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* = a first name; or a surname used as a first name e.g. *123 Ronald Jones PARKES
dec. = deceased
ofa = of full age
otp = of this parish
wcof = with consent of friends
wcop = with consent of parents
Wits = Witnesses (ie to a marriage)
(x) made his/her mark
A+B+C etc. = separate indexes within the transcription
BT = Bishop's Transcript
DB =Domesday Book
MIs = Monumental Inscriptions (ie from tombstones)
NLW = National Library of Wales
OE = Old English
OFr - Old French
ON = Old Norse
OW = Old Welsh

E...H....  182 Llansanffraid Glynceiriog: 11 Oct 1785 mar. by Banns of
                                                                            Roger HUMPHRYS (blacksmith) ba. otp & Ayles RICHARDS (x) wd. otp
                                                                            Wits: David JONES, E.H.
              351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: E.H. died 17 Dec 1799 aged 40 years

351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: J.H. died 29 Feb 1799 aged 73 years

351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: T.H. died 1800 aged 10 months

H. 355 Ruabon St. Mary's Churchyard MIs: Ann H. 1820 aged 75
     419 Halkyn: 3 May 1655 bap/o Harry PARRY s/o Richard & Mary H., Halkin y wern

H.....   27 Llanarmon yn Ial: 19 Sep 1779 bap/o Richard s/o Robert & Elizth,  Creigiog Uwch-glan 
         400 Wrexham:  3 Feb 1829 John H-? & Mary KENNEDY wits. at mar. by Banns (wcof) of
                                                  Robert HUGES & Charlotte POWELL, both otp
         441B Hope: 2 Apr 1870 mar by Banns of David WILLIAMS (x) (collier) ba/40 of Cymmau s/o David WILLIAMS (farmer)
                                                                     &  Mary Ann LEWIS wid/37 of Cymmau d/o William H.....? (gelder)
         513B Rhuddlan: 24 Aug 1770 mar by Banns of Joseph HUTCHKINS (x) ba & Jane DAVIES (x) sp
                                                                              Wits: H.H....., John HODSKISON

H--CER 401 Wrexham: 25 Apr 1837 Mary H--CER (x) & John TAYLOR (x) wits. at mar. by Banns (wcof) of
                                                     Edward CREW (x) & Anne GILLER (x), both otp

H-ES 557 Llansilin: 20 Dec 1814  bur/o Anne, aged 16, Soughton

H'OLL see HOLYWELL for now

HA-GRON 422 Hanmer: 12 Feb 1565/66 bap/o Margery HA-GRON (----)
                                                               base d/o  --- (father uncertain) & Catryne HA-GRON


HABGOOD 353 Pentrobin: 31 Jan 1992 bur/o Joan Aileen, aged 65, Broadstone
                                       16 Dec 1992 bur/o Douglas Walter, aged 77,  Broadstone, Derwen Drive, Penymynydd


HACKELTON 363 Wrexham: 20 Oct 1885 bap/o Harry s/o Harry (Private RWF) & Margaret, 14 Stanley St.


     HACKET 500B Holywell: 31 Aug 1754 bur/o John ;
                   501 Northop
                   575 Hope: 26 Feb 1832 bap/o Timothy s/o Pierce (lab) & Mary, Bridge End
                 332 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: John Thomas, Joseph, Mary, Robert;
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Robert Hackett JONES
                 352B Flint: Anne;
                 411 Wrexham: Patrick;
                 412 Wrexham: Ellen, James, John, Mary Ann;
                 438A Broughton: Margaret;
                 474A,B Gresford
                 490 Chirk: 27 Ocvt 1885 mar by Banns of
                                                   Edward HACKETT (porter) ba/full otp (Halton) s/o John HACKETT (lab)
                                                    & Mary ROBERTS sp/full ot (Halton) d/o Robert ROBERTS (lab)
                 550 Gresford: John, Mary, Pierce;
                 553 Gresford: George;
                 575 Hope: 5 Oct 1834 bap/o Pierce s/o Pierce (lab) &  Mary, Plastag


Hackford, Norfolk
276C LLanasa: Sarah;
    Hackforth, North Riding of Yorkshire  
    HAKSFORDE 389 Hawarden: 18 Jan 1599/1600 mar/o Nicholas HAKSFORDE & Elizabeth PLETHIN


Hadham (Much and Little), Hertfordshire

Hadley, Worcs; Hadleigh: Essex, Herts, Salop, Suffolk.
      AIDLEY 586 Llantysilio:20 Aug 1890 bap/o Thomas Vaughan
                                                                 s/o John (gardener) & Elizabeth Ann, Llantysilio Lodge
      HADLEY  51 Holywell: Anne;
                   121 Mold: John;
                   568 Brymbo 7 Jun 1879 bur/o Maria Elizabeth, aged 3 yrs, Pentre Broughton
                   Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Ludlow: Mrs --- Hadley, Castle st
                                                       Shrewsbury: Coal Merchants: Hadley Company, Canal wharf

HADTSHORN see HARTSHORN             

haer/har (OE) = stony ground

     HAVINA *552B  Wrexham: 22 May 1713 bap/o Havina HUMPHREYS (b 19) d/o Daniell (hatter) of Chester St.
     HEOVINA *393 Wrexham: 3 Nov 1881 bur/o Heovina Adeline JONES, aged 2, Rhosddu
VINA *407 Wrexham: 19 Dec 1895 bur/o Vina WARDLE, aged 18 months, 28 Beast Market
                                              (double-indexed with 'Vine)

hafod (W) = summer dwelling, farm;
hafoty (W) = summer residence (see havodty)


HAGAN 17 Llanarmon yn Ial: 13 Mar 1694/95 bap/o Jane base d/o Ann
                                           23 Nov 1703 bur/o John (pauper), Eryrys
             Misc: 1881 Census Saltney, Cheshire/Flintshire



HAGGARTY/HAGGERTY/HEGARTY From the Irish patronymic O hEigcertaigh, which incorporates a word
                             meaning 'unjust'; this Ulster surname, absent from the older Scottish records, is commonly
                             found in Glasgow, with some examples in the Edinburgh area - Scottish Surnames (David Dorward)
     HAGARTY 53 Wrexham: Julia, Michael, Mary;
     HAGGARTY 359 Rhosymedre: Maria, Thomas;
                        365 Wrexham: Edward, Julia, Michael;
     HAGGERTY 373 Wrexham: Mary;


HAGLAND *40 Hawarden: Martha Hagland BUSHELL


Haigh (township), Wigan, Greater Manchester

AGAR *227 Ruthin: 20 Dec 1833 bap/o Alice Agar ELLIS d/o Robert (druggist) & Sarah Anne, Market Place
 AGAR 563B Erbistock: 6 Aug 1890 mar by Banns of
                                       Richard AGAR (groom) ba/32 of Lee Brockhurst s/o Thomas AGAR (horse breaker)
                                       & Sarah ROBERTS sp/29 otp d/o John ROBERTS (lab)

     HACHS 477 Llanrhaeadr yng Nghinmeirch
                                    25 Aug 1772 Elizabeth HACHS & Edwd WILLIAMS wits at mar by Lic of
                                                                   John LLOYD & Mary SIMON both otp
     HACK 117 Mold: 5 Nov 1734 bap/o Margaret d/o Thomas & Margaret, Bistre
               118 Mold: 12 Sep 1733 mar/o Thomas HACK otp & Margaret PRICE otp
               191D Ruabon: 19 Oct 1782 mar. by Banns of John JONES & Margaret PARRY (x), both otp
                                                                                 Wits: Edward JONES, Rob't HACK
               342 Hawarden: 23 Apr 1644 bap/o William HACK (LEATHER) base s/o
                                                                  William LEATHER & Kathrine HACK (Cheshire)
               517B Llanasa: 17 Sep 1718 bap/o Mary HACK (DAVIES)
                                                                    base d/o Thomas DAVIES & Sarah HACK, Tre'r Abad
               578 Ysceifiog: 26 May 1822 bap/o Catherine d/o Joseph (paper-maker) & Elizabeth, Bryn-shone
HAIGH contd
     HACKE 415C Northop: 7 Jul 1802 bur/o Dianna, aged 11, of Caerfallwch
     HACKER 304 Wrexham: 11 Jan 1748/49 mar by Lic of
                                                Rev. Mr) Thos. MYDDLETON & (Miss) Arabella HACKER, Croes Newydd
                   501 Northop:  15 Feb 1732/33 bur/o Margaret, a poor old wid., otp
     HACKIKE 138A Wrexham: 22 Jun 1794 bap/o Mary (b 11) d/o Richard (lab) & Anne, Esclusham Below

     HAGAR  fem 'flight' (Hebrew)
                    *29 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant: 11 Jan 1761 mar by Banns of
                                                                        Robert NEWTON of Llanymynech & Hagar MORRIS otp
                                                                        Wits: Robert GRIFFITHS, Thomas GRIFFITHS
82C Nerquis: 13 Oct 1794 bur/o Charles, of Leeswood
124 Mold: 3 Dec 1761 mar. by Lic. of Charles HAGAR & Mary JEFFREYS, both otp
                                                                         Wits: Wm. DAVIES, Edward GRIFFITH

                   *219 Penley: 28 Dec 1801 bap/o John LAYWOOD illeg. son/o Hagar -------   
HAIGH contd
     HAGE 17 Llanarmon yn Ial (Baptisms & Burials 1683-1743) Vol 1
                                             10 Dec 1712  bur/o Joseph
                                             14 Nov 1713 bur/o Katherine w/o Daniel
                                              5 Feb 1713/14 mar/o Daniel HAGE & Elisabeth JONES both otp
                                     :      16 May 1714 mar/o John WILLIAMS & Dorothy HAGE
                                            16 Oct 1725 bap/o John s/o David & Elizabeth
                                            25 Feb 1727/28 bur/o Dority, Eryrys
     HAGES 181 Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog:
                                           6 May 1796 mar. by Banns of 
                                                   Hugh HUGHES (sig. HAGES) ba. & Martha JONES (x) sp., both otp
                                                  Wits: Hugh JONES (x), Thomas LEWIS
     HAGGAR 82C Nerquis: 22 Dec 1807 bur/o Mary (wid) (d. 18) (A Catholick), aged 88, of Mold
HAIGH contd
     HAGUE 17 Llanarmon yn Ial
(Baptisms & Burials 1683-1743) Vol 1
                                                1 Feb 1684/85 bap/o Eliz. d/o Joseph & Alic.
                                                8 Jan 1686/87 bap/o Dorothy d/o Joseph & Alice
                                               10 Jun 1691 bap/o John (b 3) s/o Joseph & Alice
                                                 5 Feb 1698/99 bur/o John s/o Joseph & Alice
                                               10 Sep 1699 bur/o Margaret, wid.
                                               18 Feb 1703/04 bap/o Thomas s/o David & Grace
                                                28 Apr 1706 bur/o John s/o Joseph (pauper) & Alice
                                                 8 Jun 1708 bap/o Mary d/o David & Grace
                                                24 Aug 1708 mar/o David THOMAS & Elizabeth HAGUE
                                                 2 Nov 1721 bap/o Mary d/o Daniel
                                                 4 Nov 1721 bur/o Mary d/o Daniel
                                                16 Aug 1723 bur/o Catherine, wid.
                                                  3 Feb 1733/34 bur/o Daniel
                                                 6 Jul 1737 mar/o Robert HUGH of Mold & Martha HAGUE otp
                 27 Llanarmon yn Ial (Baptisms, Marriages & Burials 1744-1812): Vol 2
             27 Jul 1750 mar/o John HAGUE & Jane EVANS
                                                 30 Apr 1751 bur/o John s/o John
                                                  5 Oct 1753 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Jon (farmer) & Jane
                                                  1 Apr 1759 bap/o Jane d/o Evan & Ann, Eryrys
                                                  9 Sep 1759 bap/o Robert s/o Simon & Ellen, Cyfnant
                                                  5 Oct 1760 bap/o Mary d/o John & Jane Eryrys
                                                27 Dec 1760 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Evan & Anne, Eryrys
                                                  1 Sep 1800 John HAGUE & Elizabeth JONES wits at mar by Banns of
                                                                John ROBERTS ba of Clocaenog &  Elizabeth WILLIAMS sp otp
                                                 29 May 1802 Isaac HAGUE & John LEWIS wits at mar by Banns of
                                                          Samuel KENDRICK ba of Hope & Anne EDWARDS sp otp
                                                  7 May 1803 John HAGUE & Alice FOULKES wits at mar by Banns of
                                                                  Edward EDWARDS ba & Jane MORGAN sp both otp
                                                24 Dec 1803 John HAGUE & Elizabeth GOODWIN wits at mar by Banns of
                                                              Simon BRYAN ba//24 otp s/o Simon (miner) & Anne
                                                              & Ruth OLDFIELD sp/20 otp d/o Jonathan (miner) & Elizabeth
                                                10 Jul 1804 Jane HAGUE & Thos JONES wits at mar by Banns of
                                                                      William JONES ba/20 otp s/o Wm (butcher) & Jane
                                                                      & Anne EVANS -/23 otp d/o Edwd (farmer) & Anne
                                                30 Aug 1808 mar by Lic of Samuel GRIFFITHS -/27 otp s/o Thos (farmer)
                                                                                       & Jane HAGUE -22/ otp d/o Daniel (farmer) & Mary
                                                                                       Wits: John HAGUE, Robert EDWARDS (Clark)
                                                12 Aug 1809 bap/o Elizabeth & Mary GRIFFITHS
                                                                                         twin ds/o Samuel (farmer) & Jane (HAGUE)
                                                  4 Sep 1809 bur/o Elizabeth GRIFFITHS, aged 3 wks,
                                                                           d/o Samuel (farmer) &  Jane (HAGUE), Creigiog Uwch glan
                                                30 Aug 1810 bap/o Elizabeth (b 28) d/o
                                                                            d/o Samuel (farmer) & Jane |(HAGUE), Creigiog Uwch glan
                                                17 Nov 1811 bap/o Nathaniel GRIFFITHS (b 12)
                                                                               s/o Samuel (farmer) & Jane (HAGUE) Creigiog Uwch glan
                 137 Northop: 6 Nov 1791 bap/o Mary (b 2) d/o Simon & Elizabeth, Caerfallwch
                 184 Llanddulas: 1 Mar 1679/80 bur/o John
                 226 Llanarmon yn Ial:  1 Aug 1835 John HAGUE & Mary PRICE wits at mar by Banns of
                                                            Thomas JONES ba & Ann EVANS wid., both otp
                                                 13 Dec 1836 bur/o Daniel, aged 82, Graian Rhyd
                 292 Rhosymedre: Annie, Jonathan, Mary Ann;
                 329B Meliden: 2 Aug 1719 bur/o George, otp
                 344 Mold: 12 Mar 1832 Daniel HAGUE & Elizabeth HAKE wits at mar by Banns of
                                                       Edward HUMPHREYS ba & Elizabeth WILLIAMS sp both otp
359 Rhosymedre: 15 Oct 1870 mar by Banns of
                                               Jonathan HAGUE (collier) ba/25 of Cefn Mawr s/o Joseph HAGUE (collier)
                                               & Mary Ann PARRY sp/22 of Cefn Mawr d/o John PARRY (quarryman)
                *363 Wrexham: 9 Oct 1878 bap/o William Hague BARNETT
                                                                 s/o William (painter) & Mary, 49 Chester St.
                 370 Wrexham: 6 Jan 1861  bap/o Josiah Rowland s/o Josiah (grocer) & Catherine Mason, York St.
                 372 Wrexham: 18 Jun 1815 John HAGUE & Barbara WILLIAMS wits at mar/o
                                               William WILLIAMS (farmer) ba of Llanarmon yn Yale
                                               & Jane PARRY sp of Wrexham Abbot
                 404 Wrexham:  1 Jul 1898 bur/o Josiah, aged 37, Red Lion Inn, Chester Street
                                        3 Apr 1901 bur/o Catharine, aged 68, 36 Chester Street
                                       20 Apr 1904 bur/o Josiah, aged 71, 36 Chester Street
                *405 Wrexham: 13 Dec 1891 bap/o Violet Maud TONG (b 14 Oct)
                                                         d/o John (clerk at Post Office) & Sarah Hague, 30 Bersham Road
                 405 Wrexham: 16 Sep 1888 bap/o Amy
                                                                /o Josiah (grocer's assistant) & Louisa, The Lion, Chester St.
                                        19 Feb 1890 bap/o Edith d/o Josiah (grocer) & Louise, 40 Chester Street
                                        20 Dec 1891 bap/o Josiah Ernest (b 30 Nov)
                                                                     s/o Josiah Rowland & Louisa, 40 Chester St.
                                          7 Jan 1894 bap/o William Joseph (b 24 Dec)
                                                       s/o Josiah Rowland (publican) & Louise, Red Lion, Chester St.
                                        11 Dec 1895 bap/o Ernest (b 27 Nov)
                                                                   s/o Josiah (publican) & Louisa, Red Lion, Chester St.
                 407 Wrexham:  20 Dec 1895 bur/o Ernest, aged 27 days, Red Lion, Chester St.
                 416 Ruabon: 29 Jan 1881 mar. by Banns of
                                             Thomas WILLIAMS (x) (collier) ba/28 of Cefn Mawr s/o Frederick WILLIAMS (collier)
                                             & Mary Ann HAGUE wid/31 of Cefn Mawr d/o John PARRY (quarryman)
                 419 Halkyn: 6 Sep 1696 bap/o Thomas s/o Joseph & Alice
                 544 Meliden: 30 Jun 1687 mar/o Joseph MAYNSEL & Jane HAGUE
                                     29 May 1692 bap/o William (b 26) s/o George &  Margaret
                                       2 Apr 1701 bur/o William
569 Abergele (Marriages & Burials 1647-1708) Vol 2 (+ a patronymic index)
                            29 Nov 1693 bur/o Jane, Towyn
                 Misc: 1841 Census Wrexham Town:
                                     Hope Street: Daniel HAGUE  14   born in County
                                                         In the same household as
                                                                John DAVIES 45 Schoolmaster          Not born in County
                                                                Elizabeth DAVIES 35                         Born in County
                                                                John MULLINER 20 Vetery. Surgeon   Born in County
                                                                John INGMAN 15 Surgeon 's Ap.         Not born in County
                                                                Mary Ann BODEN 15 Female Servant  Born in County
HAIGH contd
     HAGUE-STANLEY 314 Rhosllanerchrugog:
                                       5 Aug 1880 bap/o Susannah (b 16 Oct 1875 & Margaret Jane (born 25 May 1877)
                                               ds/o Thomas Hague (bricklayer) & Hannah Stanley, Street Issa

     HAIG 243 Hanmer: 19 Jul 1863 bap/o Mary Elizabeth d/o James (lab) & Martha, Chorley, Lancs.
     HAIGH *88 Llanelidan: 18 Jun 1762 bap/o Haigh WILLIAMS s/o Roger & Martha, Cae Haidd
                119 Mold: 25 Feb 1790 bap/o Robert (7 days) s/o John & Martha, Gwernaffield
                137 Northop: 2 Mar 1788 bap/o Diana (b 26 Feb) d/o Simon & Elizabeth, Caerfallwch
               *315 Ruabon: 24 Mar 1891 bap/o Eric Haigh JENKS s/o Henry (Gentleman) & Anne, Gardden Hall
                323 Denbigh:  3 Jun 1754 bap/o John s/o William & Eastor
                                    30 Nov 1755 bap/o  John s/o William (weaver) & Ester
               *336: Connah's Quay MIs: Catherine ROGERS (nee JONES) d 16 Apr 1994 aged 79
                                                      & her husband Ronald Haigh ROGERS d 26 Jun 1985 aged 69
                499 Denbigh:  5 Jan 1756 bur/o Esther w/o William
               *565A Esclusham: 13 Feb 1920 bur/o Douglas Haig GILBERT, aged 7 mths, 53 Hill St., Rhostyllen
Misc: 1881 Census Saltney, Cheshire/Flintshire:
                                 Flintshire House: William HAIGH 2 b Manchester, Lancs
                                                           with his grandparents
                                                          William T. WESTBURY 49 Manager of Oil Works, b Limehouse, Middlesex
                                                          Mary J. WESTBURY (wife)  49 b Kent Road, Surrey
     HAKE  27 Llanarmon yn Ial (Baptisms, Marriages & Burials 1744-1812) Vol 2
                                  11 Apr 1770 bur/o Simon, Cyfnant
                                  23 Mar 1774 bur/o Evan, Eryryrs
                                  28 Mar 1774 bur/o Mary (d/o late Simon), Cyfnant
                                    2 Sep 1774 bur/o Jane (d/o late Evan), Eryrys
                                   9 May 1775 Daniel HAKE & Edward HUGHES wits at mar by Banns of
                                                   Edward EDWARDS & Ann PRICE both otp
                                  17 Apr 1782 bur/o Elizabeth, Eryrys
                                 18 May 1782 mar by Banns of Daniel HAKE & Mary BRYAN both otp
                                                                            Wits: Richd JONES, Evan EDWARDS
                                 26 Feb 1783 bap/o John s/o Daniel & Mary, Eryrys
                                 21 Dec 1786 bap/o Jane d/o Daniel & Mary, Eryrys
                                   1 Aug 1791 bur/o John, Creigiog Uwch glan
                                 21 Jan 1792 bap/o Mary d/o Daniel & Mary, Eryrys
                                 19 Oct 1794 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Daniel & Mary, Creigiog Uch
                                   6 Feb 1799 bur/o Jane, Creigiog Uwch glan
HAIGH  / HAKE contd
                39 Halkyn:  2 Dec 1823 bap/o John LLOYD s/o David (miner) & Harriet (HAKE), Plas Ucha Pentre
                                  2 Nov 1824 bap/o Daniel LLOYD s/o David (miner) & Harriet (HAKE), Llan
               117 Mold: 18 Aug 1751 bap/o Peter & Mary twin s&d/o Thos. & Margt., Bistre
               121 Mold: Anne, Grace, Mary, Peter, Thomas;
               127A Mold: 6 Jan 1701/02 mar/o David HAKE & Grahana EVANS, Broncoed. C
               137 Northop:  2 Oct 1796 bap/o Daniel (b 26 Sep) s/o Simon & Elizabeth, Caerfallwch
                                  25 Dec 1798 bap/o Harriot (b 21) d/o Simon & Elizabeth, Caerfallwch
                                    6 Sep 1801 bap/o Josiah (b 23 Aug) s/o Simon & Elizabeth, Caerfallwch
               231 Hope: 9 Jun 1758 mar by Lic of
                                                  Evan HAKE of Llanarmon & Anne JONES wid. otp
                                                  Wits: William JONES, John JONES
               344 Mold:
12 Mar 1832 Daniel HAGUE & Elizabeth HAKE wits at mar by Banns of
                                                       Edward HUMPHREYS ba & Elizabeth WILLIAMS sp both otp

               415A Northop: 7 May 1787 mar. by Banns of Simon HAKE ba. & Elizabeth PARRY (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                 Wits: Edwd BOWEN (x), Elizabeth DAVIES (x)
               461A Mold: 9 Feb 1776 bur/o Thomas, Bistre
               544 Meliden: 23 Jun 1704 bur/o Elizabeth: 
HAIGH contd
     HAKER 27 Llanarnon yn Ial: 20 Mar 1754 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Simon & Ellen, Cyfnant
     HEACK 499 Denbigh: 11 Jun 1754 bur/o John (child) s/o William
     HEAK 413 Mold: 17 May 1813 mar. by Banns of
                                             Josiah BLACKWELL (x) of Northop & Elizabeth EVANS (x) sp. otp
                                             Wits: Edward JONES, Mary HEAK (x), John HOSKINS (x)
     HEAKES 303 Wrexham: Wm.
                   *558B Llandegla: 27 Oct 1886 mar by Banns oif
                                            James Henry BROWN (analytical chemist) ba/30 of Mill St., Macclesfield
                                                                                   s/o James Heakes BROWN (statsonier)
                                            & Louise ELLICE sp/25 of Fron Haul d/o Edward ELLICE (farmer)
     HEGGIE possibly see also
'Haigh-hall', Warrington

Haighton, Lancashire
HAIGHTON *363 Wrexham: 29 Dec 1883 bap/o William Haighton TURNER
                                                                                 s/o William (surveyor) & Amelia, Queen Street
                  *364 Wrexham: Richard Haighton TURNER
                  *384 Wrexham: 26 Sep 1871 bur/o Esther Haighton GOODDIE, aged 1, Erddig Road
                   401 Wrexham: 16 Aug 1836 mar. by Lic. (wcof) of
                                                            Richard Haighton TURNER ba. & Hester BRAYNE sp, both otp
                                                            Wits: W'm HARRISON, Tho's BELLINGHAM, Mary BRAYNE, J. BELLINGHAM



Hailsham, Sussex
     HELSHAM 474A Gresford



Hair Meadow, Shropshire
(OE haer/har = stony ground)


HAITLEY 366 Wrexham: HAITLEY in the index, HARTLEY in the body of the register, so see HARTLEY


HAKILL 303 Hawarden:


High Halden, Kent
HALDEN 404 Wrexham: Keziah;

High Halden, Kent
      *369 Llangollen: Sybil Madeleine Keziah Halden LLOYD
Haldon Hills, Devonshire
       HALLDERN Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Newport: King's Head  William Halldern, Chetwynd end
       HALLDING Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Bridgnorth: Wheelwright: William Hallding, Raven st

Haldenby, West Riding of Yorkshire

Hale, Cheshire; Cumbria; Greater Manchester; Hampshire; Surrey;
     hael = generous
     HAIL *162 Overton:
               540 Overton
Haile, Cumbria
     HAILE 540 Overton
               549A Llanelian yn Rhos
HALE    8 Overton: Francis, Margaret;
                16 Hawarden: Anne, Thos;
                24 Hawarden: Ann(e);
                63B Holt:
                66A Penley:
                79 Gresford: 15 Mar 1778 bur/o Charles base s/o Mary
                                   27 Jun 1808 bur/o John HALE?/HALL? s/o Margaret, Burton
               124 Mold: 16 Feb 1764 mar. by Banns of William EVANS of Holywell & Mary LEWIS (x) otp
                                                                            Wits: Daniel HALE (x), Geo. EDWARDS
               133B Holt:
               138B Wrexham: 17 Jan 1795 bur/o Roger, Esq., Birmingham
              *162 Overton:
               304A Wrexham:  4 May 1741 bap/o William (b 10 Apr) s/o James (maltster)
                    B Wrexham: 16 Oct 1752 mar by Lic of John HALE (butcher) of Chester & Mary POWELL sp. of Holywell
               310 Gresford:
               361 Llangollen: Joseph, Mary, Mary Eleanor;
              *366 Wrexham: Edward Hale HUGHES
              *372 Wrexham: 22 Jan 1821 mar by Lic of William Hale HUGHES (farmer) ba & Sarah PRICE sp both otp
                                                                            Wits: John BRISCOE, Sarah PEARSON, Thomas JONES
HALE contd
  *374 Wrexham: 18 Jan 1837 bap/o Jane HUGHES d/o Edward Hale (mercer/draper/inn keeper)
                                                                   & Charlotte Mary, High Street
                                        (also 1 Oct 1838 Thomas William, 11 Nov 1840 Charlotte Alice, 19 Mar 1842 Edwin Herbert)
              *399 Wrexham: 16 Nov 1821 bap/o William Hale HUGHES s/o William Hale (farmer) & Sarah, Canal
                                       4 Mar 1823 bap/o Sarah HUGHES d/o William Hale (farmer) & Sarah, Canal
                                      17 Jul 1824 bap/o Mary d/o William Hale (farmer) & Sarah, Canal
              399 Wrexham: 28 Mar 1822 bap/o James s/o Thomas (farmer) & Mary, Brymbo
              407 Wrexham: 18 Jul 1887 bur/o Annie Jane, aged 14 months, 42 Beast Market
              434B Bangor-on-Dee: Thomas;
              441B Hope: John, John Henry;
              479 Overton
              536 Llansannan
              540 Overton
Hales (Clavering), Norfolk; Staffordshire;
HALE contd
Hailes, Gloucestershire
     HAILES 359 Rhosymedre: Micah;
HAILS *24 Hawarden: 3 May 1840 Baptism of Hails JONES d/o John (flatman) & Hails (HUGHES) of Aston
HALES   5 Llangollen: 1 Oct 1722 bap/o John (b 23 Sep at Eglwyseg) s/o Jenry (shoemaker) & Mary, W.
                 36 Ruabon: Francis, Mary;
                191 Ruabon: 17 Jul 1778 maqr by Banns of Francis HALES (x) & Mary SHELTON both otp
                                                                                Wits: Edward JONES, Edward JONES Jun.
                197 Hanmer: Betsy, Eliza, Elizabeth, James, Mary, Philip, Phillip, Robert, Sarah, Susanah,
                                   Susannah, Thomas, William;
                206A Hanmer:
                243 Hanmer:
                292 Rhosymedre: Philip, Sarah, Sarah Elizabeth;
                314 Rhosllanerchrugog: James,  James Alfred, John Edward Hopwood, Priscilla;
                315 Ruabon:
                345 Rhosllanerchrugog:
                354 Rhosllanerchrugog: John Edward, Sarah Jane;
HALE / HALES contd
                360 Llangollen: John, Philip;
                377 Holywell: 28 Jan 1703 bap/o Elin d/o Randle, Coleshill
                390 Bangor-on-Dee: 12 May 1678 bap/o Roger s/o William & --------
               *416 Ruabon: 19 May 1890 mar. by Banns of
                                                        Walter Hales TAYLOR (blacksmith) ba/24 of Johnstown s/o Francis TAYLOR (lab)
                                                        & Elizabeth BROWN sp/25 of Gardden Lodge d/o James BROWN (lab)
                 490 Chirk
                 533B Overton
                 561A Marchwiel: Ernest, George Charles, James, Mary Elizabeth, Philip Alexander, Priscilla, Sarah Ellen, Thomas Harold, William;
                      B Marchwiel: 1 Nov 1888 mar by Banns of Thomas HALES (lab) ba of Penylan, Ruabon s/o John HALES (farmer)
                                                                                    & Margaret ALLAND (servant) sp otp d/o John ALLMAND (lab)
                      C Marchwiel: 12 Apr 1892 bur/o Margaret, aged 26, Marchwiel Village
                                          28 Sep 1905 bur/o James Alfred, aged 9 years, Bryn Bedwyn Cottages
                                          10 aug 1906 bur/o Sarah Ellen, aged 3 years, 29 Lea Road, Wrexham
Misc: Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                                                 Thomas, Farmer, Bettisfield   Oct 1835
                         Shropshire 1828/9 Bridgnorth: Mrs --- Hales, Hilton
                                                    Newport: Maltster: Hales Thomas, High st
                                                                  White Lion  Hales Thomas, High st
                                                    Oswestry: Veterinary surgeon: John Miles Hales, Cross street
                                                    Wem: Attorney: Edward Hales, Whitechapel st
                                                              Butchers: Robert Hales, High st
                                                                             William Hales, High st
                                                              Cabinet maker: William Hales, High st
                                                              Maltster: William Hales, High st
                                                              Milliner/dress maker: Sarah Hales, High st
HALE contd
     HALL possibly see also
     HAYLE 552D Wrexham: 12 May 1708 bur/o William (husbandman) Cadwgan
     HAYLES *314 Rhosllanerchrugog: 22 Nov 1896 bap/o Walter Frederick TAYLOR s/o Walter Hayles (smith) & Elisabeth, Johnstown
     HEALES 459 Mold


Halesowen, Worcestershire
30 Wrexham: Thomas;


Halewood, Merseyside
     ALARD 540  Overton
     ALLART 151 Hanmer:
                  152 Hanmer;
                  156A+B Hanmer:
                  206B Hanmer:
                  207 Hanmer:
                  Misc: Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                                         Edward, Yeo., Bettisfield, Administration Bond 1732
                                                                                         Randle, Minor, Bettisfield, *Tui., 1736
                                                                                         Randle, Minor, Bettisfield, *Tui., 1732
                                               *Tui = guardianships over orphaned minors - under 15 for boys, under 13 for girl
     ALLAT 424 Hanmer: Ellen, John, Magdalen, Mary, Randall;
                425B Hanmer: Randall;
     ALLATT 218 Llangollen:
                 424 Hanmer: 18 Nov 1601 bap/o Rondle s/o Willm
                                     27 Apr 1606 bap/o Willm s/o Willm
     ALLET 424 Hanmer: 3 Dec 1627 bap/o Mary d/o Randall
                425B Randal, Randall;
     ALLETTA *216B Erbistock:
     ALLERT 132 Hanmer:
     ALLORT 151 Hanmer:
                  156A+B Hanmer:
                  157A Hanmer:
                  206A+B Hanmer:
                  207 Hanmer:
     ALLOT 157A Hanmer:
                206A+B Hanmer:
                207 Hanmer:
                424 Hanmer: Elizabeth, John, Margaret, Randal, Tabitha, William;
                425B Hanmer: Ales, William;
     ALLOTT 206A Hanmer:
                *315 Ruabon:  26 Aug 1877 bap/o Alice Annie Elizabeth HOLDING
                                                                            d/o John Allott (shoeing smith) & Keziah, James' Farm, Wynnstay Park
                 315 Ruabon: Annie Laura, Eliza Mary, Emily, Fanny Laura, Frederick William, James, Mary Ann,
                                    William Henry;
                 422 Hanmer:  3 Sep 1591 bap/o John s/o Willm
                                    12 Jun 1597 bap/o John s/o Willm
                 423 Hanmer: 4 Feb 1588/89 mar/o Willm ALLOTT & Alice GLOVER
                 424 Hanmer: 24 Jun 1623 bap/o Allice d/o John
     ALLWOOD  62 Flint;
                      132 Hanmer:
                      197 Hanmer: Catherine, James, John, Joseph, Mary, Mary Ann, Philip, Robert, Sarah, Thomas,
                      243 Hanmer:
                      266B Marchwiel:
                     *374 Wrexham: 9 Apr 1837 bap/o Joseph Allwood ELLIS s/o John (butcher) & Mary of Mt Street
                      378 Holywell: Anne, Jane, John, Philip, Thos;
                      492 Holywell
                      500B Holywell
                      522 Holywell
Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Whitchurch: Linen/woollen drapers: Allwood & Andrews, Greenend
     ALLWORD 234 Minera:
     ALOT 337 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Benjamin Bennett; Emma;
    ALWER 397 Llansilin: 16 May 1685 bap/o Anne d/o Thos. John, Lledrode
    ALWOOD Misc:
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                      William, Gent, Bronington, Will, Dec 1823
     HAILWOOD 575 Hope: 4 Jan 1829 bap/o John MILLINGTON (HAILWOOD) illeg s/o
                                 John HAILWOOD (miller) of Trafford, Cheshire & Elzabeth MILLINGTON sp, Shordley
     HALEWOOD  42 Holywell: Jane, Margt;
                          51 Holywell: Ann;
                          52 Holywell: Ann, Jane, Thos;
                         357 Holywell: Ann, Jane, Margaret, Thomas;
                         535 Buckley
                         574 Buckley: 26 Nov 1888 bap/o Ernest (b 26 Nov) s/o Thomas (potter) & Ann otp (Stn. Road)
                         578 Ysceifiog:  2 Apr 1825 bap/o Margaret d/o Thomas (miller) & Anne, Melin y Pantgwyn
                                              28 Jan 1827 bap/o Mary d/o Thomas (miller) & Anne, Melin y Pantgwyn
     HALKER 117 Mold:
     HALLERT 152 Hanmer:
     HALLWOD 389 Hawarden: 1 Sep 1591 bur/o Thomas

