyn: Alice, Ann(e), Annie, Catharine, Catherine, Daniel, David, Edward Morris, Elias, Elizabeth Ann,
                                Elizabeth Bella, Ellen, Ellen Gertrude, Frederick Wm, Henry, Hugh, Jane, John, Joseph, Kate Blanche,
                                Mabel Gwendolyn, Owen, Richard, Richard Hugh, Robert, Robert Reginald Hugh, Thomas, William,
                                William Pryce, William Samuel, Winifred;
               392 Gresford: Anne, George, John;
OWEN contd
               393 Wrexham: Albert William, Arthur, Elizabeth, Ellen Ann, Evan, John Samuel, Mary, Mary Jane, Robert,
                                     Thomas, William, William Gabriel, Willie;
               394 Clocaenog: Alice, Anne, Gryffydd, Jane, John, Marg't, Margaret, Thomas;
               395 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant: Alice, Andrew, Anne, David, Elinor, Elizabeth, Elizth, Ellin, Ellinor, Evan,
                                                            Humphrey, Jane, John, Lewis, Margaret, Margat, Margt, Mary, Rich'd, Roger,
                                                            Sara, Thomas, William, Willm, Wm;
396 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochant: Catherine, David, Elizabeth, Ellin, Ellis, Evan, Gwen, Jane, John, Lowry, Maurice,
                                                           Moris, Robt, Roger, Sina, Sinah, Thomas, William, Willm;
OWEN contd
               397A Llansilin: Alice, Edward, Evan, Henry, Humphrey, Jane, John, Margt., Mary, Maurice, Morris, Richard,
                                     Sarah, Thomas;
               397B Llansilin: 23 Oct 1671 mar/o Edward OWEN of Llangollen & Elizth DAVIES otp
                                     16 Apr 1711 mar/o Morris OWEN & Elizabeth EDWARD
               397C Llansilin: 13 Mar 1676/77 bur/o Catherine, Bodlith/Bodlwyn?
398 Gyffylliog: Ann(e), Elizabeth, Ellin, Grace, Griffith, Gwen, Jane, John, Mary, Robert, Robt, Susan, Thomas,
               399 Wrexham: Anne, Charles, Frank Blane, George, Mary, Mary Ann, Richard, William;

               400 Wrexham: 29 Oct 1824 William OWEN & James COWPER wits. at mar. by Banns (wcop) of
                                                        David ROBERTS (x) (farmer) ba. & Susannah OWENS (x) sp., both otp
                                       3 Nov 1824 Edward OWEN, Elizabeth SMITH (x) & James COWPER wits. at mar by Banns of
                                                        Rowland OWENS (tailor) wdr. & Jane MORRIS (x) sp., both otp
                                     27 Dec 1824 William OWEN & Anne OWEN (x) wits. at mar. by Banns (wcop) of
                                                        John EDWARDS (x) (lab) ba. & Sarah ROGERS (x) sp., both otp
                                     23 Aug 1829 mar. by Banns (wcof) of Robert OWEN (x) & Mary LANGFORD (x), both otp
                                                                                            Wits: Joseph EDWARDS (x), Elenor LANGFORD (x)
               401 Wrexham: John;
               402A Denbigh: Alie, David, Mary;
               402B Denbigh: Catherine, Elizabeth, Ellin, Grace, Margaret;
               403 Holywell: Anne, Catherine, Edward, Hugh, Mary, Shoned, Tho., Thomas, Willliam;
               404 Wrexham: Elizabeth Alice, Ellis David, Emma, George William, John, Mary;
OWEN contd

               405 Wrexham: Alice Augusta, Daniel, Edward, Elizabeth, Ellenor, Elsie, Florence Beatrice, Florence Elizabeth,
                                     Frances Sidney, George Daniel, Hannah, Henry Edwin, Herbert Edward, John, John Albert, Louisa,
                                     Margaret, Mary, Mary Alice, Owen, Robert Henry Withington, Thomas Richard;
               406 Wrexham: William;
               407 Wrexham: Ann, David, James Charles, John, Mary Elizabeth, Robert, William;
408 Bangor-on-Dee: Ann, Jane;
               409 Betws Gwerfyl Goch: Rector 1760-1766 Thomas Owen M.A.
OWEN contd
               410 Wrexham: Jane, Mary, Thomas Robert;
411 Wrexham: Anne, Edward, Elizabeth, Harriett, Margaret, Robert;
               412 Wrexham: Ann, Charles, Eliza, John, Price, Tymothy;
               413 Mold: 7 Jan 1820 mar. by Lic. of Thomas BISHOP ba. of Mkt Drayton & Sarah MORRIS (x) sp. otp
                                                                     Wits: John OWEN, Jane DAVIES, Thomas MORRIS (x)
               414 Mold: James, John, Robert, Thomas;
               415B Northop (witnesses at marriages): Catherine, John;
                    C Northop (burials): George Allin, John, Mary;
              *416 Ruabon: 17 Sep 1904 mar. by Banns of
                                                      Thomas Owen JONES (collier) ba/32 of Cefn s/o Isaac JONES (carpenter)
                                                      & Bertha LLOYD wid/31 of Cefn d/o Mark BOWEN (dec. engineer)
               416 Ruabon: Daniel, Hannah Jane, John, John Edward, Jonathan, Joseph, Martha, Norah Constance,
                                  Sarah, Thomas;
               417 Wrexham: Thomas;
               419 Halkyn: Rector 1694 -   Oliver OWEN A.B.
                                 Edward, Elizabeth, Ellin, Jane, John, Jonet, Katherine, Thomas;
OWEN contd
               420 Halkyn: rector 1694-1727 Oliver OWEN A.B.
               420A Halkyn: 28 Dec 1723 mar/o John OWEN & Eliz. HUGHES
                                    10 Feb 1740/41 mar/o Thomas HUGHES & Anne OWEN, both otp
                                     8 Dec 1742 mar/o John OWEN & Mary DAVIES
                    B Halkyn: Anne, Charlotte, Edward, Elizabeth, Evan, Humphrey, John, Margaret, Mary, Rice, Thomas,
                                   Thos., William;
                421 Hope: Eliz, Elizabeth, Ellen, Ellinor, Evan, Helen, Jane, John, Thomas, Thos;
                422p Hanmer:  9 Nov 1568 bap/o Joan d/o Thomas Owen & Gwen
                                      8 Feb 1580/81 bap/o Rondulphe s/o Davyd ap Owen
                422 Hanmer: Elen, Elyn, Gwen, Jane, John, Mar.., Richard, Rondell, Thomas, Willm;
                423 Hanmer: 13 Nov 1563 mar/o Thomas OWEN & Gwen LANCASHYRE
                                     3 Dec 1569 mar/o Richard ap Shone & Gwen OWEN
                                     5 Oct 1578 bur/o Margaret base ch. of Richard OWEN
                                     3 Aug 1588 bur/o Joan d/o Thomas
                                     4 Nov 1598 bur/o John ch/o Willm
               424 Hanmer: Edward, Jane, Margaret, Mary, Thomas, Ursula, William;
               425A Hanmer: Richard;
                    B Hanmer: Gwen, John, Katherine, Thomas, William, Willm;
 427 Ruabon: Charles, Elinor, James, Jane, John, Joseph, Mary, Sarah, Thomas, William;
               428 Ysceifiog: Katherine;
429A Ysceifiog:  Ann, Edward, Elizth, Mary, Wm;
OWEN contd
               430 Llangollen: Ann, Hugh, John, Mary;
               431 Llangollen: Edward, Hugh, John, Sarah, Sarah Elizabeth, Thomas Robert;
               432 Llangollen: Cadwaladr, Edward, Ellis, John, Margaret, Mary, Mary Elizabeth, Mary Wynne, Richard;
               433 Llangollen: Ann(e), Edward, Edwin, Evan, Jane, John, Thomas, William;
               434A  Bangor-on-Dee: Abel, Charles, Elizabeth, Jane, Timothy;
    B  Bangor-on-Dee: Abel, Alice, Andrew, Anne, Charles, Dorothy,  James, Margaret, Margtt, Martha, Robt, Roger, Timothy, Thomas;
               436B Hope: ---, Anne, Edd, Edward, John;
               437 Ruabon: Ales, Anne, Cadwalader, Catharine, Catherine, Charles, David, Dorothy, Edward, Elin, Elizabeth, Ellis, Esther, Evan, Francis,
                                  Gwen, Jacob, Jane, John, Joseph, Joyce, Kadwalader, Kadwaladr, Margaret, Martha, Mary, Mathew, Matthew, Owen, Richard,
                                  Robert, Sarah, Thomas;
              *438A Broughton: Curate 1892-1896 George Owen BROWNE
               438A Broughton: Ann, Ethel Mary, Mary;
                    B Broughton: George, John;
               439 Cilcain
              *440A Hawarden
               440A,C Hawarden
               441B Hope
               442 Bangor on Dee: 14 Jan 1740/41 bur/o Charles
                                             25 Oct 1742 bur/o Abel
                                             25 Feb 1754 mar/o Thomas OWEN & Mary WILLIAMS both otp
                                             25 Aug 1754 bur/o Mary
               443  Rhosllanerchrugog
               444 Ruabon
               445 Wrexham
               446 Chirk: Ann, Dorothy, Edward, Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah, William;
               447A,B,C,D Llandyrnog
               448B St. George
               449 Trelawynd
OWEN contd
               450 Llanycil
               451 Whitford
               452A,B Whitford
               453A,B Ysceifiog
               454A,B  Llanrhos
               455A,B,C Llanrwst
               456 Llansannan
               457 Llanuwchllyn
              *458 Mold
              *459 Mold
               459 Mold
OWEN contd
               460 Mold
               461A,B Mold
               462 Bodfari
               463 Eglwysbach
               464A,B,C Gwytherin
               465B Halkyn
               466 Hawarden
               467 Holywell
               468 Llandderfel: Cadwalader, Catherine, Danl, Ellin, Gainor, Griffith, Harry, Hugh, Jane, Mary,
                                      Maurice, Rice, Richard, Thomas;
               469 Llandrillo yn Edeirnion
OWEN contd
               470A,B Llandrillo yn Rhos
               471 Llanelian yn Rhos
               472 Llangernyw
               473B Llangower
               474A Gresford  (Marriages 1813-37)
                                      Barbara, Griffith, James, Jane, Mary, William;
                    B Gresford (Marriages 1837-1911)
                                     Ann, Anne, Charles, Daniel, Edward, George, Jane, John, Sarah Susan, Timothy, William;
               475A,B Llangystennin
Llanrhaeadr yng Nghinmeirch
              *478B Llantysilio
               478A,B Llantysilio
OWEN contd
               480 Rhuddlan
               481 Whitford
               482 Hawarden
               484 Hawarden
               485 Holywell
               486 Bistre
               487 Gwersyllt
               488 Hope
               489 Marchwiel
OWEN contd
               490 Chirk
               491A,B Henllan
               492 Holywell
               493 Llantysilio: Perpetual Curate or Vicar: 1931-1937 Richard Henry OWEN M.A.