     'Hallwood', Runcorn, Cheshire
     HALLWOOD   14 Llanferres: William;
                         153 Hope:
                        *360 Llangollen: Samuel Hallwood WATTS
                        *369 Llangollen: Mabel Hallwood WATTS
                         378 Holywell: 22 Nov 1727 bap/o Francis s/o ------ (Mr);
     Hallwood Green, Glos
     HALWOOD 124 Mold: 31 Jan 1789 mar. by Banns of William HUETT (x) ba/20 otp s/o Thos. & Margaret
                                                                                  & Margaret SHONE (x) sp/21 otp d/o Thos. & Susan
                                                                                  Wits: Phinehas SARJANT, Elinor HALWOOD (x)


Halifax, West Riding of Yorkshire
     HALLIFAX Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Ludlow: Rev. F. HALLIFAX, Batchcott


Old Hall, Shropshire
     ALIA *66D Penley:
     HAELEY 420B Halkyn: 18 Feb 1720/21 bur/o John;
     HAELY 138B Wrexham: 5 Dec 1794 bur/o Charles, Wrexham Regis
     Hailey (hamlet), Witney, Oxfordshire  
'dweller at the hay clearing'
     HAILEY 138A Wrexham: 15 Jan 1792 bap/o Charles (b 21) s/o Stephan & Elizabeth, Wrexham Regis
                  415B Northop: 31 Aug 1789 mar. by Banns  of John BITHEL wdr. & Elizabeth SMITH wd., both otp
                                                                                      Wits: John LEWIS, John DAVIES, Mary HAILEY (x)
     HALE possibly see also
  HALEY  30 Wrexham: John, Thomas;
                 304A Wrexham: 30 Mar 1747 bap/o Mary (b 22) d/o Nevel (stranger)
                 351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: No. 664: Elizabeth HALEY (no other information)

                 417 Wrexham: 28 Dec 1764 John HALEY & John EDWARDS wits at mar by Lic of
                                                                      Joseph RATCLIFFE otp & Martha PARKER (x) of Hoult, Chester
                                        3 Jan 1765 mar by Lic of John HALLEY (sig. HALEY) ba & Eliz'h EDWARDS sp both otp
                                                                             Wits: William EDWARDS, Eliz SMITH
                                      25 Jul 1765 mar by Lic of Thomas HALEY (sig. HEALEY) (watchmaker) & Sarah BULKLEY sp both otp
                                                                            Wits: John HALEY, John EDWARDS
                 420B Halkyn: 5 Feb 1761 bur/o Mary;
                 445 Wrexham: 18 May 1766 bur/o Eliz w/o John (watchmaker), Wrexham Regis
                                         7 Oct 1768 bur/o Michel (chimney sweeper) (poor), Wrexham Abbot
HALL contd
     HALI 521 St Asaph:
Hall, Strathclyde:
     HALL (Anglo-Saxon heall, name given to a worker or servant at the hall, the old name for the manor house. 
                             Warin de Halla carried out his duties in Essex in 1178).
                  2 Llandegla: 18 Apr 1728 bur/o John base s/p John, Chester
                  3 Llangollen: 3 Jul 1785 bap/o Anne (b 1) d/o John (lab) & Anne (THOMAS), Eglwyseg
                  4 Llangollen:  30 Dec 1764 bap/o John (b 24) s/o John & Gwen, Eglwyseg
                                        4 Jul 1765 bur/o John s/o John, Eglwyseg
                                        3 Aug 1766 bap/o Rees (b 27 Jul) s/o John & Gwen, Eglwyseg
                                      25 Aug 1768 bap/o John (b 21) s/o John & Gwen, Eglwyseg
                  6 Isycoed:  18 Dec 1754 mar/o Thomas HALL & Sarah ------
                                     7 Jan 1756 bap/o Thomas s/o Thomas & Sarah
                                 -- --- 1758 bap/o Jno (b 5 Aug) s/o Thomas & Sarah
                                 23 Apr 1769 bap/o Elisabeth  CARTWRIGHT  (HALL) d/o Thomas HALL & Mary CARTWRIGHT
                                   2 Apr 1781 bap/o Joseph s/o Thomas & Mary
                                  25 Nov 1785 bap/o Sarah d/o John & Matha
                                  11 May 1788 bap/o Thomas s/o Thomas & Anne
                                  13 Dec 1789 bap/o Anne d/o Thomas & Anne
                                   8 Apr 1798 mar by Lic of John ELLIS (x) (farmer) & Elizabeth HALL (x) sp both otp
                                                                        Wits: James WALTON, John PULSUN
                                 18 Sep 1827 mar by Lic of Samuel PUGH (x) & Anne HALL (x) both otp
                                                                          Wits: Edward MOODY (x), Ann DUCKERS (x)
                                   5 Sep 1829 mar by Banns of Joseph HALL (x) & Ann DULSTON (x) both otp
                                                                              Wits: William LLOYD, Ann EDWARDS (x)
                10 Overton: Elizabeth, John;
                16 Hawarden: Elizabeth;
                17 Llanarmon yn Ial:  Dorothy,Francis,Gwen;
                18 Hawarden: Mary;
                22 Hawarden: Joseph;
                25 Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd: Robert, Thos;
                30 Wrexham: 9 Jul 1775 bap/o John WYNN (HALL) (b 6)
                                                             base s/o Charles HALL (glaizer) of Wrexham Regis  & Catherine WYNN of Wrexham Vechan
                31 Hawarden: Mary;
                32 Hawarden: Joseph;
                33 Llangwm: Gwen, Jane, John;
                34 Llangwm: John;
                37 Worthenbury: Mary, Sarah;
               *42 Holywell:  3 Jul 1824 bur/o John Hall HAWORTH, aged 45, of Liverpool
                46 Worthenbury: 20 Apr 1710 bur/o Peter s/o John & Jane, of London
                48 Worthenbury: 20 Nov 1746 bur/o Edward (a servant at Emrall)
HALL contd
53 Wrexham: 10 Nov 1803 bap/o Richard (b 31) s/o Randle (farmer) & Elizabeth, Brymbo
                                      6 Mar 1806 bap/o Edward (b 10 Feb) s/o Randle (farmer) & Elizabeth, Brymbo
                62 Flint:
                63A+B Holt:
                75A Marchwiel:
                79 Gresford:  25 May 1777 bap/o Chas HALL (ROBERTS) base s/ William ROBERTS & Mary HALL
                                    14 Aug 1803 bap/o John HALL (GAYMAN) base s/o John GAYMAN & Margt HALL
                                    20 Mar 1804 bur/o Mary (pauper), Gwersyllt
                                    23 Jan 1807 bur/o Harriot d/o Thomas, Gwersyllt
                                    10 Apr 1808 bap/o Edwin (b 1 Mar) s/o Thomas (watch toole maker) & Hannah, Gwersyllt
                                    27 Jun 1808 bur/o John HALE?/HALL? s/o Margaret, Burton
                                      8 Jan 1809 bur/o Hannah w/o Thomas, Gweryllt
                82A Nerquis: 6 Oct 1783 bap/o William MORRIS (HALL) base s/o Michael HALL & Elizabeth MORRIS
               132 Hanmer:
               133B Holt;
               138A Wrexham:  21 Apr 1791 bap/o Thomas (b 1) s/o Randle (farmer) & Elizabeth, Brymbo
                                        10 Mar 1793 bap/o John (b 28 Feb) s/o Randle (farmer) & Elizabeth, Brymbo
                                        28 Mar 1795 bap/o William (b 16) s/o Randle (farmer) & Elizabeth, Brymbo
               151 Hanmer:
               153 Hope:
              *159 Holywell:
HALL contd

               162 Overton:
              167C Gresford:
               171 Bangor-on-Dee:
               172 Holt:
               173 Holt:
               174 Holt:,
               189 Holywell:
               194 Halkyn:
               197 Hanmer: Jane, John, Mary, Thomas, William;
HALL contd
               201 Wrexham: 8 Oct 1810 Margaret HALL (x) & Richard GILLER (x) wits at mar by Banns of
                                             Hugh THOMAS (x) (lab) wdr otp (Abenbury) & Mary WILLIAMS (x) sp otp (Gourton)
               205 Llantysilio:
               209B Llangedwyn:
               213 Llangollen:
               219 Penley: Mary, Richard;
               222 St. Asaph:
               224 St. Asaph;
               227 Ruthin: 15 Nov 1848 bur/o Elizabeth, aged 17, Castle Street
               234 Minera:
               238 Llangollen:
               243 Hanmer:
               249 Minera:
HALL contd
               266B Marchwiel:
               267 Ruthin:
               269 Dyserth:
               288 Meliden:     
              *289 Gwernaffield:
               290 Hanmer:
               292 Rhosymedre: Ellen, George, Stephen;
               293 Hawarden:
               303 Hawarden:
               304A Wrexham:  10 Feb 1754 bap/o Charles (b 4) s/o John (shoem.), Wrexham Regis
               306 Holywell:
HALL contd
               310 Gresford:
               311 Hawarden:
               312 Abergele:  4 Aug 1761 bur/o John (infant)
                                   28 Oct 1763 bap/o Hugh s/o Hugh & Hannah
                                   16 Aug 1764 bur/o Hugh (infant)
               315 Ruabon:
               317 Wrexham - Dissenters' Burial Ground, Rhosddu Road, MIs:
               319 Hawarden:
               321 Llanasa:
               324 Llysfaen:
               330 Whitford:
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Albert, Annie Eyton, Rhoda Hughes, Sydney;
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Elizabeth, Joseph;
               349 Yscefiiog:
HALL contd
               352B Flint: Robert;
               353 Pentrobin: 21 Mar 1866 bur/o George, aged 3 mo., Dobshill
               356 Ruabon: William;
               358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Ann, Clifford Isherwood, Emma, John, William;
               359 Rhosymedre: Isaac, William;
               360 Llangollen: Elizabeth Turambrooke, William Turambrooke;
               362 Penycae: Enoch, George;
               364 Wrexham: 29 Jul 1843 bur/o Thomas, infant, Broughton
                                     26 Feb 1845 bur/o Margaret, infant, Broughton
               365 Wrexham:   23 Mar 1817 bap/o Joseph MORRE? (HALL)  base s/o Thomas HALL & Frances MORRE?   both of Wrexham Regis
                                       27 Sep 1818 bap/o James s/o John  (lab) & Jane, BLack Burn, Lancashire   
               366 Wrexham: 12 May 1826 bap/o John s/o Thomas (publican) & Elizabeth, The Colt? Inn
                                      17 Mar 1828 bap/o Maryann d/o Thomas (innkeeper) & Elizabeth, Cock Inn
                                      25 Dec 1829 bap/o Mary Ann & Elizabeth Hodson ds/ Thomas (inn keeper) & Elizabeth, Townhill
                                        2 Jun 1833 bap/o Henry s/o Thomas (lab) & Ellinor, Acrefair
                                      25 Jan 1835 bap/o Eliza d/o Thomas (lab) & Ellen, Acrefair
               368 Abergele: Dorothy, Eliz, George, Hanna(h), Hugh, Thos;
               369 Llangollen: John William, Mary, Muriel;
               370 Wrexham: Elizabeth, Ellen, Henry, John, Mary, Mary Ellen, Thomas, William;
HALL contd
               372 Wrexham: 28 Dec 1818 John HALL (x) & Catharine JONES (x) wits at mar by Banns of
                                                                     Thomas LEWIS (x) (potter) ba & Jane EDWARDS (x) sp both otp
                                     27 Mar 1820 John HALL & Hannah PARRY wits at mar by Banns of
                                                                     Thomas MICHAEL (collier) ba & Elizabeth MATTHEWS sp both otp
                                    24 Feb 1821 John HALL & James COWPER wits at mar by Banns of
                                                                     John GRIFFITHS (farrier) ba & Elizabeth WILLIAMS (x) wid both otp
               373 Wrexham: Anne;
               374 Wrexham: 24 May 1839 bap/o Henry Richard s/o Thomas (inn keeper) & Elizabeth, Hope Street
                                     14 Jul 1846 bap/o Edwin s/o Edward (publican) & Elizabeth, Well Street
               375 Wrexham: 10 Oct 1875 bap/o William Henry s/o William (lab) & Sarah Elizabeth, Red Wither
               376 Pentrefoelas: 31 May 1829 bap/o Edward s/o William (butler) & Margaret, Lima
               379 Wrexham: Alfred Lloyd, Elizabeth Ann, Henry, Mary, Violet Louisa, William;
               388 Hawarden: 28 Sep 1635 bur/o Margaret --------- (HALL) base s?/o John & ------- ---------
               390 Bangor-on-Dee: Abel(l), Catherine, Edward, Elinor, Elizabeth, Mary, Richard, Sarah, Thomas;
               391 Colwyn: 22 Jun 1901 bur/o Thos. aged 49 of Conway Union
               393 Wrexham: 14 Feb 1877 bur/o Mary Ellen, infant, Offa Terrace
               396 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant: 18 May 1721 bur/o John
               397 Llansilin: 4 May 1670 bur/o Margaret, Sychart
             *399 Wrexham: 1 Jul 1824 bap/o Edward Hall HUGHES s/o John (music master) & Elizabeth, York Street
              399 Wrexham: Benjamin, Elizabeth, George, Harriet, Mary, Sarah, Thomas;
HALL contd

              400 Wrexham: Elizabeth, George, John, Mary, Thomas;
              401 Wrexham: 25 Jan 1831 mar. by Banns (wcof) of Thomas HALL ba. & Ellen THOMAS (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                         Wits: Edward JONES, Charlotte JONES (x)
              404 Wrexham: Alfred Lloyd, Frederick, Isaac, Percival James;
             *405 Wrexham: 2 Jun 1895 bap/o Dorothy May JONES (b 6 May)
                                                    d/o John Watkin (coach painter) & Elizabeth Hall, 4 Providence Terr., Park St., Rhosddu
              405 Wrexham: Albert, Elizabeth, Elizabeth Ann, Elizabeth Anne, Frederick, Gladys Mary, Harold, Henry, James,
                                    Mary, Mary Elizabeth, Stanley, William;
              407 Wrexham: 10 Nov 1894 bur/o Albert, aged 3 days, Cobden Mill Cottage
                                    19 May 1896 bur/o Stanley, aged 4 days, Cobden Mills Cottage
              408 Bangor-on-Dee: Hugh, Joseph, Thomas;
HALL contd
              411 Wrexham: 14 Apr 1836 bur/o Mary, aged 85, Penybrynn
              416 Ruabon: 16 Apr 1879 mar. by Lic. of
                                                    Edward YARDLEY (chemist) ba/34 otp s/o Thomas YARDLEY (gentleman)
                                                    & Esther HALL sp/23 of Bangor d/o Joshua HALL (schoolmaster)
                                  20 Nov 1882 mar. by Banns of
                                                     John PHILLIPS (miner) ba/26 of Cefn Mawr s/o John PHILLIPS (miner)
                                                     & Emma HALL sp/27 of Cefn Mawr d/o Samuel HALL (lab)
                                  21 Nov 1887 mar. by Banns of
                                                     William HALL (miner) ba/39 of Cefn Mawr s/o John HALL (farmer)
                                                     & Elizabeth BATES (x) wid/31 of Acrefair d/o David ROBERTS (forgeman)
                                  30 Dec 1890 mar. by Banns of
                                                     James HALL (teacher) ba/31 of Woodford Wells s/o Joshua HALL (teacher)
                                                     & Clara Annie WEDGE sp/28 otp d/o William WEDGE (saddle manufacturer)
             417 Wrexham: 19 May 1756 mar by Lic of Edward OWENS ba otp & Elisabeth HALL (x) sp of Oldford, Chester
                                                                           Wits: Edward EDWARDS, John RATCLIFFE
                                    19 Jun 1769 mar by Lic of Thomas HALL wdr of Hoult, Chester & Mary CARTWRIGHT (x) sp otp
                                                                           Wits: Richard CARTWRIGHT, John EDWARDS
                                     19 Sep 1777 Joseph HALL & Edwd EDWARDS wits at mar by Lic of
                                                             James BARBER (baker) of Gresford & Margaret HUMPHREYS sp otp
HALL contd
              420A Halkyn: 22 May 1729 mar/o Isaac MEDDLETON & Hannah HALL
                   B Halkyn: 1 May 1762 bur/o William;
              422 Hanmer: 21 Jan 1600/01 bap/o Jan d/o Walter
              423 Hanmer: 18 Nov 1599 mar/o Walter HALL & Catryne ALDERSEY
              426 Hanmer: John, Joseeph, Thos;
427 Ruabon: James;
430 Llangollen: John;
              432 Llangollen: Mary, Muriel, Robert William;
434A Bangor-on-Dee: Elleanor;
434B Bangor-on-Dee: ---, Abell, Edward, Elizabeth, Ellen, Mary, Thomas;
              437 Ruabon: Elizabeth, Michael, Richard, Sarah;
              438A Broughton: George, George Thomas, John, Mary;
                  B Broughton: Anne, George, James, Thomas, William;
              440A Hawarden: Elizabeth, James, John, Robert, Thomas;
             *440B Hawarden: 8 Jul 1878 mar. by Lic. of George Hall COTTRELL (painter) ba/33 otp s/o Thomas COTTRELL (painter)
                                                                            & Jane ASTBURY wid/34 of Pentrobin d/o John ASTBURY (lab)
              440B Hawarden: 20 Dec 1870 mar. by Banns of Isaac HALL (clogger) wdr/full otp s/o James HALL (cotton spinner)
                                                                                   & Sidney EDWARDS wid/full of Shotton d/o Robert WEIGH (farmer)
                                       31 Jan 1874 mar. by Banns of William IBALL (lab) ba/35 of Ewloe Town s/o William HALL (lab)
                                                                                    & Phebe JONES (sig. Phoebe) wid/41 of Ewloe Town d/o John MORRIS (dec. colliery heward)
              441B Hope: John, Mary Ann, Randle, Richard, Thomas;
              443 Rhosllanerchrugog
              445 Wrexham: 22 Feb 1775 bur/o Jane & Eliz WOODWORTH (HALL) ds/o Thos (turner) (poor)
              449 Trelawnyd
HALL contd
              463 Eglwysbach
              465A Halkyn
              466 Hawarden
              470B Llandrillo yn Rhos
              474A,B Gresford
              478B Llantysilio
              482 Hawarden
              483 Hawarden
              484 Hawarden
              486 Bistre
              487 Gwersyllt
HALL contd
              492 Holywell
              493 Llantysilio
              498 Bodfari
              502 Llandderfel
              506B Abergele
              524 St George
              525 Whitford
              533A Overton
                   B Overton
              547 Flint:
HALL contd
              550 Gresford: 1 Feb 1811 bap/o Thomas PHILLIPS (HALL) (b 1 Feb) s/o Joseph HALL & Elizabeth PHILLIPS    
                                   8 Mar 1812 bap/o Mary (b 17 Feb) d/o William (cloth dresser) & Eliz'th, Gwersyllt
              552D Wrexham: Abell, Anne, Eliz, Jane, John, Thomas;
              553 Gresford: Emma, Henry, Sarah Haywood, Thomas;
              554 Brymbo: Anne Done, Charles Arthur, Edith Annie, William Twambrooke, William Twanbrook;
              559A Rhosymedre: Albert, Alice, Arthur Leonard, Arthur Morris, Beatrice, Druscilla, Ellen , Elsie, Enoch, Florence Mary, George, George Frederick,
                                           Harriet Ema, Harriet Emma, Jane, John Isaac, John Roberts, Joseph, Leslie, Phyllis May, Sarah Ann;
                    B Rhosymedre: Ellen, Enoch, John Isaac, Samuel Smith;
              561A Marchwiel: Eliza, Harriet, Henry, Mary, Percy, Thomas;
                   B Marchwiel: 13 Oct 1892 mar by Banns of Henry HALL (lab) ba otp s/o Henry HALL (lab)
                                                                                  & Mary JONES sp of Wrexham d/o John JONES (collier)
                                       26 Dec 1894  mar by Banns of George Edward JONES (whitesmith) ba of Nelson St., Hightown, Wrexham s/o John JONES (groom)
                                                                                    &  Mary HALL (servant) sp otp (Village) d/o Henry HALL (lab)
                   C Marchwiel: Henry, Percy, Thomas;
              562A Tallarn Green: 15 May 1904 bap/o Samford Ellis -/o Samford Harr (lab) & Emma, otp
                                            21 Dec 1910 bap/o Dorothy -/o Earnest William (lab) & Edith, otp
                   B Tallarn Green: 29 Aug 1911 mar by Banns of John Louis Badrock WOOLLEY (gardener) ba/24 of Emrol Wo s/o Thomas WOOLLEY (bailiff)
                                                                                       & Frances Alice HALL sp/25 of Trowstre W d/o Henry HALL (farmer)
                   C Tallarn Green: 21 Feb1922 bur/o Hilda Mary, aged 7 years, Plassey Lane
                                           20 Jul 1942 bur/o Lydia, aged 52 years, Fields Cottages, Willington
HALL contd
              563C Erbistock: 20 Feb 1877 bur/o Mary Hannah, aged 19, The School House
              565B Esclusham: George, Mary Ann;
              567 Brymbo (Burials 1838-1867) Edward (2), Elizabeth, George, John;
              568 Brymbo   3 May 1875 bur/o Hannah, aged 84 yrs, otp (Nant)
                                   8 Jul 1883 bur/o Sidney, aged 67 yrs, otp
              573 Broughton: 15 Feb 1875 bap/o Sarah Mary d/o George (shepherd) & Mary, otp
              575 Hope (Baptisms 1813-1859) Vol 5
                             Anne Jemima, Caroline, Edward, Eliza, Elizabeth, Emma, Joseph, Margaret, Mary, Randle,
                             Richard, Sarah
577 Overton (Baptisms 1813-1839) Vol 6
                                  1 Jun 1814 bap/o Henry Hall HUGHES s/o Robert & Ann, Bangor

                                 Elizabeth, Isaac, John, Joseph, Margaret, Marianne. Mary, Richard, William.
              Misc: North Wales 1835 Denbigh: Upholsterer: Thomas Hall, Henllan st
                                                   Flint: Milliner &/or dress maker: Mary Hall
                                                            Plumber, painter & glazier: Joseph Hall
                                                   Newtown & Kerry: Flannel manufacturer: Esther Hall, Severn st
                                                                              Tanner: Esther Hall, Severn st
                                                   Wrexham: Maltster: Thomas Hall, Town hill
                                                                   Three Tuns Thomas Hall, Town hill
                       1841 Census Wrexham Town: High Street: Elizabeth   35   Publican         born in County
                                                                                      Harriette    15                        born in County
                                                                                      Elizabeth   11                        born in County
                                                                                     John          15 Cabinet m ap   born in County
                                                                                     Henry          2                       born in County
                                                                    Brook Street: Mary  13 (in household of Wm. GRANT School m.) born in County  
Gresford MIs: Ann, Henry, James Turner, Sarah Haywood, Thomas;
                       Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                                     James, Agent, Amlwch, Anglesey  1780
                                                                                     Peter, Miller, Willington    no date
                                                                                     Thomas, Farmer, Dutton Diffaith  1798
                       Shropshire Directory 1828/29:
HALL contd
     HALLE 437 Ruabon: Michael, William;

    Halley, Hertfordshire
     HALLEY  62 Flint:
                  194 Halkyn:
                  275 Gwaenysgor:
                  417 Wrexham: 
3 Jan 1765 mar by Lic of John HALLEY (sig. HALEY) ba & Eliz'h EDWARDS sp both otp
                                                                             Wits: William EDWARDS, Eliz SMITH

                  438A Broughton: William;
                  445 Wrexham: 23 Feb 1767 bur/o ------- (not given), one of Mr. Halley's twins
Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Shiffnall:  Joiner: --- Halley, Church st
                                                                    Maltster: Sarah Halley, Church st
                                                                    Bell Sarah Halley, Church st

     HALLEYS 194 Halkyn:
                     465A Halkyn
     HALLIE  Misc:
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):  Richard ap HALLIE, Holt  1609
HALL contd
     HALLIES 194 Halkyn:
     HALLIS 74 Flint:
     HALLS 174 Holt:
                392 Gresford: 12 Nov 1730 bur/o ---- child of Mr. -----, Chester
                413 Mold: 19 Nov 1819 bur/o Susanna HEWITT or HALLS (illeg.), aged 3 days, Bistree
                552D Wrexham: 27 Jan 1724/25 bur/o William, child of (Mrs)  Barbra, Wrexham Regis
HALLY  39 Halkyn: Anne;
                420A Halkyn: 11 Jun 1743 mar/o Thomas COCK & Elizabeth HALLY
                517C Llanasa
     HALS 423 Hanmer: 24 Feb 1566/67 bur/o Margaret (a littell ch.)
     Halse, Devon, Northamptonshire; Somerset;
HALSEY 381 Llangollen: 29 Dec 1901 bap/o Mary Alice Millicent (b 3 Dec)
                                                             d/o Harry Philip Gallichia (agent) & Hannah, 'St. Clair', Craigydon, Llandudno
HALY 410 Wrexham: 27 Dec 1830 bur/o Catharine, aged 9 weeks (stranger - sic)
     Hayley Green, West Midlands
     HEALEY possibly see also

HALL-PARRY 559A Rhosymedre: 6 Jul 1913 bap/o Victor Reginald Donald of Brook St.

Hallam, in Sheffield, West Riding of Yorkshire; Hallams Farm, Wonersh, surrey;   
     ALHAM possibly see also
     ELHAM possibly see also
     HALILAMB 389 Hawarden: 6 Oct 1622 mar/o Willm SLATTER & Ales HALILAMB
     HALLAM 159 Holywell:
                   293 Hawarden:
                  *363 Wrexham: 22 Jul 1883 bap/o James Arthur Hallam LISTER
                                               s/o Joseph (leather dresser) & Mary, 2 5 Trafalgar Road
                   555 Brymbo: Eleanor, Ellen, Emma, Henry, John, Joseph, Mary, Sarah Elizabeth,
                                      Thomas William, Walter, William;
                   565A Esclusham: Hannah, Joseph;
                        B Esclusham: Frances Rosetta, Joseph;
                   568 Brymbo (Burials 1867-1898)
                                      Charlotte, Edward William, Ellen, Mary, Robert William;
     Hallam Fields, Derbyshire
     HALLUM 420A Halkyn: 21 Jan 1733/34 mar/o Thomas HALLUM & Mary WILLIAMS
                        B Halkyn: 2 May 1749 bur/o James;
HEELAM  42 Holywell: William;
                   189 Holywell:
                   195 Holywell: James, Mary, William;
HEELHAM  52 Holywell: Elizth, Hannah, James;
                     159 Holywell:
                     189 Holywell:
                     195 Holywell: Edward, James, Mary;
                     564C Brynford: 2 Mar 1882 bur/o Frances, aged 90, otp


HALLFIELD 'dweller by the field near the hall'
     HALLFIELD 522 Holywell


HALLIDAY (HALIDAY OE haligdaeg 'holy-day, a religious festival', a name frequently given to one born on such a day)
     ALLDAY (Nicolas ALDAY 1327, unpublished Subsidy Rolls, Essex - Oxford Dictionary of English Surnames)
                   311 Hawarden: 27 Jul  1759 Burial of Wm of Broughton)

                                            6 Dec 1765 Burial of Elizth of Broughton
                   347 Hawarden: 19 Jan 1744 bap/o Sam'l WMS (ALLDAY)
                                                                 base s/o Chas ALLDAY (as she saith) & Elizabeth WMS (Broughton)
                                          21 Jan 1744 bur/o Samuel WMS (ALLDAY) base s/o Elizabeth WMS (Broughton)
                                                                             & Chas. ALLDAY o/Broughton (as she saith)
     HALLIDAY  42 Holywell: 9 Feb 1826 Burial of Elizth aged 39.
                     292 Rhosymedre (Ruabon): 31 Aug 1902 bap/o Hector Halliday (aged 17 years)
                                                     s/o Joseph (under-ground manager) & Elizabeth of Green Cottage, Ruabon
                     384 Wrexham: 8 Dec 1874 bur/o Ann, aged 50, Pentre Felyn
                     *474B Gresford:  25 Aug 1881 mar by Banns of
                                                 Peter Halliday WRIGHT (Gentleman) ba/full otp s/o William WRIGHT (Gentleman)
                                                 & Caroline Rosita CHILTON (Gentlewoman) sp/full otp
                                                                                 d/o Thomas CHILTON (Gentleman)
                     *553 Gresford: 4 Jul 1891 bur/o Peter Halliday WRIGHT, aged 36 yrs, Gresford
                      553 Gresford: 11 May 1901 bur/o Charles Brooke, aged 68, Plas Acton, Wrexham
   Misc: Gresford MIs: No. 226: Peter Halliday WRIGHT born Nov. 6 1854, died July 1 1891.
                                                    No. 612: John, son of Samuel Halliday ZACHARY of Burton, who departed
                                                                 this life July 3rd 1844 aged 24 years.
                                                     No. 317: Charles Brook Cornwallis HALLIDAY died May 8, 1901.

                      Derbyshire 1828-29 Shardlow: Thos. Halliday, Blacksmith, Aston
Gloucestershire  1830: Minchinhampton: Wm. Halliday, Esq., Frome hall
                                                       Sodbury, etc: Tailor: James Halliday, Iron Acton
                                                       Stroud: William Halliday, esq., Frome hall
                                                                   Baker: Hannah Halliday, Lower st
                                                                   Cabinet makers (and paper hangers):
                                                                                        Hambidge & Halliday, High st
                                                                  Grocer/tea dealer: Charles Halliday, Lower st
HALLIDAY (Misc.) contd
                      Lancashire 1828-29 Bolton-le-Sands: Boot/shoe maker: Edward Halliday, Warton
                                                   Liverpool: General broker (hide & bark): Peter Halliday,
                                                                                        7 Exchange Street East
                                                                  Everton Coffee House: Wm. Halliday, Everton
                                                                            Wheelwright: Andrew Halliday, Maguire st
                                                  Oldham: Shopkeeper & dealer in sundries: Matthew Halliday, West st
                                                  Preston: Iron Founders & Machine Makers:
                                                                                              Halliday, Savage & Grundy, Tythebarn street

                     Shropshire 1828/9 Hales Owen: Introduction .... The parish church ..... contains a beautiful
                                                                                monument to the memory of Major Halliday..   
                     Staffordshire 1835 Newcastle-under-Lyne: Gentry: Mrs Sarah Halliday, Marsh Parade
                     Warwickshire 1835 Birmingham: Die Sinker, Medallist & manufacturer of Medals:
                                                                                                              Thomas Halliday, 69 Newhall st
                     Worcestershire (Arthur Mee):
Hales Owen ...church ... A big monument with figures
                                         of a weeping man and woman on each side of a pedestal is to John Halliday who
                                         lived at Leasowes* , dying in 1794. (*Leasowes: an estate a mile away across the valley)
     HOLADAY 343 Hawarden: 19 Mar 1670 Bap. of Charles s/o Charles
     HOLLIDAY 370 Wrexham:  16 Jan 1862 bap/o Mary d/o James (joiner) & Jane, Eagle St;
                      487 Gwersyllt: 17 Dec 1889 mar by Lic of
                                                     William HOLLIDAY (engineman) ba/38 of Corwen s/o John MARSHALL* (coal merchant)
                                                     & Annie EVANS sp/29 otp d/o David EVANS (gateman)
                                                     *Margin Note: 'John MARSHALL' should be 'John Marshall HOLLIDAY'
                                                      Signed by J. DOBELL - Vicar - 10 Oct 1890
                     Misc: Cheshire 1828/9 Tarporley: Admiral Holliday TOLLEMACHE, Tilstone Lodge
     HOLYDAY 378 Holywell: 19 Oct 1740 Mary d/o Robert;


HALLIGAN 364 Wrexham: 10 Jun 1847 bur/o Michael, aged 54, Poor House


Halling, Kent; or Hawling, Gloucestershire;
     HAILIN 484 Hawarden:
     HALLING 391 Colwyn: 16 Apr 1855 bur/o Mary Ann aged 3 mo. of Llawr Pentre, Colwyn





HALLMARK (nickname 'half-mark' OE, ie 6s. 8d., one third of a Pound - Cottle)
     ALLMARK  243 Hanmer
                      558A Llandegla: 7 Dec 1905 bap/o Edith -/o Charles (public house manager) & Catherine, 87 Garden Lane, Chester
                      Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Wellington: Bricklayer: James Allmark, Park st
     ALLMARKE 550 Gresford: James, Sarah, Thomas;
     ALLMETT 227A Ruthin
     ALMARK 347 Hawarden: Robt;  
     ALMARKE 387 Hawarden: 26 Feb 1683/84 mar. by Banns of
                                                 Anthony JACKSON of Mancot & Martha ALMARKE of Handbridge (Chester)
     HALLMAK 48 Worthenbury:
     HALLMAKE 47 Worthenbury:
     HALLMARACK 482 Hawarden
     HALLMARK   10 Overton: John;
                          37 Worthenbury: Anne, David, Elizabeth, Job, John, M., Mary, Susanna;
                          46C Worthenbury:
                          47 Worthenbury:
                          48 Worthenbury:
                         206A Hanmer:
                         222 St. Asaph,
                        *243 Hanmer
                         290 Hanmer
                         486 Bistre:
Misc: Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                                                Job, Farmer, Worthenbury   1800
                                                                                                John, Yeo, Worthenbury   1781
                                  Shropshire 1828/9 Newport: Glover: Thomas Hallmark, High st
                                                             Whitchurch: Tailor: Joseph Hallmark, St. Mary's street
     HALLMARKE 157B Hanmer:
                          342 Hawarden: George, Thomas;
     HALMARK  37 Worthenbury: Elizabeth;
                      46A+C Worthenbury:
                      47 Worthenbury:
                      48 Worthenbury:
                     132 Hanmer:
                     442B Bangor on Dee
     HALMARKE 37 Worthenbury: David;
                        48 Worthenbury
     HOLMARK 104 Henllan: 7 Apr 1807 bur/o Anne HOLMARK (d 4) aged 35, of  Henllan St
                                                                                                d/o James & Mary, Nantwich
     HORNMARK 347 Hawarden: Rebecca;


     HOLARAN 291 LLysfaen


Hallow, Worcs
     ALLOW *32 Hawarden: William Allow HUDSON
     HALLOS 155 Caerwys:
     HALLOWES 406 Wrexham: Charles;
                        550 Gresford: Frances, George,  Mary;
                        Misc: North Wales 1835 Dolgelly: Francis Hallowes, Esq., Coed
     HALLOWS 206A Hanmer:
                      332 Connah's Quay MIs: Abraham (2), Annie, Elizabeth (2), Elizabeth Cissie, Esther, James, John (2),
                                                          Richard, Thomas;
Connah's Quay MIs: Ellen Burne, John;
Connah's Quay MIs: Emily May;
Connah's Quay MIs: Anne, Richard;
Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: Charles, William;
                      412 Wrexham: 8 Sep 1857 bur/o William, infant, Pentre Felyn
                      438B Broughton: Richard;
                      440A,B,C Hawarden
                      535 Buckley:
                      550 Gresford: George, Maryp


Halsall, Lancs


Halstead, Essex; Kent; Leicestershire; or Hawstead, Suffolk
HALST.. 422 Hanmer: 1 Feb 1566/67 bap/o Margaret d/o Phellipp   
     HALSTEAD 559A Rhosymedre: 27 May 1904 bap/o Mary Winifred -/o William Anthony (gas manager) & Eleanor, Cefn

Halston, Shropshire
    HALESTON 575 Hope: 12 Apr 1846 bap/o William s/o John (lab) & Mary, Gwersyllt
    HALLSON 348 Wrexham: Elizabeth;
    HALLSTONE 61 Ruabon:
    HALSTON 304A Wrexham (baptisms): Edw., John, Mary, Thos;
                    445 Wrexham
     HALSTONE 441A Hope: Anne;


HALTER 402B Denbigh: Mary;

Halton, Buckinghamshire; Cheshire; Lancashire; Lincolnshire, Northumberland; Shropshire; West Riding of Yorkshire;
     HALTON 500A Holywell: 26 Dec 1747 mar/o Joseph HALTON & Margaret TUSON
                   553 Gresford: Joseph;



HAMANAHY 3 Llangollen: 16 Mar 1783 bap/o John HIGHLAND (b 15, on their march)
                                                                 s/o Miles (Militia man for Merioneth) & Mary (HAMANAHY?)


River Hamble, South Hampshire

Hamble, Hampshire
Amberley, Goucestershire; West Sussex;
     Amble, Northumberland
     AMBLE 301 Mold: 24 Jun 1738 bap/o Henry s/o Richd & Mary
     AMBLER Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Bishops Castle: Mrs. --- Ambler, Roveries
                                                                                Rev. Richard AMBLER, Hardwick
     EMBLES 163A Ruabon: 29 Dec 1834 mar by Banns of John EMBLES & Elizabeth JONES both otp
                                                                                     Wits: John EDWARDS, Hannah JONES
     EMPLE 203 Denbigh: 18 Jul 1791  bap/o James & Maria (b 17 Jul) twin s&d/o John & Elizabeth
     HAMBLE 301 Mold: 23 Nov 1740 bap/o Wm s/o Richard & Mary


Hambleton, Lancashire; North Yorkshire;
HAMBLETON Misc: Gresford MIs: Grave List c.1920?  Row 6 No. 1  FULL
     HAMBLINGTON 306 Holywell:
                             500B Holywell: 14 Mar 1764 bur/o Mary;


Hamerton, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire; Hammerton, also Green, & Kirk Hammerton, West Riding of Yorkshire;
    HAMERSTON 552C Wrexham: 9 Jul 1707 mar/o
                                                        (Mr) Thomas HAMERSTON & (Mrs) Margaret CAWLEY, Croys Newydd
    HAMERTON  418 Wrexham: 17 Dec 1761 mar by Banns of William CAVEN ba. & Elisabeth HAMERTON sp., both otp
                                                                                            Wits: John HUGHES, John EDWARDS
                        426 Hanmer: John;
                        578 Ysceifiog: 23 Aug 1829 bap/o Robert s/o John (wire worker) & Abigail, Trelan Isa
    HAMMERTON   83 Ruthin:
                           152 Hanmer:
                           426 Hanmer: Ann;
                           578 Ysceifiog: 18 Mar 1827 bap/o Priscilla d/o Jo hn & Abigail, Old Forge
                           Misc: North Wales 1835 Caerwys: Wire manufacturer: James Hammerton


Hamilton, Leicestershire; Strathclyde;
     HAMILLTON *493 Llantysilio
                   32 Hawarden: Anne Sarah;
                   42 Holywell: Richard, Thomas James;
54*A Abergele:
                   62 Flint:
                  104 Henllan: 3 Oct 1803 bap/o Thomas John HAMILTON (b  10 Aug)
                                        s/o Lord Viscount KIRKWALL of Lleweny & Anna Maria de BLAQUIERE his wife
                                    24 Mar 1805 bap/o William Edward (b 19)
                                        2nd s/o Lord Viscount KIRKWALL & Anne Maria (de BLAQUIERE)
                                                                   christened 3rd Oct 1810
                  131A Bodfari:
                  159 Holywell:,
                  268 Wrexham:
                 *314 Rhosllanerchrugog: 31 Mar 1875 bap/o Ellen Grace & Frances Louisa PRICE
                                                                         ds/o Hamilton Robert & Elizabeth, Bersham Hall
                 *315 Ruabon:
                  317 Wrexham - Dissenters' Burial Ground, Rhosddu Road, MIs:
                 *318 Henllan:
                  341 Ruabon:
                  358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Catherine, Kenneth John;
                  360 Llangollen: James, Margaret Ann;
                  361 Llangollen: Georgina Hamilton Chandos FELL
                 *363 Wrexham: 20 Sep 1828 bap/o Percy Hamilton EVANS
                                                         s/o Edward (accountant) & Penelope, 18 Fairfield
                                          1 Sep 1882 bap/o Hamilton Walker CRAWFORD
                                                     s/o James Stewart (brewer) & Elizabeth Rhyders,  1 Belgrave Road
                                          5 Mar 1884 bap/o Thomas Hamilton EDDISBURY
                                                     s/o Thomas (tailor) & Sarah, 17 Pentre Felyn
                  366 Wrexham: Abigail, John, Sarah;
                 *369 Llangollen: Arthur Hamilton HUGHES
                 *370: Edward Hamilton ACTON, Harry Hamilton GORDON
                 *375 Wrexham: 5 Jul 1869 bap/o Mary Hamilton WELSH
                                                  d/o David James (Captian Royal Artillery) & Helen, Chapel St
                *405 Wrexham: 31 Oct 1888 bap/o Mary Jane CLEMENTS
                                             d/o John Hamilton (Pay Master Sergeant R.W.F.) & Mary Jane, Barracks
                *431 Llangollen: 10 Aug 1861 bur/o Hamilton PIERSON, aged 18 Months,
                                                                                             Canall Bank, Trefor Uchaf
                *432 Llangollen: 20 Feb 1867 bur/o Hamilton PEARSON, aged 72, Birkenhead, Cheshire
                 439 Cilcain
                 446 Chirk: J? G?;
                 449 Trelawnyd
                 452B Whitford
                 466 Hawarden:
                 553 Gresford: Marie Adele Cecile, Mary, Samuel Beamish;
                 561B Marchwiel:  1 Jul 1896 mar/o Samuel HAMILTON (coachman) ba of Thornton Hough, Cheshire s/o John HAMILTON (joiner)
                                                                     & Florence ALLMAND (domestic servant) sp otp d/o John ALLMAND (engine driver)
Misc: North Wales 1835 Bangor: Surgeon: Hamilton ROBERTS, Church st
Gresford MIs: Marie Adele Cecile, Samuel Beamish;
                           Shropshire 1828/9 Shrewsbury: Land Surveyors: Hamilton & Palin, Market square
     HAMLINGTON 380 Wrexham: 8 Feb 1905 bap/o Emmie (b 16 Jan) margin note: St John's
                                                                                  d/o Wm (furnaceman) & Sarah, 130 Kings Mills Rd
                           487 Gwersyllt

HAMISH masc. a Scots Gaelic form of James
             *358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Hamish BUTLER
     HAMBLET 356 Ruabon: Elizabeth;
     HAMBLETT 356 Ruabon: Thomas;
     HAMBRETT 81B Hope:
     HAMLET *39 Halkyn: Hamlet DAVIES
                    42 Holywell: Ellen;
                    81A Hope:
                   157B Hanmer:
                   158 Holywell:
                   189 Holywell:
                   191 Ruabon: Margaret;
                   201 Wrexham:
                   243 Hanmer:
                   304B Wrexham (marriages): Sarah;
                  *306+306 Holywell:
                   307 Ruabon:
HAMLET contd
                  *316 Flint:
                  *346 Hawarden: Hamlet BENET
                  *352 Flint: Hamlet COBLANT
                  *377 Holywell: 29 Mar 1690 bap/o Hamlet PERCYFALL (b 26) s/o Richard & Elizabeth, Coleshill
                                         6 Apr 1713 bap/o Daniel MORRIS s/o Hamlet, Coleshill
                  *378 Holywell: 12 Aug 1716 bap/o John HUGHES s/o Hamlet;
                   378 Holywell: 20 Jul 1740 bap/o Jane d/o John;
                  *391 Colwyn: 26 Dec 1838 bap/o Thomas WILSON s/o Hamlet (gent) & Mary, Rising Sun
                  *415C Northop: 3 Feb 1776 bur/o Hamlet COPELAND, infant
                   437 Ruabon: John, Martha;
                  *443 Rhosllanerchrugog
                   467 Holywell
                   492 Holywell
HAMLET contd
                   500B Holywell: Ellin, Mary, Richd, William;
                  *522 Holywell
                  *547 Flint
                   563C Erbistock: 6 May 1943 bur/o Ronald Standring, aged 22, otp (Rose Cottage)
Misc: 1881 Census Saltney, Cheshire/Flintshire: Hamlet SPENSER
     HAMLETT  45 Denbigh: Rachel;
                     306 Holywell:
                    *352 Flint: Hamlett COBLAND, Hamlett COPLAND, Hamlett JONES, Hamlett PARCY
                    *377 Holywell: 22 Feb 1689 bap/o Hamlett HUGHES (b 18) s/o Thomas & Anne, Bagillt
                     417 Wrexham: Elisabeth;
                     479 Overton
                    *547 Flint
Shropshire 1828/9 Wenlock: Royal Oak  Robt. Hamlett, Barrow st
                                                                        Gardener: Robert Hamlett, Barrow st
HAMLET contd
     HAMLETT HUMPHREES 47 Worthenbury:
     HAMNARD *522 Holywell
     HAMNED *378 Holywell: 8 Oct 1732 bap/o Thomas HUGHES s/o Hamned;
   6 Isycoed: 15 Apr 1805 Richard HAMNET & John PULESTON wits at mar by Banns of
                                                    Richard PARKER wdr & Mary PECK sp both otp
*352 Flint: Hamnet JONES
                   *377 Holywell: 16 Mar 1699 bap/o John MORRIS s/o Hamnet, Coleshill
                   *378 Holywell: 31 Jul 1737 bap/o Joseph HUGHES s/o Hamnet;
                    378 Holywell: 26 Apr 1737 bap/o William s/o John;
                   *403 Holywell: Hamnet MORRIS, Hamnet PARCIVALL

                   *422 Hanmer: 5 Dec 1577 bap/o Hamnet NOBELL (BELLINGHAM)
                                                               base s/o William BELLINGHAM & Elizabeth NOBELL
     HAMNETT 157B Hanmer:
                     167A Gresford:
                     345 Rhosllanerchrugog:
                    *404 Wrexham: 11 Apr 1906 bur/o Joseph Hamnett MULLOCK, aged 6 months, 41 Hightown Road
                    *423 Hanmer: 15 Jan 1577/78 bur/o Hamnett BELLINGHAM (a ch.)
                     535 Buckley


     AMBLIN 370 Wrexham: Ann, Elizabeth, John, Samuel;
     HAMBLIN 370 Wrexham: Ann, Catharine, John Charles;
     HAMLIN  363 Wrexham: 12 Feb 1879 bap/o Georger s/o John (lab) & Ann, Pentre Felyn
                  *381 Llangollen: 10 Jul 1905 bap/o Lily Alexandrina HEGINBOTHAM (b 3 Jun)
                                                                            d/o James Hamlin (trader) & Ethel Alexandrina, 1 Bryntirion Terrace
                                           12 Nov 1906 bap/o Constance & Mildred HIGGINBOTHAM (both private)
                                                               ds/o James Hamlin (mariner) & Ethel Alexdrina, Regent Street
                   384 Wrexham: 20 Mar 1869 bur/o Henry, aged 42, Pentre Felyn
                   393 Wrexham: 23 Oct 1875 bur/o Thomas Henry, infant, Chapel Square
                                           4 Aug 1880 bur/o Joseph, aged 1, Pentre Felyn
                   405 Wrexham: John Thomas, Maria, Mary Ann, Thomas Chaloner;
                   407 Wrexham: Emily, Thomas Chaloner;
     HANLIN 363 Wrexham: 17 Feb 1884 b ap/o Catherine Elizabeth d/o John (lab) & Ann, 7 Well St
HANLON 51 Holywell: John;


Hammer, West Sussex
     AMM *181 LLanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog:
     HAM  256 Corwen:
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Elsie;
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Alfred Ronald, Caroline, William Henry;
              440C Hawarden
              559B Rhosymedre: 14 Oct 1907 mar by Banns of
                             Joseph Thomas EVANS (bricklayer) wdr/34 of Acrefair s/o Thomas EVANS (forgeman)
                             & Gertrude Mary HAM sp/30 of Pentre, Chirk d/o William HAM (electrical engineer)
     HAMAH *234 Minera:
     HAMAR Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Bridgnorth: Milliner/dressmaker: Martha Hamar, Raven st
     HAME 256 Corwen:
315 Ruabon:
                  359 Rhosymedre: Moses;
                  363 Wrexham: 4 Sep 1885 bap/o Eliza d/o Edward (shoe  maker) & Caroline, 5 Shrewsbury Rd
                                        25 Nov 1887 bap/o George Edwin s/o Edward (carter) & Caroline,
                                                                               5 Shrewbury Rd, Hightown
                  379 Wrexham: Caroline, Edward, Florence Beatrice, Hilda Mabel Winifred, Walter Edward;
                  393 Wrexham: 22 Nov 1875 bur/o Mary Ellen, infant, Meifod Terrace
                  405 Wrexham: Caroline, Edward, Ellen Jane, Harold;
                  407 Wrexham: Eliza, Sarah;
                  416 Ruabon: 6 Apr 1896 mar. by Banns of
                                        Samuel HAMER (mechanical engineer) wdr/58 of Acrefair s/o John HAMER (mechanical engineer)
                                        & Annie BROWN sp/35 of Acrefair d/o William BROWN (engine driver)
                                    8 Aug 1904 mar. by Banns of
                                        Edward PUMFORD (terra cotta worker) ba/23 of Acrefair s/o Thomas PUMFORD (dec. gas man)
                                        & Beatrice HAMER sp/20 of Acrefair d/o Samuel HAMER (engineer)
                  474B Gresford
                  487 Gwersyllt
                  534 Bagillt
                  544 Meliden
                 *557 Llansilin: 18 Sep 1827 bap/o John Hames EVANS -/o Thomas (farmer) & Eleanor, Ty Coch
                                       28 Mar 1852 bap/o Ezekiel Hamer EVANS -/o Morris (farmer) & Eleanor Jane, Bank, Priddbwll
                                       26 Mar 1882 bap/o John Hamer EVANS -/o David (farmer) & Jane, Greig Wen
                  557 Llansilin: Edith Grace, Herbert Rowlan d, Margaret Mabel;
  Misc: North Wales 1835 Bangor: Rev John Hamer, Vicarage (also a Surrogate member of the
                                                                                                                  Ecclesiastical Court)
                                                      Llanidloes: Boot & shoe maker: Richard Hamer, China st
                                                                      Flannel manufacturer: David Hamer, Smithfield
                                                                      Fullers: James Hamer, Tylwch
                                                                                 Meredith Hamer, Long Bridge st
                                                     Newtown & Kerry: The Misses Hamer, Severn side
                                                                                Boot & shoe maker: George Hamer, Kerry
                                                                                Stone mason & bricklayer: John Hamer, Kerry
                          Shropshire 1828/9 Whitchurch: Nail maker: Edward Hamer, Watergate st
     HAMIA *238 Llangollen:
     HAMMAH *310 Gresford:
     HAMMER (could be for HANMER) 201 Wrexham:
     HAMS Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Shrewsbury: Joiner/builder: Wm. Hams, Abbey foregate

     HAMAMAN 317 Wrexham - Dissenters' Burial Ground, Rhosddu Road MIs:


     ALDMOND 366 Wrexham: 7 Jul 1833 bap/o Marianne  d/o John (paper maker) & Mary, Bersham
     Alham, Somerset
     ALHAM possibly see also
     ALLMAN (Common in Cheshire - Allison)
                   11 Bangor on Dee: 29 Nov 1801 bap/o Eleanor ALLMAN (-----)  (b 29) base d/o ------ & Eliz
                                               27 Aug 1809 bap/o Elizabeth (b 10) d/o Jno & Elinor
                   37 Worthenbury: 16 Oct 1780 mar by Banns of Richard ALLMAN (x) (lab) & Elizabeth EDWARDS (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                       Wits: Thomas PRICE (x), John WHITFIELD
                   47 Worthenbury:  12 Apr 1772 bap/o Elisabeth d/o Willm & Elisabeth
                                               2 Oct 1774 bap/o Richard s/o Willliam (lab) & Elisabeth
                   48 Worthenbury: 24 Jan 1777 bur/o Ellin
                   53 Wrexham: 17 Feb 1801 bap/o  Elizabeth (b 4 Jan 1798) & William Simm (b -- May 1800)
                                                                                                          d&s/o John (Sch. Master) &  Elizabeth,  Wrexham Regis
                   61 Ruabon: 11 May 1840 mar by Banns of Thomas ALLMAN (x) (lab) ba &  Mary PRICE (x) (servant) sp. both of Gyfelie
                                                                                  Wits: James ALLMAN (lab), Edward PRICE (lab)
                   66A Penley: 31 Aug 1834 bap/o Edward s/o James (lab) & Mary
                                      19 Apr 1840 bap/o Mary d/o James (lab) & Mary
                                      27 Dec 1840 bap/o Marianne d/o Thomas (lab) & Mary
                                      14 Jun 1846 bap/o Margaret (?illegitimate) d/o ---- &  Ann
                                      21 Jun 1846 bap/o Thomas s/o Thomas (lab) & Mary
                                       8 Jul 1849 bap/o Emma d/o Thomas (lab) & Mary
                                      29 Jun 1851 bap/o  John illegitimate son of ----  & Anne, Northwood
                                      11 Jul 1852 bap/o Charles s/o Thomas (lab) & Mary
                                      29 Dec 1862 bap/o Joseph s/o Phineas (lab) & Emma
                  138A Wrexham:   1 Aug 1790 bap/o Phobe (b 4 Jul) d/o John (grocer) & Elizabeth, Wrexham Regis
                                            20 Apr 1794 bap/o Mary (b 14 Feb) d/o  John (wh-wright) & Elizabeth, Wrexham Regis
                       B Wrexham:  27 Dec 1794 bur/o Mary, Wrexham Regis
                  156B Hanmer:  23 Oct 1736 mar by Banns of William ALLMAN of Willington & Mary DARLINGTON of Ty Broughton
                  157B Hanmer:
28 Dec 1668 mar/o John ALLMAN & Mary WICSTED
                  171 Bangor-on-Dee: 28 Sep 1777 bap/o Ann ( b 7 Sep) d/o Isaac
/ ALLMAN contd
                  206A Hanmer: 276 Feb 1683/84 bur/o Mary w/o John
                  231 Hope: 17 Aug 1812 mar by Banns of William ALLMAN ba/21 otp s/o John & Elizth, Chester City
                                                                             & Margaret WILLIAMS (x) sp/22 otp d/o Thos & Margaret otp
                                                                             Wits: John WILLIAMS, Thos HUGHES
                  315 Ruabon: 15 Jan 1882 bap/o John Henry s/o ---- & Catherine, Manchester
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Sydney Dennis (husband, dad & grandad)
                                                               passed away 15 Mar 1994 aged 69 years
                  353 Pentrobin:  24 Aug 1948 bur/o Martha Elizabeth, aged 63 years, otp (Cherry Orchard)
                                         19 Mar 1957 bur/o George Edward, aged 75 yrs, of Wood House, The Warren, Broughton
                  379 Wrexham: 19 Dec 1898 bap/o Isabella Hopley (b 10 Oct)
                                                            d/o ----------- & Mary (domestic servant), 1 Kingsmills Cottages
                  393 Wrexham: 6 Jul 1878 bur/o Emma, aged 43, Albert Place

                  442B Bangor on Dee:  6 Nov 1778 bur/o Ann, aged 1
                                                  30 Aug 1795 bur/o Isaac, aged 55, Pickhill
                       C Bangor on Dee:  5 Nov 1809 bur/o Eliz'th, infant, otp
                                                 22 Aug 1811 bur/o  Marg't, aged 82, of Pickhill
                  561A Marchwiel: Annie, Arthur Edward, Catherine, Edwin, Florence, Frances Louisa, Frances Mary, George William,
                                           John, Margaret, Maria Ena, Martha;
                       B Marchwiel: 2 Jun 1873 mar by Banns of Edward MINSHALL (butcher) ba otp s/o Thomas MINSHALL (butcher)
                                                                                    & Elizabeth ALLMAN sp otp d/o John ALLMAND (lab)
                       C Marchwiel: Annie, Eliza, Frances Louisa, Mary;
                  565A Esclusham: Arthur, Florence Pretoria, James, May, Phyllis, Sarah Ann;
                  577 Overton 20 Jul 1817 bap/o Thomas (b 5 Jun) s/o James (lab) & Mary, otp
                                      4 Jul 1828 bap/o Charles s/o James (lab) & Mary, LG
                                      7 Jun 1833 bap/o Phineas s/o James (lab) & Mary, LG
580 Bagillt (Baptisms 1839-1911) Vol 1
                           19 Mar 1911 bap/o Millicent Mary DOWNEND (b 19 Feb)
                                                                        d/o John Allman (mining engineer) & Helen, Sun Cottage
583 Chirk (Baptisms 1845-1879) Vol 8
                                 Harriet, James, Mary, Phinehas, Susannah.
                  Misc: Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): Peter, Yeo., Bronington, Will  1840
                           Pigot & Co's Natiional Commercial Directories:
                                         Derbyshire 1828/29 Derby: Tailor/Habit Maker: Philip Allman, 13 Willow row

                                         Shropshire 1828/9 Newport: Butcher: John Allman, Marsh lane
  Wem: Dicken's Arms Richd. Allman, Noble st  
                                         Staffordshire 1835 Newcastle under Lyme: Blacksmith: William Allman, Keele
                                                                                                       Butcher: Thomas Allman, Madeley
                                                                                                       Cooper: William Allman, Madeley
                                                                    Potteries: Retailer of beer: Richard Allman, Flint St., Lane End
     ALLMAND  From 'almoner' .  The royal duties of an almoner: he is to gather up the fragments (from meals) diligently
                      every day and distribute them to the needy; he is to visit for charity's sake the sick, the lepers, the    
                      captive, the poor, the widows and others in want and the wanderers in the countryside, and to receive
                      cast horses, clothing, money, and other gifts, bestowed in alms and to distribute them faithfully.  He                              
                      ought also by frequent exhortations to spur the King to liberal almsgiving, especially on Saints' Days,
                      and to implore him not to bestow his robes, which are of great price, upon players, flatterers, fawners,    
                      talebearers, or minstrels but to command them to be used to augment his almsgiving. (Fleta 1290)
            6 Isycoed:  6 Jan 1811 bap/o John s/o John & Elenor, Dutton Diffaeth
          47 Worthenbury:  16 Apr 1767 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Thomas & Margaret
                                    12 Aug 1758 bap/o Richard s/o Thomas & Margaret
                                    15 Mar 1761 bap/o Elizabeth d/o William & Sarah
                                    20 Dec 1761 bap/o Thomas s/o Thomas & Margarett
                                    13 Dec 1767 bap/o Thomas s/o Isaac & Mary
                                    13 Oct 1793 bap/o James s/o Edwad & Anne
          48 Worthenbury:  9 Mar 1758 bur/o Elizabeth d/o Thomas & Margaret
                                   23 Apr 1760 bur/o Elizabeth d/o Thomas & Margaret
         216 Erbistock: 28 Feb 1875 bap/o Edith d/o William (lab) & Anne 
         314 Rhosllanerchrugog:   3 Mar 1903 bap/o Annie d/o Arthur ------ & Florence, Johnstown
                                            27 Mar 1904 bap/o George William s/o Arthur Edward (fireman) & Florence Leavina, Sycamore Villa, Johnstown
        315 Ruabon: 30 Mar 1884 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Charles (gamekeeper) & Jane, Black & White House, Wynnstay Park
                           10 Oct 1886 bap/o Kate d/o Charles (game keeper) & Jane, Black & White House, Wynnstay Park
                                                       (Received into the Church 10 Oct 1886 by Rev. E.W.EDWARDS, Vicar)
                           30 Nov 1888 bap/o Louisa d/o Charles (under game keeper ) & Jane, Black & White House
                           27 Jul 1890 bap/o Frederick s/o Charles (park keeper) & Jane, Black & White House
        317 Wrexham - Dissenters' Burial Ground, Rhosddu Road MIs:
                                            No 594 in transcriptiion:
                                                   John Parry ALLMAND (s/o John & Elizabeth) d 12 Mar 1874 aged 22 years
                                                    Elizabeth ALLMAND (w/o John) d 3 Nov 1882 aged 67 years
                                                   John ALLMAND (husb/o Elizabeth, of Park Lodge, Wrexham) d 15 Apr 1887 aged 68 years
        363 Wrexham: 21 Mar 1879 bap/o  Albert ALLMAND (------) s/o ----------- & Emma, Albert Square
                                             6 Jul 1879 bap/o Frances -/o Charles (lab) & Jane, Little Fownog
                                             8 Feb 1880 bap/o Thomas s/o Henry (lab) & Mary, 3 Hilly View
                                            19 Jun 1880 bap/o Mary ALLMAND (--------) d/o ------- & Mary, 14 Crescent Place
                                            10 Apr 1887 bap/o Edward Harold s/o Edward (farmer) &  Elizabeth Ann, 46 Manley Road
         375 Wrexham: 2 Feb 1877 bap/o John s/o Henry (brewer) & Mary, 15 Nelson St
         379 Wrexham: 18 Jul 1897 bap/o Cyril (b 28 Jun) s/o Edward (dairyman) & Elizabeth Ann, 27 Farndon Street
         393 Wrexham:  7 Feb 1877 bur/o John, infant, Nelson St.
                                           17 Feb 1882 bur/o Emma, infant, W. House
                                           28 Feb 1883 bur/o Robert, aged 50, Workhouse
         405 Wrexham:  1 Jul 1888 bap/o John William s/o Edward (cow keeper) & Elizabeth Ann, 46 Manley Road
                               10 Apr 1892 bap/o Ernest William (b 20 Mar)
                                                                                            s/o Edward (dairyman) & Elizabeth Ann, 46 Manley Road
                               30 Dec 1894 bap/o Lizzie Helena (b 11 Dec) d/o Edward (farmer) & Elizabeth Anne, 27 Farndon St.
         406 Wrexham: 7 Mar 1863 bur/o Emma, infant, Charles St
         412 Wrexham: 6 Aug 1859 bur/o Charles, aged 3, Market St.
                               6 Aug 1859 bur/o Robert, aged 5, Market St.
                     483 Hawarden: 13 Dec 1789 mar by Banns of Thomas ALLMAND (glove cutter) ba & Sarah STEEL (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                        Wits: Edward POWELL (x), W DEAKIN
         561A Marchwiel: Anna, Arthur Edward, Caroline, Catherine, Edwin, Eliza, Florence, Florence Ann, Florence Lavinia, John,,
                                  Maggie Dorothy, Margaret, Mary, Mary Jane, Susannah, William;
              B Marchwiel: Arthur Edward Charlotte, Emma, Florence, Hannah, John, Margaret, Mary, Mary Elizabeth;
              C Marchwiel: Edward, Jane, John, John William Susan, William;
         565A Esclusham: Francis, Frederick, Henry, John, Thomas Charles;
     ALLMEY Misc: Cheshire 1828/29 Stockport: Hosier: Wm ALLMEY,  Meal House brow
     ALLMON 37 Worthenbury: 8 Aug 1774 mar by Banns of Thomas PRICE (x) of Bangor & Mary ALLMON (x) otp
                                                                                       Wits: John JONES, Wm WELSH
     ALLMOND  47 Worthenbury: 12 Aug 1764 bap/o Edward s/o William & Mary
                                                 8 Oct 1769 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Thomas & Margaret
                                                15 Oct 1769 bap/o John s/o William & Elizabeth
                      48 Worthenbury:  14 Oct 1766 bur/o Sarah wife of William
                                                15 Jun 1783 bur/o Thomas
                     156A Hanmer: 21 Nov 1742 bap/o Daniel s/o Gabriel, Halghton
                     207 Hanmer: 24 Dec 1760 bur/o ---- wife of William, Ty Broughton
                     257 Llandrillo yn Edeirnion:  2 Feb 1781 bap/o Jane d/o Richard & Catharine
                     315 Ruabon:  2 Aug 1885 bap/o John s/o Charles (gamekeeper) & Jane, Black & White House, Wynnstay
                                        15 Aug 1886 bap/o Eva d/o William (woodman) & Ann, Nant y Bellan
411 Wrexham: 21 Nov 1839 bur/o John, aged 53, Bersham
                     469 Llandrillo yn Edeirnion: 26 May 1780 mar. by Banns of
                                                         Richard ALLMOND & Catherine HUGHES (x) both otp
                                                         Wits: John HUGHES (Jnr), David EVANS
                     533B Overton: 20 Jan 1904 mar/o William Edward ALLMOND (farm lab) ba/31 of Knolton s/o Thomas ALLMOND (farmer)
                                                           & Annie Elizabeth GREEN (farm servant) sp/27 of Halghton d/o John GREEN (dec. lab)
                                           17 Apr 1906 mar/o Thomas Edward DAVIES (postman) ba/26 of High St, Overton
                                                                            s/o Thomas Edward DAVIES (dec. commercial traveller)
                                                           & Sarah Emma ALLMOND (domestic servant) sp/20 of Overton Rectory
                                                                                                           d/o Thomas ALLMOND (dec. farmer)
                     561A Marchwiel: 4 Dec 1903 bap/o Maggie d/o John (lab) & Margaret, Hall Cottage
     ALLMUND 563A Erbistock: 28 Feb 1875 bap/o Edith d/o William (lab) & Ann, otp
     ALMAN   11 Bangor on Dee: 6 Feb 1803 bap/o James ALMAN (HUMPHRIES) (b 31 Jan)
                                                                                                base s/o John HUMPHRIES of Worthenbury & Mary ALMAN oto
                   37 Worthenbury: 18 Mar 1793 mar by Banns of Richard ALMAN (x) & Sarah ELLIS (x) both otp
                                                                                        Wits: Elias ROBERTS, James JONES
                  156B Hanmer: 5 Nov 1740 mar by Banns of Gabriel ALMAN & Jane MANNING both of Halghton
                  372 Wrexham: 13 Feb 1813 mar by Banns of John ALMAN (x) (lab) ba & Elizabeth JONES (x) sp both otp
                                                                                    Wits: Hugh JONES (x), Catharine JONES (x)
408 Bangor-on-Dee: 26 Dec 1798 mar by Banns of William ALMAN (x) (lab) & Elizabeth SMITH (x) sp both otp
                                                                                            Wits: Thomas HUGHES, John LLOYD
                                                30 Apr 1809 mar by Banns of John ALMAN (lab) & Elinor NEWNS (x) both otp
                                                                                            Wits: James DAVIES, Margt NEWNS
                  583 Chirk: 5 Jun 1853 bap/o Mary Ann (b 29 Apr) d/o James (lab) & Mary, Chirk Bank, St. Martin's
                  Misc: Gloucestershire 1830 Bristol: Auctioneers & Appraisers: Alman, Mosley & Jacob, Thomas st.
     ALMAND 356 Ruabon: 11 May 1901 bur/o Ann, aged 57, Nant y Belan
                   370 Wrexham: 5 Aug 1859 bap/o Charles & Mary s&d/o Robert (bricklayer) & Emma, Market St.
                   384 Wrexham: 28 Aug 1871 bur/o Elizabeth, aged 88, Bersham
                   393 Wrexham: 27 Jun 1879 bur/o Albert, infant, Salop Road
                   561C Marchwiel: 15 May 1871 bur/o Martha, aged 11 months, otp
                   Misc: 1841 Census Wrexham Town: High Street: John 20 not born in County, living with  Robert Ankers and his wife Elizabeth.
                                                                                           Robert's occupation is described as W.M. and John the same also Journeyman.
     ALMEY Misc: Leicestershire 1835 Hinckley: Boot & Shoe Makers: James ALMEY, Earl Shilton;  Michael ALMEY, Earl Shilton;
                                                                      Lord Nelson Thos ALMEY, Earl Shilton
                                                                      Three Tuns John ALMEY, Earl Shilton
                          Rutlandshire 1835 Langham & Whissendine: Carrier to Melton Mowbray, William Barsby, Thomas ALMEY & William Cox, every Tuesday
                                                     Oakham: Gardener/seedsman & retailer of beer: Thomas ALMEY, Dean's Lane