                                      Anne, Catharine, David, Edward Elizabeth, Gladys, Jane, Katie Florence, Laura,  Margaret, Mary, Robert,
                                     William, William Venables, Winnifred;
               494 Chirk: Alice, Ann, Anne, Daniel, Edward, Edwd, Elisabeth, Eliz, Elizabeth, Evan, Gabriel, Gwen, Jane, John, Joseph,
                               Margaret, Mary, Nathanael, Nathaniel, Randal, Richard, Roger, Thomas;
               495 Gyffylliog
Llanrhaeadr yng Nghinmeirch
               498 Bodfari
               499 Denbigh
OWEN contd
               500B Holywell
               501 Northop
               502 Llandderfel
               504A,B Llannefydd
               506A,B Abergele
               507A,B,C Betws yn Rhos
               508A,C Capel Garmon
               509 Dyserth
OWEN contd
               510A Llandrillo yn Rhos
                    B Llandrillo  yn Rhos
               511 Llansannan
               512 Nannerch
               513A Rhuddlan
                    B Rhuddlan
               515D Corwen
               516A Eglwys bach
                    B Eglwys bach
               517A Llanasa: 27 Dec 1710 mar/o Thomas OWEN of Trelogan & Ursula JONES
                                      7 Jul 1716 mar/o John OWEN & Catherine WILLIAMS both otp
                                     30 Apr 1743 mar/o Evan OWEN & Jane ROBERTS otp
                    B Llanasa
(Baps 1708-1760):
                                    Anne, Catherine, Davyd, Dorothy, Edward, Elizabeth, Hugh, Jane, John, Mary,
                                    Owen, Thomas, Ursula, William;
                    C Llanasa (Bur 1708-1760):
                                    Edward, Elizabeth, Ellis, John, Lowry, Margaret, Roger, Thomas;
               518 Llangollen
               519 Llantysilio
OWEN contd
               520A Llysfaen
                    B Llysfaen
                    C Llysfaen
                    D Llysfaen
               521 St Asaph
Llansanffraid Glan Conway
                    B Llansanffraid Glan Conway
                    C Llansanffraid Glan Conway
               524 St George
               525 Whitford
               526A Llanfair Talhearn
                   B Llanfair Talhearn
                   C Llanfair Talhearn
               527 Llangernyw
               528 Llanrwst
               529 Rhuddlan
OWEN contd
               530 Chirk
               532 Llanrhaiadr yng Nghinmeirch
               533A Overton
                    B Overton
               534 Bagillt
               535 Buckley
               536 Llansannan
               538*B Llangar
               539 Llanrhaeadr ym  Mochnant
OWEN contd
               540 Overton
               541 Caerwys
               544 Meliden
               545 St Asaph
               546 Bodfari
               547 Flint
               549A Llanelian yn Rhos
                    B Llanelian yn Rhos
OWEN contd
               551A Hawarden
                    B Hawarden
               552B Wrexham: Anne, Daniell, David, Edd, Elinor, Hugh, Humphrey, John, Joseph, Katherine, Mary, Peter, Richard, Robert;
                    C Wrexham: 17 Jan 1727/28 mar/o Arthur OWEN, Esq. & (Madam) Mary CLAYTON, Brymbo
                    D Wrexham:  6 Sep 1709 bur/o Robert (cobler) B.M.
                                       24 Sep 1709 bur/o Robert (yeoman), Bersham
                                       18 Dec 1709 bur/o David (whipper of Bridwell)
               553 Gresford: Ann, Catherine, Daniel, Edward, Elizabeth, Frances, George, Jane, John, Peter, Sarah, Thomas, William Herbert;
               554 Brymbo: Ellen, Hannah, Jane, John, Margaret, Richard, Robert, Samuel, William;
               555 Brymbo: Anne, Hannah, John, Margaret, Maria Elizabeth, Mary Elizabeth, Sarah Elizabeth, Thomas;
               557 Llansilin: Humphrey, Jane, Owen Thomas, Richard, Robert;
OWEN contd
               558 Llandegla: Rector: 1870-1893 John OWEN

                                     11 Mar 1915 bur/o Robert Owen PIERCE, aged 31, Pen Dinas                                   

                                     23 Jun 1850 bap/o Robert -/o Daniel (parish clerk) & Merry, Stryt Issa
                                     14 Dec 1858 bur/o Mary Catherine, aged 11 mths, Llan
                                       1 Nov 1861 mar by Banns of Hughes OWEN (lab) ba/ofa of Graig & Jane PARRY wid/ofa of Ty newyd

                                      7 Dec 1864 bur/o Thomas (Curate of Llandegla), aged 28, Plas Newydd, Llanarmon
                                     30 Agu 1865 bur/o Daniel, aged 47, Glebe Cottage
                                     10 Sep 1871 bap/o Elizabeth -/o Philip (lab) & Louisa, Ysguborwen
                                     14 Aqpr 1875 bur/o Robert Simon (late of Llandegla), aged 24, of Chester
15 Jul 1876 bur/o Aneurin, aged 4 months, Ysgwbor wen
                                     25 Jun 1877 bur/o Louisa, aged 28, Ysgwbor-wen
                                     27 Mar 1878 bur/o Mary Ellen, aged 8, Penstryt
                                     26 Aug 1880 bur/o James, aged 76, Pont-y-Mwynwr Cottage, Llanferres
                                     28 Nov 1883 bap/o Margaret Jane -/o Elias (lab) & Harriet, Hendy
                                     10 Dec 1883 bap/o Richard -/o Thomas (lab) & Catherine, Garth-lodge
                                     10 Dec 1883 bur/o Thomas, aged 4, Garth-lodge
                                     29 Jan 1884 bur/o Richard, aged 2 mths, Garth-Lodge
                                     22 May 1891 bur/o Jane, aged 73, Dee Mount, Llangollen
                                      9 Feb 1902 bap/o Albert -/o George (gamekeeper) & Ann, Tainewydion, Llandysilio
                                      2 Jan 1907 bur/o Elias, aged 61, Rhos Cottages (my great-grandfather)
OWEN contd
               559A Rhosymedre: 26 Mar 1909 bap/o James Stanley                        
                                                 -/o Charles Thomas (collier) & Margaret Elizabeth, otp (Llangollen Terrace)
               560p Llangollen
               561A Marchwiel: 11 Apr 1886 bap/o Mary Ann d/o Daniel (farmer) & Jane, Gwervyd, Llangollen
                                         3 Sep 1884 mar by Banns of Daniel OWEN (farmer) ba of Llangollen
                                                                         s/o Robert OWEN (farmer)
                                                                         & Jane OWEN sp otp d/o Charles OWEN (farmer)
                                       21 Apr 1897 mar/o
                                                     John GRIFFITHS (farmer) ba of Moreton Below, Ruabon
                                                                        s/o John GRIFFITHS (ffarmer)
                                                  & Rhoda Harriett OWEN (farmer's daughter) sp of Pentre Meylin
                                                                       d/o Charles OWEN (farmer)
                    C Marchwiel: Charles, Eliza, Frances, Mary, Sarah, Thomas;
              *562A Tallarn Green: 24 Nov 1899 bap/o Margaret Owen KYNASTON
                                                                  d/o John (butler) & Mary Jane, Hanmer
                     C Tallarn Green: 19 Feb 1929 bur/o Annie, aged 64 years, New Cottage, Tybroughton
                                                 21 Mar 1935 bur/o John, aged 43 years, New Cottage, Tybroughton
                                                   4 Jan 1938 bur/o Thomas, aged 75 years, Brunette Cottages, Tybroughton
               563C Erbistock:  6 Jan 1944 bur/o Ann, aged 96, Cinders Cottage, Ruabon
                                       27 Dec 1945 bur/o Herbert (fatal accident when cycling from Overton),
                                                                                                        aged 17 yrs, otp (Farm Cottage)
               565A Esclusham: Albert Edward, Ann, Edward, Ellis, Esther,  Francis, Harvey Trevor, Hugh Dudley,
                                         JONES (deleted )Flora Penelope,
                                         Lilian Beryl, Mary Jane, Robert Edward, Sarah Ellen, Thomas John;
                    B Esclusham: Deborah Ann, Edward, Ernest, Robert Ambrose, Samuel Edward, Sarah Helena,
                                         Watkin Queenborough, William;
               567 Brymbo 10 May 1859 bur/o Samuel, aged 5 wks, otp
                                  27 Nov 1866 bur/o Isaac, aged 27 yrs, Green, Broughton
               568 Brymbo    7 Nov 1868 bur/o Hugh, aged 1 yr, otp (Wern )
                                   12 Mar 1889 bur/o John, aged 62, Black Horse, York Street, Wrexham
               569 Abergele (Marriages & Burials 1647-1708) Vol 2 (+ a patronymic index)                    
                      A Marriages - none
                      B Burials:  28 Aug 1667 bur/o Anne Owen alias HOLLAND

                                      Alice, Ellen, Jane, Lowry, Mary, Owen.
OWEN contd
               570 Bodfari (Baptisms, Marriages & Burials 1621-1643) Vol 5
                                Rector 1634-1640 Rowland OWEN A.M. deprived by the Parliamentary Sequestrators
                                Barbara, Edmund, Hugh, Jane, John, Jonett, Margaret, Martha, Modelen, Pyers, Rowland,
                                Thomas, William
               571A Cerrigydrudion (Baptisms 1847-1908)
                                              Eleanor, Elizabeth, Ellen, Ellin, Gwin Tegida, Hannah, Jane, John, Joseph,
                                              Mary,  Mary Jane, Matilda, Robert, Robert Edward, Sarah, Sarah Mabel, Sinah,
                                              Tegwill Hart, William;

                                               5 Nov 1901 bap/o Margaret Winifred THOMAS (OWEN)
                                                                illeg. c/o Robert OWEN of Fronbella, Pentrefoilas
                                                                             & Margaret  THOMAS, Cefnbrith

B Cerrigydrudion (Burials 1813-1850)
                                              Edward, Eleanor, Elinor, Evan, John, Richard, Susanah, Thomas;

                                              24 May 1836 bur/o Maria OWEN (HOWELL) aged 1
                                                               base d/o David HOWELL & Margaret OWEN, Pentre Cwmpenanner
                     C Cerrigydrudion (Burials 1851-1908)
                                              Azariah, Catherine, Ceridwen, Edward, Elizabeth, Ellen, Ellis, Evan,
                                              Jane, John, Margaret Elizabeth, Mary, Robert, Robert Henry, Sinah,
                                              Thomas, William;
OWEN contd
               572 Broughton (Baptisms 1824-1867) Vol 1
                                     Edward, John, Joseph, Martha, Sarah.

                                    7 Feb 1836 bap/o Mary TAYLOR (OWEN) (b 23 Nov 1835) illeg. d/o
                                                       Edward OWEN (lab) & Martha TAYLOR (pauper) Broughton Hall
               *573 Broughton: 29 Nov 1904 bap/o Joseph Mitchell SMITH
                                                                     s/o Alfred (carter) & Annie Owen, Acton, Nantwich
                                      13 May 1906 bap/o Albert SMITH (b 14 Dec)
                                                                  s/o Alfred (carter) & Annie Owen, Acton, nr Nantwich
               573 Broughton:  4 Nov 1891 bap/o Ethel Mary d/o Joseph (brakesman) & Sarah, Saltney Ferry
                                     16 Apr 1893 bap/o Mabel Esther d/o Joseph (brakesman) & Sarah, 50 Mold Junct'n
                                     13 Oct 1895 bap//o Joseph George s/o Joseph (brakesman) & Sarah, Mold Junction
               574 Buckley (Baptisms 1876-1894)
                                  Benjamin, Emma, Joseph, Maude, Miriam, Robert, Thomas, William,
                                  William Henry;    
               575 Hope: 6 Feb 1820 bap/o Mary d/o William (blacksmith) & Frances, Hartsheath
OWEN contd
               576 Llansannan (Baptisms 1813-1888) Vol 6
                                       Anne, Benjamin, Catharine, David, Davies, Dinah, Edward, Elizabeth, Ellin, Ellis,
                                       Evan, Grace, Humphrey, James, Jane, John, Leah, Marg't, Margaret, Mary, Owen,
                                       Philip, Richard, Robert, Ruth, Sarah, Thomas, William.

                                        5 Apr 1818 bap/o Emma OWEN (WILLIAMS) illeg d/o
                                                           Richard WILLIAMS (farmer) & Grace OWEN, Bryn Ffannigl
                                        6 Dec 1818 bap/o Anne OWEN (WILLIAMS) illeg d/o
                                                                   John WILLIAMS (lab) Hesgin & Elizabeth OWEN, Llan
               577 Overton 17 Aug 1819 bap/o Thomas (b 20 jun) s/o Owen Davies (land surveyor) & Elizabeth, otp
                                 27 May 1821 bap/o Henry Pugh (b 12 Apr) s/o Owen Davies (surveyor) & Elizah, otp
               578 Ysceifiog (Baptisms 1813-1910) Vol 8
                                     Albert, David, Dilys Mary, Edward, Elizabeth, Henry, John Hugh, Margaret,
                                     Sarah, Sarah Jane.                                          

                                     25 May 1845 bap/o John OWEN (PRYS) base s/o
                                                           John PRYS (lab) & Elizabeth OWEN (servant) both of Ffynnon Fair
579 Ysceifiiog (Burials 1813-1910) Vol 10
                            16 May 1818 bur/o Robert, aged 58, Waen-Issa
                            12 Jan 1839 bur/o John (victualler), aged 64, 'Rising Sun'
                              2 Jan 1855 bur/o Edward, aged 58, Gorsedd
OWEN contd
               580 Bagillt (Baptisms 1839-1911) Vol 1
                                Vicar 1890-1909  Vicar  Robert OWEN B.A.
                                 Amy Gwendaline, Anne, Annie, Catherine, Elizabeth, Ellen, Hannah, Hubert Lancelot,
                                 Mary, Mary Myfanwy, Richard, Robert, Samuel, Sarah Jane.
581 Ysceifiog (Baptisms 1662-1710) Vol 1 (+ a patronymic index)
                           24 Sep 1671 bap/o Jane d/o John & Susan, Garneddwen
              582 Bistre: 16 Feb 1871 bap/o William s/o Edward (blacksmith) & Jane
              583 Chirk (Baptisms 1845-1879) Vol 8
                             Ann, Edward, Eliza, Elizabeth, Ellis, Emma, Francis, George, Geoge Alfred, Griffith,
                             Harriet, James, James Philip, Jane, John, John Francis, Margaret, Martha Alice,
                             Mary, Mary Ann, Robert, Samuel, Sarah, Sarah Ann, Sina, Sophia, Susan,
                             William, William Bolas.
584 Buckley (Baptisms 1822-1850) Vol 1
                                 Elizabeth, Ellen, Fanny, George, Margaret, Maria, Martha, Mary, Mary Elizabeth, Sarah,
                                 Thomas, Timothy, Willliam.
585 Gwersyllt (Baptisms 1851-1888) Vol 1
                                   20 Aug 1882 bap/o John Henry s/o Edward (brick burner) & Mary Elizabeth, Summerhill
              586  Llantysilio (Baptisms 1813-1912) Vol 4
                                     Perpetual Curate or Vicar 1931-1937  Richard Henry OWEN M.A.                                   