     ALMON    48 Worthenbury: 11 May 1788 bur/o Elizth wife of Richd (pauper)
                    53 Wrexham: 9 Jan 1803 bap/o Martha (b 8) d/o John & Elizabeth, Wrexham Regis
                  138A Wrexham:  22 Jul 1792 bap/o  John (b 1) s/o John (cutter) & Elizabeth, Wrexham Regis
                  171 Bangor-on-Dee: 23 Jan 1762 bap/o Richd JONES (ALMON) base s/o Richd ALMON & Ann JONES
                  442B Bangor on Dee 24 Sep 1780 bur/o Isaac, aged 6
     ALMOND  a first name meaning 'temple/noble protector' Old English
                     37 Worthenbury: 16 Nov 1760 mar by Banns of William ALMOND (x) & Sarah NEWNS (x) both otp
                                                                                          Wits: John ALFORD, Mary ALMOND (x)
                                              23 Apr 1769 mar by Banns of William ALMOND (x) (sig. Willm) & Elizabeth KYFFIN (x) both otp
                                                                                         Wits: John ALFORD, ------------
                                               5 Nov 1771 mar by Banns of Peter POVAH (x) (lab) & Martha ALMOND (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                         Wits: John JONES, ----------
                                             28 Dec 1774 mar by Banns of John ALMOND (x) & Mary THOMAS (x) both otp
                                                                                         Wits: John JONES, -----------
                                             20 Jan 1803 mar by Banns of William HEWITT (sig HEWIET) ba & Sarah ALMOND (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                         Wits: Willm ALMOND (x), Elias ROBERTS
                                               3 May 1806 mar by Banns of William ROBERTS (sig. ROBERS) & Mary ALMOND (x) both otp
                                                                                           Wits: John ROBERTS (x), Sarah ALMOND (x)
                                             10 Jul 1809 mar by Banns of Thomas ELLIS (x) & Elizabeth ALMOND (x) both otp
                                                                                        Wits: William ALMOND (x), Elizabeth ALMOND (x)
                    46C Worthenbury: 29 Feb 1727/28 bur/o Richard s/o Richard (lab) & Elkeanor, Wallington
                                               14 Mar 1733/34 bur/o  Elizabeth d/o Richard (lab) & Ellen, Wallington
                                                11 Jan 1737/38 bur/o John s/o Richard (lab) & Ellen, Wallington
                                                26 Jan 1742/42 bur/o  Richard s/o Richard (lab), Wallington
                    47 Worthenbury: 29 Sep 1754 (from BTs) bap/o John s/o Thomas & Margaret
                                              1 Jun 1777 bap/o Sarah d/o William & Elizabeth
                                             25 Mar 1781 bap/o Thos s/o Richard & Eliz'th
                                               3 Aug 1783 bap/o Jane d/o John & Mary, Wallington
                                               2 Apr 1786 bap/o Jno s/o Richd (pau) & Elizth
                                             20 Aug 1785 bap/o Sarah d/o Jno & Mary, Wallington
17 Apr 1796 bap/o James s/o Edward & Ann
                                             20 May 1798 bap/o Sharlot d/o Edward & Ann
                                            18 May 1800 bap/o Edward s/o Edward & Ann
                                              5 Sep 1802 bap/o John s/o Edward & Ann
                                            15 Jul 1804 bap/o  Mary d/o Edward & Ann
                                            12 May 1805 bap/o Nansey ALMOND (-------)  base child of ------ & Margret (born at John BROOKS'), Threapwood
                                            21 Sep 1806 bap/o Robert s/o Edward & Ann, Lidiaguint
                                            19 Jan 1812 bap/o Margret d/o Edward & Ann
                    48 Worthenbury: 16 Oct 1779 bur/o Eliz wife of William
                                               8 May 1781 bur/o Margaret wife of Thomas]
                                               3 Jul 1785 bur/o Richard s/o Willm (pauper)
                                               3 Oct 1787 bur/o John s/o Wm
                                               1 Feb 1795 bur/o Thomas, base child from Thomas JONES', Threapwood
                                              21 Apr  1795 bur/o James s/o Edward & Ann
                                               2 Nov 1797 bur/o John
                                              17 Jun 1805 bur/o Nansey base child of Margret (from Edward COOKS')
                                              27 Nov 1805 bur/o Mary, widow
                    63A Holt: 22 Sep 1788 mar by Banns of John ALMOND (x) & Elizabeth ROBERTS both otp
                                                                               Wits: Edward JENKINS, Jas TOMLINSON, Moses NORBURY
                  *132 Hanmer: 22 Dec 1782 bap/o Roger Almond JONES (------)  s/o ------- & Eliz JONES, Halghton
                   156A Hanmer:   2 Feb 1737/38 bap/o Martha d/o William & Mary, Ty Broughton
                                         26 Mar 1740 bap/o Mary d/o Wm & Mary, Ty Broughton
                                          1 Nov 1742 bqap/o William s/o Wm, Ty Broughton
                   189 Holywell: 6 Dec 1895 bap/o Wm s/o Tho & Jane
                   206B Hanmer: 20  Feb 1741/42 bur/o Thomas, a child of Gabriel, Halghton
                   207 Hanmer:  8 Jan 1775 bur/o William otp
                   216 Erbistock: 30 Oct 1870 bap/o John s/o William (lab) &  Ann
                                          3 Feb 1871 bur/o John, aged 3 mths
                                         25 Aug 1872 bap/o Charles s/o William (lab) & Anne
                   250 St. Asaph Notitae:
                   251 Corwen: 9 Mar 1788 bap/o Thos ALMOND (WARD)
                                                                  base s/o Willm WARD (coachman, of Llangollen) & Mary ALMOND of Bonwm
                   257 Llandrillo yn Edeirnion: 16 Jun 1782 bap/o Margaret d/o Richard & Catherine
                                                           11 Jul 1784 bap/o John s/o Richard (pauper) & Catherine
                                                             2 Sep 1785 bur/o Jane, infant
                                                             6 Jun 1786 bur/o John s/o Richard (pauper) & Catherine
                   315 Ruabon: 12 Aug 1877 bap/o Walter Thomas s/o William (woodranger) & Ann, Nantybelan
                                       31 Aug 1879 bap/o Alice d/o William (woodman) & Sarah Ann, Nantybelan
                                       12 Feb 1882 bap/o Clara d/o William (woodman) & Ann, Nant y Belan
                                         7 Jun 1884 bap/o Lucy May d/o William (woodman) & Ann, Nant y Bellan
                   359 Rhosymedre: 10 Nov 1870 mar by Banns of William TITHERINGTON (clerk) ba/21 of Overton s/o William TITHERINGTON (clerk)
                                                                                         & Sarah Lola ALMOND sp/21 of Chester d/o John ALMOND (gardener)
                   362 Penycae: 8 Feb 1905 bur/o Walter Edward, aged 7 months, Reservoir Cottage
                   406 Wrexham: 27 Apr 1861 bur/o Ann, aged 81, Union
                   416 Ruabon: 21 Jan 1890 mar. by Banns of
                                                         William ALMOND (lab) ba/24 of Nantybellan Cottage s/o William ALMOND (woodman)
                                                          & Sarah Ann FISHER sp/21 of Nantybellan Cottage d/o Stephen FISHER (lab)
                                      11 Jul 1898 mar. by Banns of
                                                        William Edward HARPER (gardener) ba/30 of Shilston House, Kenilworth Rd, Lillington
                                                                                     s/o William HARPER (dec. gardener)
                                                        & Ann ALMOND sp/29 otp (Nant y belan) d/o William ALMOND (wood ranger)
                                      26 Dec 1900 mar. by Banns of
                                                   George EDGE (mason) ba/28 of The Mount, Heswall, CHE s/o Thomas EDGE (dec. mason)
                                                   & Edith ALMOND sp/25 otp (Nant-y-bellan) d/o William ALMOND (woodman)
                                      27 Dec 1905 mar. by Banns of
                                                         Edward RUTTER (painter) ba.23 of Heswall, CHE s/o Henry RUTTER (lab)
                                                         & Alice ALMOND sp/26 otp (Nant y Belan) d/o William ALMOND (forester)
                   450 Llanycil: 26 Aug 1767 mar. by Lic of Robert ROWLAND ba of Llangower & Jane ROWLAND sp otp
                                                                              Wits: Evan DAVIES, Richard ALMOND
                   522 Holywell
                   577 Overton 20 Jun 1819 bap/o John (b 19) s/o James (lab) & Mary, Dog kennel
                                     25 Oct 1824 bap/o Anne (b 8) d/o James (lab) & Mary, otp
                   582 Bistre: 3 Mar 1867 bap/o Edward s/o John (cooper) & Elizabeth, Spon
                                    2 Dec 1869 bap/o Jane d/o John (cooper) &  Elizabeth, Spon Green                 
Herefordshire 1835 Hereford: Grapes James ALMOND, Packer's lane
                            Lancashire 1828-29 Chorley: Tailor & draper, Ts ALMOND, New Markt st
                                                         Chowbent: Tailor: Joseph ALMOND
                                                         Liverpool: Cart owner: John ALMOND, 5 Ben Jonson st
                                                                        Carver in wood: Joseph ALMOND, 1 Trentham st
                                                                        'Letters' Inns (ie public houses which have no sign):
                                                                               George ALMOND, Wood st
                                                                               Martha ALMOND, 11 Pownall Sq.
                                                                         Tobacconists: Ann ALMOND, Pownal Sq.
                                                                                              Wm ALMOND, Scotland road
                                                          Manchester: Brazier/copper smith/brass founder: John ALMOND, 29 St. James's st.
                                                                             Tinplate worker/brazier: Roger ALMOND, Pendleton
                                                          Ormskirk: Roe Buck Lawrence ALMOND, Burscough st
                                                          Southport: Boarding house/Lodging house keeper: James ALMOND
                                                          Wigan: Manufacturer of cotton goods: Rd ALMOND, Prospect hill, Standish
                                                                     Manufacturer of cotton goods (fustian): BURROWS & ALMOND, Wallgate
                                                                     Tailor & draper: John ALMOND, Pemberton
                            Leicestershire 1835 Hallaton: Fellmongers: John & Thomas ALMOND
HAMMOND / ALMOND  (Misc) contd
                            Nottinghamshire 1828-29 Nottingham: From the Introduction .... St. Peter's is an ancient edifice,
                                                                        greatly altered by numerous repairs; the living is a rectory in the patronage
                                                                        of the King, and incumbency of the Revd Robert White ALMOND.
                            Rutlandshire 1835 Liddington: Butcher: Mary ALMOND
                                                       Oakham: Baker/flour dealer: Joseph ALMOND, Dean's lane
                                                                      Blacksmith: Ann ALMOND, Catmose st
                            Shropshire - History of Myddle by Richard Gough (written 1700-1706) p. 46 ....  (regarding the
                                                   owners of the pews in the Parish Church).  the eighth pew on the north side of the north aisle
... Braine's family is very ancient in this parish, William Braine had three sons - William,
                                                   Michael, and Samuel.....William, the father, left a widow behind him, who married
                                                  one Michael ALMOND.....
                            Staffordshire 1835 Bilston: Rose and Crown Thomas ALMOND, Field lane
                                                                   Provision dealer: Thomas ALMOND, Middle Field lane
                   Almondesbury Misc: Gloucestershire 1830 Bristol: A post office is established at Almondesbury where
                                                                 letters or small packets, not exceeding three ounces, put into the office
                                                                 for Bristol, will be delivered the same day (Sunday excepted) for the
                                                                 charge of two-pence.
                  ALMUND 577 Overton 29 Dec 1822 bap/o James (aged 15 mths) s/o James (lab) & Mary, otp
                  AMAN Misc:
Lancashire 1828-29 Liverpool: Segar manufacturers: Paul AMAN & Co., Virgil street
                  AMAND was derived from the Latin Amandus 'meet to be loved', the name of four saints.   It was used also
                              in the feminine form and may have been confused with  Amanda - a Greek name which means 'protection'.
                             Misc: Lancashire 1828-29 Manchester: French teacher: Louis Amand BEAUVOISIN, 16 Clarence street
                 AMEY Herefordshire 1835 Ledbury: Royal Oak Mary AMEY, South end st.
                 AMMON masc 'hidden' (Egyptian); also as a first name 'awe/terror protector' (Germanic).
                 AMNON *171 Bangor-on-Dee:  2 Dec 1770 bap/o Amnon JONES s/o John
                              Misc: Lancashire 1828-29 Manchester: Stay maker: Amnon PERRY, 3 Gravel lane, Salford
                 AMOND Misc: The Norfolk Poll Book 1817:  Hundred/District: Norwich
                                                                                Place of freehold: Wymondham
                                                                                Owner: Edw AMOND, King-street
                                                                                Occupier: --- MINNS
     ARMAN Misc: Oxfordshire 1830 Bampton: Blacksmith: John ARMAN
     AWMAN 6 Isycoed: 8 Jan 1809 bap/o Phillip LLOYD (AWMAN) s/o John AWMAN & Mary LLOYD, Dutton Diffaeth
 HALLMAN   37 Worthenbury: 1 May 1793 mar by Banns of Edward HALLMAN (x) & Ann JONES (x) both otp
                                                                                         Wits: John BUTLER, John JONES
                      550 Gresford: 24 Jan 1813 bap/o George (b 6 Jan) s/o James (lab) & Sarah, Burton
     HALLMOND 47 Worthenbury: 29 Oct 1780 bap/o Margt d/o John & Mary
     HALMAN 490 Chirk: 25 Jan 1869 mar by Banns of Enock DAVIES (collier) ba/25 otp s/o John DAVIES (lab)
                                                                              & Harriet HALMAN sp/21 otp d/o James HALMAN (collier)
                                    19 Mar 1872 mar by Banns of
                                                           William DAVIES (collier) ba/full age of Chirk Green s/o James DAVIES (porter)
                                                           & Susanna HALMAN sp/full age of Black Park d/o James HALMAN (lab)
583 Chirk (Baptisms 1845-1879) Vol 8
                                  Ann, Charles, Elizabeth, Emanuel, Emily, Henry, James, Mary.
     HALMOND 47 Worthenbury: 1 Feb 1778 bap/o Mary d/o John & Mary
     HAMMANDS 161 Mold: 13 Jun 1813 bap/o Mary HAMMANDS?/HAMMOND d/o Thomas (hawker) &  Margaret
     HAMMON    3 Llangollen:   5 Feb 1787 bap/o Robert (b 1) s/o Edward (lab) & Anne (ROBERTS), Overton
                                             3 Oct 1787 bap/o Rebecca & Elizabeth EYTON (b 1
                                                                           ) twin ds/o (Mr) Hugh EYTON (surgeon) &  Elizabeth (HAMMON) otp
                                            18 Jan 17899 bap/o Barbara (b 16) d/o edward (baker) & Anne (ROBERTS), Llangollen Abbot
                      30 Wrexham: 7 Jan 1767 bap/o Elizabeth & Jane (b 6) twin ds/o Henry (flaxdresser), Wrexham Abbot
                     207 Hanmer: 19 Jul 1763 bur/o Elizabeth, Bronington
                     212 Llangollen:
                     238 Llangollen:
                     263C Llansilin:
                     282 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant:
                     298 Hawarden:
                     392 Gresford: 10 Jun 1736 bur/o James of Gwersylt
                     445 Wrexham
     HAMMOND    3 Llangollen: 22 Nov 1784 bap/o Thomas EYTON (b 16)
                                                                     s/o (Mr) Hugh (surgeon) & Elizabeth (HAMMOND), Llangollen Fawr
                        18 Hawarden: 28 Aug 1812 bap/o John WAINWRIGHT (b 4) s/o John (lab) & Cath (HAMMOND), Bannel
                        24 Hawarden: 19 May 1839 bap/o Richard HAMMOND (b 19 Apr) s/o Joseph (nailer) & Jane wid (JONES, nee THOMAS)
                        57 Ruabon: 14 Nov 1817 bap/o Elinor d/o George (house steward) & Ann
                                           3 Nov 1819 bap/o Catharine d/o George (house steward) & Anne, Mountpleasant
                                          17 Nov 1820 bap/o  Harriet d/o George (house steward) & Anne,  Mount Pleasant
                                          26 Oct 1821 bap/o Mary d/o Edward (lab) & Elizabeth, Greenlodge
                                          20 Feb 1823 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Edward (lab) & Elizabeth, Green Lodge
                                          11 Jul 1823 bap/o George Chevely s/o George (house steward) & Anne,  Mountpleasant
                                            5 May 1826 bap/o Betsey d/o George (house steward) & Anne, Wynnstay
                        67 Ruabon:
6 Mar 1808 bap/o Richard (b 27 Feb) s/o Richard & Mary (also see HAYMAN below)
                        68 Ruabon: 27 Sep 1814 bur/o Mary, aged 57, Wynnstay Lodge
                                           3 Nov 1820 bur/o Catharine, aged 1, Mount Pleasant
                                           1 May 1827 bur/o Richard, aged 19
                                          25 Sep 1827 bur/o Richard, infant
                                           8 Apr 1828 bur/o Mary, aged 6
                                          12 Apr 1831 bur/o George, aged 57, Wynstay
                       116C Llansilin: 29 Nov 1774 bur/o Anne wid.
                       123 Ruabon:
                       161 Overton: 
13 Jun 1813 bap/o Mary HAMMANDS?/HAMMOND d/o Thomas (hawker) &  Margaret
                       165A+B Ruabon:
                       179 Llangadwaladr:
                       181 Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog: Elizabeth, John, Mary, Thomas;
                       182 Llansanffraid Glynceiriog: Marry, Mary;
                       207 Hanmer: 14 Mar 1779 bur/o Elizabeth, Bettisfield
                       212 Llangollen:
                       213 Llangollen:
                       227 Ruthin: 30 Jan 1853 bap/o Thomas Howell s/o Thomas Howell (police officer) & Jane, Clwyd Street
                                         10 Sep 1854 bap/o Sarah Jane d/o Thomas Howell (police sergeant) & Jane, County Gaol
                       238 Llangollen:
                       263A+B+C Llansilin:
                       268 Wrexham:
                       293 Hawarden:
                       298 Hawarden:
                      *315 Ruabon:
                      *341+341 Ruabon:
                       355 Ruabon: Ann, George;
                      *356 Ruabon: 12 Oc t 1878 bur/o George Hammond WHALLEY, aged 65, Plasmadoc
                       356 Ruabon: 28 Oct 1848 bur/o Richard, aged 80
                                          28 Dec 1853  bur/o Ann, aged 69, Wynnstay
                                          23 Feb 1856 bur/o Mary, aged 93

                       361 Llangollen: William Hammond RICHARDS
                      *375 Wrexham: 14 Feb 1875 bap/o Harry Hammond REDMAN s/o Robert (pawn broker) & Eliza Ann, Stanley St
                      *378 Holywell: 8 Aug 1731 bap/o Anne HUGHES d/o Hammond;
                      *380 Wrexham: 1 Oct 1905 bap/o Gwladys Hammond JONES (b 13 Aug)
                                                                d/o Robert (railway employe) & Maud Myfanwy, 5 Osborne Grove
                       386 Ruabon: 8 Jul 1848 mar. by Banns of Edward HAMMOND (x) (collier) ba. of Bodylltyn s/o Edward (lab)
                                                                                & Jane PRITCHARD (x) sp. of Cefn Bychan d/o Thomas (collier)
                       391 Colwyn: 24 May 1901 bur/o Eliz. aged 88 of Colwyn Bay
                      400 Wrexham: 31 Aug 1824 mar. by Banns (wcop) of
                                                               John JORDAN (shoemaker) of Rhuabon & Jane HAMMOND (x) sp. otp
                                                               Wits: Edward DRURY, Elizabeth HAMMOND (x)
                      418 Wrexham: Henry;
                      446 Chirk: Elizabeth;
                      478A Llantysilio
                      487 Gwersyllt
                      493 Llantysilio
                      534 Bagillt
                      555 Brymbo: George, Mary Jane;
                      556 Llangadwaladr: 23 Sep 1836 mar by Lic of John HAMMOND & Anne DAVIES (x) both otp
                                                                                         Wits: Richard MORRIS, Margaret JONES
                      559B Rhosymedre: 14 Oct 1895 mar by Banns of
                                                   Richard PHILLIPS (carpenter) wdr/full of Rockhall, Cefn Mawr s/o Edward PHILLIPS (collier)
                                                    & Tamar DAVIES wid/full of Rockhall, Cefn Mawr d/o Price HAMMOND (lab)
                      567 Brymbo  17 Mar 1865 bur/o George, aged 39 yrs otp (Lodge)
Misc: Gloucestershire 1830 Bristol: Spirit Dealer - Retail: Joseph Hammond, 8 Dolphin st                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Whiting manufacturer: Jeremiah Hammond                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Conveyance by water - foreign traders: the following Vessel sails from the Port of Bristol at various periods
                                                                                                             of the year, but the time of departure is too uncertain for insertion in the list.
                                                                                                             Elizabeth: F. Hammond
                                Shropshire 1828/9 Ludlow: Thomas HAMMOND, Gent., Mill st
     HAMMONDS 163B Ruabon:
                         165B Ruabon:
     HAMON 459 Mold
     HAMOND 268 Wrexham:
                     304A Wrexham (baptisms): Henry;
                          B Wrexham (burials): Harry;
                     388 Hawarden: 30 Mar 1628 bur/o Susan
                     417 Wrexham: Thos;
     HARDHAM possibly see also
HAYMAN 30 Wrexham: 12 Jul 1757 bap/o Philip (b 22) s/o (Mr) Thomas (Att. at Law), Wrexham Regis
                                         19 Jan 1759 bap/o William (b 28) s/o Thomas (Aturney)
                                          4 Apr 1761 bap/o Watkin (b 21)  s/o Thomas (Attorney)
                    37 Worthenbury: 3 Jan 1768 mar by Banns of Joseph EACHUS of Tilson & Audrey ROBERTS (x) otp
                                                                                       Wits: J. CREWE, Tho. HAYMAN
                    59 Erbistock: 19 Jun 1765 mar by Lic of Robert Howel VAUGHAN, Esq. otp & Anne WILLIAMES
                                                                               Wits: W MOSTYN, Edward MAURICE, Tho. HAYMAN
                    67 Ruabon:  27 Jan 1805 bap/o Martha (b 15 Jan) d/o Richard & Mary (also see HAMMOND above)
                    79 Gresford: 19 Jun 1783 bur/o (Mr) --- HAYMAN (Attorney), Wrexham
                                       21 Nov 1809 bur/o (Mrs) Eleanor, aged 90, Gresford
                   138A Wrexham: 26 Mar 1789 bap/o Catherine (b 19) d/o John & Sarah, Wrexham Regis
                        B Wrexham: 27 Feb 1796 bur/o Thos., (smith), Wrexham Regis
                   156A Hanmer:
                   206B Hanmer:
                   250 St. Asaph Notitae:
                   297 Chirk:
                   304A Wrexham (baptisms): Anne, John, Thos;
                   445 Wrexham:
                   474A Gresford:
                   494 Chirk:  7 Nov 1710 bap/o Thomas (b 5) s/o (Mr) John  & [Mary], Halton
                                   29 Apr 1712 bap/o Dorothy (b 22) d/o John & Mary, Halton
                                   20 Mar 1712/13 bap/o Mary (b 15) d/o John & Mary, Halton
                                   21 Sep 1713 bur/o John, of Halton
                   530 Chirk:
                   553 Gresford:  Anne;
                  *582 Bistre: 21 Jul 1879 bap/o Alice Mary YOUNG d/o Henry Hayman (draper) &  Mary, Lane  End
                                    23 May 1883 bap/o Frank Litttleton YOUNG s/o Henry Hayman ([preacher) & Mary, Daisy Hill
                   Misc: North Wales 1835 Wrexham: Mrs -- Hayman, Gresford
Gresford MIs: No. 938 Eleanor Hayman died 16 Nov 1809 aged 90.
                                                             Anne Hayman died 15th December 1847 aged 94.
                                                 No. 939 Thomas Hayman of Wrexham died 16 June 1783 aged 73.
                            Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): Thomas, Esq., Wrexham   Nov 1825
     HAYMON  30 Wrexham: ... Mr;
                    255 Corwen:
                    297 Chirk:
     HEMANS 223 St. Asaph:
                    274D Betws yn Rhos:
     HENMOND 37 Worthenbury: 5 Jun 1809 mar by Banns of John JONES (x) & Martha HENMOND (x) both of Threapwood
                                                                                         Wits: Richd BERRISFORD, Eliz JONES (x)
     HEYMAN  48 Worthenbury: 7 Jan 1799 bur/o Watkin
                    297 Chirk:
     HEYMOND 263 Llansilin:
     ORMAND *381 Llangollen: 17 Oct 1899 bap/o Molly Irene BELL (b 14 Aug)
                                                                d/o Otto Joseph (engineer) & Sybil Ormand, Arfryn
     ORMON 347 Hawarden:
     ORMOND masc. a surname, meaning 'from east Munster' used as a first name (Irish Gaelic) - Claremont
                      37 Worthenbury: 13 Nov 1781 mar by Banns of John PUGH (x) & Mary WELCH (x) both otp
                                                                                           Wits: Richard ORMOND, John JONES
                     366 Wrexham: 27 Oct 1830 bap/o Sarah ORMOND (BRADY)
                                                                       base d/o Michael BRADY & Ann ORMOND,  Poor House
                     395 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant: Alice, David, Roger, Wm;
                     396 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant: 29 Dec 1746 bur/o David s/o Roger
                    *555 Brymbo: 9 Oct 1885 bap/o Rosalind Ormond HOLYWELL -/o Thomas (Clerk) & Mary, Mount
     ORMONDE *362 Penycae: Sybil Ormonde BELL
                       *381 Llangollen: 19 Aug 1898 bap/o John Otto Williams BELL
                                                                                            s/o Otto Joseph (iron founder) & Sybil Ormonde, 3 Arveyur
     ORMONDROYD from Hamundrod in Hipperholme, West Riding of Yorkshire - Reaney & Wilson


     AMSON  315 Ruabon::
                  Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Whitchurch: Star  Joseph Amson, Watergate st
     HAMPSON    7 Llanferres: James;
                       14 Llanferres: Catherine, James, Jane, John, Mary, Sydney, William;
                       30 Wrexham: Elizabeth, Margaret;
                       31 Hawarden: Martha, Mary, Thomas;
                       38 Wrexham: Thos, Thos. Brice;
                       76A Mold:
                       85 Mold:
                       92 Llanychan  22 Nov 1772 bur/o Elizabeth, pauper
                      114 Llanferres:
                      117 Mold: Anne, Catherine, James, John, Mary, Robert, Robt, Thomas, William, Willm;
                      118 Mold: 24 Sep 1738 mar/o William HAMPSON otp & Catherine JONES of Llanverres
                                     27 Nov 1738 mar/o Thomas HAMPSON & Mary LLOYD, both otp
                                     10 Oct 1740 mar/o Wm JONES of Hope & Jane HAMPSON otp
                      119 Mold:
                      121 Mold: Mary, Robert, Robt, Thomas, William;
                      124 Mold: Anne, Catherine, James, Jane;
                      136 Cilcain:
                      137 Northop: 15 Jun 1751 bap/o Anne d/o Thomas & Anne, Caerfallwch
                                          27 May 1753 bap/o Mary d/o Thomas & Mary, Wepre
                                           2 Mar 1754 bap/o Benjamin s/o Thomas & Anne, Caerfallwch
                                          31 Dec 1809 bap/o James (B 28)  *KTOPHER? (H'PSON)
                                                                           base s/o Israel HAMPSON & Maria *KTOPHER?, otp
                                                  *KTOPHER is most likely CHRISTOPHER.   Clerks frequently wrote e.g. XTOPHER,
                                                                     or another example is Xtionydd Kenrick for Christionydd Kenrick)
                      138B Wrexham: John, Thomas;
                      151 Hanmer:
                      152 Hanmer:
                      161 Mold: Edward, Eliza, Ellenor, James, John, Martha, Mary, Thomas;
                      216 Erbistock:
                      227 Ruthin:  3 Feb 1847 bap/o Eleanor Alderson d/o John (grocer) & Eleanor, Well St.
                                        10 Sep 1848 bur/o John Middelton , aged 10 mo., Well Street
                      282 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant:
                      290 Hanmer:
                      297 Chirk:
                      299 Mold: Anne, Price;
                      304C Wrexham (burials): Ellin, Thomas;
                      306 Holywell:
                      315 Ruabon:
                      332 Connah's Quay MIs:  Gladys, Percy;
                      344 Mold:
                      352A Flint: Anne, Robt., Thos;
                           B Flint: Anne, Jane, Robt;
                      359 Rhosymedre: Margaret;
                      370 Wrexham: Ellen, James Kenrick, John Henry, Mary Lucy, Thomas, William Leicester;
                      372 Wrexham: John;
                      373 Wrexham: John;
                      374 Wrexham: Edward, Ellen, Emma Elizabeth, Herbert, Thomas;
                      375 Wrexham: Fanny, John, Joseph Henry, Mary Ann, Sarah;
                     *380 Wrexham: 3 Nov 1903 bap/o Edward Hampson WILLIAMS (b 6 Oct) s/o ---- & Kate, Workhouse
                      393 Wrexham: 1 Jun 1880 bur/o Fanny, infant, Infirmary
                      399 Wrexham: 21 Jul 1822 bap/o John s/o John (miner) & Elizabeth, Minera
                     400 Wrexham: 3 Apr 1825  mar. by Banns of John HAMPSON (x) & Martha EVANS (x) both otp
                                                                                       Wits: Rob't METCALFE, Anne DELANEY (x)
                     401 Wrexham: 30 Oct 1835 mar. by Banns (wcof) of Thomas RANDLES & Rebecca HAMPSON, both otp
                                                                                                  Wits: John HAMPSON, Ann HAMPSON
                     406 Wrexham: John, John Henry;
                     407 Wrexham: Annie, Elizabeth Emily, Jessie May;
                     412 Wrexham: 10 Nov 1857 bur/o Thomas, aged 43, Horns
                                             8 Dec 1857 bur/o Mary, infant, Crabtree Green
                     413 Mold: 23 Sep 1814 bur/o Edward, aged 24, Bistree
                                    20 Jan 1817 mar. by Banns of Robert OWENS (x) ba. & Eleanor HAMPSON (x) wd., both otp
                                                                                 Wits: John BITHELL (x), Mary COLES (x), Edward EVANS
                                    19 Feb 1820 mar. by Banns of Robert JONES (x) ba. & Mary HAMPSON (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                 Wits: Daniel GRIFFITH (x), Maria ROBERTS (x), Thomas GRIFFITHS (x)
                     414 Mold: 2 Aug 1834 bur/o Martha, aged 68, Bistre
                     415A Northop:  3 Sep 1803 mar. by Banns of Henry LLOYD (x) ba. & Elizabeth HAMPSON (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                        Wits: Edward DAVIES, Anne HAMPSON (x)
                                           13 Aug 1804 mar. by Banns of John JONES (x) (collier) ba. & Anne HAMPSON (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                        Wits: Samuel ROBERTS (x), Anne GRIFFITHS (x)
                     415C Northop (burials): Anne, Samuel, Thomas, Wm;
                     416 Ruabon: 1 Jul 1902 mar. by Banns of
                                                        Lloyd HAMPSON (farmer) ba/28 of Dudleston s/o Daniel HAMPSON (dec. farmer)
                                                        & Mary MASSEY sp/28 otp d/o Thomas MASSEY (farmer)
                    418 Wrexham: Elizth, Joseph, Margaret;
                    420B Halkyn: 2 Oct 1704 bur/o Robert;
                    422 Hanmer: 13 Nov 1573 bap/o John s/o Robt & Jane
                                         6 Dec 1579 bap/o John HAMPSON (-------) bas s/o --- (father uncertain) & Elyn HAMPSON
                                        10 Jan 1579/80 bap/o Thomas s/o Robt
                    423 Hanmer: 5 Apr 1570 bur/o Humfrey (yong man)
                                        9 Apr 1586 bur/o Owen
                                        1 May 1588 mar/o John ap Elice & Elyn HAMPSON
                    424 Hanmer: 12 Aug 1613 bap/o Robert s/o Thomas
                                         4 Jul 1618 bap/o Mary d/o Thomas
                                       18 Feb 1620/21 bap/o Katherine d/o Thomas
                    425B Hanmer: Jane;
                    426 Hanmer: Mary;
                    440B Hawarden
                    445 Wrexham
                    461A,B Mold
                    474A,B Gresford
                    488 Hope
                    492 Holywell
                    500B Holywell: 29 Jan 1743/44 bur/o Thomas
                                            9 Jan 1764 bur/o Catherine
                                           20 Oct 1766 bur/o Thomas, Gadleys
                                                        (Gadleys: either a house name, or the place in Co. Glamorgan)
                    501 Northop
                    533B Overton
                    534 Bagillt
                    535 Buckley
                    547 Flint
                    552B Wrexham: Joseph, Robert, Thomas, Thos;
                         D Wrexham: 8 Mar 1727/28 bur/o ----, child of Thos (clockmaker)
                    553 Gresford: Charles, Mary,  Sarah, Thomas;
                    559A Rhosymedre: Elizabeth, Elizabeth Eleanor, George, Irene, William;
                    572 Broughton: 29 Jun 1862 bap/o Elizabeth Ann SHALLCROSS (b 25 Mar)
                                                        d/o John (oil refiner) & Hannah (HAMPSON), Bretton
                    582 Bistre (Baptisms 1842-1883) Vol 1
                                    Anne, Catherine, Edward, Ellen, James, Mary, Prcie, Pryce, Thomas, William.
Misc: Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                                             Richard, Iscoyd, Yeo., 1636
                                                                                             William, Iscoyd, 1682
                               Shropshire 1828/9 Ellesmere: Veterinary surgeon: Thos. Hampson
     HAMPSTON  32 Hawarden: Anne, Mary, Richard (but see also HUMPSTON(E) under HUMBERSTONE)
                        105 Llanddoget:
                        424 Hanmer: 17 Jan 1606/07 bap/o William COOLLMER (HAMPSTON)
                                                               base s/o Thomas HAMPSTON (single man) & Elen COOLLMER (sp)
                                           16 Oct 1607 bap/o John s/o Thomas
                                           27 Nov 1608 bap/o Margeret d/o Thomas
                        425B Hanmer: John, Thomas;
                        440A,B Hawarden
     HAMSON   7 Llanferres: Jos;
                    30 Wrexham: Dorothy, Sarah;
                   108 Minera Chapel: Elizabeth;
                   114 Llanferres:
                   117 Mold: 6 Nov 1755 bap/o William s/o William, Bistre
                   137 Northop: 30 Oct 1752 bap/o William s/o Thomas & Anne, Caerfallwch
                   166 Cilcain:
                   207 Hanmer:
                   306 Holywell:
                   359 Rhosymedre: Daniel;
                   418 Wrexham: Mrget;
                   422 Hanmer: 22 Oct 1568 bap/o Robt. HAMSON (---) base s/o Roger Davyd (a marr. man) & Elen HAMSON (sp)
                   423 Hanmer: 22 Feb 1569/70 bur/o Anne (an ould woman), of Willington
                   436B Hope: Elizabeth;
                   540 Overton
                   547 Flint:
     HAMSONE 21 Holt: ....;
     HAMSTON  18 Hawarden: Elizabeth;
                      392 Gresford: 17 Mar 1733/34 bap/o John s/o John, Allington
     HAMSTONE 117 Mold: 2 Apr 1748 bap/o Thomas s/o Thomas & Margaret
                        466 Hawarden
     HANBON 552B Wrexham: John, William;
HANDSCOME   45 Denbigh: 6 May 1808 bur/o Elizabeth HANDSCOME (HUGHES) d. 1 May aged 73, wid/o John
                           196A Llanfair Talhaearn: 30 Aug 1773 mar. by Banns of
                                                                                 John HANDSCOME ba. & Elizabeth JONES (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                 Wits: Thomas DAVIES, John DAVIDS
HANDSON   37 Worthenbury: 31 Aug 1777 mar. by Banns of
                                                                  Charles EDWARDS (x) otp & Margaret HANDSON (x) of Bangor
                                                                  Wits: Aaron HUXLEY, John JONES
                      442B Bangor on Dee
                      540 Overton
Hanscombe End, Bedfordshire
     HANSOM 458 Mold

HANSON  (Common in Yorkshire - Addison)
                     37 Worthenbury: 10 Apr 1757 mar. by Lic. of Daniel PRITCHARD & Jane EDWARDS both otp
                                                                                       Wits: Thos. EDWARDS, Edward HANSON
                                              19 Jun 1758 mar. by Banns of Samuel EVANS (x) & Anne JONES (x) both otp
                                                                                           Wits: Edward HANSON, Hannah HANSON
                                              16 Apr 1770 mar. by Banns of Thomas PARKER & Catherine MATTHEWS (x) both otp
                                                                                           Wits: Roger HANSON, Job TWISEOND (x)
                                                6 Nov 1770 mar. by Lic. of Roger HANSON otp & Elizabeth SIMPSON of Shocklach
                                                                                       Wits: Margaret DUTTON, Francis MULLINOR (x)
                                                4 Aug 1776 mar. by Banns of John BETLEY (x) & Elizabeth LLOYD (x) both otp
                                                                                            Wits: Thomas HANSON (x), John JONES
                     46 Worthenbury:
                     47 Worthenbury:
                     48 Worthenbury:
                    114 Llanferres;
                    157B Hanmer:
                    163B Ruabon:
                    166 Cilcain:
                    167A+C Gresford:
                    171 Bangor-on-Dee:
                    268 Wrexham:
                    310 Gresford:
                    314 Rhosllanerchrugog: Jane, Margaret, William;
                   *315 Ruabon:
                    341 Ruabon:
                   *359 Rhosymedre: George Hanson AVERILL
                   *363 Wrexham: 7 Sep 1886 bap/o Hanson LEWIS s/o Edward (grocer) & Mary Elizabeth, Hope St
                    365 Wrexham: Elizabeth, John, Margaret;
                   *370 Wrexham: Hanson Henry JONES
                    373 Wrexham: Thomas;
                    381 Llangollen: Anne Elizabeth, Charles, Maud, Price, Sarah, Sarah Elizabeth;
                    390 Bangor-on-Dee: 5 Dec 1686 bap/o Mary & Joane twin ds/o William & -------
                    408 Bangor-on-Dee: John;
                    424 Hanmer: 27 Dec 1640 bap/o Jane d/o Robert
                    425A Hanmer: Robert;
                         B Hanmer: Katheryn, Richard, Robert, Thomas, William;
434B Bangor-on-Dee: Edward, Elizabeth, Joane, John, Mary, Sydney, William;
435 Gresford:  Thomas;
                    437 Ruabon: Mary, Richard, Sara;
                   *441B Hope: 12 Feb 1900 mar by Banns of Hanson Hughes LLOYD (stoker) ba/23 of Walton, Liverpool s/o Hugh LLOYD (miller)
                                                                                   &  Mary Emma BEAVAN sp/24 of Hope d/o William BEAVAN (farmer)
                    442B Bangor on Dee
                    461 Mold
                    479 Overton
                    540 Overton
                    552C Wrexham: 5 Mar 1716/17 mar/o Ed HANSON, Didleston & Eliz RANDLES, Gresford
                         D Wrexham: 17 Jan 1719/20 bur/o Mary HUGHES (alias HANSON)
                    568 Brymbo  5 Oct 1878 bur/o William, aged 44 yrs, otp (Brym Rhug)
                    Misc: Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                                          Mary, Wid, Willington   1649
                                                                                          Mary, Overton,   1690
                                                                                          Thomas, Overton   1687
                                                                                          William, Yeo, Dungrey   1694
      HENSON 234 Minera:
                    *315 Ruabon:


Hampton, Cheshire; Devon;Greater London; Herefordshire; Kent; Shropshire; (Willenhall), Staffordshire;
     HAMDEN *561A Marchwiel: 5 Mar 1890 bur/o Hamden PHILLIPS (8 months), otp (Village)   
     HAMPDEN  *123 Ruabon:
                       *561A Marchwiel:  4 Aug 1889 bap/o Hampden PHILLIPS s/o Joseph (lab) & Ann, otp (The Cottage, Overton  Rd)
                                                19 Nov 1897 private bap/o Hampden PHILLIPS s/o Joseph (gas stoker) & Ann, Turner's Cottage
     HAMPTER *365 Wrexham: John Hamter CLEMSON
     HAMPTON  16 Hawarden: Mary;
105 Llanddoget:
                     *123 Ruabon:
                      147 Llanddoget:
                      297 Chirk:
                      304A Wrexham (baptisms): Robt;
                           C Wrexham (burials): Deborah, Jno, Wm;
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: John, Laura, Susannah;
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: John;
                      344 Mold:
                      347 Hawarden:
                      371 Llangollen: 30 Dec 1872 mar. by Banns of
                                                               Joseph JONES (x) (collier) ba/24 of Fron Cys. s/o John (farmer)
                                                            & Mary Ann HAMPTON wid/27 of Fron Cys. d/o David EVANS (collier)
411 Wrexham: Ellen;
                      416 Ruabon: 6 Nov 1875 mar. by Banns of
                                          William WHITTINGHAM (puddler) ba/28 of Cefn Mawr s/o Samuel WHITTINGHAM (puddler)
                                           & Martha HAMPTON sp/27 of Cefn d/o Richard HAMPTON (engineer)
                      425A Hanmer: Joan;
                            B Hanmer: Robt;
434A Bangor-on-Dee: Anne;
435 Gresford: Catherine, John;
                      524 St George
                      536 Llansannan
524 St George
                      536 Llansannan
                      552B Wrexham: Churchwarden 1718-19 William HAMPTON
                                               Catherine, Deborah, Edd, Hester, John, Katherine, Robt, Tho, Thomas, Thos, William, Willm;
                           C Wrexham: 2 Jun 1706 mar/o William HAMPTON (tanner) & Deborah HUGHES, Wrexham Abbot
                           D Wrexham: Cath, Edd, Edward, John, Katharine, Robert, Thomas, William, Willm;

                      Misc: North Wales 1835 Beaumaris: Lewis Hampton, esq., Henllys
                                                          Mold: Maltster: John Hampton, High st
                               Shropshire 1828/9 Drayton: Linen/woollen draper: Robt. Hampton, Shropshire st
                                                          Wellington: Auctioneer: John Hampton, Crown st
                                                                           Crown  John Hampton, Crown st

     HAMTON 348 Wrexham:


Hamstead, Isle of Wight; Staffordshire (Midlands);
     HAMESTER 348 Wrexham:
     Hampstead, Middlesex; Isle of Wight;
     Hampstead Marshall (Norris), Berkshire
     HAMSTEAD 132 Hanmer:

HAMTER see HAMPTON for now


Hanbury, Staffordshire; Worcestershire;
HANBURY 338 Llangollen:
                392 Gresford: 3 Jan 1718/19 mar. by Lic. of Samuell WOOF, Bunbury & Mary HANBURY, Holywell
430 Llangollen: Jane;
              *440B Hawarden: 17 Jul 1889 mar. by Banns of
                                                         Alexander Hanbury SPARROW (merchant) ba/28 of Gwersylt s/o James SPARROW (ironmaster)
                                                         & Helena DUNSTAN sp/22 of Saltney d/o G. Frederick DUNSTAN (dec.)
                Misc: North Wales 1835 Newtown & Kerry: Chas. Hanbury TRACY, esq., Gregynog
                         Shropshire 1828/9 Bridgnorth: Ironmonger: Elizth. HANBURY & Son, High st
         HANVORY 292 Rhosymedre: James, Jane, John;


HANCOCK (Common in Worcs, Yorks - Addison)
     AINSCOUGH 438B Broughton: Mary Ann;
                        Misc: 1881 Saltney, Cheshire/Flintshire
     ANKEY 59 Erbistock:
347 (but could be for HADDOCK/HARDWICK in this register):
                             Elinor, Elizabeth, Ellen, Hannah, Isaac, Margaret;
    HANCKER 390 Bangor-on-Dee: 5 Feb 1721 bap/o William s/o Thomas & Anne, Pickhill
    HANCKIE 389 Hawarden: 13 Apr 1595 bur/o John
    HANCOCK      6 Isycoed: 27 May 1830 mar by Lic of
                                       John HANCOCK (groom), Worthenbury & Sarah ROGERS sp otp
                                       Wits: James DAVIES, Edward BATE, Mary ROGERS
                        10 Overton: John;
                        12 Llangollen: Anne;
                        16 Hawarden: Ann, Catharine, Charles, John, Martha, Randle, Will, William;
                        18 Hawarden: Cath, Catharine, James, John, Jonathan, Maria, Samuel, William;
                        22 Hawarden: Anne, Catharine, Catherine, John, Joseph, Maria, Randle, Thomas, William;
                        24 HawardenCatherine, Eliza, Elizabeth, Mary Ann, Thomas John, William;
                        31 Hawarden: Caroline, Catharine, Catherine, Eliza, Frances, Jane, Joseph, Mary Anne,
                                            Mary Catharine, William;
                        32 Hawarden: Harriet, Jane, John, Maria, Mary Anne, Mary Catherine, Sam'l, Thomas, William;
                       *40 Hawarden: Louisa Hancock JONES
                        40 Hawarden: Margaret, Mary;
53 Wrexham: James, Mary;
                        54A Abergele:
                        76A Mold:
                        79 Gresford:
                        81A Hope:
                        93 Abergele:  2 Feb 1797 bap/o Mary d/o Randle & Anne, Botegwal
                                            18 Apr 1802 bap/o Alicia d/o Randle & Anne, Botegwal
                                            16 Oct 1803 bap/o William s/o Randle & Anne, Hendregyda
                       127A Mold:
                       161 Mold: Anne, Charles, George, Jane, Randal;
                       167A Gresford:
                       187 St. George:
                       189 Holywell:
                      *198+198 Mold:
                       287 Llanycil:
                       293 Hawarden:
                       295 Mold:
                       298 Hawarden:
                       299 Mold: ---, Charles, Mary, Thomas;
                       302 Hawarden:
                       303 Hawarden:
                       305 Hawarden:
                       311 Hawarden:
                       316 Flint:
                       319 Hawarden:
                       324 Llysfaen:
                       340 Mold:
                       347 Hawarden:
                       351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: Margaret;

                       365 Wrexham: Elizabeth, John, Sarah Weaver;
                       370 Wrexham: Andrew, Jane, John, Mary Jane;
                       372 Wrexham: Elizabeth, John;
                       373 Wrexham: Joseph;
                       374 Wrexham: 20 Aug 1848 bap/o Anna Maria d/o George (gilder) & Jane, York Street
                       375 Wrexham: 1 Jun 1873 bap/o William s/o Andrew (smith) & Jane, Rhostyllen
                       389 Hawarden: 26 Jul 1600 mar/o George HANCOCK & Margret THOMAS
                                              21 Jul 1602 bur/o Katherine
                       393 Wrexham: 30 Mar 1877 bur/o Andrew, aged 42, Rhostyllen
                       407 Wrexham: Herbert Charles, Margaret;
                       414 Mold: Edward, Mary;
                       438A Broughton: Robert Henry;
                       440A,B Hawarden
                       441A Hope: Jonathan;
                       452B Whitford
                       466 Hawarden
                       483 Hawarden
                       484 Hawarden
                       485 Holywell
                       486 Bistre
                       490 Chirk:
                       553 Gresford: Cordelia, Elizabeth Maria, George;
                       557 Llansilin: John, William;
                       565A Esclusham: Hannah, William;
                            B Esclusham: Andrew, Mary Jane;
                       578 Ysceifiog: 31 Oct 1864 bap/o Harvey Chadwick s/o James Harrison (inn keeper) & Pamela, Llyfanod
582 Bistre (Baptisms 1842-1883) Vol 1
                                      Anne, Arthur, Charles, Eliza, Elizabeth, Emily, Emma, Hannah, Henry, John, John Weilliam.
                                      Margaret  Anne, Martha Elizabeth, Mary, Mary Anne, Mary Catherine Godwin,
                                      Mary Eliza, Thomas, Thomas John, William.
                       Misc: North Wales 1835: Hawarden & King's Ferry:
                                                                         William Hancock, Esq.,
                                                                         William Hancock & Co., brick and tile makers
                                                                         William, Thomas & Samuel Hancock, smelters & lead merchants
                                                         Mold: Attorney: Jonathan Hancock, High st 
Gresford MIs: Cordelia, Elizabeth Maria; 
Shropshire 1828/9 Bridgnorth: China/glass/earthenware dealer: Ann Hancock, Listley st  
     HANCOCKE  31 Hawarden: Mary Anne, William;
                        303 Hawarden:
                        347 Hawarden:
     HANCOCKS  75A Marchwiel:
                        303 Hawarden:
     HANCOK  79 Marchwiel:
                    173 Holt:
     HANDCOCK  297 Chirk:
                        *315 Ruabon: William Handcock MORE
     HANDDOCK 347 Hawarden: Anne, Isaac;
     HANKEY 30 Wrexham: Jane, Phebe, Thomas;
                   37 Worthenbury: John;
                   38 Wrexham: Charles, Chs, Grace, John, Maria, Mary;
                   53 Wrexham: Charles, John, Martha, Mary Ann;
                   75A Marchwiel:
                   76A Mold:
                  132 Hanmer:
                  133B Holt:
                  138A Wrexham: 22 Aug 1790 bap/o James (b 21 Jun) s/o Charles (farmer) & Grace, Wrexham Regis
                       B Wrexham: 12 Dec 1799 bur/o Tho., Wrexham Abbott
                  165A Ruabon:
                  171 Bangor-on-Dee:
                  197 Hanmer: Jane, John, Richard, Sarah, William;
                  266A+C Marchwiel:
                  268 Wrexham:
                  304A Wrexham (baptisms): James, John, Sarah;
                       C Wrexham (burials): Sarah;
                  319 Hawarden:
                  365 Wrexham: Charles, James, Jane, Maria, Martha;
                  372 Wrexham: Mary;
                  373 Wrexham: Jane;
                  405 Wrexham: Elizabeth Blanche, Jane;
                  412 Wrexham: 12 May 1855 bur/o Jane, aged 48, Mount Street
                  417 Wrexham: Thomas;
                  426 Hanmer: James;
                  442B Bangor on Dee
                  445 Wrexham
                  483 Hawarden
                  552C Wrexham: 24 Jun 1724 mar/o John HANKEY (mariner), Gresford & Anne JACKSON, Trinity
                  582 Bistre:
21 Dec 1850 bap/o Mary Tansley ELLIS
                                                                     d/o James (clerk to HANCOCK & Co.) &  Mary Anne

                                   28 Oct 1880 bap/o Dorsiah Sarah Ann  (margin note: 12 Oct)
                                                                                                  d/o Richard (collier) & Elizabeth, Bucket Row
                                   22 Jun 1882 bap/o John s/o Richard (collier) & Elizabeth, Nant Mawr
                   Misc: 1841 Census Wrexham Town: Old Yorkshire Hall: James        25   Butcher   born in County
                                                                                                    Jane          28                  born in County
                                                                                                    Elizabeth     5                  born in County
                                                                                                    Mary           1                  born in County
                                                                         Tuttle Street         Benjn.   60   Butcher        not born in County
     HANKIE 392 Gresford: 9 Oct 1730 mar. by Banns of William STOCKTON otp & Elizabeth HANKIE otp
     HENCOCK 445 Wrexham
     HONGES 459 Mold


HANCORNE Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Shrewsbury: Ironmonger: Thomas Hancorne, Mardol head


Handley, Cheshire; Derbyshire;
     HANDEL *314 Rhosllanerchrugog: 22 Oct 1896 bap/o John Handel BRASSINGTON
                                                                            s/o George (tilemaker) & Alice Elizabeth, Johnstown
                   *335 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Handel WHITTAKER
                   *416 Ruabon: 15 Nov 1891 mar. by Banns of
                                                          Levi Peter Price (collier) ba/19 of Rhos s/o John PRICE (farmer)
                                                          & Annie JONES sp/19 of Rhos d/o George Handel JONES (shoemaker)
                  *568 Brymbo   26 Dec 1874 bur/o Horatio Handel EDWARDS, aged 5 mo., Moss, Broughton
     HANDLE  *79 Gresford:
                    306 Holywell:
                    399 Wrexham: 2 Jan 1823 bap/o Harriet d/o William (lab) & Mary, Pentre Felen
                   *555 Brymbo: 20 Dec 1874 bap/o Horatio Handle EDWARDS -/o Richard (collier) & Anne, The Moss, Broughton
     HANDLEN 233 Llanfwrog:
     HANDLEY 24 Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd: Alice, Ellis, Mary;
                     37 Worthenbury: Hannah, John, Mary;
                     48 Worthenbury:
                     63A Holt:
                    104 Henllan: 27 Jan 1788 bap/o Sarah WILLIAMS (HANDLEY) (b 22)
                                                        base d/o James HANDLEY & Jane WILLIAMS
                    292 Rhosymedre: Elizabeth, Jane, William;
                    315 Ruabon:
                   *318 Henllan:
                   *379 Wrexham: 18 Sep 1898 bap/o John Cyril LLOYD (margin note: St. David's)
                                                   s/o John Edward (foreman porter) & Mary Handley, 14 Walnut Cottages, Rhosddu.
                    379 Wrexham: 17 Jul 1900 bap/o Charles Henry (b 10 Jul)  s/o Charles (private RWF) & Lina, 5 Meifod Place
                    380 Wrexham: Charles, Charles Edward, Charles John, Minnie, William John;
                    384 Wrexham: 14 Jul 1868 bur/o Margaret, aged 40, Union
                    386 Ruabon: 10 May 1855 mar. by Banns of
                                                             William HANDLEY (brickmaker) wd/52 of Rhos-y-medre s/o William (brickmaker)
                                                           & Margaret PRICE (x) sp/47 of Rhos-y-medre d/o Samuel (lab)
                    392 Gresford: 4 Oct 1737 mar. by Lic. of George KINNERLEY (bachelor) of Great Budworth, Cheshire
                                                                            & Martha HANDLEY (widow) of Wrexham
                    399 Wrexham:18 Jul 1824 bap/o George s/o William (lab) & Mary, Pentre Felin
                    404 Wrexham: Charles Henry;
                   *405 Wrexham: 7 Oct 1894 bap/o Muriel Myfanwy LLOYD (b 6 Aug)
                                                           d/o John Edward (signal man) & Mary Handley, 14 Walnut Cottages, Rhosddu
                    438A Broughton: Herbert;
                    481 Whitford
                    482 Hawarden
                    509 Dyserth:
                    553 Gresford: Thomas;
                    564A Brynford: 2 Jun 1912 bap/o Florence Mary Isabel
                                                     d/o Joseph William Henry (farmer) & Alice, otp (Bryn Teg)
                    573 Broughton: 27 Nov 1887 bap/o Mabel (b 9 Nov) d/o Thomas (farmer) & Jane, otp (S Mary's? Farm)
                                           26 Oct 1890 bap/o Ernest James (b 3 Oct)
                                                                    s/o Thomas (farmer) & Jane, otp (S. Mary's Farm)
                                            6 Jan 1895 bap/o George Leonard (b 14 Nov 1894)
                                                                s/o Thomas (farmer) & Jane, The Park Farm
Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Broseley: Blacksmith: Francis Handley, Coalbrook dale
     HANDLY  47 Worthenbury:
                   174 Holt:
     HANKLY 407 Wrexham: John Gordon;
     HANLEAY 425B Hanmer: ---, Richard;
     Hanley (Potteries), Staffordshire
     HANLEY   22 Hawarden: Lydia, Thos;
                     27 Llanarmon yn Ial: 22 Aug 1751 bap/o William EVANS (HANLEY)
                                                                          base s/o Timothy HANLEY (Irishman - miner) & Mary EVANS
                                                   13 Oct 1752 bap/o Elizabeth ROBERTS (HANLEY)
                                                                        base d/o Timothy HANLEY (Irishman) & Mary ROBERTS (widdow)
                   254B Llanfawr:
                   303 Hawarden:
                   304A Wrexham (baptisms): Richard;
                   330 Whitford:
                  *363 Wrexham: 29 May 1881 bap/o George Hanley JONES s/o George Hanley  (sawyer) & Kate,
                                                                           4 Kentbricks Row, Beast Market
                   366 Wrexham: Peter, Sarah, William;
                   370 Wrexham: Bridget, Edward, Martha;
                   373 Wrexham: Harriet;
                   384 Wrexham: 10 Jul 1869 bur/o William aged 76, Pentre Felyn
                                          13 Mar 1874 bur/o Edward, aged 60, Salop Road
                   386 Ruabon: 2 Mar 1848 mar. by Banns of
                                                          John BUTCHER (lab) ba. of Rhosymedre s/o William (shoemaker)
                                                       & Pescilla HANLEY (sig. Priscilla) (in service) sp. of Rhosymedre d/o John (pump sinker)
                 400 Wrexham: 8 Feb 1830 William HANLEY (x) & Jane JONES (x) wits. at mar. by Banns (wcof) of
                                                        Robert JONES (x) & Sarah ROBERTS (x), both otp
                 407 Wrexham: Arthur Herbert;
                 410 Wrexham: Mary;
                 412 Wrexham: 6 Dec 1856 bur/o Martha, infant, Salop Road
                 420C Halkyn (from BTs): 15 Feb 1707/08 mar/o John HANLEY & Margaret THOMAS
435 Gresford: Catharine;
                *441B Hope: 2 Feb 1898 mar by Lic. of George Hanley WILLIAMS (blacksmith) ba/26 of Rock Cottage, Ffrith s/o George WILLIAMS (blacksmith)
                                                                          & Elizabeth Ann LEWIS sp/25 of Vale Villa, Ffrith d/o John LEWIS (farmer)
                 474A Gresford
                 482 Hawarden
                 509 Dyserth:
                 521 St Asaph
                 580 Bagillt (Baptisms 1839-1911) Vol 1
                          11 Sep 1864 bap/o Edwin & Eleanor s&d/o Edwin (station master) & Mary Jane, The Station
                          24 Oct 1865 bap/o Margaret Jane d/o Edwin (station master) & Jane
                 Misc: 1881 Census Saltney, Cheshire/Flintshire
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                                                  William, Overton, Inventory,  1662

                            Shropshire 1828/9 Broseley: Grocer/tea dealer: Mary Hanley, Iron bridge
                                                       Ellesmere: Butcher: William Hanley, Watergate st
                                                       Shrewsbury: Glover: Thomas Hanley, High st
                                                                          Nursery/seedsmen: Grant & Hanley, High st
                                                                          Plumber/glass dealer/glazier: Daniel Hanley, Mardol head
     HANLY 425B Hanmer: Maude, Randall, Richard;
     HANOLY 552D Wrexham: 31 Aug 1719 bur/o Eliz, wife of Richard (?brewer|), Wrexham Abbot
     HARDLEY 555 Brymbo: Edwin, Elizabeth, Thomas;


HANEY *322 Llanfor: (masc)

Hanford, Staffordshire
     HANDFIELD 93 Abergele:  28 Mar 1805 bur/o William Sheriff, (K)Nutsford, Cheshire
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                       William Handfield WRENCH, Esq.,  ba, Talwrn Glas, Hope, Administration Bond  1849
     HANDFORTH 540 Overton
411 Wrexham: John;
     HANNEFORD 370 Wrexham: Edward, Fanny, William Henry;
     HANSFORD   75A Marchwiel:
                        268 Wrexham:
                        364 Wrexham: Eleanor;

ANGDEANE 422 Hanmer: 10 Apr 1593 bap/o Joan d/o George
                                            31 Jan 1599/1600  Willm s/o George
     AWGDEANE 423 Hanmer: 21 Jan 1592/93 mar/o George AWGDEANE & Anne MORGAN


Hanham, Avon (Gloucestershire)
HANAM 221 St. Asaph:  28 Oct 1776 bap/o Mary d/o Joseph & Elizabeth, Bryn Polyn
                                         19 Dec 1777 bap/o Joseph s/o Joseph & Elizabeth, Bryn Polyn
                  449 Trelawnyd  31 Aug 1779 bur/o Elizabeth w/o Joseph
                  568 Brymbo   8sic  Feb 1876 bur/o Catherine, aged 25, otp
     HANIOM 487 Gwersyllt  8 May 1900 mar by Banns of
                                            William HANIOM (sgd William HARRISON) (collier) ba/25 of Summerhill
                                           & Francies JOHNSON sp/23 of Summerhill d/o Thomas JOHNSON (chemical worker)
     HANMAN 101 Llanynys:   26 Mar 1808 bur/o Joseph (late Schoolmaster of this parish)
                                                               (HANNAM in transcription index)
                                           23 Dec 1810 bur/o Joseph infant s/o John (blacksmith) & Elisa, Penffordd, Rhydonnen
                                                              (HANNAM in transcription index)

                                          30 Nov 1811 mar by Banns of
                                                              David JONES of Llanychan & Anne HANMAN  otp       
                                                              Wits: Thomas ELLIS, Jane HANMAN

     HANNAM  101 Llanynys: 19 Dec 1790 bap/o Margaret d/o Joseph (farmer) & Gwen, Trefechan
                                           26 Feb 1792 bap/o Ann d/o Joseph (farmer) & Gwen, Trefechan
                                          19 Jul 1795 bap/o Edward s/o Joseph & Gwen, Rhydonnen
                                          18 Apr 1798 bur/o Joseph, infant, of Llandyrnog
13 Apr 1802 bur/o Margaret d/o Joseph & Gwen
                                          21 Aug 1808 bap/o Anne d/o John & Elizabeth, Maesmaencymro
                                            9 Dec 1810 bap/o Joseph s/o John (blacksmith) & Elizabeth, Pen y Ffordd, Rhydonnen
                                          14 Dec 1811 bap/o Joseph s/o John (blacksmith) & Elizabeth, Pen y Ffordd

18 Apr 1808 mar by Banns of John HANNAM (HANMAN in transcription index) ba. of Llandyrnog
                                                                                       & Elisabeth OWENS otp by Banns
                                                                                       Wits: John DAVIES (x), Jane HANNAM (x)

                    186  St.Asaph: 22 Jun 1788 bap/o Dorothy d/o Joseph & Gwen, Bodelwyddan
                                           29 Jul 1789 bap/o Jane d/o Joseph & Gwen, Bodelwyddan
                    221 St. Asaph: 21 Mar 1750/51 bap/o Jane d/o John & Mary, Pengwern
                                           16 Jan 1753 bap/o Joseph s/o John & Mary, Bodelwyddan
                                           13 Jun 1779 bap/o Margaret d/o Joseph & Elizabeth, Talar
                    222 St. Asaph: 2 Sep 1756 John HANNAM, Robert JONES & Peter JONES wits. at mar/o
                                                               John ROBERTS & Elizabeth WILLIAMS (x) both otp   by Banns

                                           9 Jul 1760 John HANNAM, Jno HUMPHREYS (Junr) wits. at mar/o
                                                               William EDWARDS (x) wdr otp & Elizabeth JONES (x) wd of Rydlan    by Lic

                                          29 May 1762 bur/o John of Pengwern

                                          14 May 1774 Joseph HANNAM, Wm JONES (psh clerk) wits at mar/o
                                                                  Thomas OWEN otp & Anne HUGHES (x) otp   by Banns

                                          24 Jan 1776 mar/o William OWEN ba. otp & Jane HANNAM sp. otp    by Lic
                                                                      Wits: Robert ROBERTS, John JONES

                                            1 Feb 1776 mar/o Joseph HANNAM ba. otp & Elizabeth JONES sp. otp   by Lic
                                                                        Wits: Hugh STODART, William OWEN
                    224 St. Asaph: 17 Jun 1781 bur/o Joseph s/o Joseph, Bodelwyddan
                                            5 Dec 1787 bur/o Mary, Bodelwyddan
                    228 St. Asaph: 25 Nov 1747 bur/o Joseph -------- (HANNAM) base s/o Joseph HANNAM & --------, Faenol/Vaynol
                                             1 Jan 1749/50 bur/o Joseph s/o John, Bodelwyddan
                    229 St.Asaph: 16 Dec 1749 bap/o Joseph s/o Joseph & Mary, Bodelwyddan
                    484 Hawarden  22 Mar 1796 mar by Lic of
                                                  John HANNAM (brewer) ba of St Peter & St Paul, City of Bath, Somerset
                                                   & Martha TAYLEUR sp otp
                                                   Wits: Cha. UNWIN, Ellen UNWIN
521 St Asaph  8 Nov 1748 mar by Lic of John HANNAM & Mary JONES both of Bodfari
     HANNAN   54 Abergele: 21 Jun 1784 Joseph HANNAN & James JONES wits. at mar/o
                                                           Thomas JONES (x), Bodfary & Elizabeth JONES (x) otp    by Lic
     HANNOM 196 Llanfair Talhaearn:
                                        12 Feb 1785 mar/o Joseph HANNOM wid. of St. Asaph & Gwen EVANS (x) wid. otp       by Lic
                                                                    Wits: John JONES, Wm. OWEN
                     229 St. Asaph: 13 Sep 1748 bap/o Joseph EDWARDS (HANNOM)
                                                                                    base s/o Joseph HANNOM & Mary EDWARDS, Bodelwyddan
HANHAM contd
HANNON  304 Wrexham: 13 Dec 1747 mar/o Thos. HANNON & Mary JONES both otp    by Banns
                     Misc: 1881 Census Saltney, Cheshire/Flintshire
     HANNUM 344 Mold: 29 Aug 1829 mar/o John JONES (x) bap. otp & Anne HANNUM (x) sp. otp     by Banns
                                                                Wits: Robert JONES (x), Jane JONES (x)
HARMAN 104 Henllan: 16 Mar 1804 bap/o Charles GLADDY(b 12)
                                                s/o Charles (farmer) & Anne (HARMAN),  otp (Foxhall)
                    222 St. Asaph: 24 Aug 1754 John HARMAN & Peter JONES wits. at mar/o
                                                                  Theodore FOULKES & Margaret OWENS both otp    by Lic
                    298 Hawarden: 27 Sep 1797 bap/o Ann d/o Adam (weaver) & Mary (DAVISON), Wepre
                    374 Wrexham: 13 Aug 1848 bap/o Thomas s/o Thomas (cabinet maker) & Harriet, Town Hill                                                                                  
     HARMON *546 Bodfari  17 Oct 1708 bap/o Margaret ELIOT d/o Harmon (forgeman) & Margaret, otp
     HARNAMAN 558A Llandegla: Anne, Edith, James, James Llewelyn, Jane, Joseph Morris;                                                                                                                                                                                                                           B Llandegla: 30 May 1879 mar by Lic of Owen EDWARDS (rockman) ba/28 of Fron s/o Edward EDWARDS (farmer)
                                                                                        &  Mary HARNAMAN sp/29 of The Village  d/o  James HARNAMAN (police constable)
                                                 27 Oct 1852  mar by Lic of Howel PRICE (farmer) ba/ofa of Trefyddbychain s/o John PRICE (farmer)
                                                                                         & Ann  Maria HARNAMAN sp/ofa of The Village d/o James HARNAMAN (police constable)
                              C Llandegla: 24 Aug 1886 bur/o Anne, aged 60 (late of Llandegla), 19 Ivy Cottage, Colwyn Bay
                                                 30 Apr 1910 bur/o James, aged 88, of Bodidris, Woodland Rd, Colwyn Bay
     HARRYMAN 306 Holywell: 1 Jan 1762 bap/o Elizabeth d/o John & Elizabeth
     HERNON 39 Halkyn: 12 Nov 1814 bur/o Elizabeth aged about 70 of St. John's, Chester, late of Holywell
HERNUM 194 Halkyn: 27 Jan 1790 bur/o Elizabeth of Holywell
     HERRYMAN 46 Worthenbury: 28 Feb 1728/29 bur/o Elizabeth (wd) died at Thomas EDWARDS' house in Mulsford



Hankham, East Sussex
     HANKAM 174 Holt:


HANKIN (Common in Hertfordshire - Addison)
     HANKIN 45 Denbigh: Thomas;
     HANKING 465A Halkin:
     HANKINS 189 Holywell:


                    133A+B Holt:
                    158 Holywell:
                    388 Hawarden: 29 Apr 1640 bur/o Henry
                    415C Northop (burials): Elizabeth, Margaret, Samuel;
                    416 Ruabon: 4 Jun 1900 mar. by Banns of
                                             Allen HANKINSON (painter) ba/23 of Calveley, Tarporley, CHE
                                                                                                                           s/o Richard John HANKINSON
                                             & Mary Jane GRIFFITHS sp/24 otp (50 New Hall View) d/o Thomas GRIFFITHS (farmer)
     HANKISON 137 Northop: 27 Mar 1774 bap/o Wm. HANKISON (DICKISON)
                                                             base s/o Adam DICKISON of Liverpool & Mary HANKISON of Wepre
                       482 Hawarden
     HANKISSON 415A Northop: 3 Jul 1770 mar. by Banns of William JONES (x) & Sarah HANKISSON (x), both otp
                                                                                         Wits: Richard FOULK, Richd JONES


HANKS Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Ludlow: Wine/spirit merchant & tea dlr: Francis Hanks, Castle st


Hanmer, Flintshire
     HAMMAH *310 Gresford:
     HAMMER possibly see also
     HAMNER    8 Overton: Betrice, Eleanor, Eme, Mary, Thomas, Thos;
                     46 Worthenbury:
                     47 Worthenbury:
                     48 Worthenbury:
                     76A Mold:
                     82C Nerquis: 4 Jan 1792 bur/o John WILLIAMS (alias HAMNER), aged 80, of Treuddyn
                    201 Wrexham:
                    366 Wrexham: Edward, Mary, Sarah;
                    405 Wrexham: 14 Aug 1895 bap/o James Walter HAMNER (RYNE) (b 21 Jul)
                                                                                   s/o Michel RYNE & Sarah Ann HAMNER (spinster), of Rhostyllen
                                           22 Feb 1891 bap/o Elizabeth Beatrice d/o Edward (watch maker) & Mary Ann, Red Cow Inn
 436B Hope: William;
                     479 Llantysilio
                     490 Chirk
                     544 Meliden
     HANGMER 192 Ysceifiog:
                       283 Llanrhos:
                       504A,B Llannefydd
                       515D Corwen
     HANLLER 423 Hanmer: 10 Nov 1574 mar/o John HANMER & Eline HANNLER
HANMER contd
     HANMAR  *38 Wrexham: Hanmar WARRINGTON
                      59 Erbistock:
                     173 Holt:
                     408 Bangor-on-Dee: Humphrey;
435 Gresford: John;
                     445 Wrexham
                    *573 Broughton: 14 Mar 1897 bap/o Elizabeth Hannah Hanmar PRICE & Elsie Gwendoline PRICE
                                                   ds/o James Francis (joint maker) & Elizabeth, 37 Ewart St., Mold Junction
     HANMARE  37 Worthenbury: Humphrey;
435 Gresford: Elizabeth;
                      479 Overton
     HANME 162 Overton:
     HANMER  6 Isycoed: 29 Dec 1835 John HANMER & Charlotte GRIFFITHS wits at mar by Banns of
                                                         Thomas LOYNES ba & Eleanor GRIFFITHS sp both otp
                     8 Overton: Amy, Ann, Dorothy, Eleanor, Honner, Jno, Job, Mary, Samuel, Thomas,
                   10 Overton: Elizabeth, Emma, Jane, Jno, Job, John, Joseph, Margaret, Susannah, Thos;
                   11 Bangor-on-Dee: Ann(e), Catherine, Edw'd, Edward, Elizabeth, Emma, George, Jane, Jno,
                                               John, Margaret, Maria, Mary, Sarah, Thomas, William;
                  21 Holt: Elizabeth, Ralph, Theophilus, Thomas, William Wm;
                   29 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant: Edward;
                   32 Hawarden: John;
                   37 Worthenbury: Mary, Robert, Thomas, Thos;
                   38 Wrexham: Anne, Hannah, John, Mary, Moses, Richd, Saml, Tho, Thos;
                   46 Worthenbury:
                   47 Worthenbury:
                   48 Worthenbury:
HANMER contd
                   53 Wrexham: Anne, Edward, Elizabeth, Jane, John, Mary, Moses, Richd, Samuel, Thomas, Thos;
                   58 Erbistock:
                   59 Erbistock:
                   61 Ruabon:
                   66D Penley:
                  *68+68 Ruabon:
                   81A+B Hope:
                   82C Nerquis: 28 Jul 1752 bur/o Mary w/o Robert, of Herseth
                   83 Ruthin:
                   88 Llanelidan:
HANMER contd
                  116A+B+C Llansilin:
                  117 Mold: Anne, Elinor, John, Richard, Robert, Robt, Thos;
                  121 Mold: John, Mary, Robert;
                 *123 Ruabon:
                  124 Mold: Anne, John, Mary, Richard, Robt, Samuel;
                  132 Hanmer:
                  138A Wrexham: Ann(e), Job, Lazarus, William;
                  151 Hanmer:
                  152 Hanmer:
                  153 Hope:
                  156A+B Hanmer:
                  157A+B Hanmer:
HANMER contd

                  161 Mold: Eleanor, Jane, John, Mary, Richard, Robert, Samuel;
                  162 Overton:
                  163A+B Ruabon:
                  164B+C Cwm:
                  165A+B Ruabon:
                  166 Cilcain:
                  171 Bangor-on-Dee:
                  173 Holt:
                  192 Ysceifiog:
                  197 Hanmer: Rev. John HANMER M.A.
                                        Anthony John, Arabella Charlotte Dyott, Caroline, Catharine, Catherine,
                                        Francis Henry, George, Henry, Humphrey, John, Margaret Maria, Philip,
                                        Sophia, Thomas;
                  199 Derwen:
                  201 Wrexham:
                  206A+B Hanmer:
                  207 Hanmer:
                  209C+D Llangedwyn:
HANMER contd
                  227B Ruthin:  7 May 1816 mar. by Banns of William JONES ba. & Elinor JONES sp., both otp
                                                                                   Wits: John STOREY, Samuel HANMER
                                     19 May 1823 mar. by Banns of Thomas EDWARDS ba. & Mary GRIFFITHS sp., both otp
                                                                                   Wits: John TURNER, Owen GRIFFITH, Samuel HANMER
                        C Ruthin: 21 Jan 1833 bur/o Samuel, aged 53, Well Street
                  231 Hope:
                  234 Minera:
                  243 Hanmer:
                  247 Llanfwrog:
                  250 St. Asaph Notitae:
                  266B Marchwiel:
                  268 Wrexham:
                  273 Trelawnyd:
                  290 Hanmer:
                  292 Rhosymedre: Alice Edith, Frances, James,  Mary, Mary Ann, Robert, Sarah Ann, Sarah Anne, Sarah Jane;
                  293 Hawarden::
                  294 Mold: Jane, Robert;
                  295 Mold:
                  298 Hawarden:
                  299 Mold: John, Mary, Robert, Thomas;
HANMER contd
                  301 Mold:
                  304B Wrexham (marriages): Prudence:
                 *304C Wrexham: 17 May 1732 bur/o Mr. Hanmer KINNASTON
                                           25 Apr 1733 bur/o Mr. Hanmer PENNANT
                                           22 Feb 1733/34 bur/o Hanmer JONES (miller) of Acton
                  304C Wrexham (burials): Alice, Edward;
                  307 Ruabon:
                 *310 Gresford:
                  314 Rhosllanerchrugog: George Henry, Sarah Ann, William Henry;
                  320 Hope:
                  331 Ysceifiog:
                  340 Mold:
                  344 Mold:
                  346 Hawarden:
                  348 Wrexham:
                  351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: Edward, T.;
                  352A Flint: Anne, Robt., Thomas;
                  359 Rhosymedre: Edward, Thomas;
HANMER contd
                  361 Llangollen: Ann, Elizabeth, Margaret, Mary, Richard, Thomas;
                  362 Penycae: Anne, Hannah, James, Jane Ann, Jane Elizabeth, John Edward, Sarah Ann(e);
                  363 Wrexham: Alice, Ann, Carter Charles, Edward, Henrietta, John, Llewelyn, Lucy, Mary, Winifred;
                  364 Wrexham: Christian, Edward, Elizabeth, Ephraim, Frances Catharine, Hannah Elizabeth,
                                        John, Joseph, Margerat, Mary, Samuel, Thomas, William;
                  365 Wrexham: Anne, John, Mary, Thomas;
                  366 Wrexham: Edward, Elizabeth, John, Lydia, Margaret, Mary, Samuel;

                                          15 May 1831 bap/o Samuel HANMER (PUGH) base s/o Edward PUGH (paper maker)
                                                                                                            & Elizabeth,          Bersham
HANMER contd
                  370 Wrexham: Alice Edith, Ann, Benjamin, Caroline, Edward, Elizabeth, Emily, Frances Catherine,
                                        Harriet, James, Jane, Jane Ann, John, Margaret, Mary, Mary Ann, Richard, Sarah,
                                        Sarah Ann, Thomas, William, William Henry;
                  371 Llangollen: 22 Jun 1868 mar. by Banns of John HANMER (collier) ba/21 of Fron Cys. s/o Thomas (lab)
                                                                                & Elizabeth OWEN sp/21 of Castle Mill d/o James (lab)
                  372 Wrexham: Anne, Catherine, Elizabeth, Job;
                  373 Wrexham: Anne, Thomas;
                  374 Wrexham: Christian, Dorcas, Edward, Elizabeth, Elizabeth Ellen, Ephraim, Frances, Frances Catherine,
                                         Frederick, George Edward, Henry, James, Jane, John, Joseph, Martha, Mary, Mary Ann,
                                         Richard, Robert, Samuel, Sarah, Thomas, William:
                  375 Wrexham: Alfred, Ann, Benjamin, Edward, Edwin, Elizabeth, Frederick, Hannah, Harriet, Martha, Mary,
                                       Samuel, Sarah, Thomas, William;
                 *377 Holywell: 11 Sep 1695 bap/o Tho MORRIS s/o Hanmer & Mary, Bagillt
                  379 Wrexham: 26 Apr 1901 bap/o John Kiernan Hanmer WILLIAMS (b 7 Mar)
                                                                                    s/o Wilson (gentleman) & Ellen Jane, Gresford
HANMER contd
                  383 Ruthin: 20 Dec 1704 bur/o Edward;
                  384 Wrexham: Albert, Ann, Caroline, Edward, Edwin, Elizabeth, Frances Catherine, James, John, Joseph,
                                        Martha, Mary, Sarah, Sarah Ann, Thomas;
                  386 Ruabon: 22 Jun 1846 mar. by Banns of John HANMER (x) (lab) ba. of Cinders s/o John (lab)
                                                                              & Harriet LEWIS (servant) sp. of Cinders d/o Richard (lab)
                                      4 Aug 1849 mar. by Banns of Thomas HANMER (brickmaker) ba. of Cefn s/o Robert (brickmaker)
                                                                              & Rosannah WHITLEY (x) (servant) sp. of Cefn d/o John (moulder)
                  389 Hawarden:   7 Oct 1599 mar/o John HANMER & Elizabeth GRUFF
                                        17 Feb 1605/06 bur/o Mathew
                                        24 Dec 1623 bur/o Elizabeth
                                        -- Jan 1627/28 mar/o William HIBBERT & Elizbeth HANMER
                  390 Bangor-on-Dee: Amy, Elizabeth, Humphrey, Job, John, Mary, Thomas, William;
                  393 Wrexham: Edward, Edward James, James, John, Robert, Samuel, William;
                  397C Llansilin: 5 Nov 1671 bur/o Elinor wd.
                  399 Wrexham: Anne, Edward, John, Margaret, Mary, Thomas;
HANMER contd

                 400 Wrexham: Elizabeth, Maria, Samuel;
                 401 Wrexham: Ann, Ed., Edward, Edward Henry, Maria;
                 404 Wrexham: Thomas Albert;
                 407 Wrexham: James, Jane, John, Thomas;
408 Bangor-on-Dee: Hondra, Humphrey, Jane, John, Mary, Thos., William;
                 410 Wrexham: Jane;
HANMER contd
                 411 Wrexham: Charlotte, Elizabeth, John, Thomas;
                 412 Wrexham: Ann, Job, Lydia, Mary, Mary Jane;
                 413 Mold: 19 Apr 1813 mar. by Banns of Robert HANMER (x) ba. & Jane JONES (x) sp., both otp
                                                                            Wits: Thomas PIERCE, Elizabeth ROBERTS (x), David DAVIES (x)
                                 19 Apr 1820 bur/o Jane, aged 2, Bistre
                 415A Northop: 30 May 1757 mar. by Banns of Edward ROBERTS (x) & Margaret HANMER (x), both otp
                                                                                    Wits: Thomas BOND, Charles JONES
                 416 Ruabon: 19 Jan 1880 mar. by Banns of
                                                       Richard HANMER (x) (lab) ba/22 of Rhos s/o Thomas HANMER (lab)
                                                       & Elizabeth EVANS (x) sp/21 of Ponkey d/o Thomas EVANS (collier)
                 419 Halkyn: 10 Jan 1629/30 mar/o Maurice ap John LEWIS & Maltida HANMER
                                     7 Jan 1637/38 bap/o Katherine MOSTYN d/o Peter & Judith Hanmer, wife
HANMER contd
                *422 Hanmer: 30 May 1574 bap/o Gwen THOMAS d/o Humphrey & Catryne Hanmer
                 422 Hanmer: Vicar 1574-1584   Meredith HANMER D.D.
                                     Alice, Anne, Catryne, Dorythye, Edward, Elenour, Elice, Elisabeth, Elizabeth, Elyn, Elyne,
                                     Ermyn, Gruff, Gruffith, Hymfrey, Jane, John, Magdalayne, Margaret, Margeret, Margerey, Marye,
                                     Mawd, Mawdlen, Randle, Richard, Rondle, Rondell, Rondulphe, Rose, Rynalt, Sisly, Tho, Thomas,
                                     William, Willm, Wynnffryde;
                 423 Hanmer: Vicar  1574-1584  Meredith HANMER D.D.
                       Hanmer (marriages): Alice, Catryne, Elisabeth, Elizabeth, Jo, John, Margaret, Margeret, Marye, Mawde,
                                                     Mawdlayne, Rose, William, Willm;
                       Hanmer (burials): Mr. ---, Anne, Catryne, David, Elenour, Elisabeth, Elizabeth, Elyne, Ermin, Gwen, Jane
                                                 John, Lusye, Margeret, Raphel, Richard, Rinallt, Roger, Rondell, Rondle, Rose, Rudulphe,
                                                 Rynallt, Thomas, William, Willm;
                 424 Hanmer: Ales, Anne, Anthony, Christopher, Cicely, Constance, David, Dorithy, Edward, Edwd, Elizabeth,
                                    Elnor, Humphrey, Jane, Joanne, John, Judith, Katherin(e), Margarett, Margery, Randall, Richard, Roger,
                                    Rondle, Thomas, Trever, Ursula, William, Willm;
                 425A Hanmer: Anne, Arthur, Edward, Jane, Thomas, Winifrid;
                      B Hanmer: Anne, Anthony, Constance, Edward, Elizabeth, Ellen, Henry, Humphrey, Jane, Joane, John, Katherine Margaret, Margeret,
                                      Mary, Randall, Richard, Roger, Rondle, Susanna, Thomas, William, Willm, Wm;
                 426 Hanmer: Vicar  1788-1807  Graham HANMER B.A.
                                              1808 -   John HANMER M.A. s/o Sir Thomas HANMER, Bart.
                 427 Ruabon: Job;
428 Ysceifiog: 22 Feb 1666/67 bur/o Hanmer s/o John CONWAY Jnr.
HANMER contd
430 Llangollen: Mary;
                 431 Llangollen: Mary;
434A Bangor-on-Dee: William;
434B Bangor-on-Dee: Edward, Elizabeth, John;
435 Gresford: Mary, Thomas;
                 437 Ruabon: John, Margaret, Samuel, Thomas;
                 439 Cilcain
                 442A,B,C Bangor on Dee
                 443 Rhosllanerchrugog
                 445 Wrexham
                 449 Trelawnyd
                 452A Whitford
                 458 Mold
                 461A,B Mold
                 466 Hawarden
HANMER contd  
                 474B Gresford
                 475B Llangystennin
                 479 Overton
                 488 Hope
                 489 Marchwiel
                 497A Llanuwchllyn
                 504B Llannefydd
                 506A Abergele:
                 512 Nannerch
                 524 St George
                 533*B Overton
                 539 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant
                 540 Overton
HANMER contd  
                 552B Wrexham: Edward, Elizabeth;
                      C Wrexham: 16 Jun 1709 mar/o Thomas RIDGWAY & Martha HANMER, Wrexham Abbot
                      D Wrexham: Edward, Elizabeth, Griffith;
                *553 Gresford: 18 Oct 1876 bur/o Ernest Hanmer DUDLESTON, aged 4 mo., Marford
                 557 Llansilin: Ann, Dinah, Edward, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Gwen, John, Maria, Maria Anne, Oliver, Thomas,
                                    Walter, William;
                *558A Llandegla: 6 Apr 1915 bap/o Margaret Jane MORGAN
                                                -/o Thomas Gilbert Hanmer (farmer) & Emma Caldecott, Rhyd-y-Ceirw, Tryddyn
                *558B Llandegla: 8 Jan 1913 mar by Lic of
                                                         Thomas Gilbert Hanmer MORGAN (farmer) ba/27 of Fron heulog, Llanfair dyffryn Clwyd
                                                                                     s/o David MORGAN (dec. Clerk in Holy Orders)
                                     & Emma Caldecott WOODFORD sp/22 otp (Crown Inn) sp/22
                                                                                         d/o Pelham Vincent WOODFORD (innkeeper)
                 559A Rhosymedre: Beatrice, Edward, Elizabeth, Hannah, James, Sarah, Sarah Ann, Winifred;
HANMER contd  
                 561A Marchwiel: 29 Jul 1855 bap/o Sarah Elizabeth d/o Benjamin (lab) & Harriot, Cock Bank
                      B Marchwiel: 1 Nov 1862 mar/o Reece GRIFFITHS (servant) ba of Wrexham s/o John HANMER (lab)
                                                                    & Mary CLUTTON (servant) sp otp d/o Charles CLUTTON (lab)
                      C Marchwiel: 28 Dec 1850 bur/o Mary, aged 89, Cock Bank
                 565A Esclusham: Amelia, Benjamin, Benjamin William; Edward, Edwin, Eleanor, Elizabeth,
                                            Elizabeth Emily, Emily, Emily Louisa, Frederick, Harold, Harriet,
                                            Henrietta, Henry, James, John, Lydia, Martha, Mary, Oliver Alfred, Richard, Sarah,
                                           Sarah Ann, Thomas, Thomas Edward, William H.;
                      B Esclusham: Emily, John, Richard, Sarah Jane, Thomas, Thomas Edward;
577 Overton (Baptisms 1813-1839) Vol 6
                                   14 Apr 1818 bap/o Thomas Hanmer FLETCHER (b 28 Dec 1817)
                                                                                         s/o Thomas, Esq. & Charlotte, Maesgwaelod

                                    Arthur Thomas, Edmund, Eliza, Elizabeth, Frances, Jane, John, Martha, Mary, Rosina,
                                    Sarah, Thomas, Thos.
581 Ysceifiog (Baptisms 1662-1710) Vol 1 (+ a patronymic index)
                             15 Feb 1676 bap/o Hanmer CONWAY s/o John, Jun. (Gent) & Hester, Llan Isaf
                 Misc: North Wales 1835 Ruthin: Crown Margaret Hanmer, Well st
                           1841 Census Wrexham Town (further details available): Anne, Arthur, Eliz, Elizabeth,
                                         George, Job, Martha, Mary, Rosina, Thomas, Thos;
Gresford MIs: Ernest Hanmer DUDLESTON
                            Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                  Elizabeth (alias MOSTYN), Inventory, 1608
                                                  Mary (alias SNEAD), Fenshall, Administration with Inventory, 1670
                                                  Alice, Anthony, Catherine, Dorothy, Edward (2), Eliza, Honor, Humphrey,
                                                  Isabella, John (3), Lady Susan, Mary, Sir John,  Sir Thomas (3), Sir William,
                                                  Thomas (8), Ursula, William (6);
HANMER (Misc.) contd
                             Shropshire 1828/9 Drayton: Mrs --- Hanmer, Back lane
                                                     Shrewsbury: Mrs --- Hanmer, Whitehall
                                                                        Linen/woollen drapers & mercers: Hanmer & Gittins, Pride hill
                                                                        Linen/woollen draper/tailor: Henry Edward Hanmer, Pride hill 
                                                     Whitchurch: Boot/shoe maker: Letitia Hanmer, Watergate st       
     HANMERE 264 Llangower: Sarah;
                      373 Wrexham: Edward;
410 Wrexham: Jane;
     HANMES 201 Wrexham:
     HANMOR 162 Overton: H

HANMR de COMB 166 (p.79) Cilcain: 18 May 1709 mar/o John EDWARDS  & Mary (Mariana) HANMR de COMB
     HEYMNER *361 Llangollen: John Heymner WALTERS
     NANGINAR 515A Corwen
                            B Corwen

Hanmer's Farm, Myddle, Shropshire


Hannaborough, Devon

     ANABE 445 Wrexham
     ANABY 57 Ruabon: Anne, John, Joseph, Josiah, Mary, Robert, Samuel, Thomas;
                 68 Ruabon:
                165A Ruabon:
                373 Wrexham: William;
     ANNABY 30 Wrexham: Jane, Joseph, William;
                   53 Wrexham: Ann, Catherine, William;
                   79 Gresford:
     ANNIBE 30 Wrexham: Anne, Joseph, William;
     HANABE 30 Wrexham: Anne, William;
     HANABU 53 Wrexham: Samuel, Sarah, William;
     HANABY 30 Wrexham: Benjamin, William;
                   53 Wrexham: Robert, Sarah, William;
                   79 Gresford:
                  158 Holywell:
                  189 Holywell:
                  194 Halkyn:
                  304C Wrexham (burials): Sarah;
                  308 Bodfari: Benjamin, Hester, Wiliam;
                  314 Rhosllanerchrugog: Edward,  Jane, Joshuah;
                  340 Mold:

                  341 Ruabon:
                  348 Wrexham:
                  349 Ysceifiog:
                  354 Rhosllanerchrugog: George, Jno., John, Joseph, Joshuah, Josiah, Maggie, Mary, Robert, Ruth, Watkin;
                  356 Ruabon: Mary, Sarah;
                  364 Wrexham: Sarah;
                  372 Wrexham: Anne;
                  381 Llangollen: 29 Oct 1899 bap/o John Edward (b 15 Aug) s/o John Edward (lab) & Martha Ellen, 7 Bank Top
                                                (see also HANNABY 381 below)
                  384 Wrexham: 30 Jun 1870 bur/o Elizabeth Ann, infant, Workhouse
386 Ruabon: 25 Oct 1845 mar. by Banns of
                                                         Samuel HANABY (x) (collier) ba. of Rhosllanerchrugog s/o Thomas (collier)
                                                      & Elizabeth WILLIAMS (x) sp. of Afon Eithaf d/o Edward (collier)
                                     16 Apr 1853 mar. by Banns of Josiah HANABY (collier) ba/29 of Rhosllanerchrugog s/o Joseph (collier)
                                                                              & Ann DAVIES sp/22 of Rhosllanerchrugog d/o Watkin (collier)
                 400 Wrexham: 27 May 1826 mar. by Banns (wcop) of
                                                         Robert HANABY (x) (collier) ba. & Mary DAVIES (x) sp., both otp
                                                         Wits: Peter CAPPER (x), Ellen PHOENIX (x)
                                      24 Nov 1827 Mary HANABY (x) & Edward PHENIX (x) wits. at mar. by Banns (wcop) of
                                                         William ROBERTS (x) (collier) ba. & Ellin PHENIX (x) sp., both otp
                  443 Rhosllanerchrugog
                  452A Whitford
                  462 Bodfari
                  487 Gwersyllt
                  575 Hope: 17 Aug 1828 bap/o Sarah d/o Robert (collier) & Mary, Cymmau
     HANBY 194 Halkyn:
     HANEBY 194 Halkyn:
     HANNABE 30 Wrexham: Hannah, William;
                      68 Ruabon:
                     165A Ruabon:
     HANNABY 24 Hawarden: Anne, John, Sarah;
                      30 Wrexham: Ellinor, John, Joseph, Martha, Mary, William;
                      38 Wrexham: Anne, Ellinor, John, Mary, Samuel, William;
                      53 Wrexham: Edward, Sarah, William;
                      57 Ruabon: John, Joseph, Mary;
                      61 Ruabon:
                      79 Gresford:
                     138A Wrexham: John, William;
                     158 Holywell:
                     167C Gresford:
                     189 Holywell:
                     191 Ruabon: William;
                     229A St. Asaph:
                     234 Minera:
                     244A Llandegla:
                     304A Wrexham (baptisms): John, Mary;
                          B Wrexham (marriages): Ellen, Joseph;
                     314 Rhosllanerchrugog: Ann, John, Joseph, William;
                     333 Connah's Quay MIs: Ben,  Mrs.;
                     336 Connah's Quay MIs: Richard Stephen;
                     341 Ruabon:
                     348 Wrexham:
                     363 Wrexham: 23 Feb 1880 bap/o Reginald William Davies HANNABY
                                          s/o William (brick layer) & Elizabeth, 31 Acton Terrace, Rhosnssney
                     366 Wrexham: Mary, Robert;
                     373 Wrexham: Samuel;
                     381 Llangollen: 17 Oct 1897 bap/o Sarah Jane d/o John Edward & Martha Ellen, Bank Top
                                                           (see also HANABY 381 above)
                     386 Ruabon: 21 Oct 1848 mar. by Banns of
                                     John HANNABY (x) (collier) ba/ofa of Rhosllanerchrugog s/o Thomas (collier)
                                     & Sarah PRICE (x) sp/19 of Rhosllanerchrugog d/o Thomas (collier)
                    400 Wrexham: 12 Jan 1827 Elizabeth HANNABY? & Robert HUGHES wits. at mar. by Lic. of
                                                             John KENNEDY (printer) ba. & Mary PHOENIX sp., both otp
                                                             Note at end of entry: Sent copy to St. Asaph to this
                     412 Wrexham: 6 Apr 1854 bur/o Sarah, aged 35, Moss
                     438A Broughton: Pierce, Robert, William;
                     441A Hope: William;
                          B Hope: Harriet, John, Mary, Sarah, William;
                     443 Rhosllanerchrugog
                     445 Wrexham
                     465A Halkyn
                     467 Holywell
                     474A,B Gresford
                     487 Gwersyllt:
                     522 Holywell:
                     550 Gresford:  Ann, Anne, John, Joseph, Mary, Sarah, William;

                                          8 Jul 1810 bap/o Catherine HUGHES (HANNABY) base d/o
                                                                                           John HANNABY & Sarah HUGHES, Allington
                                          3 Apr 1815  bap/o Anne HANNABY (TILSTON) (b 24 Mar) base d/o
                                                                                 John TILSTON (lab) & Mary HANNABY, Burton
                                         31 Dec 1815 bap/o John HANNABY (TILSTON) (b 14 Dec) base s/o
                                                                                 John TILSTON (lab) & Mary HANNABY, Burton
                     553 Gresford: Ann, Anne, Eleanor, John, Joseph, Mary, Robert, Sarah, William;
                    *559A Rhosymedre: 20 Jul 1910 bap/o Mary (6 yrs), Llewellyn (4 yrs) & Louie (13 mths)
                                                                                         -/o Mark (collier) & Sarah Hannaby, otp (Church St.)
                     559B Rhosymedre: 15 Dec 1910 mar by Certificate of
                                                    Robert JAMES (collier) wdr/32 of Pentre Dwr, Rhos s/o Joseph JAMES (collier)
                                                    & Miriam HANNABY sp/30 of Riversdale, Newbridge d/o Thomas HANNABY (collier)
                     568 Brymbo   6 Jun 1869 bur/o Robert (killed at the Mold Riots), aged 21 yrs, Cross Row, Cerney
                     572 Broughton: 2 Feb 1851 bap/o Joseph Thomas (b 25 Nov 1850) s/o Robert (lab) & Alice (BARNES), Saltney
                     575 Hope (Baptisms 1813-1859) Vol 5
                                 :  Ann, Anne, Edward, Elizabeth, Hannah, John, Mary, Pierce, Rebecca, Robert, Samuel, Willam.
  HANNDY 307 Ruabon:
     HONEYBY 301 Caerwys:

Hannah, Lincolnshire
     ANNAH *66D Penley:
     ANNIE can be a pet name for Hannah
     HAMAH *234 Minera:
 HANARTH *586 Llantysilio: 15 Jul 1832 bap/o Hanarth ROBERTS d/o William (rockman) & Anne, Oernant
     HANINAH *38 Wrexham: Haninah MATTEWS
     HANNA    *5 Llangollen: Hanna EDWARDS
                 *166 Cilcain:
                  169*A Llanrhydd:
                 *324 LLysfaen:
                 *458 Mold
     HANNAH  *166 Cilcain:
                     *168A Hope:
                     *169 Llanrhydd:
                      174 Holt: 10 Jul 1745 bur/o Nickolas;
                      291 LLysfaen: 17 Apr 1847 bap/o John s/o Peter (agent to Pentre-Gwyddyl Company) & Margaret, abode: Railway
                                           15 Sep 1848 bap/o Francis Carmichael
                                                          s/o Peter (agent to Pentre-gwyl Company) & Margaret, abode: Railway
                    *324 LLysfaen:
                     374 Wrexham: James, Sarah, Thomas;
                     391 Colwyn:  7 Sep 1897 mar. by Lic. of Charles HANNAH (chemist) ba o/a otp (b 1852) s/o Peter (dec'd)
                                                                             & Deborah Jane BARTLEY sp o/a otp d/o Thomas (dec'd) (ironmonger)
                                       15 Jan 1899 bap/o Charles Gordon s/o Charles (chemist) & Deborah Jane
                     407 Wrexham: Jonas Lindon;
HANNAH contd
     HANNATH 534 Bagillt
     HANNAY  374 Wrexham: 3 Jul 1842 bap/o Mary Anne HANNAY d/o Thomas (papermaker) & Sarah, Bersham
                    Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Shrewsbury: Tea dealers: Thos. Hannay & Co., Dog pole
East Hanney, Oxford
     Hanney, Berkshire
     HANNEY *583 Chirk:  30 Dec 1855 bap/o Easter Hanney LLOYD (b 9 Nov) d/o Edward (farmer) & Easter Ann, Maesgwyn
     HANNWAY 479 Overton


HANNARETA *59 Erbistock:


435 Gresford: Edward, Martha;
435 Gresford:  Edward, Samuell;
435 Gresford: Edwd, Mary;
     HANIBAL 5 Llangollen: 18 Jun 1725 bur/o Ellen, Erwallo
     HANIBALL *154 Ysbyty Ifan:
                       250 St. Asaph Notitae:
435 Gresford: Ed, Edward, Eliza;
435 Gresford: Martha;
     HANNIBAL *322 Llanfor:
435 Gresford: Edward;


HANNING 558A :Llandegla: 19 Dec 1875 bap/o Sarah Elizabeth HANNING -/o William (gamekeeper - native of Dumfries) & Rachel Anne, Llandegla Village
                                          6 Mar 1895 bap/o James -/o Hugh (gamekeeper) & Barbara, Village
East Hanningfield, Essex

HANNINGHAM 189 Holywell:
     HENNEGAN 412 Wrexham: 12 Sep 1857 bur/o Mary, infant, Pentre Felyn

Hannington, Hampshire; Northamptonshire; Wiltshire;


     HONRON 46C Worthenbury:


     HANSHAD 552C


Hanwell, Middlesex
     HANWELL 448B St. George
                      485 Holywell

Hanwood, Shropshire
     HANNWOOD 501 Northop



HAPPY fem an English adjective, meaning feeling, showing or expressing joy, now used as a
            first  name (Old English)
     HAPPY *577 Overton: 13 Feb 1820 bap/o Happy EVANS d/o Samuel (potcher) & Mary, otp


har / haer (OE) = stony ground


HARBISH 304C Wrexham: 7 Dec 1740 bur/o Joseph c/o Joseph  p(auper)
                                                     (NB: HARRISH in transcription index, HARBISH in body of transcription)


Harbottle, Northumberland
HARBOTTLE 317 Wrexham - Dissenters' Burial Ground, Rhosddu Road, MIs:
                    388 Hawarden: 4 Jun 1641 bur/o John
     HARDBOTTLE 342 Hawarden: John, Mitchell;

Harbridge, Hampshire
     HAPPACK *
408 Bangor-on-Dee: 3 Oct 1769 mar. by Lic. of David JONES (x) wdr. of Kinnerley, Salop
                                                                                         & Keren Happack CLARK (s) sp. otp
                                                                                           Wits: Thomas CLARK, Edward PRITCHARD
     HAPPUCH *171 Bangor-on-Dee:
     HARBRIDGE 186 St. Asaph:


Harby, Leicestershire; Nottingamshire;
     HARBERRY 306 Holywell:
     Hareby, Lincolnshire


HARD...  397C Llansilin: 17 Jul 1709 bur/o ------, Rhiwlas

HARDACRE (Common in Lancashire - Addison)
     HARDAKER 249 Minera:
     HATTMAKER 422 Hanmer: 21 Mar 1583/84 bap/o Josephe s/o Hugh


HARDCASTLE (Common in Yorkshire - Adison)
                        57 Ruabon: Charlotte, Hanna, John;
                       296 Rhuddlan:
408 Bangor-on-Dee: Wm;
                       506A Abergele


Hardham, West Sussex
ARMAND *56A Rhuddlan: 30 Dec 1808 mar by Lic of Charles Armand DASHWOOD  wdr of Stanford, Nottingham
                                                                                   & Anna Maria SHIPLEYsp of Bodryddan
                                                                                   Wits: Reginald HEBER, Hester Maria COTTON
     ARMON    *8 Overton: 
22 Sep 1770 bap/o  Mary LLOYD d/o Armon & Martha     