                                     Alice, Anne, Anne Catherine, David, Edward, Elizabeth, Ellen, Evan, Hugh, Jane,  
                                     Margaret, Mary Elizabeth, Richard, Richard William, Robert, Robert Davies,

                                     5 Jun 1813 bap/o Evan ROBERTS (OWEN)
                                                                s/o Evan  OWEN (farmer) & Gwen ROBERTS (single woman), Cwm Ty Du
OWEN contd
               587 Overton (Baptisms 1839-1868) Vol 7
                                  Ann, Ellen, Emma, Margaret, Thomas, William
               588 Gwersyllt (Baptisms 1888-1913) Vol 2
                             Alice, Annie, Arthur, David Charles, Frank, Harriet Ciceline, James, John, Mary Elizabeth,
                             Miriam, Peter, Robert, Ruth, Sarah Ann.
591 Llanddulas St Cynbryd MIs:
                                Annie, David Edward, Deborah, Edith June, Hugh, John, Mabel Mary (Mamie),
                                Walter Edward, William.

                                Memorial in Old Vicarage Wall
                                         In memory of Griffith OWEN, Rector of this Parish, buried -- Mar --96 aged 47
                                Leaning against west wall:
                                        Thomas OWEN (late police officer at Llanddulas) d 2 Jan 1891 aged 69
OWEN contd
              594 Gresford (Baptisms 1851-1911) Vol 10
                               Agnes, Anne, Annie, Annie Dora, David, Elizabeth, Margaret, Sarah Jane, Susan May, Thomas,
                               Thomas Daniel, Thomas Frederick, William Almark, Winifred Ethel.
               595 Gresford (Baptisms 1828-1850) Vol 9
                            Catherine, Edward, George, John, Mary Anne, Sarah, Thomas.
               596 Buckley (Baptisms 1851-1875) Vol 2
                               Alfred, George, John, Lucy, Mary, Miriam, Robert, Samuel, William.

                               This surname appears as the mother's maiden name on the following
                                p 3,8,10,15,18,25,30,38,49
               598 Hope (Baptisms 1859-1904) Vol 6
                          Annie, David, Eliza, Elizabeth, Fanny, George, Henry Charles, Hugh Thomas, Isaac, John,
                          Maggie, Martha Jane, Mary, Nancy, Peter, Sarah, Thomas, William.
OWEN contd
599 Hope (Burials 1813-1868) Vol 8
                             6 Oct 1832 bur/o George, aged 5, Hartsheath
                             7 Nov 1842 bur/o Margaret, aged 79, Caergwrle
                            10 Feb 1864 bur/o David Charles, aged 3, Cerney
                             22 Feb 1864 bur/o Frances, aged 69, Hartsheath, Mold
                             18 Apr 1864 bur/o Anne, aged 58, Oswestry
               Misc: North Wales Directory 1835 (further details on request using my unpublished index)
                        1841 Census Wrexham Town (further details on request): Ann, Eliz, Elizabeth, Frances,
                                   Frederick, Henry, James, Jane, John, Joseph, Mary, Willm, Wm;
1881 Census Saltney, Cheshire/Flintshire
                        Gresford MIs: Charles Owen WILLIAMS, Owen WILLIAMS
                                            Daniel, Elizabeth, Frances, Herbert, Herbert E., James, Jane, John, Mary, Peter,
                                             Richard, Robert;
OWEN (Misc.) contd
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                                      Edward Owen SNOW, Surgeon, Beaumaris,
                                                                                                                                  last of Chester Oct 1835
                                                                                      Owen Griffith ap John, Inventory   1621
                                                                                      AWEN (alias OWEN) John, Partington  1683
                                                                                      KYFFIN (alias OWEN) Jane, Wid, Overton   1662
                                                                         OWEN: Ann, Sp, Malpas   25 Jun 1807
                                                                                     Charles, Clerk, Warrington  1749
                                                                                     Edward, Warrington   27 Jun 1807
                                                                                     Henry, ba, Farmer, Feram Isaf, Anglesey/Holyhead   1851
                                                                                     John, Haircresser, Caernarvon  Jul 1833
                                                                                     Katherine, Sp, Ruthin/Chester   1781
                                                                                     Thomas, Bettisfield  1737/8
                                                                                     Thomas, Mariner, Caernarvon   1789
                                                                                     Wm, Bettisfield   1612
                        Shropshire Directory 1828/929:
OWEN contd                
     OWEN al JONES 286 Llanycil:
     OWENCE  99 Llantysilio
(Births/Baptisms 1759-1812 Burials 1758-1812) Vol 3
                                          Anne, Edward, Eline, Elizabeth, Jane, John, Marry,  Morris, Robert, Sarah, Thomas;
                    108 Minera Chapel: Catharin, Hugh;
                    205 Llantysilio:
                    501 Northop
     OWENES  44 Denbigh: Richard (same person as Richard OWEN in this register)
                     108 Minera Chapel: Mary;
                     187 St. George:
                     271 Eglwys-bach:
                     291 Llysfaen:
                     435 Gresford: Robt, William;
                     449 Trelawnyd
                     490B Chirk
                     516B Eglwys bach
                     525 Whitford
     OWENN 419 Halkyn: 30 Jul 1635 bap/o John s/o Thomas & Mary Jones (his) wife
OWEN contd
     OWENS   1 Llandegla: 18 Mar 1749/50 bur/o Robert, otp
                                         5 Jun 1757 bur/o Ann , otp
                                       26 Jan 1769 bur/o Roberd;
                    2 Llandegla
(Baptisms 1710-1743 Marriages 1710-1738 Burials 1710-1741) Vol 1
                                      25 Jul 1723 mar/o John OWENS & Elizabeth vch Ddafydd
                                      31 Oct 1736 bur/o John s/o John, Llanarmon
                                        9 Jan 1736/37 bur/o ---- s/o William
                                     18 Nov 1739 bap/o Jane OWENS d/o John (weaver) & Mary, Llanarmon
                    2A: Notitae of Llandegla 1686: Robert ap Richard & his wife Mary OWENS
3 Llangollen (Baptisms 1782-1791) Vol 6
Anne, Edward, Ellin, Ellinor, Evan, Francis, Jane, Lodwick, Margaret, Mary,
                                       Owen, Robert, Thomas
4 Llangollen (Baptisms & Burials 1738-1769, Marriages 1738-1754) Vol 4
Anne, Catherine, Cathrine, Charles, David, Edward, Elin, Elisabeth, Elizabeth,
                                      Hugh, Jane, John, Jonas, Lodwick, Margaret, Mary, Owen, Rees, Rhys, Richard, Robert,
                                      Sarah, Thomas, William, Willm, Wm;
5 Llangollen (Baptisms, Marriages & Burials 1707-1738) Vol 3
Anne, Catherine, Edward, Elizabeth, Grace, Jane, John, Jon, Margaret, Mary, Pierce,
                                       Thomas, William;
6 Isycoed (Baptisms 1749-1813 Marriages 1750-1 837 Burials 1750-1813)
Anne, Catarn, Catherine, Edward, Elisabeth, Elizabeth, Hannah, Jain, John, Samuel,
                                    Sarah, Thomas;
                    7 Llanferres:  5 Sep 1807 mar by Banns of Edward EDWARDS ba & Jane OWENS sp both otp
                                                                                  Wits: David LLOYD, Catherine BURGESS, Edwd EDWARDS
                                       14 Feb 1808 bur/o John (farmer), Rhos
OWEN / OWENS contd
                    8 Overton: 14 Feb 1759 bap/o Edward s/o Edward & Mary
                                      8 Feb 1761 bap/o Margaret d/o Edward & Mary
                                    13 Feb 1763 bap/o Francis s/o Edward & Mary
9 Efenechtyd (Baptisms, Marriages & Burials 1693-1812)
                                         31 Aug 1761 Robert OWENS & Sara HUGHES wits at mar by Banns of
                                                               Thomas JONES ba of Llanfair & Ane HUGHES sp otp
                   10 Overton (Marriages 1754-1837) Vol 4
                                : Edward, John, Martha, Richard;
                   11 Bangor-on-Dee: 3 Sep 1797 bap/o Hannah (b 1) base d/o ------- & Lydia OWENS, Sesswick
                   12 Llangolleen  (Baptisms 1791-1812) Vol 7
                                : Anne, Catherine, David, Edward, Evan, Francis, Jane, Jno, John, Martha, Mary, Owen,
                                  Rees, Rice, Richd, Robert, Robt, Thos, William;
                                  16 Jun 1811 bap/o Eleanor EDWARDS (OWENS) (b 15)
                                                                          base d/o John OWENS ba otp & Margaret EDWARDS sp otp (Bache)
                   13 Llandegla  6 Dec 1744 mar by Lic of 
                                             John OWENS of Ruthyn & Margaret EDWARDS of Wrexham
                                      18 Oct 1751 mar by Banns of Edward SIMON & Ann OWENS
                                    : 28 Jan 1781 bap/o Jane d/o Owen (butcher) & Anne
                                         4 Dec 1781 bur/o Anne JONES w/o Owen OWENS (butcher)
                                       22 Feb 1788 bur/o Sarah OWENS, wid
                                         1 Apr 1791 mar by Banns of
                                                            Rees OWENS ba of Llangollen & Jane JONES sp otp (both signed)
                                                           Wits: Edward EDWARDS, Elizabeth ELLIS
                                       25 Jan 1794 bur/o Owen OWENS, Aberdaran in Llun, Caernarvonshire
                                       15 Jul 1803 bap/o Jane d/o James & Mary, Dafarn Dowyrch
                                       26 Dec 1804 bur/o Maria
                                       31 Jul 1807 bap/o Edward s/o James & Jennet, Dafarn Dowyrch
                                       22 Nov 1809 bap/o Hugh s/o James & Janet, Dafarn Dowyrch
                                         1 Jul 1812 bap/o John s/o James & Jane, Dararn Dowyrch
                   14 Llanferres: 27 Dec 1748 mar/o John KENTHRICK & Anne OWENS both otp
                   15 Cerrigydrudion (Baps 1813-1846) Vol 5
                                    : Anne, Barbara, Catharine, Catherine, David, Edward, Eleanor, Elinor, Elizabeth,
                               Gwen, Hannah, Hugh, Jane, John, Margaret, Margt, Mary, Owen, Ruth, Robert, Sarah,
                               Susannah, Thomas, William;
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   16 Hawarden: 28 Dec 1812 mar by Banns of
                                                   Robert PARRY (lab) ba & Margaret OWENS both otp
                                                   Wits: Richd PARRY, Thos BARBER
                   17 Llanarmon-yn-Ial:  13 Aug 1696 bap/o William s/o Hugh & Mary
                                                  30 Jul 1697 bur/o -------; Erryrys
                                                  29 Dec 1699 bur/o Mary OWENS (ROWLAND) base d/o
                                                                                            Edward ROWLAND & Ann OWENS
                                                    3 Mar 1699/1700 bur/o Eleanor
                                                    1 May 1701 bur/o Hugh (lab) pauper, otp
                                                  20 Feb 1701/02 bur/o John s/o Hugh (deceased) & Mary (pauper)
                                                  14 Jul 1702 bur/o Charles s/o Hugh, pauper
                                                  10 Feb 1707/08 bap/o Roger OWENS (------) s/o ----------- & Ann OWENS
                                                  18 Apr 1708 bur/o Roger OWENS (LLOYD) base s/o
                                                                                                                     Peter LLOYD & Ann OWENS
                                                  28 Jan 1723/24 mar/o John OWENS & Margaret ROBERTS
                                                   8 Apr 1743 bur/o Mary, pauper
                                                 14 Dec 1733 bur/o William
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   18 Hawarden (Baptisms 1811-1820) Vol 17
Anne, Catharine, Catherine, Elizabeth, George, Jane, John, Martha, Owen, Tabitha;
                   21 Holt: 16 Sep 1670 bur/o Eliz, Iscoyd
                                   6 May 1675 bur/o Dorithy (d 4) wife of Edward, otp
                   22 Hawarden
(Marriages & Burials 1821-1830) Vol 20
                                        Allice, Anne, Elizabeth, George, John, Joseph, Martha, Owen, Robert, Robr;
                   23 Cerrigydrudion
(Baptisms 1735-1804) Vol 4
                               Alice, Anne, Cadwaldr, Catharine, David, Dorothy, Elisabeth, Ellin, Ellinor, Jane, Margaret,
                               Morgan, O., Owen, Richard, Robert, Seina, Thomas.
                   24 Hawarden
(Baptisms 1831-1840) Vol 21
                                                 Elizabeth, Margaret, Martha
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   25 Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd (Bap & Bur 1680-1782 Mar 1691-1754) Vol 1
                                  Anne, Catherine, Edward, Elizabeth, Evan, Grace, Gwen, Helen, Jane, John, Margaret, Mary,
                                  Richard, Robert, Thomas, William, Willm.
                   26 Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd (Bap & Bur 1782-1812 Mar 1755-1812) Vol 2
                                         Anne, Elizabeth, Evan, Jane, John, Mary, Robert
27 Llanarmon yn Ial (Baptisms, Marriages & Burials 1744-1812) Vol 2
                                               One of the Officiating Ministers  9 May 1775 - 7 May 1802: Thos OWEN(S), Clk;
23 Feb 1746/47 mar/o John OWENS & Mary DAVIES
                                                 3 Jun 1747 bap/o Gwenne d/o John & Mary
                                                13 Apr 1752 mar/o Richard OWENS & Anne JONES
                                                  3 Feb 1784 bur/o Gwen (paupeer), TL
                                                  5 Apr 1791 bur/o Elizabeth, infant, Plas yn Pant
                                               25 Mar 1792 bap/o Sarah d/o William & Margaret, Erryrys
                                              16 Oct 1795 bur/o Frances, infant, Chester
                                              19 Feb 1799 bur/o Samuel, infant, Wrexham
                                                8 Nov 1801 bur/o Mary, TL   
                                              23 Feb 1808 mar by Banns of
                                                       David DAVIES -/36 otp s/o Robert, Gwyddelwern
                                                    & Mary OWENS (patronymic) -/22 otp d/o Owen JONES, Llanvechell, Anglesea
                                              16 Jan 1809 bap/o Amy ROBERTS (b  6)
                                                                                    d/o David (taylor) & Mary (OWENS), Llan
                   29 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant (Marriages 1754-1812) Vol 2(2)
                           : Alice,David,  Edward, Elizabeth, Jane, John, Mary, Owen, Richard,
                             Rowland, Thomas, Thos, William;
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   30 Wrexham: Ann, Catherine, Daniel, David, Dorothy, Edward, Elizabeth, Hugh, James, Jane, Jno,
                                       John, Lydaha, Margaret,Martha, Mary, Owen, Rasmas, Rassmas (?Erasmus),
                                       Richard, Richd., Robert, Samuel, Sarah, Thomas, William;
                   31 Hawarden: Hannah, Margaret, Martha, Mary;
                   32 Hawarden: Mary, Thomas;
                   33 Llangwm:
                   34 Llangwm:
                   35 Llangwm:
                   36 Ruabon: John pp38,39; Thomas p8;  (not included in printed Register index, but in body of work).
                                     Ann(e), Daniel, David, Edward, Edwd, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Elizth, Ellin, Ellinor, Henery,
                                     John, Joseph, Mary, Owen, Richd,  Sarah, Susanah, Susanna, Thomas, Thos, William, Wm;
                   37 Worthenbury: Edward, Thomas;
                  *38 Wrexham: William Owens EDDOWS
                   38 Wrexham: Ann(a), Anne, Daniel, Danl, Ed(wd), Eliz(th), Erasmus, Hugh, Jane, John, Margt, Maria,
                                        Mary, Morris, Owen, Phobe, Rachel, Richd, Robt, Saml, Sarah, Tho, Thos, Timothy, Wm;
                   39 Halkyn: Hugh, Margaret, Mary, Shadrach, Shadrach George;
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   40 Hawarden: John, Lavinia, Lucy, Margaret, Samuel, Samuel Owen, Sarah Jane, William;
                   42 Holywell
(Burials 1813-1828):
                                     Amelia, Anne, Catherine, Daniel, Ebenezer Morris, Edward, Elenor, Eliza, Elizth, Ellen,
                                     Emma, George, Henry, Hugh, Humphrey, John, Joseph, Margaret, Martha, Mary,
                                     Mary Anne, Richard, Robert, Sarah, Thomas, William;
                   43 Cerrigydrudion: Catherine, Elisabeth, Evan, Gwen, Jane, John, Margaret, Owen, Richard, Robert, Robt,
                                              Thomas, William;
                   44 Denbigh: Alice, Ann(e), Catherine, David, Dina, Edward, Elizabeth, Elizth, Henry, Jn, John, Margaret,
                                     Morris, O., Owen, Richard, Richd, Robert, Robt, William, Wm;
                   45 Denbigh: Dorothy, Eleanor, Owen, Richard;
                   46A Worthenbury: Anne;
                       C Worthenbury: Alice, Timothy;
                   47 Worthenbury:
                   48 Worthenbury:
                   49 Holywell: Amelia: 27 Oct 1837 bap/o William s/o William (Inn kpr) & Amelia, otp
                                                   9 Jun 1839 bap/o Thomas s/o William (sadler) & Amelia, otp