     AUMAN 171 Bangor-on-Dee: 3 Apr 1774 bap/o Isaiah (b 16 Mar) s/o Isaac
     HAMMOND /AL(L)MOND  possibly see also
     HARDEMAN Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Hales Owen: Hinge makers: Jas. HARDEMAN, High st
                                                                                                      Joseph HARDEMAN, Peckingham street
     HARDIMAN 533*B Overton
     HARDMAN   *8 Overton:   6 Nov 1771 bap/o John LLOYD s/o Hardman & Martha
                                          31 May 1773 bap/o Hardman LLOYD s/o Hardman & Martha
                                          31 Oct 1777 bap/o Jane LLOYD  d/o Hardman & Ann
                       *10 Overton: 14 Apr 1834 mar by Lic. of Joseph ROGERS & Margaret BEAVAN both otp
                                                                                 Wits: Hardman ROGERS, Jane DAVIES
                                            2 Mar 1835 mar. by Lic. of  Robert WALL otp & Mary ROGERS of Mold
                                                                                    Wits: Hardman ROGERS, Martha WALL
                       *37 Worthenbury: 28 May 1797 mar. by Lic. of Hardman LLOYD & Mary PRITCHARD (x), both otp
                                                                                           Wits: Jane RANDLES, Elias ROBERTS
                       *47 Worthenbury: 1 Oct 1797 bap/o  Danial LOYD s/o Hardman & Mary
                       *48 Worthenbury: 25 Feb 1798 bur/o Daniel LLOYD s/o Hardman & Mary
                      *123 Ruabon: 10 Jul 1836 bap/o Hardman LLOYD s/o Benjamin (farmer) & Mary, Pentreissa
                                           21 Sep 1842 bap/o Hardman LLOYD s/o Benjamin (farmer) & Mary, Pentre Issa
                      *133B Holt: 22 Aug 1773 bur/o Martha LLOYD wife of Hardman, Overton Parish
                                       15 Jul 1785 bur/o Mary LLOYD d/o Hardman, Overton Parish
                                        26 Nov 1787 bur/o Hardman LLOYD, Overton Parish
                       *162 Overton: 10 Feb 1799 bap/o George LLOYD (3 wks) s/o Hardman & Mary (PRITCHARD)
                                           20 Aug 1800 bap/o Jane LLOYD (7 wks) d/o hardman & Mary (PRITCHARD)
                                           22 Jun 1802 bap/o Martha LLOYD (7 wks) d/o Hardman & Mary (PRITCHARD)
                                           15 Apr 1804 bap/o Hardman LLOYD (1 wk) s/o Hardman & Mary (PRITCHARD)
                                            24 Jan 1806 bap/o Hardman ROGERS (6 mo) s/o Joseph & Jane (LLOYD)
                                           20 Jul 1806 bap/o Frances LLOYD d/o Hardman & Mary (PRITCHARD)
                                           27 Nov 1808 bap/o Mary LLOYD (3 wks) d/o Hardman & Mary (PRITCHARD)
                                            1 Jun 1809 bur/o Hardman LLOYD, aged 5, smallpox
                                           22 Feb 1809 bur/o Hardman ROGERS aged 4 (smallpox after vaccination)
                                           22 Dec 1811 bap/o Hardman ROGERS (b 29 Nov) s/o Joseph & Jane (LLOYD)
                       *243 Hanmer: 25 Sep 1859 b ap/o John Hardman LLOYD s/o Thomas  (farmer) & Jane, Willington
                       314 Rhosllanerchrugog: 20 Jul 1905 bap/o Robert Henry s/o George Edward (watchmaker) & Ellenor Elizabeth, Rhos
                      *334 Connah's Quay MIs: Harold HARDMAN d. 18 May 1970 aged 63 years
                                                            Catherine HARDMAN  d. 30 Dec 1977 aged 73 years
                       335 Connah's Quay MIs: Alan HARDMAN d. 24 mar 1947 aged 12 years s/o T.L. & M.E. (WILLIAMS)        
                                                           Mary Elizabeth HARDMAN d. 6 Feb 1986 aged 81 years
                                                           Thomas Lawrence HARDMAN d.16 Feb 1986 aged 81 years
                       338 Llangollen: 25 Jun 1832 mar by Lic of Robert Johnson HARDMAN  ba of Liverpool & Mary REEV ES sp otp
                                                                                    wits: Robert Dutton REEVES, John Edwards SIMONS, Edward JONES (p. clerk)
                       359 Rhosymedre: 27 Jan 1855 mar. by Banns of Joseph JONES (puddler) ba. & Jane HARDMAN (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                              Wits: Robert JONES (carrier), John HARDMAN (tradesman?)
                       378 Holywell: 8 Jun 1740 bap/o Thomas s/o Thomas;
                       379 Wrexham: 3 Feb 1901 bap/o Ernest Gordon (b 31 dec 1900)
                                                                       s/o Ernest Francis (engine driver) & Mary Jane, 76 Vernon St.
                       380 Wrexham: 6 Sep 1903 bap/o Amy (b 16 Aug) d/o Albert Charles (fireman) & Rachel, 12 Lambpit Street
                       404 Wrexham: 19 May 1906 bur/o Miriam?, aged 53, 17 Maesgwyn Road
                       405 Wrexham: 24 Dec 1893 bap/o Alfred Percy (b 4 Mar 1891) & Gladys May (b 8 Sep 1893)
                                                                               s&d/o Francis (Traveller & Agent) &  Miriam, 4 Woodland Terrace, Rhosddu
                      *417 Wrexham: 19 Jun 1768 mar. by Lic. of
                                                                Hardman LLOYD (farmer) of Overton, Chester & Martha DAVIES sp. otp
                                                                Wits: Edward MADDOCK, John EDWARDS
                      *440C Hawarden: 23 Dec 1905 mar. by Banns of
                                                 Richard Hardman WILLIAMS (ironworker) ba/24 of 36 Ash Grove, Shotton
                                                                                                 s/o Richard Hardman WILLIAMS (dec. ironworker)
                                                  & Elizabeth SMALL sp/21 of 36 Ash Grove, Shotton d/o Ralph SMALL (ironworker)
                        441 Hope: 22 Sep 1874 mar. by Banns of
                                                       Francis HARDMAN (porter) ba/23 of Liverpool s/o John HARDMAN (lab)
                                                       & Miriam EDWARDS sp/21 of Abermorddu d/o Thomas EDWARDS (farmer)
                        474B Gresford: 18 May 1897 mar. by Banns of
                                           Ernest Francis HARDMAN (engine driver) ba/27 of Wrexham s/o Francis HARDMAN (bailiff)
                                           &  Mary Jane PRICE sp/21 of Burton Green d/o Edward PRICE (gamekeeper)
                       *486 Bistre: 12 Oct 1852 mar. by Banns of
                                                                 William Hardman MOLINEUX (Clerk) ba/fa of Mold Psh
                                                                                                   s/o George Fieldhouse MOLINEUX (Clerk)
                                                                  & Elizabeth PEMBERTON sp/fa otp (Plas issa) d/o Edw'd PEMBERTON (Esq.)
                         533*A Overton
                        *577 Overton 10 Jan 1813 bap/i Hardman LLOYD s/o Hardman (lab) & Jane, otp
                                            9 May 1839 bap/o Catherine ROGERS d/o Hardman (farmer) & Jane, otp
                         Misc: 1851 Census Lverpool:   Cakes Terrace, Oakes Street, Liverpool
                                                                     HARDMAN Robert   41  Cabinet maker, journeyman    b. Liverpool (1810)
                                                                          "          Mary     44                                              b . Chester, Cheshire (1807)
                                1861 Census Liverpool:  5 Court, 5 St. Andrew St., Liverpool
                                                                   HARDMAN Robert   51   Cabinet maker                       b . Liverpool  (1810)
                                                                           "        Mary     53                                               b. Chester   (1808)
                                Lancashire 1828/29 Liverpool: Brokers (General): Jos. HARDMAN & Sons, Exchange Place
                                                                            Cooper: Thos. HARDMAN, Bridgewater st.
                                                                            Merchant: Edm. HARDMAN & Co., 26 Water St.
                                                                            House of Industry & House of Recovery: 57 Brownlow Hill - William HARDMAN, Governor
                                Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): Hardman LLOYD, Yeo, Overton 1788


     HADWEN 124 Mold: 1 Aug 1793 mar. by Lic. of Peter KENDRICK ba. of Warrington, Lancs & Lucy ROGERS sp. otp
                                                                           Wits: John HADWEN, Mary ROGERS
     Harden, West Yorkshire
     HARDEN  18 Hawarden: George, Mary, Samuel, Sarah, William;
                     52 Holywell: Elizth, Samuel;
                     81B Hope:
                    132 Hanmer:
                    189 Holywell:
                    231 Hope:
                    293 Hawarden:
                    298 Hawarden:
                    307 Ruabon:
                    319 Hawarden:
                    346 Hawarden:
                    357 Holywell St. James Churchyard MIs: William;
                    377 Holywell: 8 Nov 1701 bap/o Jane d/o Sam
                    389 Hawarden: 3 Apr 1596 bur/o Elizabeth
                    440A Hawarden: 28 Jan 1840 mar/o Robert DONE (farmer) ba/full of Gresford s/o Thomas DONE (farmer)
                                                                      & Elizabeth HARDING (sig. HARDEN) sp/full otp d/o Samuel HARDING or HARDEN (farmer)
                    466 Hawarden
                    467 Holywell
                    484 Hawarden
                    485 Holywell
                    496A Llanrhaeadr yng Nginmeirch
                    564B Brynford: Sarah;
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): William, Iscoid, 1768
     HARDENGE 36 Ruabon: Elizabeth, Joseph;
     HARDIN 36 Ruabon: Elizabeth, Joseph;
                  42 Holywell: Elizabeth;
                  47 Worthenbury:
                  52 Holywell: Elizth, John, Samuel, Susannah, Thomas;
                 132 Hanmer:
                 137 Northop: 4 Nov 1764 bap/o Mary WYNNE (HARDIN) base d/o John HARDIN & Jane WYNNE, otp
                 158 Holywell:
                 159 Holywell:
                 171 Bangor-on-Dee:
                 189 Holywell:
                 195 Holywell: Elizth, Thomas, Thos, William;
                 274D Betws yn Rhos:
                 281 Llangystennin:
                 306 Holywell:
                 357 Holywell St. James Churchyard MIs: William;
                 392 Gresford: 2 Aug 1729 bur/o Magdalen (spinner-woman), poor, Gwersylt
                 442B Bangor on Dee
                 485 Holywell
                 500A Holywell: 21 May 1749 mar/o William HARDIN & Mary ELLIS
                                       27 May 1751 mar/o Samuel HARDIN & Anne HITHKOK
     HARDINE 158 Holywell:
                    485 Holywell
                    492 Holywell
     HARDING  16 Hawarden: George, Jane, Sarah, William;
                     18 Hawarden: George, Jane, Samuel, Sarah;
                     22 Hawarden: Elizabeth, George, John, Mary, Sarah;
                     26 Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd: Elizabeth, John;
                     31 Hawarden: Elizabeth, George, Sarah;
                     32 Hawarden: John, Mary, Samuel;
                     39 Halkyn: Elizabeth, Mary, Samuel;
                     42 Holywell
(Burials 1813-1828): Elizth, John, Mary, Samuel, William;
51 Holywell: Elizth, John, Peter, Susanna(h), Thomas, Thomas Rogers;
                     52 Holywell: Elizth, Samuel, Thomas;
                     57 Ruabon: 1 Jun 1823 bap/o William HARDING (WYNN) illeg. s/o Thomas WYNN (coachman) abroad,
                                                                         & Elizabeth HARDING (servant) of Bryn
                     62 Flint:
                     63A+B Holt:
                     66A Penley:
                    104 Henllan: 2 Apr 1793 bap/o William (b 28 Mar) s/o George & Jane
                    119 Mold:
                    124 Mold: 10 Jan 1774 mar. by Banns of Thomas HARDING & Jane ROBERTS (x), both otp
                                                                                Wits: Saml. ROBERTS, Geo. EDWARDS
                    132 Hanmer:
                    147 Llanddoget:
                    151 Hanmer:
                    159 Holywell:
                    174 Holt:
                    189 Holywell:
                    191 Ruabon: 29 Jun 1771 mar. by Banns of Thomas EDWARDS (x) of Wrexham & Hannah MORRIS (x) otp
                                                                                   Wits: Roger JONES, Benj'm HARDING
                                       26 Jun 1797 mar. by Banns of Joseph HARDING & Elizabeth HUGHES (x), both otp
                                                                                          Wits: Edward EDGE, Lodwick NEWNS
                    195 Holywell: Elizth, John, Mary, Samuel, Susannah, Thomas;
                    206A Hanmer:
                    234 Minera:
                    243 Hanmer:
                    248 Llanfwrog:
                    268 Wrexham:
                    293 Hawarden:
                    298 Hawarden:
                    306 Holywell:
                    315 Ruabon:
                    319 Hawarden:
                    347 Hawarden:
                    355 Ruabon St. Mary's Churchyard MIs: Margaret, William;
                    356 Ruabon: Elizabeth, Richard;
                   *358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Elford Harding ROBERTS
                    363 Wrexham: 13 Apr 1884 bap/o George s/o George (lab) & Mary, Kings Mills
                                            4 May 1884 bap/o Arthur s/o --------- & Ellen, Kings Mills
                    366 Wrexham: Ann(e), Elizabeth, Margaret, Mary, Thomas, William;
                    370 Wrexham: Mary, Mary Ann, Sarah, Thomas, Thomas Charles, William;
                    372 Wrexham: William;
                    375 Wrexham: 19 Nov 1870 bap/o Ann Elizabeth d/o Thomas (waggoner) & Mary, Kings Mills

                   *379 Wrexham: 29 Nov 1901 bap/o Rees GRIFFITHS (b 25 Nov - margin note: P.)
                                                                              d/o David Harding (publican) & Hannah, The Old King's Head
                    379 Wrexham: Charles, Frederick Charles, Mary Elizabeth, Percy;
                    380 Wrexham: Charles, Ernest, Gladys May, Mary Elizabeth;
                    384 Wrexham: 26 Dec 1870 bur/o William, aged 43, Holt St.
                                          16 May 1874 bur/o William, aged 56, Plas-yn-Llwyn;
                    386 Ruabon: 10 Jan 1853 mar. by Banns of John JONES (farmer) ba/35 of Gyfelie s/o Julius (farmer)
                                                                                & Mary Ann HARDING sp/39 of Gyfelie d/o William (farmer)
                    389 Hawarden: 22 Apr 1594 mar/o John HARDING & Luce LAWTON
                    393 Wrexham: 10 Oct 1879 bur/o John, infant, Mount St.
                                          25 Aug 1844 bur/o Arthur, infant, Kings Mills
                    399 Wrexham: 1 Oct 1824 bap/o Sarah d/o William (joiner) & Anne, Peny bryn
                    404 Wrexham: Gladys May;
                    405 Wrexham: Harry, Hilda, Hilda Jane, Thomas;
                    406 Wrexham: Mary;
                    412 Wrexham: 4 Jan 1855 bur/o John, infant, Charles Street
                    416 Ruabon:  4 Feb 1895 mar. by Banns of
                                                          Albert HARDING (lab) ba/20 of Bryn Field s/o Charles HARDING (iron moulder)
                                                          & Emily JONES sp/17 of Pont Adam d/o Francis JONES (wagon examiner)
                                        3 Sep 1898 mar. by Banns of
                                                          Arthur TASKER (telegraph clerk) ba/27 of 86 Francis St. Chester
                                                                                                              s/o Samuel TASKER (dec. ganger)
                                                          & Alice HARDING sp/23 otp (Queen St.) d/o George HARDING (dec. time keeper)
                    438B Broughton: Jonathan;
440A Hawarden: 28 Jan 1840 mar/o Robert DONE (farmer) ba/full of Gresford s/o Thomas DONE (farmer)
                                                                      & Elizabeth HARDING (sig. HARDEN) sp/full otp d/o Samuel HARDING or HARDEN (farmer)
                                             23 Apr 1846 mar/o Thomas HUGHES (x) (farmer) wdr/full of Ewloe s/o John  HUGHES (collier)
                                                                          & Mary HARDING (x) sp/full of Padeswood, Mold d/o George HARDING (collier)
                    442B Bangor on Dee
                    465A Halkyn
                    474B Gresford
                    483 Hawarden
                    484 Hawarden
                    487 Gwersyllt
                    490 Chirk
                    492 Holywell
                    539 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant
                    547 Flint:
                    559A Rhosymedre: 16 Oct 1904 bap/o Margaret Ellen CHALLINOR -/o Samuel Harding (collier) & Margaret Ann, High St., Cefn
                                                 25 Nov 1906 bap/o William Henry CHALLONER -/o Samuel Harding (collier) & Margaret Ann, Cefn
                    561A Marchwiel: Charles, Edward, Hilda Jane, Mary, Thomas, Thomas Charles;
                         C Marchwiel: Annie Ellizabeth, George, Mary, Thomas;
                    563B Erbistock: 30 Dec 1844 mar by Lic of Henry THOMAS (farmer) ba/ofa of Llanvair s/o John THOMAS (farmer)
                                                                                   & Mary HARDING (servant) sp/ofa otp
                   *564B Brynford: Peter Harding ROBERTS;
                    564B Brynford: Peter, William;
                   *565A Esclusham: 6 Dec 1939 bur/o Thomas Harding HEWITT, aged 16 mths, 23 Vicarage Hill, Rhostyllen
                    565A Esclusham: Charles Francis, Elizabeth, Willliam;
                   *565B Esclusham: William Harding MASON (police officer)
                    573 Broughton: 5 Jul 1874 bap/o Alice Jane d/o Jonathan (joiner) & Susannah, Runcorn
                    Misc: North Wales 1835 Holywell & Bagillt: Blacksmith: Peter Harding, High st
                             1841 Census Wrexham Town:
                                                 Holt Street, Prices Court: Wm. aged 10 Shoe m. Ap, not born in County
                             Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                                           Joseph, Farmer, Buckley, 5 Jul 1813
                                                                                           Phebe, Sp, Buckley  1767
                                                                                           Thomas, Miller, Iscoyd  Aug 1822
                                                                                           William Penybryn, Malpas   17 Jan 1805
HARDING (Misc.) contd
Shropshire 1828/9 Bridgnorth: Rope & twine maker: Andrew Harding, High town
                                                        Ludlow: John Harding, gent., Corve st
                                                                    Corn miller: William Harding, Castle hill
                                                                    Fishmonger: Thos. Harding, Castle st
                                                                    Glove manufacturer: James Harding, Castle st
                                                                    Grocer/tea dealer/tallow chandler: William Harding, King st
                                                                    Gunsmith: Robert Harding, Old st
                                                                     Hop Pole Thos. Harding, Mill st
                                                                     Maltsters: Henry Harding, Corve st
                                                                                    James Harding, Castle st
                                                                    Shopkeeper: James Harding, Corve st
                                                      Shiffnall: Ladies' boarding school: Misses Harding, Drayton lodge
                                                                   Druggists/ironmongers/maltsters/paper manufacturers/
                                                                                  & tallow chandlers: Peter Harding & Co., Church st
                                                      Shrewsbury: Mrs Eliz. Harding, Beeches lane
                                                                         George & Dragon  Jas. Harding, Market st
     HARDINGE  31 Hawarden: Edward, John;
                        67 Ruabon:
                      132 Hanmer:
                      189 Holywell:
                      346 Hawarden:
                      389 Hawarden: 19 Oct 1590 mar/o Willm LAWRENCE & Margret HARDINGE
                                             31 Jan 1590/91 mar/o William DUCKWORTH & Margret HARDINGE
                                               7 Jul 1599 mar/o John WILCOCKE & Elin HARDINGE
     HARDON 48 Worthenbury:
     HARDYN 155 Caerwys:
     HARTYN 36 Ruabon: Ann, John, Thos;
     HARWARDEN 132 Hanmer:
                           422 Hanmer: 15 Jun 1595 bap/o Thomas s/o Frannces
     Hawarden, Flintshire
     HAWARDEN Misc:
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): Mary, Wid, Bettisfield   1662
     HAWARDIN 306 Holywell:
                        307 Ruabon:
     HAWARDING 306 Holywell:
     HAWERDIN 47 Worthenbury:
                       48 Worthenbury:
     HEWARDINE 307 Ruabon:


HARDWARE 342 Hawarden: Henry, Thom;
                    388 Hawarden: 2 Jan 1639/40 bur/o Thomas (inf)


Hardwick, Buckinghamshire; Cambridgeshire; Cleveland; Norfolk; Northamptonshire; Oxfordshire;
                              Shropshire; South Yorkshire; West Midland
     HADDOCK 30 Wrexham:
Church Warden 1762-1763 Richard;
                                          John, Mary, Richard, Sarah, William;
                      79 Gresford: 24 Jun 1778 bur/o Ann, Gresford
                                          3 Nov 1778 bur/o Richard, Gresford
                                         21 May 1780 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Thos., Gresford
                                         29 May 1782 bap/o John s/o Thomas, Gresford
                                         13 Feb 1784 bur/o Charles, Gresford
                                         15 Nov 1784 bap/o Maria d/o Thos., Gresford
                                           1 Mar 1788 bur/o Richard, Wrexham
                                         14 Jul 1788 bur/o William, Wrexham
                                         28 Mar 1790 bur/o Thomas, late of Gresford
                                         24 Apr 1790 bur/o Elizabeth d/o Thomas
                                         19 Sep 1790 bur/o John, of Wrexham
                                         14 Nov 1790 bur/o Maria d/o Thomas, Sealand
                                           8 Mar 1792 bur/o Eliz. d/o Thomas, Sealand
                                         12 Sep 1793 bur/o Elizabeth aged 87 (pauper), Gresford
                                         26 Sep 1800 bur/o Thomas, of Sealand near Chester
                                           7 Mar 1811 bur/o Elizabeth, Gresford
                      81B Hope: 17 Jan 1786 bur/o Alice (sp) (d. 15) (pauper) aged 30 otp
                     124 Mold: 15 Dec 1774 mar. by Lic. of John GOUGH (x) of Pulford, Chester & Elizabeth HADDOCK (x) otp
                                                                              Wits: Thos. HADDOCK (x), Geo. EDWARDS
                     167 Gresford: 24 Nov 1756 mar. by Lic. of Ellis LONSLEY (x) otp & Mary LEWIS (x) of Hope
                                                                                 Wits: Edward EVANS, Charles HADDOCK (x)
                                         31 Aug 759 mar. by Lic. of John HEATLEY (x) & Ann BOWKER (x) both otp
                                                                                 Wits: Edward EVANS, Richd HADDOCK
                                         28 Dec 1759  mar. by Lic. of William ROBERTS of Wrexham & Mary HADDOCK (x) otp
                                                                                    Wits: Edward EVANS, Job CASE
                                         28 Dec 1761 mar. by Banns of William HOLLAND (x) & Ann BAKER (x), both of Allington
                                                                                       Wits: Edward EVANS, Thomas HADDOCK
                                         22 Dec 1762 mar. by Lic. of Richard HADDOCK & Ann SALLADINE (x), both otp
                                                                                  Wits: Edward EVANS, Joseph SALLADINE
                                         16 Mar 1779 mar. by Lic. of Thomas HADDOCK (x) (singleman) otp & Mary LLOYD (spinster) otp
                                                                                   Wits: Simon LLOYD, Mary LLOYD
                                         28 Jan 1800 mar. by Lic. of John MERCER (singleman) & Mary OWENS (widow), both otp
                                                                                 Wits: Edward HUGHES, Sarah HADDOCK
                     168 Hope: 25 May 1675 bap/o George s/o Jo., Uwchymynydd
                     231 Hope: 20 Oct 1800 mar. by Banns
                                                       Peter HADDOCK (x) ba/22 of Runcorn s/o John & Elizabeth, Runcorn
                                                       & Anne JONES (x) sp/25 otp d/o Robt. & Anne, Hope Owen
                     250 St. Asaph Notitae:
                     298 Hawarden: 18 Nov 1793 bap/o Mary d/o John (farmer) & Sarah (KELSALL), Pentrobin
                                            11 Jan 1795 bap/o John s/o John (farmer) & Sarah (KELSALL), Pentrobin
                                            14 May 1797 bap/o Sarah d/o John (lab) & Sarah (KELSALL), Pentrobin
                     302 Hawarden: 17 Jan 1719/20 bur/o Hanna d/o Joseph, Bretton
                                           27 Jan 1722 mar/o John HADDOCK & Grace COPPACK
                                           23 Jul 1724 bap/o Hannah d/o John, Bretton
                                             9 Aug 1724 bur/o Hannah d/o John, Bretton
                                             9 Feb 1724/25 bur/o Joseph, Bretton
                                           25 May 1726 bap/o John s/o John, Bretton
                                           303 Hawarden:
  2 Jul 1729 bap/o Elizabeth d/o John, Bretton
                                           17 May 1735 bur/o John HADDOCK, Bretton
                                           18 Feb 1735/36 mar/o George KNIGHT, & Grace HADDOCK of Bretton

                     304 Wrexham: 10 Jan 17340/41 bur/o Isaac c/o Isaack
                                           26 May 1756 bap/o Richard (b 23) s/o Richard (Vict.), Wrexham Regis
                     307 Ruabon: 13 Oct 1734 mar/o Charles HADDOCK & Elizabeth JOHNSON, both of Gresford
                     310 Gresford: 25 Jul 1740 bap/o John s/o Charles
                                           3 Aug 1740 bur/o Jon' s/o Charles
                                         29 Aug 1742 bap/o Anne d/o Charles (smith)
                                           1 Nov 1742 bur/o Anne d/o Charles
                                         13 Sep 1744 bur/o William s/o Charles
                                         28 Mar 1746 bur/o John, of Pulford
                                          3 Feb 1746/47 bur/o Catherine (pauper)
                                         28 Sep 1747 mar. by Banns of Thomas HADDOCK & Elisabeth HADDOCK, both otp
                                         24 Jan  1747/48 bap/o Lydia d/o Clarles
                                         17 May 1748 bur/o Mary
                                         25 Aug 1749 bap/o Mary d/o Thomas
                                         26 Jun 1751 bur/o Charles & John, twin ss/o Charles
                                         15 Oct 1751 bap/o Sarah d/o Thomas
                                         25 Nov 1751 bur/o Sarah d/o Thomas
                                         27 Dec 1751 mar. by Banns of Robert DAVIES of Mold & Elisabeth HADDOCK otp
                                         21 Jan 1753 bap/o Eliz' d/o Thomas
                                         26 Nov 1754 bap/o John s/o Richard
                                         13 Apr 1755 bap/o William s/o Thos.
                                         13 Jul 1756 bur/o Richard s/o Richard, Wrexham
                                         22 Jan 1758 bap/o Thomas s/o Thomas
HARDWICK / HADDOCK (310 Gresford) contd
                                         13 May 1760 bur/o Diana d/o Richd, Wrexham
                                         24 Sep 1760 bap/o Hannah d/o Thomas
                                         24 Sep 1760 bur/o Eliz' w/o Thomas, Gresford
                                         11 Jun 1762 bur/o Elizabeth, Gresford
                                         17 Jun 1762 bur/o Sarah w/o Richd, Gresford
                                          6 Aug 1765 bur/o Mary d/o Richd, Wrex'm
                                         22 Jul 1766 bur/o Richard, Wrexham
                                         19 Apr 1769 bur/o Margaret, Gresford
                                         28 Nov 1769 bur/o Sarah d/o late Ricd;
                     311 Hawarden: 11 May 1757 bap/o Elizth d/o Jn & Mary, Bretton
                                            29 Sep 1759 bur/o Elizth d/o John, Bretton
                                              3 Oct 1759 bur/o Isaac, Bretton
                                            23 Apr 1760 bap/o John s/o John & Mary, Bretton
                                            22 Jan 1762 bap/o Ann HADDOCK (DEAN) base d/o Nath'l DEAN & Han. HADDOCK
                                            23 Apr 1766 bap/o Sam'l HADDOCK (---)  -/o Hann'h HADDOCK, Bretton
                                              6 Mar 1767 bur/o Sam'l HADDOCK (----) base s/o Han'h
                                            11 Jun 1768 bap/o Ann HADDOCK (-----) base d/o ------ & Ellin HADDOCK
                                            22 Oct 1770 bur/o Han'h, Bretton
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs:
                                      No. EE03 Melvin NETHERCOTT d. 17 Dec 1992 aged 66
                                                     Winnie NETHERCOTT d. 29 Dec 1998 aged 69
                                                     & daughter Susan D. HADDOCK d. 24 May 1994 aged 43
                     347 Hawarden: 19 Sep 1742 bap/o Hannah d/o Isaac, Bretton
                                           30 Dec 1744 bap/o Elinor d/o Isaac, Bretton
                                           22 Feb 1744/45 bur/o --------- d/o Isaac, Bretton
                                           12 Dec 1746 bap/o Ellen d/o Isaac, Bretton
                                           18 Mar 1749/50 bap/o Margaret d/o Isaac
                                           12 Aug 1750 mar/o Thomas BALL of Pentrobin & Elizabeth HADDOCK of Bretton
                     348 Wrexham: 27 Feb 1786 mar. by Banns of George THOMAS & Rebecca LLOYD (x), both otp
                                                                                        Wits: John HADDOCK, Ann RANDLES
                     392 Gresford: 25 Feb 1736/37 bap/o Mary d/o Charles
                                           5 Apr 1739 bur/o William, Pulford
                                           2 May 1739 bap. (privately) John s/o Charles
                                           5 May 1739 bur/o John s/o Charles
                     417 Wrexham: Dorothy, mary, Richd;
                     435 Gresford: Catharin, John, Mary;
                     437 Ruabon: John;
                     438A Broughton: Thomas;
                     445 Wrexham
                     466 Hawarden
                     483 Hawarden
                     484 Hawarden:
                     553 Gresford: Elizabeth, Mary, William;
Misc: Gresford MIs: Elizabeth, John, Maria, Richard, Thomas, William;
                               1881 Census Saltney, Cheshire/Flintshire
     HADDOCKE 305 Hawarden: 28 Aug 1698 bap/o John s/o Joseph & Hanna, Bretton
435 Gresford: John, Richard;
     HADDOCKS 196 Llanfair Talhaearn: 15 Feb 1754 mar. by Lic.
                                                          Richard HADDOCKS of Gresford & Dorothy HUGHES G, otp
                        298 Hawarden: 1 Mar 1800 bap/o Sarah d/o John (collier) & Sarah BALL (als KELSALL), Pentrobin
     HADOCK 157B Hanmer: 1 Jan 1673/74 mar/o William HADOCK of Malpas & Mary DAVYS otp
                    392 Gresford: 22 Sep 1717 bap/o ---- d/o John
                                         26 Dec 1718 mar. by Banns of Richard HADOCK & Margerett TUDER, both otp
                                         17 Apr 1719 bap/o Catherin d/o Richard
                                         11 Mar 1720/21 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Richard
                                         30 Oct 1721 bur/o Elizabeth d/o John
                                         26 Aug 1723 bap/o Mary d/o Richard
                                         21 Feb 1723/24 bur/o Richard, Gresford
                                        15 Aug 1724 mar/o Richard HADOCK & Sarah GITTINGS
                                                           'having been clandesinly married after were married in Gresford Church'
                                         18 Sep 1724 bap/o Thomas s/o Rich'
                                         14 Apr 1727 bap/o Catherin d/o Richard, Gresford
                                         25 Feb 1728/29 bur/o ---- a child of Margerett, poor
                                           2 Aug 1729 bur/o John, Gresford
                                         30 Nov 1729 bap/o Richard s/o Richard
                                         19 Jan 1730/31 mar/o Samuell ADAMS of Kinerton & Lidie HADOCK otp
                                         13 Jul 1732 bur/o William, Gresford
                                         26 Sep 1734 bap/o Margt' d/o Richard
                                         22 Aug 1735 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Charles
                                         12 Sep 1735 mar. by Banns of Thomas ROBERTS & Mary HADOCK, both otp
435 Gresford: ---, Charles, Elizabeth, John, Margarett, Mary, Richard;
435 Gresford: John, William;
     HANDDOCK 347 Hawarden: 7 Jun 1752 bap/o Anne d/o Isaac, Bretton
     HARDOCK *559A Rhosymedre: 18 Jul 1912 bap/o Frederick Arthur DAVIES -/o Harry Hardock? Wesley (model maker) & Elizabeth, Maelor Terrace, Acrefair
     HARDWICK   44 Denbigh: 19 Apr 1810 mar. by Banns
                                            Edward JONES ((x) (farmer) ba. of Holywell, Flintshire
                                                                                              s/o Edward JONES (dec. farmer) & Sarah (JONES)
                                            & Elizabeth JONES (x) sp. otp  d/o Richard JONES (cooper) & Ann h/w formerly DAVIES
                                            Wits: Richd JONES, Elizabeth HARDWICK, William JONES
                        351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs:
                                   No. 865 Elizabeth HARDWICK (w/o John Thomas HARDWICK) d. 7 Jan 1875 aged 30 years
                                               Annie Lizzie HARDWICK (infant daughter) d. 8 Jan 1875
                                               John Thomas HARDWICK (Town Missionary) d. 27 Jun 1881 aged 38 years
                                               Thomas Jackson HARDWICK (son) d. 27 May 1882 aged 44 weeks
                                               Ann HARDWICK (2nd w/o John Thomas HARDWICK) d. 14 Nov 1898 aged 56 years
                        380 Wrexham: 4 Dec 1902 bap/o Francis Raymond (b 2 Oct)
                                                                s/o Francis Henry (accountant) & Florence Mary, London House, Beechley Road    
                        393 Wrexham: 11 Jan 1875 bur/o Elizabeth aged 30 and Annie Lizzie aged 8 days, both of 30 Lorne St.
                                                1 Jul 1881 bur/o John Thomas, aged 37, 9 Spring Road      
                                               30 May 1882 bur/o Thomas Jackson, infant, 25 Crescent Road
                        474B Gresford
Shropshire 1828/9 Bridgnorth: Attorney: William Hardwick, Low town
     HARDWICKE 389 Hawarden: 21 Jun 1601 mar/o William SPANNE & Anne HARDWICKE
                          433 Llangollen: Charlotte Elizabeth, William;
561A Marchwiel: 27 Aug 1910 bap/o Benjamin James Ernest Hardwicke PIERCY (b 26 Jul)
                                                              s/o Benjamin Herbert (Gentleman) & Daphne Beatrice, The Gerwyn

HARDY  ME hardi 'bold, courageous'
HARD  53 Wrexham: Shusan;
              118 Mold: 21 Dec 1725 mar/o William BULE & Mary HARD, both of Hallkyn
     HARDE 577 Overton 25 Dec 1820 bap/o Harriott (b 7 Oct) d/o James (soldier) &  Ellinor, otp
     HARDIE 277 Llandrillo yn Rhos:
                  441B Hope: John, John William Thomas;
                  470A,B Llandrillo yn Rhos
                  577 Overton (Baptisms 1813-1839) Vol 6
                                    Andrew, Eleaner, Elenor, Eleonor, Ellin, Ellinor, George, James, John, Thomas.
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW):
                                                                                   James, Postmaster, Overton   1854

     HARDY  *49 Holywell:
                   54A Abergele:
                  172 Holt:
                 *314 Rhosllanerchrugog: 6 Oct 1889 bap/o Edwin Hardy HOLLINS
                                                                  s/o Edwin Francis (Gentleman) & Florence, Llanerchrugog Hall
                  316 Flint:
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Frances, James;
                  352A Flint: Hen., Henry, Margarett, Mary;
                       B Flint: Henry;
                  359 Rhosymedre: Sarah, Thomas;
                 *374 Wrexham: 4 Jun 1847 bap/o John Hardy ROBERTS s/o John (servant) & Agnes, Bersham
                  377 Holywell: 3 Feb 1705 bap/o William s/o Sam;
                  384 Wrexham: 19 Dec 1865 bur/o Hugh, infant, Cutlers Entry
                  407 Wrexham: William;
                 *571 Cerrigydrudion: 12 Mar 1871 bap/o John Alexander PEMBERTON
                                                 s/o George Hardy (plumber)& Elizabeth Sarah, St Helens, Lancashirre

Harefield, Greater London
HAREFIELD *10 Overton: James Harefield CHAMB
HURFIELD 271 Eglwys-bach:
     HURFILD 271 Eglwys-bach:


HAREM *351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: Harem DAVIES;



Neston-cum-Hargreave, Cheshire
     Hargrave, Cheshire; Northamptonshire; Suffolk;
     HARGRAVE  42 Holywell: Anne;
                        268 Wrexham:
                        438A Broughton: Elizabeth Ellen, Jane, Matilda Catharine;
     HARGRAVES  12 Llangollen: Wilhelmina;
                          195 Holywell: Jane, Richard, Thomas;
                          213 Llangollen:
                          226B Llanarmon yn Ial: Anne;
                         *364 Wrexham: George Hargraves MOREAL. Joseph Hargraves MORRELL
                         *374 Wrexham: 7 Feb 1849 bap/o George Hargraves MORRELL s/o Thomas (innkeeper) & Ellen, High Street
                          380 Wrexham: Adelaide Alice, Annie Agnes, Florence, Samuel;
                          405 Wrexham: Adelaide, Adelaide Alice, Charles Henry, Samuel, Samuel Alfred;
                          432 Llangollen: David;
                          438A Broughton: William;
     HARGREANES (?sic) Misc:
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): John, Yeo, Buckley    1742
     (Hare Green, Essex)
     HARGREAVE 423 Hanmer: 4 Dec 1570 mar/o Richard COLLY & Anne HARGREAVE
                          482 Hawarden
     HARGREAVES   51 Holywell: Thos;
                              81A Hope:
                           *186 St. Asaph:
                            195 Holywell: George, Jane, Margt, Thomas, Thos, William;
                            268 Wrexham:
                            289 Gwernaffield:
                            298 Hawarden:
                            300 Mold:
                            317 Wrexham - Dissenters' Burial Ground, Rhosddu Road, MIs:
                           *334 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Margaret Hargreaves GUDGER
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Phyllis Emily, Thomas Kendrick;
                            357 Holywell St. James Churchyard MIs: Thomas;
                            365 Wrexham: 21 Sep 1815 bap/o Elizabeth EVANS (HARGREAVES)
                                                           base d/o Thomas HARGREAVES of Lancashire & Ann EVANS of Wrexham Abbot
                           *370 Wrexham: George Hargreaves MORRELL
                            372 Wrexham: James;
                            379 Wrexham: 8 May 1898 bap/o Arthur Amos (b 5 Apr) s/o Samuel (private RWF) & Ada, 8 Barracks
                            400 Wrexham:  13 Feb 1825 mar. by Lic. of John HARGREAVES & Sarah COOPER wid., both otp
                                                                                            Wits: Thomas EVANS, Elizabeth EVANS (x)
                                                     8 Mar 1826 John HARGREAVES & Anne HARGREAVES wits. at mar. by Lic. (wcop) of
                                                                      David WILLIAMS (grocer) ba. of Llangwill & Lydia POLLOCK sp. otp
                                                    31 Dec 1825 John HARGREAVES & Margaret JONES (x) wits. at mar. by Banns (wcop) of
                                                                       Seth WILLIAMS (x) (collier) ba. & Jane MILLINGTON (x) sp., both otp
                            405 Wrexham: Ada, Adelaide Alice, Alice Maud, Elizabeth Ellen, George Frederick, Samuel;
                            406 Wrexham: Sarah;
                            407 Wrexham: Richard John;
                            440C Hawarden
                            478B Llantysilio
                            Misc: 1841 Census Wrexham Town: Groves School:    Georges   15   Pupil     not born in County
     HOLGREAVES 490 Chirk

HARHANS see HERNE (for now)

Harker, Cumbria
     HALKER 117 Mold: 27 Feb 1743/44 bap/o of Richard s/o Jane and Richard, otp
Harcourt, Cornwall; Shropshire;
     HARCCOURT *21 Holt: 13 Aug 1668 bap. of Harccourt WILLIAMSON s/o John (Gent.)