                                     Anne, Edward,  Elizth, Grace Maria, James, Jane, John, John Alfred, Margaret, Maria, Mary,
                                     Price George, Richard, Robert, Samuel, Sarah,

                                     Thomas: 27 Feb 1836 bap/o Elizth d/o thomas (cotton spinner) & Anne, otp
 9 Jun 1839 bap/o Thomas s/o William (sadler) & Amelia, otp

                                     William: 20 Apr 1834 bap/o Sarah d/o William (copper roller), Greenfield
                                                   2 Aug 1835 bap/o Mary d/o William (miner) & Anne, otp
                                                   2 Aug 1835 bap/o Sarah d/o William (miner) & Anne, otp
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   51 Holywell: Anne, Dorothy, Edward, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Elizth, Ellen, Hannah, James, Jane, John, John Alfred, Margaret,
                                      Maria, Mary, Mary Anne, Richard, Robert, Sarah, Susannah,

                                      Thomas: 26 Apr 1835 bur/o Thomas, aged 58, otp
                                                    19 Mar 1836 bur/o Thomas, aged 67, otp
                                                    16 Apr 1836 bur/o Thomas, aged 48, otp

                                      William: 17 Feb 1838 bur/o William, aged 31, Penymaes

                                      William Pugh, Williams;
                   52 Holywell: Edward, Elenor, Elizth, Ellen, Hannah, Henry, Humphrey, John, Margaret, Margt, Martha,
                                     Mary, Peter, Peter Joseph, Phillip, Richard, Sarah, Thomas, William;

                  *53+53 Wrexham:
                   54A+B Abergele:
                   55A+B+C Nantglyn:
                   56A+B+C+D  Rhuddlan:
                   57 Ruabon: Anis, Catharina,Catharine, Charlotte, Daniel, David, Edward, Eleanor, Eliza, Elizabeth,
                                    Elizth, Harriett, Henery, Immanuel, James, Jane, John, Joseph, Margaret, Martha, Mary,
                                    Richard, Sarah, William;

                                    10 Nov 1816 bap/o Catharina base d/o --- & Ann OWENS
                                    25 Dec 1817 bap/o Daniel OWENS (HUGHES) base s/o Daniel HUGHES & Jane OWENS, Rhos
                                    26 Oct 1818 bap/o Harriett EDWARDS (OWENS) base d/o John OWENS & Mary EDWARDS
                                    24 Oct 1823 bap/o Eliza OWENS (ROGERS) illeg. d/o Thomas ROGERS (lab) of Wynstay
                                                                                                  & Mary OWENS (servant) of Streetisaf
                   58 Erbistock:
                   59 Erbistock:
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   61 Ruabon:
                   62 Flint:
                   63 Holt: 23 Feb 1778 mar. by Banns of Edward THOMAS (x) & Catherine OWENS (x), both otp
                                                                            Wits: William DOD, William GRONOW, Jas. TOMLINSON
                                20 Oct 1783 mar. by Banns of
                                                   William BELLAS (x) husbandman & Elizabeth OWENS (x) sp., both otp
                                                    Wits: Robt. RALPH, Martha BELLAS
                                19 Jul 1785 mar. by Banns of
                                                  William TAYLOR (x) husbandsman & Elizabeth OWENS (x) spinster, both otp
                                                   Wits: Timothy CHALONER, James TOMLINSON
                                 19 Mar 1804 mar. by Banns of John PEAKE husbandman & Anne OWENS (sig. Ann) spr., both otp
                                                                              Wits: George THOMAS, Elizabeth GRIFFITH
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   79 Gresford: Ann, Daniel, Danl, Edward, Elizabeth, Elizth, George, James, Jane, John, Joseph, Margaret, Martha, Mary, Owen, Peter,
                                      Rachel, Richd, Robert, Robt, Samuel, Sarah, Thomas, Thos, Timothy, William, Willm, Wm;

                                      6 Apr 1797 bap/o  Robert WILLIAMS (OWENS)  base s/o Robt OWENS & Eleanor WILLIAMS
                                      5 Oct 1800 bap/o Samuel OWENS (RANDLES) base s/o Hugh RANDLES & Elizth OWENS
                   81A+B Hope:
                   82A+B+C Nerquis:
                   83 Ruthin: Alice, Ann, Daniel, Diana, Dorothy, Edward, Elin, Elinor, Elizabeth, Ellin, Gwen, Jane, John, Margaret, Margt, Maria, Mary,
                                   Owen, Robert, Robt, Salisbury Williams, Sarah, Susan, Susanna, Thomas, Thos, William;
                   84 Treuddyn:
                   85 Mold:
                   86 Derwen:
                   87 Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd:
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   88 Llanelidan:
                   89+89A Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr:
                   91 Llangynhafal:
(Baptisms 1676-1912) Vol 1
                                           Curate  1703 - John OWENS
                   93 Abergele  (Baptisms, Marriages & Burials 1782-1812) Vol 6
                   93A              Anne, David, Dinah, Elizabeth, Harriet, Jane, John, Lettice, Mary, Owen, Richard,
                                       Samuel, Sara, William;

                                       6 Jul 1794 bap/o Owen -------- (OWENS) base s/o Owen OWENS & Anne --------- ,  Nant
                       B             Catherine, Edward, Elizabeth, John, Lettice, Mary, Owen, Susanna, William;
                   94 Cilcain (Baptisms & Burials 1788-1812) Vol 4
                                   Anne, Elizabeth, Luce, Luse, Robert, Robt, Sarah, William;
                   96 Gyffylliog (Baptisms 1717-1812) Vol 3
                                      Ann, Anne, Catherine, David, Edward, Gwen, Hugh, Jane, John, Marg, Margaret, Mary,
                                      Owen, Rh., Robert, Thomas, Titus, William, Wm;
                   97 Llanfwrog   4 Aug 1794 bap/o Elizabeth d/o John & Elizabeth
                                       29 Jul 1805 bur/o Elizabeth
                                       19 Oct 1807 bap/o Robert s/o Robert & Elizabeth
                   98 Llanrhaeadr ym Nghinmerch:
                                        (Baptisms & Burials 1778-1812) Vol 5
                                        Alice, Anne, Catharine, David, Elias, Ellin, Henry, Jane,  Margt, Mary, Owen,
                                        Rob, Robert, Thomas, William, Wm.

                   99 Llantysilio (Births/Baptisms 1759-1812 Burials 1758-1812) Vol 3
                                       David, Edward, Elizabeth, John, Mary, Owen, Richard, Robert, Sarah, Thomas;
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   101 Llanynys (Baptisms, Marriages & Burials 1739-1812) Vol 2
                          A Baptisms:  Ann, Elizabeth, Ellen, Hugh, Jane, John, Margaret, Mary, Robert, Susan,
                          B Parents at Baptisms:Ann, Elizabeth, Jane, John, Mary, Richard, Robert, Sarah, Thomas;
                          C Marriages: Elisabeth, Elizabeth, Jane, Mary, Richard, Robert.
                          E Wits. at marriages: Elisabeth, John, Owen, Robert.
                          D Burials: Elinor, Gwen, Hugh, Jane, Margaret, Mary, Robert, Thomas, William.
                   102 Nantglyn: (Baptisms 1663-1812) Vol 1
                                        Vicar 1738-1743 Owen OWENS
                       A Baptisms: Alice, Elizabeth, Evan, Jane, John, Morris, Owen.
                       B Parents at Baptisms: Eleanor, Elinor, Elizabeth, Jo, Margaret, Owen, Richard, Robert,
                                                          Thomas, William.
                   103 Gwytherin: (Baptisms 1667-1812) Vol 1
                          A Baptisms: ----, Anne, Catherine, David, Elinor, Fanny, Hannah, Hugh, Jane, John, Margart,
                                             Mary, Morris, Morus, Owen, Robert, William.
                          B Parents at Baptisms: Abraham, Alice, Barbara, Catherine, David, Eleanor, Elinor, Elizabeth,
                                             Ellin, Grace, Hugh, Jane, John, Judeth, Judith, Margaret, Mary, Morris, Morus,
                                             Owen, Richard, Robert, Thomas, William
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   104 Henllan (Baptisms 1788-1812 Mar 1799-1812 Bur 1801-1812) Vol 6
                                     Alice, Anne, David, Diana, Dorothy, Edward,

                                     Elias: 3 Nov 1805 bur/o Elias (d 1) aged 3 wks
                                                                  s/o Thomas (lab) & Elizabeth, Hafod, Llenefydd
                                             24 Sep 1809 bap/o Elias (b 20) s/o Thomas (lab) & Elizabeth (OWENS) Llan

                                     Elizabeth, Jane, John, Mary, Owen,
                                     Robert, Sarah, Thomas, William.
                   105 Llanddoget:
                   106A+B+D Llangwyfan:
                   107A+B Llanrhydd:
                   108 Minera Chapel: Abidnago, Ann(e), Catharin, Daniel, Edward, Elizabeth, Elleanor, Erasmos,
                                    Erasmus, Francis, George, Griffith, Hannah, Hugh, Jane, Jno, John, Margaret, Margret,
                                    Mary, Richard, Robt, Sarah, Thomas, Thos, William;
                   109 Pentrefoelas:
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   110 Ysbyty Ifan:
                   111 Cerrigydrudion:
                   112 Halkyn:
                   116A+B+C+D Llansilin:
                   117 Mold:
                   118 Mold:
                   119 Mold:
                   121 Mold:
                   122 Nercws:
                   123 Ruabon:
                   124 Mold: Ann(e), Edward, Edwd, Elisabeth, Emma, Geunor, Griffith, Hugh, Jane, John, Lucy, Mary, Robert, Sarah,Thomas, William;
                   126 Cerrigydrudion:
                   127A+B Mold:
                   128 Treuddyn:
                   129A+B Treuddyn:
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   131A+*B+B Bodfari:
                   132 Hanmer: Ann, Elizabeth, James, Jane, John, Owen, Thomas;
                   133A Holt:
                   134 Llanefydd:
                   136 Cilcain:
                   137 Northop:
                   138A+B Wrexham:
                   139 Cerrigydrudion:
                   143A+B Llanrwst:
                   145 Capel Garmon:
                   146A+B+C Capel Garmon:
                   147 Llanddoget:
                   148 LLanfihangel Glyn Myfyr:
                   149 Ysbyty Ifan:
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   151 Hanmer:  4 Oct 1762 mar. by banns of Samuel LINDEP (x) & Mary JONES (x) both otp
                                                                                  Wits: Charles CATTRALL, Catherine OWENS (x)
                                       16 Jan 1781 mar. by Banns of Thomas BECKET (x) & Rebecca OWENS, both otp
                                                                                   Wits: Thos. JENKIN, Peter DARLINGTON
                                       27 Feb 1781 mar. by Banns of Edward OWENS & Mary MEREDITH (x), both otp
                                                                                    Wits: Thomas JENKIN, Edward FISHER
                                       23 Nov 1782 mar. by Banns of Edward WILLIAMS (x) & Lydia HIGGINSON (x), both otp
                                                                                    Wits: Peter HIGGINS, John OWENS (x)
                   152 Hanmer: 13 Sep 1772 bap/o John s/o John & Jane, Halghton
                                       23 Nov 1777 bap/o Wm s/o John & Jane, Bronington
                                       12 Mar 1780 bap/o Sally d/o John & Jane, Bronington
                   153 Hope;
                   154 Ysbyty Ifan:
                   155 Caerwys:
                   156A+B Hanmer:
                   157A Hanmer: Abell, Anne, Edward, Eliza, John, Mary, Norhaniel, Robert, Robt., Roger, William;
                        B Hanmer: Gwen, Margaret, Roger;
                   158 Holywell:
                   159 Holywell:
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   161 Mold: Catherine, Charlotte, David, Edward, Elizabeth, Ellen, George, Henry, James, John,
                                  Margaret, Margt, Mary, Robert, Sarah, William;
                   162 Overton:
                   163A+B Ruabon:
                   164A+B+C Cwm:
                   165A+B Ruabon:
                   166 Cilcain;
                   167A Gresford: Ann, Daniel, Elizabeth, Margaret, Samuel, Thomas, William;
                        B Gresford: James, Samuel, Thomas, Thos, Timothy;
                        C Gresford: Ann(e), Daniel, Elizabeth, Francis, James Jane, John, Joseph, Margaret, Mary, Owen, Peter,
                                         Thomas, Timothy;
                        D Gresford: Ann, James, John, Margaret, Mary, Richard, Samuel, Susan, Thomas, Timothy, William;
                   168B Hope:
                   169A+B Llanrhydd:
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   171 Bangor-on-Dee:
                   172 Holt:
                   173 Holt:
                   174 Holt:
                   175A+B+C+D+E Llandyrnog:
                   176 Tremeirchion: Anne, Catherine, Cathern, Daniel, David, Dorothy, Edward, Edwd, Eleanor, Elin, Elinor,
                                              Elisabeth, Eliz, Elizabeth, Elizth, Ellinor, Esther, Grace, Griffith, Hugh, James, Jane, John,
                                              Luke, Margaret, Margt, Maria, Mary, Matthew, Maurice, Morris, Owen, Peter, Petr,
                                              Richard, Robert, Roger, Sarah, Thomas, Thos, William;
                   177 Whitford:
                   178 Ysceifiog:
                   179 Llangadwaladr:
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   181 Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog:
                   182 Llansanffraid Glynceiriog: Edward, Elizabeth, Jane, Jno, John, Margaret, Mary, Owen Sarah, Susan;
                   183 Llansannan:
                   184 Llanddulas:
                   185 Llysfaen: Ann(e), Catherine, David, Elisabeth, Elizabeth, Ellin, Gannor, Harry, Henry, Hugh, James,
                                       Jane, John, Margaret, Methusalem, Owen, Peter, Richard, Robert, Thomas, Thos, William;
                   186 St. Asaph:
                   188A+B Halkyn:
                   189 Holywell:
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   191A+B+C+D+E Ruabon:
                   192 Ysceifiog:
                   193 Betws Gwerfyl Goch:
                   194 Halkyn:
                   195 Holywell: Amelia, Anne, Charlotte, Daniel, Dorothy, Edward, Ele(a)nor, Elizth, Emma, Evan, George,
                                       Hannah, Henry, Hugh, Humphrey, James, Jane, John, Margt, Maria, Martha, Mary,
                                       Mary Anne, Peter, Philip, Richard, Robert, Roger, Samuel, Sarah, Susanna, Thomas,
                                       Thos, William, Wm;
                   196A+B+C Llanfair Talhaearn:
                   197 Hanmer: Ann, Edward, Eliza, Elizabeth, George, Henry, James, John, Mary, Robert Weaver,
                                      Thomas, William;
                   198 Mold:
                   199 Derwen:
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   201 Wrexham:
                   202 Bryneglwys:
                   203 Denbigh:
                   204 Llangernyw:
                   205 Llantysilio:
                   206A+B Hanmer:
                   207 Hanmer: Elizabeth, John, Sarah, Susanna, William;
                   208 Llanarmon Mynydd Mawr:
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   211 Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd:
                   212 Llangollen:
                   213 Llangollen:
                   214 LLangynhafal:
                   215 Llanrhydd: Edward, Elizabeth, Jane, John, Robert;
                   216A+B Erbistock:
                   217 Llanelian yn Rhos:
                   218 Llangollen:
                   221 St. Asaph:
                   222 St. Asaph:
                   223 St. Asaph:
                   224 St. Asaph:
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   226 Llanarmon yn Ial:  27 Mar 1813 bur/o Francis (miner), Wrexham
                                                       31 Aug 1816 bap/o John s/o John (lab) & Anne, Creigiog Uwch Llan
                                                       13 Oct 1821 Jane OWENS & Edward HUGHES wits at mar by Banns of
                                                                               William ROBERTS & Elizabeth WILLIAMS both otp
                                                      10 May 1823 mar by Banns of
                                                                               John ELLIS & Mary OWENS both otp
                                                                                Wits: Rowland EDWARDS, Elizabeth JONES
                                                      20 Sep 1828 mar by Lic of
                                                                     James OWENS (Junior) & Mary JONES
                                                                     Wits: John EDMUNDS & Jane JONES
                                                     19 May 1835 mar by Banns of
                                                                     Owen OWENS ba & Mary JONES sp both otp
                                                                     Wits: Thomas ROBERTS, Sarah OWENS
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   227A+B+C Ruthin:
                   228 St. Asaph:
                   229A+B+C St. Asaph:
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   231 Hope:
                   232 Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd:
                   233 Llanfwrog:
                   234 Minera:
                   236 Gwyddelwern:
                   237 Gwyddelwern:
                   238 Llangollen:
                   239C+D+E Llangar:
                   241A+B+C Llangar:
                   242A+B Gwyddelwern:
                   243 Hanmer:
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   244 Llandegla: (Baptisms, Marriages & Burials 1813-1837) Vol 4

                                         10 Oct 1825 bap/o Owen ELLIS s/o Thomas (grocer) & Anne, Llan (otp Shop)
                                         28 Mar 1827 bur/o Owen ELLIS, aged 1, Shop

                                         20 May 1814 bap/o Thomas s/o James (publican) & Jonnet, Dafarn Dowarch
                                         26 Jul 1814 bur/o Thomas, aged 5 mths, Dafarn Dowarch
                                         27 Sep 1815 bap/o Owen s/o James (publican) & Jennet, dafarn Dowyrch
                                           2 Aug 1818 bap/o Daniel s/o James (publican) & Jennet, Dafarn Dowurch
                                         16 Mar 1821 bap/o Catherine d/o James (farmer) & Jennet, Dafarn Dowarch
                                         14 Jul 1823 bap/o Samuel s/o James (farmer) & Jennet, Dafarn Dowyrch
                                         26 Oct 1823 bap/o Edward ROWLANDS (OWENS)
                                                                    base c/o Thomas OWENS & Margaret ROWLANDS
                                         28 Jun 1825 bap/o Martha d/o James (farmer) & Jennet, Dafarn Dowyrch
                                          8 Sep 1827 bur/o Edward, aged 20, Dafarn Dowyrch
                                         31 Jan 1829 bap/o Edward s/o James (farmer) & Mary, Rhos y Ddigre
OWEN / OWENS (244 Llandegla) contd
                                          3 May 1831 mar by Banns of
                                                             Hugh HUGHES (carpenter) wdr & Ann OWENS sp both otp
                                                             Wits: Edward HUGHES, Elizabeth OWENS
                                         20 May 1832 bap/o Gwen JONES (OWENS) illeg d/o
                                                   Owen OWENS (servant)  
                                                   & Mary JONES (servant at Mr PARRY, Pennant Issa, Pennant Canol)
                                         15 Apr 1835 bap/o John s/o John (farmer) & Elizabeth, Pentre-Issa
                                           9 Nov 1835 bap/o John s/o Owen (lab) & Mary, Penant-Canol
                                          10 Jun 1837 bur/o Elizabeth, aged 26, Pentre Bwlch
                                          11 Aug 1837 bur/o Anne, aged 18 mths, Pentre Issa
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   245A+B+C Llanrhydd:
                   246 Llanfwrog
Vol. 1 Baptisms 1638-1755:
                                        Ann(e), Elizabeth, Ermina, Humphrey, J., Jenkin, Margt, Mary, Thomas;
                   247 Llanfwrog:
                   248 Llanfwrog:
                   249 Minera:
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   250 St. Asaph Notitae:
                   251A+B Corwen:
                   252 LLanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog:
                   253 Llanfawr:
                   254 Llanfawr:
                   255 Corwen:
                   256 Corwen:
                   257 Llandrill yn Edeirnion:
                   258 Llansanffraid Glyndyfrdwy:
                   259 Betws Gwerfyl Goch:
                   261 Llanderfel:
                   262 Llanderfel:
                   263 Llansilin:
                   264 Llangower:
                   266A+B+C Marchwiel:
                   267 Ruthin: Ales, Anne, David, Elisabeth, Elizabeth, James, John, Mary, Robert, Sidney, Susanna, Thomas,
                   268 Wrexham: Ann(e), Catherine, Edward, Eleanor, Elinor, John, Mary, Owen, Richard, Robert, Robt., Sarah;
                   269 Dyserth:
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   271 Eglwys-bach:
                   272 Nannerch:
                   273 Trelawnyd:
                   274A+C+D+E Betws yn Rhos:
                   275 Gwaenysgor:
                   276A+B+C Llanasa:
                   277 Llandrillo yn Rhos:
                   278 Chirk: Ann(e), Charles, Edward, Eleanor, George, Griffith, Harriet, Henry, James, Jane, John, Maria, Mary,
                                  Owen, Richard, Robert, Sarah;
                   279 LLandudno:
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   280 Llanfair Talhaearn:
                   281 Llangystennin: Alice, Anne, David, Edward, Eleanor, Elin, Elinor, Elizabeth, Evan, Gabriel, Hugh,
                                               Hugh Roberts, Jane, John, Margaret, Mary, Owen, Richard, Robert, Samuel, Susanna,
                                               Thomas, William;