     HARKER 18 Hawarden: 12 Mar 1817 bap/o Anne PEERS (b 13 Dec 1816) d/o John (engineer) & Mary (HARKER) otp
                   26 Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd: 12 Jan 1805 mar. by Banns of James HARKER ba. of Ruthin & Elizabeth ELLIS sp. otp
                                                                                                    Wits: Richd MADDOCKS, Roger EVANS
                                                         15 Mar  1807 bap/o Maria d/o James & Elizabeth, Vaenol
51 Holywell: 11 Oct 1829 bur. of Margaret,aged 30, otp
                   52 Holywell: 13 Apr 1828 bap of Jane HARKER (HUGHES) base d/o Charles HUGHES and Margaret HARKER
83 Ruthin: ..... 1798 bap. of Richard s/o Owen and Elizabeth .....
                   97 Llanfwrog:   5 Aug 1781 bap/o Mary d/o Owen & Elizabeth, St
                                       21 Oct 1781 bur/o Mary d/o Owen
                                       27 Dec 1782  bap/o James s/o Owen & Elizabeth
                                       31 Oct 1784 bap/o Mary d/o Owen & Elizabeth
                                       17 Sep 1785 bur/o Mary, St.
                                        4 Jul 1786 bap/o Mary d/o Owen & Elizabeth
                                        6 Oct 1788 bap/o Edward s/o Owen & Elizabeth
                                       25 Oct 1812 bur/o Anne, Mwrog St.
                  118 Mold: 14 Oct 1722 mar/o Richard HARKER otp & Mary SAISH of Bishop's Castle, Shropshire
                                   1 May 1752 mar/o Robt ROBERTS & Eliz HARKER, both of Halkin
                  143 Llanrwst: 13 Dec 1795 bap/o Edward s/o James & Margaret, Gwydir
                                      21 Jan 1798  bap/o Christopher s/o James & Margaret, Gwydir
                                      10 Sep 1799  bap/o  Margaret d/o James & Margaret/Margt, Gwydir/Gwydir Township
                                      26 Sep 1802 bap/o Jane d/o James & Margaret/Margt, Gwydir/Gwydir Township
                                      13 Apr 1805 bap/o Mary d/o James & Margaret/Margt, Gwydir Township/-
                                       7 Feb 1808 bap/o John s/o James & Margaret, Gwydir
                                      21 May 1809 bap/o John s/o John & Margaret, Gwydir
                  155 Caerwys: 20 Feb 1811 burial of Martha 
                  167 Gresford: 7 Aug 1780 mar. by Banns of Owen HARKER (x) of Llanfwrog & Elizabeth SADLER (x) otp
                                                                                  Wits: Thomas OWEN, Edward EVANS
                  194 Halkyn: 30 Nov 1766 burial of Ann 
HARKER contd
                  227 Ruthin:   20 Jun 1813 bap/o Richard s/o Edward (shoemaker) & Sarah, Well Street
                                       5 Mar 1815 bap/'o Elizabeth d/o Edward (shoemaker) & Elizabeth, Well Street
                                      13 Oct 1816 bap/o James s/o James (lab) & Elizabeth, Prior Street
                                       2 Feb 1817 bap/o Sarah d/o Edward (bailiff) & Sarah, Clwyd Street
                                       5 May 1822 bap/o Anne d/o Edward (carrier) & Sarah,Clwyd Street
                                     17 Oct 1823 bur/o James (sheriffs officer), aged 41 years, Prior Street
                                     11 Jan 1824 bap/o Evan & Elizabeth s&d/o the late James (bailiff)  & Elizabeth, Prior street
                                     18 Jul 1824 bap/o Louisa d/o Richard (lab) & Sydney, Mwrog Street
                                     17 Oct 1824 bap/o Edward s/o Edward (bailiff) & Sarah, Clwyd Street
                                     27 Jan 1826 bap/o Maria d/o Edward (bailiff) & Sarah, Clwyd Street
                                     16 Feb 1827 bap/o Hannah d/o Edward (sheriff's officer) & Sarah, Clwyd Street
                                     19 Oct 1828  bap/o James s/o Edward (bailiff) & Sarah, Clwyd Street
                                     20 May 1830 bap/o Robert s/o Edward (carrier) & Sarah, Clwyd Street
                                       4 Apr 1831 bap/o Maria d/o Richard (toll taker) & Sydney, Mwrog Street
                                     27 May 1832 bap/o Hannah d/o Edward (carrier) & Sarah, Clwyd Street
                                     30 Jan 1836 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Richard (bailiff) & Sydney, Cottage behind the Jail
                                      8 Nov 1854 bur/o Elizabeth, aged 72 years, Prior Street
HARKER contd
                  229 St. Asaph: -- Feb 1710/11 bap. of Charles s/o Edward of Meriadog
                  233 Llanfwrog: 18 Jul 1763 mar. by Banns of Edward JONES wdr otp & and Mary GRIFFITHS (alias HARKER) wid.of Ruthin
                                                                                   Wits: Evan JONES, Edward CLUBB
                                       23 Dec 1783 mar by Banns of Edward ROGERS (x) wdr. & Elizabeth EVANS (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                   Wits: Edward CLUBB, Owen HARKER (x)
                 *245 Llanrhydd: 29 Apr 1838 bap/o Owen Harker WILLIAMS (b 26 Dec 1834) s/o William (smith) & Margaret, late of Felin Scyborie now of Mill Street
                                                            On the same day this couple also had the following children baptised:
                                                                      Simon Goodman WILLIAMS (born 18 Jan 1829)
                                                                      John Goodman WILLIAMS (born 17 May 1830)
                                                                      Sarah WILLIAMS (born 20 Feb 1832)
                                                                      Hannah WILLIAMS (born 6 Nov 1836)
                  245 Llanrhydd: 28 Oct 1826 mar. by Banns of Edward ROBERTS wdr. & Mary JONES sp., both otp
                                                                                     Wits: Richard HARKER, Thos. JONES, Thos. HUGHES
HARKER contd
                  246 Llanfwrog: 1755 bap. of James s/o James and Mary
                  248 Llanfwrog: 22 May 1757  bap/o Edward s/o James & Mary
                                        29 Jul 1759 bap/o Owen s/o James & Mary
                  269 Dyserth: 1790 marriage of John HARKER and Anne JONES, both otp
                                      1793 burial of George HARKER (miner) of Meliden
                                      1800 burial of Margaret DAVIES (HARKER) wid/o Stephen
                  288 Meliden: 22 Jun 1783 bap/o Charlotte THOMAS (HARKER) (born 20) base d/o George HARKER (miner) & Elizabeth THOMAS, otp
                                       2 Dec 1787 bap/o  Dorothy THOMAS (HARKER) (b 1) base d/o George HARKER (miner) & Elizabeth THOMAS, otp
                                      20 Apr 1791 bap/o Mary (born 18) d/o John (miner) & Ann, otp
                                      27 Aug 1797 bap/o Margaret (b 23) d/o John (miner) & Ann, otp
                                      29 Sep 1811 bap/o Thomas HARKER (WILLIAMS) (born 26) base s/o Thomas WILLIAMS (farmer) & Dorothy HARKER, Plas Newyd
                  300 Mold: 1844 bap. of Elizabeth d/o Louisa HARKER, spinster
                 *315 Ruabon: 1903 bap. of Albert Edward CLARKE s/o George (porter, of Pont Adam) and Rose Ann (HARKER)
                  329A Meliden: 3 Mar 1764 mar. by Banns of Edward ROBERTS (x) ba. of Dyserth & Gwen OWENS (x) wid. otp
                                                                                 Wits: James PIERCE, James HARKER (x)
                  363 Wrexham: 18 Jan 1885 bap/o Alfred s/o William (leather dresser) & Elizabeth, 8 Napier St.
                  368 Abergele: 25 Jan 1750 bap/o Anne ------- (HARKER) base d/o George HARKER & Eliz -----
                  372 Wrexham: 13 Jul 1818 mar by Banns of Richard HARKER (miner)  & Sydney ROBERTS (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                   Wits: Edward ROBERTS (x), Margaret HARKER (x)
                  378 Holywell:  9 Oct 1725  bap/o Mary d/o Cester, otp
                                      19 Jan 1733/34 bap/o Barbara d/o Christopher, otp
                                      21 Jan 1735/36 bap/o Christopher s/o Christopher
HARKER contd
                 400 Wrexham: 28 Apr 1828 Owen HARKER & Mary JONES (x) wits. at mar. by Banns (wcop) of
                                                          William WILLIAMS ba. & Margaret WESTON (x) sp., both otp
                 420 Halkyn: 30 May 1728  George HARKER m. Anne ROBINSON, otp
                                   12 Jan 1730/31 bur/o ----  s/o Christopher, Pentre
                                   18 Jun 1732 bur/o ---- (infant), Pentre
                                   14 Dec 1743 bur/o Jane d/o George & Anne
                                   19 Jul 1748 bur/o Hannah
                 440B Hawarden: 20 Feb 1898 mar. by Banns of William TURNER  (platelayer) ba/24 of Shotton s/o Edward TURNER (keeper)
                                                                                       & Maggie HARKER sp/24 of Shotton d/o John HARKER (cabinet maker)
                 461A Mold: 2 Mar 1794 bur/o Catherine (c 28), aged 12, otp
                 477 Llanrhaeadr yng Nghinmerch: 1 Jan 1808 mar. by Banns of
                                                 Edward HARKER (x) ba. of Ruthin & Sarah ROBERTS (x) sp. otp
                                                 Wits: Wm. WILLIAMS (x), Blanch ROBERTS
HARKER contd
                 500B Holywell:  5 Jan 1742/43 bur/o Catharine
                                         4 Jun 1769 bur/o Elizabeth;
                 501 Northop
                 524 St George
Misc: North Wales 1835 Ruthin: Carriers: To Chester & Liverpool: Edwd Harker from his house
                                                                                                                every Monday and Thursday.
Cheshire 1828/29 Chester: Carrier by land to Ruthin: Edward Harker, King's Head, Whitefriars.
                                                     Knutsford: Gentry: The Misses Harker, Princess st.
    HARKET 440B Hawarden
    HARKEY 360 Llangollen: 12 Jul 1877 mar. by Banns of
                                          Edward Thomas HARKEY (headmaster of Grammar School) ba/29 of Shipton on Craven
                                                                                                                                   s/o Edward Robert HARKEY (schoolmaster)
                                          & Amy Lucy EDDY sp/24 otp (Fron Cysyllte) d/o Walter EDDY (mining engineer)           
    HAWKER (under HAWICK) possibly see also                                         
    HERKER 94 Cilcain: 16 Apr 1807 bur/o John;


Harleston, Devon; Norfolk; Suffolk;
     HARLSTON 268 Wrexham:
     HIRLSTON 459 Mold
HOELSON Misc: 1881 Census Saltney, Cheshire/Flintshire
     HOELSUN 53 Wrexham: 31 Dec 1804 bur/o Mary w/o John, Bersham
 HOLSTON   53 Wrexham: Ann, Arthur, Henry, Mary, Sarah;
                      455B LLanrwst
                      528 Llanrwst
     HOULSTON possibly see also
HULESTON 348 Wrexham:
     HULESTONE 435 Gresford: John;
     HULLSTON 445 Wrexham
     HULLSTONE 138B Wrexham: 8 Apr 1794 bur/o Mary (poor)
     HULSO 426 Hanmer: George;
     HULSON  79 Gresford:
                   310 Gresford:
                   541 Caerwys
     HULSTON 30 Wrexham: Thomas, William;
                     38 Wrexham: Elizth, Mary, Sarah, Thos;
                     58 Erbistock:
                    124 Mold: 2 Mar 1778 mar. by Banns of Thomas HULSTON (x) & Elizabeth JONES (x), both otp
                                                                               Wits: Thos. HOLLOWAY (x), Geo. EDWARDS
                    167C Gresford:
                    201 Wrexham:
                    304A Wrexham (baptisms): Hugh, Thomas;
                         C Wrexham (burials): Anne, Edwd, Hugh, Thos;
                    400 Wrexham: 20 Jun 1830 Edward HULSTON (x) & Ann EPPITH (x) wit. at mar. by Banns (wcof) of
                                                             David THOMAS (x) wdr. & Mary MICLEWRIGHT wid., both otp
                    445 Wrexham:
                    550 Gresford: Anne, Edward, Elizabeth, John, Margaret, Maria, Mary, Thomas, William;
                    553 Gresford: Edwin, Eliz'th, Thomas, William.
                    575 Hope: 31 Dec 1849 bap/o John s/o John (lab) & Mary, Aber Morddu
     HULSTONE 58 Erbistock:
132 Hanmer:
                      197 Hanmer: 4 Apr 1813 bap/o William s/o Thomas (lab) & Hannah
                      201 Wrexham:

                      Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Drayton: Baker/flour dealer: Elizabeth Hulstone, Shropshire st
     Hurleston, Cheshire
     HURLESTON 116A Llansilin:
 HURLESTONE 435 Gresford: John, Mary;
                            459 Mold
     HURLISTON  435 Gresford: John, Mary;
     HURLSTON  53 Wrexham: Mary, Sarah Sidebotham, Thomas;
                        59 Erbistock:
                        66A Penley:
                        75 Marchwiel:
                      *79+79 Gresford:
                      197 Hanmer: 7 Mar 1819 bap/o Daniel s/o Thomas (lab) & Hannah of Bettisfield
                      268 Wrexham:
                      348 Wrexham:
                      364 Wrexham: Thomas
     Hurlston Green, Lancashire
     Hurlstone Point, West Somerset
HURLSTONE 53 Wrexham: Elizabeth, Mary, Thomas;
     OLSSON 441B Hope:


Harley, Shropshire; South Yorkshire;
     HARLEY  36 Ruabon: Ann, Robert;
                   201 Wrexham:
                   363 Wrexham: 10 Mar 1882 bap/o Elizabeth Marion
                                                     d/o Charles Frederick (Private 23rd Regt) & Mary, Barracks
                                          23 May 1884 bap/o William Charles
                                                     s/o Charles Frederick (soldier) & Mary, Barracks
                   393 Wrexham: 22 Jun 1883 bur/o Elizabeth Mirion, infant, Barracks
                   405 Wrexham: Charles Frederick, Clara, Gladys Mary, Mary;
                   407 Wrexham: Gladys Mary;
                   441B Hope: George, William;
                   450 Llanycil
580 Bagillt (Baptisms 1839-1911) Vol 1
                             22 May 1873 bap/o George Harley JONES s/o Enoch (joiner) & Anne, Bryn Merllyn
                   Misc:  Shropshire 1828/9 Cleobury Mortimer: Eagle Inn  John Harley
                                                         Ludlow: Maltster: John Harley, Lower Broad st
                                                                     Shopkeeper: Thomas Harley, Tower st
                                                                     Crown & Horseshoes  John Harley, Lower Broad st
                                                                     Talbot Thomas Harley, Tower st
                                                         Shrewsbury: Attorney: Thos. Harley Kough, Princess st
                                                                            Druggist/Grocer & tea dealer: Saml. Harley, Mardol head   
     HARLLEY *465A Halkyn
     HARRLE 521 St Asaph
     HARLY 424 Hanmer: 11 Mar 1637/38 bap/o Mathew s/o Richard


     HARLLOT *449 Trelawnyd

Harlosh, Highlands

Harlow, Essex
HARLOW  30 Wrexham: Adam, Ann;
               352B Flint: John, Thomas;
               485 Holywell



Armagh, Ireland
     ARMOR 44 Denbigh: 13 Jun 1796 John ARMOR &  Robert PUGH wits. at mar/o
                                                       William FALCUS of Llanrhaeadr in Kinmerch & Jane WILLIAMS sp. otp    by Banns
                  45 Denbigh: 14 Mar 1812 bap/o Mary-Anne (born 7 Mar) d/o Thomas (butcher) & Anna Maria (FOULKES)
                  98 Llanrhaeadr ym Nghinmerch:   2 Apr 1797 bap/o Ellinor d/o John (Stewart) & Jane of Llan
                                                                 15 Jan 1799 bap/o William s/o John & Jane of Llan
                                                                 11 Oct 1801 bap/o Edward s/o John & Jane of Llan
                                                                12 May 1806 bur/o William s/o John of Llan
                                                                16 Sep 1809 bap/o Jane d/o Thomas & Anne of Llan
                  438A Broughton: Ann;
                  452B Whitford
                  477 Llanrhaeadr yng Nghinmeirch
Misc: 1881Census Saltney, Cheshire/Flintshire:
                                              William aged 30 born Liverpool, and family
                                              Ann, wd, aged 56 born Bretton Fl, and family; also niece Hannah SHARPLES aged 10
     ARMOUR occupational 'armourer' OFr.
                    98 Llanrhaeadr ym Nghinmerch: 12 May 1793 bap/o John s/o John (Stewart) & Jane
                                                                     10 Oct 1793 bur/o --- inf/o John (Stewart) of Llanrhaidr Hall
                                                                     20 Jul 1794 bap/o Anna Diana d/o John (Stewart) & Jane of Llan
                                                                     29 Nov 1795 bap/o John s/o John (Stewart) & Jane of Llan
                                                                     28 Jun 1812 bap/o Ellinor d/o Thomas & Anne of Llan
                  477 Llanrhaeadr yng Nghinmerch
HARMER contd
     HARMAR Misc: Gloucestershire 1830 Bristol: Attorney: Wm. HARMAR jun., St. John's bridge
     HARMER The name Harmer still found in Burwash, Battle, Hastings, and Winchelsea; and over the border in Kent,
                                                           at Tunbridge Wells, is here local in origin, from Haremere Hall in Etchingham.
                    98 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant:  29 Jul 1787 bap/o Jane d/o John (Husb'man) & Jane, Llan
                                                                 17 Oct 1789 bap/o Rich s/o John (Husbandman) & Jane, L. Hall
                   317 Wrexham Dissenters' Burial Ground, Rhosddu Road, MIs:
                                    No. 309: Mary HARMER died March 19th 1857 aged 68 years
                                                 at the home of her son-in-law Rev. F. B. BROWN
                  380 Wrexham: 29 Aug 1902 bap/o Evelyn May HARMER (b 5 Aug)
                                                                  d/o Walter Edward (Sergeant R.W.F.) & Caroline, 20 Barracks
                  404 Wrexham: Eveline May;
                  484 Hawarden
                  Misc: Gloucestershire 1830 Stroud: Mrs. ---  HARMER, Burleigh lodge
                                                                      Bookseller/stationer/binder: William HARMER, High st
                                                           Wotton-under-Edge: Linen & woollen draper/haberdasher: John HARMER, Long st
                           Norfolk Poll Book 1817: North Erpingham/Southrepps
                                                                         Place of freehold: Erpingham/Owner: John HARMER/Occupier: J. WATTS
                                                                         Place of freehold: Ludham/Owner: John HARMER/Occupier: R. RICE
                           Worcesteshire 1835 Bewdley: James HARMER, Esq., Wribbenhall
                           ONS: www.harmer.org
HARMER contd
     HARMOR 245B Llanrhydd: 20 Jun 1837 mar/o Thomas JONES Junr. ba. otp (Maesllan)  by Lic
                                                                      & Harriet THOMAS wid. otp (Anchor Tavern)
                                                                         Wits: Mrs. HARMOR, Rowland PRICE, Philip JONES
     HARMOUR 380 Wrexham: 5 Oct 1903 bap/o Lilian Annie (b 14 Sep) margin note: St. John's
                                                                                  d/o Walter (Sergeant R.W.F.) & Caroline, Barracks
     HARMUR 98 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant: 2 Oct 1791 bap/o Ellin d/o John (Steward) & Jane, Llanrd. Jall (sic)
     HAWMORGHWE 422 Hanmer: 24 Sep 1564 bap/o John HAWMORGHWE s/o Nicholas & Margaret
                                                              (both o/ Malpas Psh at wch tyme the Malpasse was infected with the Plage)

Harmer Green, Hertfordshire;
Harmer (?Haremeare) Hill, and Harmer Moss (Myddle), Shropshire;


Harmston, Lincolnshire
     HARNITHON 446 Chirk: Thomas;


Harnham, Northumberland; East Harnham, Wiltshire; (see HANHAM)



HARPER OE hearpere 'harper' (Robert le Harpur 1186 Pipe Rolls Hampshire)
     HARBER 55 Nantglyn: 28 Jan 1745/46 mar/o Willm. HARBER? & Jane JONES both otp   by Banns
     Harby, Leicestershire; Nottinghamshire;
     HARP 338 Llangollen: 24 Jun 1834 mar/o George HARP (x) ba. otp & Margaret HUMPHREYS (x) sp. otp   by Banns
                                                                 Wits: John HUMPHREYS, Edward JONES (psh clerk)
     HARPAR 112 Halkyn: 24 Jun 1826 mar/o Joseph HARPAR (x) ba. otp s/o William (lab) & Jane (ECCLESHAW) his wife
                                                                 & Sarah AMOS sp. otp d/o Henry (miner) & Anne (WYNNE) his wife
                                                                 Wits: John JONES, Mary WYNNE (x)
     HARPE  437 Ruabon: 10 Jan 1701/02 bur/o Margaret -------- (a servantmaid of Thomas HARPE), M.W.
     HARPER  6 Isycoed: 29 May 1750 bap/o Jane d/o Daniel & -----
                   42 Holywell: 2 Sep 1824 bur/o Anne aged 75 of Brynford
                   55 Nantglyn: 20 Jan 1785 bur/o William
                   66 Penley: 5 Sep 1724 bur/o John of Lightwood Green
                  152 Hanmer:   9 Nov 1766 bap/o Richard s/o Arthur & Mary of Bettisfield
                                      15 Jan 1768 bap/o Sarah d/o Arthur & -------- of Bettisfield
                  156 Hanmer: 16 Dec 1713 mar/o Thomas HARPER of Ellismear & Anne ROBERTS
                                      14 May 1714 bap/o Robert s/o Thomas
                  163 Ruabon:  6 Jul 1830 Thomas HARPER (x) & Anne BROOKFIELD wits. at mar/o
                                        Samuel MORGAN (x) otp & Sarah HUGHES (x) otp    by Banns
HARPER contd
                  172 Holt: 5 Jan 1735 mar/o William HARPER & Margrett GIBSON both otp    by Banns
                  174 Holt: 4 Jan 1761 bur/o Margaret w/o William of Commonwood
                  206 Hanmer: 27 Oct 1746 bur/o Mary w/o Richd of Braden Heath
                  243 Hanmer: 24 May 1840 bap/o Charles s/o Samuel (blacksmith) & Ann(e) of Bettisfield
                                      also Ellen bap 17 Apr 1842
                                             Edward bap 10 Mar 1844
                                             Samuel bap 22 Feb 1846
                                             Samuel bap 20 Jul 1851
                                      3 Apr 1864 bap/o Thomas s/o John (blacksmith) & Betsy of Bettisfield
                                    10 Mar 1869 bap/o William John s/o John (blacksmith) & Elizabeth of Bettisfield
                                    12 Oct 1871 bap/o Fanny d/o John (blacksmith) & Betsey of Bettisfield
HARPER contd
                  250 Notitae of St. Asaph 1681-7 Henllan:  listing all house keepers in the parish, together with
                                        the number of soules in their respective families and the number of all under the
                                        age of eighteen:

                                        Thomas HARPER, Gent.   8 souls; those under 18 aged 13, 11 and 4

                  267 Ruthin: 25 Jan 1702/03 bap/o Margaret d/o ------- (Excise Man) & -----
                  289 Gwernaffield: 5 Nov 1843 bap/o Thos. s/o John (gardener) & Margaret of Daresbury
                 *292 Rhosymedre: 24 Nov 1872 bap/o Francis Harper COOKE s/o William (butcher) & Jane
                  292 Rhosymedre: 14 Dec 1870 bap/o George Harry s/o Samuel (shepherd) & Elizabeth of The Lodge
                                               2 Jan 1876 bap/o Margaret Elizabeth d/o Charles (smith) & Margaret of Plasisaf
                 300 Mold: 2 Oct 1847 bap/o Adam s/o Adam (servant) & Margaret
                 315 Ruabon:  1 Jan 1899 bap/o Ethel Violet d/o Philip (sawyer) & Mary Edith of Rhos-y-Madoc
                                     5 Aug 1900 bap/o Samuel Philip s/o Philip (sawyer) & Mary Edith of Rhosmadoc
                 356 Ruabon:  11 Apr 1903 bur/o Elizabeth aged 70 of Rhosmadoc
                                     28 Jan 1904 bur/o Edith Violet aged 5 of Rhosmadoc
                 357 Holywell St. James' Church Monumental Inscriptions:

                                   No. 431 ............. also ............. Also MARY S.M. HARPER was buried
                                                                                       Feb 6 (1753 (or 8) aged 21
                                    (no other information legible - date could be checked in parish register transcriptions at Resource Centre, Cefn Mawr)
HARPER contd
                 373 Wrexham: 25 May 1817 bur/o John aged 40  Poor House
                 379 Wrexham: 15 Jan 1899 bap/o Annie (born 30 Oct 1897) d/o Henry Thomas William (lab) & Mary Jane, 10 Pierces Court
                                        24 Mar 1899  bap/o William Henry (b 9 Mar) s/o Henry Thomas William (lab) & Mary Jane, 10 Pierce's Square, Pentrefelin
                *381 Llangollen: 17 Jul 1894 bap/o Abraham Harper PIERCE (private) (b. 29 May )
                                                                s/o Robert Jonah (farmer) & Mary Ann, Tangraig Farm, Eglwyseg
                 382 Llanynys: 6 Oct 1727 bur/o Catherine, of Ruthin
                 383 Ruthin: 28 Apr 1704 bur/o Margaret d/o John (exciseman)
                 386 Ruabon: 11 Nov 1844 mar. by Banns of James HARPER (lab) ba. of Gyfelie s/o Richard (blacksmith)
                                                                             & Elizabeth JONES (dressmaker) sp. of Gyfelie d/o Robert (shoemaker)
HARPER contd
                 402B Denbigh: 22 Jun 1710 bur/o Thomas s/o Georg (superviser)
                                       12 Dec 1723 bur/o Jane
                *405 Wrexham: 9 Nov 1894 bap/o Arthur Edwin Harper DAVIES (b 25 Oct)
                                                                                                s/o Edwin (traveller) & J---, 80 Vernon St.
                 416 Ruabon:  7 Nov 1889 mar. by Banns of
                                                     William Andrew Birch SIDES (train examiner) ba/30 otp
                                                                                                           d/o Sarah Birch SIDES (dress maker)
                                                     & Annie HARPER sp/33 otp d/o Thomas HARPER (lab)
                                    11 Jul 1898 mar. by Banns of
                                                      William Edward HARPER (gardener) ba/30 of Shilston House, Kenilworth Rd, Lillington (? Dorset)
                                                                                                      s/o William HARPER (dec. gardener)
                                                      & Ann ALMOND sp/29 otp (Nant y belan) d/o William ALMOND (wood ranger)
                 418 Wrexham: 13 Dec 1768 mar. by Banns of Thomas HARPER (farmer) & Mary PRICE (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                    Wits: John LLOYD, John EDWARDS
HARPER contd
                 422 Hanmer: 29 Sep 1563 bap/o Isabell d/o Roger
                                      3 Aug 1572 bap/o Roger HARPER (HOPKYN) base s/o John HOPKYN ba. & Elizabeth HARPER sp.
                 423 Hanmer: 3 Apr 1572 bur/o Richard (an honest poore man)
428 Ysceifiog: 28 Jun 1672 bur/o Ralph;
                 432 Llangollen: 25 Jul 1878 bur/o M.A.B., aged 61, Trefynant
                 437 Ruabon:   6 May 1693 bur/o Catherine
                                     21 Jan 1712/13 mar/o  Thomas FAGNAL & Margaret HARPER
                 446 Chirk: 9 Feb 1828 mar. by Banns of
                                                         Thomas JONES (x) ba. & Eleanor HARPER (x) sp., both otp
                                                         Wits:  Robt JONES, Sam'l RICHARDS
                 454 Llanrhos: 25 Jan 1731/32 bur/o Thomas
                *474 Gresford: 8 Mar 1886  mar. by Lic. of
                                                 Edmund Harper BLACKSHAW (flour dealer) ba/26 of Stockport
                                                                      s/o William BLACKSHAW (flour dealer)
                                                 & Mary Ellen DUDLESTON sp/29 otp d/o Daniel DUDLESTON (innkeeper)
HARPER contd
                 487 Gwersyllt:  8 Feb 1897 mar. by Banns of
                                               Henry Thomas William HARPER (lab) ba/24 otp s/o James HARPER (lab)
                                                & Mary Jane HARVEY sp/22 of Rhosrobin d/o John HARVEY (lab)
                 490 Chirk: 12 Jun 1883 mar/o John HARPER (groom) ba/full otp s/o Thomas HARPER (lab)
                                                           & Julia SPICE4 sp/full of Whittington d/o William SPICE (carrier)
                 522 Holywell
                *552D Wrexham: 7 Dec 1710 bur/o Harper EVANS  s/o Thomas, E.
                       D Wrexham: 4 Feb 1710/11 bur/o John s/o Simon, Broughton
                                          2 Dec 1719 bur/o Edward (painter), B.M.
                 553 Gresford: 21 Mar 1813 bur/o Ann (d.18th), aged 84, Llay
                 578 Ysceifiog:  12 Apr 1829 bap/o Jane d/o Joseph (smith) & Mary, Penuc