                                               25 Dec 1840 bap/o Hannah JONES (OWENS)
                                                                  base d/o William OWENS (lab) Colwyn mill & Jane JONES of Pendre
                                               23 Aug 1857 bap/o Owen HUGHES (OWENS)
                                                                  base s/o Owen OWENS (lab), Ty newydd, Pydew & Jane HUGHES
                   282 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant:
                   283 Llanrhos:
                   284 Llansanffraid Glan Conway:
                   285 Llanuwchllyn:
                   286 LLanycil:
                   287 Llanycil:
                   288 Meliden:
                   289 Gwernaffield: Edith Margaret, Margaret, Walter;
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   291 Llysfaen:
                   292 Rhosymedre:
                   293 Hawarden:
                   294 Mold: Barbara, David, Deborah, Edward, Elizabeth, Elizth, Frances, George, Grace, Ishmael,
                                  John, Margaret, Margt, Martha, Mary, Rebecca, Robert, Sarah, Thomas, William;
                   295 Mold:
                   296 Rhuddlan:
                   297 Chirk:
                   298 Hawarden:
                   299 Mold: Ann, Edward, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Fanny, Frederick, Hugh, Jane, John, Margaret, Prudencia,
                                  Prudentia, Robert, Sarah, Shadrach, Thomas, William;
OWEN / OWENS contd

                   300 Mold:
                   301 Mold:
                   302A Hawarden: 6 Jun 1722 bap/o Robt. ------ (OWENS) base s/o Robert OWENS & -----------, Aston
                   303 Hawarden: Edward, Edwd, Elizabeth, John, Margaret, Thomas, William, Willm;
                   304 Wrexham:
                   305 Hawarden: Elizabeth, Hugh, John, Mary, William;
                   306 Holywell:
                   307 Ruabon:
                   308 Bodfari: Catherine, Dorothy, Edward, Elizabeth, Elizth, Jane, Mary, Morris, Richard, Sussana,
                                     Thomas, William;
                   309 Denbigh:
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   310 Gresford:
                   311 Hawarden: ---, John;
                   312 Abergele:
                   313 Hawarden: Edward, John;
                   314 Rhosllanerchrugog:
                   315 Ruabon:
                   316 Flint;
                   317 Wrexham - Dissenters' Burial Ground, Rhosddu Road MIs:
                   318 Henllan:
                   319 Hawarden:
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   320 Hope:
                   321 Llanasa:
                   322 Llanfor:
                   323 Denbigh:
                   324 Llysfaen:
                   325 Llangernyw:
                   326 Llansannan:
                   327 Llanrhaeadr ym Nghinmeirch:
                   328 LLansanffraid Glan Conway:
                   329 Meliden:
                   330 Whitford:
                   331 Ysceifiog:
                   332 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Margaret;
                   337 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Elizabeth, James;
                   338 Llangollen:
                   339 Llangynhafal:
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   340 Mold:
                   341 Ruabon:
                   343 Hawarden: Anne, Edward, Elizabeth, Martha, Robert;
                   344 Mold:
                   345 Rhosllanerchrugog:
                   347 Hawarden:
                   348 Wrexham:
                   349 Ysceifiog:
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: Elizabeth, Evan, Francis, John, Maria, Mary;
                   352B Flint: Richard;
                   353 Pentrobin:
                   354 Rhosllanerchrugog: Ann, Edward, Eliz'th, Goronwy, Jane, John, Jonathan Richard, Joseph,
                                   Margaret Ellen, O.J., Owen, Owen John, Sarah, Thomas, Thos;
                   355 Ruabon St. Mary's Churchyard MIs: David, Edward, Elizabeth, Elizth, Eth, John, Sarah, Susana,
                                   Thomas, William;
                   356 Ruabon: Ann, Charles, Daniel, Elizabeth, Ellen, John, Mary, Mary Eleanor, Sarah, Sarah Ellen,
                                       Susannah, Thomas, Thomas Isaac;
                   357 Holywell St. James' MIs: A..lia, David, Edwd, Eliz, Elizabeth, Elizth, Elmor, Hannah, Hugh, Humphrey,
                                 Humphrey Edwin, Jane,John, Margaret, Mary, Mary Ann, Mary Anne, Mary Hannah,
                                 Peter, Robt, Sara(h), Thomas, W. Pugh, William Pugh;
                   358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Annie, Eifion, Gerald Jeffrey, Griffith, John Richard, Laura, Mair, Mary Ann,
                   359 Rhosymedre: Alice, Ann, Catherine, David, Emma, Isaac, James, Jane, John, Margaret, Mary Sophia,
                                             Owen, Peter, Price, Richard, Robert, Rowland, William;
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   360 Llangollen: ..., David, Jannet, John, Joseph, Morgan, Sarah Nightingale, William;
                   361 LLangollen: Ann(e), Barbara Catherine, Cadwaladr, Catherine, Catherine Elizabeth, Dorothy, Edward,
                                           Elinor, Elizabeth, Ellis, Grace, Hugh Thomas, John, Lewis, Margaret, Margaret Ann,
                                           Mary, Owen, Robert, Robert Hugh Trevor, Sarah, Thomas, Thomas Robert;
                  *362 Penycae: Rosina Owens PHILLIPS, Thomas Owens PHILLIPS, John Owens WILLIAMS
                   362 Penycae: Alice, Catherine, David, Edward, Emily, George, Hannah, Harriett, Job, John, Kathleen,
                                       Martha, Mary, Mary Annie, Mary Ellen, Mary Frances, Mary Jane, Matthew, Nellie, Rachel,
                                       Robert, Sarah, Thomas, William;
                   363 Wrexham: Catherine, Charlotte, Clara, Daniel, David, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Emma Jackson, John,
                                       Lillie Hetta, Louisa, Mary Ellen, Percy, Price, William;
                   364 Wrexham: Daniel, Edward, Hannah, John, Mary, Robert, Sarah, Sarah Jane, Thomas, William;
OWEN / OWENS contd
                  *365 Wrexham: Elizabeth Owens TOMKINSON
                   365 Wrexham: Ann(e), Edward, Edwin, Elizabeth, Elizth, Frances, George, Hannah, Henry, Hugh, James,
                                James Charles, Jane, Jeremiah, John, Jonathan, Margaret, Margt, Mary, Richard, Robert,
                                Sarah, Thomas, Timothy, Tymothy, William;

                          22 Sep 1814 bap/o Thomas OWENS (WILLIAMS) base s/o Thos WILLIAMS & Elizth OWENS    Minera
                          28 Sep 1817 bap/o Anne OWENS (VINCENT) base d/o John VINCENT of Wynnstay
                                                                                                            & Margaret OWENS of Tuttle Street

                   366 Wrexham: Betsey, Charles, Elen, Elizabeth, Ellen, Evan, Frederick, Hannah, Jane, Jeremiah, John,
                                         Joseph, Lewis, Lydia, Margaret, Maria, Maria Mary, Richard, Robert, Sarah, Thomas, William;

                          4 Sep 1828 bap/o Anne OWENS (EDWARDS) base d/o John EDWARDS (shoemak) of Charles Str
                                                                                      & Elizabeth OWENS (seamstress), Queen Str
                          1 Jun 1834 bap/o William SMITH (OWENS) illeg. s/o John OWENS (collier) & Mary, Broughton
OWEN / OWENS contd
                  367 Abergele: Anne, Catherine, Henry, John, Lucy, Richard, Sydney, Thomas;
                  368 Abergele: 17 Jan 1741/42 bap/o Robert OWENS (---) base s/o --- & Catherine OWENS of Nant
                  369 Llangollen:Jane, John, Lydia, Lydia Ann, Margaret Alice, Miriam Catherine, Sarah Jane, Stephen;
                  370 Wrexham: Ann(e), Catherine, Charles, Edward, Edwin, Elizabeth, Henry, John, Price;
                  371 Llangollen: David, Elizabeth, Ellinor, Frances, Gwen, Hugh, John, Mathew, Owen, Thomas;
                  372 Wrexham: Anne, Edward, Elizabeth, Hugh, Jane, John, Margaret, Maria(h), Mary, Owen, Richard, Robert,
                                        Samuel, Thomas, William;
                  373 Wrexham: Ann(e), Cath'e, Edward, Elizabeth, Frances, Griffith, Harriet, Henry, Jane, John, Jonathan,
                                         Mary, Owen, Richard, Robert, Sarah, Susannah, Thomas, Tho's, William;
                  374 Wrexham: Ann(e), Charles, Edward, Eliza, Ellen Kattey, George, John, Lewis, Mary, Mary Ann, Robert,
                                        Sarah, Sarah Elizabeth, Thomas, William;
                                        21 Jul 1837 bap/o William WILLIAMS (OWENS) base s/o Thomas OWENS (servant)
                                                                                      & Ann WILLIAMS (servant), Poor house
                                          5 Jul 1839 bap/o George RICHARDS (OWENS) base s/o Robert OWENS (servant) of Penybryn
                                                                                                             & Elizabeth RICHARDS, Poorhouse
                                          1 Apr 1849 bap/o Joseph OWENS (EDWARDS) base s/o Robert EDWARDS (miller) of Marchwiel
                                                                                                  & Mary OWENS (single woman), Kings Mills
OWEN / OWENS contd
                  375 Wrexham: Alfred, Annie Mary, Clara, Daniel, Dora Eyland, Ellen, Maria Gertrude, Mary Isabella, Thomas;
                 *376 Pentrefoelas: 15 Jan 1908 bap/o Thomas Oliver Lloyd THOMAS s/o Griffith (butcher) & Margaret, Church View
                  376 Pentrefoelas: Alice, Ann(e), Catharine, David, Eleanor, Elinor, Elisabeth, Elizabeth, Ellen, Griffith, Jane, John,
                                            Margaret, Mary, Morgan, Morris, Morris Owen, Owen, Robert, Sarah, William;

                                            10 Aug 1834 bap/o Ann OWENS (JONES)
                                                   illeg. d/o Thomas JONES (hired serv't) of Anglesea & Jane OWENS (spinster) of Ty'n Llwyn
                                            29 Dec 1844 bap/o Ellen OWENS (THOMAS)
                                                       illeg. d/o John THOMAS (lab) of Cefngadfa & Margaret OWENS (sp) of Rhydlydan
                  377 Holywell: Catherine, Cisily, David, Edward, Elizabeth, Ellin, Evan, Humphrey, John, Kath(erine), Marg(aret),
                                       Mary, Peter, Richard, Tho(mas), Wenifride, William, Wm;
                  378 Holywell: Anne, Catharine, Catherine, David, Dorothy, Ed(ward), Elisabeth, Eliz(abeth), George, Henry,
                                      Humphrey, Jane, Jno, John, Joseph, Luce, Margaret, Martha, Mary, Peter, Richard, Robert,
                                      Roger, Thomas, Thos, William;
                  379 Wrexham: 29 Nov 1899 bap/o Ellen (b 17 Nov) d/o John (lab) & Elizabeth Ann, 2 Jones Cot, Mount St.
                                        22 Dec 1901 bap/o John Richard (b 24 Oct)
                                                                        s/o John Richard (carter) & Elizabeth Ann, 2 Kenyon Street
OWEN / OWENS contd
                 *380 Wrexham: 26 Feb 1902 bap/o Lilian Owens TAYLOR (b 21 Aug 1900)
                                                                                                      s/o --- & Rose, 5 Oak Cottages, Bangor-on-Dee
                                           5 Apr 1905 bap/o Robert Owens PHILLIPS (b 9 Nov 1904)
                                                                     s/o Robert (farmer) & Sarah, Plas yn fron Farm, Bronwylfa
                  380 Wrexham: Alice, Alice Maud, Charlotte, Edith Ruby, Edward Stephen, Elizabeth Alice, Elizabeth Ann,
                                       Elsie May, Harold, John Richard, Price, William Henry;
                  381 Llangollen: 16 Feb 1890 bap/o Mary Elizabeth (b 14 Dec 1889) (in margin - at St. Mary's Eglwyseg)
                                                                                            d/o --------- & Ellen, Tai-newyddion, Eglwyseg
                  382 Llanynys: 24 Jun 1688 bap/o John (b 21 Jun) s/o John, Trefechan
                                       27 Dec 1728 mar/o Foulk OWENS of Llandyrnog & Catherine DAVIES otp
                  383 Ruthin: Catherine, David, Edward, Elizabeth, Gwen, James, Jane, John, Katherine, Magdalene, Mary,
                                   Robert, Susanna, Thomas;
                  384 Wrexham: Ann, Edward, Elizabeth, Evan, Hannah, Harriet, James, Jane, Jeremiah, John, Lewis,
                                        Mary, Richard, Thomas, Thomas Edward;
OWEN / OWENS contd
                  385 Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr: Elizabeth, Hugh, John, Marg't, Margaret, Moses, Robert, William;
                  386 Ruabon: Amelia, Ann, Charles, Charlotte, Daniel, Edward, Elizabeth, Hugh, Isaac, James, John, Joseph,
                                     Margaret, Mary, Owen, Richard, Robert, Sarah, Thomas, William;
                  388 Hawarden: 23 Apr 1663 bur/o Robt. of Broughton
                                        23 Jul 1665 mar. by Banns of Richard FLETCHER, & Rose OWENS of Pentrobin
                  390 Bangor-on-Dee: Abel, Alice, Anne, Catherine, Charles, Cornelius, Edward, Elizabeth, George, Margaret,
                                               Sarah, Susanna, Thomas, Thos, Timothy, William;
                  391 Colwyn: Ann, Anne, Annie, Catharine, Catherine Anne, David, Jane, Margaret, Maria Elin, Owen, Richard,
                                     Robert, Sarah Jane, Thomas, William;
                  392 Gresford: Anne, Elizabeth, George, Jane, John, Margeret, Martha, Mary, Sam, Samuel(l),
                                      Sarah, Thomas;
                  393 Wrexham: George, James Price, John, Kate Elizabeth, Margaret Ellen, Mary, Nesta Maud,
                                        Thomas, William;
                  394 Clocaenog: Catherine, Jane, Margar, Mary, Owen, Robert;
OWEN / OWENS contd
                  395 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant: Alice, Anne, David, Dorothy, Edward, Edwd, Elinor, Elizabeth, Elizth, Evan,
                                                                Humphrey, Jane, Jno, John, Lewis, Margaret, Martha, Mary, Owen, Richrd,
                                                                Robert, Thos, William;
396 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochant: Alice, Anne, David, Edward, Edwd, Elizabeth, John, Margaret, Mary, Owen,
                                                              Robert, Thomas, Thos;
                  397C Llansilin: 7 Aug 1673 bur/o Anne (traveller)
398 Gyffylliog: Anne, Catherine, David, Elizabeth, Ellin, Ellis, Jane, John, Margaret, Margt, Mary, Owen,
                                       Robert, Thomas, Thos, Titus, William;
                  399 Wrexham: Anne, Catherine, Daniel, Elizabeth, Frances, George, Hannah, Henry, James, Jane, John, Joseph,
                                        Lydia, Margaret, Maria, Mary, Mary Jane, Richard, Robert, Thomas, William;
OWEN / OWENS contd
                  400 Wrexham: Alice, Anne, Edward, George, Jane, John, Joseph, Owen, Phoebe, Richard, Robert, Rowland,
                                        Susannah, William;

                  401 Wrexham: Eliz'th, Elizabeth, Ellen, Jane, John, Lewis, Margaret, Martha, Mary, Richard, Robert, Rowland,
                                        Sarah, Thomas, Will'm, William;
                  402A Denbigh: Alice, Catherine, Mrs Elizabeth, William;
                  402B Denbigh: Elizabeth, Grace, Jane, John, Margaret, Mary, Prudence, Robert, Thomas, William;
                  403 Holywell: Cath, Catherine, Edd, Eliz., Evan, Godfrey, Humphrey, Jane, Kath, Katherine, Lucy, Margaret,
                                      Margt, Mary, Rich, Richard, Richd, Thomas, Will, William, Wm;
                  404 Wrexham: Ann, Ann Elizabeth, Robert;
                  405 Wrexham: 28 Oct 1892 bap/o Sarah Ann OWENS
                                                           (adult b. 31 May 1863 - married name PRICE d/o John & Margaret)
                                                           2 Garfield Villas

                                        Annie, Catharine, Catherine Ellen, Charlotte, David, Edith Blanche, Elizabeth, Ernest,
                                        Hannah, John, Lena May, Llewelyn Owen, Louisa, Margaret, Price, Sarah Ellen;
                  406 Wrexham: Margaret, Mary Ann, Robert, William;
                  407 Wrexham: Clara, David, Edward, Elizabeth, Ellen, James, James Price, John, Mary;
408 Bangor-on-Dee: George, John, Mary, Owen, Sarah, Thomas, Timothy;
                  409A Betws Gwerfyl Goch: Catherine, Edward, Jane, John;
                       B Betws Gwerfyl Goch: Edward, Owen;
OWEN / OWENS contd
                  410 Wrexham: Anne, Charles, Daniel, Edwin, Elizabeth, George, James, John, Joseph, Lydia, Margaret,
                                         Mary, Robert, Thomas;
                 *411 Wrexham: 4 Aug 1840 bur/o Elizabeth Owens TOMKINSON, aged 21, Kings Street
411 Wrexham: Anne, Catharine, Charlotte, Elizabeth, Ellen, Evan, Hannah, Jane, John, Maria, Mary, Owen,
                                        Richard, Robert, Sarah, Thomas, William;
                  412 Wrexham: Ann, Emma, Hannah, Harriet, Henry, James, Jane, John, Mary, Robert, William;
                  413 Mold: Anne, David, Edward, Eleanor, Elizabeth, George, Hugh, Jane, Lucy, Margaret, Mary, Robert,
                                 Sarah, Shadrach, Shadrek, William;
                  414 Mold: Anne, Eliza, Elizabeth, Jane, John, Mary, Robert, Sarah, William;
                  415A Northop (marriages): Alice, Ann, Elizabeth, jane, John, Pierce, Robert;
                       B Northop (witnesses): Elinor, Gainor, James, Jane, John, Thos.
                       C Northop (burials): Alice, Anne, Edward, Eleanor, Jane, Mary, Pierce;
                  416 Ruabon: Agnes, Daniel, Eliza Ellen, Elizabeth, Emily, George, John, Jonathan, Joseph, Lewis,
                                     Mary Ann, Matthew, Pryce, Thomas;
                  417 Wrexham: Abigal, Ann, Catharine, Edward, John, Margret, Mary, Owen, Richard, Richd, Roger,
                                        Rosmas, Thomas, William;
                  418 Wrexham: Daniel, Edward, Edwd, Elizh, Erasmus, Hugh, Humphrey, Jane, John, Mary, Richard, Robert,
                                        Thomas, Thos, William;
                 *419 Halkyn: 26 Mar 1637 bur/o Owens BUCKLEY
                  419 Halkyn: 10 May 1629 bap/o Thomas s/o Edward
                                      1 May 1691 bur/o Humphrey, of Halliwell psh.
OWEN / OWENS contd
                  420A Halkyn:  3 Jun 1720 mar/o William ROBERTS & Margery OWENS
                                      28 Apr 1720 mar/o Robert HUGHSON of Holywell & Elizabeth OWENS otp
                                      15 Aug 1732 mar/o Evan OWENS & Catherine ROBERTS, both otp
                                        5 Nov 1738 mar/o William OWENS of Holywell & Mary ELLIS wid. otp
                                      15 Jun 1745 mar/o Richard DOWNING & Anne OWENS
                                      30 Oct 1747 mar/o William OWENS & Catherine THOMAS
                       B Halkyn: Edwd, Jane, John, Jon., Lewis, Mary, Oliver, Pamelia, Samuel, Thomas, William;
                  425A Hanmer: Margeret;
*426 Hanmer: 3 Nov 1793 bur/o Owens GRIFFITHS
                  426 Hanmer: Elizabeth, George, Martha, William;
 427 Ruabon: Charlotte, David, Edward, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Margaret, Maria, Robert, Sarah, Thomas, William;
428 Ysceifiog: Margaret;
429A Ysceifiog: Edmund, Ellin, Mary;
429B Ysceifiog: Mary;
OWEN / OWENS contd
430 Llangollen: Amos, Ann, Elizabeth, James, Jane, John, Margaret, Mary, Owen, Robert, Sarah, Simon, Thomas, William;
                  431 Llangollen: Ann(e), Catharine, David, Edward, Elizabeth, Evan,
Francis, Jane, John, Margaret, Mary, Owen, Robert, Sarah,
                                         Simon, Thomas;
                  432 Llangollen: Anne, Dorothy, John, Louisa, Sarah;
                  433 Llangollen: Ann, Cadw, Cadwaladr, Charles, Edward, Elizabeth, Ellis, Henry, John, Joseph, Mary, Owen, Pharbe, Richard,
                                         Robert, Thomas;
434A  Bangor-on-Dee: Ann, Griffith, Robert;
     B  Bangor-on-Dee: Abel, Anne, Catherine, Edward, Elizabeth, John, Sarah, Thomas, Timothy;
                  435 Gresford:  ---, Anne, Cathering, Edward, Elin, Elizabeth, Ellin, Hennary, John, Judath, Margaret, Margarett,  Margerett, Martha, Mary,
                                       Nathaniel, Rich', Richard, Robert, Samuell, Taymothy, Thomas, Tymothy, Ursula, William;
                  436A Hope: Cat, Edward, Margaret, Martha, Mary, Thomas;
                       B Hope: Elizabeth, Tho, Thomas;
                  437 Ruabon: Alce, Alice, Ambrose, Anne, Catherine, Charles, Cornelius, Daniel, David, Dorothy, Edward, Elizabeth, Ellin, Esther, Evan, Francis,
                                     Gabriel, Gwen, Hester, Hugh, James, Jane, John, Jos, Joseph, Judith, Katherine, Margaret, Martha,  Martyn, Mary, Mathew, Owen,
                                     Peter, Richard, Robert, Ruth, Sarah, Simon, Susanna, Symon, Thomas, William;
                 *438A Broughton: 11 Mar 1870 bur/o John Owens MITCHELL (joiner), aged 30 years, s/o Joseph & Christiana (dec.), Saltney
                   438A Broughton: Ellen, Evan, George, Jane, Joseph, Lizzie, Martha, Mary Ellen, Susannah, Thomas;
                   439 Cilcain
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   440A,B Hawar den
                   441A,B Hope
                   442B Bangor on Dee: Alice, Ann, Charles, Edwd, Elisabeth, Elizabeth, John, Margaret, Margt, Mary,
                                                   Richd, Sarah;
                         C Bangor on Dee: Eliz, Marg't, Martha, Mary, Maurice, Simon, Thos, Timothy;
                   443 Rhosllanerchrugog
                   444 Ruabon
                   445 Wrexham
                   446 Chirk: Edward, Evan, Griffith, John, Owen, Willi'm;
                   447B,C Llandyrnog
                   448A.B St. George
                   449  Trelawnyd
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   450 Llanycil
                   451 Whitford
                   452A,B Whitford
                   453A,B Ysceifiog
                   454A,B Llanrhos
                   455A,B,C  Llanrwst
                   456 Llansannan
                   457 Llanuwchllyn
                   461A,B Mold
                   462 Bodfari
                   463 Eglwysbach
                   464A,B,C Gwytherin
                   465A,B Halkyn
                   466 Hawarden
                   467 Holywell
                   468 Llandderfel: Anne, Catherine, David, Elizabeth, Ellin, Hugh, Jane, John, Margaret, Owen, Robert, William;
                   469 Llandrillo yn Edeirnion
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   470A,B Llandrillo yn Rhos
                   471  Llanelian yn Rhos
                   472 Llangernyw
                   473A,B Llangower
                   474A Gresford (Marriages 1813-37)
                                        -----, David, Jn', John, Mary, Richard, Sarah, Thomas;
                        B Gresford (Marriages 1813-1911)
                                        Ann, Daniel, David, Elizabeth, Herbert Edward, James, Jane, John, Martha,
                                        Mary Ann, Robert;
                   475A,B Llangystennin
                   476 Llannefydd
Llanrhaeadr yng Nghinmeirch
                   478A, B Llantysilio
                   479 Overton
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   480 Rhuddlan
                   481 Whitford
                   483 Hawarden
                   484 Hawarden
                   485 Holywell
                   486 Bistre
                   487 Gwersyllt
                   488 Hope
                   489 Marchwiel
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   490 Chirk
                   491A,B Henllan
                   492 Holywell
                   493 Llantysilio:
Perpetual Curate or Vicar: 1931-1937 Richard Henry OWEN M.A.

Elizabeth, Evan, John, John Robert, Margaret, Maqry, Owen, Robert, Sarah, Thomas;
                   494 Chirk: Alice, Ann, Anne, Blance, Daniel, Edward, Eliz, Elizabeth, Hugh, Jane, John, Johnett, Joseph, Mary, Nathaniel,
                                   Nathll, Richard, Roger, Sarah, Tabitha;
                   495 Gyffylliog
Llanrhaeadr yng Nghinmeirch
                   497A,B Llanuwchllyn
                   498 Bodfari
                   499 Denbigh
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   500A,B Holywell
                   501 Northop
                   502 Llandderfel
                   503A,B,D Llanfor
                   504A,B Llannefydd
                   505A,B Llanycil
                   506A,B Abergele
                   507A,B,C Betws yn Rhos
                   508A,B,C Capel Garmon
                   509 Dyserth
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   510A Llandrillo yn Rhos
                        B Llandrillo yn Rhos
                   511 Llansannan
                   512 Nannerch
                   513A Rhuddlan
                        B Rhuddlan
                   514 Corwen
                   515A Corwen
                        B Corwen
                        C Corwen
                        D Corwen
                   516A Eglwys bach
                        B Eglwys bach
                   517A Llanasa:  1 Dec 1722 mar/o Thomas WILLIAMS & Martha OWENS both otp
                                         22 Jul 1738 mar/o Thomas LEWIS & Mary OWENS otp
                                         10 Nov 1744 mar/o Moses OWENS & Dina HARTLE otp
                                         14 Jul 1751 mar/o John ROBERTS & Jane OWENS otp
                        B Llanasa 
(Baps 1708-1760):
                                        Andrew, Anne, Catherine, Dina, Dinah, Edward, Elizabeth, Ellin, Evan, Jane,
                                        John, Margaret, Moses, Nathaniel, Owen, Peter, Roger, Sara, Sydnea,
                                        Thomas, William;
                        C Llanasa (Bur 1708-1760):
                                        Alice, Anne, Barbara, Edward, Elizabeth, Evan, Jane, John, Lowry, Mary,
                                        Owen, Roger, Thomas;
                   518 Llangollen
                   519 Llantysilio
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   520A Llysfaen
                        B Llysfaen
                        C Llysfaen
                        D Llysfaen
                   521 St Asaph
                   522 Holywell
Llansanffraid Glan Conway
                        B Llansanffraid Glan Conway
                        C Llansanffraid Glan Conway
                   524 St George
                   525 Whitford
                   526A Llanfair Talhearn
                        B Llanfair Talhearn
                        C Llanfair Talhearn
                   527 Llangernyw
                   528 Llanrwst
                   529  Rhuddlan
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   531 Cilcain
                   532 Overton
                   533A Overton
                   534 Bagillt
                   536 Llansannan
                   538A Llangar
                        B Llangar
                        C Llangar
                        D Llangar
                   539 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   540 Overton
                   541 Caerwys
                   542A Eglwys bach
                        B Eglwys bach
                   543B Llanfor
                   545 St Asaph
                   546 Bodfari
                   547 Flint
                   548  Llandrillo yn Edeirnion
                   549B Llanelian yn Rhos
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   550 Gresford: Anne, Daniel, David, Edward, Eleanor, Elizabeth, George, James, John, Margaret, Martha, Mary, Mary Anne, Robert, Sarah, Thomas, William;

                                        25 Apr 1810 bap/o Edward ROBERTS (OWENS) (b 24 Apr) base s/o Thomas OWENS & Ann ROBERTS, Allington
                                        30 Mar 1821 bap/o Anne PARRY (OWENS) (b 15 Feb) base d/o George OWENS (servant) & Mary PARRY (servant), Llay
                   551A Hawarden
                        B Hawarden
                   552 Wrexham: Churchwarden: 1703-04 John OWENS
                   552B Wrexham: Abigell, Alice, Anne, Cath, Daniell, Ed, Edd, Edward, Elin, Elinor, Eliz, Elizabeth, Francis, Goodiva, Hanna, Henry, Hugh, Jacob, James, Jane,
                                            Jo, John, Joseph, Luce, Margaret, Margarett, Martha, Mary, Michael, Owen, Prudence, Rich, Richard, Robert, Roger, Saml, Samuell, Sara, Sarah,
                                            Shusan, Stephen, Susanna, Thomas, Will, William;

                                             27 Feb 1709/10 bap/o Elizabeth LOCKER (OWENS) (b 12) d/o William OWENS & Jane LOCKER, Brymbo
                                             15 Nov 1722  bap/o Daniell OWENS (WRAGE) (b 15 and buried) s/o Thomas WRAGE & Eliz OWENS
                                             19 Jun 1725 bap/o Goodiva ROGERS alias OWENS d/o Samuell (taylor), Wrexham Abbot
                        C Wrexham: Anne, Dorothy, Elizabeth, Jacob, Jane, John, Joseph, Magadalen, Margaret, Margarett, Mary, Nathaniel, Owen, Richard, Robert, Roger, Timothy, William;
                        D Wrexham: Abigail, Anne, David, Dorothy, Edward, Eliazer, Elin, Elinor, Eliz, Henry, Hugh, Hum, Jacob, James, Jane, John, Joseph, Katharine, Magdalen, Margaret,
                                           Martha, Mary, Michael, Morris, Prudence, Rich, Richard, Richd, Robt, Roger, Rowland, Samuel, Samuell, Sara, Sarah, Stephen, William;
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   553 Gresford: Ann, Anne, Catharine, Catherine, Daniel, David, Doris, Edward, Eliza, Elizabeth,
                                          Ellen, George, James, John, Joseph, Martha, Mary, Mary Ann, Mary Eliza, Robert,
                                          Samuel, Sarah, Thomas, Timothy, William;
                   554 Brymbo: Isaac, Jane, Thomas;
                   555 Brymbo: Alice, Ann, Annie Mary, Catherine, Clara, Elizabeth, George, Henry, Hugh, Isaac, John,
                                         Mary, Thomas;
                   556 Llangadwaladr: Ann, Mary;
                   557 Llansilin: Ann, Catherine, David, Edward, Eleanor, Elinor, Eliza, Elizabeth, Emma, George,
                                         Gwen, Hugh, Humphrey, James,  Jane, John, Margaret, Maria, Martha, Mary, Richard,
                                         Robert, Rowland, Sina, Sinah, Susannah, Thomas, William, Winifred;
OWEN / OWENS contd
                  *558A Llandegla: 13 Jul 1909 bap/o John Owens JONES -/o ------ & Elizabeth Ann (maid in service), otp (Tan y foel)
                   558 Llandegla: 17 Aug 1830 bap/o Mary -/o John (farmer) & Jane, Pentre Issa
                                         11 Aug 1837 bur/o Anne, aged 18 mths, Pentre Issa

                                         16 Feb 1839 mar by Banns of Thomas OWENS (blacksmith) ba/ofa otp s/o Owen OWENS (blacksmith)
                                                                                            & Miriam WILLIAMS sp/minor otp d/o William WILLIAMS (miner)

                                          12 Sep 1839 bur/o Hugh, aged 29, Dafarn-dywyrch
                                          13 Nov 1839 bur/o John, aged 18 mths, Garth Lodge

                                          26 Dec 1839 mar by Banns of Thomas OWENS (miner) ba/ofa of Abergrosnewyd s/o Thomas OWENS (lab)
                                                                                            & Mary JONES (servant) sp/ofa of Caes-gan Dites d/o John JONES (farmer)

                                         23 Jul 1841 bap/o Robert -/o Thomas (blacksmith) & Miriam, Llan
                                         18 Sep 1842 bap/o Aneuryn -/o John (lab) & Mary, Cefn-du
                                           1 Oct 1843 bap/o Sarah -/o Owen (lab ) & Mary, Ty-ucha
                                           9 Dec 1843 bap/o David -/o John (farmer) & Jane, Cefn-du
                                           3 Mar 1844 bap/o Jan e -/o Thomas (blacksmith) & Miriam, Llan
                                           9 Jan 1846 bur/o Robert, aged 4, White Lion
                                         12 Apr 1846 bap/o Elias -/o Owen (lab) & Mary, Ty ucha
                                         16 Apr 1848 bur/o Jennett, aged 63, Dafarn dywyrch
OWEN / OWENS (558 Llandegla) contd
                                           25 Nov 1848 mar by Banns of William DAVIES (servant) ba/ofa of Blue Bell s/o William DAVIES (lab)
                                                                                          & Jane OWENS sp/ofa otp d/o Owen OWENS (blacksmith]

                                           4 Jun 1849 bap/o Martha Elizabeth -/o Daniel (lab) & Mary, Street Issa
                                          12 Jun 1849 bur/o Robert, aged 3, Wite Lion Llan
                                          30 Jul 1849 bur/o James, aged 80 y 5 mths, Dafarn-Dowyrch
                                          16 Jan 1853 bap/o Jennett -/o daniel (lab) & Mary, Street Isa
                                          25 Jan 1855 bur/o Jennett, aged 2, Street Isa
                                          22 Jul 1855 bap/o John James -/o Daniel (parish clerk) & Mary, Street Issa

                                          20 Feb 1856 bap/o Thomas OWEN (EDWARDS) -/o Edward EDWARDS (lab) of Llangollen & Gwen OWENS of Pennant Canol

                                           24 Jan 1857 mar by Banns of Richard WILLIAMS (carpenter) ba/ofa of Ty-coch s/o John WILLIAMS (publican)
                                                                                      & Gwen OWENS (servant) sp/ofa of Crown d/o Owen OWENS (farmer)

                                          16 Feb 1858 bap/o Mary Catherine -/o Daniel (parish clerk) & Mary, Llan

                                          13 Jun 1861 bur/o Mary, aged 54, Cae-yr-odyn
                                           3 Jul 1866 bur/o Hannah, aged 11, 20 Houses
                                          28 Jan 1870 bur/o Owen, aged 11, Pennant, Llanarmon
                                          16 Jan 1874 bur/o Thomas, aged 59, Twenty Houses, Minera
                                            3 Apr 1876 bap/o Aneirin -/o Philip (lab) & Louisa, Ysguborwen
                                          13 May 1881 bur/o Elizabeth, aged 19, Nant Issa, Llanelidan
                                            4 Apr 1892 bur/o Mary, aged 83, Pennant Canol
                                            2 Dec 1902 bur/o Miriam, aged 70, Pattison's Row, Talwrn Coedpoeth
                                            6 Oct 1912 bap/o Owen -/o John Owen (farm lab) & Harriet, otp (Garden Cottage)
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   559B Rhosymedre: 29 Mar 1907 mar by Banns of John Frederick OWENS (brickworker) ba/21 of King St., Cefn s/o John OWENS (lab)
                                                                                           & Mary Elizabeth EDWARDS sp/21 of King St., Cefn d/o Andrew EDWARDS (brewer's traveller)
                   561A Marchwiel: Alice Eliza, Charles, Charlotte, Daniel, Fanny, Frances, Francis, Frederick, George, Henry, Jane, John, Josiah, Letitia,
                                            Margaret, Mary, Rhoda Harriet, Sarah Ann, Selina, Thomas;
                        B Marchwiel:  8 May 1841 mar/o Thomas BROOKFIELD (farmer) ba of Whittington s/o Joseph BROOKFIELD (farmer)
                                                                         & Jane OWENS sp otp d/o Daniel OWENS (farmer)
                                            18 Mar 1851 mar/o Charles ROBERTS (farmer) ba of Ruabon s/o John ROBERTS (farmer)
                                                                        & Martha OWENS sp otp d/o D. OWENS (farmer)
                        C Marchwiel: Charles, Daniel, Ellen, George, John, Joseph, Josiah, Laetitia, Letitia, Mary, William;
                   563A Erbistock: 20 Sep 1888 bap/o Sarah Alexandra d/o Richard & Susan, Liverpool
                       C Erbistock: 19 Jan 1920 bur/o Jonathan, Sinders Cottage, Nr. Ruabon
                   564C Brynford:  Eleanor, Elizabeth, Louisa, Owen, Peter Edward;
                   565A Esclusham: Elizabeth Raynor, James, Kate, Leonard Alfred, Price, Theophilus;
                   567 Brymbo 31 Jan 1867 bur/o Isaac, otp
                   568 Brymbo  (Burials 1867-1898)
                                      Annie Winifred, Hannah, Margaret, Mary, Peter, Sarah, Sarah Elizabeth, Thomas;
569 Abergele (Marriages & Burials 1647-1708) Vol 2 (+ a patronymic index)  
                          A Marriages: 1 Feb 1667/68 mar/o Henry OWENS & Katherine HUGHES
                                              3 Sep 1683 mar/o Richard OWENS & Elizabeth Owen
                          B Burials: Catherine, Jane, Owen.
OWEN / OWENS contd
                   571A Cerrigydrudion (Baptisms 1847-1908)
                                                 Anne, Edward, Elizabeth, Ellin, Ellis, Hannah, Jane,  Mary, Owen,
                                                 Robert, Sarah, Sinah, William;
                         B Cerrigydrudion (Burials 1813-1850)
                                                   Alice, Anne, Catherine, Eleanor, Evan, Gwen, Hugh, Jane, John,
                                                   Robert, Sarah, Susanah, Thomas, William;
 C Cerrigydrudion (Burials 1851-1908)
                                                   Anne Margaret, Catharine, Elizabeth, Ellin, Ellis, Ezra, Jane, John Owen,
                                                   Owen Robert, William;
572 Broughton (Baptisms 1824-1867) Vol 1
                                        Alice, Allice, Ann, Eliza, Elizabeth, Ellen, Emma, George, Hannah, John, Joseph,
                                        Martha, Mary, Peter, Sarah, Susannah.

                                        17 Sep 1838 bap/o Martha MITCHELL (b 17)
                                                                                           d/o Peter (farmer) & Martha (OWENS), Saltney
                                          9 Jun 1839 bap/o John Owens MITCHELL (b 7 May)
                                                                        s/o Joseph (farmer) & Charistiana (OWENS), Bretton
                                        29 Sep 1867 bap/o Ann OWENS (MITCHEL) (b 13 Jul)
                                                                   d/o Joseph (farmer) & Harriet (LAWRENCE), Bretton

Mothers with OWENS as their maiden name